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ActiveCampaign tutorial: Explaining Email Marketing For 2020!

I want to show you how and why I’m using active campaign for my email marketing software, okay. So what is email marketing? First, okay, email marketing is just sending automated sequences or emails to your customer list. Okay, so email marketing is extremely important because in the day of the age of data right, the customer list is the only thing that you kind of own. Okay, you don’t own your YouTube, blog! Okay, you don’t own your Facebook page, you don’t own your Instagram page! Okay, these things: if the service provider Facebook shuts you down because they don’t like you somehow or like YouTube, there’s only like venue for some reason, you cannot have access to your customers right, so email marketing is extremely important and it’s the entire backbone of your online Business because you can basically email your list and generate money for free, okay, you don’t have to pay Facebook or Google additional money to get in front of your audience right, okay, to be fair, like nowadays, email marketing is like 30 percent.

Open rate is considered good right, so if you have a list of like 10,000 people, only 3000 of them open up your emails. Okay, but like this, that’s the trade-off. You got to do right. You just got to write better emails, okay, so email marketing is extremely important. For that reason, okay, and you definitely need it okay. So why do I personally use activecampaign, okay, uh? Let me show you okay, so like, for example, in this case study article that I have so I ran a marketing agency and obviously help businesses grow at their business.

True face wet right, so I’m using active campaign here – and you can see my opt-in form and this this opt-in form goes into my automation, right here, which I’ll show you later on as well. Okay, so basically I was looking at the prices and like do a lot of Investigation, because I like to investigate things before I buy right so um you can see here right. Active campaign like when the contacts size is small is actually a bit a tad more expensive than other service providers.

So I was looking at get response as well as looking at MailChimp, okay and like MailChimp, like $ 25 per month at 500, right like which, which makes no sense, because milchem is like free for 2000 subscribers, but after a while it gets extremely expensive. So if you, if you thought that you could still on MailChimp right, I would suggest you go and look at their product. Their pricing page first before you buy their premium plan because eventually you’re going to have to buy the premium plan.

If you’re going to do professional email marketing and run a build real business, okay, so compare that to get response right. Your response is quite similar in terms of pricing, but when the society emails list size increases over time, get response is actually more expensive directive campaign. Right, so energy active campaign has more powerful automation, features which I’m going to show you this article as well.

Okay. So if you can see here right, if I scroll all the way back and I want to grow my list size too big right, so you got ta expect your list is going to grow okay. So, for example, at like 75,000, you paid two hundred nine. Two hundred ninety nine dollars per month, but on uh there’s no, seventy-five thousand right. So, let’s just compare fifty thousand okay. This is compare one hundred thousand right at 100 thousand you’re paying 369 for a detective campaign and you’re paying $ 4.

99 per month. For your get response: okay, chop-chop months 24 months – it’s still, it’s still like more expensive right. So like that you can kind of see. Okay, if you pay at 24 months, it’s cheaper right, but you can kind of see right that in terms of pricing wise, they kind of get you at the small amount. But at the big amounts, it’s it’s more expensive and then for for MailChimp as well. It’s like, if I literally just go up to I like 40,000, like it’s already more expensive, so no jobs, actually not that cheap.

I would say right: they actually have Enterprise pricing plan and it’s expensive, okay. So that’s kind of reason. Why use active campaign? And specifically, it’s the website tracking that I use as well. So I want to show you that, okay, so how do I I want to go through a few things about active campaigns such as in any email, marketing software? There are these okay. So let me just explain: there’s like lists lists segmentations, which is basically you have people and emails coming in to your list.

Okay, and you can segment those peoples based on different tags. Tags are things where certain actions that people take and then you can tag a person and they are basically in a separate list right. So, for example, um in my opt-in list right here right, for example, if I’ve email and then I say I ask: do you have how much is your business making right and then um that that tag right says: okay, 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 right so different tags? You can also segment your list into different tags, so people who have 50 thousand dollar businesses or 100 thousand dollar businesses in different lists right.

You can send them according to different tags. Okay forms. Okay, what are forms forms are basically these things right here and you can customize your forms to anything you like so give me one. Second, I’m just going to forms okay, so forms are how you collect your your email, addresses and stuff, and if you can see here right, I can customize my email address and the tower forms I want to put so first name last name for summer.

I just want to drag and drop and I can just drag and drop. My last name right there. If I want a custom field which is basically a custom question or whatever, for example, is a are you? Are you happy? Okay, I just press, add yeah. Okay, don’t know where is it it’s a bit awkward yeah like like that you understand why at midnight you can put in a custom field and custom questions that you want to ask ask questions, sorry that you can ask your customer before they opt into the lead Form, okay, hopefully, did that make sense.

Okay, next one is website tracking, so website tracking is very important, because I can, for example, if a customer goes to this page. So, for example, if a customer goes to this page and I already collected that email, then I can send them a specific email sequence based on that right. So if I know for somebody in commerce right, for example, if there’s a product pitch that sells this highlighter right here, okay, I can send them a specific email sequence to people who have visited that highlight lighter pitch right.

So I want to educate the customer about how to use the highlighter, how much the pricing is or what are the different highlights that we sell rights. Okay, you see how powerful it is right. So how I generally use website tracking is for me right. Is it in my automations, which is why I’m going to go to go through Nexus all right, so people who have already booked into my my calendar? They will go through a next page.

Okay, and the next page is: is this URL right here? Okay, they will go into a pitch that will show my case study okay, so they will read this article and afterwards their Walker called me. Okay, if they do not book a call yeah, if they do not book a call, then I’ll keep sending them emails. Okay, so if you can see here right, if they have never visited this URL right here, which is the Booker call page, I will keep sending them emails to like educate them about my service product and tell them, and I urge their attempt to book a call.

Okay, so it’s I don’t know, this is just wasn’t for me. I guess, but you can see, add up the power of automation and at the features that you can do right. So if they have visited this page but not another page, you can do another if-else condition all right. So if you can see here, I click onto this. How would you like to split this automation right here? People who have has not visited this URL right here.

Then I will continue on to this flow right here. Yes, they don’t send my email right, then I’ll wait one day and then, if they still have not booked a call, then yes I’ll, send them a second email and so on and so forth. Right, hopefully, that make sense to you: okay, other conditions that we have, for example, is like and all right, it’s like a condition if they are in the United States, for example, then I’ll send an email right right, citing event data has not visited this one.

Okay, total normal page visits right so, for example, if they visited the page multiple times, I know they are interested in product right, so I can keep sending and sending them things, and you can see right. You can be very creative in your automations and flows as well. Maybe I show you something else. Actions has not clicked on has forward has replied, did not submit form waiting on goal right.

It’s in custom face in facebook, custom audiences right, so active campaign also connects with Facebook so that if they actually come into a custom audience pocket right, you can retarget those people and send them specific email sequences based on that. Okay, so like it’s very, very powerful and you can try out yourself, but basically because active campaign is designed for oops, I mean yeah, you can basically customize your your email campaigns according to you, what you like right, so you can see here right if I scroll The way down – and I just want to build something out for you so for some – I literally just press plus – send an email, select my email, safe, okay and then like email, just email.

It goes in right. So, okay, you see how in a sense simple, it is okay. Let me just delete this email right, yeah yeah. Can you see how simple this is a literal drag-and-drop builder, but for email? Okay, so hopefully that makes it okay, the next one like to. I guess the last thing I’d like to show you is a mineral broadcast emails, so men are broadcast. Is that the same as they three any other email autoresponder out there, but yeah it’s just sending emails, but I want to show you how the page builder actually looks like so, for example, if I wanted, I just create a campaign right, yeah, okay, the output campaign In and for some output test, I put stand it.

Okay, let’s select my list right here. Press next, okay I’ll choose a template from before. So, for example, I use this template and just put test press Continue, yeah, and so you can see here right. It’s um! Okay avoid my crazy face, but basically it’s is that very drag-and-drop email builder so, like any anybody can figure it out right. So, for example, here right I have my image. I want to put a link to my YouTube article.

If someone clicks this image right here, they will go and read my youtube article: okay yeah. This is just text right. If you wan na insert anything, guess literally drop. So, for example, if I wanted a button, what I want to click right, scroll button click here read article no okay, I’m not going to customize the button, but you can customize button and you can see right. It’s very reasonable. It’s very, very simple, stuff! Okay, you can obviously create very fancy emails as well, putting graphics, graphic designs, social links.

They are Facebook and whatever, but I prefer to keep it simple okay, so this is just me yeah, okay, so you can insert your articles, library, RSS feed, for example. Instead of article right here that put the youtube link: okay, then yeah! Okay, then obviously you can also schedule out your emails. So if, if you are writing your emails beforehand and now you’re sending them at a later date right, you can come in here.

You screen scroll down, you press scheduled press on choose the date specific date, for example, if want to send on the 28th 17:5 558 Singapore time, and I can press finish okay and then it will. It will send out whenever this right, so you can pre, send your emails as well. Okay, seven exit, okay! So like, hopefully, you get what I mean by this, and the reason why you need to really focus on email right is because it’s going to be your most profitable Channel right.

If you don’t believe me, you can go and find out all the internet marketers who do this. Okay, like email marketing, you are able to extend their lifetime value without paying Facebook and Google and additional amount of money. Okay, they own all the traffic. It’s ok, but all you’re trying to do is together. You’ll get your customer list so that you can send out emails. You can advertise to them without paying Facebook and Google in the future.

Okay, the goal of the email list right is because eventually, if you want to sell your business, for example, okay, you can sell the email list together of it and your your new, multiple on your business will be many many times fall and the reason why is That is because the excess to the customer is the most important thing in every business right. If there’s access to the customer, a person will pay for it.

Okay, not only that, for example, if you are so low in time, mocktail or whatever right and then you want to sell info products or you know, sell ecommerce or whatever right or you wan na recommend it cost affiliate marketing sorting right. This is suitable for you, because you can send your list valuable information and, if they buy from you, then that you can use email marketing as well. Okay, so hopefully this gives you an entire sensing of why email marketing is important and how you can use it, and I, like the campaign, it’s just like the software.

I use right so, if you’re, only if you’re going to use something else, but you can go ahead, yeah, but a person I use active campaign and think of it as to rent okay as a rental on the Internet, you don’t pay if it’s girl rent, but You pay virtual rent. Okay, if you have any other questions like ready, a regarding active campaign. Just let me know yeah yeah, just let me know in down in the comment section below and yeah.

Okay hope to see you soon, yeah, let’s pretty much it okay, see you next article


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Lifestyle Blogging is not just about self promotion and selfies – WordPress Singapore

It’s not just about self-promotion and selfies that I catch it. I’ve seen a website so uh, yes to you, okay, uh, hi, everyone. I actually don’t usually present about all this, so I don’t think I am the expert or anything. I just write a lot. I’ve been writing for a long time, so jon was just asking me if I could come in and share so the same thing.

I expect that lie 15 people and I thought you’d just be informal sessions bites, and so it’s quite a lot of people today yeah. So the topic was supposed to be quite funny right because everybody expects lifestyle vloggers to just post office all day and yeah. Nothing much else, but I really enjoy blogging. So I’m going to just share a couple of things. I’ve learnt along the way, and hopefully you find something of value to you today.

So I’m just going to I’m just going to tell you that I’m not going to do a writing workshop today. I’r also not going to do a click bait. You know crash course, because I obviously am not expert in all those things, but what i’m going to tell you is really my story, how they, I managed to start blogging and what I learned eventually creating better content each time and how he also helped me in Terms of my SEO, because uh, no I’m I’m listening to what was being shared, and I realized a lot of things that good writing helps you with its link to SEO as well so yeah.

So this is the timeline of what I did in blogging. So I created my first vlog using microsoft. Frontpage anybody remembers that so you know I was in Computer Club and I was like okay, I’m going to create a vault, so I individually created pages on microsoft, frontpage and I uploaded it on a free sub domain. Somebody gave it gave me so that was all the way in two thousand, so I’ve been logging for about 16 years yeah then in 2002.

I started blogging on blogger because that was you know the reach at the point of time and then 2007. I moved over to wordpress because you know this time, I’m a teenager, so I wanted to try new stuff and I thought so wordpress was something that I stuck to in the end. So eventually in 2010 I co-founded the Campbells, which was actually a really frivolous lifestyle. Blog we blogged about going to parties, he posted lots of selfies, so we did everything that a regular her lifestyle blogger would do before reaching 2014.

So what actually happened is I went from selfie selfies email posts and then some recommendations somewhere into anything. But then what happened was this surrounded by this point in between 2010 2014 can remember when I asked myself, because I was kind of sick of writing the same things over and over. What would my readers want to read right? Because it’s boring to write just for myself, so I started writing about what we just want it.

And then the next point was just over here and then I got sick of blogging because I wrote what everybody else wanted to read and I really don’t write anything that I wanted to write. So it was really tiring and I just ended up writing every single day, but nothing of it was of importance to me and then right over about here, which is probably the best part oops yeah. So I asked as myself you know what can I write? That is of value to my readers and still a value to me.

Something that would impact me make me feel happy to write at the same time what people would enjoy reading. So this is a fantastic quote. It says to hell with the facts: we need stories and I think that’s the nature about sharing online. You really want to read a story about somebody else. You really want connect with somebody else. I confess I’ve, never read anything by ken K, sec, okay, bye. I know if the novelist – but I thought this was very apt, so I’m just I’m just going to share what I discovered during that point when I could create the content that I am proud of today and that if this is my recipe, it’s actually quite common Sense, I think it’s very basic, but it balances what I want and what the readers want.

So for me, why it’s important to me. I want to express myself when I write my content. I want to feel satisfied when I write it and I also want to feel fulfillment and I want to be creative at the same time, so it means being able to experiment and to you know, play around in things. At the same time, I needed to realize that I need a balance, what my readers wanted, and that will give me the likes to share the attention that you inspire me to write more.

But most importantly, I needed to know how to deliver value to the people that I am writing for. So what’s most important is a connection. So when you balance what you want and what people want to read as well, you will find you be able to take more pride in doing it in connection is really about being able to talk to people that you care about. Your readers become people you care about, at least for me, and I wanted to know what was interesting for them.

I started doing a lot of analytics and all that so I’ll go on a little bit detail later on. But at this point I’m just I mean there’s nothing much that I can share that you don’t already know it’s really just about inspiring new ways of thinking whether you can look at things from a different perspective and to find that sweet spot between what you want And what other people want to read so yeah? What do I want to create? So this is a simple question: what do I love is a lifestyle blog about the I love about my life that I wanted to share because it would add value to other people, so this can take the form of personal stories.

It can be new, unfamiliar topics for me I really enjoy. I was actually more of like. I write a lot about food. I write a lot about beauty, but I didn’t really do a lot of fashion because I thought that I wasn’t really a model. You know. I shouldn’t be posing and taking photos of myself, but I thought it was interesting will be challenging. I want to try it see whether I could do anything with it, so that to me was an unfamiliar thing and I tried it and actually it worked for me.

So I started taking more photos and I became more confident also experimented a lot so different ways of writing. I think when you initially when I block there was a lot about what I did so it was. I went here I enjoyed this. I enjoyed that eventually reach a state rep. I was kind of boring, so I started doing different stories. How I share a lot more about my experience and how it might connect with somebody else.

For example, if I talked about a place to eat, I would think about what my experience was like when I was I was there, how other people would enjoy the experience as well and try and bring that to life. So I use I use very simple words. I don’t really use some, you know big phrases and so on. I will just use short sentences. You know easy-to-understand sentences and just explain how that felt to me and I think that that really worked, because people would be more willing to connect.

I also noticed that when I did this, a lot of people would not comment on the blog. I mean who else here and all has nobody commenting on your blog if you like your writing so yeah, but I got a lot of comments on facebook when I share the links and then I realized people are reading it, but maybe they weren’t really comfortable with Commenting on my blog, but they were still interested in what I was writing, so that sort of gave me a little bit more idea of what I wanted to write again next time around.

So obviously, I would still want to write about topics that I’m passionate about. So, for me, these this includes still beauty. I still enjoy beauty by started. Writing about lessons that I’ve learned and surprisingly, you know things. I learned from my relationships that one’s good ones, my bosses, things like that and people actually enjoy reading it. I mean you never know what kind of topics would be great right.

You just experiment, and you see if that works for you, and if that makes you happy, and then I had to think about what my readers like anyway, I mean it’s not very fun to write things and then have realized that there’s only like one one, one. One viewer who view the page or there’s no Facebook Likes on it or you know it’s just pointless, because why would you write if it’s not to be read so then I started doing research.

I use google analytics. I went on to find out about keywords things that people were interested in through my blog notice, that okay, for example, my sharing on my relationship, was one of the I mean better hit sites, and now I was thinking. Why is it that people were interested in that? Is it because people like to read about relationships, and I realized it’s not? It was actually more of that personal connection that they had with me when they read about my experiences.

So that’s when I realized that I could write about things with me. I point of view, but it had to be something that people could also understand and identify with in their own lives. So that’s how I started crafting all my stories when I could see what I love doing and then why people love meeting I started to get a better picture of them. How I should write. It was a tone of voice I would use, while is the kind of experienced people looking for and so on.

So I know this is like the you know, top thing to do now doing listicles. I five things to do 1000 things to do in singapore. When you know clearly, there’s no one thousand things, but obviously people enjoy reading this and for some reason it works. You know for most sites, so okay listicles are great, but I think they’ll be pretty boring if idea listicles, because I don’t think I could spit. I don’t take a spin like three hours, just putting pictures and like two sentences underneath each activity or you know each restaurant.

It’s just boring for me. So what I did was I realized I could do listicles also. You know why don’t I do something different with it. I could do it what I enjoy doing so I start thinking about angles, so we just saw like good photos. I think this is a given. A lot of people actually go into a block site. Just to look at photographs and that’s very demoralizing to people who write but uh still continue.

Writing because eventually somebody will enjoy reading it after looking at the photos by the first thing is just should still could get good photos, so invest in a good camera or at least learn how to use your iphones properly. Okay and then, of course, how could I right exciting titles? To be honest, I have a big problem with this because when you want to SEO optimized Johnson site and when you want to write exciting titles, you end up with the same few things over and over again, so I had to do a balance so some days, I would write something that I liked you know and other days all right something SEO optimized, so I don’t do the same thing over and over just because it’s better for SEO, I mean it’s.

My blog is my website. I think I should have a bit more control over what I do without you know, compromising on the SEO. As though and of course, I always looked out for top search topics, I have a friend Kenneth, who is actually he writes my blog as well. Ok, so Kenneth actually writes for five me Anders calm and he writes about controversial topics. So John, maybe you can ask him to talk about that big stir, so he writes about current affairs and those are very top search topics.

I think if you ask kind of later on, if you want to speak to him, you realize that a lot of times the things your eyes ball gets a lot of hits and Link truth, so yeah, but top such topics are important too, because for your own Blog site, I think it’s important that you write what you want, but you also need to know. You know within that group of people who are reading what you read reading what you write.

Is there any particular topic days of interest interest to them, and is there any way you could create content in the same topic? Area might not be the same thing. It could be a different segments of the same topic like, for example, beauty could be zoomed into treatments. It could be skin care for relationships, it could be like we’re friends or with boyfriends and so on. So it’s just finding different angles to approach writing and just creating things that you know you could share about in your own personal life and share that with others so um.

I also realized that it’s very a bit more interesting that mix things up. So I don’t do the same things over and over again, for example, maybe I do listicles and personal stories mixed into one. So, instead of doing like five places to eat, I could do five places. I had good memories or something like that, so something that could connect with other people when they go go somewhere. If you realize that a lot of people are very nostalgic, they really enjoy reading about something that they can remember.

So if they have been to a place, you know if you’ve been, if you’ve personally been to a place where you form very incredible, the memories things that you can’t forget about. Maybe it could be a place where you had your first, your first group outing or something like that. Maybe people would have that same kind of experience, but they would like to you know find out about yours. I also talked. I also do a mixer of my favorite topics and storylines, so what I do is maybe I would write about anything of anything.

Anybody have a topic: okay, chicken rice, I mean, if I were good, I was going to write about just the chicken rice was great. The chili sauce was awesome and I mean what else is it? The restaurant was very beautiful. I think nobody would really want to care about that article, because there’s a thousand and one other article says exactly like that. But what makes people want to read about it? It’s because of my own experience there is this something that happened it’s caught my eye.

Was it a you know, an observation of the person, the people who eat there or is it something like I don’t know what you can rise means to me. I mean it. Doesn’t really matter it’s about finding out what yours, your particular story lies and sharing that, together with your favorite topic, yeah so, like I mentioned earlier, try something new and then have great photos with it. So maybe you’ve tried something you’re, not really sure about what you can do, that’s different, but maybe you’ve never written by SEO.

So maybe today, after you know, Tommy’s top you’re studying like oh I’m, so inspired I’m going to share about SEO. Then, okay, maybe a very challenging thing to do that with making fury you know more challenge would be to maybe have great photos with that. So how would you write an article that would be lifestyle? You know invited comments. It’s actually to tell the story to the great photos, so it could be yourself.

Looking true, I don’t know website and then it is a photo. I mean the possibilities are endless. Of course, there’s always the reviews, and these are always things that get you a lot of SEO such hits and stuff, because people are always looking about the same things. What it’s interesting to you, it’s most likely interesting to somebody else. So if, for example, you have a review of a food place, I think food is the easiest for us to identify with there’s.

Definitely somebody else who wants to know about that place before they visit so writing a review. But can you add in an intriguing title? Why is something that you don’t know about? People would not know about the place that you could include in the title. I mean it’s about brainstorming, different angles as well. So then another one is like you know it could be your favorite topic in another popular topic and you blend it together.

So it could be relationships this one popular topic, but your favorite topic is where to eat. Then you would say: wait to eat with your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your mom, or something like that. So I mean I’m just going to end quite quickly because I think that’s only so much I can say about creating content. A lot of it is actually sitting down running true and analyzing. What you already have written – or you know looking in fact the best way to learn, is to look at other people, so other successful bloggers or other successful websites with great content.

Why is it that they’re good at a lot of the times you realize it’s the same few things, it’s a good title, it’s a good good quality of written work. You know it’s not just a basic description. There’s definitely something more emotional to it and they’re always let see a few things, but how do they do it creatively? That’s one thing that always observed in other people’s blogs as far as what people are interested in when they read my blog, for example, if a particular blog posts about my recent visit to a particular restaurant was more welcome, you know people enjoy sharing it.

Then I will look into it and I think about why people are sharing it. Is it because of the personal story I shared with it, or is it because of the photos, or is it just because people are from a particular area and they wanted to find out about it? So I go in and analyze my content, but at the end of the day it’s important not to lose the plot. I think if you are going to just write just to get red – and you don’t really care about yourself and what you’d like to do, then it kind of gets boring and you will definitely start blogging.

I mean I’ve been blogging for 16 years, so I guess in some way I was still able to enjoy what I do and I guess it comes a lot of the time from the creative the way I’m givin, because I ran my own thing. I can do whatever I want with it. Also. This is something that I really have to share is that we just don’t know what they want until they see it. So you know everybody will tell you a you, should write about this or that or you shouldn’t write this way, because you know I don’t like it.

Of course you can take in the feedback, but I don’t think people know what exactly they want it and I’m sure you have like clients, you have clients right if you’re in agency anything, and they will tell you that they want something like this. But nanny. Don’t know what it is until they see something good, so I always believed that you know at the end the day you should still stay connected with your vision.

So if you have something that you visualize of that blog of that website that you have, you should stick to it and not stray from it too much just because you want to pander to what people want to read yeah. So that’s it! These are my blog sites. Twitter is the grand facebook linkedin yeah. You can connect to me here. Obviously I look a lot better in my profile picture s. Is everybody yeah? So if you have any questions, you can feel free to ask me, but I don’t think there’s a lot of questions left.

It’s quite a straightforward topic. Oh yes, abdallah gospel. That’s a good trick, my what a form of my whooping cough facebook. So I I can see that when I thought or fiction, I get about five Frankie to me: yeah, I’m fine, there’s 50 plus mmhmm yeah, and I will need that. No there’s, no one of these. What you like yeah! That’s it at least they’re secretly clicking at least they’re reading the post.

I think that when you, there are certain topics that you are very passionate about, which actually people were not automatically want to read about it. Books, unfortunately, is one of those things I think you’ve got about history as well, I think maybe depends i’m not sure. If that’s going to be popular for more people, how do you find the balance cool? I noise. Do you enjoy eating? Because if you don’t have good yeah, so if you don’t enjoy reading, I don’t think you should.

If you enjoy reading, you don’t enjoy eating, you shouldn’t la anything yeah. But if you like books – and you realize that people are still reading that relationship stories, what about books? Can you talk about relationships? Are there books that you’ve read that teach you lessons about relationships? You know things like that. So it’s about finding something interesting. There. People want to read about putting that in the title angling, your story, in a way that you know they will feel more compelled to read it, but at the same time you still get to introduce the books that you like, or you can still review the books That you, like yeah and my shins, you guys got ta speak to her nor later so I encourage you go to look at a website, not just because I view the website, but really some great articles, one of the two that way that I, the one should

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Generate $30,000 more PROFIT For Your E-commerce Store – Klaviyo Email Marketing Tutorial

This is email marketing. Okay, so I’m going to teach you everything I know and everything you need to know about Clavel about email marketing, how to use this tool and busy if you’re running, ecommerce, Shopify or basically any e-commerce platform right.

I think every is definitely the best email marketing tool at the moment and I’m not biased just cause. I use it too. It’s like it’s seriously. The segmentation and stuff is very, very deep in advance, so I’m going to show you a few things that you could possibly do as well and show you a few results that you can try. Okay, so I’m just going to go into my screen right now and I’m going to show you okay.

So these are this like e-commerce, a tutorial – and these are the things I’m going to teach you today. So I’m going to teach you everything about campaigns, flows, templates list and segments integrations automations and what flows as well and I’m going to show you exactly on screen as well. So you can see exactly how the dashboard looks like and see whether you want to use it for yourself in e-commerce as well.

Okay. So, let’s start off okay, so campaigns campaigns are basically the non automated manner broadcast sense of your emails. These are basically imagine like people sending emails to you every single day right. Those are like man or broadcast stuff right. The person has to write it out and they send it out to the prospect and the contact one time, and basically it only sends one time. Okay, so after that period right that email is never going to be used again, okay, so this is obviously a schedule in advance as well.

So, for example, for a big ecommerce brands right that you are used to sending three to four emails every single week, so that you can consistently a follow up with the customer, and this is obviously scheduled in advance alright. So let me show you right here. Okay, sorry wrong: okay, Safari! Okay! So you can see here. This is the clever dashboard I’ll give you a brief orientation right now. So this is the clever dash bar, and this is one of the accounts that we handle.

So, for example, on the left hand, side is very, very organized everything: here’s the buttons or campaigns, close templates, listen segments integrations and stuff right. So if you scroll down here, I’m on the dashboard right here, so these objectives and performance, I’m on the dash pot, you can see right and then these are just suggestions that clever has also given out okay. So here all the analytics, as you can see, and then here your flows and I hear your campaigns right.

So at one glance I like this bow a lot because you can see at one glance everything that’s happening, a business. What is generating and more profit and revenue, as well as what is clever, doing on the back end as well all right and then, as you can see, the segmentation of the number of dates last year today. As far as you can see, what type of other revenue blogs is driving as well? Okay, so on the right inside, like very simple stuff support, blog and as well as the account name as well.

Okay, this is it for the dashboard okay. So for campaigns, a sourcing as you can see right, you can click on the left hand side, and this is campaign campaigns here – everything that you have sent in the past and just to create a new campaign. I’r going to show you how to do that. Okay, so, on the right hand, side here, okay, you can see right place order, so how much money this is generated per email.

So imagine just by sending emails right, you could make thousands of dollars right. Fantastic stuff like like nuts, was not so like really sexy right now, right right, but the execution-wise not sexy, but this is really sexy. Okay, you can see right on the right-hand side, this blue button. You can press the create campaign and for self I’ll just put test all right, so the tiger – I won’t put anything at this moment, I’m I’ll just put email so clever, also recently announced likely have a SMS feature, so you actually can send out SMS broadcast to Your contact list, if they opt in obviously so that’s really fantastic.

Alright, so you can press, create your campaign and afterwards a little or fall so your campaign name, who are you sending to so, for example, I’m just going to send to some random I’ll. It’s right here: okay, so you smart, sending okay smart, send it! You can see right if someone else has already received an email in the last 16 hours right, then I do not send them right. So the contactor I won’t have multiple email sent sends them cause.

Do feel like it’s spam from you, so they will not crisscross one another and obviously UTM tracking is just for your Google Analytics and tracking all right so save and continue to the content. And basically this is the editor right here. So this is the editor and basically from who, from who your subject line preview text and save changes as well. Okay, so in here this text-based rich HTML and use template.

So in this case, I’m just going to use our template because it’s easier, so I’m just going to use something that okay, let me just put this put test, Save Changes alright and then use template. Okay and now I can just pick a very very nice template that they have already on use in the past right, so I don’t have to start from scratch. You know I mean so, if you’re actually using it for your own store right, you don’t have to be creative and stuff.

You just use what people are doing and like a successful already and now you just replicate them. Okay, let me show you, this is actual the text editor and stuff and how you’re going to use as you can see, it’s like a and drop builder. I, like you a lot just because you don’t have to think right is very intuitive as well. So all you do is really drag stuff and then you just drop – and you can see – is very, very responsible.

So everything from the text and the size and um I’ve used other email providers before and is a very clunky. I feels like the UI is not very nice. To kind of edit in covers is much better alright, so she can see here right everything from the image you can start, so you can save your templates as well, so you can just reuse your email over over again your logos and stuff, and it is really Like a class or if your site, I’m I’m in a graphic design class – and this is just the software that does this okay, so everything from products, if you can’t direct the products you can see it automatically syncs with my Shopify saw alright, so very, very simple.

Stuff, okay, I press cancel right here. Okay, social links, horizontal, can save drop shadow, a tables buttons right. So if I want a button right here, drop it boom finish that safe, easy, okay, so very, very simple stuff and in terms of designing emails, I think it’s super simple right. For example, if you want to integrate like canva right now, you design something on camera. Bring it on klaviyo and insert it in super super fast, alright, pretty easy stuff.

Alright, I’m just going to press save content alright, so that is basically it for campaigns and stuff, so yeah moving on flows. Okay, if water flows flows are basically fully automated sequence flows and templates that so there’s like 77 a sequence – and there are four emails they’re going to be sent okay, examples of it for e-commerce, especially right, abandon, cut browser Bannerman, post purchase.

Welcome series. Alright, these technical things you do have to know at this moment, I’m I’m just telling you that they a lot flows that you can use and there’s a lot of templates that clever has given you as well. So you do have to think right. Is you literally just execute the thing? Okay? Why do I keep opening okay? Let me see okay, so Safari, okay. So let me right now go to flows and show you a few examples as well.

Okay, so you can see here right. They already will show me what I really have, but I’m just going to create a new flow to show you how easy it is alright, so you can see you can create flow and you can create from scratch or you can just already use something that has Been working in the past okay, so I would definitely recommend you to do this just to save time and get things about running, to make more money.

Okay, so you can see here right, for example, a better cut remind us. I can just take this and I’ll. Just put test okay I’ll just put test, and then the text I put nothing and they’ll, give you a floating media. I press create flow and I’m already in the email template editor. So super simple with like what three clicks of the button. I’ve really gotten like a to email sequence and I just going to build this sequence out.

Okay, so you can see here I just automation, workflow and on that effing site you can press email, SMS update profile. So if I drag you can see right. If I drag an email, is the tree drag and drop super easy, very nice. Okay, SMS same thing, update profile, yeah, okay, time, delay time delay is basically the interval, the time interval between our emails. So you can just see you just if I drag your time.

Delay in between yeah yeah and there we go okay. So in this case I don’t need to time delay. That makes no sense. I’r just going to delete the time delay all right, conditional, splits, also um, you give it an if-else condition. So if you do any programming right, it’s very, very simple right so, for example, a conditional space, for example – I drag in here, okay and I select a condition so, for example, if someone is not in this list right, then okay, I press, save okay, wait! So just choose value: okay! Yes, if someone is in this newsletter right, then is it yes or no, and I can press save right so if it’s in this newsletter, you’ll continue flowing on to this flow.

These emails right here. If it’s not right, then you just press exit right, super simple stuff, and you can see how you can play around with a lot of things. So, for example, abandon cut right. You can say if someone has not purchased this at all, offer them a higher discount. You see, I mean you can be very creative with your flows and stuff, and this is like stuff you can play around with right.

So this is like email, marketing, automation, all right, so trigger split triggers, but it’s like something needs to trigger it and obviously then the display will come by as well right. So you can choose. You can see here, for example, a shipping rate. Let’s see what else you can use total discounts attributed flow discount codes. Okay contains some possible. You know that this person has used discounts in the past right and then you can.

You can target them through using a trigger split and then you can. You can give the send em different messaging and email as well right so very, very simple stuff, but also very very advanced, because you can build all your flow to be very, very complicated okay, so you can see here right once you have finished your email and Stuff, you can press this and your past life and email is life right. Okay, I’m just going to turn it off real, quick, alright and then you can press on right and sight as well show analytics.

So you can see how much money is generated from the open rates and click show rate. So, like I like a lot just because in one view you can see everything you can understand whether the flow is working or not all right on the left-hand side. Here you can also scroll through your your other, your flows, so that you actually know like, and you can jump around. The flows are very fast as well all right.

So let’s base get high analytics and I go back alright. So that is flows, and I hope that kind of gives you a sensing of how powerful Club it is at the moment all right, all right, so templates what a templates! Okay, I can kind of show you temperatures now, but basically our templates are the designs that you can use immediately. All right, let me show you listen segments right, so you can segment your audience as well.

Okay, keep opening up from goddammit, okay anyway, yes, okay, so you can see here on the left inside lists and segments. You can press that okay, so this will be your entire list and you can see all the data from there from here and you can segment to it. It’s so that okay on the right inside a press create create list, slash segment. If I want a dynamic segment of it, I select condition. So if someone is has done or not done, okay, so if someone has clicked an email at least once over all time, I create a segment and give it a name, and I send specific messaging towards that segment as well.

Okay, you see right up the more specific your targeting is the higher the capture rate, the higher open rate, as well as higher higher conversion revenue as well right, so very, very interesting, stuff, okay, okay, so that’s basically listen segments very simple. Okay, integrations integrations is very powerful because if you are operating on any of the supported platforms, it’s very easy to integrate your your email, marketing software, basically to your Shopify, saw or your e-commerce or in any sense okay, so integrations here, there’s like Facebook Ads as well.

So you can actually integrate your VIP list. You know that this specific customer segment has bought from your unit process like high lifetime value right. You can actually put that and put that into an email list, and then you can put it and pump it as custom audience on Facebook as well. Okay, they can run ads to the audience or create look like audience from there, make it up making making it a very qualified audience.

Okay, so yeah, you can see all right when we integrate that what Facebook MailChimp s about Shopify, right here and very, very simple stuff because, like if there’s API connection between these two software’s, it’s like a very seamless integration right. You don’t really really have to think about it and your focus on growing the business okay, so you can see here you can just press update and obviously, once you integrate so one-click install as well, so integrations very nice stuff and you can see all the integrations Yeah they have integrated with other softwares that you can want.

You may want to use WooCommerce shipstation, Salesforce, recharge CRM, Magento, it’s a drip notice, not rip, okay, yeah, so a lot of love, other software’s and you can connect via API, so so very nice. Alright! Alright last thing, I’d like to say is: like people don’t really talk about this, because it’s not um how I say this: it’s something that you don’t see when you buy a software right, it’s something you only see when you experience problems with the software and one Thing about travel is that the documentation is fantastic, so everything that you ever need to know right.

It’s like in help center Help Center is the documentation basically and like if you can see here, I’ve like grew this a ton of times and so like um. All the documentation, there is very simple, so you can see a live click on this this article multiple times just cuz. I do. I need a reference back to it right and then for the contact wise and the support contact us the support us, although they do have live chat right.

I would say that email in terms of responding to me it’s fast. It’s like we didn’t want business day. Ok, so if you are worried about whether their support right, there’s no live chat in that sense, but there is an email in email follow-up, so they have an email support right there. Ok, I hope this gives you kind of a sensing. Ok. Last thing I just want to show you one more thing: ok sign up pops right.

So if you, if you are using like um sumo, is it get sumo or like privy? Those are things you can just forget about that subscription already cake level. Does it’s already built in you can just install the code snippet right there and then you can create your signup form immediately from here right. So you can see here right if I wan na email, pop-up. Okay, I can press, ok, press create form, true sillas, just cause choose one.

This right create a form and I can customize the email pop-up right. Also, I can customize it based on whether you are land on a page or not so incredibly powerful, customisation entities in behavior, and, let me see okay, you can see here right on the levant site by URL, only show on certain URLs right, so very powerful stuff. When you have a product, for example, if I’m selling imagine this Kindle right here, if I land on the Kindle product page right and then I can put up email, opt-in say: hey, are you interested in Kindle? Well, obviously, they are but offer you a 10 %.

This count on this Kindle books when you purchase this Kindle right so very, very um, muscat, specific stuff, they would increase and drive conversion as well, okay, so that makes no sense. Okay, so yeah blocks. You can see it’s literally like the same editor as the email. It’s just that it’s just for the form right, so it makes it incredibly simple to do and it’s like it’s literary art, class. Okay, I keep saying that but yeah, okay and afterwards you can just publish your pop-up right here and your show on your shop right on your Shopify store.

Okay, I think that’s about it and I think there’s one thing that is very underrated: okay, browse the venom and yes blossom. Animal is very powerful because lie safe. Alright, if you learn on a product page, because clavo has website tracking, you actually can install like a JavaScript code on your Shopify store and then basically they were track. Whether you visited that site right. So there is a flow called browser Penniman where, if they actually land on a specific product page, you can send them a specific sequence of emails that walk that is in line with that route.

That products well right. So you can see here right. I press create flow. I search for brows. Okay, you can see you browser Bannerman yeah. So basically, this flow is. It allows you right when someone views a product myself user product on your store, you can basically send them a specific email to that. So you know that they like this, can know so obviously you’re going to send up content about about our Kindles and books right so very, very like stuff, that’s like you don’t see from outside, but where you actually use it right increases conversion, a tunnel etana.

Basically, okay and I’m because email is going to be your most profitable blog. Although, like Facebook Instagram, Google is going to be a paid traffic blogs right, it’s going to be your driving force right, but emo is going to be the back end. It’s going to be the most profitable blog for you in the long run, and that’s where you’re going to exit when you want to sell the company as well. Alright, I hope this gives you insight about it.

Okay, you can see all right. Okay, it sucks. Okay, it’s like 10 %, 10 % of the revenue; okay. This should be a much much higher percentage, but at this point not not so much because I’m not handling this email all the time. Okay, so you can see yeah and uh ya, know droga yeah! Okay, if you’re actually interested right, you can sign up through this link. Yes, oxg mediacom, slash, Clavel, right and so because, like we are official travel partners so like Nick and Kitty is my rep okay.

So if you sign up through the link right, you just saved from Jonathan and then do take care of you, okay cuz. They know me already and like we like work together for quite a while already so they’ll just take care of you when you’re on board. As well, okay, so you can just sign up. Oh, I see Mediacom forward, slash Clavel if you’re interested in checking out this ecommerce, email, marketing, software and yep, hopefully, okay, I talk too much but yeah.

Okay, hopefully you enjoy this article. Please take this information and my go. Do something about it and go make money for yourself or something yep. Okay, there’s about it, see you next article! Okay,


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CASE STUDY: 0 To 15K On Facebook Ads (Full Ads Manager)

Okay, let’s get right into it. So what you can expect from this article, this article is a bit long, so I don’t waste anybody’s time. I want you to like learn something about like potentially gain some value from it right number one there’ll be no hype, so we’re going to show you actual stats.

You know Facebook business manager and see some of the things that we did, that you could potentially be using in your own business as well. Okay, number two would be we’re not going to waste anybody’s time. So if you are a business owner, for example, you’re not committed or you’re not interested in scaling your business, then you can hop off this article as well. Okay, number: three: we’re going to provide you actionable steps on what you could do using the strategies that we’ve kind of be teaching in this article as well.

So if you want to stick notes yeah, you can just go ahead. Okay, so this is a client that we ran for their base in Singapore, so in terms of like market size and market saturation, it’s very difficult to run profitable campaigns in Singapore, but then again using this method, it’s able to do anywhere. We were able to achieve around 18 row s which basically return on adspend, which is basically spend one dollar and get eighteen back right.

So, for example, you scale up that ad set. You spend a thousand dollars in ad, spend right. You get $ 18,000 back yourself. Facebook Ads what it’s like, it’s like magic right, you get something it works and that’s working well and you just scale the ad set out so for a lot of my international audiences right here. If, for example, your base of Singapore, you can expect even better returns than this, because there’s a lot of market data, there’s a lot of people using Facebook, so ability to scale is much much much more aggressive, much better, much faster yeah.

Okay. So, just to give you a background like digital marketing and Facebook and Instagram currently what’s going to happen in the next five years we see is when Google Voice comes out, Alexa me and yeah, Alexa, Siri, etc, etc. Internet usage is going to go. Eighty percent to mobile usage right and when the everybody’s going to win the economy, tanks right basically everybody’s going to pour their money into Facebook and Instagram advertising the CPM, which is basically a cost per impression right.

How much do you spend to actually go and get in front of a thousand people right, so the CPMs are going to go to a roof right. The cost of advertising to a customer cost of acquisition is going to go up. So anybody who is not running digital right now beat what platform it is right. Google, PPC Facebook, Instagram Display Network, etc, etc, you’re really losing out, because in the future it’s not going to be as cheap as it is right now: okay, okay, so what businesses usually do now for Facebook and Instagram? It’s that number one.

What I see commonly is like they spray and pray right. They just put something out there and they pray that works right. That’s no qualified leads right, they go just read a YouTube article showing you how to set up an ad and then they know what they think. They know all the runs, Facebook ads and stuff right. That’s number one number two is that there are inconsistent customers right. Some people don’t even want to do marketing right, for example, they they put on right.

They think that they’re getting customers, they think we are getting my $ 4 $ 6 leads right. Are they actually qualified leads, not right? There’s no pixel on their website, meaning a pixels BC, a line of code on your website such that they able to track customer behavior over and over again right. People are just spending money and pouring money down the drain by doing and spending money on Facebook ads and stuff.

But then, if they have no pixel install, then there’s no ability to recapture those customers. They are potentially already interested in your brand. But I have not really expressed right. There are pre-qualified leads right that not become leads yet okay, so and then, after all this happens. Usually, what I can see is that I think I really really frustrated they don’t all run ads profitably and then they say Facebook Ads just don’t work, part Facebook, it’s a forty billion dollar company and so yeah.

They actually do what yeah okay. So let me just give you an example of like what I was scrolling. True right so like this is just my own personal Instagram and I’ll scrolling through, and I saw this ad and this is like the prime example of what a bad ad is right. So I blood are everything so no problem, so I show you like what is about it right. This is about it. It’s not engaging right. What is the product right when I actually read the ad copy and stuff, and I saw the photo – I still don’t know what they are selling right.

Number three there’s no call to action right, I’m learning more, like that’s a CTA, that’s a standard one that our Facebook gifts, but why am I learning more about? I don’t even want what the product is. Okay, now at number four would be there’s a bad copyright. So it starts with imagine this what if you could and then it’s just some things that just error error appears right. So how can you explain your audience to convert on something that you can put out, but the audience doesn’t even understand what you’re putting out right? I do I don’t know what the product is.

I don’t know what you’re selling okay. The next thing is that this is like one of my first few times seeing right is seeing it seeing this ad, so I know they’re targeting cold traffic. However, they’re not in the position to build rapport with me, so how am I supposed to convert on this when there’s no rapport being built right? I don’t expect to to like connect with the messaging the context, as well as to their copy itself right.

So it’s basically a business owners they’re putting our ads then literally just throwing money away right. An impression is something you pay for, and this is a wasted impression. Okay, so I give it the analogy where advertising is like dating right. So how do you expect someone to marry you on the first date right? If you come up someone to someone on the street and then you just say, please give me $ 1,000 right.

There makes no sense right. How can you expect I want to give you money, let me buy it your brain when you haven’t built any relationship right, that’s what I see a lot. People are doing with these type of ads. They just throw things out there and they expect it to stick right. That’s not going to work! That’s not how even like advertising in the digital space, it’s just like dating okay. So, like the current sales process, that is broken right, that a lot of people and business owners and like potential clients that I meet with do is that okay, they’re good they’re going digital they’re going Facebook Instagram the vine PPC they’re, putting on content right, some of Them, okay, then elites delete that they generate right.

Then they bring them into the sales process right. So, for example, there really catches the lead right, I’ll brought them to a web page and stuff right. So it’s basically saying they are mr. Customer here, okay, so we brought you this web page. Are you interested right? They come to the page, they see see, look, look and then they just leave the page. Okay, when that happens, move on to part 3. This becomes a very unreliable customer acquisition face because what happens is just all these people come to the page.

They leave, they don’t convert and that’s about it right. It’s like cut. It’s like window shopping right. You go to someone’s store, you look at someone’s hand back and stuff, and then you look at it and then you kind of say it’s nice, but I won’t buy any you just walk away and that that store owner is never able to recapture those customers again. You’re never able to build rapport with your brand and you’re, not able to sell product right you’re, not able to move and convert ok.

So likewise it previously. It’s an unreliable customer acquisition method and the ad span is unreliable: you’re, not profitable. So if you have no cashflow, you cannot scale your business right. Ok, so basically, the maximum profit like system right is that you have a great ok. This is like just minimum right on your ad copy itself. Your audience segmentation, you ad copy itself. Your offer is enticing as well as you’re testing your rapidly rapidly and aggressively a split testing everything to see what works right scale up your winning ad sets as well as kill, kill your ad sets they’re unprofitable.

Ok, when that happens, you put that, together with the power of the pixel tracking right, so you’re able to really follow these customers or potential customers of yours and you’re, able to retarget them all over the Internet. Ok, what this really happens right is you’re able to really lower your costs of CPMs. So, like I said previously, the cost for 1,000 impressions you’re able to really recapture people who already have pre-qualified interests of you right.

So then, you’re able to build rapport of them and then you’re able to drastically lower the cost of advertising because they already know you you’re able to build a relationship of them. It’s not cold traffic. Ok, so what that means also is is a definite sale right. The ability for me to track you on every single action that you input or don’t input right literally reading a article like to a certain amount of length later I’ll show.

You is literally giving pre-qualified interests to a product that I may potentially sell right. So every potential lead right that shows pre-qualified interests will not become. They will definitely become a customer one day because of the systems that we have put in place. Ok, so a lot of the common problems, they’ve seen just a summary, just the list down number one. Would be like just the most basic things: people don’t even have that pixel install right, lysate, pixels, a line of code that tricks customer behavior you’re unable to recapture all these people.

They already come onto your website. I’ve done something your brain interacted with your brain and all this data is so so powerful. They are really that’s where the money is. The money is in the follow-up. Okay. The second thing is spray-and-pray right, so people just put out one Facebook ad right, one Facebook and they expect it to just turn magic like just make money right. It doesn’t work like that.

You need to split test right. You need to put up multiple at copies test aggressively test every single placement right. What we usually do is for every single type of placement. We put a different optimized media change: the ratio change the copy, a bit right, change, the creative, the placement and really really envision. What your ideal customer persona is such that you’re able to really target the customer and speak their message.

Okay, I’m a treat, like I said, no follow-up, right people who have already indicated to you that they are interested in your product. For example, you run an e-commerce store, you’re ready. Someone is at backup right. You ready track the ad cut. Why don’t you retarget to those people saying something like? Did you forget something in install right? So there’s something like personal messaging that is very, very effective and will really really improve your conversion right.

A lot of people are leaving money on the table. They have already data, but they can’t do anything with that data. Okay, so last thing would be code. Traffic right lie set previously. People are just targeting the code. Traffic read one YouTube. Article says I know the run Facebook ads and then it’s been a bunch of money off a spreads and nothing works. Okay, so that’s not how it works. You don’t always run the code traffic.

If you have an email list, for example, you can upload that I’ll show you that, in the view, the next few slides last thing will be there’s simply no time right. A Facebook that’s like incredibly, they have an incredibly steep learning curve like the business manager seems simple. That UI seems simple, but actually the algorithms change all the time right and people don’t have time to copy right right.

These business owners. You are busy with the things that you need to do like fulfillment sales like things that, like meta, employee, HR, their allah-allah other things so like Facebook is constantly changing. So these are things that people just simply do not have time to bother with okay. So what I mean by like retargeting and stuff right so Facebook is actually an incredibly powerful tool. You can come into the business manager and I didn’t under the audience’s tab.

As you can see here, you can create custom audiences, so people who have visited your website people have gone to your app right offline activity. I won’t touch on it. So much engagement, people who have reading a article 50 % 90 %, engage with your Instagram business profile. All these data points that Facebook collects right. They we collect an incredible massive amount of data. You can all use all this data to really retarget people that are already expressed interest in these data points.

Okay, so like, as previously said, engagement as you can see here – engagement, for example, people who have already readed a article of yours, put in a lead form visit that your own Facebook page your own business profile, attended and even of yours right. Then afterwards you can create and custom audience right here. So after you create this custom audience, the Facebook will immediately populate these audiences for you, such that you’re able to really run ads specific personal messaging to these audiences, make it incredibly profitable.

Okay, so the process is actually very, very simple right. For example, if you just install your pixel on your website, you have absolutely no data really try and get as much data as possible right every time to call traffic, get your low CPM and then prequalify your audiences once you’re doing that you’re really refining audiences. So when you’re refunding audiences right using your custom audiences to really build up different things right so for someone 95 percent of your article 3,000 people have locked on and seen 95 percent of my article.

So we constantly what we do is create look-alike audiences. From these custom audiences, such that your audience’s, that you’re targeting become much more refined, even if you have little data to start with okay, so refine and engage so engage create, like obviously engaging at creative right things that people actually want to see. Right like this. At just now we are showing it doesn’t, engage anybody, it doesn’t talk to anybody, so the article would be a cheaper to run nowadays.

However, if you have just a photo, just has something that speaks to your branding and it should be fine. It works well for us as well. Okay, so afterwards, refine and gauge cell repeat this process and you’ll see tremendous amount of profits. You will see the real power of Facebook ads okay, so because your process driven right, you understand what you’re doing you are constantly refining and refining audience you’re able to crush your competition, because your competition is all running on code traffic right now, then I’ve been running On specified a segment audience segmentation, so what you’re doing is really lowering your CPMs and really increasing your report.

Your customers, okay, you’ll, be able to potentially see these conversions over like, for example, two to three months. If you constantly repeat this process right people, don’t do this they’ll, let you say no, I don’t want an additional, I would say like minimum 10k in revenue per month right, I’m not interested in growing my business. It’s really dumb funding to see why people are not doing this.

Okay, so basically how to really dominate your competition right. You’ve got these audiences you’re using the system, refining audiences. How do you dominate a competition? Okay, what we call in the marketing sphere, it’s called top of mind awareness, basically you’re able to completely dominate the online space and your customers will only think of you right. I log onto Facebook right, so I am scrolling through something I see an air.

I see any I readed ninety five percent of my article, for example, I’m the customer okay. Now I’m them you’re doing your advertising for your company and now I’m going to retarget that person on on Facebook again on Instagram again on Google Ads the Display Network on YouTube. I am everywhere on the Internet right. I may not be able to purchase your product at this point in time, mister customer, but in the future, when I do actually want to like purchase this product, I definitely know you are there.

I definitely know you are the number one option that I’m going to go to, because I see you all the time yeah. So that’s basically top of mind awareness and if people don’t believe top of mind awareness works, you can see it in numbers right if you’re always like on the top of someone’s mind right, people are not willing to buy now, but they’re willing to buy in the Future that money is always in the follow-up okay, so that’s basically how to dominate your competition in the online space.

So I’ll. Just summarize, my points consistently be in front of your customers right. Even people who have purchased from you already consistently be in front of them, because these and people who have already bought from you are more likely to buy from you again is cheaper right. It’s cheaper to target these people again because you have already built a rapport and they trust you. Okay, number, two top of mind awareness sit before and I’m a tree you just basically, oh the internet right between Facebook and Google, they basically own the entire Internet.

All the real estate that you can see is basically owned by these two companies. Okay, so the case study that we’re going to be going through today, I’ll give you some context right. We are selling a front and offer of around fifty five dollars per product, so after these two weeks trial this fifty five dollars right, the customer will be up so and then we will retarget them using yeah, of course, retargeting yeah, then they’ll be wolf.

At least around four hundred dollars to a fifteen hundred dollar package, so of course like the barrier of entry, the friction to the purchase is tremendous because I wouldn’t say it’s a high ticket product, but it’s quite high ticket right four hundred dollars on an e-commerce store Is a bit high ticket? Okay, so that’s basically it we generated around 10k. It’s a small amount with Facebook ads, but the reason why I’m showing you as a case study is because I think the raw s is very good right.

Ecommerce is usually like to the tree row s what we’re seeing, but we managed to achieve 1800s right. Ritter is quite unheard of. I’ve never seen anything so tremendous before yeah, and the best thing is that it’s a fresh attack on right. So we’ve never even run ads before we’ve never had a pixel install until our agency to over and install the pixel. So like these numbers, I just littering the beginning of what is possible right, we’re you were hoping they’re scale.

This add up to probably a 30 40 K and in Singapore market, it’s quite saturated, but if, for example, your overseas international, you are definitely able to achieve just massive numbers. Okay. So now we just head over to our facebook business manager and we’ll show you a few stats so right now, I’m in the business manager and I’m just going to show you a few of the statistics that we’ve gotten so far from this campaign.

So let me just refresh this page: okay yeah. So during the time from December 16, all the way to around January 22nd so give or take around four and a half weeks or so, and so these are the types of numbers that we were getting through. This campaign right, so we spent around 500 around $ 600 right here and we’ve gotten back around around 15k in return. So getting us a row s of about 25 right, which is like absolutely insane for this type of numbers, and so a row.

Sbc just means. If you put $ 1 into Facebook ad you’re getting 25 back so Facebook Ads work at scale, meaning if you put in a thousand dollars for example, then you just get back twenty five thousand dollars right. The algorithm just works like that. It’s yeah generally, it’s quite stable in a sense, but you have to optimize as you go along okay. So let me just show you some of the statistics. It’s not very crazy numbers if you really think about it, because imagine if you can make so much more right, so actually give you a bit of context for this client.

This client there’s a friend and offer the 55 dollar mark so around 20. As you can see here, I think we got around 90. Let me see around 90 for purchases right, so around 80 % of those who are on the front end offer, and some people actually just went for the back end offer immediately. So what I’m really excited about is honestly, when, like 70 of these, people actually buy the 400 to $ 1500 product in the next two weeks or so so in the next two weeks the $ 55 package will expire and then we can upsell them on the More expensive high ticket items 400 to $ 1500 products, which is potentially it could be around 60,000 to around 90,000 on facebook ads alone right.

So, as you can see like this words is a very, very scalable platform. If you really know what you’re doing right so in terms of people who reach around 18,000 people – and I guess what I’m really happy about – is like cost per purchase right so imagine you’re selling people at write $ 55 products to around for like $ 400 products. Right and if you’re getting around six to five dollars per purchase, which means the profit margins are just insane right.

Not only that like, if there are 93 people who purchased this product, that’s just 94 people yeah right. It just means that these 17,000 people already know our brand and our kilometer with us, because we have riri target them, targeted them very, very aggressively. I mean we’ve got them around like for frequency right, so we’ve shown the ad to the each person around four times and we’re definitely going to like scaled it up so that it’s becoming more profitable.

But then again I we’ve only spend this amount because I mean every client has different budgets. So the fact that we can produce this our result and it really gives us leverage to really ask for a bigger budget as well yeah. So, as you can see here, I mean people really care about. What’s your cost per click, I was your click-through rate right. It really doesn’t matter. As you can see, my our stats were very, very average in terms of what really performed.

Well, let me just show you and get into the ED sets. Okay, so I mean I split into two different campaigns, because there were two different audiences, so they I know who I’m targeting. Okay. So, in terms of the ads wise, what I really like to do, or what my agency prefers, is that we do very, very segmented targeting right, so meaning, as you can see here, we segmented two different placements. We don’t just lump all the placements into one ad set because we feel that, like the media is not optimized, if you have like a phone screen or whatever it’s different from Facebook via Instagram story, so we realize the media, so the user and the customer has The best user experience yeah, so you can see in general, Facebook is more profitable for us than Instagram, but then again, Instagram we’re targeting in general people who are younger.

So the spending power is a bit different as well, but then again like the ROE s still stays the same and yeah. So we’re quite happy about that. So you can see here right now. We are running till the end. Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds that were active. However, the Facebook suggested fee. We turned it off after a while, even though it collected sales over the time period and around 66, which is a bit insane right.

But then the thing is that the first few days or so when we were testing instead of Facebook, suggests that it was not so profitable. So that’s kind of the thought process of how we we went about things yeah. Okay, let me just show you okay, so let me just go into one of these: are the Facebook feeds right in terms of like split testing and stuff? We do very, very aggressive, be testing for clients, meaning we have to really pump up a lot, a different types of creative, different types of ads to see.

What’s working, because that’s how Facebook ads were right. If you just find one way at skill that that you, then you become very, very profitable, so that’s really what happened in here! You just have to test and see what the market lights right really allow the data to speak to you. Instead of making the decisions based on guessing games – okay, so, as you can see here, I really didn’t know what would happen, but we launched on 1 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 7 ad sets throughout this trial displacement on Facebook feet, and then we tried different things different targeting and then you can see. Our relevant scores were around 9 to 10 right, it’s on a scale of 1 to 10, meaning how relevant is your ad to the customer that you’re portraying to right? So, if you’re getting like 9th and 10th actually getting tens at one point, we’re really hitting our messaging right on the dot right.

So, instead of like keep trying to push in a sell, sell, sell. What we really focus on is giving value to our audience and creating and building a relationship which I think, which is why I think we perform so well or no ads. That’s right. So the fact that my, even though we were running, if I remember correctly at $ 22 days, spending $ 22 per day, which is a very very little compared to other companies and stuff, we are still out ranking and out bidding that, because our creative and our Visuals as well as our messaging well just one point where we really understand the customer persona: yeah.

Ok, so, as you can see here so as you can see, the first ad here is definitely the most profitable and the rest of them have subsequent sales and stuff. So really find your winner and then just write that wave and then scale that and punch it up. Okay, I guess another tip that can share view is that I really yeah the ads. Basically, I really like Facebook’s budget optimization feature, so they recently introduced it.

I think in 2018 can f, you set a budget, and then you just allow Facebook to optimize wherever your project goes into instead of, like manually, are mainly changing the different types of ad sets that you want to put into your campaign. Okay, so let me just show you as well what we did on the Instagram side of things. Okay, let me just show you give me a second okay, so an Instagram feed. We didn’t want a spit test photos at all.

Okay, we want so aggressive because we had one article created and then we tried different things, but we found that in general, my agency likes to just use articles for Instagram, because I’m a millionaire as well – and I can understand from the Instagram experience that people don’t Like use a life photos wouldn’t captivate you I feel like for somebody we scroll on your feet right, you don’t really stop to see a photo and unless it’s like a super super amazing photo.

So that’s why we only use article for Instagram feed, and I mean it worked very well. You can see CPM so very good, averaging $ 5 CPMs and then, let’s see yep, so it was the 24 OS here for the Instagram side of things, okay, yeah. So that’s the one of the budgets for one of our look like audiences and, as you can see yeah we split us into different placements and I guess the last thing can show you from this campaign is like we target right.

So these are weary, targeted people who came to our website so really segment our audience into very, very different pixel events, so like the 25 % 50, 50 % amount of time span, etc, etc, and then we lump them into this retarget audience right here. So just now is a look-alike audience, and in this case I mean very different, because the audience size is very, very small, so in terms of your CPM, so CBS will definitely be higher in terms of what is how much you’re spending to get back these audiences, Because this is so small, it’s very very hyper target that so Facebook generally charges more for that.

So, as you can see over the time period, we saw that I mean these stuff, it’s at least our placements one working so well, so definitely just turned it off and kill. The unprofitable add sets. But then we just let this Facebook feed run throughout and you can see like five dollars per purchase and then we, let’s see what statistics so yeah. It’s a really not bad return on investment here at 2000s, so in general, like as you can see the campaign.

This is how we can structure our campaigns and yeah. We’re really happy about this campaign because we spent a little money, but we got very good returns right. Anything is, as the time goes by, and we understand that also. There is more of the data that’s coming into the pixel, and since this was a first pick, so this is literally only the start of what we can do. So if we’re able to spend like upwards of a thousand dollars every single month – and I mean do multiple thousands there – it was really really profitable as well.

Okay, so you can just imagine what the power of Facebook Ads is really hoping to scale. This is counter probably like a hundred K or something so so what is next? Okay, so number one. You kind of have two options. You can figure these things out of your own and you can potentially waste a lot of company resources and advertising a budget right or number two. You can allow us to help you. We can really tend them with you, such that you’re, ready to ability to achieve your revenue goals as well as I really get the results that you desire right.

Ultimately, a businesses are for profit. You want a conversion coming in. You want to see numbers coming in right. We live in the business manager, so we understand the algorithm and stuff and we are really really able to help you, okay, so but things to note before okay, we are G media, my agency, we only work with people who are committed business owners right if you’re, Not committed, if you don’t want to scale your business like we don’t help you as well, we’d want to help people who do want to help themselves right.

So if we actually take you on as a client promise, we will give our hundred percent view yeah, and we expect you to do the same. Okay number. Two. We want to help okay. So what that means kind of is like if your pixel doesn’t have enough data right. For example, we understand brand awareness right traffic is important, but ultimately we focus on conversion and building an automated system for you to generate traffic and results in the long term.

Right. We’re thinking long term for you, but with you we do want a short term, a relationship and Sasha. It breaks a pot and that doesn’t make sense for us right. We want to provide you results that you really desire desire. Okay, so number three would be without magicians as well. Okay, so, for example, if your pixel literally from day one you have no data as well all right we can. We will communicate that it’s an extreme challenge to really really get the results that you want and we address the expectations as well.

Well, however, if you have some data to work with – and we see that in like there’s a lot a lot of potential to get a lot of lost revenue coming back, then we definitely communicate there as well. Okay, so we work in tandem with you to very really maximize profit on your end, okay, this is also our promise to you. If we feel like we can deliver the results that you want, we will not like what with you right, there’s no point for our agency to take on us a client as a monthly retainer, for you two to end the relationship in three months or so and Be unhappy with us right: we don’t want that.

We want to what a long term you want to build and scale your business. So let me say again: if you feel we cannot deliver your results, we will not work with you as well. Okay, so that just brings me to my last slide, which is basically the mission of our agency, which is basically to help willing and committed business owners, navigate and dominate the online space to scale their businesses through digital marketing.

We really really believe in this mission statement, and now we know you can dominate the online space because nobody else does top of mind awareness like that. Okay, nobody is as aggressive in the retargeting in the follow up in and just just be engaged with. Your that’s just staying in front of your customers is so underrated. People keep trying to get new customers, but why not just treat your your current customers they’re already showing you interest the right way right capture those lost sales and really maximize profit, so I really hope you’ve enjoyed that case study article of ours.

I know it’s a bit long, but at least you spend time at least getting some value from it. Right really try to implement some of these strategies into your business as well. Okay, if you are really interested in working with us, we’ve attached a button below at the below this article, it goes straight to an equity scheduling call. Basically, you just choose your time slot as well as answer a short questionnaire, so it already allows us to understand some pop your business before we hop onto a call so to prevent any time, wastage at all, okay, yeah, and if we see that you’re a good Fit for us and that we potentially could really really help you get the results that you desire.

Then we hop on a call and let’s get going then like, let’s get going, that’s let’s start growing your business yep. So I thank you so much for a time and I’ll see you soon.

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