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Blasting News – How to write an article

First choose the right category for your article. Secondly, write the title and the subtitle of your article then write the body of your article following these three tips divide your article into at least two paragraphs and start each of them with a sub headline. Did you so highlight the sentence you want to make a sub headline and click on the h2 button sold two to three important sentences or keywords per paragraph inserted leads to links to other blessing.

These articles highlight the sentence you on the link and click on the insert a link button. Here we will automatically suggest you some links wherever possible, if not make a quick search on blocking news using the main keyword of your article once you have found the perfect related article to link copy and paste the address of the article and click OK, this is A mandatory step that will help you gain more views from other blasting news pages and make your article more informative.

To make your article more engaging embed Facebook, post, tweet or YouTube articles, your readers will appreciate it and there will be more likely to read other articles of yours in the future insert at least one tag for your article. You should tag your main keyword of your article insert the source of your article. It can be yourself where you click the button I in the source, or it can be the address of another website.

Now the last step upload a picture once you click on the upload, a picture button, you will automatically find pictures suggested by classic news. You can choose one of them or you can upload your own picture from your laptop once you have chosen your picture. Add a caption for it and credit. The author of the piece remember to follow this data when you are satisfied. Click on the I’m done button on the right bar of your screen to give the possibility to ask for a piece to our social media influencers or to automatically share your article on social.

Remember to follow the golden rules you find at the top of your screen and now you’re done, then your article for approval and wait for feedback from the clean, your glass routine, depending on the day and time. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. You’ll receive an email with the editors feedback as soon as it’s being reviewed to know the status of any article. You can check your article list, just click on list of news and audio news and on the filters change the status to under review, publish or even all articles then press send leaving your mouse over.

The icon will show the description of each status.

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