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Local Search Ranking Factors

Oh, my goodness. What does this all mean and we’re going to break that down? For you today, but more importantly, I just want to emphasize optimizing your local sts, so I’m for you, if you’re just a local magazine or a cafe, it’s crucial.

You make local SEO merit of your marketing budget. How people are going to find you, especially when they don’t know you exist? Look at these ranking factors. You see the major ones are place, page signals external local signals and signals. We have a whole bunch of variety of smaller ones, from social to personalization. I’m also important it’s because locals became such a crucial part of Google search.

You have the carousel now with interactive google map. You have Google Plus, which is just two coming, even more and more integrated every month or recent integration with hashtags, where you could hashtag a word. Let’s say hashtag Schweik keenya in the google search and then internet relates to that in google plus will automatically brought it up in the right hand, side the search panel for you to view.

So that’s great integration there that you can do a lot with local as well, then obviously, Google Places which is just a huge for or giggling see, he’s just to give you some information background on these ranking factors who is from Mozgov AJ search, ranking factor survey. Every year, so this is from their 2013 survey, so, let’s give them the next one. The biggest portion of your local SEO is going to be your place.

Page signals copper degree, Association, proximity which includes the accurate another nap stands for a name address and phone number, which should be matching all across your site. I’m making sure that it’s all your place, page information consists throughout any place that you have it all, but Cory Association, destiny on Google Places, google plus I multiple citations – are you’ll, hopefully be building the hawk on later and also a location keyword in the title tags And headlines, which is pretty crucial, signals once again, name address and phone number information should be featured on your website.

It should stand across your schema, your HTML matching, your page knob and your age card making all that is the exact same information. So it doesn’t confuse the bull rider when it goes and a website it can make sure, can accurately represent your information together and to bring it up whenever someone that has a IP address. It’s in that proximity, google, something that could relate to your business location in title meta descriptions and amina thori, which comes with on-page SEO, which will be linking to article business.

To a previous article. I did about on-page SEO, making sure that’s strong, because the more on page SEO you do to hire domain Authority, which means the franking you will get for your local SEO and optimized landing page optimize. That for local and landing pages are very important. So if you don’t already have a landing page for your website, I would highly encourage you to just excise it for your local needs, no signals, and that consists of sixteen percent of the ranking factors, and these are consistent.

High quality citations from sources are assessed, trustworthy and industry relevant. Well then, we’ll be industry relevant, but you will make sure there’s one daughter you want to be on those, because that makes a good portion of how you rank for local SEO and in the search engine. Notations, those are making sure of your name address and phone number on the different directories that are online like the internet, yellow pages, yelp com, superpages.

Com, local citysearch, my yellow book, even facebook, local and dozens more. It’s a great thing that you can get an intern to do just to go through and summer or a few weeks make sure that you’re on these citations and that all your information is accurate and up-to-date commercial and how you will bring next signals. Equality in darlinks. We’re going to talk more about inbound links on our next webinar cuz a lot to do with SEO in general, and I what makes a good high calling for now i’ll leave you with the domain authority.

That’s very crucial to make sure that whatever website is linking back to you, that they have a fairly good domain authority and they have a good trust. So fine newspapers are always a great to get trust from a website because they throw a very trusted source and i’ll make sure you have great anchor text, especially if you’re local, it’s great, if you can get a anger test from lebanon, is an example.

I’m lose. You later in the webinar for a mr. Rooter, you want to say Onita, you know. Mr. Rooter is the entire phrase, anchor text and then drop back to your site with a link. I will really help you so fine over that in the next webinar. We have a boring one, it’s reviews I think. Well, now I have some reviews or mix the. How many people do you think really resist? Oh readers are very very important, especially views on those at Google Places irrelevant third party sites.

With the text review. They have a good X with them, and diversity has lots of different information, not just about what Roddick your service, but that you link to or even have, the keywords in for your products and services. But the quantity of reviews is very important and the location making sure all the locations with them are accurate with where they had taken place of you and multiple locations, obviously making sure that they are positives.

At the same time, realistic, you don’t want to look that you’re, putting reviews out there and that they’re all ones that you just throw it up yourself from the company. You want to believe it and they should be real. Ask your customers, the ones that are loyal fans to row and do definitely where customers don’t want you to fail as a company and they’ll help you out with them in the review section.

So I met on third party sites and also on the Google Places reviews sure their native reviews reviews. Why is reviewed and barn besides people looking at them because of the carousel that google recently put these pastures? If you want to people, you don’t even have to type the city or in cafes and runs up, but the carousel, the top, which is a horrible, goes around that you can see all these different companies that are on the Google Places, I’m actually they draw information From Google+ as well as you see these reviews and scores, so people can now just scan through this, take a company and be like, what’s this related to my location.

Here they looked on to the writer where that map is and then they can see how close they are to location, as well as reviews numbers hours. If you want to hear that your guest has all that information filled out for them, so it is on the carousel and all this oh poor them. Probably ninety percent of people will go. There are looking at cafes and different. All these things that do come up on the carousel and we’ll see that review score right off the bat.

So that’s important for you to make sure you make that impression on them. So back to the care was just have some personalization I’ll show you in a second personalization only makes up for eight percent, but it is a growth factor like when one of your friends on Google+ from the company, like a media, which you also do you did A search in Google company would come up and the serps with just a search engine results pages, because your friend likes it.

You don’t even have to like sure I key media for you to see in the search engine results page because your friended. This goes back to the example shows. I was connected. Try, google, plus and minuses prize to see that tomato pie pie cafe. Facebook is that first result that you might think why Canada pie cafe and here is there well, that’s called personalization is because I actually like tomato pie cafe years ago.

Oh it’s right on my search results. Google, Romania, that I liked it. So that’s a little bit of what personalization is, and it has more to that because it’s just all done each day as your squirming more and more ways I can bowl is personalized in the search to needs and make it a more social, social search experience an Example would be now cards with a little just released its one most recent updates and it’s trick base location and it’s pulled some companies, the companies Google+ local account, and these now cards show then based on your search and previous lights.

On Google+ perennial cards is observed. Uploading events to tell calendar effects what they will see in the search engine results page for exampie mall or, if you’re running an email marketing campaign. You picture that if you have event coming up a webinar and even like that, that you have a option to include done to the readers calendar upload into the gmail calendar, so Crennel cards so that all their friends, that’s connected with that gmail with a Google+ will Seem to be like, oh this person, the SH Y keenya event.

So I’m going to go to you because you know i’m interested in the same thing because we’re friends, so you see how that could be a huge effect for marketers, as well as for local SEO. If you’re, having like a local event, even for charities that are local, that could be a great to use that personalized search, no such only six percent right now, but it’s really growing as that one probably no survival experience in sem you, which is important for mostly For bloggers or for people who have that are connected with your company website, a connect rel author, which is your google plus to your website, so it shows a face that is: connect with the Google+ profile search results by that a website that it’s connected to Google Tends to favor whoever has connected that rel author profile is a must there’s a lot of tight should do a google plus profile, but for now we’ll just say it should be completed and active for you to get the most benefit on your local SEO, because that Does to play over to the local search results also be associated with your business.

This could look like a Flickr YouTube. All those types of media should be tagged to your business because in the search results they will come up and therefore people can go from that media to your business, which is a great conduit for you, so the authority of Plus Ones on a website. The number plus that you get Twitter followers, facebook, social media, influencing factors there and also makes chirring that your google+ is individually owner, verified and that’s important to do.

Your local Plus page turn on. There continues to be a good, an actor with the same name address and phone of that’s on your HTML is on your age. Car. That’s should be on your website somewhere, obviously, are dispersed to notice evasion or in the search results as well and behavioral signals the click-through rate from the search results to website. This is mobile. Clicks to call, let’s see someone’s on the run and mobile is definitely a rising field, so you should be paying attention to, especially since a logical who are using mobile article they’re, trying to find phone numbers and try and find locations on their phone find places to Eat so it’s a great way to use mobile to make sure that you’re gay search, never someone.

You know those types up, a say in the area. Their phone will automatically come up on the search engine results page. So people will click right there to call you. So that towards burial signals, el influence, your local SEO rankings more and more and say check-ins and offers that people click while they’re going through the website. Okay defenses is going through your site, the more they will raise that ranking factors a little um.

Oh, what about this question will come up to me and ask so what about companies with multiple locations? I mean it’s one company just never liked our example. Is he so you know I want anger to Syracuse. I want to know nieces this one’s all over the place. So how do I make sure Google doesn’t compute? You know math. My name address is a number with another supplier. I’m you’re like. Oh, this isn’t consistent, so I’m not going to rank them hi.

How do you prevent that? Do I web page fax? Is we actually flip most effective way to do SEO for the two examples up to their websites that we split in to be a 140 Anita and one for greater Syracuse and so completely flip? They have two different, simple plushes and we do their SEO differently too. We make them have two separate campaigns so that they can get the most for each location and so for oh yeah, that mr.

Rooter will come up first, how the accurate contact information, everything and then the same for greater Syracuse. I know – and you might be thinking I am so confused between Google Places and google+ and what’s the difference in all this well before I get into an action plan to help you get your local SEO off the ground, explain what are beginning to integrate google place In Google+ appears on google maps and search.

Google plus is the one that provides the information for people, carrot, Vogel’s carousel. I can manage google+ and your AdWords account if you use that within your Google Places dashboard best first off first thing: you should do it verified your google places for business. That’s the absolutely first thing you got to take that step on they’ll make you verify. Usually they’re selling, they have the right business people.

If they do call. You are going to be able to get ahold of someone a fab business. Next, complete your google+ of business profile and be active. I cannot stress and that’s important objective on your google+. So really is going to be. The songs competitors is just seeing your business. You are on a google plus and giving quality content quality content to know english QC right now, whether for your local or even for a broader spectrum and Ponte, and no making it for this local SEO, making it local and applicable to the little users.

I will be back very beneficial, especially if you post it on the social media, like Google+ I’ll, authorize your on-page SEO for local. Once again, you can check out article that I recently right on on page SEO. The spears are coming to make you have your page and website up and running everything you need for that, and also claim your citations after that. I’m – and this is free advertising and directories that are just waiting to put your name and address and thrown around there.

For people to find you – and it would be a shame for you not to claim that advertising so use the armor to use the same name, address and wiper on all the citations, and you do change that name. Address phone number makes perspective all the citations. Yes, it would be to make sure you to go through and change that, because it means a lot in the local search engine result to the intern, to do it or in a place you at our our week to go through and just get all the citations.

Ms, mr frame, you might have to pay, for the majority of them are going to be free for you. Lastly, get quality reviews previews exclude all the contents. Once again, they have to have diversity, making sure not just talk about one exact service, but maybe they talk about car service, a product why? They, like you, make sure making sure you have that variety and the fact that they need to play. If there is something that that like like waiting on line making, sure that you know that place that that’s okay, if you have that negative review, but gain for all the positive review that are realistic, it’s fully on my’s, you can ask someone a friend of the Company the right set up for you so on your Google+ profile, page really helped a lot in making sure you get conversions are today any questions or if you would like to ask a question or have me covered something in this webinar, you can email me at Alicia I webpage FX com thanks for listening.


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