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How to Fix Raids and Dungeons | Destiny 2: Season of The Worthy

Now hopefully, this article is going to be shorter than the last article, but this one’s going to be mostly talking about raids and dungeons, obviously, and mostly about the rewards and mainly rewards and difficulty honestly. So hopefully, this article won’t be too long, but we’ll we’ll just wait and see.

So. The first thing I’m going to be talking about is the fact that raids need normal and heroic difficulties back, and I would actually argue we need one more difficulty which would be matchmaking now. I know a lot of the community in general does not like the idea of having matchmaking raids and to that I think it’s kind of bullshit, because there’s other games like World of Warcraft Final Fantasy 14 that have matchmaking raids and it works well, because not only Let’s say Iran like, let’s say I’m new to destiny, and I just pop into a matchmaking raid matchmaking it liked it like if we have it as a difficulty like matchmaking than normal than heroic.

That’s literally only going to be for people that are like new blueberries or solo players. I see no issue with this at all, considering we already have a solo playlist in the comp and it’s one of the most beloved ones. So I would love it if we could have our own, like so like lone wolf, matchmaking for raids and stuff like that, because I don’t have a rate, I don’t have a team and I would just love to do raid without like having to get up five More other people make sure they have the weapons.

I want make sure there that the light level that I want and like just all this fucking rigmarole when all you really need is matchmaking and then just have a you need to have a base stats of this and then that’s it like literally like. Oh, you have to be this light level and then that’s really it like just light level and then, like a level like you have to be level 40 or whatever. The level is right now and then you have to be level of a light level of like whatever 980 or something that would be fine in my opinion, because not only do you have to like level up to get into that matchmaking button after you that there’s Probably going to be veterans like me that are in a that I’ve already done it.

I could just explain to all right. Oh do you guys know how to do this? No, okay, cool! Let me just explain to you real, quick or for a console. Just you have to have a mic. That’s it! That’s really it it’s not that hard. So matchmaking is one thing I would always love to see in like pretty much every play, playlist activity ever for me at least it doesn’t have to be like the top of the top, but, like, like I said, raids, definitely would like what I would love to See one especially if we can have different armor sets for like normal, heroic and matchmaking, not saying like all out different, looks like different colors.

It would be nice, I mean that’s how Wow and Final Fantasy 14 to it. Please. I know for a fact: Wow. Does it like that, so you could have it to a point where it’s like matchmaking and normal have the same armor, but the normal one just looks a little bit better and then the heroic, which is like mythic or whatever. That’s the like the big dick armor, like oh shit, that looks cool. So at that point I would love it.

It actually become more of an MMO in my opinion, and normal and hero difficulty need to come back, but not only that you guys seem in Destiny’s. 1 right now, I should have it in the screen. Right now, and essentially this is my hunter. I’ve been playing with him since beta he’s just one of my characters. It’s really weird. I love this character, but this is the armor from Kings fall on my favorite raids from destiny 1, and this is actually the heroic version of the armor.

The normal version is just like the same thing, but just different colors. Not only that, but it just looks cool it’s one of my favorite armor sets. But if you guys see right here, these two right here are from the same raid, this one being bone marrow that which you have to collect the normal armor except the class item, and then this one, the heroic one. So I would love for dungeons or raids to have this back again, because this is where the prestige happened.

This is where, aside from the weapons and and shit like that, but the fact like when you, when you saw someone with bone marrow when this was still like, available or not available. But when this was still like active, you knew all shit that guy’s a Raider that guy did all the normal. But if you saw someone with this armor or this shader, that’s how you knew oh fuck, that guy raids that guy raids hard too, because Kings fault was not easy, but it wasn’t like the hardest in the world, but it was hard.

It was pretty. It was pretty wild, so when you saw someone with not only all the armor but the shader to go with it, you knew that guy that guy fucking that’s cool. I remember one of my favorite moments from Destiny. One is when I ended up getting glow whoo. Now, if you guys don’t know glow, who, lo who is the heroic shader from crota crotas end? And I remember when all my friend, my friends got this shader, we were hypest fuck, because if I remember correctly, you got it from just beating him in heroic, not like how it is in Oryx, which I think Oryx is a better better one.

In my opinion, a little bit more prestigious, but when we got this we went to the tower and the first thing we did was put on glow whoo and I’m not even kidding a crowd of Guardians were like just looking at us. We got messages like oh. She where’d you get that that’s what I miss I miss going to the tower to show off. I missed the showmanship of like whole fuck. I got something cool, that’s what I miss, because it’s not even just be like those.

It’s the fact that chatter white you wanted to look all white. This is from ethion. You want something purple and highlighted. This is from p OE prison of elders when you have to kill whatever his name is a big fuck-off fallen dude but same thing same thing: the wrath of the Machine. This looks amazing and then we have like the armor from the moments of triumph or whatever. It’s called like that red hurts my eyes that it’s that cool, but this is from Oryx shit, looks super cool like it looks like the base armor, but just a little bit more color, which I love it’s.

This is what I miss. I missed the fact that shaders we’re actually prestigious shaders actually meant something now they’re just a currency. Now it’s just like! Oh well, I got mine from ever verse. I got mine from a weapon from a raid that I had to dismantle like you know how much of a bummer that is, that Oh where’d, you get that shader. I got it when I was doing uh what I was doing when I did last wish.

I got a curated role on a weapon that I didn’t like and then I just dismantled it for the shader. Now it’s much that fucking sucks man, so I really missed the prestige of pretty much all this like acquire Kings fall, arms, armor, hardmode, electric Aquarius looks cool like I really just miss that I miss like some of these shaders people would try to get for hours. Guys – and I know this is probably talking more about shaders right now, but it’s more of just the prestige like.

Let me let me give you another another example: some of the weapons in destiny, one we’re probably some of the best weapons in all of destiny. To be honest, I know fate. Bringer gets a lot of flack or or people people are blowing it out of proportion. It wasn’t that good, I don’t know man, I wanted it really badly and I never got it mostly because I just have really shit luck with that, but I had other weapons as well.

I have like all of the weapons from a Theon the first time I have Fang of ear. You like some of these weapons were some of the best weapons in the game. Like I have the hard defiance of Yasmin when my favorite sniper rifles in the game. It’s it just really sucks, because a lot of the weapons in destiny, twos raids, are just very lackluster to garbage, like it’s really sad that we’re at that point where some of the armor and weapons are just kind of like what Evers like.

I could probably tell you off the top of my head two weapons from destiny, twos, like lifespan of raids, that I would use a lot and that’s like what was it a a hand cannon from Leviathan, the I forgot it’s called, but I’ll probably have it up In the screen right now that one I use forever and then threat level from scourge of the past and then there’s like the hand cannon from last wish. That was basically like fate bringer to like 1.

0 or whatever, like like its little brother and that’s pretty much. It there was never like a weapon that were you were like, oh shit, you need to get this. It’s from the raid man get this get this. It was never. I don’t remember anything like that aside, from maybe the hand cannon from that raid. I just talked about Leviathan, so that’s another thing. I think if you guys are going to start sunsetting make raid weapons fucking amazing, again, there’s actually no nope nope, there’s no way.

You can tell me now. We still can’t do that because it’ll break the game, how you get there Sun setting weapons it’ll go away later. It’s just it’s disappointing! It’s disappointing! When the only reason I want the supremacy from destiny to last wish is only because I have the supremacy from the original event in destiny. One like this. I I got this. This is from the first time the first event, which was like the Queen related event, and it just pisses me off that we’ve had so many cool raids come out from destiny too, but none of the weapons and most of the armor have just been okay.

Okay sheesh at best here is another kind of this is more of a me f — -ing than a anything else, but realistically for me I would love it, but for me like I would love it if destiny to all of the raids got a revamp of, Like kind of like how destiny one had it with its moments of triumph, I remember correctly that’s what it’s called. I would love for all of the armors from all of the raids to actually be enemy themed, not like.

Oh, this is armor that looks prestigious. No. Give me armor that looks like cabal armor. Give me armor that looks like fallen armor. Give me armor that looks like insert enemy here, because the fact that we have what was it what’s, it called uh the one from menagerie the fact that we have that raid and it doesn’t have hive themed, armor pisses me off to no end the fact that Just we don’t have any enemy themed armor in the game.

Aside from a few ever verse pieces, pisses me off to note like end it all. That’s that’s one thing that pisses me off is just raids. Just need a lot of help and I feel like if you start doing a few of these changes, then it’ll it’ll get it back to where you used to be where dungeons were actually prestige moments. That’s another thing: we need heroic moments in destiny again now, if you guys don’t know what heroic moments are, it’s basically, let’s say hypothetical.

You and your team are doing a raid, and then you guys all die except one hunter, and the only way the hunter is not going to die is if they can go in vis and rez each and every one of you. Do you now crazy heroic moments that were in destiny, one when I actually died and then everyone else died, but then a warlocks like use their super to come back to life and then spawned everyone back or spawned me specifically, because I can go invisible and rez Everyone, the fact that everyone died except one person, and they just need a little bit of damage left to kill the boss, and they were there to do that.

Little bit of damage, like the reason I’m saying this specifically, is because I feel like bungees too much into the whole. Oh everyone needs to have a job. Everyone needs to do something because, if everyone’s doing something we don’t have those heroic moments, we don’t have those high pass moments where we’re all dead, and it’s just like dude, you better, not fuck up her come on, come on hurry up her like that moment, yeah That we don’t have those that much so I would love it if they eased up on mechanics and just kind of like gave us destiny to destiny, one raids again, that was were the best ones.

In my opinion, we had a lot of heroic moments. There was a lot of heroic moments for me where, like we were about to wipe – and I did something that saved us or someone did something to save us – I I feel like heroic moments are something we need again and last but not least, dungeons. I can’t pull foot from destiny one, but I really don’t need to because dungeons are actually pretty cool. I, like shattered throne, a lot.

I love love pit of heresy, pretty fiery she’s, like probably one of my favorite pieces of content and destiny, to I’ll just love. Everything about it, but my issue with it is that there’s no there’s no exclusive reward. That only comes from that event, like there’s no exclusive reward, that comes from pit of heresy or shattered throne, which is just a huge, huge, missed opportunity. In my opinion, I would have loved to see like some crimson hive, armor themed armor from head of heresy and then the three weapons that drop from the event in the moon.

You could have just put that into the pit of heresy loophole and I would have been like this is a meanie fucking raid with its own rewards and loop pool they should aspire and then, for the event, just have three other weapons or something else. It wouldn’t need have been that hard because it was already REE skins from another armor or from another weapons pieces. So I would have loved to see pit of heresy have its own armor and like three weapons off like exclusive weapons.

That only came from pit of heresy, because at that point people have no right to bitch, because you can see you could you could do that to by yourself. I did that by myself. I do it by myself help I even have the like fuck off. Do it with by yourself with no one and don’t die? I have that emblem. I have it it’s not that hard, it is art, but it’s like just do it and for shattered thrown honestly. I would have loved to see like some sort of Knight, themed, armor again but pieces of your armors like taken or being taken like it would have been cool to see something unique from the dungeons and, like maybe three, three new weapons.

That only come from that. Like activity, the fact that we don’t see that is just very disappointing, because dungeons is an awesome idea. I love the fact that that Bungie did dungeons, because it’s it’s one of my it’s some of my favorite content and destiny. To be honest, if we had dungeons and destiny one destiny, one would have been even more legendary than it is right now, but unfortunately it’s just that pit of heresy and well just pit of heresy, because I don’t think shattered throne is a worth doing anymore, but Pit of heresies, just mostly if you want to get gang, gain levels, it’s not like.

Oh, I have this like the armor that I got from pit of heresy. No, it’s just like! Oh I get. I get a lot of powerful stuff from it and even like the last box from pit of heresy gives you like. Don’t get me wrong. It gives you like a master or piece of armor, but the rolls on it are just absolutely abysmal, even after the changes that they did, it’s still pretty bad, sometimes and with that activity, especially with that activity.

Minimum 60 minimum 60. Like stats to that, I don’t care how you distribute them if it’s like, Oh 60, but the stat distribution is pretty garbage. It’s still 60. It’s fine to me: I’m not expecting a god role from each run, but I’m expecting at least 60 because then it’s like. Oh, it’s a 60, but the stat dissipate distributions, not that that great, that’s fine! That would still bug me, but it’ll be more level like Oh at least it’s not a fucking, 48 or 58.

Oh so yeah, that’s pretty much it for dungeons raids. Like I said, I already put a bunch of stuff for points. I’ll probably have the points in like a list right now, because I do have a lot of things to say about the dungeons and raids, mostly raids, because I feel like raids, is such a important part of destiny and Destiny’s identity. That the fact that we’re not taking better care of Destiny’s raids and just all-around like high-end activities, is a little alarming, especially when it’s just that was such a huge part of destiny.

One – and I know a lot of people are leaving due to so many reasons and done and raids being just kind of garbage is definitely one of them. So Bungie, please, please fix dungeons and raids. I would love a matchmaking difficulty. I would love heroic and normal difficulties coming back and I would love shaders being locked behind certain achievements or get all the armor from that that raid, because at that point it’s more prestigious.

Make weapons amazing again because now that you have Sun setting quote-unquote that should not be a problem, makes something that’s stupid, powerful and then be like it’s fine, because it’s from the raid, it should drop stupid, powerful. The only thing I have like, maybe the weapons like heroic weapons should be the powerful ones and then normal and matchmaking should be like good weapons, but not like garbage weapons.

So heroic should definitely have like the guns that it’s like. Oh this is the gun. You’re going to want, if you want to do like X amount of things, so that’s pretty much it yeah. Let me know what you guys think in the article and about my opinion and thoughts, and everything in the comment below, if you guys want to follow me on my social media outlets links, are in the description below. Thank you, everyone for the constant support.

I really do appreciate it be safe out there guys a lot of shit’s happening out in the world that I can’t talk about, but yeah just be safe and I will see you guys later.


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