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What is Link Building?

The main way that they do this is through links, they crawl from one link to another and find websites and then establish or determine what that website is relevant to so.

The process of link building for marketing purposes is to cast a wider, stronger net for search engines to frequently find your website and determine its authority. The main two processes for link building are internal link, building which occurs within a site and external link, building which occurs from out outside or external web sites, pointing to your web site of interest and the main factors.

I would say to take into account when you are doing link building is the link or the text that the link passes through the area on the page where the link is coming from and the overall web site where the link is coming from as well.


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How Youtube Can Help Your SEO Strategy

Hi, I’m Matt McClelland and I work for SEO com. Today, I’m going to answer the question of how a YouTube article can help your SEO strategy first things. First, it can be a great way to show up in the search engine results pages a lot of times. Google will put articles in the top 10 organic listings, depending on the relevance of the search. Secondly, it’s an easy way to get a great link from a great domain. Third, it’s a way to add fresh content to a page and finally, articles can be a great way to engage users and tell them a little bit more about what your page is talking about.


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Keyword Traffic Research with the Google Keyword Tool

I also want to talk about what kind of traffic you can expect to get for a number one ranking in Google and also where you really should be looking for the majority of your traffic. It does probably not where you think so, as you can see here, I’ve got the the keyword tool page open and we’re going to go ahead and use coffee mugs for this.

For this demo before you do run any queries I suggest clicking. This only show ideas closely related to my search terms, box it’ll, give you much better results out of the gates and I like to search by local monthly search volume to begin with so real briefly, we’ve got all the keywords here. Obviously the competition in the Google ad network lets you know how many people are bidding for this keyword, the global monthly searches and the local monthly searches.

If you’re doing this for e-commerce, you’ll want to focus on the local monthly searches, those will be much more applicable. So the most important thing to understand, and probably the biggest mistake people make when using the keyword tool, is not understanding how match the different match types work and, as you can see, there’s three different types of matches: broad exact and phrase and the keyword tool defaults To broad, so broad match, like the name implies, is going to include pretty much anything related to your search terms, so for coffee mugs.

If somebody typed in what type of coffee should I put into my mugs, that would pop up, you know ignoring the fact. It’s a ridiculous search to begin with, but the two words don’t have to be next to each other. You know the order isn’t as important. I think it might, even if mugs was for some coffee was there that might show up as well. So it’s really going to give you a huge variety of different searches.

So broad, isn’t quite is isn’t real. Accurate. A phrase is much better and phrases going to only return, search, queries that use the phrase. Coffee mugs in that order. It’ll still return some extra things and some extra queries. So, for example, if someone typed in where, where can I buy coffee, mug or I hate coffee, mugs or my wife keeps hitting me with coffee mugs, you know any of those would pop up under you know.

Under phrase match, but it is a little more accurate, but but the best of all these is going to be exact match. An exact match like the name. A prize is only going to is only going to show search, queries or report search volume for the exact search, coffee mugs, and this is going to be usually what what I use and what I recommend using when you’re doing research, because it’s going to filter out A lot of that extraneous information, so we can see down here now: coffee, mugs, we’ve got you know: 12,000 local monthly searches and which is great.

So you might be thinking: oh, hey, 12,000, local monthly searches. If I’m number one for Google I’m going to get. You know I’m going to get almost all of those and as wonderful as that would be that’s just not the case, and the reason is because Google’s gotten more aggressive recently with their advertising here, I’ve got the the Google listings for coffee mugs and you can see Zazzle is, is the number one organic listing or than the number one non paid listing that Google at Google displays, but above them, they’ve got three ads here and you’ve also got this big side bar on the right with a bunch of pictures and paid advertisements, and So there’s a lot of you know, there’s a lot of stuff competing for that number.

One spot that’s paid advertisement, and I can tell you, based on a number of keywords, that my business is ranked number one for that. Based on the results, Google will show you in the keyword tool. You can. Probably you can you can plan on getting about thirty percent of the volume if you rank, if you have a number one ranking and that that’s a little squishy, it could range anywhere from thirty to fifty percent.

But 30 percent tends to be much to be much more accurate in my experience so out of 12,000 local monthly searches. If you have the number one ranking that Zazzle site, it’s probably only seeing four thousand people a month for this. So maybe you don’t just a few over. You know. Maybe one hundred twenty hundred thirty people a day which can be a little a little little depressing, but the good news is you’re not going to get the majority of your traffic from this.

This number one money term is what I refer to it. As you know, kind of your route term, where, where you’re going to get probably 80 to 90 percent of your traffic, is in the long tail of variations of that term. So, for example, we’ve got coffee mugs here, but listed below that. The second second highest volume query is personalized coffee, mugs with 3600 custom, coffee, mugs, travel, coffee, mugs, funny coffee mugs, and these are what I refer to as long tail variations or long tail keywords and they’re.

Just the root keyword, obviously with some additional modifiers on there and the thing that’s great about these long tail keywords is: is one they’re easier to rank for because not as many people are going after them and two they usually convert at a much higher rate than Kind of your primary primary keyword, because they’re more specific and if you serve up a page, that’s optimized for for that term, whether it’s travel, coffee, mug or you know, personalized coffee, mug you’ll be able to get a much higher conversion rate on there.

So this is where you’re going to get 80 to 90 % of your of your your traffic and when you’re researching a niche, be looking for lots of these variations in this coffee mug example. You know, we’ve got you know almost a dozen here with with more than 500 500 search terms, maybe more than that. So look for lots of variations in the long tail and also look for the search, the search phone. You want to make sure that it’s you’re always going to have it drop off.

You’re, never going to have or very infrequently are you’re going to have the long to variations have as much volume as your money or route keyword. But you want to see once you do get into those long to variations. They don’t drop off to significantly, and here there’s you know four coffee, mugs, it’s pretty decent you’ve got thirty. Six hundred twenty-nine hundred you know you’ve got about all looks like six or seven they’re in the thousand range and then we’ve got another dozen.

Probably you know in the four hundred to a thousand range, which is what I would call a deep niche. So that’s that’s a really encouraging sign. So let’s look at a different example: fishfinders I’ll sort, these by local monthly search volume, again we’re on exact match here and you can see fishfinders. It has about 2,400 exact matches per month and then we’ve got. We’ve got a few variations: we’ve got Eagle, fishfinders L’Orange fishfinders hummingbird fishfinders, but you know really only a couple in the just there’s three they’re in the thousand range and then we drop way off to three hundred and two hundred and by the time where a dozen Down or in the 100’s or even you know, ten down around the 100’s.

So this isn’t to say this mark would be awful, but I would I’d be a little leery of the fact that it’s not a deep market, there’s, not a lot of longtail variations, and so, instead of maybe getting you know, you know 80 to 90 % of Your ear keyword, traffic from longtail variations – this might be something where maybe it’s more like 65 to 75 percent. Again, these are ballpark numbers, but you do want to look look for those longtail variations, they’re, indicative of of good markets getting into and and indicative of, the possibility of a lot of your traffic coming from those longtail variations.

So three key takeaways for this article. The first is make sure you’re using phrase or even better exact match to get more precise results when you use the keyword tool. Secondly, just remember that when you are looking at those those money term volumes that you’re only going to get a fraction of those – and that’s even if you’ve got a number one listing in Google. So don’t don’t overestimate how much traffic you’ll get from those and finally make sure you’re.

Looking at how deep a niche is and looking for those longtail keywords, because the more you have of those and the less the volume drops off with those longtail keywords, the better chance, you have it getting a lot of traffic in that niche. It’s also a great strategy to pursue those longtail keywords in terms of SEO and marketing, because you’re going to be able to rank for those more easily will be less competition for them and they’ll convert better.

So if you have any questions about this article or about using the keyword tool in general love to answer them, they’ll do my best too. I just please leave them in the comment section below if you did enjoy this article and are interested in in learning more about niche evaluation, market research, ecommerce and how to start your own business or how to how to do research and improve your existing e-commerce business.

You want to check out my ebook profitable ecommerce, it’s a 55 page, really in-depth guide to to picking an e-commerce niche and starting an e-commerce business. You can get that for free at my website. Ecommerce fuel com, thanks for reading and hope to see your questions in the comments below


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Google Places Domination- (Local Search) Local Place Profits Webinar Replay

Here’s the agenda: this is what we’re going to go over in this webinar. A brief Google Places basics. What not to do reviews using the review triage system, the best use of coupons, QR codes, building your business and then, if we have time we’ll, do some question and answer so.

The first thing I want to show you is exactly what a what Google Places is and what it is not so in this in this screenshot here, what you see is at the top. What you see is the paid listings so paid results. This is google pay-per-click. If you look at this third listing here, you can see that autumn journey hospice is actually using their google places listing or their their actual address, as an extension to their google adwords, and so that way their phone number and their actual citation shows up in their Google adwords campaign and that’s also called google boost, so there’s a couple of ways you can do that, but that gives them the blue a on the map and then, if you go down here a little bit further you’ll see that now we’re into Google Places – and You can see that these are the top seven listings.

This is what we call the seven pack abcdefg. This is a seven pack, and this is where you want to be so all of our local businesses want to be in the seven pack for their local area, and that’s where you show up at the very top of the Google search page – and this is all Natural, these are not paid results. If we look over here on the right hand, side you can see that there are some paid results underneath the map on the right hand, side as well, really the focus for this webinar is this right here.

This is the seven pack, and this is where we want to be so now. If we actually look at what a Google Places page looks like we can see here that whoops, we can see here that eminent home Healthcare has a very good Google Places, page they’ve maxed it out with pictures. They have a article. They have lots and lots of reviews coming from everywhere from citysearch from superpages from all kinds of different things, so they have reviews, they have maxed out their listing, they have citations and all kinds of good stuff.

So this is an example of an excellent and very well done. Google Places page – and this is what everyone should strive to have – is something that’s maxed out completely put together correctly. Just like this. This is the bottom of their Google Places page and what you can see here is it’s a little cut off, but these are the actually the M, the additional citations for that Google Places page. This is what else Google finds about this business across the internet extremely important, and we’ll talk about that.

So, let’s look at keyword and market research. This is the very first step in deciding and what you want to do with your Google Places page, and this is extremely important for two kinds of people that are on this webinar. I should preface this our back up a little bit and say that the two people listening two kinds of people listening to this webinar number one, our local business owners who want to do this themselves and want to do it correctly and save a little money.

By doing it themselves and the other set of folks that are reading this webinar, our internet, marketers and consultants, marketing consultants who help small businesses get to that top seven pack for Google Places. So this is geared for both of you kind of in the beginning phases, and this gives you the step-by-step on and the basics on how to achieve these results. Now we also have an entire suite of articles like 19 articles that actually walk you through can’t hold.

You the whole way and show you exactly what to do to get in that. Seven pack and those articles are very important, but this webinar just kind of goes over everything all at once. It gives you a real big overview, so you can understand why Google Places is more complicated than it may seem. So, let’s look at keyword, research. The first thing you’re going to want to do is some very targeted keyword, research, you’re, going to want to find out what people are typing in.

To look for your business is your location, and once you know the answer to that, then you are. It can be very laser focused on how to get your business to the seven pack. So this what you see on the screen here is actually a google adwords keyword, research tool, so you can use this for free, there’s no cost to it, and what I did here is you can see right here. This says seafood restaurant in san, diego right here I actually pretended like.

I had a client who is a seafood restaurant in san diego, and so what I can see based on these results that you can see they’re pretty small. But what you can see here is that they actually have about a thousand global monthly searches, but I what I really want to see are the exact searches. So if I change over here on the left-hand side to exact match types, then I can see that on a monthly basis about a hundred and forty people are typing in exact searches for the keyword phrase seafood restaurant in San Diego and that’s what I want to Know so those are a hundred and forty opportunities from my client to get a someone inside their restaurant because people are looking for that.

So that’s what I want to focus on and that’s how I do this is not the entire way. You do keyword research, but this is a good beginning to keyword, research, understanding what people are typing in, so that you know where you should be showing up on Google Places and for what keyword terms. The next thing you want to do is assess your clients are Institute current location or current situation. So is your client or are you on the in the top seven already, and what do you need to do to maintain that if you’re not in the top seven, if you’re not even near the top seven, what can you do to change that so assess your Current situation and then assess the competition status.

This is where it gets fun. You can learn a lot from what your competition is doing. So let’s say that the fish market in San, Diego is my competition, and I want to learn as much as I can about what they’re doing so that I can do it too, and I can beat them at their own game. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to appear at the very top I’m going to check out their website. I actually want to see what kind of keywords are using on their website and then I want to look at the categories that they’ve chosen for the Google Places page and the first one.

They chose a seafood restaurant. They also chose some custom categories that they typed in, and I want to find out what those are too and if they apply to me, then I want to look at the tons of reviews they have and from multiple places. So Google is aggregating and grabbing from the internet all these different reviews on the fish market, restaurant, and so I want to know where those reviews are coming from and what I want to do is make sure that my business is listed on all those review sites.

So that I can get reviews there too, and I can beat the fish market at its own game, and I guarantee you if you look really closely at this page. This wasn’t done just by the people that own the fish market they actually hired. Someone to take care of this for them very, very smart indeed, especially in a competitive market like San Diego seafood restaurant. Then, if I look down, of course, they’ve got all our photos are maxed out and they’ve got article.

Then, if I look at the menu right here, they actually have sorry they have a live link to their menu, and this is great because you can put a live link to just about anything within the details section of Google Places and you want to make sure You’re doing that, that’s a page rank 10 back link to your website and that’s something you definitely want to go for and then down here. You can see more reviews from the web and I definitely want to take advantage of that look into those reviews and find out as much as I can about.

What’s going on with the fish market, restaurant and then Google Places basics. You want to write up your plan once you have established your keyword, research, you understand what your competition is doing. You know where you’re located right up your plan, so the the plan will involve these things, and this is where you get out a pen and paper and you write it down. I will optimize the following: five high-volume keyword phrases, so you want to take five keyword, phrases that you’ve researched and you want to make sure you’re optimizing that only your website what your Google Places page for those five high-volume keyword phrases.

You want to take a look at your categories, decide what they need to be going to look at some secondary keywords that you might be interested in also optimizing for. You want to look at your citation and most people don’t understand what a citation is. So I’m going to tell you right now: what a citation is your citation is the exact name of your company without any keywords added to it. That would be called keyword stuffing the exact street address and the you know, city, state, zip code and the exact local.

Not toll-free but local telephone number, so your citation is your exact business name, your exact business address and location and your exact business local phone number. That is your citation write it down exactly the way you want to appear on Google Places and exactly the way you wanted to appear everywhere else, including your website other directory listing sites. It should be the same across everything and then your website SEO take a look at what your keyword phrases are that you’ve done your research on and look at your website.

Does it have the same keyword phrases you need to match everything up and make sure it’s all very consistent, very relevant and all together make sense your description. You have a 200 character limit description for Google Places. That’s also a good rule of thumb for your website. Behind the scenes, you’re allowed to put a description of each page of your website, so you want to make sure you find out what description you want to use and you want to use it consistently across your website and your Google Places pages in your directory listings.

Hugh ponds and offers people aren’t making the most out of coupons and offers, so I would encourage you to do the best you can to get all kinds of coupons and offers out there on the table, make sure that people are aware of them and really use This to your advantage, because most people – don’t it’s important – that you do, then I want you to go to express, update, USA com and enter you or your clients, exact citation their address, their name, their phone number.

All of that into this program. This is extremely important. Express update, USA is a division of info USA com where you can buy mailing lists Express update. Usa com is an aggregator of data. So when you go there and put your information in your information is shared with lots of other places across the internet. It’s sort of like a validation service, so you want to make sure that your client citation is exactly correct in Express update, USA, what not to do! First of all and when you’re filling out your Google Places page, you do not want to engage in keyword stuffing.

So if you look at the top of the page there, you see American care partners at home. It does not say American care partners at home in fairfax in Falls Church in Arlington in Virginia. It just says American care partners at home. That’s the name of the company, that’s the end of the story. We don’t add anything to that and then, if you look down a little bit next you’ll see local number. Only. Please only use a local number here.

If you use a toll-free number, your listing simply will not show up the question becomes. Can you use a VoIP number? Can you use a cell phone number and the answer is this: if you intend on being consistent across all websites all directory listings and your Google Places page, you can use any local number that you want, but if you start mixing them up and adding different things Here and different things there then you’re going to confuse the Google monster and you’re not going to show up at all so use the same phone number everywhere across the board for your listings, email address.

I see a lot of listings missing an email address, even if it’s one that’s just for a general mailbox or maybe it’s one that you set up this just for junk mail. Please always enter an email address for contact information and then the website don’t ever click. I don’t have a website, you do, have a website do something, but you must have a website and never choose the option to not show your full address.

You always need to choose your full show your full address, or you will simply not have a listing on Google Places so make sure that the information on your website matches the description in your Google Places page and then, if we keep going down, we go down To categories when you fill in your categories, the first category needs to be one. That’s found on Google and they’ll, give you their list and then, after that, the other four can be ones that you customized yourself.

So just use your keywords, use them wisely and click and make sure that they’re not stuffed with location information. So Google Places advice, no keyword stuffing, no peel boxes. No, you cannot use peel boxes, you cannot use UPS stores and you cannot use mail boxes etc. You can look at Google’s Terms of Service to see this. You cannot use any of those services. Virtual offices like, for instance, sold by Regis re G, us calm, Regis calm.

They have virtual offices worldwide. You can rent one for around 100 bucks a month. That’s a much better option than having no listing at all. In most cases do not use toll-free numbers, you can use them as a secondary number, but not as a primary number. No duplicate listings. You cannot have multiple listings under different names and titles that will get you delisted completely, no fakery or ridiculous insanity that covers everything else that you might think that you might try when it comes to Google Places.

Don’t do it be consistent, be real and be relevant. Don’t piss off the Google monster because if you play you will pay and you if you get delisted, orb and then you’re simply out of the picture for Google Places. Don’t do that to your client? Don’t do that to yourself set up the Google Places page now. I’m not going to go into great detail on this, because you can look at all the Google Terms of Service and support for setting up a Google Places page.

So we won’t go into that here, plus we have 19 articles that walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up Google Places and give you all the tips tricks and hints, as you go as to what to do to make sure you’re getting the most bang For your buck and then you want to track the results. Google Places provides its own set of analytics. You can see here that this listing had 1299 impressions in the last 30 days and of those impressions.

363 people took action so 23, clicked on more info. For the maps 308 clicked for driving directions and 32 clicked on to the website, that’s excellent results. You can also see the top search queries and where people requested driving directions from so top search. Queries shows that when American care partners has typed in they got 60 impressions from that they got 55 from home care. They got 43 from the word living, caregivers, assisted living and on and on it doesn’t give us the detail that we would like to see under other, which is 930 other search, queries that we show for but at least we have some basic knowledge of where we’re Getting our impressions and then driving directions now this is really important for florists, chiropractors, dentist, retail spaces and even other service providers.

I want to know where people are requesting driving in directions in direction. Information from because I may be very surprised at where people are coming from to find my shop or my store, so I’m in this case this is a service provider who goes out to the home. So most of these folks don’t need to drive to this office, but you can see that alexandria has the most requests: advanced, page techniques, the power of citations, the what who and the how.

So if we go back to our example of the seafood restaurant in san diego, we can see that the AXI food restaurant has lots of Google Places citations examples here and if you look at the very bottom left hand corner, you can see that there actually a Hundred and forty more so if I were trying to beat them at this game, what I would do is I would look at every place that they’re listed and I would go in and try to get my client or my business if it were.

If, if I’m doing this myself listed on all the places that they’re listed on, because obviously Google likes to aggregate data from those websites, so that’s the first thing I would do Google Places advanced. The advanced techniques mean that you want to look at the competition citations. You want to copy them and you want to one-up them. It’s that simple. It does take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of energy and sometimes an entire team of people to make this happen, but you can do it local SEO.

Your website metadata and I’ve said this before – should match your Google Places. Data should match all other directory listings data. So when you’re filling out your Google Places information make sure that everything else you do matches what Google Places says and you’ll have much more success off-site. Linking now should you be creating backlinks to your Google Places page. This means and people ask this question, because what backlinks are are links to typically to your website and the more backlinks.

Your website has the more authority it has and the it shows up. So the question becomes: if your Google Places page has a lot of links to it, will it show up better in the Google Places rankings, and I don’t think I think the jury’s still out on this? It does not hurt to get backlinks to your Google Places. Page each Google Places page has its own unique URL, so it never hurts to get backlinks to it.

Although you have to realize this, the continuous addition of citations and information about your clients, local business referencing, their nad, which is their name, address telephone number website, etc. In other words, their citations – this is one of the most effective ways to increase listing rank so that in reviews those the two first things you should be focusing on not necessarily backlinking to the Google Places page.

So when it’s all said and done and you’ve tried everything else and you’ve done anything else, then go for the backlinking. That might be something that you outsource article and Google Places. Ok, so just a little information. This is kind of our secret sauce. If you go to any of the articles that we upload for our clients, we put their exact citation in there YouTube in the description of the article we put their exact citation from google places in that section for the description of their article.

We always do that. It gives them extra citations and it works very, very well – the review triage system, what who and how? Ok. So let’s talk about reviews for a minute if you’re a restaurant – and you have a thousand reviews, the review triage system is not one that you necessarily need to use, but for everybody else, who’s not in the restaurant, entertainment industry or the travel industry. If you’re a plumber, if you’re a painter, if you’re a lawyer, a home care agency, a roofer or whatever, you might not have as many reviews as a restaurant with a thousand reviews, everybody knows that when lots and lots of reviews build up, there’s always bound to Be a few negative ones in there.

That’s completely normal and completely human nature, and we wouldn’t have it any other way so of a thousand review. Several of them may be a little on the negative side, but they kind of get buried by all the good stuff. So that’s okay, but if you’re somebody that doesn’t have any reviews or not many reviews or your industry doesn’t typically get a lot of reviews, then the most important thing you could do is use what’s called a review triage system.

This is a program that we develop. So that you only get the most positive reviews, but they are real reviews and they are from your customers. So what we do is we set up a website? That’s just for the review system. So we have it. Our client who’s. The business owner asked their customers to please go to a dedicated website, that’s just for them and leave some reviews. There are several questions that they’re asked it’s just basically, yes, no rating on the scale of one to five and then a little place where they can add some text and lots of clients are happy to do that.

They don’t have to. They don’t have to create accounts, they don’t have to do anything. They just go and leave their a review and they’re done once the review is done. That review is automatically emailed to us and to our client. So we can each take a look at it and decide if that review needs to move on to step 2. If it’s a really good review, it moves to step 2. If it’s not a good review, then the client are, but the business owner goes back to the customer to try to resolve the issues and that review never sees the light of day.

If it’s a great review, then we summarize it we send it back to the customer and say we would love for you to share this wonderful review with the rest of our community. Would you please put it on Google Places, yelping, yahoo or whatever, and we give them the link to do so. So this we have all of the scripts written out all of the emails written out. We have for anybody, that’s not so much in the elder care industry.

That’s the one you’re looking at here, but for anybody who’s, not the elder care industry. Like a plumber, a painter auto repair shop, whatever it is, you can actually incentivize clients by maybe giving them a free oil change or ten dollar gift card to starbucks or whatever. So you might want to think about the ways you can incentivize somebody to go through the kind of hassle factor of leaving a review on a review site and there’s a lot more to this, and we will have a product together just for the review triage system.

If you need help with the review triage system, let us know and we’ll put together one just for you and your clients top 10 review sites in Google Places search. This is just for for your reference. Only you want to look at what your competition is doing. First, this data and research comes from local SEO guy. This is andrew, scotland’s blog a local search, optimization small business marketing and search engine, optimization strategy.

So for 2011, the top ten review sites are Yelp, citysearch, insider pages, yahoo, local dealer, rater duties, book, tripadvisor, edmonds, agates an open table, and you can see a couple of them really do cater to the restaurant industry, but definitely look at what your competition is doing And then also, this list is extremely helpful. The best use of coupons that I went online to look for some really good examples and was hard to find any actually in google places, but I did run across this one, not too bad.

Free estimates are no new water heater through Hoffman brothers. There’s a local company to me: maintenance, programs and water heaters and all kinds of stuff like that, so they have three pretty good coupons. Actually they have four and when, if you are looking at them on your mobile phone, this is what you would see. You would see that they have some good information now. Only one of these coupons actually has a phone number in it.

This one over here on the right. All of them should have a phone number in them, and the reason is that, if you’re on your mobile phone, a phone number like this is one that you can just click on and automatically dial huffman brothers. So that’s something that they should include in every coupon plus there’s opportunity to put a picture in here, and so they should have a picture in each one of these here’s an example.

This is my listing. I just put this up as a quick example. If you know that most of the customers that are coming to your store or your website or two are looking for, you are using a PC or a laptop, you might consider putting a QR code with a dis special discount in your in your in your coupons And the reason I say that is that you can actually once somebody uses their smartphone to capture or to scan that QR code.

You can actually then capture their name, their phone number, their email address whatever it is, you want, so you can get more data from them if they they scan it. Now. The problem with this is, if you’re, a restaurant or you’re doing this for a restaurant or an entertainment, venue or travel industry. You don’t want to use QR codes in your coupons because they will show up on the actual cell phone and then they’re not scalable by the cell phone.

So this only is a good strategy when it’s done for businesses that you know, people are searching from their pc or laptop, but just sort of an example of what can be done. The next. The one of the important things to know is that Google Offers is in its beta phase right now and it’s a really only active in portland oregon and it’s just getting started, but it will be a competitor of Groupon and several other things.

If you have your Google Places act together, you will then have your google offers act together. So, if they’re, for no other reason, you want to make sure that you have google offers together and our google places together so that when google offers comes to your town, you can make the most of it. Google Maps and Google Places. Many people know what my maps is and if you don’t that’s, okay, it still exists, but it used to be that they would show up on Google Places pages and they don’t anymore because everybody spam them.

So what we do is we create a dynamic google map of our clients, location and we place it on their website. So if you look at any of our websites, you’ll see that each of them in several places, has a google map actually on the website. Now this is not a screenshot, it’s actually a dynamic map. So if you were to put your pointer on it and move around or click on it, it actually does stuff it moves around with you it you can actually click on the directions or show service area or more or rate it.

You can click on these things and you can actually make them work, so this is not a screenshot. This is an actual dynamic map and the embed code is on the Google Places page QR codes. This is a part I love. So if you want to know more about QR codes, you should first of all take the time to pull out your smartphone and scan this one and then you’ll see what I’m talking about so actually I just did this one in a mysterious way.

It’s a picture. So if you know me at all, you’ll know why I picked this picture, but anyway you can use QR codes for lots of things and they are going to fast become one of the most interesting ways to market your business, especially local businesses, so be sure to Pay attention to this vast company’s top 13 lists. Qr codes on business cards for scavenger hunts for labeling, for storefront displays, promotions, discounts and giveaways laptop stickers.

T-Shirts get funky with your QR code design by making it pink blue multi colored use. Qr codes to get like some follows on your facebook supplement, your retail space, increase your ecommerce sales, build your email subscriber list and get the phone ringing. In fact, you could. You know, instead of for a good time, call Jane. You can just create a QR code with James phone number on it. Stick it up all over the place and then lots of people will call Jane and I’m kind of just kidding.

Don’t do that. But anyway, it’s very funny: ok and then let’s talk about building your business. If you are the internet, marketer or the consultant, let’s talk about you for just a minute. First of all, you have lots of tools to your advantage. If you’re a traffic geyser person, you have influenced engines, local search, results, screen shots and other online tools of show placement. You should use all of them for pricing.

I always charge a setup fee at a monthly legacy fee to and to help your client. Your client understand more about why you need a monthly fee beats the simple rule of you cannot set it and forget it in this case. This is not a Ron Popeil product and you just can’t set it and forget it. You have to list everything so that the customer has a clear understanding of the amount of work involved on a monthly basis and folks, let me tell you there is a lot of work involved.

You need to you, have a choice. You can charge a high setup fee or a low setup fee and a higher monthly recurring fee, which makes the most sense in this economic environment. For you, my guess is that maybe a lower setup fee and a higher monthly recurring fee makes more sense because it becomes more digestible, easy to buy it off and chew. For the small business owner, I will say that for look for google places we do.

Custom quotes for anybody who wants us to do a Google Places program exclusively, and the reason is that, if you’re in New York City in your restaurant – and you want to be on the seven pack and you’re located in manhattan – guess what it’s going to cost you A lot more money for me to get you spend the time to get you on the top seven than it is for me to do that for you, if you’re a restaurant in West winnemucca North Dakota, where there is very little competition, so we always custom quote: Not because we think somebody else can afford more or less it’s because location, demographics, geography all play a role and how difficult or how easy it might be to get somebody in the top.

Seven so always make sure you check around a new little research before you throw out quotes for Google Places. Results, show results screen shots from before to after never miss an opportunity to show your client results and show prospects results. All you need is that first client and you’ll be able to get more to come to you over time. So what’s next, you can do this yourself if you’re a small business owner.

You can do this. If you’re, an internet marketing consultant go to ww LOL, place, profits, com, that’s local place, profits, com, there’s a 40 page PDF and of course I spelled and wrong and 19 articles that walk you step-by-step through everything from set up to advanced techniques. All 19 are there and they’re they’re excellent and they do walk you through step-by-step. The list price on the website is five hundred forty nine dollars and through midnight tonight now you’re reading this article or this webinar after we did our first webinar so and in the first webinar the price was 199 and you can do a to pay at 9950 E 30 days apart, so you can get some special pricing and special deals, but my request to you – because I don’t know when you’ll be reading this article is that you actually check with us.

First, these prices are not set in stone and we do not have to honor the 199 just because you’re reading this six months later, so you need to check with us and find out what the pricing is. What the deals are. There may be some really good out there, don’t ever hesitate to ask what you want to do. Is you want to send your questions about pricing about product if it’s not on the website, go to valerie at LTC, EP calm, just email me and i’ll be able to tell you what the current pricing is and where you can find the right length so Valerie At LTC EP calm, if you want to call us as 888 404 1513 you’re going to get a much faster response, though through email valerie at LTC EP calm.

Thank you so much. This has been valerie van move and I hope you enjoyed the webinar and good luck with your Google Places.


Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Overview

It’S a search engine, optimization service and you’ll, be explaining what that’s all about thanks for joining us Chris. You bet thanks for having me on today. Well, for the sake of brevity here. Let’S go ahead and refer to search engine optimization by its industry, shorthand initials SEO that stands for search engine optimization Chris.

Just what is SEO and why is it important to online marketing? Well, SEO is a track of skills that helps a website be found and what’s happened is the internet is put the power into people’s hands the consumers hands. While traditional media marketing has always pushed the messaging at people, the internet really asked people to pull it from them. So most online sessions include querying a search engine and that event is the marketers opportunity to be present on the search result without applying SEO to a site.

It won’t be present for the search results. So it’s a very important aspect of having a website today. In kind of a new twist on the old saying that, if you build it, they they will come, but really if they can’t find you that they’re not going to come at all. Are they exactly so you better build it right? Well, who needs SEO and what sorts of companies are you working with? Are they large companies small companies? Well, we deal with all sizes’um state associations, visitor centers for States and things like that, and then we have a lot of mom pop businesses for sure.

A lot of our business has sprung out of my past life, which was marketing in the hospitality industry, and so that kind of gave us an ability to leverage ourselves into the search engine, optimization business. But basically, unless a website is designed just to be shown when someone – and it is asked about it – in other words, if if a business owner was asked, do you have a website and he gave somebody in a dress that would send somebody to that website.

But if that’s all, you ever do with your websites and that’s all you ever have to do, but as we know what we’re really trying to do with websites to get our message out to new people, people who’ve never heard of us. So in that aspect everybody needs SEO, because really, if you don’t optimize your site for search engines, how is anybody going to find you out there? It’S really quite a revolution in the marketing model? Isn’T it we’re now just for the cost of getting a host, which quite often is free and putting up some creative content and getting yourself well placed in a search engine? The small guy is on equal footing with the big guys.

Aren’T they to some degree? Absolutely. I mean for a hundred years, marketing and advertising was about shouting about who we were and hoping that people would take notice of us, and now we basically sit in a library waiting for someone to find us so very, very different methods. So you can succeed simply by being clever these days very much so then there still is room for four people with great ideas and not a pocket full of cash for sure.

Well, what are some of the general principles of SEO? Where does it all start? Well, in one word Steven, it’s definitely relevant. All items on your page have to be congruent with each other, and this is a lot of what people miss, because it’s so simple and what I try to have people understand is a search. Engine is just a computer application. If you will all it seizes pluses and minuses, and so it has to be able to add something up from all of that and come up with an answer, so you have to give them the answers.

Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? When do you do it, and where do you do it? If you don’t answer those age-old questions of marketing, then there’s no way for the search engines really to be able to compile that information and index you correctly into their collection of literally hundreds of millions of websites well and they’re, pretty clever at that, aren’t they. I know they have certain algorithms, that these search engines use, and quite often their top secret, that Google algorithm, and sometimes it seems that people are focusing on trying to chase the algorithm rather than simply starting with the fundamentals that you talk about is who are you Targeting and and what value, what content are you going to provide? Well you’ve got that right if you’re, an expert on safe flying pigs, but your site talks about the birds and the bees.

You’Ll fall short of your goals. To be sure, I want to quickly do a Google search on flying pigs. I imagine there’s probably a website specializing in yet how about some of the specific fundamental steps that you take when you’re, providing your your search, optimization service, one or three or four fundamental steps that you offer well given the opportunity to get involved with the client early On in their process of either creating or redesigning a website, there’s a lot of things we can do before.

Even one piece of code has been written, it’s so important, especially these days that a site be built. What we called search engine friendly and what I mean when I say search engine friendly, is that a computer application such as a search engine is able to do some things, but it’s not able to do other things. So if you build a website that makes it hard for the search engine to traverse across all of your pages and your navigation and your links, then it’s not going to find all of your information.

So we get in right at the beginning with the web designers and make sure that the site is being built search. Engine friendly, for example, fret using frames, might not necessarily be a friendly thing to do absolutely frames. Overuse of flash there’s there’s a number of pitfalls to be sure, there’s literally dozens of types of code that will display a web page, but not all of them will will allow a search engine to read it.

So all these great bells and whistles might be good for holding somebody once they get there, but isn’t necessarily going to work to attract them in the first place. Exactly I mean if we’re not on the first page of Google, for what it is, we’re we’re offering our chances of being found, at least through search or slim, to none yeah. I’Ve heard quite often in studies, you may get millions of returns, but if you’re not in the top 10 or the top 20, you might as well not even be there or what? If you optimize yourself for something, you think would bring you a lot of traffic, but it’s completely irrelevant.

You find yourself getting a thousand visitors a day who have no interest in what it issue offer. People do that at more and then you would believe. After after we have a search engine friendly site design, the most important thing that can be done on the page on each page of the website is make sure that correct titles and meta descriptions are used that match the content of the site. It has to be targeted at specific search phrases that have been proven through research that you’ve done to be the way that people actually search for what it is you offer we can’t just assume.

We know how people search we have to go out and do the research as to how they actually perform the searches that they do that bring up the web sites that they’re. Looking for now. My toe tags may sound like a fairly complicated concept to people who aren’t used to actually web design web development, but it seems to me it’s one of the simplest things to do for most effective return on your efforts ago with search engines.

It’S very simple, very obvious: there are a few rules and most people completely forget about it by the time they get to that part of their web design. They’Ve spent so much time and effort coming up with good graphics and writing whatever their their information is the simplest things get missed and that’s where the opportunity lies for people who are paying attention for sure, which is all for naught if it’s not optimized, for the Searches well – and you know finally, an interesting thing about websites.

Is there never finished? So you know the final of three fundamentals that that I list for people is that always be considering that you have never-ending improvement in growth of what was originally unique content that you wrote, in other words, don’t go and steal a bunch of content from someone else And expect to do very well for the search, especially if you never go on to go back to that page and work it over even more.

So you want to think of yourself as being a contributor to the web and not just adding more noise to all of that. That’S out there it’s a never-ending process, that’s for sure, as the internet itself, and can you think of any industry that you have ever seen that it has revolutionized the marketplace so quickly is the Internet to look at? What’S happened in just the last decade? Absolutely – and you know, I would bet that people from the 30s would say that direct mail certainly change things and it did back.

Then this is nothing more and nothing less than that. It just has the ability to reach people is like nothing ever before. What is a job like for a SEO specialist? Does it give you flexible time with your online work? Does it give you free time for some of the other projects that you might be working on? Oh absolutely, but I caution people that if you don’t enjoy the work that you do, this will be drudgery like nothing else, so very specialized research and I like competing, and so those two things are what I spend the majority of my time.

Doing the writing of titles and descriptions and tweaking people’s content, so it’s congruent with that. It’S the easy part! When I worked in television and radio, we were always checking. How is our ratings, comparing with the competition from quarter-to-quarter even from day to day? Imagine you probably do the same thing with search engine optimization. Absolutely you know one of the one of part of our process with the client is that we report back to them on a regular basis, exactly how well they are competing in the marketplace.

So I’m constantly looking at that and to to an obsessive extent. I guess: do you focus on a range of search engines or do you target primarily the big one or how do you? How do you go about selecting your strategy? Well, isn’t that interesting come you know, we’ve seen the rise of Google come at the turn of the century and when they when they, when they change the way people searched at at that time, we were probably querying upwards of 20 to 30 search engines for a Client there were that many, and you can probably remember things like Lycos and hotbot all received millions of visitors a day that we’re searching on it and what we’ve seen, certainly in the last three to five years, is a closing down of that too.

At first there were, there were four majors that would be Google msn yahoo and you could say, ayo l, even though that was really just a portal for somebody else, but it had a lot of a lot of traffic at it at that time. A lot of members, it was not forget to ask jeeves write. A speech has always been a second fiddle to everybody, whether it ever will rise. You know above a percent or so of market share remains to be seen.

However, I’m a true believer that if someone can build Google in the year 2000, someone will beat Google in the year 2010. So we have got our eyes and ears out all the time. Looking at literally hundreds of beta tests of different ways of searching that are going on in the marketplace today and just in the last year or so, we’ve seen a huge explosion of what’s called social media and tagging things that have nothing to do with search engines.

But have an awful lot to do with optimizing: the information that you’re delivering the people much like we optimized for search engines and Chris Tucker. I know you’ve been doing this since 1996, that true, that’s quite a bit of evolution. You’Ve seen happening within search engines within the Internet itself and I’m sure you’re keeping a sharp eye on future trends as they come out as fast and furious.

We’Re fortunate that Chris is going to be sharing with us. A few leaks that we can take a look at of some of his optimized sites and see how their ranking in the search engines and what little tricks Chris may have been applying. Chris, it’s been a pleasure having you with us today we’re here some contact information for credits. His website is email if you’d like to discuss some of the topics of today or to get more information on its services, and thank you for joining us Chris.

Thank you for having me Steve.

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