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Writing Motivation: After You Start

I ’ m Mason from the OWL. If you are like most people and fall into The second group, then you ’ re in luck. This is the second article in our series on Writing When You ’ d, Rather Not Write In this article, I will offer strategies And words of encouragement that will hopefully get you if not fully pumped up at least On track for starting your writing assignment The first strategy, when you ’ re facing that Awful blank page is to break your writing task into manageable parts.

Do you think that I go into the gym and do All 50 of my 300-pound bench presses in one go. You may be surprised to learn that I actually Do not do that. Instead, I break my workout into smaller tasks. Similarly, thinking that you need to complete Your entire 20-page document right now will make starting seem much more daunting than it really Is I usually set myself small goals for each session and space my work over multiple days? This way I take my writing bit by bit So which manageable chunk.

Should you begin With I suggest, choosing any part of the text that You know you can write right now and starting there, It doesn. ’ t need to be the introduction. Either I recently started a paper by making the Works. Cited page, which might seem weird, but as I was working on it, I was struck with an Important idea about how I wanted to write the rest of my paper. Of course, it probably won’t work well to write a conclusion before you’ve written any other part of a paper, But still starting anywhere.

Is much better than not starting Here is another suggestion. Try a prewriting Technique There are a lot of prewriting techniques. And a good one is called a “ freewrite, ” which you can think of as stretching for writing. Just begin writing about your topic without Being critical of what you write, Don, ’ t worry about grammar and don. ’ t worry, If it sounds stupid or if you will even use any of the free write, Just write whatever comes to your mind, This may help loosen you up clarify your Thoughts and allow you to start your paper in a less intimidating way.

You may even get some useable content out. Of the orewrite, Lastly, remember that even the best writers Make terrible first drafts Thinking that the first version of a composition Will be good enough to use for a final draft is like thinking that without any training, You can run a four-minute mile In reality becoming a great runner or writer. Involves much more failure than that. So if your first draft is terrible, not only Is that okay, but it ’ s great! At that point, you ’ ve, taken the first difficult Step toward making something that could become excellent, So why are you still staring at a blank Word? Document It ’ s, time to get off the couch put on your Pink headband and go win a gold medal.

I mean it ’ s time to start writing! Good luck with your assignment and thanks For reading the article

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Blasting News – How to write an article

First choose the right category for your article. Secondly, write the title and the subtitle of your article then write the body of your article following these three tips divide your article into at least two paragraphs and start each of them with a sub headline. Did you so highlight the sentence you want to make a sub headline and click on the h2 button sold two to three important sentences or keywords per paragraph inserted leads to links to other blessing.

These articles highlight the sentence you on the link and click on the insert a link button. Here we will automatically suggest you some links wherever possible, if not make a quick search on blocking news using the main keyword of your article once you have found the perfect related article to link copy and paste the address of the article and click OK, this is A mandatory step that will help you gain more views from other blasting news pages and make your article more informative.

To make your article more engaging embed Facebook, post, tweet or YouTube articles, your readers will appreciate it and there will be more likely to read other articles of yours in the future insert at least one tag for your article. You should tag your main keyword of your article insert the source of your article. It can be yourself where you click the button I in the source, or it can be the address of another website.

Now the last step upload a picture once you click on the upload, a picture button, you will automatically find pictures suggested by classic news. You can choose one of them or you can upload your own picture from your laptop once you have chosen your picture. Add a caption for it and credit. The author of the piece remember to follow this data when you are satisfied. Click on the I’m done button on the right bar of your screen to give the possibility to ask for a piece to our social media influencers or to automatically share your article on social.

Remember to follow the golden rules you find at the top of your screen and now you’re done, then your article for approval and wait for feedback from the clean, your glass routine, depending on the day and time. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. You’ll receive an email with the editors feedback as soon as it’s being reviewed to know the status of any article. You can check your article list, just click on list of news and audio news and on the filters change the status to under review, publish or even all articles then press send leaving your mouse over.

The icon will show the description of each status.

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Write Every Day: Start and Maintain a Daily Writing Practice

My name is Hannah bream and I’m a coaching and author with a long term. Regular writing habit. That’s helped me. Do things like write over 500 blog posts, work on dozens of projects for freelance writing clients, publish three seem to be four books and enjoy working on larger personal writing projects during this course I’ll be sharing insights, suggestions and creative coaching practices that will help you, kickstart Momentum and motivation with your most important writing project by the end of this course you’ll have started a writing practice that will set you up for future success with your projects.

You’ll also have a plethora of tools in your toolbox that will help you overcome some of the most common challenges. Regular writers face, so you can face any obstacles head-on, persevere and share your writing and gifts with the world. Write every day is to find for new writers. If you want to make the most of the time they have and start their writing careers with good habits already in place. It’s also for more experienced writers who are struggling to maintain a regular practice and want to learn how to create a right cabott and that’s a deal with the emotional ups and downs of the writing journey.

Whether you’re writing purely for personal pleasure to further your career or assets like projects, creating a regular writing habit, is a hugely rewarding and fulfilling practice that will enrich your life across the board. This course will give you the tools. You need to start writing and keep writing whatever else is on your plate. Thanks for your interest in write every day, I hope you’re as excited as I am, if you’re ready to join me and get writing head on over now and click the enroll button.

Otherwise, you can take this course for a test drive using the free creepy feature. I look forward to seeing you in the course you

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How to Make Money as an UNPUBLISHED Writer | Side Hustle Ideas

Why a fairy fantasy novel and today I’m going to be sharing with you at the top three ways. I make an income to support my writing as an unpublished author and how you can, because of these side, hustle ideas that I’m about to share with you. I was able to step down from my day job back in August and become a full time writer currently making enough to supplement my husband’s income.

So I can work from home doing the things I love. If you want to hear more about my personal journey of how I became a full time writer in one year, I will link that article below and in the cards, but by the end of this article you will have a bunch of ideas about how you can Start making money as a writer whether you are currently unpublished like me, or if you’ve been looking for ways to supplement what you’ve been making from selling your books and if you find these ideas inspiring but you’d like more personal help from me about how to turn Your idea into a successful hustle definitely check out my patreon page as I love to help my patrons figure out, which idea is best for them and give them tips about how to create and market their write early income venture.

Now, if you’re excited to hear about these three side, hustle ideas go ahead and hit the like button on this article and let’s get into the tips. Firstly, what I’m not going to be talking about is selling novels, because chances are you’re reading this article, because you are working on something that is not ready to publish yet or you’re, making some money in selling your novels, but you’re not making the kind of money You hoped I’m also not going to tell you to go out and find an unrelated day, job, part-time or otherwise to support your writing, although this may be the best option to start out with, as you’re building your side business to eventually replace that income, the writers, I want to talk to today are the ones that want to create a side hustle that has to do with their writing, something that works hand in hand with it and builds their author platform, their influence, their readership, all at the same time and results in side Income now, but also helps sell their books more in the future.

If this describes you here are the top three ideas that I have successfully done myself. My first idea is to create a service or product for other writers or readers. When you go to start this kind of side business, the first things you want to ask yourself our what skills do I have and who would be my clientele? Well, if you’re, a writer, one of your skills is obviously writing and your target audience or clientele could be other writers once you’ve figured out your clientele.

The next questions you want to ask yourself are: what does my audience need or want most, and how can I use the skills I already have to help fill that need for me, I pulled my followers, my subscribers and any other writers. I knew and asked them what they struggled with most in their writer life. Then I took inventory of what my skills were and tried to find creative ways in which I could use those skills to help my target audience.

So I started out creating some free products for writers, like my series, Bible templates, that you can still get by signing up for my newsletter. But if you have any kind of templates or workbook, you think would be helpful to writers. You could just as easily sell that product, like many writers have, including my friend, Rebecca Kay Sampson. You create this product once, especially if it’s digital and then all you have to do is market it to your audience, offering discounts from time to time, sharing testimonials of people that have loved your product and suddenly you have income coming in.

The other option here is creating a service. For example, when I created my author website, I realized very quickly that my skill for creating websites was something that many other authors didn’t have. I also couldn’t find many others that specialized in making websites specifically for writers. So I also knew I wouldn’t have much competition. So after doing a bit more digging into what specific struggles my audience had with creating their author websites, I actually ended up coming up with three different services.

Either I could create a website for someone. I could teach them how to create it themselves through an online course or if they already had a website, but they didn’t love it or their things that they wanted to improve about it. I could offer a console call where I could give them tips about how to do just that. These offerings have been the bedrock of my income so far and since my clients love what I do and can’t wait to tell their friends, I barely have to market myself anymore, because I constantly have requests coming in.

I love the service option. Two because I get to know other writers network with them and help them along on their writing journey. To give you a few more examples, I know that my friend Mandy Lynn, has created the course author Tube Academy for those that want to their author, Tube blog and she also designs book covers. While my friend Beth Nia Quezada, has created book trailers for writers as well, I’ve also seen others offering editing and critique services like battaglia Lee or author coach services, like my friend Jade yung.

If you’d, like help figuring out what you’d like to offer and also creating a page where people can pay you for your services or products again, I definitely encourage you to join me on patreon and I would love to help you out. My second idea is to create an author, Tube blog for growing your author platform and influence. Creating an author youtube or author Tube blog, like I have, is a no-brainer sharing about my author journey and teaching others.

What I’m learning in the process here on YouTube has definitely been the number one thing that has launched and grown my author platform immensely. But did you know you could also make money as a youtuber? It’s definitely a long game. It takes a ton of time and endurance. Basically, you need at least a thousand subscribers, and at least four thousand hours of read time in a 12-month period to even be considered for YouTube’s partner program.

But after you are accepted into the program, YouTube will allow you to put ads either before, after or during your article, which brings in money for YouTube and allows YouTube to pay you if you make it to this point, not only have you massively grown your author Platform and potential readership, but you now have a library of articles in each article. You worked really hard to create once, but each one is now continually making you passive income, because those articles continue to get found and readed and YouTube is paying you for it again.

This option won’t work for everyone, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. You really have to love doing it for a long time before you can get paid, but if you really enjoy it, it’s well worth it plus you get to be supported by your audience without them having to pay you a dime, they read and enjoy YouTube pays You just as a gauge I was able to reach a thousand subscribers in about eight months time and I’m super close to reaching 4,000 hours.

So I’m really hoping that I can start monetizing soon, but just so you know it does work. I do have a different YouTube blog unrelated to writing that I’ve grown to over thirteen thousand subscribers and I’ve been getting paid by YouTube for that blog for almost a year now – and it’s been pretty great – my income from YouTube definitely four months a month, but it Definitely makes it done and for those of you that want to start making money sooner rather than later, you could also still make money off your other Tube articles, if you’re using YouTube in a strategic way.

For instance, if you’ve created a product or service, you could use your author Tube blog in part to be advertising or talking about those products or services which could result in more people going to purchase whatever you’ve offered doing. This has definitely helped me, find more website clients for sure, or you could also check out affiliate programs like Amazon, affiliates or eventually get some of your articles sponsored by writerly related companies.

I don’t have time to talk about all these options in this article, but if you join us over on patreon, this is definitely something we could discuss further in either case. If you have an author, Tube blog or just starting one, I definitely suggest checking out my top ten tips, article for how to grow your author, tube blog, which I’ll link below and in the cards, and if you become a patron, I would love to help.

Give you tips and personal suggestions for your author, Tube blog and speaking of patreon. My third idea, surprise. Surprise, is to create a patreon page patreon.Com/lenguin. So if you’d like to see an example and the article I made all about it, you can check out the link that I’ve put in the description below. But I think my favorite thing about this platform is that you really get to know your fans or patrons at a much more personal level, and as long as they continue to be patrons month after month, you suddenly have a pretty dependable monthly income, which the previous Two options: I’ve told you about in this article have a harder time providing.

So I’m really curious, which of these options? Are you going to try or have you tried already got any other ideas you think we should know about? I would love to chat about all that in the comments below and again, if you’d, like some personal mentorship from me in any of these areas, I hope to see you in the patreon group soon, if you want to take advantage of more of the free content, I have here on my blog I’ve linked some of my favorite playlist down below and if you haven’t already, we make sure you hit that subscribe button and the Bell.

So you don’t miss anything new, much luck with all of your right early side, hustle adventures and until next week. Happy writing.

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How to write technical blog posts – talk by Quincy Larson

We got some energy, Alright awesome That that lunch is digested and you’re ready to learn. Okay, so…, I am Quincy and I’m going to talk about how to write technical blog posts that people will actually read That that “, actually read” part, is important. So umm, you may be wondering. Why is this developer talking about writing? Well, I worked as a journalist for about three years after college and I would say that technical blogging was absolutely critical to people actually realizing that freeCodeCamp existed and to our early community growth We’re a small nonprofit.

We don’t have like a lot of resources for advertising or for public relations, so we turn to trying to write articles worth reading, So I’ve been writing very actively on both Medium and on Quora, and I also edit freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication, which publishes a whole lot of Articles on Development, Design and Data Science, So my goal is for all of you to walk out of here with both the confidence and the tools that you need to be able to write technical articles, that people will sit down and actually invest the time in reading.

So there are really three elements to this. First, you need substance. Second, you need to package that substance for consumption And Third, you need to go out and publicize it. So before we get into that, though, I want to see why people are blogging. I saw a lot of hands go up earlier for people who are blogging, I’m just going to go up right now, Who is blogging because they want to impress future employers.

Ok, quite a few. All right, who wants to apply recently learned knowledge. One of the best ways to reinforce your own learning is to turn around and teach it to somebody else and to technical blog post is an excellent way to do that All right and who just wants to share their insights with other developers and kind of pay. It forward Quite a few of you,… And . Maybe nobody will raise their hand, because this is a little immodest, but who is interested in becoming a thought leader in a specific domain? All right Yeah! You want to.

… So you want to get on the conference circuit…. You want to get on podcasts like “ CodeNewbie”, and you want to raise awareness of your area of expertise Great. It does not matter like, regardless of your reason, it does not matter Really. The goal should be to just get people to read your articles. If you set out to achieve that one single goal, it will help you with all four of those objectives.

Let’s start with substance, You need to write something that matters And…. I will tell you that people quickly, they have all these kind of rules of thumb about blogging like oh, it should be 600 words and uh. You know just quickly get it out there and and blog every single day. I don’t buy any of that stuff. I really think that it’s all about substance When you have something to say that’s when you open your mouth and you say it And you can really hone in and take that substance and turn it into a whole lot of blog posts.

This is a guy named Peter Paul Kosh. He is the author of the popular “ Quirks Mode”, blog and “. Quirks Mode” is really awesome because it’s focused just on the quirks between different browsers and different versions of browsers, So he’s…. He totally geeked out on the difference between how JavaScript is processed by Internet Explorer, 10 and mobile, Safari and Opera, And his blog will show you all the different intricacies of those for when you’re trying to develop cross browser applications,.

.. And those considerations. So what did he do? He did his homework. He learned a whole lot about this one subject and he went really deep on it. Then he turned around and figured out ways that he could write about it in novel ways and that’s what you should do. A lot of people may lament that, ah everything’s been written, it’s all been done. Every flavor of breakfast cereal has been tried. Reality is there.

Are always new ways, new permutations, that you can toggle and switch around to make new original spins on old topics? A lot of blog posts are written either from a hello world, absolute beginner perspective, and then a lot of them are written from “. I’ve been coding for 10 years”. There aren’t enough articles that are kind of in the middle, for example, so experience levels, one dimension of which you can play around.

Then there are a lot of opportunities for taking something. That’s been written in a different language and blogging about how to do it in another language Or introducing humor right Humor makes your blog post palatable, so use it liberally, and you can even write joke posts that are basically parodying something but teaching at the same time. So here’s the quick case study. I want everybody to meet Amber She’s, a Seattle-based marine biologist by training.

She got a master’s degree in marine biology and she worked at Disney surveying the animals and doing science related to the animals that the Disney had in its parks and, unfortunately, marine biology is a field that a lot of people want to get into people love animals…., It’s very competitive Around the holiday season. She found herself with her contract, not renewed To cheer herself up. She was really pumped.

She was like “ all right, I’m going to go, see the new Star Wars. Movie”. Did anybody see the new Star Wars movie, “? Rogue One” Okay awesome, so she was really excited because, like the first time it looked like a Star Wars movie where the protagonist was female, But when she walked out of the theater, she had a weird sense that maybe the protagonist wasn’t the female character And sure Enough she did the math and she counted up all the words and she found that the main character actually didn’t didn’t speak as many lines as some of the other characters, And she also noticed that there were far fewer female characters in that movie than there were Male characters.

.. And she was like well, this seemed like it was marketed as a movie, you know to women to try to get more women into Star Wars, So she looked at all the other blockbuster movies, like the top 10 grossing movies of 2016. She built a bunch of data visualizations. She wrote scripts to dive through and count all the dialogue and assign the gender to the different characters, and she built this beautiful series of data visualizations, and so she had the substance.

She just needed to sit down and write about it and that’s what she did. I coached her through it and we wrote a Medium publication and her article was huge. It got picked up by Mashable, it got picked up by IGN a whole lot of International Press And it raised awareness of this issue, So she was able to use her scientific skills from being a marine biologist kind of poured it over to doing data visualization and Data science and, as a result, a whole lot of employers and prospective freelancing contracts came her way from this article.

So there’s just one blog post right. You only need to write one good blog post if it has good substance. So it’s a lot of hard work. Expect to invest a lot of time and energy Good blog posts don’t come easily, Not good technical, blog post. The second lesson I want you to all walk away from is that packaging is important. The way you take your substance, the way you package it and present it to the reader is very important.

This is the most expensive vodka in the world, I’m not a vodka connoisseur or anything, but when I saw these bottles I was immediately sucked in and I wanted to learn more about it right,.., It’s packaging. Well, what’s the packaging on a blog post, You got your headline: You’ve got your lead image, You have the formatting of the text in the subheads and the pull quotes, And then you’ve got the platform that you publish it in All of those things are considerations that You should keep in mind when it comes to packaging, your technical blog post.

I want to talk about headlines specifically, because I want to point out that that is all that about 95 percent of people are going to read. They are scrolling through their their Twitter feed, while they’re sitting on the toilet or while they’re holding the handle on a bus and they’re. Like do I want to read this. Do I want to read this? They read your headline and it’s up to your headline, to entice them to read the rest of your article.

So… Has anybody heard the old adage by Abe Lincoln about chopping down trees. So If I had eight hours to write a technical blog post, I’d spend the first six sharpening the headline. It’s true. The headline really is Empires have been built on the backs of headlines. Has anybody heard of BuzzFeed, You know and there’s a science to it? There’s a lot you can, you can read up on and you can A/B test your headlines.

You can show them to your friends and just try to figure out if people will click on them. It’s really that important and then the images Humans are highly visual creatures. Like our our visual cortex is one of the biggest parts of our brain, So you’ve got ta cater to that You’ve got ta, show people images, 86 % of the top blog posts, have images in them and on average, they’ll have at least one image.

Every 350 words Some of you may be like “. Well, I can’t afford a license. Really good images”. Well, there’s great news: there are so many generous photographers out there who take their images and turn them to “, Creative Commons” or even “ Creative Commons Zero”, Which doesn’t even require attribution. You can just splash their photo up on there And this website “ Pexels”. You can search around and find images that are public domain or Creative Commons licensed on a number of platforms.

So in terms of formatting, you need to be sure that you don’t get the Picardian “ wall of text” right. People will bounce if they see English comp. 101 eight sentence paragraphs Remember: Reddit, is only an alt tab away So be sure that you show them nice short paragraphs, nice short sentences,…, It’s not a matter of sounding… Like like dumbing it down A lot. People look at it. That way, You can express the exact same concepts in much simpler words, And you can use short paragraphs and you can use white space.

You can use subheads you can use pull quotes all those things to break that up. The platform you publish it on makes a big difference. These are some of the most popular ways that people publish their technical blog posts. So I’m a big fan of “ Medium”, It’s ad free, It’s it’s user supported and it allows for easy export of your content and it has a built-in audience. That’s quite big. They get like 86 million visits a month, And then you can also post on blog on your own private blog.

You can just use a Github pages blog and Create get your own domain and set it up that way too. There are trade-offs associated with all these. If you happen to have a whole lot of friends on LinkedIn or if you happen to have a whole lot of friends on Facebook, that might be a good place to publish too Notice a lot of celebrities have been blogging on directly on Facebook. So here’s another case study.

This is Ohans. He is a web developer in Lagos, Nigeria and he created this amazing guide to Flexbox. The only problem was he just created markdown files and folders and pushed it to Github and left…. He left it at that. Well, you can go one step further and actually write an article, a proper article and that’s what I convinced him to do. So, if you look at this, he has a nice headline that accurately describes It’s not a clickbait headline.

What the article is and then he’s got some images… He breaks up the text with tweets and he’s got subheadings he’s got short paragraphs short sentences. It’s easy to read: It’s a breezy read, even though It’s about ten thousand words Right, like you’re, going to be reading for about an hour and you’re literally going to learn all about Flexbox And it may seem like well who has time to sit down and read An hour-long article about flexbox People read 500 word blog posts right Well.

Actually this is one of the most popular technical articles ever published Its been viewed more than a hundred thousand times And, as a result, he got inquiries from book publishers. He even had some course platforms reach out to him who wanted him to create some workshops on Flexbox, So yeah and he had substance. He knew flexbox very well. He packaged it properly and he profited Lesson number three publicize.

You may have heard the expression in software development “, The last 10 % of the work takes 90 percent of the time.”. Well, let me tell you publicizing. Your work is the last 10 % and it’s going to take 90 % of your time. There is no “, build it and they’ll come”. You need to go out and tell people that this exists and you need to actively advocate for people to read your own article. One place you can put.

It is Hacker News I like to call it “ the Hacker News lottery”, because honestly there’s like…, I could publish like the best article I’ve ever written on Hacker News and nobody would notice or some random article that I published might show up at the top One day Because somebody submitted it, It’s like totally random and I can tell you, I see totally random things on Hacker News. You see totally random things at the top of Reddit sometimes, But if you keep submitting every every time you submit That’s a lottery ticket right and you you need to pay to win or you need to play to win.

… So You can also target specific Facebook groups. There are a lot of really big Facebook groups, some of them local to your city. Maybe your alumni group on Facebook, from your university or from your high school Share it with your friends. That way. Groups are a great way to spread it. You can also use LinkedIn. People do use LinkedIn groups, it does send like email, digests People might see it umm and then I would also say, use other people’s audiences.

So if you publish on a Medium publication, You’re immediately kind of hijacking the audience of that publication for a moment to get their attention If you publish it in Forbes or TechCrunch, or some of these other major publications that actually submit kind of op-ed reader posts and And you can actually become a writer for Forbes or a writer for TechCrunch and publish right on there and that way, you’re borrowing their credibility as well as their audience.

So, just to summarize Three things to remember: Create technical blog posts that are substantial Package them for consumption and publicize them like crazy. If you do that, you’ll write blog posts that people will actually sit down and read. Thank you very much.

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Blog writing online course: Why bloggers fail and what to do

There is one reason why hard-working people Like you often fail at generating leads with business blogging, Investing too much time, In what to say, rather than designing what you say to trigger response Now, don’t worry if this sounds like you, Ok, The truth is: we’ve been mislead by self-proclaimed Social media experts about what works. They say what works is being transparent.

Honest showing your personality, giving away tips or free advice, But the truth is you can do all those things, But if you don’t do it in a way that creates Response you’re wasting time. So here’s what to do First.., the only thing Your potential customers care about is their problem or their goal.., not your personality.. Not even how generous you are with offering free advice, For example, as they search Google, All they Care about is solving their problem.

.Or, reaching their goal faster. So first ask yourself these questions. What Pressing problem, can I solve What pain? Can I remove What pleasure can I help create Shift your context to the pain your customers? Need to get rid of.. Or the goals they need to achieve faster And think in terms that do not relate to what You sell ok, Then do these 3 things #. 1 ) Show prospects. Exactly how to achieve a goal or avoid a risk? Do it right in your blog article, Tell them how to do something they really Need done.

., step by step, This will # 2 ), create confidence in them.. And ( in doing so, ) trust in you By helping a prospect, do something you’ll, Give them confidence in themselves That confidence rubs off on you.. The confidence-giver.. As trust Finally #, 3 ) show the prospect a way to get More of that confidence you just gave them Give them a clear way to act on the urge you Just created in them, This is where you get a lead By making a call to action, you give the prospect What they want.

. And you give yourself a lead, So remember if you aren’t saying things in Your blog in ways that creates response, you’re wasting time, Make sure you’re showing customers how to Do something that moves their needle Give them confidence and then a clear way. To get more of it.// Interested in learning more about this technique, Click right here to get a free blog, writing. Online course, where I’ll teach you step-by-step

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Writing for the web: content templates

One of the things I do is something called content templates, where I come up with a structure for the text, especially for repeated items. Now we’re going to work backwards in this article because it’s easier to learn when we’re going backwards. But most often, if I was going to do a Content template for this page, I probably wouldn’t actually have this piece of information designed.

Yet I would start with the content template and come up with my template. First, before I design and wire frame this the page, but we’re going to work whack backwards, because it’s a little bit easier to understand the process. So what I’ve got here is this is one photo of many photos taken by new horizons and there’s a very specific structure to this. If you scroll down, you can see here’s another photo and they’ve all follow a very, very similar structure.

It’s almost identical! So what I want to do is I want to come up with a template for this content. The great thing about coming up with these content templates is that, from a development point of view, then we have something to base our development on. We know which pieces are going to be repeated and we know that we can then use repeated, CSS and repeated HTML, and we can use code, generators and stuff like that and templates to actually make our site less duplicate.

I it’ll have less duplicated code, so we’re going to make a Content template from this. Now I’m going to start here. This is an image. Basically, this content is all about this image and you can see right here. It has a title, so I’m going to go in I’ve created a new markdown document and I’m going to start i’m going to use yamel and mark down to make my content template. There’s a article series on that on learning both of those things.

So I’m going to start by putting the title in here like that, so that’s first, I came up with an entry name for this thing. If you’ve done any programming, this would be like a variable. I’ve called it title and then I’ve pasted come up with there’s the title sort of thing, so you can see here is a date. Let’s say that that’s published the day that this was published. So I paste this in here. But for me this is a human, readable format and I’d want to convert this to a computer, readable format, so we’ll use oops, okay, we’ll use sort of a standardized version like that.

So we’ve got now the date in here the publish date. So you can see. There’s an image so we’ll go image: what’s this called global mosaic global mosaic, so there’s the image as part of this content template what else is there on here? So we have this little paragraph of text, I’ll copy copy that and paste it down here. So it’s at the bottom, in the markdown area and at the top here I’m doing yamel stuff very structured.

This here is just a hunk attacks, so it doesn’t really have that much structure and it makes sense for it to be down here. What else do we have? So we have a credit here like this, so we’ll go credit like that. We have last updated July, thirtieth, updated 2015. 07. 30. Now I like to keep my dates together, so I’m going to put this updated date up here. Next to the published one editor: okay, let’s put editor in here – editor like that, and the last thing that I can see right here is tags, so go tags now this is actually a list of stuff, so it makes sense to use a yam a list for This information, like this so I’ll, go and just put these things in here.

Alright, so here is the structured version of this piece of content this. If we look through all of these images, it seems to fit all of them. This one has a bigger description, but it still only has tags bigger description tags. If we keep going see if there’s any differences, if we missed anything, doesn’t really look like it. I can’t seem to find anything out what about this one here, no okay! So there we go so that’s a Content template for one of the photos that nASA released.

So we would do this first and then it gives us an idea of all the information that will be used for each photo on the site. Now I’m using this application here to do it, but I could have done it in my code. Editor. Let me just drag it into sublime text here here. You can see it inside of my code. Editor look so basically the same. I get a little bit more syntax, highlighting if I change to a different markdown processor like this, which is cool, but when it comes to content templates, it’s not terribly necessary for you to write it in any specific application.