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Branding Your Plumbing Business through Social Media

This is potty. Talk, live recorded, live on Facebook every week, and now your host Richard Beynon, the million-dollar plumber here, will see what I want to show you know. Can we see that? Does that come up there? We go see that there we go, there’s a picture of his Facebook page and you see one of his trucks there look at that.

You went from you know. Old trucks bought new new trucks got to do branding everything’s on it. Look at that that is just that is pro okay, and I guys I want to have you recommend lance has gotten very, he does say probably about every morning or every other morning. At least you do some kind of you know. Facebook live with information and the tip of the day and that kind of stuff, hey guys check it out.

Just for look at me to just check out a brother. It’s a good stuff, alright, but I love to of how you take in the heart of being a community a voice in your community. You know a community leader you’re, not just selling plumbing right, all right. You know your community cheerleader all right. You love your community. You’re lifting up your community right and great great stuff yeah I mean when people see you, you loving the community they’re going to come in hordes, yeah and doing the lives has been.

It was freaky at first. I had a conversation about that this morning and it was freaky at first, but now I get on there. It’s just second nature. It’s just something I do is one of my daily routines and I it doesn’t matter what I’m teaching the person or I’m given a ton of information or not. I’m my face is there and they understand that I represent the plumbing here in Rock Springs and that that’s huge I mean I can go into parts out houses and their stores and be redneck.

So that’s that’s a big thing, and that is a big thing. That is so cool and I want you to get this. You know you’re, not a camera. You weren’t you’re, not loving the camera. Lancer you’re, not a guy, was looking at from the camera right. I mean you’re you’re a man’s man. I mean you must rather be you’re more comfortable, shooting bear which is cool. What what words of encouragement or wisdom do you have to provide? You know to the guys, look they’re, just saying hey, I can’t I can’t do that.

Facebook live stuff. Well, let’s say you just I mean you got overcome your fears, you’re always saying get comfortable and being uncomfortable and that’s what it is once you get to that point, then that comfort isn’t even a thought anymore. You’re just doing it because it comes a habit and – and I mean that’s, what makes great business leaders right is the ones that form these like this yeah. And that would be me what I’d say is just commit and forget yourself and just do what you got to do.

Do you staying consistent and that’s what you do really well Lance’s as you consistently do it? That’s the hard thing, a lot of people! Ok! Well I’ll do a live or two or whatever, and then they just disappear. The consistency is the tough part, but that’s how you’re getting recognized in your community is because you’re always out there, and I love how you can find any boys and guys you’ll find your voice right.

I know you’re Lance, you alluded to it that you were probably very uncomfortable the first few times and it takes a few times to kind of find your voice kind of how you know your thing. I like it. One has a thing I get an oh, hey, hey, hey plumbing pros, you know the way I came from the first time. I did this started doing this. I didn’t know what to say so. I just came out here something just stupid.

Really, you know out of just nerves of not knowing what to say. You know, we all find your vote. Your thing, your stick, your cool, you know, you’re thinking, all right and and then just speak, okay and that’s real and that endears you to your community again. It’s not about plumbing right, it’s not that you’re pushing plumbing. Of course, when you’re speaking you’re, you got your plumbing, so you know it’s asking a mountain plumbing right, but logoed out right, you’re, just loving the community, you know and sharing you know, words of wisdom or insight tips.

Plumbing tips, just to you know, be careful of that kind of stuff right, absolutely check out his Lance’s Facebook page. It’s a really good job go and follow. Follow Aspen Mountain it. What’s the exact Facebook page, is it Aspen Mountain plumbing, yeah, okay, yeah, so build you and there’s a link on my website as well? That’s something that I’ve tried to do is keep those two together perfect. You know for SEO purposes, Facebook’s, not much, but it’s the getting them to my lives that matters to where their get continuity and that that familiar face so yeah yeah.

It’s it’s! It’s a good play. It’s a good play!

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