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Apache Knife Fighter Trains Troops

They learn step by step from sailor and martial arts instructor Petty Officer, snake blocker. Well, I’ve been teaching this type of art around the country. Since 1995, and basically, I get invited to buy different organizations, martial art studios, a law enforcement that want to learn and explore a little more about the the native culture as well as the native.

You know, battle tactics to help him in the civilian life with their. You know self-defense tactics in law enforcement with his years of experience as a martial artist. After joining the Navy in 2001, he was selected to teach military close quarter, combat and knife fighting techniques, blocker who’s, Apache knife, fighting knowledge landed him on the spike TV show. Deadliest warrior believes that troops benefit greatly from extra hand to hand combat training.

You know, and these magazine clips eventually run out of ammunition, and then what are you left with, especially if you don’t have the confidence from previous training? Confidence goes a long way and it helps you perform well under stress, and this is what it’s, what I’m trying to teach the people to perform. Well under stress. You don’t have to be an expert martial artist, but if you have enough confidence by going through training, you could always pull out a knife and feel a little bit safe or a little more confident when you’re walking down the road, especially when you’re added a munition.

Those that attended the two-hour seminar were surprised with all they were able to learn in such a short time. Even for my family, my boys are teenagers, wife, so take a complete, though blocker is heading back stateside. He plans to return in three months, hoping for another chance to strengthen service member skills army sergeant, Daniel Washington, Kabul, Afghanistan, you

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