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How to grow your business with digital marketing?

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[Acuity] TUTORIAL #5 – Sync With Other Calendars

We have created an appointment and we have customized your friends. Children dates. Next thing you need to do is sync with other calendars: let’s go ahead and the calendar I am using. Instead, Google Calendar. Okay, if you have iCloud outlook, office365 or outlooks change outlook on one way subscription on whatever, then you can, you can do that.

For me, I’m going to guess sync with the Google Calendar, and here we go okay, I’m going to sign up with better color file. Okay, we allow acuity to check these things and it is successfully authenticated with Google and me. Appointments will be instantly added to well. Canada, they want events from Google to block of time of your calendar check, enable blocking of activities in activity below when Tensei to also have events in google block of time on your activity.

Calendar okay. So what this means is that, if you have appointments in Google Calendar, then they will automatically block blocks of time in acuity. So if you have something in Google Calendar that doesn’t collide with, we can happen that, if you previously yeah okay so reminder about before appointments. Okay: okay: let’s go first things. First, we will check this, enable booking blocking of times in acuity from beta quatrefoil and also blocks off from the entities that least wanted to have we don’t have any other ones? Okay, so we’ll make this okay and I would like to be reminded before the moment.

So what can we do set minder, for I would like to be reminded one day before 10 departments. Okay, oh let’s say one hour. Let’s say: 60 minutes, we save settings, and here we go, we have completed. We have completed all these basic elements in the setting up a QT scheduling, okay, I am Rafael cow from true guru, celebrity calm and these are the basic settings and we could go ahead and set some things, but this would be in pain, advanced tutorials, okay.

For years now, if you have any question, please contact us via Facebook or write to us and we will be happy to to help you again. Rafael Caro from true color, celebrity dot-com, and I will see you in the next article bye,


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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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Allshouse Designs EP8 | Sales Funnel Concept

Here at Allshouse Designs, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible information to everyone. Whether that be with your small business, website, or social media profiles. We enjoy providing this information to you and will continue to do so.

Over the years, there has been many lessons learned while experimenting with our own company and we want to be sure you can avoid some of those headaches by following our blog and our YouTube channel. One important piece of valuable information we would like to provide you with is an explanation of the sales funnel concept.

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy designed to lead a consumer through a process that ultimately ends with them becoming your customer. There are three main categories within the sales funnel; at the top, you have your leads, then prospects, then you finish with your customers. When you see this in diagram form, it looks like a funnel – hence the name “Sales Funnel”.

A sales funnel always starts with the same step, Generating Leads. One of the easiest and most common ways of generating leads is with a landing page. A landing page is the first page most people will see when they visit your site via a link. The purpose of this page is to educate potential leads about a problem that your business can solve. Often, at the bottom of the page they have forms on them or boxes where people can put in their contact details to hear more about a solution to their problem. This provides you with a means to contact them and follow up on your leads.
Now, I could go into explaining the next steps to a sales funnel, but, why not have Alec Allshouse tell you himself. Click on the video link on this page to hear everything you need to know about a sales funnel and how to apply it to your business strategy.

Have comments or experiences of your own on this subject? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you and talk with you about them.
Until next time, have a great week!

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September Update for Allshouse Designs

Hello everyone and I hope your week is going well. As far as updates go for Allshouse Designs. Matt and I have signed 4 new clients in the last couple weeks. AWESOME! I urge you to go to our update video and look into the description of the video for client’s website addresses. They are great people and offer great services.

Matt is working on improving our videos and creating more of them in his studio. I don’t think I’ll be in the next one, but that may change. I hope the next one we upload is going to be episode 2 for our tools and tips for marketing section.

I have been working on transferring our website into BootStrap. This will make our website faster and will be easier on the responsiveness for different type of devices. Of course, I will not get to this until our new clients are serviced.

If you watched the video, yes we are planning to buy a 360 camera. Whether you like it or not. Video technology is going toward VR and we want to be on the for front of this up and coming technology.

Online Marketing

You need a Website for your Business

42356402 - responsive web design on mobile devices phone, laptop and tablet pc

These days it is important to have a website for your business. Now you may already have a business website, but is it a responsive design? It’s got to be responsive. The ever growing mobile use by Internet user becomes greater everyday. You can read more why it’s important to have a responsive business website in our Tips and Update section.

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Yes or no for WordPress

wordpress-pro-cons-allshouse-designsWordPress is a great CMS platform and I have managed and designed plenty of WordPress sites in my day. Over the years, I learned quite a bit. The one major lesson that I learned is that it is better to host a WordPress site on a WordPress owned server. Now it does cost a bit more then hosting it on a private server, but the chances of being hacked becomes a lot less. Once a WordPress site gets hacked it can be very difficult and costly to fix. Last time I checked it was around a $100 per year to have a WordPress site hosted on and it can be between $250 to $1000 to fix a hacked site. Do the math and decide. WordPress is awesome, but it may not be the right fit for your business. There is a great pros and cons of WordPress post located in the Tips & Updates at that you should check out. It should help you decide. If you have more questions about WordPress. Please feel free to post them in the comment section.