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Business 101: Go digital

Fundamentally, isn’t it Because, when you’re looking for something What do you do You go online? Don’t you and have a look And if you see a crappy Old website that looks like it hasn’t been updated ever since Adam was A boy: what do you think about the business? It’s pretty clear.

We all think The same it can’t be much good, they can’t even get keep their website up to Speed, So these things aren’t an option any longer. A really great example do any You use Birdsnest as a website. If not, could you all Particularly the women, but the blokes can do it too. Have a look at birdsnest.Com.Au. Birdsnest is a frock shop, It’s not really a frock shop, but it used To be a frock shop in Cooma in the main street, classic regional Australia, frock Shop, that’s going broke like regional, Australian frock shops are Family business.

One of the kids in the business was doing entrepreneurial. Studies at the University of New South Wales and Decided that she’d get the frock shop humming. The frock shop now takes up three Blocks in Cooma So next time, you’re driving through Cooma have a look on the Left-Hand side and there’s this big huge operation, They Employ a hundred people in Cooma and are now a multinational business providing Not just frocks but actually style, So what they do is they give you advice on What your style should be, You could say things like.

I’ve got a Big arse I’ve got flabby arms. You can do all that sort of stuff and This is the sort of look I like and they’ll give you advice. They still sell frocks, but when we think about digitalisation, we’re not talking About smart, IT companies only. We certainly talk about them as well, But we’re talking about Business more broadly, This sector is the future of our country, So you are The future – and it’s really important you do what you do.

And taking another step to be a great business, Owner or operator, so thanks very much for having me today.

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


By Jimmy Dagger

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