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How I Film & Edit My s: Thumbnails, Editing Software, Tips & Tricks || Danielle Marie

Daya, would you tell me it kind of different article than normal, but I thought it was super fun and super unique. So when I saw the request I was like. Oh, my gosh, I’m so doing that so today I’m going to be showing you guys kind of behind the scenes on how I film and edit my articles and some tips and tricks I have on making thumbnails um editing software. I use fun. Editing effects that you can get for the editing software I have the lighting.

I use the camera, I’m just kind of a little bit of a bassist Congrats. Give you guys an idea how it works, how I do it and if any of you guys have a youtube blog, which I so suggest, like honestly, YouTube obviously changed my life and it brings so much joy and what’s really cool about YouTube, is anyone can make A article literally anyone can post on YouTube. Anyone can do like it’s just awesome.

I hope this inspires. You guys either make a article or kind of learn more about how I do things and how YouTube kind of works. This is just personally the routine. I go through when I film a article and everything, so I love this be a kind of fun article to film and thank you very much to my mom um. She helped me kind of like film me filming so she’s like right. There, hey so yeah. If you guys liked this article make sure to subscribe, I post articles every Wednesday and Saturday um also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Those are both at Daniela Marie and, if you want to add me on snapchat, that’s the makeup ID and all kinds of social links are down below as well. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this article and, let’s just get all of it, alright. So, first of all, you have to come up with an idea for your articles. So usually, what I do is I go to my list and I have a list of just article ideas that I’ve come across, whether it be requests from you guys from Twitter or whatever, and I kind of look at what seems cool to me.

As for my film setup, I my camera, I use, is down below, but it’s a Canon Rebel t5i with the Sigma lens, which is all the specifics, are down below and I actually have like a makeshift tripod depending on the location or where I’m filming. But I just use a few things top it up together. Then I have a cowboy studio, boxed softbox lighting, and I love it and that’s only if it’s at night during I usually like to film during the day, though for natural daylight, and then I just flip it over put it on auto focus.

So I can get it all in focus. Sometimes I have to put my hand front of it to get into focus, and I also like to put on a little bit of a lip color, because I think it’s really important to kind of be done up on the face for film, because sometimes the light Can wash out your face and then I just begin as for taking thumbnail pictures. What I do is after then filming or before I keep the footage going and I just pose for pictures or whatever just whatever pose.

I want to have for the picture and then once I put it on my editing system, I press the buttons command shift. Four – and this is on a Macbook of course – and you can screenshot your screen and then you have a picture and it’s perfect and then I go in to picmonkey.Com. This is what a lot of youtubers use you can make collages or just edit a picture, and this is how I edit most of all of my thumbnails.

Actually so you select it and you can do so many things with it. What I usually do is I go to text and I used to use the trash hand font a lot, but I’ve recently been getting into the Biba snood font, which actually downloaded onto PicMonkey myself. So you can always do that and I just usually type my title or whatever I want to be in the thumbnail and then after that, sometimes it’s hard to just see the text the way it is so a lot of youtubers do this as well.

So if you’re wondering how to do it, what you do is, after you’ve placed your text into where you want it. I go to that little symbol right there and go to draw, and this is kind of to bring out the text. So I take the heart. The hardness down completely and I basically just draw behind it, so it kind of highlights the text you can see what it says now time to edit the article and I’m not going to show you guys exactly how to my articles, but a few tips and tricks.

I have is, first of all, I use Final Cut Pro. I absolutely adore it and the way I get even more effects and fun things for my editing system is I go to pixel film studios, calm and you can actually purchase whether it be effects. So I actually use this one called Pro vintage, which you guys may notice, and it just has a lot of really cool effects where it kind of looks like if you guys have the app after light.

It gives it a really cool like Rus effect. So I like to put that on my articles to kind of soften it up or um, they have really cool text effects as well, which is really awesome, so the ones I’ve been using recently that you guys always ask about mine is called Pro intro Volume one. If you want to buy that it’s like it’s kind of expensive, I mean it’s like $ 20, but like it’s totally worth it, if you really are into stuff like this and there’s so many cool packages like there’s just so many effects on this website, alrighty guys.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article I enjoy making it for you guys. I hope this kind of gave you an idea on how I feel my articles and how it works, and hopefully this inspires you to make your own YouTube blog or help you with your current YouTube blog. I don’t know. I just thought this be a fun article to film if it didn’t help you it on you’re, just bored and one wrong: article, Hey props, to you and thanks for coming again make sure to subscribe.

If you like this article, I post articles every Wednesday and Saturday and yeah, I love you guys very much and I’ll see you soon for a next article, bye, guys alrighty guys so that wraps up today’s article, I really enjoyed making it for you guys, make sure To click on the last article that I made to check it out and be sure to subscribe, if you like what you see at those articles everyone’s name and have a great day, guys bye,

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