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My top 3 SEO strategies

Ok, so my top 3 SEO strategies and how I implement them. These are the top three things that I do to get extra traffic through the search engines. The first one is chasing high-volume keywords, which is probably more what you think of when you think of SEO.

Is you think of getting to the top of Google for highly competitive keywords? So that’s just one of three strategies I use the second. One is long tail keywords and the third one is exact match domain. So in this article I’m going to go through these three. In detail and show you how I go about getting traffic using each method, so high volume, key words and in this example I’ll use the word website design, which is a site that keyword that my site is currently ranking on the front page of Google.

For so you can see it there in first position at the moment, so the keyword website design gets twelve-thousand exact, match searches per month, which is a lot. It’s probably not the most targeted keyword, because it’s not necessarily people looking for website design companies, but out of 12,000 people. I get a fair chunk of that traffic depending on where its ranking at the time and it fluctuates around.

But if I’m ranking first i’ll get at least i’ll, probably get more than that, but, let’s just say: 1,300 visitors a month, 15,000 visitors a year and obviously ranking for these sort of keywords is very very competitive. So what I look at here is is how do you go about ranking for a highly competitive keyword? Basically, you will ranked first in Google if Google thinks that you are the authority for that keyword, so your site has to contain that content, but there’s millions of websites that contain the word website design.

So that’s obviously not enough having the keyword in your domain probably helps a little bit having it on the page. At various places in the URLs probably helps a little bit, but but again, there’s lots and lots of website with website design on their page in their URLs and in their domain. How old your site is? It is important for a few reasons google gives. Basically, it knows that if you build a site today than your site has no authority, if your site’s been around for 15 years, then not in mind that mine has.

But if it has been around 15 years, then it knows that your authority who is linking to you is obviously a very, very important one in that in the last five or so years or more, I guess is probably been the number one thing that determines SEO Position for these high-value keywords, and who is talking about you is more of a the social media aspect of things. If you’re writing lots of content and lots of people are talking about you and sharing your content, this is the kind of thing that Google likes and is going to like more and more in the future.

So, in terms of exactly what I do, first of all, my site is a fairly old site. It’s got Authority already and because I build websites. Obviously, every website I build has a link back to my site, as do most other web design companies, but I’ve built a lot of websites, and I bought this side of someone before me had also built a lot of websites. So there’s a lot of existing links through to the site.

It’s a relatively old domain. The key word is ended up in the domain, whether that helps possibly helps a little bit. If it was an exact match domain, it would definitely help, but the key word being in there certainly doesn’t hurt. Obviously, the on-page is fairly well optimized for website design, but it’s also optimized for other terms, and it’s on page stuff is not something I focus on massively for these really high volume.

Key words: the unpaid stuff is not a massive consideration. You kind of just do it once to make sure it’s optimized correctly and the rest of it has to do with off page factors. Building backlinks is is basically what it’s about at the moment is having more backlinks having higher authority backlinks having links from sites in the similar industry that are of a high authority, and we do that with ongoing SEO on the site, and that’s not really something.

I can talk about in this article. I will talk about that in future articles, but it will take me forever so I’ll leave it there for now. Creating great content is really important and I’ve got a blob in there, where I add lots and lots of stuff too, and this stuff’s important, because people share it and I put something on Twitter and people will share it. People talk about it, i’ll download it they’ll, send it to people and google sees this sort of stuff and decides that this site is a bit of an authority for that keyword.

So the second strategy I use is long tail keywords and long tail keywords are ones that get a lot less monthly searches that could possibly be more targeted than something like website design, if, obviously, if, if you’re only getting traffic for one long tail keyword you’re wasting Your time, but the thing is with long tail keywords – is that they’re pretty easy to rank for so you can pension potentially get traffic for hundreds of them, and if your aim is to get 1500 visitors a month and you can get free visits, you know for Every long tail keyword, if you can rank for 500 of them, then you’re achieving the same thing.

So it’s it’s much easier to convince google that you, you are the authority and a really specific niche. Then, if you choose a really broad keyword like website design, so if you look at this chart here, my sites getting traffic for 698 different keywords and hopefully I’ll be able to increase that with my strategy going forward to a lot more than that. But as you can see, if you’re getting traffic for 700 keywords, you can get a few thousand visitors a month just for getting a couple of visits per keyword, so these are some examples that I get traffic for fix.

Some of these are deliberate, some of them. I just ran them. I did a blog post on fixed versus variable with website designer got shared by a few people, and it I ranks on the front page for that. So I get a bit of traffic for that, probably not the most targeted thing. I don’t know how many of my customers are searching for that, but I like to get traffic from people interested in website design anyway, because they’re they’re, just as likely to share my content, which is good for Google as well and there’s some of the other longtail Keywords there that I get traffic for so how to rank for long tail keywords: it’s good to have some site authority to start with, because if you’ve got a main site, that’s got a bit of authority.

It’s not that hard to rank the subpages. If you got a brand new site with no authority, it’s going to be harder for you to rank even for a long term keyword. So with any sort of SEO the longer you’ve been around and the more authority you have the better. So you’ve got to know what the long tail keywords are. If you hear lots of people saying right, lots of content and that’ll be great for google, it’s kind of true with his long tail stuff to some extent, but wouldn’t it make more sense to actually write content that mention these long tail keywords rather than just randomly Writing lots, lots of content about stuff and hopefully you’re picking some of those up both strategies work so randomly writing lots of stuff you’ll find you get traffic for weird terms that you didn’t expect to get traffic for like that fixed versus variable width design, but strategically Choosing longtail keywords and writing posts and pages on those is another strategy that works really well, because you can see how much traffic those keywords are getting before you do it.

So you know whether it’s worth while you’re writing a post. You’ve got experiment because you don’t necessarily know someone may be dominating a particular keyword, even though it doesn’t get much traffic and it might not even be worth your while. You know shooting for those keywords. It’s sort of hard to know, sometimes, which ones you’ll be able to rank from which ones you want so you’ve got. Experiment mention these keywords in your blog posts and obviously share your blog posts, and sometimes if it’s, if it is a keyword, that’s getting a few searches and you’re kind of on the second page after writing a post.

Then then, it’s useful to do a little bit of link building to get you on the front page and then and then move on. So this basically outlines what we do. My site has authority to start with. So if I write a blog post on something, that’s not a highly competitive word, then Google will visit my site. You know, probably on the same day, it’ll Elend X, that blog post and it may put it on the front page of Google straight away depending on what it is.

I use the Google team keyword tool and I look for key words that aren’t hugely competitive keywords, but ones that are worthwhile writing post for so, if they’re getting sort of a hundred searches a month and – and you might get ten percent of that traffic – 10 searches. A month it doesn’t take that long to write an article, so I figure that’s probably worth it. If it’s getting five searches a month, then it’s probably not worth it.

If it’s getting a thousand searches a month, then you probably won’t rank for it unless you’re doing proper, ongoing link building. So that’s that’s a bit of a benchmark. I use for my own site. I experiment as well to see what works and you know I’ll, have groups of keywords, so i’ll write, ten different pages on wordpress and see how those go and something broaden an international like wordpress.

You typically won’t rank very well for, but if you choose something more specific you might rank well for that, so you focus more on those keywords and that’s what I do depending on what the keyword is. I might write a whole bunch of pages on my site. If it’s not sort of really great content that I want to share with my blog readers, I’m not going to write a blog post on it and fill my blog up with junk I’ll write.

A number of different pages on my site. And if one of the pages starts ranking well, then I will put a little bit more effort into the quality of the content. If I think there’s fair few searches for a term or if I think, there’s an opportunity to write great content about the keyword. Then I’ll write a blog post about it and obviously, if it’s a blog post off share it and I’ll hope that other people share it as well and if I’m close to the front page I’ll, do link building for that term to get it onto the front.

Page, typically, once it’s on the front page, it’s easy enough to stay there. So the third strategy I use his exact match, domains now. Here’s here’s an example: one of my domains when searching for web development brisbane this domain is coming up, for I don’t do much. I don’t really do any SEO at all on this domain. I probably did a little bit at first. I create a bit of content. It’s a blog. I’ve got in there and use it to blog about things that happened during a week and aren’t really massive things that I would put on my main blog.

But I don’t do a lot of SEO work on there, but, as you can see, it’s ranking for a keyword that gets a fair few searches against somewhat Brisbane biggest web development companies and that’s mainly because of the domain. So Google still places of fairly high importance on exact match domains. I’ve heard Matt Cutts say that that importance will be well back and I can understand why that would happen, but I don’t think it will be gotten rid of completely because an exact match domain is a finite resource.

You can only get one exact match: domain. / keyword, so I think it will always be important and I think an exact match domain you know.Com or calm that I you for an exact keyword match for a keyword is always going to be easier to rank and at the moment it’s significantly easier to rank. So I guess what you’ve got to do is find keywords that get a decent amount of search volume, search for domains that match those keywords and then set up a wordpress blog on the domain and then and then build links to that site if necessary.

So this is exactly how I do it. I use the google keyword tool to find domains. That’s yes, so, firstly, to find keywords to look for domains, i’ll, look at something like domains, central.Com that a you or net fleet and put in those keywords to see what domains are available. Typically, in my industry, none of these domains are available anymore on the brand new domain market, but you might find that they become available on the aftermarket and net fleet for Australian domains and godaddy options or drop day.

4.Com domains are too useful places and you can easily get exact match domains like I picked up a exact match domain in my niche last week for forty dollars or something and it’s one that gets quite a few searches and then I’ll set up a wordpress blog Depending on what the domain is, I might just set up a blog. That’s just got full of content. That’s got lots of downloads and stuff from ebooks that I’ve written to sort of get people to get their read an e-book, and if they like what I do, then you know maybe they’ll call or if it’s, if it’s other, potentially like a company type website.

I might set up a separate sort of business website for that, like a different brand. So, for me, setting up a webs is really easy, and I’ve got an e-book that I’ll link to in on my site where you can go through and set up a wordpress blog it. It would take probably a couple of hours realistically to set up a nice-looking, useful site that you can update. We would typically write one article a month for the blog and we build links using just a basic entry-level sort of SEO practice to that blog.

For a couple of months, until its ranking well in Google and then typically, I just leave it and then see it and then just monitor it occasionally to see how its ranking right. That’s it they’re my three strategies, I’m going to be talking about SEO a lot more on my blog, our website, designer com that I you over the next few months because we’re working on our SEO program that, where they’re rolling out, probably in three or four weeks To our clients and so check that out or have a look at us on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll see you in the next article.

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Backlinks A Tutiplén seo

He conseguido para clics que me parece de la hostia me parece de la hostia una persona, escucha entonces, estaremos, liando, esa persona, me está, escuchando, dos personas, por favor me estáis, escuchando es que yo no sé si está hablando el micrófono por favor si ese escuchar entonces Todos los chiles de chile, son fantásticos, buenos días, madrid, también ahí se nota que soy sencillo de punta está bueno que empiezo directamente con el tema que me parece que es muy, interesante ya sin emitir que es bastante tiempo en este estrés en live sé que hasta Ahora, no se va a apuntar nadie pero como digo es un vídeo para exhibir, para la posteridad, es para la semana, escribiendo básicamente, bueno, comentó, un poquito, como conseguido, para clics y qué, guay y porque, consiguieron muchísimo bien básicamente y todo en comentarios a este canal nació Con el fin de que los nos hiciéramos una piña, [, Música, ], chiquillo, vale, bueno, continuó, este canal nació, con la intención de que, los seos hiciéramos una piña nos uniésemos y cogiésemos, fuerza, entre, todos, es verdad que entre pues salen, los temas deseos son apasionantes, las Cervezas y demás pues, siempre nos hemos, desviado, un poco del tema, principal de hecho, aquí intentamos, hacer, un ataque, bastante fuerte, no lo, sé uno, para crear, pero, se, vino abajo, por, varios motivos que también voy a comentar entonces últimamente tener, otra, semana una experiencia, impresionantemente buena.

Para conseguir rappel y que creo que la tenía que comunicar y crear justamente el objetivo de este canal y que casi sin interés pues ha salido de época, mal bueno la historia es que conocí a un ceo acepto condenar un digo bastante apañado y bueno tuvimos sobre. Lo típico nos presentaron, nuestras parejas nos presentaron, a esta de lo deseado de chaval también se los hicimos coño son museos, todos metemos cerveza y nos hinchamos, las cervezas, fue una experiencia, fantástica, como, el cada, describimos, deseos y ministra, cerveza y si todas las cosas, también encontramos Una segunda vez y dijimos coño ostias les digo el senado yo te hago un proceso qué guay y que vamos a hacer pues tomemos cerveza y así, se nos fue, la segunda, jornada y claro, llegó, un momento que no me escribió, así toda una mañana, revisando internet Me da cuenta que granada smile es un dominio desde estudio nos agrada, más de algún dominio que les sobre turismo de la nada que la verdad que ni, va ni bien sabes bueno pero tiene que existir a sus visitas está curioso está mal me gusta conservarlo, se, Metía por favor por berlín que estoy llevando un sitio turístico de aquí que la valla de ser, los montes si tú ves fantástico digo pues no por supuesto que tengo un pelín y following o solamente uno de pongo cinco días de paso estamos cada vez que se Le hace un poco cuadro claro y la respuesta fue como que me has puesto dos o tres berlín pues yo te pongo 6 bueno sabes que estamos en la tv, el exterior viendo ahí que está subiendo que está bajando pues básicamente el objetivo como siempre es la Herramienta de google comentar esta página empezamos una pasada, donde ya, hicieron twitter, porque, si éste quería cambiar el enlace y yo quiero cambiar el enlace, lo más normal es que casi todos, los queramos cambiar enlaces sobre todo si tienes más de un dominio también se puede hacer Pero no es tan guay si tienes una pequeña de 22, dominios más quien menos, tiene dos dominios, para animar, por, más, todavía, no se, lo publique en twitter básicamente, esta mañana la herramienta webmaster de google me di cuenta en que había una palabra clave de un millón 800 mil búsquedas y que estaba el número 12 o sea sería, mi récord en una palabra clave en el top 3 de 1.

800.000 búsqueda después de la marinera, la palabra es radio online entonces decidí publicar en twitter, normalmente siempre sabéis que hay más haters colaboradores estoy en Este caso fue todo lo contrario, fue una época, pasada dicen que alguien debe crear una web me están, poniendo, para intercambio de berlín. No, no, no, no error y ahora explicó porque el canal, fracaso, cuando, intentamos, hacer, un sitio web de cambio de página, bueno pero.

Lo puse dije oye pues tengo quien me quiera ayudar, en una palabra, clave así que me dio me: dio saber y, a cambio pues desde mi pbn pues me pasa una url, una dirección de internet y le pongo, un batín saber uno el que hagan falta bueno Pues, no me esperaba el éxito, absoluto, o sea. No me esperaba me. He quedado alucinante ya, lo puse ahí, el grupo de facebook de blackhat lleva dos carolinas y pero bueno en el grupo de facebook, fue la pasada pero lo de twitter, fue la bomba océanos en la estadística de la severa, después de comentarle, cuánta gente, regular en el Experimento que el experimento sin ellos hermanos habré, conseguido entre 200, o 300 patín entre el 10 su significa que tengo que poner entre 200 y 300 barril en tres días o sea que llevo tres días poniendo aquí como si no hubiese mañana llamas la gente, súper contenta Súper uruguayos a todo el mundo, amable qué, chulo es decir que todos los ceos me da cuenta que lo que queremos es cambiar backlinks es que es lógico dioses que a veces se pueden comprar por supuesto, pero, entonces, muchas, veces, o sea vamos, a utilizar la navaja De oakland, en pedazos en un sitio web para cambiar franklin voy, a utilizar twitter, trabajado, ya, sabéis que existe que la solución más efectiva siempre la más, sencilla la solución, más sencilla, es la mágica, vale entonces, dice pues, lo puse bueno empezar, a recibir privación en twitter Y llevo tres días, recibiendo privados, o sea que no me da tiempo a contestar lo que pasó de arrancar twitter eso, no es verdad está todo el día hasta que acabe el experimento y por debajo sabrá cómo es la experiencia, pues muy, sencilla básicamente me escribió, alguien, Por mensaje directo en twitter su población en twitter, pues yo tengo, por, ejemplo, está, bueno venta de mascotas y me gustaría tener la palabra, clave blanco, el texto, mascotas, felices, por, ejemplo, porque, así una lista, increíble, yo, tengo, radio, online por, ejemplo, aunque fuese, un blog de Decoración y ponía oye pues mira, tener la casa, limpia de perros de mascota, para que tus mascotas sean felices, o sea ni, siquiera creaba, un artículo nuevo coge, un artículo y ya estaba en dec sado le metía el lic, para empezar, a llegar porque estoy, aumentando la Cantidad de contenido, a mi contenido y encima le estoy poniendo fresneda de frescura eso me gusta.

Google que estén las cosas fresquitas que haya renovación claro que los enlaces que estaba enviando son de una calidad bastante aceptable metió, a un párrafo muchas veces y el párrafo que dice pero la gran mayoría dice que le da sentido al texto, no es una cosa elemental. El puesto una palabra por ahí dicho el grito, sitio donde, venden links, compartidos es que te meten en el link, pero vaya un plan y sabes.

Lo que me digo que no es contextual que, no no tiene relación cuando éstos están modificando un poco un párrafo. Lo ponía la gente, lo voy, a decía español, yo, quiero hacer lo mismo mientras, recogía y me ponían van y. No, a mí pero el rollo de imagínate que un blog de cocina y se conducía por ciento se está cocinando tal consejo te aconsejamos que escuchen las radio, mientras cocinas porque son relaja y nos podríamos, vivir era, una situación de wii, wii se, llama esto, personal porque.

Me selecta las notificaciones de twitter, todavía en una estación win win todos ganamos donde, este problema e intercambio de enlaces muchos con es que las normas de google sobre intercambio de analizar entonces resulta en este experimento que por cierto ha salido del carajo pues es absolutamente recomendarles. A todos queremos hacerlo de hecho me siento muy orgulloso, porque, yo, o sea lo recibió fantásticamente bien me, siento súper feliz, con los resultados pero es que no solamente eso creo que nos lleva, a enseñar, a toda la gente que ha colaborado conmigo como.

Se tiene que hacer ese intercambio si estamos hablando de más de 20 personas que ahora las convencionales uno por uno ese, entonces ellos ya, saben cómo hacerlo entonces básicamente, si quería usar esta técnica una técnica en el mclean tenéis que ir a twitter y decir con hashtag Seo es decir intercambio vaclik si a los 66 el hashtag el impuesto creativo que te cagas y ese vale hashtag cambio barriles el cambio va clic en el hashtag seo y veréis que lo mismo se mantenga así vamos a cambiarlo sabéis ya, las normas básicas son que Pegando, a otros dominios mínimo con un solo niño se convierte como un barril de cítricos entonces niegue ahora tanto pero que también se puede necesitar como un dominio si tener hijos decía la gente bueno que te imaginas lo que tienes se acordara temática tienes que tener poco Arte: para: no enganchar la cocina, con la radio, si se puede manchar la cocina, o la radio, se puede manchar porque es cosa que cualquiera vale entonces, siempre, cree sea un back in conductual hay, mucha, gente, demencial, mándame, un post más, guay todavía, porque, demandamos, un poco Ya: tiene el contenido único, o una entrada solamente para ti o sea son una maravilla el problema de ese sistema es que hay que escribir el post y un post diferente entonces se vuelve lento la baja en lo que si tienes que escribir un post se pierde Eficacia la simplicidad es más fácil coger un contenido que tengan indexado y con el balín de tinte está y no hace falta ni plataforma web donde nos perdimos, al principio, ni, hace, falta, este bloque la primera que dijimos de aceite, cambio bailín la gente, quería hacer de Alguien que tome traza me voy, a revelar que no funciona simplicidad servir en twitter que me.

Parece que donde más se puede ver y grupos de facebook, ni nada en prospectos que no puede estar centralizado por una parte del sat el estado porque no hay nadie control del sistema y la gente mostraba, a escribirlo de los bailes que recibes yo me da cuenta De la calidad de algunos son de una, realidad tras firmar sacamos algo de periódicos de flipar que hay sea por, todas partes y otro campo es un nuevamente sea de contenido, regulero y entonces, no importa voy a pedirte allende.

Lo que me ha sido que yo te voy, a dar siempre más de lo que yo intento sin poner los enlaces más fuertes de los que me están dando y luego me estoy encontrando que no solamente me están dando las gracias, sino que además. He hecho un montón de colegas nuevos que realmente es una cosa muy interesante tener colegas del mundo del seo, que curiosamente casi todos, los temas escritos y hemos hecho estos son colegas nuevos dentro de este experimento lo cual es bueno entonces el problema del intercambio, con los Espectadores que hay ahora mismo que ya estáis 16 personas ya, son 16, se ha cambiando baggins los padres, brutal sabéis de hacer poder la marimorena y siempre tentar, dar más de lo que estáis recibiendo porque veréis que la gente es muy agradecida por mano lo viene encontrado Hacen nuevos amigos descubres gente que hay agencias que no sabían que existían en vez de dos niños de los demás que está muy interesante porque en esto hay muchos buenos aires que te cagas son los niños de diez y más grandes es que es que el win Win win: por todas, partes bien entonces eso es mi consejo se o desde 2019 2020 para conseguir, enlaces sobre, los recíproca bien siempre hay link, son que tú tienes un dominio de a lo manda sabe y vettel, o mandar, a curiosamente, esta misma, semana el jueves publicó.

Un vídeo hd red que sabes que la herramienta de referencia que usamos y más notificaciones [ Música ] con vídeos sobre qué tanto por ciento del’top ten’ tienen de poner, el enlace del ejercicio, cada 10 dominio que hay en el top 10 de cuatro, a cinco tienen Enlace recíproco es decir casi la mitad, después del penalista de todos, los rankings top 10 la media es de 4, a 5 enlace recíproco de todas formas con este sistema, no son enlaces recíprocos y quien más quien menos tiene, un blog tiene algo donde, se puede colgar.

Un link es que no hace falta tampoco según h, se está en este mundillo mínimo seis, meses seguramente del niño, bueno ahora problemas técnicos que todavía estoy solucionando usuario suelo utilizar siempre del rubin, deseo pues, yo, art, aunque, cada, vez, más, no estoy, pasando, al rango, más Grande más es como run matemáticas traumas en la hostia y sinceramente, los dominios que solamente porque me suben bastante como, un 20 y un 30 % las visitas por ser el problema que encontramos es que los enlaces que automáticamente tanto sobre cómo rearmar no el de hacer Externos están regalando, a otra persona que los pone en no solo en sólo como ponerlo en foros pues.

Lo más curioso es que de todos los chat de facebook, twitter podrá asegurar que ha sido. Un disparate hubo uno que me puso excluye en plan de una persona en él dijo dios mío, este plugin que necesitas es que este éxito hace que ahora el problema que tengo es que cada tenista toda mi bebé n se incluyen en todos los sitios de los Textos para que los enlaces salientes sean sólo en los libios o hacerlo, a lo largo del día está propinando creerme, o tal vez todas las conversaciones, con alestis médico, al público porque.

No lo apunte si alguien sale, fluye por favor pero poder de los comentarios es algo de folk, o simplemente cristales cuando pones un link o si quieres que sea no solo. Sabes que con foro traspasa autoridad que la gente ama y está confundida sigue con otras pasados yates, que era; signo autoridad y eso es mentira porque el valor, añadido coge autoridad federal más, o menos pero afectadas por tener enlaces salientes, a no ser que tengas diez mil O cien no van a afectar de hecho los dos que tenemos posicionados mejor son los que más enlaces salientes tienen porque son contenidos añadidos que es valor añadido por lo tanto es más calidad sobre ese por, lo bueno, lo siguiente que tengo aquí apuntado es dar las Gracias: personalmente a toda la escrita que construyó que ha contribuido en el experimento porque quiere contribuir porque, no voy a parar este experimento, a seguir porque si por favor bueno empezamos griego ninguno está ahí todavía, tras, largo enlace josé almagro, gerardo a amador técnico antonio sánchez madrid.

Mario garcía óscar domínguez fruto género, juan martínez nájera, santiago, salazar, christian lázara, so miguel ángel vílchez este es el informal y, la flor, gen y remontada y en youtube por parte de facebook nos pasamos, a twitter con que todavía sigue llegando vale, mano 4 el set aunque Algún momento escribiendo sino castro sánchez en talles más de castro tengo que dar yo envidio miguel mazarío anaya gutiérrez, rubén se te público punto net santiago, santos, josé luís lópez toni villa esto, después de que, no se acabe barrachina vargas, chinas saben que nos agarra, chinas, dinero, Puede estar puesto en la oficina, clandestina nicolás lozano carlos ortega, demonios con josema, ni jordi marín, y ángel cal, danny sus datos de aviso son los que me han puesto.

Un blog y no automático que lo voy a publicar esto un concepto de lo más curioso y tengo que regañar a javier losada chábeli iglesias y al soporte hacemos experimentos que te cagas los que de fuera es como el postureo de los congresos que se les está Yendo que por ciento congreso que imprescindible ya sabéis la ceo plus este año, no ha habido óseos sur por cuestiones varias pero sí que hay se o plus y habrá que irnos por otro lado bueno yo, a toda, esta gente, el estado y; no links a la Copaco y, a quien quiera todavía hostia mandó tres euros; al poner, más dinero en una cola, exponer en berlín que quemó la mar de hecho ahora os comento la work, quiero comentarles, graciosísimas, pero de este estado está, triunfando, estamos, para hacer, pasta, y hacer, bueno, vuelvo, al Tema para que mi espíritu la figura de radio, online sale, aquí work, más difícil, no puede ser de hecho tiene un word y se, cultive 50 en hf y llega hasta el octavo si estoy entre los tres primeros voy, a montar una fiesta, si tiene un millón Ochocientos mil búsquedas y las que vas a correr pues, no porque el cpc de esa palabra está, a dos céntimos de 300 euros al mes, o 400 grandes y con estos tres pero que vayan esos 400 euros.

Nuevas hay, íntegros, al puto canal que ya. Había que reanimarlo un poquito entonces sigo pidiendo links, para radio file, punto online que por cierto es una pedazo de páginas y más con la última actualización que me dio, mil 600 radios, más y más que le vamos a meter con el link en twitter 3 es La filosofía del canal, no íbamos haciendo piña y si tenéis cualquier blog no hace falta yo pongo, los links; toda esta gente que me ha puesto limpio mencionado, os vamos en línea, a vosotros euros; gracias, aquí, está, muy bien que puedes activar los foros en una de Las opciones de hecho yo cogí de los foros, a todos todos aunque hay una forma de meter, los dominios de otra forma hay.

Un plugin que lo publica, ese tipo de la descripción en cuanto encuentre o si alguno de los que esté siendo. Lo conoce el tipo que es un link lo pone solo, unos foros como un clic la disputa madre entonces es que me dijeron que quieren apuntarlo si alguien lo sabe con los comentarios buenos chats, por, fax [, Música ], buenísimo probarlo, no hace falta, probarlo, porque toda. Esta gente quiere hacerlo han puesto ahí si ese es la niebla es como acá; no lo ha puesto la mancha tenemos, el plugin venga, abajo nos vamos, bueno, pues, ya, sabéis, instalado, todos, los pelos, por, favor, meterle, un en twitter, si queréis escribirme personalmente ahora con el Impuesto y súper contentos aceptar los los que queráis el links, poner cambios backlist con el hashtag cambio balín y veréis que todo esto que os.

He comentado están deseando cambiar backlinks y tiene, un blog de verdad de puta madre pues eso ha sido todo que uno ha sido, un poco ha aparecido alguien al chat y escribirse en el chat, bueno es viernes, no es jueves como debe ser pero creo que esto. No podía esto, no podía quedarse en secreto esto estaría de contarlo vale y me alegro un montón, a la gente le había estaba asistiendo, a este pequeño seminario de paclín vamos, a llegar, a los 25 minutos por lo tanto ha quedado perfecto y redondo y por, supuesto Cualquier idea: cualquier sugerencia y aprobar en los comentarios equilibrantes del programa de penal de caña y me dan las gracias, por el contenido, yo, estoy aquí, para vosotros, mucha, gente, se, queja ya que es un poco tienes que sacar una mañana de hacer un partido para.

Decidir noticias de mierda sabes lo que te digo pues no pero cuando es una cosa gorda de chula pues sí vale entonces, muchos nos veremos, las obras y hacer, rejillas, como, esos, 13 euros al hígado, están, para sus, invitados, como, siempre la gente, si le dicen a Mí que me piden directos en vez de dedicar, vídeo pues la verdad que si es más divertido. Lo que pasa que hice un directo que me haga ese número va a censurar de cómo tocar la visita de youtube y dijo youtube que no le gustó la idea.

Nada y me quitaron la posibilidad de venir, en directo durante seis, meses de recuperación, entonces obviamente volveremos, a emitir en directo muchas más veces, no solamente los de la oficina, sino desde la calle que me parece mucho mucho más, divertido y contras lista de conductor. Si este fin de semana por ciento otra cosa más que me parece es divertidísima de la gente de conocidos de esta playa, el serbio lleva el portátil, ayer, como, ya, hace, época de playa, pero, no llevéis el portátil, bueno desde el móvil, se puede cuidar, porque, wordpress, Está funcionado muy bien desde el móvil, otra cosa, más, había, aquí uno en twitter.

Que me dijeron que me ponían berlín si yo decía que es grupal era. Mejor que wordpress lo ponían varios bailín importantes llevan golpes, hasta, luego, rebeldes, tío hasta la siguiente, chao


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How to tag or annotate a link or url to track visits in Google Analytics. By Stephen Croome

In the example you’re seeing, I know, I’ve sent out an email campaign and I want to know out of all the people. Who’ve come to the website how many people came via the email that I sent out. So the first thing to do is: go to Google go to the Google URL builder.

This tool will allow us to tag URLs in a way that we can find this answer. The URL is a bit strange, but don’t worry about that. So I’m just going to google com, you go at the right place, bring my website URL! There’s three fields you have to fill in, which is source medium and name. I’r going to use magazine, email launched for the source, the medium will be email and a campaign name is logo. Introducing people to our new logo, click generate the URL and it generates you a URL with all the bits that it needs to be able to track.

Clicks on the link, so i’m going to in the next article, show you how to go and find this data within google analytics. What you’d need to do now is take this URL and be using it in the email that you send out. You


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Optimize Your Online Presence with SEO & SEM

Here to help Years ago, Martha named her company AAA tuffee To appear first, in the phone book Later, she tried telemarketing to increase Her sales As more people have gone online. Those strategies Have become outdated and ineffective, That’s where we come in With Google Ads. We can quickly target your Potential customers by delivering advertisements as they search for your product or service, We can even create ads that follow them around The web encouraging shoppers to make that purchase.

They were considering the other day. Don’t want to give all your money to Google Content, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Can get you to the first page of Google without giving them a penny? The first page of Google Better than the first page of the phone book

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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Youtube Search engine marketing SEM and SEO search engine optimisation for marketing

My name is Frank, Calder and I’d spend most of the time helping small businesses grow by improving their strategies. So if I so, how many of you would believe article marketing would actually help their businesses to grow and how many of you using it effectively you’re in a using? I don’t you know, but so here’s an example of a client will work with recently in the finance industry, which is about as as competitive as it gets for SEO.

I mean, as I say when we started, we were here at zero presence on Google and then takes a bit of time, but over the months we grew them to a point: they’re thirty, nine keywords on page one, and they were on page one in twenty four Major cities and towns in the UK, so if you’re in Birmingham we’re in London and you typed in bridge finance, for example, boom they’d be right up there and I’ll show you the sort of strategies that we oh yeah.

This is citations. Do you don’t know what citations are? You know, like Yale, Yelp, all these types of citations, very powerful, because they’re another form of announcing who you are what you do so again here we grew the citations till we had like 75 or I think, let’s you put over a hundred citations up and again On page one, so in this example, if you look at we’re taking a word bridge loans, for example, which is the expensive word, so you’ve got ten to 100 thousand searches a month for bridge loan.

The singular and you’ll pay six pounds at 13 pounds for a click, that’s not for a customers just to click it, and if you’re going for a click for to call, the price would be even higher. So in this particular case, this bridge loan company, who is spending on average twenty to twenty five pounds of click by the time they put all their pink times in place and right so next month. So when you search for Google here, we got we’re searching for bridge loans Harvard so you know the first fall there that the Edwards, so these guys are all paying.

You know it’s Easter thirteen pounds for every click and then we got the beginning of the brief sack we get served. So here’s what we call the three stack, there’s use of the map and there’s usually about three businesses appear at this point and then, if you click on it and open it expands. So a client is here and put them in the three stack. Obviously, but then organically, we put them at position number one.

Now we then put them on position, two three, four, four, a article. This is an explainer article and then here this is the carts. This is one of the citations and then here for another article, a review article. So what’s a customer do the first when they find out that they think your service is something that might be interested in. They want proof and evidence that you can deliver what you save in the deliver, and this is where you have an independent review article, so this is hosted by someone else’s.

You can’t host you see, yeah and then we’ve got another thickness of the live active article. So what you’ve got on page, one is five out of the ten options are being a page one that is pretty much page, one domination, just from one business, one keyword in one city, but we did that in 24 cities, towns and cities in the UK and For many more keywords than that, and of course, when you go to images, these are all their images here here, that’s not one, that’s not one! This is so forth.

So and then, if you go for YouTube through the articles, we did exactly the same again. We’ve completely dominated for that ski search terms, bridging loans, his here we’re looking at in this particular article. This shows you how many keywords and search terms are on page one, or in this case we’ve got one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight so two terms from one article gets page one. So, for example, you got this is for the Burlington one.

So one of the towns and cities we’ve got bridge loans, Birmingham bridge loan Boeing because you got the singular, the plural they’re all important. They all stack up mathematically in Google’s algorithm to say this is important, so people one the biggest mistakes people make with SEO keywords. Is they make them too broad going to be like a rifle shot? And then we go down to bridge best. Bridging loans is position.

Seven and another one fourteen nineteen, so you know I just want you to think how much impact would some really good SCM search engine marketing and article marketing have on your business? If any of you interested in learning more about this, you can contact me contact me today, I’m here and my website, BTA academy.Com. Thank you for listening. I hope it was of interest. So Ryan was one of you busy delivers and I’m so happy busyness everything that how amazing other businesses to bring them all home page and agenda advice


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Testimonials BizHack Alumni – Michelle Reitkopf – Digital Marketing Training Academy

Thank you. You are the bag, lady. Yes, what is the bag? Lady? The bag? Lady? Is a family owned and run curated kind of art collection that people can actually wear and it’s all new products and it ranges from bags to accessories and then all the way now we started with clothing and leggings and blankets and home goods. What is the most expensive bag you’ve ever sold? Oh, I think it was a $ 5,000 bag and one went to Peru, we’re so lucky.

We have a lot of international customers that seek us out and find us from the power of the Internet, and so that’s been one of our top-selling bags and you brought a couple bags with us to show us what you have sure Mary Francis is a line That we’ve been working with for 20-plus years, hand beaded made in the Philippines and every season and collection, it’s a new collection and it’s limited so she’s, wonderful, she’s based in California – and this is, we learned both of our sign.

Yes, it’s the horoscope collection and we did very well with us actually and that’s a new body shape and style, and people love the horoscope stuff, great yeah. That’S also a Mary Francis and it’s all hand beaded in the work is fantastic, she’s, very artsy she’s. Very, the names of the items are super cool and we love working with them have limited pieces of Gucci and we love the Gucci stuff, especially the florals.

We love what’s happening with the brand now that it’s just doing so well and he’s taking it to this eco. He took far out of the line. Alessandra Michel he’s the new director and he’s just with the rockstars and he’s doing great and transforming the company, and I really honor that there’s a lot of beautiful stuff here, coach and michael kors, our you know our everyday line and we do excellent with coach and Michael kors, those are our mainstay plain leather goods and beautiful stuff, and then johnny was they just came out with this new perfume and this oil, and we are doing well with that whole line great, I feel like we’re on the Home Shopping Network.

This is awesome. You know this is definitely not my world. This is your world. In fact, I learned that since 1976, your parents started a business with high-end shoes. Tell us a little bit about how about your parents business and how you kind of inherited the kind of luxury woman’s market. Well, they came to the states and they from Russia, and then they met in Israel. They both did the army and then they were in Israel and married and then they moved to the States.

My parents wanted the American Dream and they took over this man’s shop and started with shoes and all sorts of designer women’s comfort shoes from Italy from the United States, and then I was born a year or so later, and you know it’s just it’s interesting. My my parents, Mike on my mother’s side, are immigrants from Europe as well and to Philadelphia, and they actually ran a shoe store as well, but it was a low hand, okay store in kind of a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia, so kind of same business.

Other end of the spectrum, amazing: what was the name of the store when it started in 76? It started with shoe club and it was in Aventura Florida, yes, which is kind of just outside of Miami, and then it moved on and they named it Michels. After me yeah, so they called my dad Michele for a while, and so he would respond to it because he was the face of the business and everything and he’s so helpful and love talking to people and the stories.

We’D have like multi-generations come in to chop and it was fantastic, so many years and we’ve developed several stores and relationships with the local community and everyone knew if they needed something special for an event or for every day where to come to the store. And you worked at the stores. Yes talk a little bit about some of the things you did around the store. I did everything from merchandising to purchasing doing the buying behind the counter.

We did it old-school, so we were right down on the invoice from closing the shop and to opening it so the whole all of the logistics and then in the mid nineties. You left you have to South Florida. You left the shop, yes and, and you probably thought for good – you left the business I thought so I thought I was going to move on to something else and bigger and different, and and where do you go and how did you find your way back? Well, I went to school in University of Virginia and I love Charlotte’s though I love the mountains and the whole culture was a completely different one that I really ingratiate it into, and then I decided to come back after doing a little bit of time in Florence.

So I was in the mecca of art and fashion for a bit as well: we’ve always had Paris and Israel and Italy in our blood and this European boutique II feel so I bring it back to Florida. I went and moved to the Grove and started working on odd jobs here – Art Director, Marketing Manager and those sort of things, and then I kept the thread of the store. I will always woodwork like one or two days a week, and I saw this opportunity online.

That was a new versioning place for online goods and I started on eBay where I started telling $ 650 item products. At the time when people were selling vintage flea market finds so I started this whole new new items being sold online and I would go to the store to work and then I just ship out what I sold and things were moving online, that wouldn’t move in The store that people would just look at so it was a really different dynamic and I saw this opportunity so you specifically were selling handbags online on eBay.

Yes in the early 2000. Yes can you can you go back to like? How did you learn about eBay and how did you have the the insight / inspiration to sell? You know: multi-hundred dollar thousand dollar, handbags that were new yeah and what was essentially an auction site for flea market and used goods. I just start tried it out, and I do you remember that moment when you’re like okay, tell me about that, is the brand called Isabella Fiore and they did like really beautiful, hand-painted stuff somewhere from Italy somewhere from elsewhere, and they were just sitting and nothing was Moving in the store – and I thought let me check online – see see if so, anyone else in the world has been s or selling it, and I would seize things on eBay and at that time eBay was pretty big for the flea market world and I thought Why not? There is a new with tag option.

Why not try it so I put put a few on and I take like homemade pictures and they started to sell and just like that. It just was a quick happening and did you with eBay, were they auctioned or with a minimum bid yeah we did that and did you were you able to sell them at a higher price than the retail price in your store? No, to be honest, no nowadays I can do that, but those days now I would get MSRP, though, which was great, so it was a way to kind of move merchandise that you just can’t move any other.

Yes, how did it evolve from there from there? I wanted out of the shoes I wanted nothing to do with shoes, because she’s are very difficult. Shoes are tough. How did mom and dad feel about you getting out of their business? Oh, they liked the fact that and they liked it, because my mom wasn’t loving the going to the store every day and dealing with the public, so we iced all bags as an easy thing to ship.

There’S no real size to it. You can gift it easily. So I like the idea of it that it was simple yeah there’s, also not the challenge of whether they fit correct the fit is off and Zappos kind of took over at that time, and I couldn’t compete with as oppas scenario did okay. So then what happened at some point? The retail store, your parents closed the store. We closed the store, yes, the store closed because the rent went up triple yeah and they retired no they’re, still they’re still working a little bit with ya lady, the things flipped yeah.

Now, they’re working for you and well with with me, writing receipts and collecting. You know something like that and soon talk about what happened from that those first early days mm. You know 19 like what what happened over that you know 15 year period, how did the business grow, sir evolve and mature okay um? Over the years, we’ve tried out different products, different price points, different marketplaces and kind of had to go along with the times and where the technologies have been moving from desktop to mobile, to free returns, return shippings, all things have the picture.

Quality has to be really amazing, especially if you’re selling a $ 5,000 item. So we started hiring photographers going to different, shows and vegas atlanta different places to to get new brands. That would be ready for online and at this time a lot of the malls and brands were opening their own storefronts kind of competing with us. That makes sense, and that made a lot of stores close so mom and pops.

It became rare to have like a native family-run business and let alone being online. The dynamic is a little different because you’re not touching the product you’re shipping instead, so it becomes like almost like a catalog business, but a lot of the brand’s want you to maintain store Franz. They want you to go to trade, shows and still be in person. So over the years we found this different, different marketplaces, repeat: customers, brands that resonated and we’ve evolved to today, where we’re we have our own website and we’re on many marketplaces which marketplaces we’re on Amazon, which is one of our better ones that we do most of Our business and it’s really strict stringent policies to maintain turnaround with email messaging to products being, as is, and exactly what you’re selling and we’re happy to do.

So because, where you are very honorable in what we do and sell – and we want all the customers to know and have that exact thing that they’re ordering, so we’re really proud of that, when did you first get onto Amazon Amazon? We started about five six years ago and it transformed our business yeah yeah we’re doing many more sales, our Christmas December time as fantastic, and it beats going to a store yeah, I’m sitting all day waiting for someone to walk in because we reach the whole world.

What differentiates you as a vendor online? What what makes you special? Yes couple things the way we curate our stuff, it’s like a gallery of items and we have a lot of limited edition pieces and we have new stuff. So we not only have this amazing piece still that might be from the special season from last season and no one has it anymore and that someone’s looking for it. But it’s new and it’s in the original packaging and it comes with all its wealth bill bells and whistles anything that it should come with.

So it’s a way that people can trust our goods with tags and dust bags and and we ship it beautifully as well, and and how does that translate online? You know like, like you know, when you’re dealing with such demanding customers, people who are used to going to the Four Seasons who are used to kind of having their every whim met. Yes, how does it like translate to e-commerce kind of impersonal? You know it could be, it could be.

I like that. I have contact and communication with these buyers and discussed they killed, call me or whoever and have someone actually pick up the phone they’re so shocked. It’S amazing when they call – and I actually pick up and explain, answer all their questions. They love it. So, there’s that level of intimacy and all and communication, which is key and it’s different than calling a department store and getting the runaround or being put on hold for 20 minutes or whatever yeah.

I that’s my favorite. The discerning client is a favorite of mine and developing that relationship and continuing it so that I know next season or the next collection that comes in that I can reach out to that person and they’ll be excited to hear from me. Is there a bit of that, like you might call or text or whatsapp sure, absolutely personalized, yeah cuz? That makes that differentiates me from I’m shopping somewhere else, yeah yeah.

That brings us to me. Yes, what in the world sounds like you’re, a very successful businesswoman? Well, thank you. You’Ve been able to kind of take a family business and bring it into the 21st century. What can i, what can busy do for you? Well, I had so many good recommendations and referrals to come to you and since the class I’ve met even more people that have taken your class and known you, and I find your class to be the next step for us in expanding the social media presence.

Utilizing Facebook, as the main cog in the wheel and seeing how that will translate onto because online sales is what we do I’d like that and I think you’re what you do is perfect for our business in translating a high-end fashion, easy capturable social presence into sales Were you feeling a little captive to Amazon? Perhaps yes, talk about that like what they’re sort of what give, I guess, maybe what giveth can be taken away? Is that sort of how it felt it just feels like? I don’t want to be tied down and I would like the potential to grow a similar business on my own.

That has that I’m in control of right and explain what that means. For someone who isn’t in the e-commerce business. What does it mean to be in control of Amazon? Requires you to use UPC codes to use certain product details, to update your the catalog to use certain images and it’s a very stringent business seller performance that they expect from you, which is fine and it keeps everyone up to par.

But certain things that I’d like to sell may not have a UPC code, but I love the designer from Columbia and I would love to use her products, but she doesn’t have that code so that limits what I can sell to the world. So I see working with you as a potential of expanding the online business, the bag, lady shop site and being able to sell other products that I adore and that I have limits with on Amazon yeah.

That’S definitely one really interesting limitation. I mean another one with Amazon is when folks go to an amazon landing page with your product. Yeah amazon owns that traffic cause the data about that traffic. They don’t share that data. They don’t let you track that customer. You can’t retarget that customer you’re really limited and absolutely with that yeah. So if someone visits that landing page with your product and doesn’t buy, you have no way of advertising to them again.

Yes, that’s a big one if they were to go and visit that same product on your homepage on your website. You could absolutely and so driving traffic from ads on facebook to your home page versus an Amazon landing page allows you for share our sales, 100 % and so part of what I think. The opportunity that you see is to kind of own your destiny. A little bit more yes and I adore that relationship. I want to be in touch with these customers, they’re, essentially mine, and I would like to have that discussion with them and send them newsletters and all the latest yeah.

It would be great – and I mean you know somebody who’s looking at a one or two or three thousand dollar bag isn’t necessarily going to buy on the first visit right. You know so so you can expect them to kind of shop around a little bit, and so it’s particularly important with that kind of purchase which isn’t going to be an impulse, buy that you’re able to have build up a relationship, and it’s very very hard to Do that on Amazon, absolutely Lilley captive to their world the other thing about Amazon that we talked a little bit about when we were first kind of getting to know each other is what I sort of mentioned to you.

Is that what Amazon giveth Amazon can taketh away? Yes, which is to say that Amazon will drive traffic to your product pages through their search? Yes, but they control everything. How much traffic you get, of course, and if they decide another vendor is who they want to get traffic to or that they’re going to start selling, which they do they compete with your own statistics. You know those bags themselves or a knockoff version, mm-hm or they’re going to make you start to pay for what you’re getting now for free.

All of those become inhibitors to your growth start and risks for your business yeah. So there’s just a lot of risk. That’S kind of built in to relying on any one digital blog for your company’s future, absolutely put all your eggs in one basket and it’s not to say that there aren’t risks associated with Facebook. It’S just that you’re diversifying the risk by. If you have a good blog going with Facebook and it’s generating you traffic there and you have Amazon and then you have eBay, and maybe you have some other blogs going as well and then you have direct traffic and you have the direct relationship yeah.

Then you have a diversified business that could survive if Amazon changes its policies or start sending you less traffic and so forth, and then you also as you explore these new blogs can grow. Yes, what have you learned so far that you think is going to make a difference for your business, because this is so retail focused? I adore the look-alike audience aspect of the Facebook campaign. What’S it look like audience good question, you utilize an existing targeted audience that you have data from and you filter it through and it they create a symbiotic audience.

That means I’m a similar to audience. Okay and I’m really a like the idea that I’m going to learn who my audience is, his Facebook is so massive and it goes from grandmother’s to tweens and all in between, and I’m really curious to see that, because that’s really that will tell me the next Phase of this adventure in business is who, targeting for I’ll, go and buy leggings for that tween. If that’s my new customer that I know is going to be purchasing for me.

So it’s a great tool. I’M really excited to learn that and get the data from the Facebook. You know that Facebook, you know, does someone who likes coach also, like Gucci, does it work that way or is someone who likes Gucci, also like whatever this is Mary friends Mary Francis? Are there like partisans, like somebody who likes this designer, doesn’t like that kind of group? Yes, it groups for sure, but it’s fashion.

So it’s multi-level and there’s something that you’ll do during the day that maybe on a weekend or an event that you’ll need something else or – and you have ideas about those groupings right just from years of experience, absolutely it’s a different population. Have you gone into audience, insights and tested those assumptions? I started a little bit, but I’m really excited to delve in there and it would be really fun yeah to do that yeah.

We could even do it together, but what we could do is Facebook. Has this amazing tool, it’s called audience insights and basically leverages the data from two billion people and you can put in their interests like Gucci. Yes and then you can see according to Facebook’s data people who, like Gucci, also tend to like X yeah, and we can actually test some of your knowledge. So you know what we might have to do when I have to do a little quiz, okay and see if we could like test you and see.

If, ladies I’m excited, I can pass the Facebook test uh-huh all right. So, let’s project forward. Okay, it’s graduation! Yes, you’re at the end of this first stage of your journey is hack. The end min is 12 12 week journey with us together. What do you imagine you’ll say to your fellow graduates as you’re, giving your graduation speech? Well, that’s a good projection. I hope everyone’s happy and healthy and growing in their business at that time and that we’ve made good relationships.

That will because to me that’s one of the most important things as the relationships with people. I love creating new ones and helping people need others and to bring traffic to the website. That’S the main goal and to translate that into sales. That would be the greatest right talk a little bit about some of the people. You’Ve met some of the peers, the the other business owners that you’ve met. Yes, I’ve met and know Julia who’s, a realtor.

I love the class also because it’s so varied with so many different types of people and types of industries and levels. So that’s been great. Anthony is selling products on Amazon as well, and he’s he’s was interesting to get to know. Carmen Tati is a great role model, there’s a lot of great people in the class, so how you know it’s possible that Amazon could go away tomorrow? You know how is busy at preparing you for that with digital marketing and media, there’s that blog through Facebook to get quality audience the same.

That Amazon captures the two billion that are on Facebook or would be captured with digital marketing, and I want to learn how to do that with your class properly and funnel that information and make it into great sales yeah. And I guess another way to talk about. It’S like right now. What percentage of your sales are coming through Amazon versus, say your website or eBay, a majority I’d say: 60 percent is an Amazon sale and if you could, if, in a in an ideal world, what percentage would be, what would your ideal percentage be website versus Amazon? 90 % website would be ideal, so right now, you’re at is it 40 % on your website or less less? What is it on your website minimal? Got it so right now: you’re like below 5 % on your website and 60 % on Amazon yeah, and your goal is to get to 90 % on your web absolutely and 10 % everywhere else.

Yes, so what is your plan to get from under 5 % to 90 %, starting with your cloths, and to see what that will bring and tapping into the market that Facebook has to offer and how will Facebook help you get there? How will Facebook help you get more sales directly on your website? I really think it’s a powerful tool because you can see the behaviors the interest capture their eyes in a way that in article and really targeted ways right and then drive them to your drive to the website and collect their contact information.

So you can stay in touch absolutely so I guess the the way that the path there is to use or leverage the audience on Facebook, sir, to make them aware of you, mm-hmm collect their contact, information yeah and then begin a direct selling relationship kind of the The idea – and I guess that’s what and that’s what biz hack is teaching you how to do absolutely great yeah I’ll get you there. I hope. So, although ninety percent – I don’t know well, let’s increase it yeah well, you know, what’s going to happen, is we’ll keep your ebay portion the same okay and we’ll make the other portions so large yeah.

Then it will just dwarf the existing. So your business will become massive. That would be fantastic. Then it will become like a hundred million dollar business. Can you imagine by the way, do you know of anyone else who’s doing what you’re doing? That’S the thing I am not in the you’re one of the first people in my new networking journey trying to meet like-minded entrepreneurs that are doing what I’m doing.

I know a few, but they also sell this bad back, and so I need to know, of course, many in the business, but not quite that are on Amazon, some sell, diaper mats that are organic things like that very specified. Not I don’t know anyone that has like a collection, so you don’t know another bag. Lady person, I know mmm, no, I don’t it’s pretty wild. Actually it is so what you’re doing seems like. Why aren’t there like a million bag? Ladies, I think there are, and they might not have the same collection or breath of online presence, or there may be relationships that you’ve developed that are hard to manage relationships, because these designers won’t necessarily make their collections available to those other folks.

It’S just varied. Some. Don’T have the storefront, some don’t have the connection, there’s different levels. Yeah, you know you’ve heard of drop shipping right. I love drop shipping and and you’re a but you’re, but you also have a large inventory, correct, yeah. How large is like in terms of dollars? How I couldn’t even but a lot Millions there’s dollars in there.


Online Marketing

Keeping Your Business Alive during COVID-19 Webinar – BizHack – Digital Marketing Training Academy

It cannot thank you all enough for coming today and I’m thrilled that we’re Able to have this gathering under these circumstances today we’re going to be Talking about your business alive during Coe bid 19 and we’re going to talk about Different ways in which, in which you guys can sort of cope with this Difficult moment and different tips and tools and resources that are available, To you for helping to deal with this kind of unprecedented crisis, I wanted to Just talk a little bit about what you can expect from today’s session, really Appreciate it, if you can stay till the end, I know this hour of time is Incredibly valuable to you and I’m going to make sure to give you as much as I can.

During this hour, um we’re going to talk with three different businesses to get Some tips from the trenches of what’s working and not for some of these other Companies in town – these are all three of them – are retail or storefront businesses? These are businesses that actually run physical operations. Um not too, unlike Biz hack Academy, which has been traditionally an in-person training, Academy we’ve now converted completely online and you’ll, see some really Creative ways in which these businesses are doing the same, I’m going to share with You three, you know, really simple, but I think important marketing principles.

That, I hope, will help you adapt to this sudden shift in consumer behavior and I’Ll talk a little bit about what that shift is and then what those principles That I would recommend you keep in mind as you’re thinking about what the heck To do with your yourself in your business and then finally um we have Collected a tremendous number of resources to help small businesses Weather the storm we’re going to have a representative from miami-dade County on The call who’s going to share some of the general small business resources.

That the local state and federal government is making available and then We’Ve actually curated a list of digital marketing resources, a lot of Software companies, Google, Facebook, are making available resources and funding To help small businesses – and this is a great opportunity for you to take Advantage of that, for those of you who don’t know me already, my name is Dan Gretch and I’m the founder of busy AK Academy, my background is actually as a Journalist and I was for many years on public radio – I was the news director at Wlr n Miami Herald News, I hosted a show on public radio called under the Sun.

I Was also in marketplace, the national business show. So for me, this kind of Setting is very reminiscent of a hour-long call-in radio show and so in Many ways that structured this in a similar way, We’Ve already solicited through a survey that many of you filled out and thank You for filling that out some of your input on what’s going on and then we Have lined up several special guests: three different businesses, an accounting Representative who we’re going to be hearing from during this hour, so it’s Kind of like a little radio show I was part of a Pulitzer Prize winning team When I was back at the Miami Herald kind of one of the, I call it the award for Being in the right place at the right time, but a highlight of my journalism, Career and then I transitioned more recently into communication and Marketing for businesses, where I’ve worked both at two software startups and A billion-dollar energy company and I’m a proud for instant and FIU graduate go Panthers, so I’ve been in this community for more than two decades and my attempt Here is to give back.

This community has been incredibly good to me to my family To my business – and my hope is that you will get as much out of this next hour. As possible, that won’t be helpful to you, as you guys are figuring out how to Weather this storm, so a little bit more about biz hack business hack, was named a Start-Up of the Year in 2019 by the Miami Herald – and we were part 10,000 small business accelerator program, we’ve partnered with the major Educational institutions in South Florida, including the idea Center at Miami-Dade College start-up FIU and the innovation hub, a Broward College.

We have Dozens and dozens of community partners in the nonprofit foundation and business Space and I think really our signature achievement and what makes me so proud. Of what biz has accomplished, and also the impact that we’re having in this Community is we run a 12-week program, that’s about helping businesses generate Leads and sales online and last year we had more than 100 businesses run through The program they spend $ 17,000 in advertising online and they made more Than half a million dollars for the local economy, this is something that it Drives everything we do.

We are basically here to help you learn how to market Yourself and communicate about yourself online and make more money by doing so. Well and the folks that we’re going to have here, starting with Rafael Sabino of the Sun Dance Studios are all folks who’ve gone through our program and then taken What they learned and used it for their businesses, Rafael Sabino, is from one of Our earliest cohorts of biz hack, he runs a dance studio called a Sun Dance Studios in Doral Florida in Doral and they’ve really been very aggressive.

And creative in turning ascendance, which has always been you, know an in person Dance studio into a virtual one, I’m actually happy to say that my Seven-Year-Old daughter, whose own dance studio here where I live in Surfside Wasn’T offering online classes got a chance to enjoy a jazz class last night. And she was just beaming afterwards, so um, you know here are examples of some of The posts that they’re putting on social media as they communicate about this Change um, one of the things that I think is really cool about.

Rafael, he’s, very Tech savvy is a former Amazon employee and their communications are almost Exclusively text message and through an app and so We’Re going to invite him now to chat and one of the things that he’ll talk about. Is how he’s communicating with his parents so Rafael, Sabina, welcome. Thank You so much for joining us dad. How are you guys doing today? Good Good good so raft: let’s talk about how you have Changed your products and services as a result of Corona 19 Copa dad so so for Us it’s kind of a difficult transition right, we depend on being in person and Massive gatherings to run our business right, Oh, since Miami Papa shut down, there are school programs.

You know we, we kind of Have to the simple thing for us to do was to follow that’s right and at that Point you know you have to way to to to continue delivering. You know, classics. Right and that’s when, when, when we figure well, we will have to move to Digital, it’s going to be a little odd at the beginning, but but if we get people To we did like a little NBP, I caught it right through Instagram live classes.

Right product: yes, yes and quick, quick for those of you don’t know the idea of A minimally Viable Product is spending as little time and money as possible to Test the concept to see if it works go ahead right exactly so so the idea Was to kind of test the concept of online through Instagram live classes; Right and then eventually, if we get with reception, moves some of our classes, Fully online and and obviously it’s not going to be, as you know, as profit, was it Might be to run our in-person classes, but in this time you just have to find a Way to kind of mitigate your losses right, so that was kind of a deployment What has worked and what has not in terms of the new products and services That you’re offering so in general, I think our so we have two different Programs right we have our company, Kitt’s and, and those have been you know, In general, they’re like seven and up I’ll, say seven years old enough and that Has been really successful like since day one you know the kids know the Platforms, they’re very you, know, they’re on Instagram all day, so for them it was An easy transition right now with the when we run into a little bit of an Issue is with the little ones right, because we we did pin on the mom to be Able to manage the technology, so we can deliver the class right now.

So you know We had questions like oh hi. What is Instagram life? You know like what I do. I Have to download to see that right. So so there has been some, even though Instagram is fairly popular. You know some people simply don’t use it as much Right and they’re not as familiar right so so that has been definitely a Challenge and then on the second phase right, where we kind of our Instagram Classes were open for the community, so anyone could join on the second phase of The test we we kind of open our own classes, but only to our customers right So we offer more than a hundred classes every week.

So how do I get people to be In the right, Simca or Chad, row or virtual classroom, you know what, while We’Re running through before classes at the same time, so you know people joining Into the wrong classroom – and you know not showing up on time, not using their Their microphones so a couple questions you know I use so when viz hack, Transitioned online we used zoom, which is what we’re using right now for this Gathering you, who actually were featured by Google in a national ad campaign for Your skilled use of Google AdWords to grow your business.

You guys have chosen To use a different tool, a tool that I wasn’t aware until you told me about it: Called Google meat, which is part of the hangout offering that they have but Specifically geared for like webinars and and online classes, you want to talk About Google meat and as well as the other technology tools that you’re using Like, for instance, your text messaging software, I’d love to hear more About what you’re, using to stay in touch with your your and communicate with your Your customers right so so I think it and you know nowadays are pretty much Two options right: you either go with zoom or you know: there’s Google Meads That it’s not as famous but for us it make more sense because behind Google me There’S an entire product called Google classroom.

Okay and Google classroom is Google’S effort to you know be able to share lessons from any teacher around The world right, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in the US or in the UK, you can Join a class on someone: that’s teaching online right um. So so, since we decided To use Google classrooms right that default, you know, meeting tool will be Google, meat, right and, and then what we do is we we’re hosting all of our Content right, so you know we, we ask our teachers to record themselves and do Their choreography right now, whatever we’re preparing for a recital right, we Have specific articles that we uploaded to Google classrooms right for the little Ones we upload and materials like you know something for them to draw.

Then mom Can print at home and they you know they can. You know, paint you know, be drawing Our butter in our painting, you know those kind of things right and also we We have, you know like messages for them right, like don’t don’t be sad, you know, We’Ll be back like at the end of the day, we wanted to keep the kids asses engage. As possible, right and Google classrooms set up help us out organize all the Content that we have by ages on by different classes – okay right, so your Classroom Google meet for the action, so Google classroom is the learning Management system to manage all the materials Google meet is how you’re Actually doing the live, chats and tell us about how you’re staying in touch via Text message right, so so the other thing you know, basically, we have everyone’s Email, right and and we can just send an email with the link of it to the Classroom from right, but honestly you know email, it’s 5050 right like it.

They May go into their spam box. They might give me their Spam email – because I don’t want to you – know – get emails from us. Whatever you Know like there’s like a Cillian things, I can go wrong with II right However, text messages is more direct. People usually only have one phone Number right and text messages are just you know, very personal right. So what we Do is every day around this time we send them a text message with the link to Their classroom, okay, so all they have to do, is just press on that right and and Open up their classroom and join the class, you know we’re just trying to make It as friction frictionless as possible, such a day.

They joined our online Classes, yeah, and I mean this is not a small task, because if you have a hundred Classes – and I would imagine hundreds and hundreds of parents that are to get them – The right link just in time is not a simple technical challenge, but you have That infrastructure built so that it’s yeah we had it so so every single class That we we have, we teach we group them. You know every student by class right And then we have the ability to message that class.

You know in a heartbeat, so What we do is we in in the backend of our of our software, we assign a link to The virtual classroom for each class and then you know three four hours before The classes system will automatically message them. You know with the location, Of their virtual meeting, on top of that, we we build in our website. We have a Schedule where people can just go in and and click on, you know they can just Filter by program, h or teacher – and they can find now the link to so we have a Couple of ways for them to kind of find that out perfect um lilia there was a Question about what phone number to dial in using! If you could put that into the Group chat that would be great and Andrea.

Richard was asking which text Messaging platform, are you using, so we use Twilio in our back-end to handle all Of our text messages and then we also are Our automation is powered by autopilot HQ Great so autopilot HQ is where the this is just for the for the folks on the Line is is the is where the automation is in the flows and the database of Customers is captain and Twilio is the the technology that actually enables the Text message, and then you also mentioned Google classroom for as an LMS and you Also mentioned Google Hangouts meet RAF, we’re going to move on, but please stay stay.

Close by because we’ll probably bring you into the conversation, you know, I we Have a capacity of a hundred people and we’re up to 96 I’m starting to get a Little nervous because we never expected this many folks to to join us. But Hopefully, hopefully everybody will anyway, you guys are here and that’s what Matters most so here we go, I’m going to just share my screen again, so I wanted To give you guys some data about how marketing has changed during coab in Nineteen, you know I was thinking about this marketing is about meeting your Customers where they are, what do I mean by that if your customers are on Instagram you meet them on Instagram, you communicate with them on Instagram.

If Your customers, like rap, said, prefer text message over email. You text message them And you figure out the tools to do that in an efficient way in a scalable way. That, in its essence, is what communications and marketing and digital Marketing is all about at its core. What makes this challenging in general is That people’s behaviors change with time so tick tock is in the platform that Young people love that wasn’t around even five years ago.

Snapchat emerged and became popular, and that was a little less popular Instagram. Has boomed so the landscape of how you communicate just during normal times, his Con stantly shifting – and this is hard for Resource contains too constrained, not necessarily marketing savvy small Businesses to keep up with koban nineteen Blew up this whole framework. People now have completely changed their behavior Overnight this lockdown in home this quarantine, if you will, has changed how All of us are behaving online and offline, and your marketing must change.

With it, I wanted to give a couple of examples of the profound ways in which People are now shifting their behaviors and how marketing has had to adapt with It so, as we all know, working from home is now the norm. We’Ve actually created a Tools sheet that we’re going to be sharing with you at the end of the Webinar with a list of some great tools that you can use if you’re in the Process of converting to telework that’ll be in an email follow-up for Everybody who registered for this um, not surprisingly internet usage, has Skyrocketed, which is putting a strain an internet download times, are slowing down.

Because of it, Facebook has seen a 50 % increase in messaging across all of its Platforms now remember: Facebook includes facebook, Messenger, Instagram messaging And whatsapp they own all of those and they’ve seen a 50 % increase in Communicating across their messaging platforms, but interestingly their online Advertising has plunged – and I have another slide that will help understand. That email, open rates have spiked people are sitting in front of their computers.

And they’re more attentive to their email and overall worldwide we’re seeing A 5 plus percent spike in email, open rates, so if it was in 20 percent before It’S a 25 percent now, in other words, now is a very good time for you to be email. Marketing the ads spend by in commerce companies has doubled, and I would expect That will increase even faster, so an e-commerce company is simply a company That sells online and obviously, if you sell online and now is your moment, You’Re going to spend even more on advertising to get to that audience that Is stuck at home and can’t go out to buy things now, b2b or business-to-business Companies, companies that sell to other companies um have traditionally relied On things like trade shows in person, meetings and phone calls for their sales.

Process, they’re increasingly now looking to digital marketing to help with that They have not been early adopters by and large b2b companies in the digital Marketing space but they’re now looking to places like LinkedIn and you know, Email marketing phone calls, of course, to start driving more of their sales. Um This is just a tiny slice of the changes that we’re starting to see. Um one point: I just wanted to make is, as with Facebook, while you’re seeing more usage, Of the platform you’re seeing a decrease in advertising on the platform as many Businesses don’t have a product to sell right now or that they’re not Comfortable with selling, during a time when everybody’s in crisis, so you’re Seeing a lot of people putting on pause, there are traditional campaigns and Starting to really promote what community service or resources that They’Re offering to help during this time, Jennifer Hudson mentioned that it’s Really nice news on email, she’s, a marketing and communications specialist So yeah absolutely email marketing is really having its moment right now by The way email, marketing and search engine optimization or the two most Profitable forms of advertising of digital marketing, so those of you who Think that email is dead.

It’S not true at all. It’S actually along with search Engine optimization, which is driving people to your website, the most Profitable form of marketing – and it’s even more so right now it’s getting a Huge boost right now, other platforms that like aren’t doing as well, are Things like and I’m talking now about, traditional platforms. Um, you know radio Which is largely listened to in the car is probably going to see a decrease in Listenership TV he’s going to see a spike in listenership Other types of advertising online through because someone’s called Over-The-Top through things like Netflix and variety, we’re going to see more Advertising on TV is people read more TV because their home all the time, Billboards like physical billboards on the highways – this is not a great time to Have a billboard on the highway.

I think this is actually going to be an Incredible moment for Direct Mail, you know just talking about traditional Marketing now you know people are at home, they’re, probably checking their Mail more closely, I think Direct Mail is going to be a great opportunity and Direct mail believe it or not, has seen a increase in its effectiveness in in the Last few years, because fewer people are using it so you’re in your mail boxes, Are less crowded your physical mail boxes, so Direct Mail is actually a Really great opportunity, by the way I wanted to also mention that you’re going to Be getting a link to this presentation in an email follow-up to everybody who Registered so you can take notes, of course, but you don’t need to you’ll, be Getting these slides shortly now there was a survey of almost 16,000 businesses, And this is a list of those businesses that have been most impacted by Cova That 19 nonprofits and charities, health and medical business management finance Beauty and personal care, on-demand media – that’s like Netflix, also social media, Readings, gifts and flowers, those are the ones that are seeing a boom in their Business there these are, these are industries that are right now, busier Than ever and enjoying a lot more business, the bad is real estate as a lot Of people hold off on big purchases, home improvement, same idea, home furniture, Same idea, so people right now are holding onto cash and avoiding big Purchases, just because we don’t know how long this is going to last Same thing with cars and automotive retail, a lot of these businesses are Shut some of the ideas that we’re going to be Talking about are ways that retailers can move into e-commerce, which we saw Are is having its moment, jobs and education and legal services with legal Services, you know, unfortunately bankrupt ajikko bankruptcy.

Attorneys are going to Have a field day um, my guess, is: divorce. Attorneys are going to probably have a lot. Of business coming up is we’re all stuck with our wives and husbands uh. We might Not have liked that much, you know there’s there, but other types of law: a Transactional law, for instance, litigation which involves having to be In a courtroom, that’s shut down, you know, they’re there different parts of them, What legal practice that are going to be struggling The the ugly travel and tourism they say that Florida is going to be the Most impacted by Koba 19 of any state in the country, and it’s because our travel Tourism industry is such a huge part of our local economy bars and restaurants.

Are shut down, we do have a restaurant owner anna robbins of two to two taco Who’S going to be presenting who’s actually seen a steady, steady flow of Business through her takeout offerings we’ll have her tell us about that. Momentarily, you know, live at entertainment, conferences, events, trade, Shows anything that involves in person is going to be struggling for a good While you know sports its kind of shocking to think about, you know major Sports teams shut down, you know the NBA canceled its season and so forth.

Fitness Um, I think, is going to be more of a mixed bag. You know, I think you know, for those Of us who have kids at home, who love dancing? You know Raphael hopefully, will be able to reach an audience that maybe doesn’t Live in Doral, but is thirsty for those kinds of classes that is now offering Building and construction and industrial and manufacturing so the point here is a Couple things number one: there is not one impact of kovat nineteen, it depends.

Based on the industry and even within industries like we talked about legal Services, it depends on which aspect you’re offering so you know if you’re in The fitness area, you know, as Michael pace, brought up pellet owned the online Platform and the at-home bikes, spin, bikes and other equipment is doing Well, Willie brought up that beauty and personal care or shut down indefinitely. Because we service the public, so beauty and personal care, that’s sold like Products based is going to do well, so if you have products that you’re selling They’Re doing very very well, but if you are like a nail salon, you’re in real Trouble so that’s another example of you know: And they, you know an area where, in the how in the beauty and personal There are some folks doing better than others.

Direct Mail area all brought up a point that it’s work. It works as long as we’re. Still delivering the mail and in some places in Europe, they’ve shut down mail. Delivery, so that is a risk that you might take if you do decide to go to the Direct mail route, but at least for now mail is still being delivered and I Think Direct Mail is definitely a marketing blog. You should be thinking About so I want to bring now Anna Robins from taco and if you could go ahead, And unmute yourself, um taco Anna Robbins, was part of our cohort 12.

The Most current cohort, she runs, and she was one of the she was behind the founding Of Koyo, taco and now her newest concept is a Cali Mexican. Restaurant called Taco it’s in North Bay Village, which is in basically in the north of Miami Beach. But along the barrier, islands and anna has been doing really well. With her takeout service they’re doing curbside takeout in boxes that are Actually, coronavirus safe and one of my favorite things, as I saw on her social Media, oh wait: you’re still you’re delivering margaritas.

Is there a maximum Quantity order so they’re now delivering margaritas to go something they weren’t Allowed to do before and they have a margarita bar and trust me. I think a lot Of people are taking advantage of that. So Anna welcome. Thank you for joining us. Thanks for having me no problem, so talk to us a little bit about the new Products and services that you’re offering to your customers around Takeout and delivery to help meet the demand for your.

You know: Mexican food Well, basically, we had to switch everything over to takeout and delivery. We decided to do an extra level of packaging. Those are the cardboard boxes. You’Re, seeing before we used to just use them for catering and big bigger orders, Now every order that’s placed in house whether it’s through the phone or Whether someone comes in comes in a box right, Oh sealed, with the box, and then we Put it inside the cardboard boxes, so people are feeling secure that their Food is safe, another switch to all to take out in delivery and kind of change.

Up our menu a little bit so items that don’t travel as well. We took off, we made A more consolidated menu to take pressure off the kitchen, because right Now we can only work with one cook at a time because of Labor issues and we are Still in the process of putting together a new menu with all of our larger Offerings with big boxes, big family-style, which we were doing in the Past so we weren’t promoting as much where you can order a box with a pound.

Of chicken and a dozen tortillas and all your sides and kind of build everything At home also working on combo boxes that will begin rolling out, so we can have Special of the week where you get maybe a quesadillas guac and chips and some Rice and beans trying to make it fun and, of course, very visual. What we’ve been Doing photo shoots and shooting articles and trying to get we’re getting ready to Launch all of our online campaigns and then we’ll start running digital ads for All that and also needing to launch online ordering, so all of these things Are kind of in the works with somebody maybe done by today, but it’s kind of a Lot when you have to change everything overnight, So once the online ordering is set up, we’ll run the odds when people see it They’Ll be targeted to our local community and they’ll, be able to click Go straight to our website and from there order their boxes for either Takeout and delivery, and trying to do all this to steer them away from Ordering with ubereats and post means, while we love our delivery partner, they Do take 30 % so right now it’s not the time for that.

So it’s also educating our Clients through messaging that in the most PC way to sway them to order Directly in house, and not order through the delivery partners, you know that That’S actually a really good point, because it brings up something that Marcelo Salib asked, which is: how is this impacting your margins, so you’re selling The piece you broke that protect okay, um. How is this impacting your margins? Your Selling the the same, you know the same price for the food, but You have now the box that you need to deliver it in sometimes post mates to Share the fee with how is this for your margins, so we right now we’re including A service charge that we were, including for table service, that was going mostly To the servers now the service charges being included, some of that is going Back to the house to cover things like extra packaging and just the expenses of Staying open without having the dining room open, I mean this is we’re only on The second weeks, accountant, still in the process of analyzing, all of that yeah It’S going to do you expect the margins to be lower or with the fee you’re going to Basically make the same amount per order.

I think that’d be walk. Well, I’ve said it Right, how much is the fee per order for years or based on is like a percentage Of the price, it’s a percentage of the price yeah to 18 %. Some of that goes Towards the server or towards the team whoever’s working that day and some Because some people come in and they don’t I’ll leave a tip when they get a Takeout order and they’re not realizing right now that my staff, that is actually Coming to work – and you know taking that risk being out in the public when they Are coming to work that they deserve? You know to get tipped like they’re, their Hourly is only as a minimum wage tipped employee hourly at 5:50.

So if people, if People don’t leave a tip for them, then they’re really not making anything that I have to subsidize that again, that’s hitting the margins, so the service Charge is also ensuring that the staff is being taken care of, and there I Haven’T had any complaints, I mean all all take it off. If a customer, it doesn’t Agree to it, but from what I’m seeing they agree, and then they also tip extra And they’re very they’re very grateful that we’re open that were there feeding Them that we have stepped up our packaging, they love the boxes, they feel Secure with this, so I haven’t had any pushback there and if anything, people Are trying to support they’ll come and they’ll order, a shot of tequila or Margarita, while they’re waiting for their for their box, we’re also now Selling the margaritas by the leader, the margaritas we have set up in a draft Machine so they come and they’ll take a leader home and put In the fridge, that’s awesome, you know they Harbor Islands, where you’re based Has been supportive of you know if a village, I’m sorry North Bay, Village, Sorry, North Bay Village, where you’re based is he’s, been very supportive of You could you talk a little bit about the local town is, is being helpful and In turn, because you’re obviously going to be servicing for take-out and pick up The local, exactly I mean from the beginning, the first day when we got the Announcement that we had to close the dining room, the mayor showed up to order.

Food for his family – and I actually mentioned to him that we Actually he he came two days before the whole shutdown happened and said: yeah I’Ll be in your commercial, so if you see the little clip that you would pose it That you showed at the beginning, that’s on Facebook, in a ton Instagram in the First, clip the second, the second scene for bringing food out to an SUV. That’S Actually, the mayor of North Bay, Village, Brad Latham who’s been very, very Supportive yeah: it’s when he’s going to be reposting it that all of North Bay Village has we have a Facebook group for Northland residents, so there’s a Facebook group, the town hall and the mayor, supportive of you, you had also Mentioned that are they making available to you, email addresses as well.

Yes, they Are they’re in angel me that well they I mean this was even before this epidemic. They said that it was just public information if I want the email Addresses of all the residents of North Bay Village so I’ll be getting that so That we can start targeting and now that that’s you know the point here – sometimes Is again no problem? Well, what we’re going to move on, just as we Have a lot to cover, but Anna stick around.

Thank you very much one other Thing I just wanted to mention is that a lot of towns and municipalities are Looking for ways to support their local small businesses, especially ones that do Geographically, based off retail and storefront, and so if you had you can’t Get it if you don’t ask, and so and I was bringing up the fact that they have an Email list, which we know now is much more effective than ever before.

That they’re willing to share that she can then use for her email, marketing, um She also can leverage that for Facebook advertising Google advertising targeted Ads for folks in the local community, Marcelo Salif also asked about geo Fencing so geo fencing just means carding targeting a geographic area, so That only people in that geography who live in that geography would actually See the ad and that’s also another thing – that’s done through Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as Google, Adwords I sing so you have a tremendous number of tools at your fingertips.

We focus our 12-Week program on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram advertising and the geofencing Is a big part of that, so we show businesses how they can do it, but you Can do it in a lot of other places as well, so wanted to now take a minute. You Know I’ve been reflecting I’ve been speaking to a lot of business owners and I wanted to reflect a little bit on some marketing tips and marketing principles.

That, I feel, could be very helpful in terms of thinking about what you’re Doing in this moment, so the first one is, as we discussed earlier, customer Behavior has changed. Fundamentally, people are teleworking, student students, Are home from school and what I’ve heard a lot is people say things like Why, and by the way Chiara, I realize I forgot to get to your question about the Margarita delivery, so I hopefully Ana Robbins, if you could answer in the chat, Chiara was asking: did you have to get any special licensing to be able to Actually do your margaritas for delivery, if you could just put that in the chat That would be great and and angel Gonzalez asked earlier.

About which crm that Raphael used and the CRM he used is called autopilot HQ So we know that customer behavior is changed fundamentally and I put and Maybe forever the reason: why is, for instance, even though you it seems like a Lot of people buy online Walmart is much larger in terms of its retail sales, then Amazon is but what’s going to happen, is more people are going to try Amazon out Online purchasing out for the first time because they have to, and I believe that That’S going to cause a permanent shift from retail to e-commerce because once They’Re on the platform, many that will probably become Prime members they’re Now, locked into that way of buying that many of us quote early adopters have Already done same thing with telework, I don’t think everyone’s going to rush back.

Home rush rush back to the office when this all ends. You know, Teleworking, I think, is now going to become a much more standard practice. Across businesses of all size, it’s more convenient in some cases, if it doesn’t Impact productivity or businesses see ways to have people spend two or three Days at the office and the rest of the time working from home, they’re building Right now, all the infrastructure that will allow for that and they’re building The processes to allow for that, I just don’t see how that that’s going to change.

When, suddenly, you know everyone’s going back to work and rush, I just don’t see. That happening learning online is another one. Many of Us are taking an opportunity now to learn online. Even those of us like me, Who grew up in in-person education, so learning online and the business that I Run which is online education? I think people who are in my target demographic Which is 30 and above but people who do not grow up with digital.

I think they’re Going to become more and more comfortable with digital marketing, with learning Online and learning digital marketing online so because we’re seeing this Fundamental shift that may or may not be a forever shift in customer behavior. You Must change your marketing, so you must look at how you’re communicating with Your customers and make sure that you’re communicating with them to where they Are I would also add that now is not the time for the hard sell? You know most People are still kind of getting used to this new normal, really thinking more in Terms of how can you help and how can you communicate in a way? That’S helpful.

To them, rather than the hard sell tip number two is start with your audience. What your audiences need right now, so, if you’re trying to think about what the Heck, can I talk about online? What how the heck can I avoid just going dark and By the way, no business should go dark, even if you’re not able to do work right. Now, if you’re a you know a retail store that doesn’t have an e-commerce Component, you know when there’s a business in our program right now that Runs malls right, yeah, there’s not a heck of a lot for a mall to do right now that Doesn’T mean that you should not be communicating with your target customer So, for instance, if you’re a mall and you have hundreds of businesses that are Working with you, you could talk to them about tools to move from retail, to E-Commerce or you could talk to them about some resources for retailers that Are available so there’s a lot that you can do to communicate with your Customers that goes beyond just the direct product or service that you sell.

So really think about what is your audience or What are your audience’s need and there are different audiences and then try to Serve those audiences, and one big recommendation I would make – is do not Forget about communication with your employees, even if your folks are working From home, or not working at all, if you want them to come back to you after this You must be communicating with them and a near-daily basis, and for most of you, Everyday, you want them to know that you’re there that you’re thinking about Them and that you’re keeping them abreast of how this larger situation is.

Impacting their individual lives and then finally, you know Ana Robbins Doesn’T right now have a way to take orders online? She had been relying on Post maids and other options because she was primarily a in person. You know sit Down fast casual restaurant now is the moment that Ana can pick up that project. That was probably sitting on the shelf and get a really good online. Her online Ordering system up and running get an app going, get a process and a system to Do it efficiently? This is the moment for those of you who need to revise your Website who want us get started with your social media.

Now is the moment to Do it dust off those plans and get started communicating through these Digital tools, many many small businesses – have tended to be really slow to doing. This kind of thing – and now is the moment to do it, so I wanted to bring Andre inna From post, our Pilates on a hundred, you know was part of cohort seven. She is the Ceo of a international organization called pole star that not only runs four Or five studio hosts Pilates studios in the Miami area, but also is the number One educator worldwide of Pilates instructors and they provide a Certification, so she is kind of two sides of the business.

She has one side: Of the business which is offering classes – and you can see that they’re Offering now Virtual mat classes, but they also are an educator kind of like Biz hack, the does online and in-person education, and so you can see here that They’Re now giving a 50 percent discount on almost all of their Online courses, Andre inna, welcome hi Dan hi guys thanks for having me how Are you good to see you? You know, we’ve talked a lot about you.

Know the how you know a restaurant is transitioning, you know how Rafael is Transitioning to online classes, um, let’s talk about your post, our educational Component, you’ve graduated more than 10,000 Pilates instructors worldwide. How Are you guys shifting more aggressively into online Education well um. Thankfully we have a learning management. System that we’ve had for a couple of years now, and what most of so just to Give a little background on our courses: they’re Pilates teacher training courses, So most of our teacher trainings were used to being on on-site.

We would meet Every month for a weekend a month and have the labs and all of that and what We’Ve done with our current cohorts we’re running around, I want to say 25 Courses of people right now across the USA, what we’ve done is, depending on what Module they’re in right now we meet online to cover the theory, part of the Training and we’ve postponed all the labbing exercises until we can all meet In sight to test out the equipment and work on each other as it as a group, yeah And then what we’ve been doing is we’ve been focusing on our grants, the ten Thousand people worldwide and trying to see types of offering we can give them That’S considered continuing education for them to apply with their client base.

So these people are people who already know their body are know how to Use the equipment know enough about the basic Pilates theory that we can just Through virtual classes and workshops continue to educate them on new new ways, Of working with a population or how to work online or what things they should How do new ways or things that they can apply to this new virtual delivery of Courses, so are you seeing an uptick in the purchase of these courses? What are You seeing more people buying online courses from you.

Yes, so we’ve seen a Little spike on our courses right now we have around 20 virtual courses currently On in stock and what we did, what we’ve been doing is going back to the basics. Of our core curriculum and trying to dissect that and convert those into Virtual training courses to offer them to either new Pilates students or people Who wan na you know have been have had haven’t, had any training in a little While and are now that they have spare time, they can go in and read some Courses online, that’s great.

Another question I had for you is you’ve. Also Moved your student, you, you run one of the studios and you’ve moved your Pilates Reformer classes, reformer is a piece of equipment that you use to do. Pilates to mat classes. How is that going? How is that transition? It’S good. We have Five studios in the US and all our clients have been really really thankful. For our offerings, we are offering two Classes in the mornings and took classes in the evenings, mostly mat classes and Then, for those clients who have a have the equipment at home, we meet depending On it’s a small group, it’s a group of seven people we meet depending on on Their schedule we host a class with equipment online as well, and are these Classes you pay for a la carte, or these are for your members.

We most of our Members have kept their memberships, so we haven’t had to do much there that Were just there they’re happy to continue with their membership and as Long as we hold classes for them every day, another thing that we’ve been doing Is we created a new pricing offering for those people who were currently on a Groupon package, so that they can continue once their wants, their Groupon Is over, they can continue to purchase something that’s more.

It’S a lower cost. And what a regular membership would be right and unlimited for ninety five Dollars a month, so I wanted to take a second thank you. So much under you know. For for that insight, I want to take a second and just make a plug for our Three small businesses, if each of you guys could please in the chat, put your Website and so that people know where to go if they want to do business with you, Um one thing to think about is you know for Andrei Nina and for Raphael um.

They Are right now in a place where they can serve? You, no matter where you are in the County so, like I’ve always wanted to send my seven-year-old daughter to Raphael’S dance classes, and now I can so please support them and everybody else. Who runs a small business in town? Please feel free to put that in the chat as Well, um now is the moment guys to supports our small businesses. This is Going to be brutal, you know for Raps business for Andrea in This business, it looks like you and Robbins might be able to kind of Make it work as long as she’s allowed to continue to deliver, but this is the Moment now to support small businesses to try to do direct business, even if It’S a little less convenient to call versus using post mates.

You know please Do everything you can guys to support these small businesses, because I can Tell you as a small business owner in South Florida. This is a really hard and Scary time and your support is just incredibly important to us um I wanted To now welcome Rachel Cohen, she works with miami-dade, Commissioner Aileen Higgins, from district 5 Eileen was actually a graduate of the biz hack Program she then used what she learned to become an instructor in the biz hack, Program my first lead instructor and then because she’s, a digital marketing, Whiz leveraged that to become elected as a miami-dade County Commissioner, so she Was so generous to send Rachel Cohen and she’s created Rachael has a resource List for small businesses – all of you guys, are going to receive a copy of that As part of the email, a link to it and that list is constantly being updated, I’M Rachel Cohen, if we’re a small business, what message would you want to Send to us about what’s available hello, everybody.

Thank you so much for having Me so what we usually do in our district and district five, if you don’t know, Includes Miami Beach Little Havana downtown Brickell core away a lot of Really small local businesses, we send out a monthly resource, every single Month through email, I’m called strictly business where we put together a list of Classes going on mostly free programming grants loan applications, things like That, because the situation is changing so rapidly and more organizations are Coming forward with resources, we decided that this Google Doc that you’re all Going to be receiving was the best way to consistently update all of our Business owners, what I would say is that our local organizations are doing a Really good job by providing free consultations and assistance.

With loan applications in the resource guide, it’s it’s organized by local state. And federal for our office, specifically, we work a lot with Prospera to help our Hispanic business owners they do a lot of free work, a lot of free consultations, And sessions with people and they’re still open for business Most of our organizations have like most of your businesses adapted and realized. Ways that they can do consultations through webinars or phone or FaceTime They’Re there for you, I have most of their links in the guide and I would Just encourage you, if you’re struggling, if you can’t figure out what to do next, Please reach out to them because their that’s! What they’re there for Other things that we’re working on in our office is just working with the sea.

And federal representatives of this area so working a lot with Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez and congresswoman Donna shillelagh to provide more programs, so I Know on April, first Donna shillelagh is is hosting a town. Hall, where she’ll be discussing the loan applications with a representative from The SBA so we’re going to be promoting different things on all levels of Government that are going on to help you in this in this resource guide, I will Post my email in the chat – and I can add any of you to our normal newsletter list – That will be sending out, but this hold up and you’ll receive after this is Going to be constantly changing and constantly being updated, so please feel Free to send me any suggestions, if you know of any resources that are included, On it, please send them my way and I will update it as I get it.

So, thank you yeah. Thank you so much for the time and obviously for the work that You guys are doing. I wanted to share um, you know, biz hack. Does digital marketing Training, and so I wanted to share a couple of resources that are specific to Digital marketing that could be helpful to you guys so Facebook has launched a Hundred million dollar a small business grant program, I’m Assuming that most of this money they haven’t given a ton of detail around it, Yet, but I’m assuming most of that money is going to be advertising credits, but Facebook is getting a bump in usage, so if you have something to advertise this Small business grants program can help you.

Of course, you do need to know how to Advertise that’s what we teach Facebook also has created a business resource hub Which is a full list of all their resources for small businesses? Google Has done something similar, they call it the resource hub. They have a tremendous Amount of tip sheets and resources for you, I’ve been waiting to see if Google Was going to announce something similar like a small business fund or small Business grants and I haven’t seen it yet so I would expect that that will Come out shortly, it seems like you know.

Google does rely so much on businesses. Like yours for their advertising, I’d be surprised if they didn’t do something. Too um, but it’s not just Google in Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, HootSuite, Shopify, Moz we transfer box and more have been offering free reduced-price services in Some cases, funds for small businesses, we’ve been collecting a list of all of Those at Tribeca comm slash Cove at 19, similar to the list of resources that Rachel is doing for state, federal and and local resources for small businesses.

We’Re collecting digital marketing resources – and this is leads to my bonus – Tip of the day, which is if you’re using a software, ask them about their koban 19 Program, though, like if you’re, using a CRM or if you’re using you, know a Technology platform, if you say that then look I’m a small business, I’m struggling Right now, what can you do for me? I almost guarantee that they’re going to come.

Up with something maybe forgiving your fee for a few months, it’s worth the call It’S worth the Google search to see what they’re doing, because just about every Software company is offering something right now and just don’t be Shy to ask it now is the moment I wanted to you know: III, I am just inundated and Overwhelmed with an enormous amount of amazing responses, thank you all of you, Who filled out our survey so many insights and ideas and questions that we Definitely can address in this first webinar, but our plan is to do more.

I did Want to share one thing from Michelle Benesh. I think that that’s the way you Pronounce it from menu men, she wrote hoping I’m the last menu company Standing so we will gain market share. So the point there is that this is a moment. Obviously, of a challenge, but also of opportunity and we’re going to strike that Theme here in a minute as we wrap up so the first thing I wanted to do is I Wanted to announce that we’re going to be doing another community webinar next Week it’s Wednesday at 12:30 p.

M. Brewster Kahle has so generously agreed. He’S a branding expert, we’re calling it what now So, if you’re interested, please click that link and sign up, send it to friends. We actually hit capacity, which I never expected that we were going to do. We had More than a hundred people who wanted to join us and we’ll find a solution for That biz hack is also still in business. We’Ve moved all of our program offerings Online, we have traditionally done in-person classes, we’ll transition back To in-person, when the moment arrives, but we’re going to be continuing our online for Our 12-week program through online – I do not want to be selling right now, but I Do want to say that I am a small business.

I’M scared, like many of you, About what’s going to happen next, if you think, there’s someone that you Know who could benefit from learning how to market themselves online how to build Up their digital presence, that’s a link to our syllabus and our application and Then finally, I wanted to leave with a note our lead instructor for the current Business, a 12-week program which we’re offering online is Alex dr.

, bio, Of IBM and Constant Contact – and he intricate appointed me to this just Amazing quote in this amazing thing from Chinese in when written in Chinese, the Word crisis is composed of two characters: one represents danger and the Other represents opportunity, and I just want to leave by saying now is a moment: When we are all in danger – and we have unprecedented opportunity – and it’s Really a matter of frame of mind if you’re in a siege mentality and you’re Looking at just the erosion of your revenue and you’re, asking yourself how Am I going to survive this you’re, definitely feeling the danger? Part of crisis, but there is an opportunity part of crisis as well.

There’S an opportunity for you to reinvent your business to serve your Customers to think creatively about how to transition your business into an Online setting – and I just want to say that there is also a community of us who Are working on this with you? That’S what biz hack is all about is creating a Community of online marketers and businesses online to help you think, About how to deal with this incredible transition – and so I wanted to leave you With these words, which is focus as much as you can on the opportunity, when I say Thank you guys so much for being a part of this.

I am so grateful to all of you. For being here, thank you, 200 to Raphael and to Anna Robbins. I wish you guys the Best of luck with your businesses and everyone’s business, it’s online there Were a lot of questions that you asked that we weren’t able to get to in this Really packed setting we’re going to look for ways to continue to answer those Whether it’s on social media, on our blog on our website or perhaps in future Webinars stay in touch.

We have your email, Addresses all of you should have in your inboxes now a copy of this presentation. A list of tips for remote work, a list of tips for digital marketing resources, the County resource list of all the different things that you can Do and they link to RSVP for next week’s webinar looking forward to Brewster Kahle next Wednesday, at 12:30, and with that, thank you guys. Please send your Best regards in chat and we’ll see you really shortly.

Thank you.