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How to Make Money as an UNPUBLISHED Writer | Side Hustle Ideas

Why a fairy fantasy novel and today I’m going to be sharing with you at the top three ways. I make an income to support my writing as an unpublished author and how you can, because of these side, hustle ideas that I’m about to share with you. I was able to step down from my day job back in August and become a full time writer currently making enough to supplement my husband’s income.

So I can work from home doing the things I love. If you want to hear more about my personal journey of how I became a full time writer in one year, I will link that article below and in the cards, but by the end of this article you will have a bunch of ideas about how you can Start making money as a writer whether you are currently unpublished like me, or if you’ve been looking for ways to supplement what you’ve been making from selling your books and if you find these ideas inspiring but you’d like more personal help from me about how to turn Your idea into a successful hustle definitely check out my patreon page as I love to help my patrons figure out, which idea is best for them and give them tips about how to create and market their write early income venture.

Now, if you’re excited to hear about these three side, hustle ideas go ahead and hit the like button on this article and let’s get into the tips. Firstly, what I’m not going to be talking about is selling novels, because chances are you’re reading this article, because you are working on something that is not ready to publish yet or you’re, making some money in selling your novels, but you’re not making the kind of money You hoped I’m also not going to tell you to go out and find an unrelated day, job, part-time or otherwise to support your writing, although this may be the best option to start out with, as you’re building your side business to eventually replace that income, the writers, I want to talk to today are the ones that want to create a side hustle that has to do with their writing, something that works hand in hand with it and builds their author platform, their influence, their readership, all at the same time and results in side Income now, but also helps sell their books more in the future.

If this describes you here are the top three ideas that I have successfully done myself. My first idea is to create a service or product for other writers or readers. When you go to start this kind of side business, the first things you want to ask yourself our what skills do I have and who would be my clientele? Well, if you’re, a writer, one of your skills is obviously writing and your target audience or clientele could be other writers once you’ve figured out your clientele.

The next questions you want to ask yourself are: what does my audience need or want most, and how can I use the skills I already have to help fill that need for me, I pulled my followers, my subscribers and any other writers. I knew and asked them what they struggled with most in their writer life. Then I took inventory of what my skills were and tried to find creative ways in which I could use those skills to help my target audience.

So I started out creating some free products for writers, like my series, Bible templates, that you can still get by signing up for my newsletter. But if you have any kind of templates or workbook, you think would be helpful to writers. You could just as easily sell that product, like many writers have, including my friend, Rebecca Kay Sampson. You create this product once, especially if it’s digital and then all you have to do is market it to your audience, offering discounts from time to time, sharing testimonials of people that have loved your product and suddenly you have income coming in.

The other option here is creating a service. For example, when I created my author website, I realized very quickly that my skill for creating websites was something that many other authors didn’t have. I also couldn’t find many others that specialized in making websites specifically for writers. So I also knew I wouldn’t have much competition. So after doing a bit more digging into what specific struggles my audience had with creating their author websites, I actually ended up coming up with three different services.

Either I could create a website for someone. I could teach them how to create it themselves through an online course or if they already had a website, but they didn’t love it or their things that they wanted to improve about it. I could offer a console call where I could give them tips about how to do just that. These offerings have been the bedrock of my income so far and since my clients love what I do and can’t wait to tell their friends, I barely have to market myself anymore, because I constantly have requests coming in.

I love the service option. Two because I get to know other writers network with them and help them along on their writing journey. To give you a few more examples, I know that my friend Mandy Lynn, has created the course author Tube Academy for those that want to their author, Tube blog and she also designs book covers. While my friend Beth Nia Quezada, has created book trailers for writers as well, I’ve also seen others offering editing and critique services like battaglia Lee or author coach services, like my friend Jade yung.

If you’d, like help figuring out what you’d like to offer and also creating a page where people can pay you for your services or products again, I definitely encourage you to join me on patreon and I would love to help you out. My second idea is to create an author, Tube blog for growing your author platform and influence. Creating an author youtube or author Tube blog, like I have, is a no-brainer sharing about my author journey and teaching others.

What I’m learning in the process here on YouTube has definitely been the number one thing that has launched and grown my author platform immensely. But did you know you could also make money as a youtuber? It’s definitely a long game. It takes a ton of time and endurance. Basically, you need at least a thousand subscribers, and at least four thousand hours of read time in a 12-month period to even be considered for YouTube’s partner program.

But after you are accepted into the program, YouTube will allow you to put ads either before, after or during your article, which brings in money for YouTube and allows YouTube to pay you if you make it to this point, not only have you massively grown your author Platform and potential readership, but you now have a library of articles in each article. You worked really hard to create once, but each one is now continually making you passive income, because those articles continue to get found and readed and YouTube is paying you for it again.

This option won’t work for everyone, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. You really have to love doing it for a long time before you can get paid, but if you really enjoy it, it’s well worth it plus you get to be supported by your audience without them having to pay you a dime, they read and enjoy YouTube pays You just as a gauge I was able to reach a thousand subscribers in about eight months time and I’m super close to reaching 4,000 hours.

So I’m really hoping that I can start monetizing soon, but just so you know it does work. I do have a different YouTube blog unrelated to writing that I’ve grown to over thirteen thousand subscribers and I’ve been getting paid by YouTube for that blog for almost a year now – and it’s been pretty great – my income from YouTube definitely four months a month, but it Definitely makes it done and for those of you that want to start making money sooner rather than later, you could also still make money off your other Tube articles, if you’re using YouTube in a strategic way.

For instance, if you’ve created a product or service, you could use your author Tube blog in part to be advertising or talking about those products or services which could result in more people going to purchase whatever you’ve offered doing. This has definitely helped me, find more website clients for sure, or you could also check out affiliate programs like Amazon, affiliates or eventually get some of your articles sponsored by writerly related companies.

I don’t have time to talk about all these options in this article, but if you join us over on patreon, this is definitely something we could discuss further in either case. If you have an author, Tube blog or just starting one, I definitely suggest checking out my top ten tips, article for how to grow your author, tube blog, which I’ll link below and in the cards, and if you become a patron, I would love to help.

Give you tips and personal suggestions for your author, Tube blog and speaking of patreon. My third idea, surprise. Surprise, is to create a patreon page patreon.Com/lenguin. So if you’d like to see an example and the article I made all about it, you can check out the link that I’ve put in the description below. But I think my favorite thing about this platform is that you really get to know your fans or patrons at a much more personal level, and as long as they continue to be patrons month after month, you suddenly have a pretty dependable monthly income, which the previous Two options: I’ve told you about in this article have a harder time providing.

So I’m really curious, which of these options? Are you going to try or have you tried already got any other ideas you think we should know about? I would love to chat about all that in the comments below and again, if you’d, like some personal mentorship from me in any of these areas, I hope to see you in the patreon group soon, if you want to take advantage of more of the free content, I have here on my blog I’ve linked some of my favorite playlist down below and if you haven’t already, we make sure you hit that subscribe button and the Bell.

So you don’t miss anything new, much luck with all of your right early side, hustle adventures and until next week. Happy writing.

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