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YouTube Marketing Strategy: Find Out How So Many Photographers & Writers Are Benefiting From Youtube

She has a question about. She wants to know what ways that a her photography business and her writing business can benefit from YouTube marketing. Well, I looked at jen’s website here and jen. I’r looking at yours, your website looks great, very visually, appealing with the the very you know of the the big picture on the first on the homepage.

When I went to your blog, I found I found this, which is good. I mean you got ta get a good blog. You got some great content here. Great pictures, one thing that’s missing is there’s no articles that are embedded here on your at least not that I can see. That would definitely help some of your search engine optimization, and the other thing is: is that specifically how how can the web? How can article helped you for your photography? That’s one way is to specifically create articles that are targeting your keywords and that’s why I have this page pulled up right here.

I went to the google keyword tool. I just went to google and I typed in google keyword, tool and right at the top is, is a link to this page and you can see I typed in photographer palm beach gardens and not a whole lot of searches. But you can see here photographers west palm beach. You can see fatah palm beach, photography, 110, there’s 140 110 searches per month for that keyword, palm beach, photographer 46 searches per month, photography west palm beach, 73 wedding photography palm beach 58.

These are all and mind you when I mean you got ta. Look at this when, when these keywords have the the brackets around, and that means that that that number of people are actually typing in that those exact keywords in that order in Google every single month. So those are all potential customers, every single one of those, but the only way you’re going to reach them is, if you use proper, on-page optimization with your blog, and so what I’m suggesting is that you want to incorporate those keywords in your title tag in your Content in your your tags down here and really you wan na, you want to use those key words on the page, and you also want to create a article that targets.

Those keywords also, you want to use the keyword in the title in the description that you’re that you’re creating. So you want to use the keyword, for example, photographers west palm beach and the title on the description and the tags for the article that you create. The other thing that I was going to suggest is is that, in terms of your your, your writing business is that you create a you’ve, got a great blog post here about a book that you just wrote, and this is the book.

It’s awesome. I the thing that I would do it’s more of like a coffee table book, but what you can do is, first of all, obviously look at the self-publishing article that I created earlier, but in regards to this book, create a article that specifically talks about the behind-the-scenes Aspect of you creating this book, or maybe just review one or two pages this book I mean you – can literally go through step by step all the pages of this book.

You can create a article about every single page if you want to and what came what what made you think of the the picture, how you incorporated the picture into the bit into the into the book, etc. So you can, you can just create all these little vignettes, these a little short minute, two, maybe three minute articles that are talking about how you specifically um you know came up with this content this this book.

If I was a writer of a larger book that had maybe chapters I would, I would talk about a specific chapter in the book and maybe if I wanted people to opt-in to my list or to engage with me, I would maybe give them the that chapter. For free and in order to in exchange for their name and email, and maybe their cell phone number so anyway, those are just some ideas for publishers out there. So I hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to talking to you soon – bye, bye, oh and text, your name and email, 256, 1739 2283, and to get access to some more great information like this again. 56. 1739. 2283. Thanks bye, bye,

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