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How to Use YouTube for Successful Digital Marketing

What’s that, On average YouTube has over 1 billion mobile views a day and on top of that 300 hours worth of article Uploaded in a minute That is incredible, sounds Like a ton of competition, but you can break through, But let’s talk about why Youtube is so important, starting with why we should use YouTube.

Video content is effective, I mean I’m sure you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter Whatever you use you’re scrolling along You’re on YouTube right now On YouTube and you’ve caught a article and you get lost in it right. You spend two three 15. 20 Hours, whatever you’re doing The rabbit hole And you’re reading that content, So you already know article is effective, So what’s also cool about YouTube, it helps you build a community And think about it when it Comes to marketing your brand! If you get a large group behind you, that’s sustainable for more success.

Growing, more word-of-mouth! Growing, your business And another thing to keep In mind about YouTube, they are really all about the Subscribe that is key to growing your community, so, while you’re at it go ahead and subscribe to our blog By publishing quality articles really interacting with your followers, it’s really going to foster that community that you were Talking about and make them eager to Wan na share your articles with people that they know And having a loyal audience provides unlimited opportunities to grow and market your products And Emma you talked about mobile in the very beginning.

With that incredible stat YouTube is mobile-friendly. So all those articles look great on mobile And, if you’re not producing Content for that platform, you’re alienating a large population, So I know you’re Asking yourself at home: how do you make money on YouTube? Have you ever heard of the Youtube Partner Program Back in January of 2018 They changed their policy and the policy was all about how you actually can Earn revenue on YouTube Yeah and it’s important to note that you actually have to apply to be a part of this Program and be accepted, So not only is there An application for this, but there’s also a minimum with who is eligible for this as well.

So let’s go through that, Starting with ensuring that you follow the program’s guidelines that you live in a certain country and your blog has over 4,000 public read hours in the last 12 months Also have more than 1,000 subscribers and make sure your account Is linked to Google AdSense, So let’s talk about AdSense and how you can actually Earn money with it So YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and AdSense is a product of Google? That’s how it allows you To make money on YouTube, So these are the ads That pop up on your article, It’s estimated that creators can make anywhere from $ 3 to $ 10 per 1,000 viewer engagements So with some simple math.

If you have 10,000 views on your articles, you can make at least $ 300, Okay, so Nealey. What About YouTube Premium, Because they’re not being shown ads, so if they’re not being shown ads, how is anyone making money Yeah that makes sense? So YouTube actually gives a percentage to those creators based on things like read: Time and viewer engagement, So I would add the Channel Membership feature – and this is a great way to Offer incentives and rewards for people who are tuning In to your blog or becoming a monthly Viewer or subscriber Yeah, it’s just like Patreon.

Basically, So you can also sell products. From your Merchandise Shelf, So if you live in one of The approved countries and have over 10,000 subscribers you can show up to 12 products from your Teespring merch page. Also, I’d recommend enabling The Super Chat function,’cause. What it allows users to do is have their actual Comments pinned to the top, which is pretty cool, Yeah, it’s just like Twitch.

You can also produce sponsored articles Now. What this is is Another brand or company paying you to promote Them on your own article, much like a micro-celebrity Yeah totally and be sure To follow the FTC guidelines and think about your Audience keep them in mind. You don’t wan na just go promotion, crazy,,’cause! Then, if you’re just constantly promoting your content, you’re going to maybe lose That engagement with them So keep them in mind.

They’re Following you for a reason, stick with that, what is it? That they would wan na see What a lot of other Youtubers are doing now on top of all this or, if they don’t even Meet those requirements to join the program, for example, is they’ll, sell their own stuff, They may link off to their own, say, Etsy store or WordPress site or whatever they’re selling Their eCommerce items on and then just promote those So Emma.

If you had your Own YouTube, blog and you were going to sell Something what would that be Jokes, You’re, not getting any money, ( laughs, )! Well, I’m thinking about when you sell on YouTube. I have, for example, a lot of cool vintage pieces, but do you do that on YouTube? Would I showcase the Vintage pieces that I have in a YouTube article and sell it Well for a lot of people, you’re directing them.

Off to another source, Now some people will do That for affiliate marketing – maybe they have affiliates with Amazon and they say “ Cool. Here’s All the equipment I used to create this article,” and link off. Oh, that makes sense. Okay, Or here’s some cool swag of my shirt with my face on it, whatever that looks like For sale, You can use those other revenue, Streams to get that money, So speaking of making money on YouTube, I know I like to think about.

How to make more money so we’re going to talk about Branding marketing and SEO to help you make more money on YouTube Yeah, so getting into Those programs are nice, but you really wan na create a sustainable income and Revenue streams right So let’s talk through a Couple ways to do that: Let’s do it So first off you wan na think about how can you build an engaged following build your audience right And a lot of times I think of first, what’s going to make them unsubscribe just to keep in mind, don’t do That, but also how frequent you should post, I give the same advice with social media.

If you’re only posting Once every three months I’m going to unfollow you There’s nothing there. You got ta, give me something of value. You got ta, keep me tuned in And so think about the frequency and what you’re putting out there when it comes to building your audience, You will also wan na optimize. Your article and your blog, So this is everything From the logo you use that header, you use that trailer, that 30 60 basically ad spot to promote you and your business.

When someone comes to your blog, the titles, you use It’s going to take a lot of research, but it’s definitely worth it because these first impressions last Yeah and it’s so meticulous right. I mean think about how Much time we’ve spent just on the thumbnails, with our articles Too long, Too long I’d also encourage you to think about how to market your brand and your article off of YouTube so cross-promote.

One thing we do is we Take the YouTube articles and we cross-promote them Over to Facebook or Instagram Yeah, we’ll maybe get A condensed version since Instagram takes a minute and says link in the bio Right change the link Links off back to YouTube where they can see the entire article and, if they’re, not a Subscriber they can subscribe, But we would recommend not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So don’t make YouTube your only thing. Remember: MySpace and Vine They’re gone. What happens if YouTube is gone? It’s not likely, but it’s really good to Diversify your attention on all these different Platforms just in case So while these tips Have definitely taught you how to be successful on YouTube. I got ta be honest with you. We have only scratched the surface so be sure to subscribe. To take a deeper dive on YouTube and other platforms, That’s a wrap Like this article.

Add your comments below This. Is The Journey We’ll see you next time,


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