Online Marketing

How to tag or annotate a link or url to track visits in Google Analytics. By Stephen Croome

In the example you’re seeing, I know, I’ve sent out an email campaign and I want to know out of all the people. Who’ve come to the website how many people came via the email that I sent out. So the first thing to do is: go to Google go to the Google URL builder.

This tool will allow us to tag URLs in a way that we can find this answer. The URL is a bit strange, but don’t worry about that. So I’m just going to google com, you go at the right place, bring my website URL! There’s three fields you have to fill in, which is source medium and name. I’r going to use magazine, email launched for the source, the medium will be email and a campaign name is logo. Introducing people to our new logo, click generate the URL and it generates you a URL with all the bits that it needs to be able to track.

Clicks on the link, so i’m going to in the next article, show you how to go and find this data within google analytics. What you’d need to do now is take this URL and be using it in the email that you send out. You


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