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Online Marketing Advice – How To Market A Small Business With A Limited Budget

In this article I’m going to be sharing with you how much money I made from YouTube how much money I made from my blog I’m going to be sharing with you. How much I made exactly I’m going to be telling you how I made that money and yeah. So, let’s get into the article before we start. Please give this article a thumbs up.

It really helps me out, and it encourages me to keep making these articles for you guys. Okay, let’s dive straight into the numbers, have you given this article a thumbs up yet and if you’re not subscribed, I hope you’ve subscribed. Let’s get into it, I’m going to be looking down, because I have my phone with me, I’m looking at my numbers as I’m talking to you. So in the month of July 2017, I am earned a total of one thousand five hundred and sixty nine dollars.

This is the most money I have made from a combination of my blog on YouTube since I started working on this by the way the business I’m referring to is ko bokja fitness.Com, it’s just my yeah, it’s my online business. I recently started and I’m seeing a lot of really good growth on that. So let me tell you how I made this money. I made this money primarily in three ways. Number one was advertising.

I have ads running on my site and I also have ads running on my youtube blog. I also made money by selling products. I have three product categories that I offer. I have leggings I have and I have two digital products. I should probably make a different article about my products and how I decided to create them and how I made them and why I made them, because you guys might be surprised to find out about the whole product creation process and the thought process behind it.

If you want to see a article about creating products, leave a comment below, let me know, and I will be happy to share what I know those are the three categories I made money from advertising on my website, advertising on YouTube and from my products. So three sources of revenue – normally, I know I’m not able to show you the chart for my income and how everything breaks down, but this month I can actually show that to you, because I’m getting so much more organized with my accounting and making sure that I’m Tracking everything really well, so I can show you more information because of that.

So let me show you how the money breaks down into these three categories. You can see from this chart over here that the number one income category for me is advertising on my website. Over 70 % of my income comes from advertising on my website. The second highest source of revenue, for me, is advertising. On my YouTube blog and the least, the least profitable blog for me is actually my products, which would be surprising for anyone.

That’s really into online marketing and digital marketing, because all the Guru’s will tell you make product make product and I’m learning a lot about this as I go along so like I said, if you want a article about that, leave me a comment. Let me know what questions you have and I will share whatever I can that I think will help you out, but that is how the percentage is break down. So those are my that’s my income, so my traffic for the month of July was actually down from June in June.

You guys might remember that I crossed in June I crossed. Let’s see, let me show you my traffic for June June. I crossed three hundred and fifty thousand page views in that one month, whereas in July the page views dropped down to one hundred and ninety six thousand page views. So it’s still a lot one hundred. Ninety six thousand is a lot of page views for one month, but it is down from last month.

So I was a little bit disappointed about that, but even though my page views were down, I still made almost a thousand dollars just from advertising on my website. I think I made nine hundred and eighty dollars specifically from advertising on my website. Let me also show you my youtube number, since that’s where that’s my second largest income source, as of today, I’m recording this article on August 4th, so I’m a four days into the month of August, but not too far, not too far away from July.

Let me show you my subscriber count. I have alright, so let’s go in here. You can see that, as of today, I have twenty four thousand subscribers on my second YouTube blog, my cocoa fitness, you blog. So that is that’s a crazy amount of growth, because I think last month I had maybe 10,000 subscribers. So within a month I basically doubled my subscriber count, and I am excited about that anyway. So those aren’t my numbers, that’s my traffic.

That’s my YouTube! I’m not going to bother with Instagram right now, because I’m not really doing too much with Instagram. It’s not really a priority for me right now, but that is those are my numbers, so the one, the only other thing this article is getting kind of long. The only other thing I wanted to mention in this article is a very huge lesson that I learned in July. So as used as I said, my traffic in July really dropped from June and I wasn’t anticipating that drop.

So I had a different goal for what I thought my traffic would reach and when I didn’t reach that traffic number I was crestfallen, I was crestfallen you guys. I couldn’t believe that I worked so hard and the traffic didn’t reach the goal that I wanted it to reach. So when I was setting my goals for August, I was really apprehensive about how to set the right goals. I didn’t want to set another unrealistic goal.

Work really hard not reach my goal and then feel discouraged. I just didn’t want to have that experience again and what I learned is that there are two types of goals you can set in your business. You can set big hairy audacious goals for people that have read good to great by Jim Collins. You know what a big hairy audacious goal is. There also called stretch goals in the book, one thing, and then they are there’s another type of goal called an incremental goal, and what I did last month was, I said, big hairy, audacious goals, because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do and what I’ve Learned is that for me and my business because of my size because of my intentions because of my preferences, big hairy, audacious goals are not for me right now.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have ambitious goals. It just means that I’m not going for those crazy goals. I’m not going for like at 24,000 how many 21,000 20-something thousand subscribers right now, I’m not aiming for 50k this month. That would be a very stretch goal for me. I’m not aiming for that. I’m aiming for something a little bit more manageable, a little bit more realistic, a little bit more incremental and for me and the stage of business that I am in right now.

That is the right decision. Even though almost everything you read will tell you go for gold, no, I’m not going for gold, I’m going for the incremental wins. The small wins! That’s what I’m going for this month. So I just wanted to share that if you are building an online business, its digital print business and you feel like you’re failing because you’re not like you’re, not at 1 million or you’re, not at 100k.

Maybe you need to really think about your business and where you are and what you prefer and how you want to grow and really listen to your intuition. If you feel like you’re somebody, that’s strong on intuition. So that’s all I wanted to say in this article. I have so many more amazing articles. Coming so make sure you subscribe make sure you give this article a thumbs up and if you want any articles about product creation or anything like that or you have any questions, leave them down below, and I look forward to my next income report next month.

Bye guys, you

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