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Claim Your Google Local Listing

Today we’re going to look at Google local business pages, what they are and why you should claim yours. How old is selma hayek selma hayek is 48 years old. Okay. Why did I do this search? I just wanted to show everybody what a knowledge card was, and I knew Selma would would have one so there she is, and this is a knowledge card, and you see those showing up on the side of Google.

So what does this got to do with local business? Well, for local business, we get knowledge cards, I’m just going to do another search here. Accountants here are the listings for accountants within 750 meters. So there’s a lot of accountants near me. Obviously so what we have here is a couple ads as you can see, and here we have local listings for accountants. So I’m just going to hover over this one and if we look on the right-hand side of our screen, we see a knowledge card and if we hover over next one, we see your knowledge card and I’m just going to make this a little bit smaller here.

So we’re going to see it all another knowledge card, okay, so these are Google listings. Now this, these Google listings are a combination between Google Maps and local business and Google Plus Google, my business. So why do we care about this? We care about this because if you have a full listing, people are 38 % more likely to do. Click on your listing. The other thing is, is that only 37 % of all Google listings are claimed.

So what does that mean? Well here we have a listing. That’s claimed and we have what we have 12 Google reviews and you can go and you can read those or you can write a review on this, for am strategic accountants Inc this one here and I won’t get into it. But this is an unclaimed listing and I know these people they’re 160 meters down the street from me. He has no idea that this listing even exists for him.

I can go and I can click on his listing and I can write a review and I can write any kind of review that I want. It will show up that. I wrote it, but the principles of the company will not even know there are. Cases were in Google local listings that there are people with 50 and 60 reviews that have no idea that they even have a local page, let alone what kind of reviews are on there. They could have great reviews, they could have lousy reviews, but the point is they’re not managing this they’re, not they’re, not even aware that they have this now.

Why do we care about reviews? People often ask me: do reviews do anything for search engine rankings and the quick answer directly is no. They do not, but we’ve just done this search for accountants and we look at the local listings that are on the map and look at this one here. He has a 5.0 reign, that’s 5 out of 5. He has 12 google reviews and we can go read them. So what are the odds of me clicking on am strategic accountants compared to Melissa al Coulson, who has one Google review and no pictures or Trimble Thompson? Who has no Google reviews you’re going to you’re going to click on this? Now? If we go through to the website, when we just have, Google knows huh, and so the click in and of itself is a signal to Google and that will that is taken into account when doing the rankings.

So that’s about it, folks why you need to claim your local page or your so that you can get Google reviews and in Steve at Harris web creative, helping people find their message and bring it to the world eloquently.


By Jimmy Dagger

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