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My top 3 SEO strategies

Ok, so my top 3 SEO strategies and how I implement them. These are the top three things that I do to get extra traffic through the search engines. The first one is chasing high-volume keywords, which is probably more what you think of when you think of SEO.

Is you think of getting to the top of Google for highly competitive keywords? So that’s just one of three strategies I use the second. One is long tail keywords and the third one is exact match domain. So in this article I’m going to go through these three. In detail and show you how I go about getting traffic using each method, so high volume, key words and in this example I’ll use the word website design, which is a site that keyword that my site is currently ranking on the front page of Google.

For so you can see it there in first position at the moment, so the keyword website design gets twelve-thousand exact, match searches per month, which is a lot. It’s probably not the most targeted keyword, because it’s not necessarily people looking for website design companies, but out of 12,000 people. I get a fair chunk of that traffic depending on where its ranking at the time and it fluctuates around.

But if I’m ranking first i’ll get at least i’ll, probably get more than that, but, let’s just say: 1,300 visitors a month, 15,000 visitors a year and obviously ranking for these sort of keywords is very very competitive. So what I look at here is is how do you go about ranking for a highly competitive keyword? Basically, you will ranked first in Google if Google thinks that you are the authority for that keyword, so your site has to contain that content, but there’s millions of websites that contain the word website design.

So that’s obviously not enough having the keyword in your domain probably helps a little bit having it on the page. At various places in the URLs probably helps a little bit, but but again, there’s lots and lots of website with website design on their page in their URLs and in their domain. How old your site is? It is important for a few reasons google gives. Basically, it knows that if you build a site today than your site has no authority, if your site’s been around for 15 years, then not in mind that mine has.

But if it has been around 15 years, then it knows that your authority who is linking to you is obviously a very, very important one in that in the last five or so years or more, I guess is probably been the number one thing that determines SEO Position for these high-value keywords, and who is talking about you is more of a the social media aspect of things. If you’re writing lots of content and lots of people are talking about you and sharing your content, this is the kind of thing that Google likes and is going to like more and more in the future.

So, in terms of exactly what I do, first of all, my site is a fairly old site. It’s got Authority already and because I build websites. Obviously, every website I build has a link back to my site, as do most other web design companies, but I’ve built a lot of websites, and I bought this side of someone before me had also built a lot of websites. So there’s a lot of existing links through to the site.

It’s a relatively old domain. The key word is ended up in the domain, whether that helps possibly helps a little bit. If it was an exact match domain, it would definitely help, but the key word being in there certainly doesn’t hurt. Obviously, the on-page is fairly well optimized for website design, but it’s also optimized for other terms, and it’s on page stuff is not something I focus on massively for these really high volume.

Key words: the unpaid stuff is not a massive consideration. You kind of just do it once to make sure it’s optimized correctly and the rest of it has to do with off page factors. Building backlinks is is basically what it’s about at the moment is having more backlinks having higher authority backlinks having links from sites in the similar industry that are of a high authority, and we do that with ongoing SEO on the site, and that’s not really something.

I can talk about in this article. I will talk about that in future articles, but it will take me forever so I’ll leave it there for now. Creating great content is really important and I’ve got a blob in there, where I add lots and lots of stuff too, and this stuff’s important, because people share it and I put something on Twitter and people will share it. People talk about it, i’ll download it they’ll, send it to people and google sees this sort of stuff and decides that this site is a bit of an authority for that keyword.

So the second strategy I use is long tail keywords and long tail keywords are ones that get a lot less monthly searches that could possibly be more targeted than something like website design, if, obviously, if, if you’re only getting traffic for one long tail keyword you’re wasting Your time, but the thing is with long tail keywords – is that they’re pretty easy to rank for so you can pension potentially get traffic for hundreds of them, and if your aim is to get 1500 visitors a month and you can get free visits, you know for Every long tail keyword, if you can rank for 500 of them, then you’re achieving the same thing.

So it’s it’s much easier to convince google that you, you are the authority and a really specific niche. Then, if you choose a really broad keyword like website design, so if you look at this chart here, my sites getting traffic for 698 different keywords and hopefully I’ll be able to increase that with my strategy going forward to a lot more than that. But as you can see, if you’re getting traffic for 700 keywords, you can get a few thousand visitors a month just for getting a couple of visits per keyword, so these are some examples that I get traffic for fix.

Some of these are deliberate, some of them. I just ran them. I did a blog post on fixed versus variable with website designer got shared by a few people, and it I ranks on the front page for that. So I get a bit of traffic for that, probably not the most targeted thing. I don’t know how many of my customers are searching for that, but I like to get traffic from people interested in website design anyway, because they’re they’re, just as likely to share my content, which is good for Google as well and there’s some of the other longtail Keywords there that I get traffic for so how to rank for long tail keywords: it’s good to have some site authority to start with, because if you’ve got a main site, that’s got a bit of authority.

It’s not that hard to rank the subpages. If you got a brand new site with no authority, it’s going to be harder for you to rank even for a long term keyword. So with any sort of SEO the longer you’ve been around and the more authority you have the better. So you’ve got to know what the long tail keywords are. If you hear lots of people saying right, lots of content and that’ll be great for google, it’s kind of true with his long tail stuff to some extent, but wouldn’t it make more sense to actually write content that mention these long tail keywords rather than just randomly Writing lots, lots of content about stuff and hopefully you’re picking some of those up both strategies work so randomly writing lots of stuff you’ll find you get traffic for weird terms that you didn’t expect to get traffic for like that fixed versus variable width design, but strategically Choosing longtail keywords and writing posts and pages on those is another strategy that works really well, because you can see how much traffic those keywords are getting before you do it.

So you know whether it’s worth while you’re writing a post. You’ve got experiment because you don’t necessarily know someone may be dominating a particular keyword, even though it doesn’t get much traffic and it might not even be worth your while. You know shooting for those keywords. It’s sort of hard to know, sometimes, which ones you’ll be able to rank from which ones you want so you’ve got. Experiment mention these keywords in your blog posts and obviously share your blog posts, and sometimes if it’s, if it is a keyword, that’s getting a few searches and you’re kind of on the second page after writing a post.

Then then, it’s useful to do a little bit of link building to get you on the front page and then and then move on. So this basically outlines what we do. My site has authority to start with. So if I write a blog post on something, that’s not a highly competitive word, then Google will visit my site. You know, probably on the same day, it’ll Elend X, that blog post and it may put it on the front page of Google straight away depending on what it is.

I use the Google team keyword tool and I look for key words that aren’t hugely competitive keywords, but ones that are worthwhile writing post for so, if they’re getting sort of a hundred searches a month and – and you might get ten percent of that traffic – 10 searches. A month it doesn’t take that long to write an article, so I figure that’s probably worth it. If it’s getting five searches a month, then it’s probably not worth it.

If it’s getting a thousand searches a month, then you probably won’t rank for it unless you’re doing proper, ongoing link building. So that’s that’s a bit of a benchmark. I use for my own site. I experiment as well to see what works and you know I’ll, have groups of keywords, so i’ll write, ten different pages on wordpress and see how those go and something broaden an international like wordpress.

You typically won’t rank very well for, but if you choose something more specific you might rank well for that, so you focus more on those keywords and that’s what I do depending on what the keyword is. I might write a whole bunch of pages on my site. If it’s not sort of really great content that I want to share with my blog readers, I’m not going to write a blog post on it and fill my blog up with junk I’ll write.

A number of different pages on my site. And if one of the pages starts ranking well, then I will put a little bit more effort into the quality of the content. If I think there’s fair few searches for a term or if I think, there’s an opportunity to write great content about the keyword. Then I’ll write a blog post about it and obviously, if it’s a blog post off share it and I’ll hope that other people share it as well and if I’m close to the front page I’ll, do link building for that term to get it onto the front.

Page, typically, once it’s on the front page, it’s easy enough to stay there. So the third strategy I use his exact match, domains now. Here’s here’s an example: one of my domains when searching for web development brisbane this domain is coming up, for I don’t do much. I don’t really do any SEO at all on this domain. I probably did a little bit at first. I create a bit of content. It’s a blog. I’ve got in there and use it to blog about things that happened during a week and aren’t really massive things that I would put on my main blog.

But I don’t do a lot of SEO work on there, but, as you can see, it’s ranking for a keyword that gets a fair few searches against somewhat Brisbane biggest web development companies and that’s mainly because of the domain. So Google still places of fairly high importance on exact match domains. I’ve heard Matt Cutts say that that importance will be well back and I can understand why that would happen, but I don’t think it will be gotten rid of completely because an exact match domain is a finite resource.

You can only get one exact match: domain. / keyword, so I think it will always be important and I think an exact match domain you know.Com or calm that I you for an exact keyword match for a keyword is always going to be easier to rank and at the moment it’s significantly easier to rank. So I guess what you’ve got to do is find keywords that get a decent amount of search volume, search for domains that match those keywords and then set up a wordpress blog on the domain and then and then build links to that site if necessary.

So this is exactly how I do it. I use the google keyword tool to find domains. That’s yes, so, firstly, to find keywords to look for domains, i’ll, look at something like domains, central.Com that a you or net fleet and put in those keywords to see what domains are available. Typically, in my industry, none of these domains are available anymore on the brand new domain market, but you might find that they become available on the aftermarket and net fleet for Australian domains and godaddy options or drop day.

4.Com domains are too useful places and you can easily get exact match domains like I picked up a exact match domain in my niche last week for forty dollars or something and it’s one that gets quite a few searches and then I’ll set up a wordpress blog Depending on what the domain is, I might just set up a blog. That’s just got full of content. That’s got lots of downloads and stuff from ebooks that I’ve written to sort of get people to get their read an e-book, and if they like what I do, then you know maybe they’ll call or if it’s, if it’s other, potentially like a company type website.

I might set up a separate sort of business website for that, like a different brand. So, for me, setting up a webs is really easy, and I’ve got an e-book that I’ll link to in on my site where you can go through and set up a wordpress blog it. It would take probably a couple of hours realistically to set up a nice-looking, useful site that you can update. We would typically write one article a month for the blog and we build links using just a basic entry-level sort of SEO practice to that blog.

For a couple of months, until its ranking well in Google and then typically, I just leave it and then see it and then just monitor it occasionally to see how its ranking right. That’s it they’re my three strategies, I’m going to be talking about SEO a lot more on my blog, our website, designer com that I you over the next few months because we’re working on our SEO program that, where they’re rolling out, probably in three or four weeks To our clients and so check that out or have a look at us on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll see you in the next article.

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