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Email Marketing Made Easy with GoCentral | GoDaddy

This article explains how built-in tools in Your GoCentral website or online store make email marketing a breeze In general. There are four basic steps to Email marketing establish a mailing list, create a marketing campaign, monitor and evaluate results. Repeat Your GoCentral site includes user-friendly Tools that cover all the bases First, there ’ s the Subscribe form right.

On your Home page, When visitors use it, you, ’ ve, captured their Email addresses And, of course, when customers make purchases They provide an email address at checkout The Subscribers tool in your GoCentral dashboard Is where you can add names, either one at a time or in bulk from a contacts list or spreadsheet, And it ’ s simple, to create a variety of mailing lists Once you have your mailing list, creating an effective campaign is easy, with a host of templates To streamline the process Carrying your brand into your emails is effortless Because elements you have on your site, such as photos, product information and styles Are ready and waiting Feeling a little unsure how to create an effective campaign? Never fear There are great resources located right on The Compose page to help you, including an introduction article best practices, article Example, gallery and product demo Once your marketing email is just the way You want it, the click of a button sends it.

Then you just have to wait for the results For each campaign. You send your campaign dashboard lets. You know how many people you sent it to how many mailings were successfully delivered, the number of recipients who viewed it and how many took action And when you click on these high-level stats. You get even more details about your campaign, Pretty powerful info right. All your campaigns are saved for you, making it simple to reuse a successful campaign at a later date, Or you can make a copy of a campaign edit.

It — say by changing the call to action — and send it again, This handy feature ensures you don. ’ t lose Any of the original campaign: ’ s, history! With a GoCentral site, you don, ’ t need to be – or hire – a marketing expert to reach customers and drive sales. All the user-friendly tools you need to run. Effective email campaigns are right at your fingertips. Go ahead, give them a try.


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