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4 SEO Metrics You Should Be Tracking

I’r sure you’ve heard the quote from Peter Drucker. What gets measured, gets managed. There’s been a huge push these past few years in PR and marketing to show tangible ROI lucky for you SEO is all about results. You can measure, so today’s webinar is going to do a quick overview on four very important metrics.

You should be tracking that will also give you a good idea how your SEO tactics are performing, and maybe even a few ideas on how to improve them. The first metric I want to dive into is keyword rankings. The reason why I’m phrasing this as keyword rankings instead of page rankings is because I want you to think strategically about your keyword choice. You can’t create a page that ranks number 1 on Google for dozens of keywords, but none of those keywords get a lot of traffic or maybe they aren’t relevant to your industry and therefore it really doesn’t produce you anything of value and the people who would find It would bounce quickly off your site and that’s no good.

You need to be optimizing, your site and creating content to rank for the right keywords in order to get qala traffic that will convert. So if you haven’t already create a keyword, mapping report, so you can know what your target keywords are when you’re creating content make sure you spend time finding the right keywords that are feasible to rank for and apply to your audience once you know your keywords, you Can proceed and measuring how well you are doing if you’re familiar with Google Analytics a few years ago, they started to take away your ability, see what keywords you’re ranking for I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the vague not set or not provided terms that now fill That place so I’m going to pull up Google Analytics here and the first thing I want to show you is actually how to see the keywords that are provided on.

Google Analytics, so you’re going to go to acquisition and then all traffic and then blogs. And then, if you go up here to other and click it you can put landing page, this is going to show you keywords by a specific landing page and then on second dimension, do keywords and now you’re going to be able to see once google shows you, The results that the majority of them are not set not provided. However, you can see a few and in order to easily see the ones that you can you’re going to go to the advanced filter here, you’re going to exclude any keywords that can contain not – and that will hopefully knock out any of those very vague keywords that Google is giving you, and now we get to see exactly what some of those pages are ranking for and if you’re looking for a specific page, you can put that URL into advanced filter as well and just search that URL.

Now there are other ways that you can search for keywords that are a little bit more reliable. Another great way is to go to google webmaster tools. If you go to whatever client you’re looking at or your company go to search traffic and then search analytics, you can see what kind of keywords people are typing in in order to get to certain pages. For this one I’d like to usually see their click-through rate or position to see if there’s any low-hanging fruits that might be good to kind of put some SEO, love on and help them get to that first spot, for example, toothache or toothache relief tooth pain.

Even maybe I could focus on a piece of content that relates to these keywords and hopefully build out that keyword base and get to the number one spot. Another great tool to use, but it is paid, is a href and that one they just came out with this. You can see the organic keywords, but what you do is you have to actually type in a specific domain so for this, and I’m doing one clients that it created a infographic, for I want to see what keywords it’s now ranking sensor based in the u.

S. I’r going to choose the u.S. Choice down here and under organic keywords, and it’s going to pop up all those keywords that it’s showing that it’s ranking for even the volume and how many results and when it was last updated. The next keyword tool that I’m going to show you is one that we probably use most at webpage effects for clients rank read, allows you to easily keep track of any keywords that are kind of your goal for ranking in Google or any of the search engines.

The only bad thing about rank read is you actually have to find those keywords, whether it’s through your keyword, mapping report or whether it’s through another tool like eh, Refs or SEM rush to see what exactly you should be putting in and adding to rank read so That it can read your ranks. Of course, this is a paid tool, but it gives you a lot of insight into how many even spaces your keywords are moving up or down, and you can even do a specific keyword that you’re looking for to get a better idea of how your ranking, throughout The month for that keyword, so it’s definitely a great resource to easily keep track of all those keywords.

And, lastly, SEM Rush is a tool that you can use to help see what keywords your ranking for organically for this one. All you have to do is put in the URL just like a H, ref and click organic research, and it’s going to show you all the keywords that that page is ranking for that. So far s DM Rush has catalogued in their system. Now, if you just publish a post – and you look on this, you probably won’t find anything even if you might find that you’re ranking on the web for a few keywords just because they haven’t updated their system.

Yet. The second metric I want to go over is traffic as a result of ranking better. You will see your traffic go up, which is great as long as it’s quality traffic, and there are a few areas that you should be looking to see and determine how your traffic is sending people to your site. Going back to Google Analytics going under acquisition, all traffic and then blogs you’ll once again see that it has a few main default blog groupings.

One is organic search, direct referral, social pay, search and display the ones I want to focus on are organic search, referrals and social. Just to give you a brief synopsis of the other two that I think are worth mentioning here. Direct traffic is when people put your URL into their browser, but it could also mean a few other things, such as clicking a link from an email or a PDF document. Some social media, mobile apps, don’t show up as referral traffic, but instead will show and direct.

So if you’re really curious about where traffic is coming from, you can always create a tagged URL using Google’s URL builder tool, and that will show up in your Google Analytics to help you better track it. Also. Traffic from paid search is a very good to explore, especially if you’re running ads it’ll help you analyze how well your online ad is converting, which is important. Now organic traffic, which you can just click on the blog grouping, and it will show you a little bit more in-depth what kind of pages are ranking organically and also what keywords are doing it.

You can switch to landing page up here under primary dimension if you’d want to see that version of it. So you can tell that a toothache home remedies really is getting a lot of traffic, and we also saw that that was a hot topic in our google webmaster tools for this client, so organic traffic, for those of you who don’t know truck, is traffic. That is coming to you from a search engine, so, for example, if I go to Google, you can see I typed in SEO companies in Harrisburg.

Ideally, you would want to do this in kognito and not signed in to your Google+ account, because Google+ changes, the ways that you see search engine results, but because I have to access the Google Analytics, I’m sign-in at the current moment for this one. What you see at the top here is actually at, and then you see local search, so Google pulls this information in and then organic search comes right here under the local search, and so you see web page FX is ranking on the top two listings there, which Is great for organic, so that’s what organic traffic is and that’s what you’re going to be seeing here.

Is those articles coming there and being clicked for referral traffic? Going back to my blogs here, referral traffic is coming to you from another site, for example, a link that you built in a blog post. People are clicking that link and coming to your site. That’s what you’ll find in a referral traffic and then social traffic is traffic coming to you from social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

Now, depending on your business, this might not be as an important metric as maybe for a cookware company who does a lot of blogging and does really well on Pinterest and people are coming to their site with recipes or talking about green cookware and then ending up Buying products, because of that social referral, so those are the three that you should probably be checking out regularly. Our third metric that I wanted to go over is links, though sometimes criticized, link building correctly is still one of the best things you can do for your SEO.

Besides optimizing your site in general, you can generally see links impact in the search engine result pages when rankings increase and your domain Authority, which is Mazdas metrics for the overall rankings of your site, increases as well. Like I mentioned and traffic, you can also tell if links are doing a good job, not just with building domain authority and building the rankings to your pages, but also with referral traffic, which is sometimes forgotten about.

When link building. You focus on just getting a link when you should also be focusing on a quality link that will be clicked and then send referral traffic to your site and hopefully those who purchased the product or sign up for our e-newsletter in a way that you can keep Track of them to see your domain Authority, you can download this Moz bar, which shows you the domain Authority, which is also the abbreviated da, which is a 35, which is fairly good.

Most sites rank between 30 and 50. If you have a really good site, it’s it’s up between 50 and 80, usually only ginormous sites that have established a lot of credibility. Have thousands of links reach above that, and you can also see the page rank the abbreviated PA here showing what exactly this pages specific rank is doing? The domain Authority is more of a general overview. Metric Moz also has a spam score, which shows the links coming in if they’re spamming to your side, if you got them from a bad neighborhood, and you can also see how many links are even built to this page.

If you go into this tool the last metric I want to cover our goal. Completions goal completions look different for every business. Some might be just a contact page. Maybe you offer a service so by someone filling out that contact page and inquiring about it. That could be considered a goal, completion and tracked in Google Analytics. Sometimes it can be sitt considered a subscriber to a newsletter, as subscribers are one of the best ways to really get in touch with your target audience.

One of the trends for this year is own. Media companies are building up their blogs and social profiles as a way to establish credibility and thought leadership in their niche, and the most valuable results of this is the email subscribers, which is just a list of emails and names of people who say they are interested In what you do or talk about – and it’s really the perfect potting soil to sow seeds that grow into loyal customers and, of course, there’s the obvious purchases, and you can always track this in Google Analytics by setting up goal completions in your admin tab here, and I would highly encourage you guys to set up as many goal completions as you think would be profitable in determining what type of SEO strategies work, maybe where you need to improve, as you could tell, we have a bunch of them set up for this client here.

Most of the time you’re going to be tracking, actually the Thank You page after someone purchases an item on your site, which is really easy to set up in Google Analytics, and I might actually cover that in a future webinar. Well, thank you, everyone for listening. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at alicia, a li CI a at web page FX, comm,


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Local Search Ranking Factors

Oh, my goodness. What does this all mean and we’re going to break that down? For you today, but more importantly, I just want to emphasize optimizing your local sts, so I’m for you, if you’re just a local magazine or a cafe, it’s crucial.

You make local SEO merit of your marketing budget. How people are going to find you, especially when they don’t know you exist? Look at these ranking factors. You see the major ones are place, page signals external local signals and signals. We have a whole bunch of variety of smaller ones, from social to personalization. I’m also important it’s because locals became such a crucial part of Google search.

You have the carousel now with interactive google map. You have Google Plus, which is just two coming, even more and more integrated every month or recent integration with hashtags, where you could hashtag a word. Let’s say hashtag Schweik keenya in the google search and then internet relates to that in google plus will automatically brought it up in the right hand, side the search panel for you to view.

So that’s great integration there that you can do a lot with local as well, then obviously, Google Places which is just a huge for or giggling see, he’s just to give you some information background on these ranking factors who is from Mozgov AJ search, ranking factor survey. Every year, so this is from their 2013 survey, so, let’s give them the next one. The biggest portion of your local SEO is going to be your place.

Page signals copper degree, Association, proximity which includes the accurate another nap stands for a name address and phone number, which should be matching all across your site. I’m making sure that it’s all your place, page information consists throughout any place that you have it all, but Cory Association, destiny on Google Places, google plus I multiple citations – are you’ll, hopefully be building the hawk on later and also a location keyword in the title tags And headlines, which is pretty crucial, signals once again, name address and phone number information should be featured on your website.

It should stand across your schema, your HTML matching, your page knob and your age card making all that is the exact same information. So it doesn’t confuse the bull rider when it goes and a website it can make sure, can accurately represent your information together and to bring it up whenever someone that has a IP address. It’s in that proximity, google, something that could relate to your business location in title meta descriptions and amina thori, which comes with on-page SEO, which will be linking to article business.

To a previous article. I did about on-page SEO, making sure that’s strong, because the more on page SEO you do to hire domain Authority, which means the franking you will get for your local SEO and optimized landing page optimize. That for local and landing pages are very important. So if you don’t already have a landing page for your website, I would highly encourage you to just excise it for your local needs, no signals, and that consists of sixteen percent of the ranking factors, and these are consistent.

High quality citations from sources are assessed, trustworthy and industry relevant. Well then, we’ll be industry relevant, but you will make sure there’s one daughter you want to be on those, because that makes a good portion of how you rank for local SEO and in the search engine. Notations, those are making sure of your name address and phone number on the different directories that are online like the internet, yellow pages, yelp com, superpages.

Com, local citysearch, my yellow book, even facebook, local and dozens more. It’s a great thing that you can get an intern to do just to go through and summer or a few weeks make sure that you’re on these citations and that all your information is accurate and up-to-date commercial and how you will bring next signals. Equality in darlinks. We’re going to talk more about inbound links on our next webinar cuz a lot to do with SEO in general, and I what makes a good high calling for now i’ll leave you with the domain authority.

That’s very crucial to make sure that whatever website is linking back to you, that they have a fairly good domain authority and they have a good trust. So fine newspapers are always a great to get trust from a website because they throw a very trusted source and i’ll make sure you have great anchor text, especially if you’re local, it’s great, if you can get a anger test from lebanon, is an example.

I’m lose. You later in the webinar for a mr. Rooter, you want to say Onita, you know. Mr. Rooter is the entire phrase, anchor text and then drop back to your site with a link. I will really help you so fine over that in the next webinar. We have a boring one, it’s reviews I think. Well, now I have some reviews or mix the. How many people do you think really resist? Oh readers are very very important, especially views on those at Google Places irrelevant third party sites.

With the text review. They have a good X with them, and diversity has lots of different information, not just about what Roddick your service, but that you link to or even have, the keywords in for your products and services. But the quantity of reviews is very important and the location making sure all the locations with them are accurate with where they had taken place of you and multiple locations, obviously making sure that they are positives.

At the same time, realistic, you don’t want to look that you’re, putting reviews out there and that they’re all ones that you just throw it up yourself from the company. You want to believe it and they should be real. Ask your customers, the ones that are loyal fans to row and do definitely where customers don’t want you to fail as a company and they’ll help you out with them in the review section.

So I met on third party sites and also on the Google Places reviews sure their native reviews reviews. Why is reviewed and barn besides people looking at them because of the carousel that google recently put these pastures? If you want to people, you don’t even have to type the city or in cafes and runs up, but the carousel, the top, which is a horrible, goes around that you can see all these different companies that are on the Google Places, I’m actually they draw information From Google+ as well as you see these reviews and scores, so people can now just scan through this, take a company and be like, what’s this related to my location.

Here they looked on to the writer where that map is and then they can see how close they are to location, as well as reviews numbers hours. If you want to hear that your guest has all that information filled out for them, so it is on the carousel and all this oh poor them. Probably ninety percent of people will go. There are looking at cafes and different. All these things that do come up on the carousel and we’ll see that review score right off the bat.

So that’s important for you to make sure you make that impression on them. So back to the care was just have some personalization I’ll show you in a second personalization only makes up for eight percent, but it is a growth factor like when one of your friends on Google+ from the company, like a media, which you also do you did A search in Google company would come up and the serps with just a search engine results pages, because your friend likes it.

You don’t even have to like sure I key media for you to see in the search engine results page because your friended. This goes back to the example shows. I was connected. Try, google, plus and minuses prize to see that tomato pie pie cafe. Facebook is that first result that you might think why Canada pie cafe and here is there well, that’s called personalization is because I actually like tomato pie cafe years ago.

Oh it’s right on my search results. Google, Romania, that I liked it. So that’s a little bit of what personalization is, and it has more to that because it’s just all done each day as your squirming more and more ways I can bowl is personalized in the search to needs and make it a more social, social search experience an Example would be now cards with a little just released its one most recent updates and it’s trick base location and it’s pulled some companies, the companies Google+ local account, and these now cards show then based on your search and previous lights.

On Google+ perennial cards is observed. Uploading events to tell calendar effects what they will see in the search engine results page for exampie mall or, if you’re running an email marketing campaign. You picture that if you have event coming up a webinar and even like that, that you have a option to include done to the readers calendar upload into the gmail calendar, so Crennel cards so that all their friends, that’s connected with that gmail with a Google+ will Seem to be like, oh this person, the SH Y keenya event.

So I’m going to go to you because you know i’m interested in the same thing because we’re friends, so you see how that could be a huge effect for marketers, as well as for local SEO. If you’re, having like a local event, even for charities that are local, that could be a great to use that personalized search, no such only six percent right now, but it’s really growing as that one probably no survival experience in sem you, which is important for mostly For bloggers or for people who have that are connected with your company website, a connect rel author, which is your google plus to your website, so it shows a face that is: connect with the Google+ profile search results by that a website that it’s connected to Google Tends to favor whoever has connected that rel author profile is a must there’s a lot of tight should do a google plus profile, but for now we’ll just say it should be completed and active for you to get the most benefit on your local SEO, because that Does to play over to the local search results also be associated with your business.

This could look like a Flickr YouTube. All those types of media should be tagged to your business because in the search results they will come up and therefore people can go from that media to your business, which is a great conduit for you, so the authority of Plus Ones on a website. The number plus that you get Twitter followers, facebook, social media, influencing factors there and also makes chirring that your google+ is individually owner, verified and that’s important to do.

Your local Plus page turn on. There continues to be a good, an actor with the same name address and phone of that’s on your HTML is on your age. Car. That’s should be on your website somewhere, obviously, are dispersed to notice evasion or in the search results as well and behavioral signals the click-through rate from the search results to website. This is mobile. Clicks to call, let’s see someone’s on the run and mobile is definitely a rising field, so you should be paying attention to, especially since a logical who are using mobile article they’re, trying to find phone numbers and try and find locations on their phone find places to Eat so it’s a great way to use mobile to make sure that you’re gay search, never someone.

You know those types up, a say in the area. Their phone will automatically come up on the search engine results page. So people will click right there to call you. So that towards burial signals, el influence, your local SEO rankings more and more and say check-ins and offers that people click while they’re going through the website. Okay defenses is going through your site, the more they will raise that ranking factors a little um.

Oh, what about this question will come up to me and ask so what about companies with multiple locations? I mean it’s one company just never liked our example. Is he so you know I want anger to Syracuse. I want to know nieces this one’s all over the place. So how do I make sure Google doesn’t compute? You know math. My name address is a number with another supplier. I’m you’re like. Oh, this isn’t consistent, so I’m not going to rank them hi.

How do you prevent that? Do I web page fax? Is we actually flip most effective way to do SEO for the two examples up to their websites that we split in to be a 140 Anita and one for greater Syracuse and so completely flip? They have two different, simple plushes and we do their SEO differently too. We make them have two separate campaigns so that they can get the most for each location and so for oh yeah, that mr.

Rooter will come up first, how the accurate contact information, everything and then the same for greater Syracuse. I know – and you might be thinking I am so confused between Google Places and google+ and what’s the difference in all this well before I get into an action plan to help you get your local SEO off the ground, explain what are beginning to integrate google place In Google+ appears on google maps and search.

Google plus is the one that provides the information for people, carrot, Vogel’s carousel. I can manage google+ and your AdWords account if you use that within your Google Places dashboard best first off first thing: you should do it verified your google places for business. That’s the absolutely first thing you got to take that step on they’ll make you verify. Usually they’re selling, they have the right business people.

If they do call. You are going to be able to get ahold of someone a fab business. Next, complete your google+ of business profile and be active. I cannot stress and that’s important objective on your google+. So really is going to be. The songs competitors is just seeing your business. You are on a google plus and giving quality content quality content to know english QC right now, whether for your local or even for a broader spectrum and Ponte, and no making it for this local SEO, making it local and applicable to the little users.

I will be back very beneficial, especially if you post it on the social media, like Google+ I’ll, authorize your on-page SEO for local. Once again, you can check out article that I recently right on on page SEO. The spears are coming to make you have your page and website up and running everything you need for that, and also claim your citations after that. I’m – and this is free advertising and directories that are just waiting to put your name and address and thrown around there.

For people to find you – and it would be a shame for you not to claim that advertising so use the armor to use the same name, address and wiper on all the citations, and you do change that name. Address phone number makes perspective all the citations. Yes, it would be to make sure you to go through and change that, because it means a lot in the local search engine result to the intern, to do it or in a place you at our our week to go through and just get all the citations.

Ms, mr frame, you might have to pay, for the majority of them are going to be free for you. Lastly, get quality reviews previews exclude all the contents. Once again, they have to have diversity, making sure not just talk about one exact service, but maybe they talk about car service, a product why? They, like you, make sure making sure you have that variety and the fact that they need to play. If there is something that that like like waiting on line making, sure that you know that place that that’s okay, if you have that negative review, but gain for all the positive review that are realistic, it’s fully on my’s, you can ask someone a friend of the Company the right set up for you so on your Google+ profile, page really helped a lot in making sure you get conversions are today any questions or if you would like to ask a question or have me covered something in this webinar, you can email me at Alicia I webpage FX com thanks for listening.


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5-Step Copywriting Success Formula, Step 2

One of the most important tools you have in offering your products, products, programs and services – is the copy you use to communicate your messages in our last webinar. We talked about step number one of the five step. Copywriting success formula step number one is determine the problem during that call.

We talked about tapping into people’s pain because that’s something that people are struggling with and if you can tap into it and show you care, then you’re likely to get their response and that response will be. I need your help, however, I prefer to call this pushing people’s buttons, so that’s step number two push their buttons as you address your prospects problems, pushing their buttons comes along.

Naturally, it’s in this step that you let them know that you understand their feelings, that you can relate to their stress they’re, paying their anger or overwhelm whatever emotion. You know that they’re experiencing, for example, one of my clients has female prospects. He wants to be members of his women’s business network, and probably one of their pains is that they’re struggling with finding other professional women who are like-minded well.

If they join his directory, then they’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women, its heart and soul. Centric entrepreneurs, it’s my guess that you don’t want to make anyone feel absolutely miserable. You can push their buttons enough to show that you’re compassionate and you get where they’re coming. Sir, and therefore you can help them and make them a happier person living a happier life.

Here’s a template, one that will help you gain clarity. What I want you to do is fill in the blanks so write this down, because this is going to help you define who you are and how you can help others. The template goes like this. I help blank and in that blank you insert your target audience do get or gain blank, and that’s where you insert a benefit. Even if blank and in there you up insert an objection or a barrier.

You probably heard the term elevator pitch or 30 second commercial. I call it the 32nd spiel and this template can help. You gain clarity with that, because it’s important that you have a clear message. In addition, it can later be fine-tuned and used as your headline or in your copy to push prospects buttons. So to help you understand this more clearly, here’s an example: I help creative solopreneurs, heart and soul.

Centered, coaches and enthusiastic business owners communicate their marketing message in a way that captivates and converts their prospects into loyal raving fans, even if they have been struggling with how to put their ideas into words in the past. Here’s another example: two well-known colleagues of mine Lewis, house and Sean malarkey. They were promoting an info product that I was helping them with and they use this as their 32nd feel.

We help entrepreneurs who have internet access tapped into countless business opportunities, even if they only have 10 minutes day and aren’t techno savvy, and we do so with proven social media strategies. I hope you can see that once you have this formula, you can go back to it, you can fine tune it and sometimes you might be able to use the whole thing as your headline, but other times you really need to sort of narrow your focus down And make it into a shorter, more powerful headline that pushes your prospects buttons.

However, there’s a fourth step, a fourth step that helps you add some extra oops to this template, and that would be to say so that and in that blank spot you insert a result or a benefit. For instance, I helped create a solopreneur heart and soul. Centered, coaches and enthusiastic business owners communicate their marketing message in a way that captivates and converts their prospects into loyal raving fans, even if they have been struggling with how to put their ideas into words in the past, so that they create a steady stream of happy Clients so that they can have a better income so that they can have the freedom based lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of, so that they can work less hours and make more money, and that’s why they got into their own business to begin with, isn’t it you can See that the so that can go on ad infinitum, but these are the kinds of things that will start to push people’s buttons and get them to take action.

So I want you to think about this template for yourself. What’s your 30 seconds feel so in the blanks I helped blank do get or gain blank, even if blank so that blank. When I delivered this program online, it was my magnetic copywriting course, and in is what some those participants wrote down. I’m sharing them with you. Now, to help you brainstorm ideas for your own business, julia is a business coach and when she filled in this formula, she came up with.

I help new startup online business owners create a solid foundation or gain traction, even if they don’t know how to market online. So that they can have a successful, six-figure business in this case during the program, I said to Julia that she could even continue with that, so that by thinking about what does it mean that they have a six-figure business? Perhaps it means so that they can provide for their family so that they can travel to exotic places or buy a new car.

Here’s another example: Peggy Lee Peggy Lee shared that I helped speakers and trainers who have a message or process to get their words out into the world, even if they don’t know where to begin or have thousands of notes on papers or ideas in their heads. So they can be seen as an expert in their field so that they can have the business and the life they dreamed of. While this may not be something Peggy Lee might use in a headline, it would make some really beautiful body copy.

She got very detailed in her message and I think she would absolutely push some buttons for people. People who have many pages of notes haven’t been able to do anything with them. Finally, todd todd is with the National women business directory and he wrote. I help women business owners find their audience and their audience find them to help them promote their products that they had trouble promoting in the past so that they can live the lifestyle they want to live and spend more time with their families for his audience.

Spending time with family is important, so it would also be important for Todd a even if you have been struggling with how to balance spending that time with your family or finding time to go out a network. Todd could say that he helps them because by joining his directory, they get exposure to a thousand women who may not have connected with them. Before. Do you see where we’re going with this, how you can push people’s buttons so that your message resonates with them? They feel connected to you and then they want to reach out and respond.

So now, between the last webinar and today’s program, you’ve learned the first two steps of the five-step copywriting success formula. Step number one determine the problem. That is what’s keeping your prospects awake at night and step number two: it’s pushing your prospects buttons stay tuned for the next webinar in the series. Well, we’re excuse me where we’ll explore steps number three and four: my name is Debra Jason.

I’m a speaker, author trainer, direct response, copywriter and coach marketing and writing with heart, not hype. I speak about the value of building relationships in the art of engagement as they apply to copywriting marketing and social media marketing. I invite you to get your copy of the free report, the secret to connecting and engaging with your prospects. You’ll find it on my website at right direction: com, that’s WR! I te like writing with a pen right direction.

Calm, please feel free to sign up. For my newsletter connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, and if I can help you in any way, please reach out and contact me I’ll help you head in the right direction on behalf of the Shrike e-media weekly expert webinar series. I thank you for taking time out of your day to join us for this session. Can I look forward to seeing you again on another webinar in the near future? Have a heartwarming day, and here’s to your sweet success.

Remember now is the time to let your light shine thanks again.


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I’m going to be talking to you about how to do SEO for YouTube a number two search engine and how to optimize your articles for higher rankings in that search engine. So Who am? I am stuff and Spencer, I’m the co-author of the art of SEO, co-author of social commerce and author of Google power search all published by o’reilly. I founded an SEO agency in the 90s called net concepts.

I sold it to covario in 2010. I invented an SEO technology platform called gravity stream and I have an SEO training and coaching program at science of SEO com. So that’s me, these are my books. If you don’t really care about that. You care about getting the result for yourselves and want me to share with you a little brief case study example of how you can achieve this. Even if you’re a kid my daughter and she started doing SEO and blogging when she was 14.

You can see in the screenshot here. She’s got some YouTube articles where she’s doing some screencast, showing some game, cheats and so forth for a neopets, calm website and how to earn extra lives or an extra points, and things like that, so she monetized the site using google adsense and every time people clicked On the google ads that were prominently displayed on her site, she would get paid. So if a kid can do it, so can you, but here is a one of the easiest tools of all to do.

Seo with for youtube is simply just start doing some searches or typing in some keystrokes into the youtube search engine and the search box. You’ll see search suggestions based on the keystrokes that you’ve already typed. So these are roughly an order of popularity that gives you some good brainstorming. You can also use a tool called suble, which I covered in another segment about keyword, brainstorming.

So if you go to sue volcom – and you start typing in some different keywords and see what the search suggestions are not just from youtube, but also Google and Bing and Yahoo and answers com and so forth – that’s pretty cool. You can also use google trends, but not in the way that you might be accustomed to. Let me show you specifically what I mean. So if I go to google.Com / trends and then I put in whatever like a neopets – and I want to see how that performs as a keyword in youtube well, I have to change from web search up here on the top to youtube search.

Most people don’t even know that that even exists. That option allows me to get data back on what keywords are popular in the youtube search results? Is that awesome or what so be sure to use google trends and incorporate that into your YouTube SEO a tool set? All right, so, let’s now talk about what to create in terms of article content, because if you create something, that’s not very worthy of being readed or or shared or liked, or anything like that, then it’s just going to fall flat.

It’s not going to go viral! It’s not going to get a lot of views, it’s not going to rank well because it’s just not remarkable and when I say remarkable I mean stuff codons definition of remarkable. It’s worth remark about it’s a purple cow, so you need to create something that is worth remarking about and the format of it doesn’t matter whether it’s a screen cast recording or it’s a article of you.

You know talking that sort of article or it’s a montage of different images or it’s an audio podcast with some still images added to it. So it is now in article forms and taking your audio podcast and you’ve uploaded it to YouTube could be any number of different things. But you know this unique article based content has to again be worthy of somebody wanting to share it, a link to it blog about it, etc.

So these are some different kinds of articles. This one is a explainer article. That’s one of those white board type of articles. Here’s an explainer article, that’s done as an animation. This one is a next. I guess you could call it an explainer article, but it’s just more of a viral article, really good Dollar Shave Club on the map. This thing went crazy, viral millions and millions of views. This is another type of whiteboard explainer article, but this one is, you know with the guy talking and explaining and having that.

Actually, this is not a white board as a flip chart. Here’s another whiteboard article. This is from one of my co-authors on the art of SEO, and this is a podcast, but one where they’ve taken the article of the podcasters speaking instead of using still images, they took article as well, and this is a fun science article. This is the past client of mine, steve Spangler, been on the ellen, show a bunch of times and everything doing.

I was crazy. Amazing science experiments and he has several different youtube blogs that do really well Spangler effect is one of them is also six science says another one and steve Spangler Science pocket or blog. This is a screencast which is just a screen recording and you can explain different software programs or you can go through PowerPoint decks like what I’m doing here. You can just use screen recording software, such as ScreenFlow for the mac or Camtasia for PC or Mac to record the screen, and your audio as the overlay here is a really popular example of a kind of an explainer article, but done with animation using xtranormal, where You pick the avatars and you give it the script and then the avatars speak the lines that you’ve given it.

This is a micro sites where it was live, article of a intern college intern who worked all summer long at the prophetic and melds headquarters. You know from Mentos the makers of mentos. He worked there just sitting in front of a webcam and then chatting with people who came to the mentos internal website as well as you can give them work to do I go. He can you fill out the spreadsheet for me and stuff, because what else is he going to do? Is just sit in front a computer all day in front of the webcam, so that was a fun viral live article stream websites that did really well in social media and got lots of links so just think outside the box.

Basically and then once you have this really compelling link worthy article content and you’re going to want to leverage power users to get that noticed by a larger audience and then potentially to spill over and to like go viral. Basically, and so you go get that that snowball effect happening or just keep growing, bigger and bigger and bigger, and then just kind of ticks off with a life of its own.

So you could create something that if it leverages an existing name or you create a new meme meme is a copy me instruction, backed up by threats and or promises. It’s a great definition from that’s the best definition. I’ve ever heard it’s from an expert, and professor and viral means you want to see your link worthy articles from a power user account. So you want to have power user in your back pocket that you can tap into somebody who has a big fan base.

So when they submit it, it’s going to get viewed by a number of people and then that snowball effect happens. You can also reach out to influencers and we’ll get to that little bit, reach out to influencers and offer that compelling content in a way that makes them want to share it. But it’s a lot easier, just to have a power user in your back pocket that you can just call in a favor with or or pay them some money and they seed your remarkable content.

Ok, so article content building, it’s got to be compelling, as I’ve said. You’ve got to hopefully reinforce the message of your brand around and pick the right keywords that you want to target use a watermark so that if people steal your article, your brand is still going to there’s still going to be brand impressions for you, even if they Ripped off your article and are using it elsewhere include links and references to your site like in the article description and YouTube description so forth, we’ll get to that in a minute.

So the title should be keyword rich and compelling. Should convince the user, the the YouTube user to click, to read your article. It’s one of the most compelling things. The only thing more compelling in terms of driving the clip from the youtube search results is the thumbnail. It’s important to be a concise but also keyword, rich, it’s kind of a balancing act, keep it to the 62 character or less limit and short and punchy and compelling is the key here.

The description, here’s an opportunity for you to further add more relevant keywords into the mix and to differentiate yourself from competitors and provide a unique son proposition. A really great call to action, put a link to your site high in the description. So they don’t have to click on the show more link to a button to see your your link, but it’s maybe the first line of the description tags are important as well.

So tags would be keywords that are going to and get this magic happening in the back, and you don’t see what these tags are. As a youtube user, you’d have to use you have to view source and give you the HTML source to see what those tags are in our competitors article but anyways, it’s it is used in the ranking, Doug rhythm at need you to again you want to do Your keyword, research before you identify the tags that you want to incorporate, don’t use throwaway words like and and 2 comma separate these tags and put them in order of importance to you.

So the most important most popular keywords should be the first ones in the list of tags yep. So let’s talk now about annotations. Annotations are a great way to drive, clicks and different user actions. If viewer is reading the article – and you really want them to subscribe, your blog to like the article to visit your website to whatever right you want to make those calls to action in the side of a an annotation, and these annotations can be added later.

After the article has been published and everything a lot of these things can be changed and, added to after the article has been published on YouTube, you can go back and change the title: the description, the thumbnail, the annotations and so forth. Let’s yeah: let’s ask people over location, we’ll talk now about thumbnails, because this is so so critical. This is the screenshot over. On the right hand, side comes from the blog of vat19.

Com vat19.Com you tube. They have over 440 million views across all of their YouTube articles and it’s amazing. They have some articles that have tens of millions of views, so pretty amazing and they’re all product articles. They saw all sorts of crazy stuff like 26 pound me bears, and things like that, so you can see from the screenshot that their thumbnails are compelling. They make you want to click and not just some talking head.

The worst kind of thumbnail is one: where just looks super boring. You can upload your own custom thumbnail. You just have to have a you. Just left a bit a verified youtube account, so just specify a mobile phone number. It will YouTube, will send you a text message with the verification code. Then you use that in the verification you can just type in that code into the YouTube site boom. Now your verified user and you can upload custom thumbnails.

It doesn’t even have to be a frame from the article it could be completely. Custom announced all sorts of graphics on to it, etc. All right now formats, don’t matter, could be a avi or WMV or whatever lanes of the article try to keep it short of. Like definitely less than 10 minutes, I’ve say even less than five minutes make it concise and punchy. The usability expert, Steve Krug, who wrote don’t make me think, says this write copy for your site and cut it in half and cut it in half again.

Do same thing for your your article transcripts or your article scripts, just to make it punchy short and sweet and value high value. Add, and also bear in mind as far as metrics are concerned for YouTube, is paying much more attention not to the number of views for your article, but to the percentage of your article that users read that’s a key key metric transcripts. So if you override YouTube’s auto-generated transcript with your own you’re, going to have a much higher quality transcript, because if you look at the caption of the caption text or transcript text that is auto generated by YouTube, it’s full of errors, it’s a joke! So definitely you want to upload your own version.

That’s all corrected even better. If you can also upload foreign language translations of your transcript, then people can read the version of your article in their foreign language. The audio is still the same, but it now has closed. It has subtitles, so that’s pretty awesome and then now you’re, showing up in foreign language search queries to on YouTube. You can use services to pit you pay a service to create a transcript for you, like dotsub or automatic sync, and never turn off the ability for users to like and dislike your article.

It’s a crucial part of user engagement and likes, or it’s a crucial metric that YouTube looks at right. So when you build links to your article on YouTube, also build links to a web version, that’s like embedded on your website or a microsite, and, for example, Blendtec has all these viral articles of the founder tom dixon blending, ipods, iphones action figures rake handles the golf Clubs, etc, etc.

In his blenders, that’s pretty fun to read, but if he only got links just to the YouTube articles, that would not help his SEO as much as if he also got links to his his own website and what they did was to created. A separate microsite called. Will it blend calm because Blendtec calm is all about e-commerce buying their their product, whereas will it blend? Calm is all about those viral articles.

If I’m a journalist writing about those viral articles, I’d want to link to the microsite as well as link to the YouTube blog. So that’s a great way to get some additional SEO benefit by having really popular articles. You could also consider syndicating your article onto other popular article sharing sites, like blip TV and metacafe, and so forth. You could use a tool like drop load to do that in a more automated fashion.

So you don’t have to go to each site individually. You can upload it once and then use drop load to upload it to all the different places that you specify reference. Your URL of your YouTube article and your RSS and M RSS feeds. Mrs S is multimedia or media, really simple, syndication feed for folks who are grabbing podcasts and so forth, automatically on to their into their itunes and so forth. Let’s see so those are some tips for article link building and then anchor text is going to be important when people use words like click here or check this out or read.

This, then, that’s not as helpful as, if they’re, using keyword, rich phrases, because google, the search engines in general, associate the anchor text of the underlying words in the link with the page that’s being linked to. So, of course we want diversity. We don’t want it to look overly engineered with the same keyword, rich phrase appearing all over the place. That looks not legit, but we want diversity and keyword, rich anchor text to a some degree to a limited degree.

We want to go over the top and then also just measure your success using YouTube analytics using Voot and boot looks like this. This is giving you really great insight into not just number of views, but other YouTube engagement, metrics like likes and dislikes favoriting comments. Article replies etc and it tracks your youtube search rankings too. I don’t know of any other tool that tracks your youtube search.

Rankings probably potentially may be tracking. Your search rankings in Google and Yahoo and Bing may be using to like Authority, labs or Moz calm, but what about your youtube search rankings? It’s the number two search engine. So that’s where food comes in via OT net and then turn off your article statistics in your youtube articles, because you don’t want your comment to be checking you out and looking at things like the trend over time and views and time readed and subscriptions and so Forth, that’s for your eyes only! It should be so turn that off it’s just a simple little checkbox to disable that so here’s where you do it, you just tick the box that says one tick, the box that says make these stats publicly available.

So that was a lot of cool stuff in a very short little article. So I hope this was helpful to you be sure to follow me on twitter at spencer and email, my assistant, if you would like some really cool freebies, including an extended edition version of the slide deck, I can hopefully hook you up with a beta invite to Boot, I know the folks there they’re good people. I have a white paper on SEO myths.

I have a how-to article on getting higher rankings in the youtube search engine and also can send you the link building chapter of my book, the art of SEO. So all those awesome freebies, if you just email admin at Stefan Spencer, calm, that’s the email address of my assistant. You have any questions for me specifically feel free to email me at Stefan at Stefan Spencer, calm, thanks very much for listening.

This stuff and Spencer. Have a great day,


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LinkedIn Advertising

On behalf of SH Y key business builder webinar series, it’s been an honor over the last, though I think about how many years now that the relationship that I have with David and Steve and the folks is why he? What a wonderful organization and we’ve created a tremendous number of articles on different ways that things like LinkedIn and Twitter and social selling and relationship marketing to be used in your business.

So it’s been a great relationship and it continues to be a great relationship. So make sure after you get done reading this article, that you go read some of the other articles that are in the archive and in the library. So today, what we’re going to talk about is we’re going to talk about LinkedIn advertising. Now this is actually a feature that many people just really don’t fully understand. I’Ll also tell you upfront that it is a feature that’s currently undergoing a lot of changes, so LinkedIn is constantly changing how the platform works, and ironically, I know – I probably shouldn’t say this on a recording, but today is Lincoln’s 13th birthday, so today is actually Cinco De Mayo, the fifth of may 2016 and Lincoln, was launched on May fifth 2003 13 years ago today, who would have thought so? Linkedin is now officially a teenager, which means it it.

You know yells at you and it talks back and it doesn’t listen to a thing. You say that’s how p making sorry and ironically, I got only did within 60 days of the launch way back july of 2003, so i’ve been using this platform for almost 13 years crazy, so Lincoln’s advertising platform is really underutilized by a lot of people. Now I’m going to tell you up front, but if you choose to do some of the things that I’m about to show you that this is not a free feature of LinkedIn like many of the future, something that we’re talking about advertiser and advertising costs money and The response that a lot of people have is well, you know, you know, linkedin advertising Kevin, it’s kind of expensive and on one hand I agree with that.

It is more in a you, know, pay per click or paid for impression kind of cost versus some other platforms, but when I show you some of the things I’m about to show you, you may change your mind on that. You may say you know what for the for the targeted ability to reach with laser-like precision the type of individual or organization that I’m looking to reach. Actually, I believe that Lincoln’s advertising is not over priced at all.

I think it’s very fair for the ROI, but as in all forms of advertising, you’re going to have to play around with it and kick the tires and see if it makes sense for you. So right now you’re looking at my LinkedIn profile and if you and I are not already connected on LinkedIn, please feel free to send me a linkedin invitation and mention that you heard me – or you saw me on this lush likey webinar series.

So, on the right hand, side of my page here you see at LinkedIn advertisements – and the same you need to understand – is that these advertisements, this professional, am be a trainer organizational leadership. Then these advertisements are not accidentally on. My page Lincoln is a database. 420 million users worldwide 225 to use per second, and when you think about it, it’s the world’s largest rolodex meaning.

It has basically the resumes of 420 million people, including where work history, skill set with what they like to do on the weekends. Whatever somebody’s willing to put on their LinkedIn profile is effectively in Billington database. Well, if you understand that from an advertising perspective, that’s a gold line, because if you’re looking for people that went to Rutgers that are now seeing photos within 20 miles of Tulsa that have the word fly fishing in their LinkedIn profile.

And I just pulled that. Out of the air, you can literally target that specific segment, so these ads that you’re, seeing on my page here, it’s no accident that these are here. Whoever created these ads wanted to find people with receding, hairlines and big noses within 50 miles of Denver. I’M just playing around no on that I mean, if you ever receding hairline in a big notes, but um. If you were to open up your LinkedIn account, you probably wouldn’t see if these ads on the side of the page, because you’re not me you’re in a different part of the world, you’re, probably in a different industry.

You know who knows so, there’s ads on the right-hand side of the page, but if we go to my homepage, Linton also does something called sponsored content now sponsored content and there again there’s the ads sponsored content is just a fancy word for advertising, so this here Sponsored this is an advertisement that this company demand wave paid linkedin whatever they paid them. To put this into my newsfeed.

Now again, it’s not showing up in everybody’s newsfeed, but it sure I I am apparently fitting the profile of the type of person that link that that demand wave is looking for. So again you might open up your LinkedIn account and never see this hat, because maybe you don’t fit into that category and I probably wouldn’t see the ads that are showing up in your newsfeed. So here I can see. Obviously the LinkedIn newsfeed is your connections and their status updates, but then you’re also going to see sponsored content.

Now you need to know that if you choose to go down this road of advertising and sponsored content, one of the subtle differences, although it’s big difference, is that these are ads. They’Re not intervene that can click on it and go someplace, but there’s not a like or a comment or a share button over here on a sponsored content. There is a like a comment and share, so you can see that demand wave posted this and 422 people have hit the like button and 15 people have commented.

Well. Let me just point out something really obvious, but as obvious as it’s going to sound, I’m going to tell you, I can’t. I can’t believe how many people never pick up on this. If I was demand wave – and I can see exactly who these 422 people are, this is not anonymous. You better darn well believe that if I were demand wave, I would be reaching out to those individuals individually and saying something like hey.

I noticed that you click the like button on our sponsored content, all about paying it forward and we’d love to prove it to you. How can we help preserve you in some way? There must have been a reason why you click the like button. So all I would want to do is start a conversation. So let’s go up here to the top of the page: let’s go to business services and let’s go to advertise now again. Linkedin is constantly changing how this works and I don’t really teach by death by powerpoint.

I do things in real time because i’m a big believer that the worst lay in the world to teach somebody how to ride a bike is to show them a powerpoint presentation on how to ride a bike. But the best way is to put them on the bike, so I’m just showing you that if you want to take the time – and you want to dig into success stories, marketing solutions – there’s article tutorials in here – there’s all kinds of information that will help you with This ok, so let’s just move along very quickly and I’m not going to click on any of that right now, but let’s just go to text and image ads because I just want to knowing this is a very brief webinar.

I just want to go through this very, very quickly, so again, there’s a lot of ways that LinkedIn can hold your hand and walk you through this, I’m just giving you a fast dirty version of it right now. So if I go to create an act, it’s good first, it’s going to ask me to log into my linkedin account right now. I’M logged into my linkedin account, but now I can actually create dad. Now. They’Ve actually changed this and since the last time I logged into it, so I may or may not be able to actually do this, let’s just kind of see what happens.

Oh, it’s asking me to update my credit card because I just got a new credit card. Oh, this is great, so I’m recording a article right now and it’s not allowing beautiful gate for the next step, but that’s okay. What I really want you to see is that I’m going to take you through this verbally okay, and I don’t think it necessarily needs you to see. If you don’t need me to show you how to do the next couple steps, because you could easily do this, so I’m just going to go back to the link to that and what I’m going to verbally walk you through for the next minute or two.

Is that if I want to create the ad linkedin is going to start by just asking me to create a simple ad and again the ad is going to be very very brief. So let go back to modeling din homepage. It’S only going to give me X number of characters. It’S only going to give me X number of characters in the headline okay, so that will take no more than 30 seconds to do that and then linkedin would ask me: do you want to upload a picture? So these organizations have uploaded these pictures, so I could upload a picture.

I could upload some some wording and I can upload a title and then the next thing I would do would be to create a link so that when people click on the add, it’s either going to take them to my LinkedIn profile. If I select that or maybe it’s going to take them to my website, so you have complete control over where people are going to go when they click on the add. Maybe you want to go to you, want them to go to a landing page where they have to input their first name, their last name, their email address, so that you can gather that for marketing purposes.

So it’s really up to you where you want them to go, but once you get past that, but then linkedin is going to start asking you the very specific questions like who do you want to see this ad and it’s going to allow you to look at The entire world, well just for the sake of argument, let’s say: you’re a financial advisor in denver, colorado and you’re looking for more clients in the denver area. Well, you don’t really have any interest in having your ad go to China or Switzerland or Miami.

So you have the ability to target based on star zip code. You can drill down into that. So once you select that it’s then going to ask you, okay, what type of people do you want to see the ad and it’s going to give you some selections in terms of job title industry work experience. So again, it gets very, very granular where you can select Excel. I just want CFOs within 20 miles of Denver, or I just want lion tamers within a hundred miles of lost and whatever it is you’re.

Looking for and you put that in there and then it’s going to ask you to go even deeper so again, knowing that this is a brief webinar in the sh Y key webinar series, i’m not going to get into every nuance of that. But when you go through that process, it’s going to get very, very granular and then, at a certain point it’s going to tell you. Okay, there are whatever 2523 people that fit this parameter in your targeted area, or there are two million people that fit this parameter at your target, whatever that is, and then linkedin is going to say.

Okay, would you like to choose pay per click or paper impression? Now I don’t claim to be an expert on that kind of stuff, but my friends, who typically are experts on that kind of stuff, tell me to go for pay-per-click, but I’m not telling you what to do. I’M just letting you know you have the option, but if you went for pay-per-click, then right now, I’m looking at these ads, but these people are not being charged for me to look at the ads.

They will only be charged if I click on the app. So let’s charge these people a dollar or two I’m going to click on the end, let’s see where it takes, and here here’s my proof of everything I just told you it’s taking me to a landing page where I can download and in order to download. If I click download right now, i’m not going to do it for the sake of time, but it would probably ask you to enter my first name last name email address, so they can gather that mark that marketing material and then I can download their report.

So this is whoever fellow soft or whatever their name is Bell soft, wherever they are. They created this simple landing page for me to download there, whatever, that is that I’m interested in right so and they would probably get charged. I don’t know a dollar to dollars. Five dollars, whatever it is, linkedin is going to tell you before you create the ad. Before you get to the final step, where you input your credit card information, LinkedIn’s going to say you know we’re going to charge you.

Let me just pick a number two dollars. Every time somebody clicks on the ad and you’re going to either agree to that or not agree that or you’re going to negotiate. You do have a little bit of room to negotiate with linkedin too, and then you also set the parameters where you control the budget. So you say: okay, i’m willing to spend two dollars per click, but I’m only willing to spend up to a maximum of let’s say twenty dollars per day.

So basically, you know do the math you’re saying if ten people a day, click on my hat, the ad will shut off, because it knows my budget is twenty dollars and it will shut off until tomorrow morning, at 1201 a.M. And I can set the duration of The end I could say I only want this ad to run for 30 days, so the simple thing I want you to take away from this folks is that you have complete control over the budget over the spend over the duration, and then linkedin will give you The marketing data of the people to click on the app Lincoln will not give you the names of the people, but it will tell you in the last seven days, 18 people have clicked on your ad of the 18, 10 of them or women, eight of them Or men, six of them were in this zip code.

Five of them had this job title so from a marketing perspective, the data that Lincoln supplies you with is very very effective because you can really see it. Oh wow we’re really getting through to this particular demographic. So that’s all I’m really going to say folks, I’m going to wrap this up in the next minute or two LinkedIn’s advertising platform is highly highly effective if you’re using it in a very sophisticated manner.

The way I’m shall I do now when this is new. The first time you’re doing this, I think lington, gives you fifty dollars in free advertising credits. So really you can kind of test drive it for free to begin with and, as time goes by, you can just refine it and get better at creating ads. Looking at the data, most people at this point in time are really not familiar with how sophisticated this platform really is.

More people are becoming familiar with it, because linkedin just had to openly disclose their. You know their annual report and more people they’re driving more revenue from their advertising platform, but you’re still reading this article at a point in time where this is relatively still new and you kind of have first mover advantage if you take advantage of it. So it’s my belief that Lincoln’s advertising platform is extremely effective.

What it’s used in an effective manner so play around with it as we wrap up i’m kevin Knebel, I’m an international speaker, author, coach and consultant. I Stegall around the world on a weekly basis. I speaking about one city per week, all around the world that helped organizations generating billions of dollars in sales referrals. I was the top sales person in the world for four companies before I became an international speaker years ago, so I have a deep background sales and a deep background.

Social selling. Please feel free to go to Kevin knebel com subscribe to my free weekly newsletter. That’S full of content that will help you in your business on a weekly basis. Please feel free to go back and look through my newsletter archive, which has hundreds of newsletters full of content for free. That will help you, if I can ever help you in any way reach out to me shoot me an email. Give me a phone call.

Send me a message on linkedin. I am here to serve. You please feel free to join my cocktail party on facebook. Please feel free to follow me on twitter I’ll. Follow you back, please feel free to follow me on instagram I’ll. Follow you back my youtube blog. I just want to say thank you to Schweik e because fly key is a wonderful organization. They deliver so much value to the marketplace and what an archive of content, not only my cons but the other subject matter, experts that they have without any of a number of different topics, so you’re in good hands wish likey and I hope, you’ve learned some things Here today about Lincoln’s advertising platform, if I can ever help you in any way, I’m a phone call or an email away, and I want to say, on behalf of SH Y key business builder webinar series.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your interest and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye, bye,