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ActiveCampaign tutorial: Explaining Email Marketing For 2020!

I want to show you how and why I’m using active campaign for my email marketing software, okay. So what is email marketing? First, okay, email marketing is just sending automated sequences or emails to your customer list. Okay, so email marketing is extremely important because in the day of the age of data right, the customer list is the only thing that you kind of own. Okay, you don’t own your YouTube, blog! Okay, you don’t own your Facebook page, you don’t own your Instagram page! Okay, these things: if the service provider Facebook shuts you down because they don’t like you somehow or like YouTube, there’s only like venue for some reason, you cannot have access to your customers right, so email marketing is extremely important and it’s the entire backbone of your online Business because you can basically email your list and generate money for free, okay, you don’t have to pay Facebook or Google additional money to get in front of your audience right, okay, to be fair, like nowadays, email marketing is like 30 percent.

Open rate is considered good right, so if you have a list of like 10,000 people, only 3000 of them open up your emails. Okay, but like this, that’s the trade-off. You got to do right. You just got to write better emails, okay, so email marketing is extremely important. For that reason, okay, and you definitely need it okay. So why do I personally use activecampaign, okay, uh? Let me show you okay, so like, for example, in this case study article that I have so I ran a marketing agency and obviously help businesses grow at their business.

True face wet right, so I’m using active campaign here – and you can see my opt-in form and this this opt-in form goes into my automation, right here, which I’ll show you later on as well. Okay, so basically I was looking at the prices and like do a lot of Investigation, because I like to investigate things before I buy right so um you can see here right. Active campaign like when the contacts size is small is actually a bit a tad more expensive than other service providers.

So I was looking at get response as well as looking at MailChimp, okay and like MailChimp, like $ 25 per month at 500, right like which, which makes no sense, because milchem is like free for 2000 subscribers, but after a while it gets extremely expensive. So if you, if you thought that you could still on MailChimp right, I would suggest you go and look at their product. Their pricing page first before you buy their premium plan because eventually you’re going to have to buy the premium plan.

If you’re going to do professional email marketing and run a build real business, okay, so compare that to get response right. Your response is quite similar in terms of pricing, but when the society emails list size increases over time, get response is actually more expensive directive campaign. Right, so energy active campaign has more powerful automation, features which I’m going to show you this article as well.

Okay. So if you can see here right, if I scroll all the way back and I want to grow my list size too big right, so you got ta expect your list is going to grow okay. So, for example, at like 75,000, you paid two hundred nine. Two hundred ninety nine dollars per month, but on uh there’s no, seventy-five thousand right. So, let’s just compare fifty thousand okay. This is compare one hundred thousand right at 100 thousand you’re paying 369 for a detective campaign and you’re paying $ 4.

99 per month. For your get response: okay, chop-chop months 24 months – it’s still, it’s still like more expensive right. So like that you can kind of see. Okay, if you pay at 24 months, it’s cheaper right, but you can kind of see right that in terms of pricing wise, they kind of get you at the small amount. But at the big amounts, it’s it’s more expensive and then for for MailChimp as well. It’s like, if I literally just go up to I like 40,000, like it’s already more expensive, so no jobs, actually not that cheap.

I would say right: they actually have Enterprise pricing plan and it’s expensive, okay. So that’s kind of reason. Why use active campaign? And specifically, it’s the website tracking that I use as well. So I want to show you that, okay, so how do I I want to go through a few things about active campaigns such as in any email, marketing software? There are these okay. So let me just explain: there’s like lists lists segmentations, which is basically you have people and emails coming in to your list.

Okay, and you can segment those peoples based on different tags. Tags are things where certain actions that people take and then you can tag a person and they are basically in a separate list right. So, for example, um in my opt-in list right here right, for example, if I’ve email and then I say I ask: do you have how much is your business making right and then um that that tag right says: okay, 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 right so different tags? You can also segment your list into different tags, so people who have 50 thousand dollar businesses or 100 thousand dollar businesses in different lists right.

You can send them according to different tags. Okay forms. Okay, what are forms forms are basically these things right here and you can customize your forms to anything you like so give me one. Second, I’m just going to forms okay, so forms are how you collect your your email, addresses and stuff, and if you can see here right, I can customize my email address and the tower forms I want to put so first name last name for summer.

I just want to drag and drop and I can just drag and drop. My last name right there. If I want a custom field which is basically a custom question or whatever, for example, is a are you? Are you happy? Okay, I just press, add yeah. Okay, don’t know where is it it’s a bit awkward yeah like like that you understand why at midnight you can put in a custom field and custom questions that you want to ask ask questions, sorry that you can ask your customer before they opt into the lead Form, okay, hopefully, did that make sense.

Okay, next one is website tracking, so website tracking is very important, because I can, for example, if a customer goes to this page. So, for example, if a customer goes to this page and I already collected that email, then I can send them a specific email sequence based on that right. So if I know for somebody in commerce right, for example, if there’s a product pitch that sells this highlighter right here, okay, I can send them a specific email sequence to people who have visited that highlight lighter pitch right.

So I want to educate the customer about how to use the highlighter, how much the pricing is or what are the different highlights that we sell rights. Okay, you see how powerful it is right. So how I generally use website tracking is for me right. Is it in my automations, which is why I’m going to go to go through Nexus all right, so people who have already booked into my my calendar? They will go through a next page.

Okay, and the next page is: is this URL right here? Okay, they will go into a pitch that will show my case study okay, so they will read this article and afterwards their Walker called me. Okay, if they do not book a call yeah, if they do not book a call, then I’ll keep sending them emails. Okay, so if you can see here right, if they have never visited this URL right here, which is the Booker call page, I will keep sending them emails to like educate them about my service product and tell them, and I urge their attempt to book a call.

Okay, so it’s I don’t know, this is just wasn’t for me. I guess, but you can see, add up the power of automation and at the features that you can do right. So if they have visited this page but not another page, you can do another if-else condition all right. So if you can see here, I click onto this. How would you like to split this automation right here? People who have has not visited this URL right here.

Then I will continue on to this flow right here. Yes, they don’t send my email right, then I’ll wait one day and then, if they still have not booked a call, then yes I’ll, send them a second email and so on and so forth. Right, hopefully, that make sense to you: okay, other conditions that we have, for example, is like and all right, it’s like a condition if they are in the United States, for example, then I’ll send an email right right, citing event data has not visited this one.

Okay, total normal page visits right so, for example, if they visited the page multiple times, I know they are interested in product right, so I can keep sending and sending them things, and you can see right. You can be very creative in your automations and flows as well. Maybe I show you something else. Actions has not clicked on has forward has replied, did not submit form waiting on goal right.

It’s in custom face in facebook, custom audiences right, so active campaign also connects with Facebook so that if they actually come into a custom audience pocket right, you can retarget those people and send them specific email sequences based on that. Okay, so like it’s very, very powerful and you can try out yourself, but basically because active campaign is designed for oops, I mean yeah, you can basically customize your your email campaigns according to you, what you like right, so you can see here right if I scroll The way down – and I just want to build something out for you so for some – I literally just press plus – send an email, select my email, safe, okay and then like email, just email.

It goes in right. So, okay, you see how in a sense simple, it is okay. Let me just delete this email right, yeah yeah. Can you see how simple this is a literal drag-and-drop builder, but for email? Okay, so hopefully that makes it okay, the next one like to. I guess the last thing I’d like to show you is a mineral broadcast emails, so men are broadcast. Is that the same as they three any other email autoresponder out there, but yeah it’s just sending emails, but I want to show you how the page builder actually looks like so, for example, if I wanted, I just create a campaign right, yeah, okay, the output campaign In and for some output test, I put stand it.

Okay, let’s select my list right here. Press next, okay I’ll choose a template from before. So, for example, I use this template and just put test press Continue, yeah, and so you can see here right. It’s um! Okay avoid my crazy face, but basically it’s is that very drag-and-drop email builder so, like any anybody can figure it out right. So, for example, here right I have my image. I want to put a link to my YouTube article.

If someone clicks this image right here, they will go and read my youtube article: okay yeah. This is just text right. If you wan na insert anything, guess literally drop. So, for example, if I wanted a button, what I want to click right, scroll button click here read article no okay, I’m not going to customize the button, but you can customize button and you can see right. It’s very reasonable. It’s very, very simple, stuff! Okay, you can obviously create very fancy emails as well, putting graphics, graphic designs, social links.

They are Facebook and whatever, but I prefer to keep it simple okay, so this is just me yeah, okay, so you can insert your articles, library, RSS feed, for example. Instead of article right here that put the youtube link: okay, then yeah! Okay, then obviously you can also schedule out your emails. So if, if you are writing your emails beforehand and now you’re sending them at a later date right, you can come in here.

You screen scroll down, you press scheduled press on choose the date specific date, for example, if want to send on the 28th 17:5 558 Singapore time, and I can press finish okay and then it will. It will send out whenever this right, so you can pre, send your emails as well. Okay, seven exit, okay! So like, hopefully, you get what I mean by this, and the reason why you need to really focus on email right is because it’s going to be your most profitable Channel right.

If you don’t believe me, you can go and find out all the internet marketers who do this. Okay, like email marketing, you are able to extend their lifetime value without paying Facebook and Google and additional amount of money. Okay, they own all the traffic. It’s ok, but all you’re trying to do is together. You’ll get your customer list so that you can send out emails. You can advertise to them without paying Facebook and Google in the future.

Okay, the goal of the email list right is because eventually, if you want to sell your business, for example, okay, you can sell the email list together of it and your your new, multiple on your business will be many many times fall and the reason why is That is because the excess to the customer is the most important thing in every business right. If there’s access to the customer, a person will pay for it.

Okay, not only that, for example, if you are so low in time, mocktail or whatever right and then you want to sell info products or you know, sell ecommerce or whatever right or you wan na recommend it cost affiliate marketing sorting right. This is suitable for you, because you can send your list valuable information and, if they buy from you, then that you can use email marketing as well. Okay, so hopefully this gives you an entire sensing of why email marketing is important and how you can use it, and I, like the campaign, it’s just like the software.

I use right so, if you’re, only if you’re going to use something else, but you can go ahead, yeah, but a person I use active campaign and think of it as to rent okay as a rental on the Internet, you don’t pay if it’s girl rent, but You pay virtual rent. Okay, if you have any other questions like ready, a regarding active campaign. Just let me know yeah yeah, just let me know in down in the comment section below and yeah.

Okay hope to see you soon, yeah, let’s pretty much it okay, see you next article


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