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What is CashParking? | GoDaddy

It’s called A parked domain, it’s possible to make money on your parked domain. Cashparking Is a GoDaddy service that helps you earn money on your parked domain? How, when you Associate your parked domain with a CashParking account. A web page is created. For your domain, GoDaddy’s advertising partners place advertisements on that Page, each time a visitor clicks, an ad you receive a share of the generated Revenue, the revenue depends on the number and type of advertisements that Visitors click: the displayed advertisements vary depending on several Factors, including the quality of your domain name and the amount and type of Traffic, your page receives your share of the revenue depends on the plan.

You Choose when you sign up get cash parking payments via direct deposit PayPal, good As gold or by personal check, you can associate an unlimited number of domains. With one CashParking account, your domain doesn’t even need to be hosted at Godaddy, if you’re ready to put your unused Domain to work CachParking may be the way to go. You can find more information. By clicking the domains link at the end of this article,


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