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Set Up eCommerce Shipping | GoDaddy

Up with Free Shipping, which is a great way to entice customers to buy more of your products, But if free shipping doesn ’ t make sense. For your business, you ’ ve, got options From your GoDaddy account click your online Store to open this page Click Manage Store.

Then click Set Up Shipping Methods To change totally free shipping to free based On a minimum purchase click Edit Here, ’ s where you specify the terms Your customers will see what ’ s in this first Field so be sure it ’ s. Accurate Fill in the dollar amounts in the second and Third fields, If you ship internationally, you can even Specify where your new shipping method applies, Just click Edit and then click in the textbox To display the list of countries you can choose from Be sure to click Save when you have finished Customizing your free shipping option, But what, if you don ’ t want to offer free Shipping of any kind Or you want to offer customers more than one Shipping method, No problem Back on this page click, Remove to delete Your Free Shipping option or click Add Shipping to review and setup other methods.

Basic shipping methods include Free—, which you ’ re, now an expert on— Flat Rate and Weight-based Or you can opt for carrier-calculated shipping. Through the US postal service and UPS To set up any of these methods, just click Its Add button and complete the user-friendly steps. If you need assistance setting up shipping Through the US, postal service or UPS click, any Learn, more link and a helpful page on the carrier.

’ s website will open on a new tab in your browser. Remember each time you ’ re, finished, setting up a shipping method, click Save to add the method. To your store, When you ’ re, ready to unveil your new shipping method to customers, click Website and then click Publish


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