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Is it Possible to Generate Home Care Leads Using Facebook?

So I want to thank everybody for attending today. This is probably one of our coolest webinars we’ve done all year. We’ve had some experiences that we want to share with you and we want to make sure that everybody knows the power that Facebook has right now. So, having said that, I’m going to go ahead and get started. My name is valerie van boven of a registered nurse and the co-owner of LTC expert publications.

My business partner is George no vison. Many of you have probably talked to him in the past, or you may be talking to him once you hear this webinar. So, just remember that George is my business partner and he will is the person that you talk to you when you have questions about now, what we do and how we do it, and all that so today, we’re going to talk about. Can a home care agency generate leads from facebook by the end of the webinar? I think you’ll be able to decide what the answer to that is so a little bit about us just so you know why we do these webinars.

We do them every month. We do them for free and our focus is always primarily the home care industry, both medical and non-medical. However, we do have assisted living facilities and senior living communities and durable medical equipment providers and a modest senior home modification specialist and folks, like that. So pretty much. Anybody in the senior market, we have a lot of folks who are in the assisted living place, maggiore a trick care managers and folks like that, but primarily our focus has always been the home care market.

So we do a lot of content for our clients. In fact, we have 900 original unique articles, written every single ones for our clients across the country. We do SEO search engine optimization for websites and we actually build websites, and we do a really good job of that. So most a lot of our clients actually have us build a website. Some people don’t need that service, and then we do social media, which is going to the basis of our conversation.

Today we also do article and we do a really good job at some pretty fun article for home care. So we’re going to talk about all of that. Our website, our main website, is LTC social marks com and, if you’d like to get a bunch of cool free, stuff and resources, we have a website at LTC marketing. You the letter. U com, every Wednesday, we do a live. Facebook, interactive sort of 20-30 minutes of me and some slides and things like that.

So if you go to LTC marketing, you calm, you can actually see where our Facebook pages and where our show is and all that, so you invite you to do that. It’s all free, you can go there anytime, alright, so that’s our little commercial. So I want to talk a little bit about marketing for home care and what we observe and what we see what we know to be true and the bottom line for marketing is that, probably in person, networking direct referral, marketing and online marketing should have a 60-40 Split if I were owning a home care agency right now, sixty percent of my time, effort and energy would be focused on direct referral marketing.

That means having people refer business to me, shaking people’s hands. Look at them in the eye go into the chamber meetings going to the hospitals going to the skilled nursing facilities, the in-person stuff. That is, you know something that a lot of us has owners and marketers have to do on our own. Sometimes we can hire folks to help us with that, but that is the in person marketing the forty percent down.

There is the online marketing portion, and I think this is where sometimes folks get a little behind, because this is the newer portion of marketing. But I would devote my time, energy and money, forty percent of it to online marketing right now, if you do not do online marketing you’re, probably looking at ninety percent of your leads coming from your in-person networking and your direct referral marketing, and maybe only ten percent Of your leaves, or even less coming from online marketing, if you just throw a website up there or throw a Facebook page up there or throw a linkedin account up there, nothing’s going to happen online marketing means that you have to be paying attention.

You have to actually engage, you have to participate and if you don’t know how or you don’t have time, that’s where services like ours can come in so right now, if you’re not doing anything with your online marketing, you probably are only getting maybe ten percent of Your leads from the online portion of your marketing. This is the way it should be you’re in person. Networking and direct referral marketing should be bringing in half the leaves in your online marketing should be brain in the other half of your leads, and if you’ve got the ratio to 5050, then you would actually be making more money than you are at the 9010.

So we want 5050, we want our online marketing to bring in fifty percent of our inquiries and leads and referrals, and we want our in-person networking in direct referral marketing to bring in the other fifty percent that increases your bottom line. So the first thing we’re going to talk about, even though this webinar is mainly about Facebook, we’re going to talk about Google first, because it’s important to know where Google is right now with all of the online stuff, so that you know under and understand why we’re Going to talk about facebook today, this is a screenshot that you can see here of a google search, and this is a google search of the keyword phrase home care, st.

Louis missouri, and when I do that keyword search, what you can see is that my top Green arrow up here is pointing to two listings or two results: those are paid advertisements if you’re not familiar with paid advertising on Google. These are two paid advertisements. My mill arrow is is pointing to the three folks three organizations that are near me that are on the maps for Google and my very last green arrow down at the bottom.

That’s where the organic search starts. So, even if you are on the first page of Google for the very first organic or natural result, you are still halfway down the page and i’m going to show you another example of that here in just a second. So let me make sure that we have everybody here and let’s see what your audience views: okay, good, so you’re here able to see my screen. Okay, all right! This is the next piece that I want to show you, and this is kind of you know.

We depend on google, google is never going to go away, but it’s kind of like google’s flipping the bird to us a little bit here, and so this is a screenshot from my laptop, and this shows you the same search but kind of what a hole or A full screen would look like, so you can see the top four results. My first black arrow is pointing to those those are all paid advertisement, so people are paying to be in those spots and that’s expensive.

The next black arrow is showing you the top of the map, but what you’ll notice is that on my laptop, which is a fairly nice size laptop? It’s not tiny. I mean it’s a pretty big laptop, I guess – and it’s kind of bulky, but it doesn’t even show the organic result. I don’t even get through the whole map, so the organic or natural search engine results for Google are now below the fold or below the scroll line.

A google intends on monetizing, almost everything about search, and the next thing that they’re going to monetize is the map. So if you actually want to show up on the map at some point in the next 18 months, you’re going to find out that you have to pay for that, and it can tell you from our experience that Google AdWords, which is the top 4 listings there May seem like a really great idea, but in the home care market there are some specific problems with that.

The first problem is that we have something called caregivers. These are job seekers that tend to be pretty. I guess there’s a lot of them in some areas. I know you all need to reverse currently, but in a lot of areas they are just overwhelming and all they do is click on ads all day long because they’re looking for a job. So in most of our experience, if you spend a thousand dollars a month on google adwords, eighty eight hundred dollars or eighty percent of that spend, is going to go to job seekers clicking on your ads and twenty percent or two hundred dollars of that is going To go to consumers who may be looking for care.

We also know in the home care market that, when someone starts looking for care, they still may be six months out from actually hiring someone they’re, either in a complete disaster at an emergency right now or they know it’s coming, and it may be six months before You close that lead, so we have people that are all over the mark and this is a specific problem specific to home care. So when you hire somebody to do your AdWords, if you’re doing it they’re not going to understand the home care market, the way we do and the problems that are associated with it, so when you’re doing AdWords it can get very expensive and get very little results.

So that’s why I want to just kind of show you some of the things that Google is doing now Google’s not going to go away. We still need Google and we need to understand what Google wants. So Google wants more content, more quality content, more local content about you, your business in your community outreach. It wants more local backlinking, meaning it wants to see that other sites, other websites and businesses in your local area are actually linking over to you.

So if you remember of the Chamber of Commerce, for instance, you want to make sure that you have a live link going back to your website. That makes Google very happy. You want more engagement in all social media platforms and, of course, more article, and I’m going to show you some examples of what’s going on with article here in just a minute. So what do these numbers have to do with your home care business? Well, the reason I ask that question is because I told a story – and I took some of these slides out because it made the presentation kind of long, but what Google wants is a more content, and so even national newspapers, like the Washington Post, is a great Example, they actually produce 1200 pieces of content per day on their website, so 500 of those pieces are actually written by them by their staff and the other, seven or eight hundred that they come across are from other sources.

So they’re curating content from other sources, but they are actually writing 500 pieces of content themselves and putting it out there day, some of its article and some of its articles and some of it’s a combination of those things. But they have to do a huge amount of work to satisfy the needs of Google and because they’re in such a competitive marketplace, think about their competitors, the New York Times and other folks like that.

So right now the Washington Post is winning and they have subscribers and their subscriber rate has gone up because there’s so much more visible, are so much more engaged with their audience and are producing so much more content. And for you all, and for all of us who are small businesses, there’s no way we can compete with that we’re not going to compete with that, but we are competing with each other.

As far as a small business owner goes, you’re competing with other home care agencies and assisted living facilities and other folks in the senior care market, you’re competing with them for room on the home. On the first page of Google and they’re competing with you. So content is king, the more you more content you put out there about your business, the more visibility you get. Google gives you the nod and gives you the win.

So if you want to win, you need to make sure you have more content going out there with Google, even though the first page of results doesn’t start with the natural results doesn’t start until below the scroll line. It’s still important to play the game. You need to be the resource in your community, for the consumers and for the professionals in your area. So Google wants this, and so does your community more content.

Here’s what Google, looking for and we’re going to get to Facebook across one to two articles should be blog posts that are on your website, article put on your website and once they’re put on your website. They are syndicated out to facebook and linkedin and pinterest and twitter, meaning they automatically go right on over to Twitter right on over to Facebook and right on over to LinkedIn. So we want one to two articles that are unique to you that you, post on your website every single month every single week.

If you can do it and then we want three to five articles per week that are from other sources that are just shared on your facebook business page. So it may be a great new york times article that you’re sharing with your local community on your facebook business page. It may be something from your local paper that pertains to seniors. It may be a flyer about where they can get flu shots. All of that information is really important, and you want to put three to five of those every week on your facebook business page to attract the attention of folks in your local area.

That is a hard thing to do when you own a business and you work full time. That’s why we’re talking about this and that’s the kind of services that we offer, but this is kind of the formula for content. 122. Really nice articles that are going from your website over to Facebook and then filling in the gaps between those articles with other curated content that comes from other websites. You definitely need a newsletter that goes out with hell fail each month it doesn’t have to be pray.

It doesn’t have to be super glamorous with all kinds of graphics and crazy stuff. It just needs to be a simple newsletter that has content in it that goes out without fail each month and all of our clients have that they have a newsletter. We set it up, we automated so all the content that comes from their website that we put on there over the course of a month is in their newsletter and that newsletter goes out once a month to all of their clients, referral sources, consumers and it’s a Really nice addition to their marketing, so you do need one newsletter.

However, you end up doing that, whether it’s automated or you do it manually. You definitely need that without fail and local backlinks. We just talked about this. If you’re, a member of the Chamber of Commerce or the Rotary Club – or you are a member of a networking group or remember, or you have a certification or your whatever it is, you want to make sure that whatever you’re involved in in your local community that Those websites have you listed and that you are you get a backlink from their website to your website.

That makes Google very happy and notice. I said local backlinks, some people go for big national publications that have backlinks from and that’s, okay, but Google is all about local right now, so it wants local backlinks. I want to show you an example of how we accomplish that. For our clients, we have approved senior network websites all over the country. This just happens to be a picture of the South Florida approved senior network, and you can see the website address there.

If you want it, you can go to it. Anytime. South Florida approve senior network com, so you can go to that website and when you scroll down a little bit, this is just the top half of the page. You can scroll down, you can see all of our clients are there. They all have profile pages. They all have backlinks back to their own websites from the South. Florida approve senior network that gives them a local backlink, but more important than that.

This page is full there’s websites full of great content written by them and on the South, Florida, a proof, senior network, Facebook, page their content, plus a content from this site. All filters in and I’m going to talk a little bit more about that in a minute. But this is what we would call a local backlink. So do you need google? Yes, you need more content on Google from your website or blog.

You need to be seen and listed on other websites, local to you, and you need to combine your in-person networking with your online marketing. So now we’re going to talk about what facebook wants and that’s the crux of what we’ve learned recently and what is working right now. Facebook also wants content. They want you to have lots of likes or fans on your facebook business page. They want engagement from your community and they want you to engage with them and then to engage with you, meaning they want to see comments and thumbs up and likes and shares and all kinds of stuff in it.

They want to see that you are actually reaching out to them and answering their questions and commenting back and liking their responses so wants to see a back and forth. This is a social media network, so we it wants to see you being social with them than being social with you. So that’s what part of what facebook wants. So here is. I just talked to you about the South. Florida approve senior network website, but here is the actual Facebook page for the South Florida senior network.

This page right now today, I think, has about 3,000 144 likes that took us about two months to accumulate that many likes. We did put out ads to get people to like our page, because it is not easy to get a lot of likes without paying for it these days and it is not nearly as expensive as Google asst. So we did pay for our likes and we pumped a lot of cash flow toward that and we got we. Our goal is to have 10,000 likes on this page.

South Florida is a huge market, obviously lots of metro areas in South Florida, so this is. This is probably one of the toughest places to get any. We have any impact in the senior market because it’s so huge and there’s so much competition, but what we’ve been doing is having daily content. We have a weekly contest. That is a very simple contest. We have local news anytime. We have a local news, something happen.

We keep an eye on the South Florida news rooms and we, just you know, share whatever it is. It might be going on recently was Hurricane Matthew, any client news, so we have lots of clients in South Florida anytime. They have news. It goes out on this page as well as their own Facebook pages. We have featured clients, so sometimes we will feature in fact fulfill last several weeks we’ve been featuring clients doing articles for them talking about them, introduce inning to the South Florida population and that’s worked really well.

We have lots of article which we’re going to show you in a minute and of course, if there are any events, we put them up there. So this page is what we are using to drive traffic and leads to our work. South Florida approve senior network com website, so does the facebook page generate leads in traffic to South Florida approve seen network com? Yes, it does now. We have readed that very carefully.

It’s not a thousand leads because it’s you know, we still only have three thousand likes in a huge market place, but it has generated leads and that’s been a very good for us GIMP for our clients, because we round robin those leads. Would I be crazy enough to guarantee leads for you if you did exactly what we did on South Florida, what I say, yep you’re going to get leads nope. I would never ever say that, and if anyone does tell you that, then you know be very careful.

So I cannot ever guarantee leaves because that would be silly for me to do that, but I can tell you that this will happen. Amazing, community engagement, if you follow our plan and i’m going to show you exactly what we do. Amazing community engagement, huge local visibility, articles and content that you keep so whatever we do this for clients, we give them the articles and content it belongs to them.

Now we were doing it for ourselves for South Florida, but we do this for our clients as well, and those articles belong to them once we create them. So article is a pretty huge piece of this i’ll show you what I mean by that in just a second. Even if the lead does happen, that’s icing on the cake. So that’s awesome when it happens, but we could never guaranteed or we’d be silly to not a business. So facebook is not an alternative, but in addition to google, so you need at least a thousand likes minimum.

This is for you in your local area. If you can get 10,000 likes fabulous, but that takes the time it doesn’t happen overnight, daily content. Sometimes it should come from your website. Sometimes it should come from other websites. You need to boost your posts, which is something that you can do on facebook. You definitely need articles to drive this kind of engagement that we’re talking about. You need some contests which are simple, yes or no.

You know. Do you know someone that needs care? You know who could use some home care in your local area, and you know yes or no and we’ll draw a random name for $ 25 eat gift certificate to amazon com and that just gets people to engage with your page. It makes facebook like you better and it makes Google like everything about your pages and you need to be consistent. You can’t do this for a month and say well that didn’t work and then call it a day.

You need to be really consistent with all of your marketing for at least six months to a year, so this is what happened when we did this. For some clients we put out articles, we did engage in content, we had some stuff going out. Every day we had articles that were boosted. It was a grand experiment, we did it all over the country with in Billings Montana. We did it in west denver colorado. We did it in fairfield connecticut and of course, you saw what I showed you there.

We did it in south florida, so all across the country we did this and what you can see is that we measured goal completions, I’m going to explain to you what a goal is, what you’re looking at is one of our clients, google analytics. So this is the traffic that’s coming to their website. This is not their facebook traffic. This is their website traffic and that’s what we need people to do. We need consumers and referral sources to go to your website and fill out a form or pick up the phone and make a call now, in this case, for the client you’re looking at right now, we can’t measure how many phone calls I get, because they do Not have a tract line, but we can measure how many times people hit their contact us page.

So I was pretty surprised when I took a look at this myself. I ran this report on October, the fourth so about almost ten days ago about nine days ago. In fact, I ran it right before I left for Vegas conference. I had to speak at, and this report shows you that in the month of the 30 days of September for through October, fourth, they had someone hit their contact. Us page 32 x 32. Different people hit their contact us page in that month in that 30 days.

That’s about Ali today and the month before. That word says: vs. 4. So the month before that, when we had just gotten started and hadn’t done very much with them, they only had four people hit their contact us page so one from 30 from four people in August to 32 people throughout the month of September and a little bit Into October, so their goal completions meanings who hit their contact us page.

How many times went up seven hundred percent over the course of 30 days their goal, conversion rate went up nine hundred and twenty percent. So this is a very fabulous result for these folks and we use several different techniques on facebook to make it happen. Ninety percent of the of the goal completions that came through on the Google Analytics mean the people who hit the contact us page. Ninety percent were from facebook and the other ten percent were sometimes people went there directly or they came from a google search.

So ninety percent of the goal completions for the month of sep tember through October. Fourth, ninety percent of these were from Facebook and then here’s another office in a different part of the country. We started with them a little bit later and so their goal completion went up nine hundred percent completely different location, completely different metro area. We applied some of our techniques that we learned and we looked at their goal completions and they went from two in the month of August to 220 goal completions and we hadn’t, even we had just gotten started with them.

There were a couple weeks behind the other office, so they already had 20 role completions, so their goal completions would have ninety percent nine hundred percent and their conversion rate went up eight hundred sixty-three percent. Now, if I had a lead a day coming in from my website, I would be pretty darn happy, so it. This is the kind of thing that, when we, we do, programs like this and we put all these techniques into place, whether it’s article or content or boosting posts or doing calls to action on your Facebook page.

When we see the goal completions go up, we know that eventually your revenue is going to increase over over time. So that is that’s another office, and then this last one or I guess, there’s one more after this – and this is one that they didn’t actually have goal set up. But we wanted to know how many times somebody hit their contact us page. So we did the same measurement. We looked at the same date, so you can see that the number September for through October for 2016, they had 26 people, hit their contact us page, and this is somebody in a completely different part of the country and a completely different demographic in geography, and we Applied the same sort of tactics and he literally just started with them, so they were even a couple more weeks behind the other two in the previous month they had had seven folks.

He would hit their contact us page, but by the time I looked at this, they had had 26 hits so their goal – completion – or I guess, engagement with that page on their Google – Analytics that one of two hundred seventy one percent, which is awesome and then this Is a picture of one of our websites? You can see a thousand one hundred percent increase in goal, completion, which sounds like a lot, but it was 12 folks hit the web site and actually filled out a complete form.

They were actual leaves versus one person the month before that. So sometimes we can measure how many times people hit the contact us page, and sometimes we can measure exactly how many forms were fully completed and in this case a 12 forms were fully completed. Four lead forms long lead forms by the way, not just contact us versus one month before so. This shows that, even if it’s, whether it’s a full hitting the contact us page, are filling out a full form when you apply the techniques that we put together for facebook, this is the kind of stuff that happens and that’s fabulous so yeah.

I want to talk to you a little bit about article and by the way, if you have questions about what we do, i’m going to show you the methodology here before we get done. But if you do have questions there is a little questions. Dashboard in your GoToWebinar panel – and you can just type in a question anytime – you want and i’ll go back at the end and answer all the questions. So we don’t open up the lines you do have to type them in, but you’re welcome to use that little questions panel and I’ll get that all the questions answered for you at the very end.

So now we’re going to talk about Facebook and article a little bit. Let me see if I did okay so so today this is today. So this is our most recent article we put out for a few of our clients we put together and they’re on in different parts of the country. So none of this overlaps we put together something called. We call it and name every article and this one’s called the happy seniors article, and if you want to look at it, you can see it on youtube com, and I will make sure that I send out the I’m going to send it out.

But i’ll give you the link to SlideShare, so you can see where that is and or you can go to our south for the approve senior network facebook page and that is facebook.Com forward, slash South Florida seniors. So if you go there you’ll see this article. There too, you can read the whole thing, so I just I put this article together earlier today and I put it on YouTube. I don’t usually do that. I mean I do that for clients, don’t usually put it on my youtube blog, but I wanted you to have a place on youtube where you could go, read it and I just put the title and happy seniors in Tarrytown New York, because this is for one Of our needle particular one was for one of our new york clients, so it’s funny that we put this article together and it’s really cute and then it’s really fast like 37 38 seconds and that’s the way you need to keep it these days but happy seniors In Tarrytown, New York is what I named it, and I want to show you what happened now.

This has really nothing to do facebook yet, but this is very cool. We used to be able to do this and I’m shocked to see that we can do this today. Facebook and Google are in a heated battle for our article attention and so about five minutes. After I put this article up, I went ahead and googled the title. Happy seniors in Tarrytown New York. Now I realize that there aren’t a lot of people who are going to type in a search for happy seniors in Tarrytown New York.

I just wanted to see what would happen out of curiosity and if you look at the very first organic result with a no competition, no google adwords there. You can see that the first result in four minutes is that article happy seniors in Tarrytown New York, literally four minutes is all it took for it to go from my computer to YouTube to be on the first page of Google, in about 1 million nine hundred And sixty thousand results, our article came out first and formats, and I just find that to be pretty amazing because it’s been a long time since anybody’s been able to do that.

So just just an added value kind of a thing – and this is literally today. So you can go see that you can go to youtube 6 j, 0 fut fpt dash 0, where you can go to facebook com for flash South Florida seniors and if you’re on a desktop it’ll be the first article that you see there happy seniors in Tarrytown New York is not what it’s called in the South Florida site, but anyway pretty cool. So this is the actual South Florida site and there’s I’m sorry, Facebook page South Florida, facebook page.

So if you go to the South Florida Facebook page right here, South Florida seniors, then you’ll be able to see the article there too. It’s the same article. It just has a different branding to it and they’re in completely different markets. So it doesn’t really matter, but you can turn up the volume and listen to that article. It’s really cute, so it probably has been up for maybe an hour or two when I actually put it together and sent out this article.

I sent a article out to facebook and it already had 87 people were reached 12 views and I’m sure that there will be more and it had some thumbs up and things like that. It is super cute. So these are the kinds of articles that we’re making for our clients are short, they’re cute. They have a call to action at the end, and it’s not just that kind of stuff. That’s going to make folks go to your contact us page or fill out a form, there’s a lot more involved, but this is just one piece of the pie and I guarantee you.

That is a lot of work, but we have the staff to do it. So it’s it’s been something that we’ve really enjoyed over the last few months experimenting with and learning more about, and now we know exactly what works so, here’s a methodology. This is what I recommend. This is what I recommend you do on your own or again, you can hire us and we’ll do it for you to articles per month that go to your website.

They should be around a thousand words some quality reading, but just two articles per month. You need to include also, on top of those two articles, some of your home care agencies, community outreach and internal news. So if you guys are going to be in the alzheimer’s walk, this fall if you’re going to be, you know, if you have he hire dates or caregiver of the month or whatever it is. Those kinds of little articles need to be on your website as well.

You cannot leave your website alone, it has to have fresh content, and all of that should go out to facebook. You need at least five post pro week that are going to facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest. So whether it comes from your website, the two articles or it comes from other websites – it’s you know the new york times or your local TV station or whatever it is all combined. You should have at least five posts per week going to your facebook business page.

One monthly e-newsletter: we talked about the importance of that already. You need to advertise on facebook with something called promote. My page, you don’t want to promote your website, yet you don’t want to promote anything else. Yet you don’t want to have people checking into your business because that’s not what your business is about. You actually check in in other people’s houses. So you want to promote your page.

That means you’re going to get like, and you have to word that add a certain way so that people will actually take an action and, like your page, so you want to do that. How they have the call to action be to like your page, and you want to do that until you have a minimum of a thousand likes, you should go for 10,000. Do this, for as long as it takes for you to get 10,000 likes once you’re at 10,000 likes the page kind of runs itself, it’s amazing put at least two articles per month directly on facebook.

Facebook is competing with google for attention for a units of attention, especially with article they don’t want you to put it on youtube and then put a link to it on your facebook page. They want you to actually upload the article to facebook. That is important. Now. I put a article on youtube today, so you have a shorter link to go. Look at it if you wanted to – and I just happen to have some pretty cool results because of that.

But facebook wants you to put two articles that are yours that you created per month directly on facebook. You can either make them yourself or you can pay for them and that’s what people pay us to do. You can do a simple weekly contest. You need to engage on facebook with your local community answer. Questions read for people trying to contact you there as soon as you start getting into the 3,000 4,000 5,000 likes and you’re getting up to 10,000.

People are commenting all the time as long as you’re. Putting consistent content out there and you need to pay attention to that, because sometimes people need your help. They’re looking for a way to get ahold of you, because in facebook on their cell phone is the only thing they know how to use. So it’s important that you pay attention. You want to get links to your website on other local sites. I’ve already talked about that.

That’s your chamber of commerce and your rotary club and your local newspaper. If you can get an article there, whatever you can do to get what love local links, I would recommend doing this for six months to a year, then you can cut your advertising expenses, which means you can slow down on the amount you’re spending on Facebook likes And boosts you can slow down on that and just do the content.

You will always need more content, so once you’re at like say, 5,000 to 10,000 likes in your local area. If you cut down on the advertising, it’s okay, because the page kind of manages itself and people are liking stuff all the time. So this is my recommendation for you. If you’re going to go the Facebook route right now, Facebook is in a Googler in a neck-and-neck race to get your attention, and this is the way that folks are headed and, and most of our demographic is now on facebook.

So it is nice to be able to advertise their it’s much cheaper, it’s more more effective in the long run and google actually favors all the stuff that you’re doing on facebook and likes to see that engagement. So that is a methodology I recommend again, if you have any questions, you’re going to want to go ahead and type those in and i’m going to go over my last couple of slides here, so it’s all about local, more lore contents get links on local websites That link back to your site engage with article article, facebook and article article article, and I just want to show you some of the things that we did: we’ve messed around and kind of changed up the way we’re offering stuff.

If you are a current client, you can talk to George about this. If you are not our client yet, but you would like to get involved in facebook and do much more with it and get some of the results that I showed you on that screen. These are the packages that we have. We will do all these things. The most expensive one is facebook pro in the middle is facebook Plus and Facebook engagement and then essential content publishing you can see it’s just it’s just content, we’re not doing anything.

We do have it going out to Facebook, but we’re not actually managing or reading or doing articles or anything like that. It’s just the articles and the setup of your social media when you get into facebook engagement and you get into facebook Plus and Facebook pro you’re. Actually getting into some of the stuff that you saw it all when I put up those slides that showed those goal completions, that’s where you start to get into that so and we absorb in these programs, we absorb the cost of facebook advertising.

You don’t pay for the facebook advertising on top of what you’re, what you’re paying us. We actually put the bill for the facebook advertising, so you don’t have to worry about it’s our fe plus paying for facebook on top of it. It’s not. We actually take in all of that, so these are the packages. I will come back to this slide in just a minute. I just wanted to get viewed some information on how to get ahold of us.

If you want to talk to George or myself, you can call 888. 404. 1513. That’s our phone number to the phone number. For a million years. You can go on our website, LTC social mark or LTC marketing. You fill out a contact. Us form, that’s fine! We get them both of us do so we see all of that, and so I’m going to take questions, I’m going to leave this up on the screen for you, but I am going to take questions.

So, let’s look and see what we have here do: alright. Okay, alright, so brandy, I don’t know brandy if that’s if he assisted they’ll Drive. I hope I’m saying right. Brandy has some comments. Interesting content to comments. Negative keywords are very important when using our stream and measure I’ve shown for people looking for jobs or Medicare home care services. Yes, we have had we’ve been in business since 2008.

Brandy – and we have been doing this for a very long time – and we understand the negative keywords, but that does not keep your job seekers from hitting on your ad, no matter how many times you put in jobs, career, negative keywords like jobs, careers, home health, a Certified nurse’s aide, whatever you still are going to get a ton of job seekers, it may decrease it a bit, but not by much number two for additional content.

You need to make sure you aren’t copying content from another source and presenting it as your own. Google will start to track this and may remove your company from displaying the search results. Brendi. We always provide complete, unique content, so I don’t know where you’re coming from, but we always provide. We do nine hundred articles a month approximately, and every single one of them is a hundred percent unique to another.

They are never the same article they’re not spun. They don’t sound bad they’re very nicely written by professional writers who are on our staff and our awesome. So, thank you for that nice job on the article and ranking results. Thank you very much. 10K seems like a lot for a local page. Ten thousand likes use a lot if you’re in a very small local area, but if you’re in chicago proper, it’s not it.

Just depends on your demographic and that how many likes you need on your facebook page can really be dependent on on your demographic. Las vegas could, probably you know, be maybe a thousand two thousand, but if you’re going for because you know, there’s a smaller community there than there are visitors. But if you’re looking for something in Chicago South Florida, Miami you know 10,000 is not a bad number.

Los Angeles New York City to know them is actually pretty small. Could you put the number and website up once more? Please can you give your toll-free number again? Yes, anybody else have questions if you do just go ahead and type them in I’ll. Do one last call for questions here: here’s our website and our toll-free number. So our website is LPC social marcom and our toll free number is 8. 8. 8. 40.

41. 513. If you have any more questions, this is sort of last call and I’d be happy to take any more questions, and I think that’s it so far. Anybody else okay! Well, if that’s it, then we appreciate it and if you need our help and getting some of these results well, we have one more question: do you find the facebook is viewed by our target audience of 65 plus? I think it would be geared toward younger generation.

Angela you’re not incorrect, but the adult child of the aging parent is your actually your target market. So I am 45 years old, 45 year old female with 39 year old children, a husband and an aging parent or two who may need care in the next couple of years, so at age 45 and very engaged on facebook. Of course that’s my business to be, but so I am looking for resources and guidance all the time so you’re actually reaching out to the adult children of aging parents, but the 65 plus crowd has really increased on facebook.

So it is definitely a younger demographic. The bulk of the demographic is going to be younger, but because Facebook has, I don’t know, what’s the number 3 280 million people on it, you’re definitely in in 2016 and 2017. You absolutely have your demographic on there. So that’s why it works so well. Okay, all right, if anybody else has any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Go to our website fill out a form.

8888. 40. 40. 1513. Thank you so much for joining us hope you enjoyed this and I will be sending out the replay thanks. Everybody have a great rest of your week in a great weekend. Bye-Bye


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