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You can create email campaigns that look great on any device so that more customers will read and click easily collect email addresses on your website online store or Facebook page send campaigns from desktop or mobile with confidence.

Godaddy has top notch delivery rates track. Your success with smart analytics, here’s how it works, build your mailing list by adding a signup form to your website online store or Facebook. Page visitors who signup are automatically added to your list. Pick a pre-built template to create your sales campaign, event invitation or email newsletter. In a few easy steps, or put together your very own design, send your campaign now or schedule it for later.

You’ve got options when you meet new contacts on the go turn them into subscribers in a snap by sending them your latest newsletter right from your smartphone results matter. That’s why GoDaddy email marketing tracks, everything for you, you can see, opens and clicks and know. What’s working for an all-in-one website solution, email marketing is also available as part of GoDaddy go central website builder.

If you need help, our smart friendly consultants are ready to help 24/7 ready for email marketing that delivers, get GoDaddy email marketing. Today,


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Email Marketing Made Easy with GoCentral | GoDaddy

This article explains how built-in tools in Your GoCentral website or online store make email marketing a breeze In general. There are four basic steps to Email marketing establish a mailing list, create a marketing campaign, monitor and evaluate results. Repeat Your GoCentral site includes user-friendly Tools that cover all the bases First, there ’ s the Subscribe form right.

On your Home page, When visitors use it, you, ’ ve, captured their Email addresses And, of course, when customers make purchases They provide an email address at checkout The Subscribers tool in your GoCentral dashboard Is where you can add names, either one at a time or in bulk from a contacts list or spreadsheet, And it ’ s simple, to create a variety of mailing lists Once you have your mailing list, creating an effective campaign is easy, with a host of templates To streamline the process Carrying your brand into your emails is effortless Because elements you have on your site, such as photos, product information and styles Are ready and waiting Feeling a little unsure how to create an effective campaign? Never fear There are great resources located right on The Compose page to help you, including an introduction article best practices, article Example, gallery and product demo Once your marketing email is just the way You want it, the click of a button sends it.

Then you just have to wait for the results For each campaign. You send your campaign dashboard lets. You know how many people you sent it to how many mailings were successfully delivered, the number of recipients who viewed it and how many took action And when you click on these high-level stats. You get even more details about your campaign, Pretty powerful info right. All your campaigns are saved for you, making it simple to reuse a successful campaign at a later date, Or you can make a copy of a campaign edit.

It — say by changing the call to action — and send it again, This handy feature ensures you don. ’ t lose Any of the original campaign: ’ s, history! With a GoCentral site, you don, ’ t need to be – or hire – a marketing expert to reach customers and drive sales. All the user-friendly tools you need to run. Effective email campaigns are right at your fingertips. Go ahead, give them a try.


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Four Online Ways to Grow Your Business | GoDaddy

Is getting traffic – now you ’ re ready to grow. Let ’ s. Take a look at four online marketing! Methods to win more customers and keep them coming back. Business listings paid advertising Email, marketing and social media First up business listings: We ’ re, talking online directories review Sites and maps Great ways to reach customers And most of them don, ’ t cost you a penny: Google, My Business, Google Maps, Yelp Bing, Mapquest Foursquare –these are just some of the many places you ’ ll want your business.

To appear Search engines, pull information from these Sites and display it under your web address for local search results, Not sure where or if you ’ re, listed, Simply search for your business online and See where it shows up then claim your listings. This allows you to make updates and respond. To reviews – which is especially important for managing negative reviews, An easy way to manage all your directory listings.

At once is to subscribe to a service such as GoDaddy: ’ s Get Found, Adding and updating your info in one place. And then sending it to multiple sites and apps with a single click, can save you loads. Of time Let ’ s move on to paid online advertising. – an investment that can generate big returns, Search engine advertising and sponsored ads Are designed to drive traffic to your website, Google Adwords Bing Ads Facebook and LinkedIn Are among the many places offering paid online ads – often called pay-per-click advertising In general.

Online ads are affordable and Easy to execute, They can target a specific demographic location. Or interest and provide valuable metrics for measuring what ’ s working and what ’ s? Not When people click your ad be sure they land On a focused page with a clear call-to-action – one that converts them from prospects, To customers Now to email marketing, It ’ s a powerful way to reach customers – if You do it right, Do it wrong and you may end up annoying them.

Or worse, getting slammed as spam Always remember – one email equals one. Call-To-Action Have a clear goal and zero in on it with engaging But concise messaging Use your customer, ’ s, name, send them emails. Triggered by certain events like their birthday and cater to their interests, Research shows personalized emails, have much Higher open and click-through rates than generic email, This means better engagement and ROI.

For you Reassure customers, you will send only valuable Email, They ’ ll. Thank you by continuing to open And read your messages, Effective, email marketing takes time and effort. You can streamline the process with the right. Tools like GoDaddy Email Marketing, This tool provides a drag-and-drop email, composer Clickable buttons address management and reports that show which emails are opened. Clicked and shared Finally, there ’ s social media, such as Facebook, Twitter YouTube LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram – just to name a few Social media blogs offer a cost-effective Way to generate leads, drive traffic and nurture customer relationships With so many sites.

It ’ s worth doing some Research to figure out where your target customers – and competitors – hang out, Then make sure you ’ re. There too Remember on social media content. Is king, Providing compelling fresh content? Is the Fastest way to attract people and gain a following Customers who appreciate your content, share. Your page, with their contacts, who share it with their contacts, who share it, with…well You get it, You ’ ve, gone viral.

To recap: business listings paid online advertising. Email, marketing and social media are four easy ways to move your business to the next Level Want to learn more Check out the links below this article.


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What is CashParking? | GoDaddy

It’s called A parked domain, it’s possible to make money on your parked domain. Cashparking Is a GoDaddy service that helps you earn money on your parked domain? How, when you Associate your parked domain with a CashParking account. A web page is created. For your domain, GoDaddy’s advertising partners place advertisements on that Page, each time a visitor clicks, an ad you receive a share of the generated Revenue, the revenue depends on the number and type of advertisements that Visitors click: the displayed advertisements vary depending on several Factors, including the quality of your domain name and the amount and type of Traffic, your page receives your share of the revenue depends on the plan.

You Choose when you sign up get cash parking payments via direct deposit PayPal, good As gold or by personal check, you can associate an unlimited number of domains. With one CashParking account, your domain doesn’t even need to be hosted at Godaddy, if you’re ready to put your unused Domain to work CachParking may be the way to go. You can find more information. By clicking the domains link at the end of this article,


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What Is The Difference Between A Domain Name And A Website? | GoDaddy

They are two very different things. After registering a domain, you need to do something with it put it to work for you, Your domain can be used for a website for an email account or for both. You can, however, register a domain and choose NOT to use it for a website or an email account, BUT you can’t have a website or an email account without a domain When used for a website.

Your domain name is what people type into their browser to find. Your site — this is why they are sometimes referred to as web addresses. So godaddy.Com is the domain used for GoDaddy’s website. Registering a domain, however, doesn’t automatically create a website — it only means that you’ve registered the domain. So, for example, if you decided to start your own business and you thought of great name for it, you might copyright the name to protect it.

However, simply giving your business a name is only one of many steps that go into building your business In the same manner when you register a domain and want to use it for a website. You’ll need to first build the website and then find a host for it, so it can be visible on the Web. What’s a host Website hosts are companies that house serve and maintain files for one or more websites. Think of a website hosting company like a shopping center that contains several individual stores.

If you want to open a store at the shopping center, you can lease space and set up shop Just like a shopping center website. Hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers where you can store your website files and make them available for visitors to view Because you’ve registered your domain, you can use it at any web hosting company. You want Remember your store in the shopping center.

Suppose you decided to move your store and lease space at a different shopping center. If you packed up your products and moved to a new location, you would still be able to use the same name for your store. The same is true for your domain — regardless of where you decided to host your website’s files. Your domain remains yours for the duration of your registration. Godaddy is both a domain registrar AND a website hosting company — and we have the tools to help.

You build your website. This means you can register your domain name, build a website for it and get it on the web — all in one place, Do you already have a domain name? Don’t just let it sit there do something with it.


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Set Up eCommerce Shipping | GoDaddy

Up with Free Shipping, which is a great way to entice customers to buy more of your products, But if free shipping doesn ’ t make sense. For your business, you ’ ve, got options From your GoDaddy account click your online Store to open this page Click Manage Store.

Then click Set Up Shipping Methods To change totally free shipping to free based On a minimum purchase click Edit Here, ’ s where you specify the terms Your customers will see what ’ s in this first Field so be sure it ’ s. Accurate Fill in the dollar amounts in the second and Third fields, If you ship internationally, you can even Specify where your new shipping method applies, Just click Edit and then click in the textbox To display the list of countries you can choose from Be sure to click Save when you have finished Customizing your free shipping option, But what, if you don ’ t want to offer free Shipping of any kind Or you want to offer customers more than one Shipping method, No problem Back on this page click, Remove to delete Your Free Shipping option or click Add Shipping to review and setup other methods.

Basic shipping methods include Free—, which you ’ re, now an expert on— Flat Rate and Weight-based Or you can opt for carrier-calculated shipping. Through the US postal service and UPS To set up any of these methods, just click Its Add button and complete the user-friendly steps. If you need assistance setting up shipping Through the US, postal service or UPS click, any Learn, more link and a helpful page on the carrier.

’ s website will open on a new tab in your browser. Remember each time you ’ re, finished, setting up a shipping method, click Save to add the method. To your store, When you ’ re, ready to unveil your new shipping method to customers, click Website and then click Publish


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How to use GoCentral Online Appointments | GoDaddy

This tool allows your site visitors to schedule. Appointments for the services you offer right from your website, saving you time that would Otherwise be spent taking calls and managing your calendar To get started. Add an appointments section To your website Click the green plus symbol where you want To add the section and choose appointments from the list: Next select “ online appointments ” in The sidebar and click “ manage appointments, ” to set up the types of services your customers, And clients can book Click on “ start setup, ” to set your availability.

You can choose which days of the week and Which hours you ’ ll, be open for appointments Clicking the plus symbol. Will let you set More than one time slot per day, For example, you can exclude the time you Would use for a lunch break each day? Click “ Next ” to set up your services. Here you can create categories for your services, For example, while setting up a website for Music, lessons you can create categories for voice and piano.

Lessons Then give the service a name: price duration, And give it a description, You also have the option of choosing whether Your customers will come to your business or, if you come to them, If you are planning an event that will have Multiple attendees, such as a class you can choose “ group ” rather than “ individual, ” Under “ service type, ” Choosing this option will then allow you to Set the maximum number of people that can come to your event.

You can create as many categories and services As your business needs, Once you ’ re done, setting up services for Bookings enter your email address and mobile phone number to receive email and SMS notifications. About new bookings and enter your business address, so your customers can find you. Finally, you can choose to require full or Partial payment at the time of booking or select to have your customers pay you in person.

If you choose to require payment up front, You ’ ll need to enter your Square account credentials, so your site can collect payments. During the scheduling process, Now your customers can schedule appointments. With you conveniently from your website From here, you can view your appointments. Create or edit your services view your customers, ’ info and update any settings, including availability, Payments and syncing an external calendar


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What Is Web Hosting? Explained Simply | GoDaddy

Your website’s files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet. These large high-powered computers are Called web servers Website hosts are companies that physically house several web servers in one location or what is sometimes referred to as a data center.

In addition to housing, the web servers website hosts provide the software security support and bandwidth that connects your website to the internet. Think of a website hosting company like a shopping center that contains several individual stores. If you want to open a store at the shopping center, you can lease space in it and set up shop Just like a shopping center website. Hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers where you can store your website files and make them available for visitors to view on the Internet To accommodate a wide variety of websites and customer needs.

There are a variety of hosting solutions. Hosting solutions are broadly categorized, based on the amount of server space you need for your website files and the monthly amount of bandwidth your site consumes. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data being transferred or the amount of resource usage. Your website requires Consider your shop again…. Suppose you sell only handmade bracelets, you have a small unique product offering, so you don’t need nor want to lease the same amount of space as a big department store.

Instead, you could lease a smaller store in the shopping center. That gives you just enough space for your goods and costs less money. Additionally, because you’re a small shop, you don’t need a lot of extra technology or staff to help you sell your product, like a department store requires Between you and your mobile payment device. You have plenty of bandwidth to take care of your customers and don’t need to buy any extra technology or hire more employees, Make sense Beyond server space and bandwidth.

There are other things to consider when selecting a hosting solution. Your budget ease of use or complexity of solution, the level of flexibility or customization. The solution allows, as well as privacy and security features. Godaddy offers a variety hosting solutions To determine which hosting solution is best for you. Please visit GoDaddy.Com and click Hosting


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Set up payments in GoCentral Online Appointments | GoDaddy

You can change how you accept payments at Any point by clicking Settings in the top menu bar and then choosing Appointment Payments. You have the option to collect full or partial Payment at the time of booking or to accept payment in person You can set how much of a deposit you require.

If you accept partial payments, If you choose to require any payment up front, You ’ ll need to connect your Square account. Click on the green “ connect, ” button and You ’ ll, be prompted to enter your Square username and password. If you choose to collect in person, you can Keep track of payments by viewing the appointment on your calendar or from the profile of the Customer who booked your services


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A Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Business

No one right, So you want to really niche down. Follow your niche to get that rich right. That’s a little little dad joke there! Ooh catchy, When I think about branding your business, obviously there’s a lot of questions.

Where do I start? Where do I begin First thing that comes to mind and I get asked by local heroes. A lot is target audience. Yes, How do you know what that is? How do you define that That is such a tough question right? So when I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and people just starting off – and I ask them who’s – you, your audience Who do you wan na serve And they’re like “, I want to Have everyone, as my customer.

”, ( laughs, ), Give me all the money All of them. Everyone And that’s such a bad idea, because not only is it super expensive to try to acquire everyone, you become just a generalist, You’re, not really known for anything. I would start by figuring out who you actually like to serve. Who is your most preferred customer or your favorite person? To serve in your business And really make a story around that, So if you were my target audience right, I would say Emma she lives in California.

She really loves to surf and skate. She loves coffee, But she likes to spend a lot. Of her time on social media And really build a story, Around that, so when — He really gets me Right, Soul, mates, But so when I go and create My messaging and my content I create, if, for you and Your story and your pain and what you really want to solve right, Which makes me feel valuable Right and it’s for you, I feel heard Yeah And that doesn’t mean that you can’t help out Jessica or Sally or Billy when they come in and want your services –, Don’t forget John And John and Eddie right, But you can still serve them, but your messaging has to be about Emma.

So that makes a ton of sense to me, But it also just now Another question’s brewing, So that seems like a goal right So goal: one find your target audience, But it’s more than that when it comes to branding your business. So what do you do? Next? With goals in general, What other goals should I be keeping in mind at this stage of my business. Well, you want to define What’s important to you, What is your goal? You should have something That your trying to achieve otherwise you don’t really Know what success is, And I would really focus on small wins So first off get a Website is that first step And then get your first customer, And then you get your first 10 customers And then you kinda, grow and grow and grow, And that kinda snowball effects.

‘Cause a lot of business. We talk to. They get scared of all the Things they have to do Instead start small figure out what that first Small win: you can do and then grow from there. I do the same thing just when I wake up on a Monday morning: ( laughs ). If I think about everything I have to do for the whole week, — You’re goin’ back to bed Yeah Covers over your head, I’d be like “. Let’s this isn’t going to happen today.

.” It’s not actually Monday One of my favorite things about speaking to local businesses. It’s like they’re, so unique Right. Right So I imagine when it comes To branding your business, that’s something you want! To take advantage of right Yep, What is it about? My coffee, Shop or my retail store, that makes me unique. What makes me stand out Is that part of building your brand? Oh absolutely. You have to be unique right.

If you imagine a line and on this line, we have crazy and the middle is mainstream and on the right is prolific or unique. Well, you want to be Basically right there So like with your idea that The business I’m stealing the Coffee and Kickflips — There. He goes again. That’s kind of on ( laughs, ) that unique spectrum right, There’s a lot of just coffee shops, but there’s probably no coffee. And skate park shop right Well now there will be because He’s revealed our secret ( laughs, ) coffeeandkickflips.

Com, But so you want to kind Of make yourself different from the rest,,’cause everyone in the Mainstream, it’s commodity right And that’s why we build a brand. That’s why we try to be unique, is to try, set us apart and really be someone that Someone wants to follow And then kind of following up on that, I’m going to lean on you for a Lot of this is social media. Yes, Your brand, I was waiting for this part That platform is just so phenomenal at growing Your brand and your reach, So if I’m a small business owner, I’m going to lean on you, what are some of the Platforms that I should be on, if I really want to build that brand Yeah, so you want to be on Facebook, Twitter Instagram also don’t forget your Yelp and Google listings: Okay, These are the most important for a local business, But to your point about being unique, you know you already are, but you need to voice that Across your platforms, Super important Your speaking to yeah that specific Ideal customer rather Yep To come into your business and spend money with you And when you’re on social media too, you have to make sure That it’s not about you.

Yes, it’s your company. Yes, it’s your brand, But your brand is there To serve your audience And if you position them As the hero you win Absolutely Let your customers sell you, Let your customers get Your next customer in –, 100 % Because it’s word of mouth, which is social media Yep All right, So that’s a wrap. I want to give a huge thanks. To my co-host Justin, Thanks for having me Yeah, thanks for showing us and teaching us how to Brand, your business, a very hot topic: -‘Cause brand is everything I’m sure you have Questions and comments Be sure to leave them below And also subscribe.

So you Can get more articles like this Cheers, see you soon,

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