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5-Step Copywriting Success Formula, Step 2

One of the most important tools you have in offering your products, products, programs and services – is the copy you use to communicate your messages in our last webinar. We talked about step number one of the five step. Copywriting success formula step number one is determine the problem during that call.

We talked about tapping into people’s pain because that’s something that people are struggling with and if you can tap into it and show you care, then you’re likely to get their response and that response will be. I need your help, however, I prefer to call this pushing people’s buttons, so that’s step number two push their buttons as you address your prospects problems, pushing their buttons comes along.

Naturally, it’s in this step that you let them know that you understand their feelings, that you can relate to their stress they’re, paying their anger or overwhelm whatever emotion. You know that they’re experiencing, for example, one of my clients has female prospects. He wants to be members of his women’s business network, and probably one of their pains is that they’re struggling with finding other professional women who are like-minded well.

If they join his directory, then they’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women, its heart and soul. Centric entrepreneurs, it’s my guess that you don’t want to make anyone feel absolutely miserable. You can push their buttons enough to show that you’re compassionate and you get where they’re coming. Sir, and therefore you can help them and make them a happier person living a happier life.

Here’s a template, one that will help you gain clarity. What I want you to do is fill in the blanks so write this down, because this is going to help you define who you are and how you can help others. The template goes like this. I help blank and in that blank you insert your target audience do get or gain blank, and that’s where you insert a benefit. Even if blank and in there you up insert an objection or a barrier.

You probably heard the term elevator pitch or 30 second commercial. I call it the 32nd spiel and this template can help. You gain clarity with that, because it’s important that you have a clear message. In addition, it can later be fine-tuned and used as your headline or in your copy to push prospects buttons. So to help you understand this more clearly, here’s an example: I help creative solopreneurs, heart and soul.

Centered, coaches and enthusiastic business owners communicate their marketing message in a way that captivates and converts their prospects into loyal raving fans, even if they have been struggling with how to put their ideas into words in the past. Here’s another example: two well-known colleagues of mine Lewis, house and Sean malarkey. They were promoting an info product that I was helping them with and they use this as their 32nd feel.

We help entrepreneurs who have internet access tapped into countless business opportunities, even if they only have 10 minutes day and aren’t techno savvy, and we do so with proven social media strategies. I hope you can see that once you have this formula, you can go back to it, you can fine tune it and sometimes you might be able to use the whole thing as your headline, but other times you really need to sort of narrow your focus down And make it into a shorter, more powerful headline that pushes your prospects buttons.

However, there’s a fourth step, a fourth step that helps you add some extra oops to this template, and that would be to say so that and in that blank spot you insert a result or a benefit. For instance, I helped create a solopreneur heart and soul. Centered, coaches and enthusiastic business owners communicate their marketing message in a way that captivates and converts their prospects into loyal raving fans, even if they have been struggling with how to put their ideas into words in the past, so that they create a steady stream of happy Clients so that they can have a better income so that they can have the freedom based lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of, so that they can work less hours and make more money, and that’s why they got into their own business to begin with, isn’t it you can See that the so that can go on ad infinitum, but these are the kinds of things that will start to push people’s buttons and get them to take action.

So I want you to think about this template for yourself. What’s your 30 seconds feel so in the blanks I helped blank do get or gain blank, even if blank so that blank. When I delivered this program online, it was my magnetic copywriting course, and in is what some those participants wrote down. I’m sharing them with you. Now, to help you brainstorm ideas for your own business, julia is a business coach and when she filled in this formula, she came up with.

I help new startup online business owners create a solid foundation or gain traction, even if they don’t know how to market online. So that they can have a successful, six-figure business in this case during the program, I said to Julia that she could even continue with that, so that by thinking about what does it mean that they have a six-figure business? Perhaps it means so that they can provide for their family so that they can travel to exotic places or buy a new car.

Here’s another example: Peggy Lee Peggy Lee shared that I helped speakers and trainers who have a message or process to get their words out into the world, even if they don’t know where to begin or have thousands of notes on papers or ideas in their heads. So they can be seen as an expert in their field so that they can have the business and the life they dreamed of. While this may not be something Peggy Lee might use in a headline, it would make some really beautiful body copy.

She got very detailed in her message and I think she would absolutely push some buttons for people. People who have many pages of notes haven’t been able to do anything with them. Finally, todd todd is with the National women business directory and he wrote. I help women business owners find their audience and their audience find them to help them promote their products that they had trouble promoting in the past so that they can live the lifestyle they want to live and spend more time with their families for his audience.

Spending time with family is important, so it would also be important for Todd a even if you have been struggling with how to balance spending that time with your family or finding time to go out a network. Todd could say that he helps them because by joining his directory, they get exposure to a thousand women who may not have connected with them. Before. Do you see where we’re going with this, how you can push people’s buttons so that your message resonates with them? They feel connected to you and then they want to reach out and respond.

So now, between the last webinar and today’s program, you’ve learned the first two steps of the five-step copywriting success formula. Step number one determine the problem. That is what’s keeping your prospects awake at night and step number two: it’s pushing your prospects buttons stay tuned for the next webinar in the series. Well, we’re excuse me where we’ll explore steps number three and four: my name is Debra Jason.

I’m a speaker, author trainer, direct response, copywriter and coach marketing and writing with heart, not hype. I speak about the value of building relationships in the art of engagement as they apply to copywriting marketing and social media marketing. I invite you to get your copy of the free report, the secret to connecting and engaging with your prospects. You’ll find it on my website at right direction: com, that’s WR! I te like writing with a pen right direction.

Calm, please feel free to sign up. For my newsletter connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, and if I can help you in any way, please reach out and contact me I’ll help you head in the right direction on behalf of the Shrike e-media weekly expert webinar series. I thank you for taking time out of your day to join us for this session. Can I look forward to seeing you again on another webinar in the near future? Have a heartwarming day, and here’s to your sweet success.

Remember now is the time to let your light shine thanks again.


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