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SEO – How to Rank s in Google YouTube SEM Master Class Brian Ian Richard C

Very few people actually do that’s. Why we created the how to setup money-making article marketing strategies and get onto page one in less than 90 minutes without having to hire an expensive tech guy or being held to hostage by Google and Technology masterclass? It shows you exactly how to optimize article to get on page 1, using simple proven strategies that work.

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you’ll get in this brand-new masterclass 1 I’ll show you how to select a strategy to choose. Article type 3 house create a article for how to put it on page 1 inside 50 minutes. In fact, the demo I do live during the training goes to position 2 in 50 minutes in one of the most competitive markets, finance for over 4 keywords. I will show you why the types of article news are absolutely critical, based on the strategies that you employ in this section.

I will show you how to save thousands and thousands and there’s sure that you get the right results find out which articles you want to show when and for the most effective strategies. You will learn the correct way how and when to upload your article and give it the most effective relevancy an SEO power bang from Google. This is how you enhance your blog and your articles and make your blog into an SCM powerhouse man.

This is search engine marketing gold. This part is critical, get this wrong and your articles will wallow in the YouTube wilderness. Just like all those articles didn’t work before discover that little views secret that has the biggest impact some convincing new customers to buy from you and you’ll even discover how to guarantee to get onto page one of Google and with the right message plus much much more.

This brand new, in-depth masterclass is brought to you by article marketing mastery expert, Brian Korra, the how to setup money-making article marketing strategies and get onto page one in less than 90 minutes without having to hire an expensive tech guy or being held hostage to Google and Technology, masterclass is only available for a limited time, I’m only running at one time for free. So if you want to grow your business using effective article marketing strategies, reduce your costs of marketing and increase profits and even improve your business credibility and your reputation register now for that how to set up money-making article marketing strategies and get on page one in less Than 90 minutes without having to hire an expensive tech guy or being held hostage by Google and Technology, masterclass PS see the vide article example.

I do that gets onto page one position, two four four keywords in less than 50 minutes as well. I’m doing the the lessons basically and it wasn’t even trying it was just an example. This is how powerful my techniques are, PPS I’ll, be doing the master class free only once and after that it will be a highly valued charged for training. I’m giving you the insider secrets that SEO experts don’t want you to know.

Thank you and I’ll see you on the inside. You


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Youtube Search engine marketing SEM and SEO search engine optimisation for marketing

My name is Frank, Calder and I’d spend most of the time helping small businesses grow by improving their strategies. So if I so, how many of you would believe article marketing would actually help their businesses to grow and how many of you using it effectively you’re in a using? I don’t you know, but so here’s an example of a client will work with recently in the finance industry, which is about as as competitive as it gets for SEO.

I mean, as I say when we started, we were here at zero presence on Google and then takes a bit of time, but over the months we grew them to a point: they’re thirty, nine keywords on page one, and they were on page one in twenty four Major cities and towns in the UK, so if you’re in Birmingham we’re in London and you typed in bridge finance, for example, boom they’d be right up there and I’ll show you the sort of strategies that we oh yeah.

This is citations. Do you don’t know what citations are? You know, like Yale, Yelp, all these types of citations, very powerful, because they’re another form of announcing who you are what you do so again here we grew the citations till we had like 75 or I think, let’s you put over a hundred citations up and again On page one, so in this example, if you look at we’re taking a word bridge loans, for example, which is the expensive word, so you’ve got ten to 100 thousand searches a month for bridge loan.

The singular and you’ll pay six pounds at 13 pounds for a click, that’s not for a customers just to click it, and if you’re going for a click for to call, the price would be even higher. So in this particular case, this bridge loan company, who is spending on average twenty to twenty five pounds of click by the time they put all their pink times in place and right so next month. So when you search for Google here, we got we’re searching for bridge loans Harvard so you know the first fall there that the Edwards, so these guys are all paying.

You know it’s Easter thirteen pounds for every click and then we got the beginning of the brief sack we get served. So here’s what we call the three stack, there’s use of the map and there’s usually about three businesses appear at this point and then, if you click on it and open it expands. So a client is here and put them in the three stack. Obviously, but then organically, we put them at position number one.

Now we then put them on position, two three, four, four, a article. This is an explainer article and then here this is the carts. This is one of the citations and then here for another article, a review article. So what’s a customer do the first when they find out that they think your service is something that might be interested in. They want proof and evidence that you can deliver what you save in the deliver, and this is where you have an independent review article, so this is hosted by someone else’s.

You can’t host you see, yeah and then we’ve got another thickness of the live active article. So what you’ve got on page, one is five out of the ten options are being a page one that is pretty much page, one domination, just from one business, one keyword in one city, but we did that in 24 cities, towns and cities in the UK and For many more keywords than that, and of course, when you go to images, these are all their images here here, that’s not one, that’s not one! This is so forth.

So and then, if you go for YouTube through the articles, we did exactly the same again. We’ve completely dominated for that ski search terms, bridging loans, his here we’re looking at in this particular article. This shows you how many keywords and search terms are on page one, or in this case we’ve got one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight so two terms from one article gets page one. So, for example, you got this is for the Burlington one.

So one of the towns and cities we’ve got bridge loans, Birmingham bridge loan Boeing because you got the singular, the plural they’re all important. They all stack up mathematically in Google’s algorithm to say this is important, so people one the biggest mistakes people make with SEO keywords. Is they make them too broad going to be like a rifle shot? And then we go down to bridge best. Bridging loans is position.

Seven and another one fourteen nineteen, so you know I just want you to think how much impact would some really good SCM search engine marketing and article marketing have on your business? If any of you interested in learning more about this, you can contact me contact me today, I’m here and my website, BTA academy.Com. Thank you for listening. I hope it was of interest. So Ryan was one of you busy delivers and I’m so happy busyness everything that how amazing other businesses to bring them all home page and agenda advice