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How To Install Google Analytics Code To Tracking Links

So if you haven’t done that already, please read the article on adding it to the tracking code section once you get there you’re going to go ahead and create a tracking link like how you would do if any other link. My good thing with, like all the links that we have regardless, if it’s like the Amazon or, if you’re doing any URL, I’m going to be able to hook up your Google Analytics, account to basically get more data right.

And if you didn’t know the Google Analytics. Having that hooked up to your links will allow you to get more steps, unlike the location, demographic of the user, then like compared to a Facebook pixel, you can read more about that. Just by looking up like Google Analytics like the data behind it, it’s super powerful, but you know back to the main topic review is: how do I add it right so say: you’re using the supreme URL you’re going to go ahead and fill out the information.

Like usual for any of your stuff, but here in the tracking code, section you’re just going to go ahead and choose the drop down from Google Analytics and that’s all you have to do to add to Google Analytics tutor account if you’re confused on how to even Get back this to show up here under tracking codes, make sure you read the article, how to add your Google Analytics tracking code through here and that article will go over all those steps, but, like always, I’m Anthony, if you guys have any questions.

Just let me know in the comments or just contact the support at it. So find me, and I mean cool, see you guys.


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