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SEO Basics: Why Do Links Matter For SEO – Rapid Immersion #7

Why do links matter for SEO, if you’re new to the world of SEO and are exploring the topic of link, building or link acquisition, or, if you’ve been doing SEO for quite some time and are looking for a quick refresher? This article is for you to start out: let’s clarify what a link is in the context we’re talking about today, as it’s always good to review the fundamentals.

A link also commonly called a backlink inbound link or an inward link, is an incoming hyper link from one web page to another website. It’s, for example, if you have a website, your web site com, and I have a website reef, digital combo, you and I decided to place a link to your website on reef digital comdata. You for our visitors to visit. You with you, have received a link. So, generally speaking, this would be a good news for you, as your website now has extra exposure and will restart and will start receiving visitors who have been referred to you from reef beyond this, though, the presence of this link can also benefit your rankings in search Results leading to even more visitors finding your site, but why does the presence of this link impact your SEO? The best answer starts with exploring how search engines use and depend on links to function so to explain.

Let’s look at the big picture of what a search engine does. Okay, the first thing it does is: is it navigates or crawls the web to discover content? It then indexes this content. In large databases, it calculates the relevancy and the meaning of the content. It ranks the content versus other items available in the database and then finally, it serves as results in milliseconds when we request it by performing a search as the Internet is a big and ever-changing place.

Search engines need a lot of computing power mesh with smart software to do these tasks on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis and as the scope of the challenge is way beyond what a person or team of people could do manually. The engineers at search engines have looked to develop machine learning methods to try and keep up one way, they’ve done. This is by using algorithms an algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations and problem-solving situations.

These algorithms are at the very heart of what makes a search engine good or bad at answering. Our queries in the early days of the web search engines used links as a primary method of discovering new content. The search engine did this by starting at one side. Let’s say, for example, the New York Times then following each link it encountered as it navigated through content the search engine software often called a bot or a spider, would travel from link to link to link finding new information to serve up for searchers back.

Then, if you had a website and wanted it to appear in search engines, you needed to be linked to from a website that a search engine already knew about or you’d risk. Your site never being found. Now for google links play a particularly important role in their story beyond using links to discover content, the founders of google made two very important observations that would go on to establish their search engine as the best in the market.

The first observation was that online some webpages have far more links than others, and the second observation, these frequently linked to pages, tend to be superior resources. This thinking was simple, but revolutionary links providing a strong signal about the value of a web page. A link from one website to another could be likened to an endorsement or a vote for that website. From an SEO perspective and as Google was already crawling the web at length to discover content, it was able to easily see which pages were the most link to so that it could then prioritize that content for a person who was searching, which is really brilliant.

So fast forward to today and search engine algorithms are now better than ever at measuring links and assigning ranking power on a case by case basis. Now one link can be worth several hundred or even several thousand times the value of another, so modern SEO. Practitioners are tasked with identifying and then earning links that search engines regard the most, which is what makes SEO as much of an art as it is a science.

Well, that about wraps up this introduction to why links matter for SEO in the next article we’ll be going into more detail about how to evaluate the SEO value of a link on a case by case basis. So you can inspect the links to your own site or to that of a competitor site and better understand why a particular web page is or isn’t ranking in the text accompanying. This post you’ll also find links to some of our favorite tools to help you conduct this analysis, so thank you very much for your time and all the best have a great day.



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9 Tips For Getting High Authority Backlinks

When my next article goes live high authority, backlinks are one of the four most important ranking factors in google search and it stands to reason because links to your website are the foundation on which Google was built.

When Google was launched in 1998, it was the only search engine at that time that ranked pages on the basis of how many external links a page had the founders of Google reasoned, that the most valuable page is on the web are the ones that have the Most links pointing to them, you can think of it as a popularity contest. So what are high authority? Backlinks they’re links from websites that have topical Authority within their niche and which rank high for any of the following? Metrics alexa global rank, Moz ranked domain authority citation and flow and trust flow.

When you get a backlink from a higher thority website, it passes, link equity or link juice to your website, and that raises the value of your domain Authority. For example, if you had a domain Authority of 10 and you got a backlink from a website with domain Authority of 75, your domain authority might go up from 10 to 25. Obviously, the exact details would depend on the algorithm that is used by Moz to calculate domain Authority.

One caveat I have to mention is that, in order for a backlink from a high authority website to benefit your domain authority, that backlink has to be a do. Follow link a do follow, link is a link which has not been marked with a nofollow tag in general. If a website links to you, because you have a valuable piece of content, that link will usually be a do. Follow. Link here are nine proven ways to get high domain Authority backlinks to your website technique.

One right, high quality data driven content, outstanding content will naturally attract high authority backlinks and those are the backlinks that carry most weight with Google. To put it simply, the most powerful backlinks are the ones the other ones you get, because your content was outstanding, not the ones you asked for, and Google is getting better and better at telling the difference technique to create infographics.

The biggest challenge faced by article writers is how to get high quality relevant images for their articles. If you can produce useful infographics that illustrate a particular topic, you’ll earn high quality, backlinks digital marketing expert. Neil patel calls infographics the link builders trojan-horse. They get you inside the walls of high authority websites and get you links that you would otherwise never get technique.

3 mention other bloggers. This is a technique. I use a lot in my articles linked out to 4 or 5 bloggers in every blog post. You write then reach out and let them know one of the basic principles of human behavior is reciprocity, and that means that those bloggers you link to are probably going to do the same for you link to your content or share it with their followers technique. Number 4: look for link roundups, link, roundups or blog roundups are curated summaries of the week’s best blog posts in a particular niche to find them type in a search string such as keyword plus best articles of the week, keyword plus best posts of the week.

Keyword plus blog carnival keyword, plus friday link, roundup or keyword plus weakly link. Roundup, then just simply reach out to those websites that you’ve discovered do link roundups and ask them for a link technique. Number 5 broken link building in this technique. You go out looking for broken links. What you’re doing is looking for links from high authority websites to pages to web pages that no longer exist.

So this is how it works. First of all, find a resource page on a website then use a Chrome extension such as check my links to look for broken links on that resource page because of link rot, which is the natural tendency for web pages to disappear over time. There’s a high chance that a resource page will have at least one broken link write an article on the same topic as the broken link then use a backlink checker such as ahrefs to find other websites that also link to that missing.

Page next reach out to the websites the link to the missing page and a inform them that they have a broken link and B suggest to them that they link to your article instead technique. Number six resource page link. Building this technique generates more high authority backlinks than any other technique. Here’s how it works, most websites have resource pages, and you can find these resource pages by typing in search strings such as keyword plus resources, keyword, plus useful resources, keyword plus helpful resources or keyword plus useful links.

Next eliminate sites with domain Authority of less than 30. Then reach out to the remaining sites and offer your article to be included on their resources. Page technique, number 7 Jarro, which is short for help a reporter out. Journalists are constantly looking for a quote. They can use in an article or a reference that they can use to back up a point that they’re making and the sites they write for often have very high domain authority to use Haro, go to help a reporter out and then sign up for a free Account as a source you’ll get an email three times a day, asking for short contributions on a particular topic.

Usually these contributions are 150 to 200 words. The main thing with Haro is to respond quickly. The journalists who post their requests to Haro are busy people and they’ll often take the first contribution they receive technique. Number eight is the moving man method. This is a a backlink building technique pioneered by SEO expert Brian Dean and in this technique, you’re not looking for broken links, you’re looking for links where the content, the links are still there, but the content is gone so, in other words, you’re looking for websites that Have shut down, changed their names or moved URL and, in all cases, the content.

The original content is no longer there and they’re redirecting the traffic to another domain to find websites or pages that no longer contain their original content. You can use any of these search strings keyword, plus shutdown, keyword, plus out of business keyword, plus rebranded or keyword plus website closed once. You’ve found the URL of a missing resource, then type the URL of the missing resource into a backlink checker such as our FS compiled a list of all the sites that link to that missing resource, eliminate the sites with a domain Authority of less than 30, and Then write your own article that covers the topic of the missing resource finally reach out to those websites and offer your article as a replacement for the missing content technique.

9 testimonials. This is one of the easiest ways to get high authority. Backlinks businesses are constantly looking for testimonials and because they want to show that the testimonial is genuine they’re, almost always link back to you, sometimes with a do follow, link but there’s a catch. They want real testimonials from genuine customers to begin with, make a list of all the plugins you use on your website, then reach out to the websites for those plugins an offer to write a testimonial.

If you want to take this technique to the next level, you should consider purchasing a product just so that you can get a valuable backlink, of course, before buying the product, make sure the website has high domain authority and make sure that the links in their testimonials Are due follow links, so that’s it for this article thanks for reading and if you found it useful, please hit the like button and I’ll see you in the next one.


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Backlinks Definition – Getting Backlinks and Why They Are Important

What are backlinks backlinks are links that are directed towards your website. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO, because google gives more credit to websites that have a good number of quality, backlinks and good continent.

What are the best backlinks for your website? A search engine considers the content of the sites to determine the quality of a link when inbound links to your site come from other sites and those sites have content related. These links are considered relevant to your site. If inbound links are found on sites with unrelated content, they are considered less relevant. The higher the relevance of inbound links, the greater their quality.

What is the best way to get backlinks to your site? One social media likes and shares from posts on your websites will generate high-quality links to youtube making a nice article based on the keyword you’re targeting 3 article directories. Submitting articles to article directories like a zine article, build great links for free for blog comments. Commenting on blogs, with related content to your website will build relevant backlinks 5 question-and-answer sites.

Side like yahoo answers and Oricon generate tons of traffic and backlinks a constant supply of content on these sites, with your website will generate backlinks and visitors to your site, resulting in more sales. These battling tactics only take a hour or two daily to build a solid foundation for your website and generate traffic for years to come. The result of a good backlinking strategy will help increase your ranking on google equaling, more visitors and bigger profits in return.

Thanks for reading, please click the link in description for more information.