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You can create email campaigns that look great on any device so that more customers will read and click easily collect email addresses on your website online store or Facebook page send campaigns from desktop or mobile with confidence.

Godaddy has top notch delivery rates track. Your success with smart analytics, here’s how it works, build your mailing list by adding a signup form to your website online store or Facebook. Page visitors who signup are automatically added to your list. Pick a pre-built template to create your sales campaign, event invitation or email newsletter. In a few easy steps, or put together your very own design, send your campaign now or schedule it for later.

You’ve got options when you meet new contacts on the go turn them into subscribers in a snap by sending them your latest newsletter right from your smartphone results matter. That’s why GoDaddy email marketing tracks, everything for you, you can see, opens and clicks and know. What’s working for an all-in-one website solution, email marketing is also available as part of GoDaddy go central website builder.

If you need help, our smart friendly consultants are ready to help 24/7 ready for email marketing that delivers, get GoDaddy email marketing. Today,


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