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How To Become An Influencer Upgrade 05

This is literally living the dream for many people being paid to wear clothes or use products. Sometimes thousands of dollars for a single post, you’ve created your platform. You’ve built the audience. You’ve gained their trust. Now, how do you land those great deals, keep listening and you’ll find out.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are putting out great content consistently with a clear target audience. That latter point is important, because it’s the target audience that is ultimately going to appeal to the advertisers. They must see that you’re being consistent and that your followers are listening to you at the same time ensure it is obvious that you are open to suggestions from sponsors.

You can put this right in your bio and in any other online profile, simply state that you are open to sponsors and tell them how to contact you LinkedIn is another particularly good place to do this. If you keep doing this, then as your numbers grow, you are highly likely to start getting inquiries and requests. But if that’s not fast enough for you, then you need to get proactive. One way to do this is to reach out to the sponsors personally find a company that you have noticed is sponsoring other blogs and that you would think would be a good fit for your own Jail once you’ve done that, send them an email and explain your Situation and that you would love to support them, show that you believe passionately about what they are doing and that you have the followers and the engagement to help them out know how much you are worth.

You can use a number of tools online to calculate this. Just don’t make the mistake of accepting far less than you should be cautious of brands that are offering to pay on a commission only basis. You are not a salesperson and you don’t want to dedicate all your time to promoting their platform or service. Finally, another option is to sign up for a number of online networks designed specifically to connect to brands and creators.

A good example is grapevine. These will list your brand, along with your stats and brands, will then be able to message you through the platform.

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