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On behalf of SH Y key business builder webinar series, it’s been an honor over the last, though I think about how many years now that the relationship that I have with David and Steve and the folks is why he? What a wonderful organization and we’ve created a tremendous number of articles on different ways that things like LinkedIn and Twitter and social selling and relationship marketing to be used in your business.

So it’s been a great relationship and it continues to be a great relationship. So make sure after you get done reading this article, that you go read some of the other articles that are in the archive and in the library. So today, what we’re going to talk about is we’re going to talk about LinkedIn advertising. Now this is actually a feature that many people just really don’t fully understand. I’Ll also tell you upfront that it is a feature that’s currently undergoing a lot of changes, so LinkedIn is constantly changing how the platform works, and ironically, I know – I probably shouldn’t say this on a recording, but today is Lincoln’s 13th birthday, so today is actually Cinco De Mayo, the fifth of may 2016 and Lincoln, was launched on May fifth 2003 13 years ago today, who would have thought so? Linkedin is now officially a teenager, which means it it.

You know yells at you and it talks back and it doesn’t listen to a thing. You say that’s how p making sorry and ironically, I got only did within 60 days of the launch way back july of 2003, so i’ve been using this platform for almost 13 years crazy, so Lincoln’s advertising platform is really underutilized by a lot of people. Now I’m going to tell you up front, but if you choose to do some of the things that I’m about to show you that this is not a free feature of LinkedIn like many of the future, something that we’re talking about advertiser and advertising costs money and The response that a lot of people have is well, you know, you know, linkedin advertising Kevin, it’s kind of expensive and on one hand I agree with that.

It is more in a you, know, pay per click or paid for impression kind of cost versus some other platforms, but when I show you some of the things I’m about to show you, you may change your mind on that. You may say you know what for the for the targeted ability to reach with laser-like precision the type of individual or organization that I’m looking to reach. Actually, I believe that Lincoln’s advertising is not over priced at all.

I think it’s very fair for the ROI, but as in all forms of advertising, you’re going to have to play around with it and kick the tires and see if it makes sense for you. So right now you’re looking at my LinkedIn profile and if you and I are not already connected on LinkedIn, please feel free to send me a linkedin invitation and mention that you heard me – or you saw me on this lush likey webinar series.

So, on the right hand, side of my page here you see at LinkedIn advertisements – and the same you need to understand – is that these advertisements, this professional, am be a trainer organizational leadership. Then these advertisements are not accidentally on. My page Lincoln is a database. 420 million users worldwide 225 to use per second, and when you think about it, it’s the world’s largest rolodex meaning.

It has basically the resumes of 420 million people, including where work history, skill set with what they like to do on the weekends. Whatever somebody’s willing to put on their LinkedIn profile is effectively in Billington database. Well, if you understand that from an advertising perspective, that’s a gold line, because if you’re looking for people that went to Rutgers that are now seeing photos within 20 miles of Tulsa that have the word fly fishing in their LinkedIn profile.

And I just pulled that. Out of the air, you can literally target that specific segment, so these ads that you’re, seeing on my page here, it’s no accident that these are here. Whoever created these ads wanted to find people with receding, hairlines and big noses within 50 miles of Denver. I’M just playing around no on that I mean, if you ever receding hairline in a big notes, but um. If you were to open up your LinkedIn account, you probably wouldn’t see if these ads on the side of the page, because you’re not me you’re in a different part of the world, you’re, probably in a different industry.

You know who knows so, there’s ads on the right-hand side of the page, but if we go to my homepage, Linton also does something called sponsored content now sponsored content and there again there’s the ads sponsored content is just a fancy word for advertising, so this here Sponsored this is an advertisement that this company demand wave paid linkedin whatever they paid them. To put this into my newsfeed.

Now again, it’s not showing up in everybody’s newsfeed, but it sure I I am apparently fitting the profile of the type of person that link that that demand wave is looking for. So again you might open up your LinkedIn account and never see this hat, because maybe you don’t fit into that category and I probably wouldn’t see the ads that are showing up in your newsfeed. So here I can see. Obviously the LinkedIn newsfeed is your connections and their status updates, but then you’re also going to see sponsored content.

Now you need to know that if you choose to go down this road of advertising and sponsored content, one of the subtle differences, although it’s big difference, is that these are ads. They’Re not intervene that can click on it and go someplace, but there’s not a like or a comment or a share button over here on a sponsored content. There is a like a comment and share, so you can see that demand wave posted this and 422 people have hit the like button and 15 people have commented.

Well. Let me just point out something really obvious, but as obvious as it’s going to sound, I’m going to tell you, I can’t. I can’t believe how many people never pick up on this. If I was demand wave – and I can see exactly who these 422 people are, this is not anonymous. You better darn well believe that if I were demand wave, I would be reaching out to those individuals individually and saying something like hey.

I noticed that you click the like button on our sponsored content, all about paying it forward and we’d love to prove it to you. How can we help preserve you in some way? There must have been a reason why you click the like button. So all I would want to do is start a conversation. So let’s go up here to the top of the page: let’s go to business services and let’s go to advertise now again. Linkedin is constantly changing how this works and I don’t really teach by death by powerpoint.

I do things in real time because i’m a big believer that the worst lay in the world to teach somebody how to ride a bike is to show them a powerpoint presentation on how to ride a bike. But the best way is to put them on the bike, so I’m just showing you that if you want to take the time – and you want to dig into success stories, marketing solutions – there’s article tutorials in here – there’s all kinds of information that will help you with This ok, so let’s just move along very quickly and I’m not going to click on any of that right now, but let’s just go to text and image ads because I just want to knowing this is a very brief webinar.

I just want to go through this very, very quickly, so again, there’s a lot of ways that LinkedIn can hold your hand and walk you through this, I’m just giving you a fast dirty version of it right now. So if I go to create an act, it’s good first, it’s going to ask me to log into my linkedin account right now. I’M logged into my linkedin account, but now I can actually create dad. Now. They’Ve actually changed this and since the last time I logged into it, so I may or may not be able to actually do this, let’s just kind of see what happens.

Oh, it’s asking me to update my credit card because I just got a new credit card. Oh, this is great, so I’m recording a article right now and it’s not allowing beautiful gate for the next step, but that’s okay. What I really want you to see is that I’m going to take you through this verbally okay, and I don’t think it necessarily needs you to see. If you don’t need me to show you how to do the next couple steps, because you could easily do this, so I’m just going to go back to the link to that and what I’m going to verbally walk you through for the next minute or two.

Is that if I want to create the ad linkedin is going to start by just asking me to create a simple ad and again the ad is going to be very very brief. So let go back to modeling din homepage. It’S only going to give me X number of characters. It’S only going to give me X number of characters in the headline okay, so that will take no more than 30 seconds to do that and then linkedin would ask me: do you want to upload a picture? So these organizations have uploaded these pictures, so I could upload a picture.

I could upload some some wording and I can upload a title and then the next thing I would do would be to create a link so that when people click on the add, it’s either going to take them to my LinkedIn profile. If I select that or maybe it’s going to take them to my website, so you have complete control over where people are going to go when they click on the add. Maybe you want to go to you, want them to go to a landing page where they have to input their first name, their last name, their email address, so that you can gather that for marketing purposes.

So it’s really up to you where you want them to go, but once you get past that, but then linkedin is going to start asking you the very specific questions like who do you want to see this ad and it’s going to allow you to look at The entire world, well just for the sake of argument, let’s say: you’re a financial advisor in denver, colorado and you’re looking for more clients in the denver area. Well, you don’t really have any interest in having your ad go to China or Switzerland or Miami.

So you have the ability to target based on star zip code. You can drill down into that. So once you select that it’s then going to ask you, okay, what type of people do you want to see the ad and it’s going to give you some selections in terms of job title industry work experience. So again, it gets very, very granular where you can select Excel. I just want CFOs within 20 miles of Denver, or I just want lion tamers within a hundred miles of lost and whatever it is you’re.

Looking for and you put that in there and then it’s going to ask you to go even deeper so again, knowing that this is a brief webinar in the sh Y key webinar series, i’m not going to get into every nuance of that. But when you go through that process, it’s going to get very, very granular and then, at a certain point it’s going to tell you. Okay, there are whatever 2523 people that fit this parameter in your targeted area, or there are two million people that fit this parameter at your target, whatever that is, and then linkedin is going to say.

Okay, would you like to choose pay per click or paper impression? Now I don’t claim to be an expert on that kind of stuff, but my friends, who typically are experts on that kind of stuff, tell me to go for pay-per-click, but I’m not telling you what to do. I’M just letting you know you have the option, but if you went for pay-per-click, then right now, I’m looking at these ads, but these people are not being charged for me to look at the ads.

They will only be charged if I click on the app. So let’s charge these people a dollar or two I’m going to click on the end, let’s see where it takes, and here here’s my proof of everything I just told you it’s taking me to a landing page where I can download and in order to download. If I click download right now, i’m not going to do it for the sake of time, but it would probably ask you to enter my first name last name email address, so they can gather that mark that marketing material and then I can download their report.

So this is whoever fellow soft or whatever their name is Bell soft, wherever they are. They created this simple landing page for me to download there, whatever, that is that I’m interested in right so and they would probably get charged. I don’t know a dollar to dollars. Five dollars, whatever it is, linkedin is going to tell you before you create the ad. Before you get to the final step, where you input your credit card information, LinkedIn’s going to say you know we’re going to charge you.

Let me just pick a number two dollars. Every time somebody clicks on the ad and you’re going to either agree to that or not agree that or you’re going to negotiate. You do have a little bit of room to negotiate with linkedin too, and then you also set the parameters where you control the budget. So you say: okay, i’m willing to spend two dollars per click, but I’m only willing to spend up to a maximum of let’s say twenty dollars per day.

So basically, you know do the math you’re saying if ten people a day, click on my hat, the ad will shut off, because it knows my budget is twenty dollars and it will shut off until tomorrow morning, at 1201 a.M. And I can set the duration of The end I could say I only want this ad to run for 30 days, so the simple thing I want you to take away from this folks is that you have complete control over the budget over the spend over the duration, and then linkedin will give you The marketing data of the people to click on the app Lincoln will not give you the names of the people, but it will tell you in the last seven days, 18 people have clicked on your ad of the 18, 10 of them or women, eight of them Or men, six of them were in this zip code.

Five of them had this job title so from a marketing perspective, the data that Lincoln supplies you with is very very effective because you can really see it. Oh wow we’re really getting through to this particular demographic. So that’s all I’m really going to say folks, I’m going to wrap this up in the next minute or two LinkedIn’s advertising platform is highly highly effective if you’re using it in a very sophisticated manner.

The way I’m shall I do now when this is new. The first time you’re doing this, I think lington, gives you fifty dollars in free advertising credits. So really you can kind of test drive it for free to begin with and, as time goes by, you can just refine it and get better at creating ads. Looking at the data, most people at this point in time are really not familiar with how sophisticated this platform really is.

More people are becoming familiar with it, because linkedin just had to openly disclose their. You know their annual report and more people they’re driving more revenue from their advertising platform, but you’re still reading this article at a point in time where this is relatively still new and you kind of have first mover advantage if you take advantage of it. So it’s my belief that Lincoln’s advertising platform is extremely effective.

What it’s used in an effective manner so play around with it as we wrap up i’m kevin Knebel, I’m an international speaker, author, coach and consultant. I Stegall around the world on a weekly basis. I speaking about one city per week, all around the world that helped organizations generating billions of dollars in sales referrals. I was the top sales person in the world for four companies before I became an international speaker years ago, so I have a deep background sales and a deep background.

Social selling. Please feel free to go to Kevin knebel com subscribe to my free weekly newsletter. That’S full of content that will help you in your business on a weekly basis. Please feel free to go back and look through my newsletter archive, which has hundreds of newsletters full of content for free. That will help you, if I can ever help you in any way reach out to me shoot me an email. Give me a phone call.

Send me a message on linkedin. I am here to serve. You please feel free to join my cocktail party on facebook. Please feel free to follow me on twitter I’ll. Follow you back, please feel free to follow me on instagram I’ll. Follow you back my youtube blog. I just want to say thank you to Schweik e because fly key is a wonderful organization. They deliver so much value to the marketplace and what an archive of content, not only my cons but the other subject matter, experts that they have without any of a number of different topics, so you’re in good hands wish likey and I hope, you’ve learned some things Here today about Lincoln’s advertising platform, if I can ever help you in any way, I’m a phone call or an email away, and I want to say, on behalf of SH Y key business builder webinar series.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your interest and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye, bye,


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