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How To Setup LinkedIn Ads | Updated with Objective based Advertising

My name is neeraj from step 2 in bomb, and today we are going to talk about how to set up LinkedIn ads for your business. Basically a step by step guide for wicked. It’S very important to know that LinkedIn ads play a very significant role when it comes to p2p decision making as such, unlike every other tool or back from availability digital advertising world.

This is the most profound way of professional networking and therefore most performed way of targeting people by their job and professions. So if you have a solution or service which is already in the market in Excel, if you want professional buyers or deceive makers into different companies across the geographies to look into your product, LinkedIn access answer for you and if you are a new business or a Startup trying to go to the market, it’s your new products, services or a solution then also LinkedIn ads are equally applicable to you, because that gives you a brain that can see a very realistic black hole to target your consumers by a specific profession they are into So before wasting all the time, let’s get started, you start with obviously logging into LinkedIn, and once you log in and see your LinkedIn feed, you need to click on work and advertise from there.

The first thing was what you see here: is Kingdom campaign manager under LinkedIn campaign manager. You have set up accounts, you have in existence all these accounts, it could be accounts only for advertising purposes and all of them have a unique ID and account ID below them, and we enter the campaign group level now to simplify campaign manager. We started with, we are in campaign performance, so this is campaign groups.

All my campaign groups will be listed here champion. Groups are nothing but it’s very similar to ad groups in Google advertising volts. Essentially, I can organize my campaigns by groups and it helps in billing and easy identification purposes. So if you are having, let’s say one company and you have three business, verticals or different industries in your cup, you may want to create industry one industry to one industry within your campaign groups.

It’S very simple. You just create campaign groups, you XYZ whatever may be. Your name you’re in the sphere campaign. You set your budget, which is optional at Croke level. I won’t recommend doing that because this will actually your campaigns. If there are so many campaigns within your ad groups or in this campaign group, it can have probably end so you obviously have the project started end it active and just save it all.

So so that’s the grading campaign group within campaign performance, so campaign performance. Are these are general statistics in advertising world which are the impressions? Ctr clicks impression? Cts are the very common walls. You have the bed every CPM, every CPC. This is all of the advertising languages so website. Demographics are about your website. So if you have set up inside tag on your website, it will show you some numbers are and what kind of demographic variables we have.

It is good to look at from an information perspective. You don’t really use it quite often many advertising now now recently LinkedIn come with something called as interest rate base targeting, but I have we are yet to experience that in real-time account, assets are where you, you have your inside tag, your conversions and measurements, matched audience. If you were to upload a list of audience or create remarketing audience from your website or inside tag is where it sits block list you can create a set of you know, list of blocked accounts or companies.

As such, the chain firms are very important. These are out-of-the-box homes which, basically you can you can capture, leads for your business within LinkedIn as a platform, you don’t need to be driving traffic to your website or campaign landing pages all the time. This is very helpful and I see a lot of success over the last one year of while working with Indonesian forms as it history is. You know what I search.

We had the changes and stuff like that, so so tell us about the account assets, in other words, and you obviously have your profile you can go from here. You have all these settings, your account ID and edit your account details manage access to your company page or advertising campaigns. Building Center is your all about your credit card billing and everything contacted in our are your contact setting of different, preferably people, to contact to be contacted by LinkedIn, for instance, now so I’ll go back to campaign performance? This is the view which is best to have many land, and this is the landing view when you start advertising, so so two things one is: if you were to launch any campaign where you want to drive traffic to your website or landing page in simple terms, It means that if you are advertising on LinkedIn feed or LinkedIn as a platform anywhere or LinkedIn, and you want the traffic or somebody when they click or the desired action to be taken on your website, you would you would launch a campaign right from here, which Is the first step, and the second option is, if you were to launch LinkedIn, lead gen from campaign where you want the deletes to be captured within LinkedIn as a belt platform? And you want the website traffic or the traffic going from your from LinkedIn platform? To your website it as an optional or or a strict.

No, no! You may want to start with account as its first. So basically, what it means is in the backend. We actually create a LinkedIn, easy inform first, that’s first step and then we have a LinkedIn reach inform deployed. Then we can create a campaign and that campaign has a said. That campaign has the lead capture enabled as a legion form in the background. So, in simple terms, I’ll show you an example of how we create LinkedIn, lead, gen forms and then from there.

How do we really go about launching a campaign with that legion form itself, and it will cover both aspects to one option: the option, one which I told you is driving traffic from your ending pad for modeling green ash to your website, optionally, an option B. I said was around driving traffic to within the village in forms and capturing deletes right there and giving the option to the user to come to the landing page or to be retained within LinkedIn feed.

So we put a found name here, let’s say step to inbound test form. We have so many characters. The language is English and if you can’t, if you notice, on the right hand side, you see the actual view of the pop-up form the way it will appear to your end customers when you start advertising on LinkedIn. So here is the offer headline. For instance, you can go up to 60 characters, so I would just take an example of a copy of the e-book, for instance, and you have so many characters like hundred sixty characters to grab to explain the offer it is now, despite of having like, let’s say, 160 characters in my experience, 150 characters work best, and that keeps you basically when we start advertising.

This is visible across different devices. So if you were to avoid a truncation of your messaging, it’s better to best to keep them 150 characters, and it is, you are safer when your ads are shown across website across different website or different devices like tablet, mobile and so on and so forth. So to be available across devices it’s best, we have 150 characters on awkward’ edges, so the shorter it is, the better it is in death, in those words, privacy policy.

Url. Is your website URL, of course, so I will just give my website URL for it. For an example, it’s very important to be added there, so I have my privacy policy right here, for instance, and we just add, their policy text is very important. We have up to 2,000 characters, so if you are, you know doing anything towards GDP or compliance or if you were to add anything subject to your recommendations in your company from your legal team.

I would strongly advise to add all of that here. So I want to add that now leadpages and custom questions. Obviously these are the form fields you select which to be captured. Here you can go up to a minimum. You know one to a maximum of 12 now, obviously, your chances of getting a lead capture are more when you are keeping less than four fees. So if you just happen to have, let’s say email address, you have the best bet, and – and the last thing I would recommend is to have first name and last name, for instance, so the moment you add more and more fees to it.

Your chances of somebody kicking tonight is more so on a server side, since you are trying to your customers and being a little courtesy Khurram. So since you’ll be talking to your customers well, but I think amp means like this: it’s better to keep them short and sweet as less as possible, whichever is your business preference, but in my experience, when the form fields are more, the quantity of leads coming in Is less when you have lesser form fields, the quantity of leads coming into your company are is more so likewise.

That said that that’s my recommendation, custom questions are again. If you were to have anything that you’d appear compliance, any custom questions, you can fill them custom. Checkboxes are available as well, and you can, you know, make them optional, or was you just be filling that confirmation is the confirmation message you know when the when the person said and by the way before we go further, it’s very important to know that all the Form fit the beauty of linden legion forms fundamentally.

Is that all the lead gen forms are populated or prefilled with your data, when you are on LinkedIn, app or web website as such so link, it will notice that you have already logged into your account. You will not be forced to fit in all these these states all the time unless you are logging in from a different email ID or things like that. Otherwise, your first name last name and everything else, whichever is your public information on your LinkedIn profile, will usually be a prefilled form.

So when, let’s say you start showing them ad, when your end users or customers click on them, everything will be filled in here already. So you can also this. This is also important to know when you plan your advertising campaigns further. So conformation is your. You know when somebody decides to go to your desired called election. What do you show them? So, for instance, I would say thanks for downloading the SDI and like whether you have so many so I will say thanks for downloading my Steptoe amount in book landing page URL is your exact link to that asset.

So if you are, let’s say, showing an PDF to be downloaded or HTML page to be downloaded, this landing page usually has to be exact same asset. So what will happen is when a person decides submit the information to you, they will submit the form – and this is how this this is exact information. They are going to see on their mobile door or laptop devices. So this has to be precisely that. So I am only saying my own page for now, but this is only for example.

In your case, it will be like X, Y Z, dot PDF, whatever may be the document at your end. So I did a lot of PDF campaigns for assessing b2b marketing, where we promote by papers, articles or point of views or different marketing collaterals as such. So, whichever is your server location, if your URL, it has to be a fin in here, and you say, download now or whichever there are some hidden fields with your option and you create that form essentially is called objective based advertising modeling, which is launched this year By LinkedIn ugly, it used to be very plain and slightly you know outdated.

In other words, so you have different goals in pieces. Your awareness code, you have a redness. Your brand awareness has a goal, consideration as a goal or conversions. They need to be marketing. I’Ve been using a lot of these views, consideration or conversions as such. So, like I said, if you’re you know brand of energy’s your reach, everything is focused and preached, or your maximum redness website, whether it’s engagements article views these are applicable for article campaigns, website visits and engagements are applicable for driving traffic to your website as well.

Conversions is what I have been using a lot more, so I would just take that as an example, because that’s where lead generation forms become applicable, so my objective with the generation. The next step is defining the audience. So so you could select by recenter permanent location. So you could select locations by a recent or permanent location, so I will go by a four-man rotation to be on the more accurate side.

This is geographical targeting, so you could select United States. You can type in so I example. For example, I’m saying I’m selecting knighted Kingdom so it will take up everything within the UK. So you see here you can go up to a city level. So, for example, I will select Kingston in so I will select Dallas in the US, for instance, just for example, so it creates targeting there and whatever targeting you are setting up here with all multiple parameters to be done further, you will see your forecasted results target Audience eyes one day: 74: it is forecast what will be your spend? What is your impression, probably click-through rate and 30 days, Leeds key results and approximate clicks as well now.

This is not really realistic. It matters a lot when you go launch the campaign and when you are in the market, fight for the same placement with your competition influencers and different advertisers in the market. So this is only subjective, but this is just an indicator to get started with. So I will exclude, I will leave those two places just targeting purposes exclusion is, you know you can exclude a lot of people.

So if you want to exclude certain geographies certain areas, you can do that as well. My language is English, so you narrow your audience or that this, who is your target audience? This is a very, very important step in whole of lindane, targeting because this is like a back-end of everything you see in LinkedIn feed, so we define we want to target people by job descriptions, job profiles, skill sets, they have the job functions or departments to work.

In and things like that now, there are multiple options here. The trick of the trade is that the narrower you get your price increases here. The broader you are, your reach is more and your price is less. In my experience, I have seen that if you target an audience of 100,000 and although sighs it works well in b2b advertising and I have gone up to a level of doing some campaigns which are very very initiative, like twenty five thousand audience targeting within the US.

So that works well as well, but that is like very, very niche audience like a Salesforce, professional or a sales was developer kind of targeting. So it is very dependent on that subjective criteria of your business interest. But, like I said in general, I have seen like let’s say if I have 40 campaigns in marketing one in your timeframe. I have seen that anything and everything which is hundred thousand and above is a good targeting to get started with from a quick tips perspective from a quick tips perspective in linear advertising.

What insight tribute you you can, sir, this is you. This is the targeting criteria. Like chopped at or industry your skills, we select that you can go by job experience. This works best in my case, so you can select by job functions, which are the departments they are based out of the job seniority is your their director level, cxos, bp’s and above kind of people. Some titles are very, very specific.

This gets a little narrower when you get into targeting, but but this is very, very specific definition of that job profile. So let’s say you want to reach out to finance manager, so you will say: finance analyst senior finance analyst union finance, analyst. Vice-President finance and accounts CX or chief financial officer, for instance, so from starting from a bottom level to the till the top level of the management you could define those parameters here.

Member skills are very skilled, driven things. So if you were to tell them, you know, and they’re broadly interested in sales was kind of a profile, training or operation people you could define out of that user experience is self-explanatory, so I want this pending much time on that. In my experience, two to three targeting parameters here, work best and if you get further narrower you’re targeting would go down you very high and basically it also means that in the back end, somebody has to be really ready all the time.

So if you go, let’s say I go with multi specific job, titles of sales post of the purse, for instance, so I couldn’t take that as an example as well. Just for example, sake. You see here I’m selecting sales for developers, so in the holo in the whole of United Kingdom and Dallas in the US taxes, I have only eternity audience zone, which means that I am so narrower that this 888 888 ends has to be really online across different Devices for me to be serving them ads.

So that’s the reason this is very, very narrow, so I am looking at a prolonged campaigns. So if my tradition is like say six month or one year kind of timeframe, this campaign is going to be very good. But if I’m looking at quick return on investment results, I would certainly go ahead and you know: do it 100,000 audience and above at least just to get fired with just I’m just trying to give an example that how it works and then accordingly you can choose Any of the job titles you may want to base.

So likewise you can select different. You know demographics by job experience. You can go by job functions such as accounting, so I will just take that as an example. So you see, if I’m going and none s completely job title job function is a little broader umbrella, so job function in accounting, for instance, is like for the same set of locations. I have four hundred ninety thousand people, which is a good targeting criteria to get started with so, for example, purposes.

I will just go ahead with this, so you define your target audience. You can narrow them further. You can just select and and again education job experience is, for instance, like one year to two, your kind of thing, so you can do that as well. So I will just go with the more you add the more net what you get. So you include people with any of the job functions and zero, sorry and their years of experience, starting from so it’s you can, I don’t know.

Never if you want and exclude is like if you want to select specific. This is very important by the way. So if you were to it certain companies, which are your target companies, which are your partners which are your own employees, you should definitely add them here. So one of the quick tips which I use to do integrated icing is that I always excluded my own company people. The reason thing you know I don’t want to be serving them ads because they one they will find it funny is that they are already in a poorer employee.

Second, they are, if they click, I incur the cost. So I don’t want to be paying money for getting clicks from my own employees, so this is a little best practices which I have observed in my experience with indirect. So I would quickly, though I Dennis wrote mine company, for instance, so that’s about excluding extrusion breaking here, and this is a very tricky thing. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

It’S called a enable audience expansions. What happens is this? Is all a portal named algorithm in the back end, you can’t really see and really whatever targeting parameters you have it here, LinkedIn will actually go in the back end and start. You know looking at similar order against basis you’re targeting Friday over here, so I would not recommend that, but once you learn once you are at customs, with the tool feel free to experiment write your own variable.

This is very important. This is this. Your your next creative fully uploaded, so you can go with single carousel article and message, and if you see here now, single image in my experience has form the best carousal image is second to that article editor again, it depends upon the quality and content of the Article, they are good when you are looking at our awareness campaign, outreach campaigns and such colossal image image ads are again good.

If you are looking at many different assets or marketing collateral should be promoted to the other, or you have multiple messages and different web page. Layouts you want to test them out which is liked by the consumer, so this is a very good of weirdness mechanism. If you are looking at leads directly, you should look at single mayor’s or message ads. Likewise, in roadies network again, I won’t recommend to get when you getting started.

Budget is, of course, common sensical. You have a daily budget. You have both daily a total budget, an ideal view in my ideal, so anything from $ 5,200. Actually, you guys were Canadian. You can get Seth with, in my view, and the more you are, the better you are in advertising, the more reach you have, you start with $ 100 and then you see how it goes, and there is a little trick here that it can go out when You put them higher or lower.

What me not worry much about it, it is, it is not really 20 % XP and sent 11 % of the friendship which comes, but really you can start with 50 to 60 pieces, your audience targeting here and then you observe every day and optimize. The actual optimization happens when you have reached at least 10 to 15 days to observe how your campaign behaves and then, when you advertise better and there’s also an advantage with LinkedIn algorithm, so link them in the back end will actually score you on your account level.

So as to how relevant you are when you are advertising, but there is no matrix to see that in real-time, but you should be doing that if your quality score or let’s say your relevance – is better ending denies, you might be smoking better ads at a lesser Cost kind of thing: that’s what they say, but essentially you try to start with hundred dollars kind of amount and see how it grows. Schedule is your start date end date.

It is automated and answer there multiple ways you start with automated feed, and then you can get into maximum CPM, paied and manual break. This also depends upon the type of type of and campaign you are getting to. In this case, we have selected in this case. You have selected Linda, you can also according a we’re, getting option scale. Conversion tracking is optional. This is more about creating a thank-you page and then your settings and then defining.

How would you like to track conversions? This is best use. If you don’t have any tracking mechanism on your website, if you have frakking cookies or Google Analytics, I am deployed or any other analytics tool deployed along with any events or triggers. You may not require planning as such, so we move to the next, and this is you save the campaign as such? So next step is the setup, the ad campaign, so you basically create a new ad.

So this type name this ad – this is obstinate – is not visible, introductory attacks up to 600 characters destination, new IDs, where you want a traffic tribute driven to, and we have an image of five and B or smaller. So you can choose your image headline and your description, and these are ad copies, and this is whatever you may want to say to your end, customers. I would quickly show you an example test 1, so you will also get out feel of how it appears to the end users here across desktops and mobile devices destination.

Url is your URL. So if you have a URL by default, it takes here and you could edit that as well yeah. So you see his the rendition automatically comes off your home page, which is what is really there and you could edit, if you want so by default, HTML whatever the data is being pulled here is fine, you’re good to go ID and in case you want you Could customize as well here so you see it getting changed here.

Description 21 characters formed. It is. This is where you link that form. So there is step one when we, whenever we created the form you could link it here. So we say download now, for instance, call-to-action finding, whatever button will appear here, applying our download cat code learn more subscribe or register. So I would say download here and you select telling each inform you created in previous step.

So, for instance, I created sta test form. It appears here so you see, the same home is being open in here, so you create. So this is your one add. For instance, no one is being created already saving your ad and you could see all your ads in this campaign. So now we have the ad here and it’s all set up already, so we follow our steps here for setting up the campaign we have set via time instead of setting up the ads.

Now there are the best practices say that you should have more of happy at least four ads in one campaign, so you can add more apps by creating here thing more times now all the best practices and campaign optimization techniques I covered in my blog earlier, for Which I am going to give building in the description boxes below where you can follow that so have four ads in one campaign, 3 to 4x. It keeps your audience occupied to something called frequency capping which takes care of algorithm and how often your users are looking at your ad, so it’s important and then you essentially check everything, review your order and launch the campaign and your campaign goes like and if you See here my account is whole because I have not added a feeling information or a credit card in the backend, so once you launch, you will have to add, and accordingly, you move ahead with your next step.

So you launch the campaign like that.


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Linkedin Marketing Strategy For Business [10 tips] You Can Use To Grow Your Business Today

The second webinar asked the business growth experts using simple stuff that work and simple stuff works was a idea of Derek’s he’s done a special report on it, which I thought it was so out so perfect that for most full businesses, that’s actually quite straightforward, simple strategies That they just need to spend more time on very much so the simple stuff that works, give us a lot of key performance indicators and that’s how to run your business and that’s why we work out simple stuff that works and that’s why we now have it Both in a book and also on the data sticks that we’re going to be making available to the customers.

You know with that, so that they can actually work on it themselves, yeah and they get a free copy. They do indeed get a PDF copy of the book, so I’d like to welcome everyone to the second ask business growth expert: don’t Williamson financial wizard of God, arts based new servant in Surrey and myself. Brian images see I’m a business growth strategist. So we both got our books very something yes, mine, still in being incubated, it’s all written.

It just needs the I’m just going to get a proper cover designer. This is my mock-up cover. So 50 came 50 minutes, which is the 50k challenge at Derek, and I both offer to any small business that will take 15 50 minutes with. You is a free consultation and we guarantee to find you minimum of fifty thousand pounds. You’Ve got to have a business, though, to do it now, Derek’s brought out a book called going for growth, which is full of great tips a little bit of basically eight encapsulate everything that we’ve put into our key performance indicators are simple stuff for work, and it’s By following these simple methods, you go the business, it’s not it’s very simple, but it’s if people follow it that it will go over their business and it will go their profits and let’s face it, why the hell of any of us working if we’re not trying To make money exactly and again it’s about these easy to use strategies.

Anyone can implement, there’s no complicated after consultancy needed. You can literally read this book and just grow your business. It’S that straightforward! Definitely so today, after a request from people who are on the call, last week, we have we covering LinkedIn strange noise coming in again, so we’re covering LinkedIn and some great strategies to grow your business using LinkedIn. And why is it so important to be to understand, LinkedIn and use it today? Okay, so Microsoft bought LinkedIn, not that long ago, for twenty six billion dollars.

So why would Microsoft pay twenty six billion dollars to buy LinkedIn? It’S an astronomical amount of money. Well, I mean my belief is: is the most powerful business network on the face of the earth? It is an antique on the 26th of May. It will be more important because transit from May the g-general data protection regulations take effect, and that is going to hurt. Everybody in terms of how they market it and the area that you can continue to do your marketing will be using LinkedIn.

So why? Wouldn’T you absolutely yeah, see you’re still allowed to contact people directly and all the business owners or the business CEOs or the business directors or the senior management are on LinkedIn they’re all there. So these these are. These are buyers these. These are real customers and, as Derek quite rightly said, once the GD P R comes in, you could get into serious trouble or sending out a bunch of emails.

We knew that what are the fines per it’s a minimum of three thousand pounds or two percent of your turnover, whichever is the higher, so this is serious, serious problems. He’Ll put you out of business, it could get ugly. So you know, if you send out a few thousand emails. You could finish it so there’s over 500 million subscribers on LinkedIn today, and we can only see this growing a nice deliberate the view and was this full spring.

You know it should be anyway. So five hundred million subscribers today and this is going to grow of course, there’s other social media platforms on Facebook, but it doesn’t have the focus basically came up with Joe public and people about what they were doing Lincoln is very much more business means usage and Therefore, if you’re not on LinkedIn you’re, basically committing business suicide, yeah absolutely and the the key about LinkedIn is ninety.

Nine percent of people actually don’t really know how to use it properly. They’Re not getting the full benefit out of it, but there is a group. That’S referred to as the one percent group we absolutely know what they doing with it and they aren’t painting it in LinkedIn they’re, making all of the I Laura and hi David nice here so they’re. Absolutely caning on LinkedIn they’re, getting JV partners, they’re getting investors they’re.

Getting clients they’re really doing very, very well, but so what today is about is really introducing different ways of how you can start thinking about getting yourself tuned up. So you can be in that 1 % group. So what we can do we’re going to go through a few strategies that you can use straightaway and at the end, we’ve got a an offer that will help you even more. If you want to progress this, but we’re going to give you three or four really key strategies that you can just use straight away and and that will you get you a good good part of the way on the roads, so LinkedIn the strategy regiments.

A lot of funnel type sales methods, first thing connects and the beauty of LinkedIn you’re connecting to the right people to start with, and it’s easy to connect. And if you use the right approach, people are very open to being connected online when you agree very much so in the business community. People want to know other people because they want to do business and we hope you literally are coming in, and lots of doors being shut.

This is an obvious one that you want to be linked in to as many people as possible, we’re all in the same boat here, because in some ways the GDP are is is almost anti business in the sense that it is preventing. I mean the reason it’s have come about is because of all the spam and problems like that hi Andy nice – to see you here and and and so forth. But the reality is it’s: it’s blocking all the genuine guides who want to connect more easily.

So you want to engage and then of course, capture and divert your relationship and Trust with you or with your network, so the percentages are quite astounding, is 700 percent, more effective than email, which is which is extraordinary and and I’ve found this myself. I connect with the highest CEO, you can imagine and they they’ll connect with me on LinkedIn and discuss an issue, whereas if I sent them an email or their their secretary, an email you forget about it, you’re just not going to get through in this story, so It gives you a special cover, a covering we get some big noise Tim.

So what are the social media trends? Well, we’ve recently had a big one shown to us three false book, so the trend is basically, if you’re keeping people on their platform in their platform, then you get promoted for free, that’s basically the deal and if your brand or you’re trying to sell, then you Got to pay it’s as simple as that, so I know people a free sample on Facebook for managing millions of and who likes and shares, etc, because they’re very cleverly played the game that Facebook once and giving them the content that they want getting the the people That want it get a few virals going and Facebook will promote that all day long, because what you’re doing is you’re doing exactly what Facebook want people spend more time in Facebook as soon as you start putting your little links in there or certainly this is what Happened to read recent algorithm changes, that’s what they slap you! Something is staying in thousands of views you’ll get to unless you’re paying.

Of course, hello, hello. Let me let me mute a few chats, no see on board this nice very cut, hear me, and I can hear you give me a second. Oh here we go. I just got a mute. No, the only use it yeah, alright, guys, sorry about that little interruption. We should move on here. Yes, so basically what I thought we’d talk about. Let’S look at bumper stickers for for Facebook. It’S just the comparison example of have had a user to two platforms.

So Facebook, we think of a for instant recognizability in a bumper sticker approach, whereas LinkedIn we’re looking at being alike ahead of the funnel. So you use every step in your profile to be almost moving down your funnel and that’s really one of the most effective ways of using a LinkedIn profile. So if we look here’s my my one, for example, I’ve got us business growth experts after business growth, experts, sort of you know, what’s good and what’s bad about this, I mean give any thoughts yeah.

You want to keep it simple, so question: why are you saying honest business, both experts in the top left-hand corner and then again I’ll see experts about business growth, it’s Sybil’s stuff at work say exactly you probably don’t want to be saying the same thing twice in In that area yeah – and this is more when you’re doing the website a lot of words, isn’t there? Is it a message exactly for you want to cut them down? Yeah you’re, not the only one.

We have the same problem. I think you sure the next slide when you come to it shows our website, which is again just as bad, because we are in the process of redoing our website. For my less but to say more, I think one of the worst things about this example is ask the business growth, experts and Facebook who want to ask the expert they want to. Maybe if you sort of want to become the business experts that might be something’s more enticing because on Facebook, people want to feel good and feel they’re promoting stuff that promotes them.

So that would be a thing that I would need to improve on this. I think I need to improve – and here here we have your Facebook page and you’ve got the logo as the thing and, let’s face it, who cares about the logo? They have no year? Nobody cares about the logo. Making we’ve got the address. We’Ve. Probably people are the phone number is there, but it’s very small and frankly, the phone number should be a lot bigger.

Probably the email should be bigger and again we are in the process of changing our website, we’re trying to get away from telling people what we do more questions and answers. So they you know, people have got a problem and we giving an answer, and hopefully then they’ll want to come talk about their problem. The best thing on there is accountancy services. Yes, so here’s an example that I think is absolutely brilliant for Facebook.

As a facebook example here, oh yes, bang you immediately know what it is. You don’t care who’s doing it. You just know what it is and if it’s, what you want, you’re going to click on it on your absolute and the picture and the words very clear and quick and then afterwards you go in there and then now’s your chance to build a relationship. So I think that’s a really perfect example: they’re going to LinkedIn is Dericks LinkedIn profile and the best thing about it is, it does say, accountants at the top, but I think there’s a lot.

We could do with this and again we’re losing the real estate. If you think of the headline like a put and call type scenario, you could be doing a lot more with the next pieces of information life director of got arts accountants. Who cares exactly you know, so, there’s probably a lot better stuff we can put in here. Now, the next bit that he’s done really well is this kept. It will nicer space. A lot of people have a whole bunch of text and you literally lose the will to live, and really this is not going to read.

It are you so, but if you think of it, going down almost like the sales page talk of funnel sales page, that’s what you should be reading down in a good LinkedIn profile. Here’S mine! I think that I’m doing a little bit better than you Derek, I’m not saying to perfect by any means, but it’s pretty bold and clear and I’m actually giving you an offer. I’M saying I find a business owner ten thousand pounds in 45 minutes guaranteed, so I’m giving a definitive offer with a definitive time, etc.

I’M probably not doing so well under here, because I’m saying BDO partners. This is marketing, we’re probably business mattress strategies, not so bad. Although online, we could probably make that a message, that’s very clear that comes in from the headline so yeah. I think we both need to do some work here then. The bit I think I have got right here is, if you look at behind in my image. I’Ve got all the media companies that I’ve been involved with being interviewed with, etc, and you can’t really see it but semi finest that entrepreneur in the New Year award.

I took the bicycles to get down and I put that one up and I got that one. But it’s not very clear, but but it’s there and why do I have those well if ever a media company is looking for someone in my field or your feel, more importantly, and they want to talk to someone they’re much more likely to talk, beat someone who They feel has experience and knowledge to the media, but also it gives you a little bit of credibility.

Doesn’T it when you say direct very much so I’ve got ta, be honest up until we started talking about this. All of our third-party certification of merits had just been shoved in the door. Yeah she’s only now exactly we’re now bringing them out to tell people where we, you know we didn’t win, but we ended up by one of three finalists in three categories last year. For sorry, County Council for business potential for business growth with platinum ponds with QuickBooks um with zero, we’re not telling anyone that that’s the case book they’ve they’re delighted they’re, actually advertising it.

Do you think? Actually what, if they’re advertising that way? All these things are important. Yeah, it will help to build your credibility. Have you ever ridden a book influenced by Derek aldini? The this is one of the very important steps on the process of influence, definitely social proofing, etc. Here again, we’ve got a reasonable easy to read, offer about the challenge and what we do etc. So I think the first thing you need to do.

Everyone is really look hard at your profile. Is it clear as its sharp does it expect them straightaway whistles? They can look at. Are you giving yourself a little bit of credibility, and are you taking yourself through that sales funnel process from the beginning through to where you want to take them? This is this: is your first thinning of the wedge in the door, so to speak. I think here it’s just the articles.

I mean here’s an example why networking on LinkedIn is vital to property investors and we’re going to talk about it better about that as well, but we’re talking generally today because any business you own any type of this, you own with your property investor, whatever these exact Same rules apply because, as some things you need to do is you need to build your top team, you need to find your clients to JV partners or your funders, etc.

All of these things are essential to any visit the lifeblood of any small business. Here’S an example of my profile. As you can see, I’ve got 14,000 contact connections which I understand, that’s quite quite good. I mean there are people have assumed many more than I’ve got, but I’m quite well connected on the LinkedIn and, as you can see, I have constantly got invitations to join. You know 40 coming in the last day or so so, and then I can look at and see which people are relevant to what I’m doing and which directional one of go in.

But it’s important to build a network that is actually relevant, not just any old network, friends and family. You really need to get very targeted with LinkedIn and the more valuable it will become now. The next thing you do once you’ve got your profile right. Is you need to start thinking of groups so, if you’re a, for example, Derrick here with the simple stuff that works in your book, you, you would probably want a group, it may be cool growing.

Your business using simple stuff that works yeah bring in small business. Absolutely we actually won a close one for our own stuff. We’Re members of networking in sorry, which again is close. The Institute of Directors runs one which is closed, and the beauty here is that that way, people have got to want to join those closed, and the beauty, then, is you can be posting communications on those. What we tend to do is somebody comes in with a query or problem, and we think it’s a relevant problem.

We will then literally do a LinkedIn about it relatively short and we’ll probably also tweet it as well. So that that way people know and what we try to do is put out into the community ideas that are of benefit to the community. And that gets you more people saying more. I will be linked in absolutely and and then that that group can then be linked to this call. We do once a month and, and you gradually starting to grow your your your traffic and your exposure, and it’s exactly the same applies for you, guys, yeah.

You just applied to your specific focus, so you know within your group. It gives you an opportunity to do. As you see here. I send regular answer, calls here’s one a distant recently which says how to join one sing group, LinkedIn RCS book core business growth strategies using simple strangers at work. It was part of my invitation process to this call that we’re on today – and you see this group – I’ve only got 91 members in it.

I haven’t done as much work from this as oh, oh, but that is really important. You guys need to really think about spending some real quality time on this card of your your business strategy, very, very, very useful. If you get it right, make a big difference. Here’S some more examples. I was interviewed recently by a an online company and business growth company and here’s an advert example. I’Ve done so you can see people looking at it now here.

The other thing you need to look at is articles articles and posts this. This is how you’re really going to grow the initial trust, because remember last week we were talking about what is marketing to do you get people’s attention and then the next thing. It’S really a process of building a relationship and a building trust with these people, and to do that, you you’re answering the question. That’S going on in their head and the question is going on.

Their head is the burning question that they need a solution to, and it’s not the thing that necessarily they’re asking about and and by giving out, regular powerful articles to show that you’re an expert in a certain field you’re starting to answer it that the trust thing That you’re the person who is able to deal with these issues so in this example here I sent this post out three days ago and I’ve got a hundred and seventy five views.

Okay, so, okay, it’s not amazing that it’s not terrible this one. Here I sent two weeks ago and I got 1800 views now, that’s a lot better! That’S pretty high, as that happened actually pretty rapidly. Now here’s one I did again three days ago and I got 944 views. Okay in three days. That’S pretty good and here’s the same posts. I did again with eleven views now, unfortunately, on you guys on Facebook, can’t see this screen, but what I’m sharing is is tube linkedin profiles of articles, identical ArtsQuest in two ways, one of them with nine hundred views and same three-day period and the other one with Eleven views and the difference is basically one thing on the one with eleven views.

I’Ve got about four links in it, so it’s four links to either my website or another page to learn more about it, and what I’m doing is I’m breaking that rule that we spoke about at the very beginning what the social media platforms want. More than anything they want you to stay in their world in their platform. That’S where they’re getting all their value and business from so I’m breaking that rule and clearly the algorithm in LinkedIn is penalizing you straight away.

Eleven views versus me a thousand views in three days, if I clicked on it today, five days later, it’s probably fourteen or fifteen hundred views and that eleven views is probably twelve views. That is that big, a difference so they’re real one of the real keys to any strategy that you got with LinkedIn is to give really valuable information that people can really look at and go. I can use this, so I can do something with this and the second thing is no links, keep it in there because, if they like, if you’re building the relationship with them – and they like what you’re talking about at some point, they could talk to you and They can connect you easily.

The only links that Lincoln will allow, of course, to YouTube happy with that relationship. If you leave it in because they don’t have an upload thing, but once once they do start uploading articles into LinkedIn, then you’ve got to probably forget about YouTube would be my guess anyway. Facebook, you definitely don’t want to link to its own. Like that itself, I keep having discussions online and, as soon as I put a link in with a YouTube article to say, hey, I’m proving my point.

I get shut down straight away, so yeah, so that that’s a big difference in eleven verses of the basic of thousands on this slide. Here again, we’ve got four hundred and twenty views. I’Ve done a slide about SEO and article SEO, and the purpose of this slide is to show that it’s actually a article about why this and the other articles have done so well, because what I’ve done is I’ve optimized. When I put an article on to LinkedIn very important thing to learn how to do is how to optimize the article and the images and the articles and the better you optimize them, the more people are going to see it as well.

So I make a point of optimizing these things and, if anybody’s interested in learning more about that, do let us know, because I think then it’s next one at one of these calls we’re going to cover that in we’re going to deep dive on basically article to Articles and how they article advertising article marketing and how to optimize images to get onto the first page of YouTube and Google, so we can cover all that in one of our free art.

Six book calls so here. Here’S another example. This is with Derek going for growth that I’ve optimized and in five days we’ve got fourteen hundred views. So you can really. You really get some good effects here. Eight hundred views in two weeks, not as good, but you know if you keep dropping in these articles and you’re, getting the thefts and views each one. This is going to add up it’s going to make more people more likely to connect with you and when they connect with you, they know a little bit more about who you are what you’re about and are you answering the question that’s going on in their head? So you’re getting the right audience to join in with with your with your group, and there are a lot more likely to interact with you as well.

If they’ve seen that you’ve been speaking about something that actually is of interest to them and as useful as their own business they’re, there thousand times more likely to want to connect with you and converse with you. If you want to talk to them both. So it’s not about connecting and then just selling to them it’s about connecting and building that long-term relationship. We both spoke about the drip-feed campaigns in in last last month’s core, so now on to how to build your dream, team and investment investment in network on LinkedIn.

Now this is really one of the most powerful things about LinkedIn. It’S building the Ovaltine. If you think about a 360 view of your business, you’ve got everyone from shareholders to customers. You’Ve got everyone, who’s got a stakeholder in your business and you need to find all these people and you can find all of them on on link, including employees. I need to prepare myself yeah they’re, all there they’re, all there sitting waiting for you and you can run advanced searches to get any person that you want.

You can get all the specialist characters you need. So here’s an example that I ran just yesterday or actually Saturday, I think I did on so. I did a search for accountants now here, I’m working with Derek who runs an accountancy practice with a large client base that we can speak about subjects that are interesting to your client base, end of story, so I’ve done a list of accountants and, as you can See, there’s a few immediately popped up there.

I run the list and now you can see a list of accountants that I can click on. So we’ve got in shot. Here’S about six now, on the right hand, side you can see that three of them I’ve invited I’ve sent, invite most of them, so I may have done it earlier or I may have done it on the Saturday Edgeley one of them I’m actually connected to. It says send in mail, so now I’m allowed to sentiment a message directly and then below that I’ve got to disconnect, which basically means I’m not connected yet but they’re.

Obviously ones are Marlins to connect with, and it’s very easy I just send them a connection. Invite so here’s one of the ones I messaged on Saturday – and I said hi David, I’m looking to JV with an accountancy to help them build so to help them build or help. You build a stronger relationship with your clients using us the expert Corps. Would you be interested in talking to me about about this and if you, if you’re interested, you can join my call on Monday and I sent him a link for this one, it’s in the in message.

So it’s not the same as in an article so sending a link, something like that isn’t as devastating at all, so he replied back almost immediately okay, so this is a owner of a accountancy practice on it on a Saturday applied like that, and he said many Thanks but our practice basically says our practices specialize in specialized a jamboree charities and they have clients they’ve had for over thirty years and they’re he’s about to retire.

Basically, he wants to wind his business down. So you know he said kind regards it’s not for me. So I was able to say to him: well thanks for your reply, David, I completely understand you’re not interested in selling. However, you might be interested in selling your business. How would you I’m working with a practicing group of accountants here, Derek my good friend and who is an expansion mode? So would you be interested in me helping you to create more value in your business and in with an acquisition exit? Now, all of a sudden sort of winding is practiced down and losing it, which is one.

Ninety percent of businesses do because, when most entrepreneurs come to retire, only eight percent nergi able to sell well is that right right. This is shocking, so most business owners or entrepreneurs when they, when they retire, they have to close their business down or give it away or sell it for a dramatically low value. Now, in this case, I could help him increase his value. We could do a deal with Derek who would be very happy to take over the clients and grow that business and give him a good reward for doing it.

Wouldn’T you agree or has my green? This is the thing I’ve always got to be. Looking at you out your exit, it’s no good when you died, the value of the business worth. I can only remember dear old, Charlie, cruel, probably before your time how many core business was worth couple of million pounds which, in the 60s, was an awful lot of money, but the end course when he the day he died. He was worth a couple of million.

The day after he died because he ran in a more democratic manner, it was worth about three hundred thousand pounds. The death to Jews wiped out the entire estate, so his widow inherited nothing Wow, very sad, end and yeah, because the statistics are pretty horrible. Most business owners actually retire broke, which is terrible. You’Ve been an entrepreneurial, your life, you create jobs, you create wealth, but you forget to create the value inside the business techno.

So this is just a simple strategy that, if using LinkedIn on your own businesses – and it gives you an example of how open people are to talk and give users a real real feedback very quickly. Here’S another example where I actually actively was looking to acquired of business, so I put a little article there or I think it was just a post and I said on it an image of that covers roughly what I’m looking at acquiring.

I said I’m looking to buy a conference or exhibition style, business and and and I put some more information in there in in the post and if you know anyone is cetera, then please get in touch and I had 15 or so contacts from there and out Of it, I gained two clients and I gained two acquisition opportunities and one of them again Derek and I discussing with one of his clients that may may be that might be a fit there.

So it’s it’s, it’s extraordinary what you can do with it with this program. It’S not just about selling someone a quick widget is it. You know it’s much more powerful than that and that that’s really the the message it needs to come across from here. So just going through the exhibit one only had 15 clicks, but they were all very powerful, powerful clicks. So why not working on link to the vital property? Investors were the same reason.

We’Ve said here: if you’re, if you’re a property investor and you’re looking to grow a property portfolio, you need your top team to do things. Well. You’Ve got to have lawyers that understand your world of being in a property investor. It’S no point going down to the high street and choosing a solicitor on the high street. If they don’t understand the way property investors do business you’re going to be wasting your time, they’re going to be very rigid and limited to how they normally do things working with estate agents, etc.

You want a more creative lawyer, so therefore, you’ve got to start refining. Your searches and finding lawyers that actually understand how to do different forms of creative contracts. You know whether there be options or delayed completions or all sorts of other wonderful techniques. Having done a lot of property, investing myself and I’ve also done business acquisitions as Derek has what we are privy to is there’s all sorts of interesting ways of doing transaction as isn’t there that the most the standard, my steez lister, would never clue.

Hey thinking not just the solicitor, its affairs counsel surveyors architects, local builders, if you’re not doing the work yourself, yeah, plasterers, plumbers, accountants, because you may be faced with construction industry certificates all these things, but equally the other thing is: do you understand the industry that you’re Going into one of the beauties of LinkedIn is that there are lots of people in the industry who will be telling you about what they do, why they do it.

We’Ve had people coming in thinking that they’re being very clever, they both walked in bought something and then spent money without any regard for the market prices, and they suddenly wonder why try to put it on the market they’re going to end up losing 50 thousand pounds. So again, you’ve got to actually understand the industry if you’re going into it otherwise catch a cold yeah I mean, and you got ta act fast if you’ve got a really good deal where there’s a business acquisition or a proxy or whatever.

You need to have you. If you’re bridging finance ready, you need to have all sorts of auction finance or whatever they say any. You need a funder in your back pocket. Who knows you and is happy because he knows that you won’t touch it to you unless it’s going to make money. Yeah so again, the problem here is, if you’re, a new boy how’d you get in on it, can’t you link it up. The other thing is quite up from the best deals.

If you get out to the local estate agent he’s not going to be pushing the best use, he’s already told his mates about. If you’re looking at and talking to people on LinkedIn, there will be people, who’ve got property deals. You may be already getting on that before it ever goes near an estate agent. Absolutely absolutely you know you, you can connect with landlords, you know in landlords, you know who may have several hundred properties and in that case, you’ve got a situation where, if you’ve got a landlord who’s looking to retire, you know, there’s a there’s a there’s.

Some great acquisition opportunities, absolutely and depending upon how he’s done it, how do you, how do you take over if they were in his name? You’Ve got a bit of a problem and he’s got a bit of a problem: a capital gains tax and B. Do not never buy property in your own name, because the government has set up a taxes system now that anybody buying property in their own name is going to be hammered, whereas if you’re buying it through the company, it’s not a problem.

You have you get text on what you take out and you can roll over any profits any game. Salutely the the government sort of done a little bit of war with the small amateur landlord they doesn’t want the Apple. They want to kick them out. Basically, okay, so if any of you are interested in learning more about LinkedIn going ready and if you know if you run a small business or you’re building small business, I sincerely suggest you you study.

This is a very important tool to learn and do it now and the reason why I say do it now is because Facebook already slapped everyone with the EZ distribution that the viral you know creating virals that set the trades a lot harder now and certainly for Anything to do with business, they want you to pay for every single eyeball. Linkedin is still pretty free. I think, and you got a lot of people you can meet, as you say, I’m regularly getting a thousand, sometimes several thousand people on each article.

I do and I keep dropping them out, so I suggest you start learning this quickly and start getting in now. So if you’re interested, there is a training, and I can send you some information, anyone who wants it. Here’S the link – if you want to see it, hang on here’s the link. What I’ll do is I’ll put it into the chat box of the zoom meeting. Anyone wants to know about it on Facebook, just PM me and I’ll I’ll, give you the link, but it’s a very in-depth training that will go through all the every step you need.

You know just to get yourself right into the 1 % group. The other thing that we’re working on is acquisition, so if you want to buy a business or acquire a business Derek – and I have a training course where we show you how to acquire business within 99 days or using none of your own money. So this could be, if you just want to own a business, your first business, you know we’re looking at businesses between a half, a million and 5 million turnover, we’ll show you how you can acquire that without using any money.

Now, if you already own a business, then this is a perk that easiest way to expand. It’S a lot cheaper to acquire a business image. People in it than it is to build a business. You can invest huge amounts of money in a new business and still so the failure rate is it’s horrific, Lia terrific. I was going to say within 10 years at me, 9 out of 10. I know this is a small business startups. So why not acquire something that already exists and is survived for 10 years and all you’ve got to do is apply some better ideas on what to do next, because if you’ve got someone who’s retiring from the company – and you know a bit more about the latest Technology and how you can apply that to that business, it’s not very difficult! It’S not rocket science here to take your businesses just being going along and then making into something much better.

So if you want to learn about that, that’s another thing that we can offer you for training on and the basically the special offer that we’ve got there. Yes, at the moment, we are happy to provide a copy or a PDF copy of our book, which is the overview of the general data protection regulations or for the discretion, I’m afraid. But it’s a 56 page book. It tells you everything you love to do in simple English, so please, if you it would affect everybody.

So please think about that. We’Re also prepared to offer you a PDF copy of our book, going for growth and last of all, a copy of our PDF booklet. Making text digital, which will be affecting every limited company, come April 2019, so you’ve got a year to gain in training for that, but it is going to affect every business, but also what we can offer. Anyone who goes for the anyone who wants to go through the trainings we’ll offer free coaching sessions to get you going, get you started.

Will it’s with the LinkedIn or whether it’s you want to acquire business and you’ll get both of us will help you for free, we’ll throw that in so anyone interested, let me know, and I will send you the links I’ll put them in LinkedIn. Actually I’ll probably put them in the Facebook post as well. Does anyone wan na ask any any questions? Unmute? Anyone anyone got any questions. I know I knew this. I think they have to unmute: oh dude, okay, guys Ian Sam, Jemima or Gemma.

So hey Dave. Several all the David’s here, several no okay, well, okay, well, send us an email, send us an email get in touch on Facebook and then the last point to make is the Derek on oil, for the free 50k challenges calls coming in now, 350 K challenges. So anybody who’s running a small business. We guarantee we give a free 50-minute session, where we guarantee to find any small business, a minimum of fifty thousand pounds in 50 minutes and we’ll do that without any marketing spend at all.

We’Ll show you how to do that. So anyone will sign up for that, give us a shout PMS or send us an email, and I think for that there’s our email addresses I’ll put them in the Facebook live after after the talk get in touch and thank you for listening and enjoy your week Enjoy your week, yes, take care, bye, everybody bye, article advertising expert page, one guaranteed put your article on page one for Google and YouTube direct millions of potential customers to your website.

You can see here in one of the most competitive markets, ie finance. We took this business from zero to one hundred and three keywords to page one dominance in the space of only four months. How amazing is that we are experts, so, as you can see, we guarantee placing your keywords in your article and content on the first page of Google and YouTube from only 500 pounds per article and only one week, guess what this includes: filming, editing, script, keyword, optimization And citations simply check this website article advertising expert code at UK and order now, since this is a promotional offer, so why do you want to be on page one? Look here up to a hundred thousand people are searching for this word every single month.

So imagine you’re on page one, how many potential new paying clients can you get from hundred thousand potential new customers? Would you want to pay tens of thousands of pounds to be on page one or just five hundred pounds to be there permanently? Guess what for a little more, we can create a massive syndication of press releases to 250 news websites, which will create a massive buzz in the market and bring you lots of potential customers.

Look here: we’ve dominated the whole first page in Google and YouTube. This is a client we put on page 1, page 1 domination, that’s 5 out of 10 possible positions on page 1 and you get the same level of domination when you search for images and when you search for articles remember, this is just 500 pounds. Article advertising expert code UK we can also have professional and credible actors representing your brand and services.

We look forward to helping you dominate page 1, article advertising expert code, UK

Social signals are very real and help your search rankings. Learn more in the video below.



Online Marketing

LinkedIn Advertising

On behalf of SH Y key business builder webinar series, it’s been an honor over the last, though I think about how many years now that the relationship that I have with David and Steve and the folks is why he? What a wonderful organization and we’ve created a tremendous number of articles on different ways that things like LinkedIn and Twitter and social selling and relationship marketing to be used in your business.

So it’s been a great relationship and it continues to be a great relationship. So make sure after you get done reading this article, that you go read some of the other articles that are in the archive and in the library. So today, what we’re going to talk about is we’re going to talk about LinkedIn advertising. Now this is actually a feature that many people just really don’t fully understand. I’Ll also tell you upfront that it is a feature that’s currently undergoing a lot of changes, so LinkedIn is constantly changing how the platform works, and ironically, I know – I probably shouldn’t say this on a recording, but today is Lincoln’s 13th birthday, so today is actually Cinco De Mayo, the fifth of may 2016 and Lincoln, was launched on May fifth 2003 13 years ago today, who would have thought so? Linkedin is now officially a teenager, which means it it.

You know yells at you and it talks back and it doesn’t listen to a thing. You say that’s how p making sorry and ironically, I got only did within 60 days of the launch way back july of 2003, so i’ve been using this platform for almost 13 years crazy, so Lincoln’s advertising platform is really underutilized by a lot of people. Now I’m going to tell you up front, but if you choose to do some of the things that I’m about to show you that this is not a free feature of LinkedIn like many of the future, something that we’re talking about advertiser and advertising costs money and The response that a lot of people have is well, you know, you know, linkedin advertising Kevin, it’s kind of expensive and on one hand I agree with that.

It is more in a you, know, pay per click or paid for impression kind of cost versus some other platforms, but when I show you some of the things I’m about to show you, you may change your mind on that. You may say you know what for the for the targeted ability to reach with laser-like precision the type of individual or organization that I’m looking to reach. Actually, I believe that Lincoln’s advertising is not over priced at all.

I think it’s very fair for the ROI, but as in all forms of advertising, you’re going to have to play around with it and kick the tires and see if it makes sense for you. So right now you’re looking at my LinkedIn profile and if you and I are not already connected on LinkedIn, please feel free to send me a linkedin invitation and mention that you heard me – or you saw me on this lush likey webinar series.

So, on the right hand, side of my page here you see at LinkedIn advertisements – and the same you need to understand – is that these advertisements, this professional, am be a trainer organizational leadership. Then these advertisements are not accidentally on. My page Lincoln is a database. 420 million users worldwide 225 to use per second, and when you think about it, it’s the world’s largest rolodex meaning.

It has basically the resumes of 420 million people, including where work history, skill set with what they like to do on the weekends. Whatever somebody’s willing to put on their LinkedIn profile is effectively in Billington database. Well, if you understand that from an advertising perspective, that’s a gold line, because if you’re looking for people that went to Rutgers that are now seeing photos within 20 miles of Tulsa that have the word fly fishing in their LinkedIn profile.

And I just pulled that. Out of the air, you can literally target that specific segment, so these ads that you’re, seeing on my page here, it’s no accident that these are here. Whoever created these ads wanted to find people with receding, hairlines and big noses within 50 miles of Denver. I’M just playing around no on that I mean, if you ever receding hairline in a big notes, but um. If you were to open up your LinkedIn account, you probably wouldn’t see if these ads on the side of the page, because you’re not me you’re in a different part of the world, you’re, probably in a different industry.

You know who knows so, there’s ads on the right-hand side of the page, but if we go to my homepage, Linton also does something called sponsored content now sponsored content and there again there’s the ads sponsored content is just a fancy word for advertising, so this here Sponsored this is an advertisement that this company demand wave paid linkedin whatever they paid them. To put this into my newsfeed.

Now again, it’s not showing up in everybody’s newsfeed, but it sure I I am apparently fitting the profile of the type of person that link that that demand wave is looking for. So again you might open up your LinkedIn account and never see this hat, because maybe you don’t fit into that category and I probably wouldn’t see the ads that are showing up in your newsfeed. So here I can see. Obviously the LinkedIn newsfeed is your connections and their status updates, but then you’re also going to see sponsored content.

Now you need to know that if you choose to go down this road of advertising and sponsored content, one of the subtle differences, although it’s big difference, is that these are ads. They’Re not intervene that can click on it and go someplace, but there’s not a like or a comment or a share button over here on a sponsored content. There is a like a comment and share, so you can see that demand wave posted this and 422 people have hit the like button and 15 people have commented.

Well. Let me just point out something really obvious, but as obvious as it’s going to sound, I’m going to tell you, I can’t. I can’t believe how many people never pick up on this. If I was demand wave – and I can see exactly who these 422 people are, this is not anonymous. You better darn well believe that if I were demand wave, I would be reaching out to those individuals individually and saying something like hey.

I noticed that you click the like button on our sponsored content, all about paying it forward and we’d love to prove it to you. How can we help preserve you in some way? There must have been a reason why you click the like button. So all I would want to do is start a conversation. So let’s go up here to the top of the page: let’s go to business services and let’s go to advertise now again. Linkedin is constantly changing how this works and I don’t really teach by death by powerpoint.

I do things in real time because i’m a big believer that the worst lay in the world to teach somebody how to ride a bike is to show them a powerpoint presentation on how to ride a bike. But the best way is to put them on the bike, so I’m just showing you that if you want to take the time – and you want to dig into success stories, marketing solutions – there’s article tutorials in here – there’s all kinds of information that will help you with This ok, so let’s just move along very quickly and I’m not going to click on any of that right now, but let’s just go to text and image ads because I just want to knowing this is a very brief webinar.

I just want to go through this very, very quickly, so again, there’s a lot of ways that LinkedIn can hold your hand and walk you through this, I’m just giving you a fast dirty version of it right now. So if I go to create an act, it’s good first, it’s going to ask me to log into my linkedin account right now. I’M logged into my linkedin account, but now I can actually create dad. Now. They’Ve actually changed this and since the last time I logged into it, so I may or may not be able to actually do this, let’s just kind of see what happens.

Oh, it’s asking me to update my credit card because I just got a new credit card. Oh, this is great, so I’m recording a article right now and it’s not allowing beautiful gate for the next step, but that’s okay. What I really want you to see is that I’m going to take you through this verbally okay, and I don’t think it necessarily needs you to see. If you don’t need me to show you how to do the next couple steps, because you could easily do this, so I’m just going to go back to the link to that and what I’m going to verbally walk you through for the next minute or two.

Is that if I want to create the ad linkedin is going to start by just asking me to create a simple ad and again the ad is going to be very very brief. So let go back to modeling din homepage. It’S only going to give me X number of characters. It’S only going to give me X number of characters in the headline okay, so that will take no more than 30 seconds to do that and then linkedin would ask me: do you want to upload a picture? So these organizations have uploaded these pictures, so I could upload a picture.

I could upload some some wording and I can upload a title and then the next thing I would do would be to create a link so that when people click on the add, it’s either going to take them to my LinkedIn profile. If I select that or maybe it’s going to take them to my website, so you have complete control over where people are going to go when they click on the add. Maybe you want to go to you, want them to go to a landing page where they have to input their first name, their last name, their email address, so that you can gather that for marketing purposes.

So it’s really up to you where you want them to go, but once you get past that, but then linkedin is going to start asking you the very specific questions like who do you want to see this ad and it’s going to allow you to look at The entire world, well just for the sake of argument, let’s say: you’re a financial advisor in denver, colorado and you’re looking for more clients in the denver area. Well, you don’t really have any interest in having your ad go to China or Switzerland or Miami.

So you have the ability to target based on star zip code. You can drill down into that. So once you select that it’s then going to ask you, okay, what type of people do you want to see the ad and it’s going to give you some selections in terms of job title industry work experience. So again, it gets very, very granular where you can select Excel. I just want CFOs within 20 miles of Denver, or I just want lion tamers within a hundred miles of lost and whatever it is you’re.

Looking for and you put that in there and then it’s going to ask you to go even deeper so again, knowing that this is a brief webinar in the sh Y key webinar series, i’m not going to get into every nuance of that. But when you go through that process, it’s going to get very, very granular and then, at a certain point it’s going to tell you. Okay, there are whatever 2523 people that fit this parameter in your targeted area, or there are two million people that fit this parameter at your target, whatever that is, and then linkedin is going to say.

Okay, would you like to choose pay per click or paper impression? Now I don’t claim to be an expert on that kind of stuff, but my friends, who typically are experts on that kind of stuff, tell me to go for pay-per-click, but I’m not telling you what to do. I’M just letting you know you have the option, but if you went for pay-per-click, then right now, I’m looking at these ads, but these people are not being charged for me to look at the ads.

They will only be charged if I click on the app. So let’s charge these people a dollar or two I’m going to click on the end, let’s see where it takes, and here here’s my proof of everything I just told you it’s taking me to a landing page where I can download and in order to download. If I click download right now, i’m not going to do it for the sake of time, but it would probably ask you to enter my first name last name email address, so they can gather that mark that marketing material and then I can download their report.

So this is whoever fellow soft or whatever their name is Bell soft, wherever they are. They created this simple landing page for me to download there, whatever, that is that I’m interested in right so and they would probably get charged. I don’t know a dollar to dollars. Five dollars, whatever it is, linkedin is going to tell you before you create the ad. Before you get to the final step, where you input your credit card information, LinkedIn’s going to say you know we’re going to charge you.

Let me just pick a number two dollars. Every time somebody clicks on the ad and you’re going to either agree to that or not agree that or you’re going to negotiate. You do have a little bit of room to negotiate with linkedin too, and then you also set the parameters where you control the budget. So you say: okay, i’m willing to spend two dollars per click, but I’m only willing to spend up to a maximum of let’s say twenty dollars per day.

So basically, you know do the math you’re saying if ten people a day, click on my hat, the ad will shut off, because it knows my budget is twenty dollars and it will shut off until tomorrow morning, at 1201 a.M. And I can set the duration of The end I could say I only want this ad to run for 30 days, so the simple thing I want you to take away from this folks is that you have complete control over the budget over the spend over the duration, and then linkedin will give you The marketing data of the people to click on the app Lincoln will not give you the names of the people, but it will tell you in the last seven days, 18 people have clicked on your ad of the 18, 10 of them or women, eight of them Or men, six of them were in this zip code.

Five of them had this job title so from a marketing perspective, the data that Lincoln supplies you with is very very effective because you can really see it. Oh wow we’re really getting through to this particular demographic. So that’s all I’m really going to say folks, I’m going to wrap this up in the next minute or two LinkedIn’s advertising platform is highly highly effective if you’re using it in a very sophisticated manner.

The way I’m shall I do now when this is new. The first time you’re doing this, I think lington, gives you fifty dollars in free advertising credits. So really you can kind of test drive it for free to begin with and, as time goes by, you can just refine it and get better at creating ads. Looking at the data, most people at this point in time are really not familiar with how sophisticated this platform really is.

More people are becoming familiar with it, because linkedin just had to openly disclose their. You know their annual report and more people they’re driving more revenue from their advertising platform, but you’re still reading this article at a point in time where this is relatively still new and you kind of have first mover advantage if you take advantage of it. So it’s my belief that Lincoln’s advertising platform is extremely effective.

What it’s used in an effective manner so play around with it as we wrap up i’m kevin Knebel, I’m an international speaker, author, coach and consultant. I Stegall around the world on a weekly basis. I speaking about one city per week, all around the world that helped organizations generating billions of dollars in sales referrals. I was the top sales person in the world for four companies before I became an international speaker years ago, so I have a deep background sales and a deep background.

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Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your interest and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye, bye,