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A Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Business

No one right, So you want to really niche down. Follow your niche to get that rich right. That’s a little little dad joke there! Ooh catchy, When I think about branding your business, obviously there’s a lot of questions.

Where do I start? Where do I begin First thing that comes to mind and I get asked by local heroes. A lot is target audience. Yes, How do you know what that is? How do you define that That is such a tough question right? So when I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and people just starting off – and I ask them who’s – you, your audience Who do you wan na serve And they’re like “, I want to Have everyone, as my customer.

”, ( laughs, ), Give me all the money All of them. Everyone And that’s such a bad idea, because not only is it super expensive to try to acquire everyone, you become just a generalist, You’re, not really known for anything. I would start by figuring out who you actually like to serve. Who is your most preferred customer or your favorite person? To serve in your business And really make a story around that, So if you were my target audience right, I would say Emma she lives in California.

She really loves to surf and skate. She loves coffee, But she likes to spend a lot. Of her time on social media And really build a story, Around that, so when — He really gets me Right, Soul, mates, But so when I go and create My messaging and my content I create, if, for you and Your story and your pain and what you really want to solve right, Which makes me feel valuable Right and it’s for you, I feel heard Yeah And that doesn’t mean that you can’t help out Jessica or Sally or Billy when they come in and want your services –, Don’t forget John And John and Eddie right, But you can still serve them, but your messaging has to be about Emma.

So that makes a ton of sense to me, But it also just now Another question’s brewing, So that seems like a goal right So goal: one find your target audience, But it’s more than that when it comes to branding your business. So what do you do? Next? With goals in general, What other goals should I be keeping in mind at this stage of my business. Well, you want to define What’s important to you, What is your goal? You should have something That your trying to achieve otherwise you don’t really Know what success is, And I would really focus on small wins So first off get a Website is that first step And then get your first customer, And then you get your first 10 customers And then you kinda, grow and grow and grow, And that kinda snowball effects.

‘Cause a lot of business. We talk to. They get scared of all the Things they have to do Instead start small figure out what that first Small win: you can do and then grow from there. I do the same thing just when I wake up on a Monday morning: ( laughs ). If I think about everything I have to do for the whole week, — You’re goin’ back to bed Yeah Covers over your head, I’d be like “. Let’s this isn’t going to happen today.

.” It’s not actually Monday One of my favorite things about speaking to local businesses. It’s like they’re, so unique Right. Right So I imagine when it comes To branding your business, that’s something you want! To take advantage of right Yep, What is it about? My coffee, Shop or my retail store, that makes me unique. What makes me stand out Is that part of building your brand? Oh absolutely. You have to be unique right.

If you imagine a line and on this line, we have crazy and the middle is mainstream and on the right is prolific or unique. Well, you want to be Basically right there So like with your idea that The business I’m stealing the Coffee and Kickflips — There. He goes again. That’s kind of on ( laughs, ) that unique spectrum right, There’s a lot of just coffee shops, but there’s probably no coffee. And skate park shop right Well now there will be because He’s revealed our secret ( laughs, ) coffeeandkickflips.

Com, But so you want to kind Of make yourself different from the rest,,’cause everyone in the Mainstream, it’s commodity right And that’s why we build a brand. That’s why we try to be unique, is to try, set us apart and really be someone that Someone wants to follow And then kind of following up on that, I’m going to lean on you for a Lot of this is social media. Yes, Your brand, I was waiting for this part That platform is just so phenomenal at growing Your brand and your reach, So if I’m a small business owner, I’m going to lean on you, what are some of the Platforms that I should be on, if I really want to build that brand Yeah, so you want to be on Facebook, Twitter Instagram also don’t forget your Yelp and Google listings: Okay, These are the most important for a local business, But to your point about being unique, you know you already are, but you need to voice that Across your platforms, Super important Your speaking to yeah that specific Ideal customer rather Yep To come into your business and spend money with you And when you’re on social media too, you have to make sure That it’s not about you.

Yes, it’s your company. Yes, it’s your brand, But your brand is there To serve your audience And if you position them As the hero you win Absolutely Let your customers sell you, Let your customers get Your next customer in –, 100 % Because it’s word of mouth, which is social media Yep All right, So that’s a wrap. I want to give a huge thanks. To my co-host Justin, Thanks for having me Yeah, thanks for showing us and teaching us how to Brand, your business, a very hot topic: -‘Cause brand is everything I’m sure you have Questions and comments Be sure to leave them below And also subscribe.

So you Can get more articles like this Cheers, see you soon,

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