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3 Email Marketing Tips And Tricks For Real Estate Agents (Plus, Free Email Templates)

Email templates for buyer lead. Email templates, sell 80ml templates that I’ll be able to show you guys How you can ask get access to these email templates for your business.

If you guys stick around here until the end right, But really quick before we dive in here, I wanted to share with you guys the simple strategy. This is actually 40 times more effective than Facebook or even Twitter, any of the social media networks and Is already within your reach that all you can already use in your business. So this was actually a study done by McKinsey and company. So there are some very, very smart people, much more than me And it’s interesting because I talk a lot about Facebook advertising a lot talked a lot about the marketing and brand yourself on Facebook, But they went through and they found that blank is actually 40 times More effective at acquiring new customers Than Facebook or Twitter, and by the title of this article you guys kind of already know it, but that is email marketing Makeba, like that’s kind of crazy right, like if you think about it, okay, Facebook and Twitter and all that Stuff, It’s just a hot topic right now, Then emails been out for a long long time And if you look at the open rate, so the amount of people that actually open your emails and click on the emails It’s gone down dramatically.

However, McKenzie is saying that there’s 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers for your business Right. And if you look at this, it says that 72 % of people prefer to receive promotional content through email Compared to 17 %, who prefers social media and honestly guys when you jump on social media a lot of times if on Instagram Facebook, Whatever it is, people Are kind of searching through just because they want to like just kind of like have that brain dump Just like just chill and not have to really worry about anything.

Okay, they’re going through and they’re wanting to see pictures of the friends and all that other stuff, and So that’s why email can actually be a lot more powerful and why people actually sometimes prefer it over Just Facebook posts. Okay, so it says emails, ROI was twenty. Eight point: five percent Compared to 7 % for direct mail, and so that kind of just goes through shows the comparison. There is four times more effective for ROI And if you think about that I mean how expensive is direct mail, That’s pretty expensive, ready to go through it and send all those different mail pieces, whereas with email You can just go through and do an email blast.

It is an essence free for you to go through and use for your business, And then it says a message is five times more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook, And that’s part of this whole new face book out of the grid of algorithm Updates, Which I get questions about all the time like well, How does this affect my real estate business? Well, the really the way it would affect your real estate.

Business is, if you go make a post on your Facebook page Pretty much. Nobody is going to see that unless you put money behind it right, whereas with a email, It’s going to Go through to every single person’s inbox and the chances of people actually seeing that goes up dramatically now. I just want to really quickly share with you guys, a cool storage experience That happened with email, marketing and in my business And why it’s so important to go through and effect.

We use it in your business and guys Here just a second I’m going to show you how you can get access to all of these email templates here right. So I’m right now, I’m reading a book by Grant Cardone, It’s called seller, be sold and in the book he talks about your power base K And your power base is kind of like what we’ve talked about Before on this blog is just your warm market, people That already know like and trust you and then it’s good.

It’s a lot easier to go through and do business with them as opposed to your cold market right. So he goes and talks about how you need to be effectively leveraging that that power base and Email is an amazing way to do it. Okay, And even if you’re going through and you’re sending emails and you’re like well, I can see that They’re not really opening or clicking on my emails or doing anything like that when the time is right, They’re going to be your best easiest customers, especially in real Estate right, because Not every single person’s always ready to go through and buy a home, not every person’s ready to go through and sell a home.

But what actually happened with me recently in my business, and this actually happens all the time Is there was this guy? Who he’s been on my email list he’s been following me: He’s kind of been my warm market for over a year now over a year, but he has not spent dollar with me, Okay and then just this past week, He finally signed up and he jumped on Our full-service plan that we can go through and help him right now He’s been on my email list for a long time.

Okay, I’ve seen like you know, occasionally hope my emails occasionally He’ll go through and click on them, but it was after a Year that he finally jumped on and honestly like. What I saw. Will we work with is a lot lower ticket item and is something That like people can jump on and get started with a lot quicker than going through and buying or selling a home. So I just kind of want to like kind of put that in perspective with you guys, When you’re going through, then you’ve got your email database.

You’ve got your contacts. You’ve got all those people that that know they like you. They trust you. You want to be going through and staying in touch with them on a consistent Basis right now, if you guys want these real estate, email templates right here just go ahead and comment right down below this article and Give the article a thumbs up. If you guys comment down below give it a thumbs up I’ll reply back to every single person with the link to this Google Doc right here, So you guys can get access to that copy and paste it using your business and just simplify your life.

A ton. Okay And another way that you can go through and implement this because a lot of times I go through and I’ll hook, people up with These realistic email, templates and they’ll be like well Jason. How do I go through and use them right like? How do I go and know who to send them to when to send them to and all that good stuff, And so what we’ve done is we’ve actually pretty much simplified. This whole process inside of the arsalan kg software, for you guys, Which also drop a link right below that you can get start with a free 14-day trial if you’re not already a member of Arsenal.

So what we’ve got right here, You can see all these email templates that are on this Google Doc plus a whole bunch, more they’re, already pre-built into the Arsenal software. So what we can do is come over here and Create another sequence, so you can see, we’ve got, buyer leads email series, So it leads other leads for like leads coming in through Trulia Zillow, real calm by monthly updates. So this is really cool because what happens is inside of here.

We got all these email templates of real estate, Specific information, just updating and staying in touch with all of your leads. Okay, so You just put these people through the sequence, and then you don’t even have to think about it. The emails are going to go out on Autopilot every 15 days, and this right here is a six-month-long Sequence that you can just have that little touch points with all of your customers And you can see, we’ve got first-time little buyer or even the single emailing right Here You can go through and create your own custom Email sequence right, so you can either go through and copy/paste all the emails in here, Or we also have a pre bill in here And then also as part of the Arsenal CRM.

If we come over here to the listings or not the lists inside the lead section, What we can do is say: Hey, ok, this James guy, maybe Bob Eugene and Jason. We want through and roll them into The bimonthly update, section kaor, and so we just hit enroll leads And then it’ll enroll those people in that sequence and then, for example, James right here. If we click on his name right here, It’ll come down and you’ll be able to see the emails that are sent Delivered open, clicked on all that Information right here in the history, and we can add tags, we can add notes and follow up with this person.

Okay, So anyway, guys as far as if you want to go through a use, email marketing in your real estate business, I highly recommend it because You’re able to go through and have all these little touch points throughout the year Where you don’t have to necessarily be Thinking about it, You can just enroll them into these automated sequences that are already pre-built and done for you in your business, And so you can have these touch points and take advantage of this 40 times increase in acquiring new customers Compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Now that doesn’t mean you don’t do Facebook marketing doesn’t mean you don’t do with these other social media marketing. But the thing is, you need to be doing it all because, as we’ve talked about in previous articles, There’s just so many ways to communicate with your customers. Now, There’s email marketing, There’s text marketing, There’s phone calls, There’s facebook messenger, there’s a number of different ways and Each person they prefer a different method of communication act like some people are going to be old-school And they still prefer the phone call talk to somebody one-on-one.

Some people for prefer email, some people prefer Facebook, messenger, Some people text messages, and so you need to connect with every single one of your clients and potential clients Where they’re going to be hanging out and where they prefer to communicate with. So you need to be on all these different platforms, But the nice thing about email, guys, It’s basically free, okay and comparing it to direct mail, It’s four times as effective when you’re talking about ROI and the cost is like pretty much non-existent.

Okay, so anyway, guys. I just wanted to break down some of these email, marketing tips and strategies for you guys and, as I mentioned before, if you do Want the the real estate email templates, as you guys can see right here, just comment down below this article. Give it a thumbs up if you guys, have any questions as far as how to go through and use your emails With your contact list or how often you should email and all that stuff which we have all the campaign’s pre-built in here for you, Which all That stuff’s kind of taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it, But you have any questions comment down below as well.

I go through And I read: every single one of the comments be able to help you guys out Growing your business generating more leads, making more money and, at the end of the day, taking things to the next level right. So Once again, if you guys are brand new here to the blog, My name is Jason Wardrop, I launched a article new article every single Monday, Wednesday Friday, Helping you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business.

So if this is the first time you guys are here, make sure You subscribe, give this article a thumbs up and comment down below. If you guys want these real estate, email templates, you can have and copy and Paste use it. Your business and with that said thanks so much Hope you guys all have an amazing weekend and I will see you all next week.


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