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Vegan Meal Prep How-To: 3 Easy Budget-Friendly Recipes

So dinnertime is usually the most difficult when it comes to coming up with delicious and nutritious meals, especially when you’re transitioning to plant-based, because, let’s face it at the end of the day, we’re all exhausted, and the last thing we want to do is figure out.

What to make it can be a lot more challenging than simply blending a smoothie for breakfast or chopping a salad for lunch. So we’re going to share our formula for success with you guys and dive into an indian inspired dish, mexican and an asian dish. So we’re going around the world today in minutes before we jump into the meal prep formula you’ll want to make sure that you’ve readed our recent plant-based pyramid, article it’ll kind of lay out the hierarchy of each different food group and give you ideas for how to Incorporate an abundance of variety into your meals, so it might be helpful to grab out a pen and paper or your phone and kind of write out everything to get it on paper to help you organize your recipes and your meal prep for the week to build A perfect plate or a perfect meal for your prep, you will want to include a grain, a legume, a veggie, a healthy fat source and a spice or maybe a handful of spices.

Next is the prep. This is the hard work, but in our case it was very, very easy and it took up virtually no time. I think we prepped all of this food that you see here in less than like 45 minutes. So it comes down to rinsing your grains and cooking them down. We put the rice in this big pot. We put our lentils in a small frying pan, we put our beans actually in our pressure cooker and we put our potatoes into our air fryer.

So our first recipe is going to be this delicious asian stir-fry. For this recipe, our grain is brown rice, our legume is edamame, our veggies are a mixed, stir-fry medley, our healthy fat is peanuts and sesame, and our spice or seasoning is just a little bit of liquid amino and, if you’re wondering why we made so much brown Rice, it’s actually going in all three recipes. So again, food prep hacks meal, prep number two for the week is a mexican inspired chipotle burrito bowl.

So again, like dusty said we are using our brown rice as a base for all three recipes. So our grain is brown rice from the beans and legumes category. We decided to go with black beans and veggies are going to be air, fried sweet, potato sauteed, red bell, pepper, frozen, sweet corn and then we’ve got avocado for our fat and our spice is cumin recipe. Number three, and possibly one of my favorite meals of all time, even when we go out to dinner, this is a indian curry.

Aloo gobi is probably what you’re going to see on the menu seriously my favorite meal, our grain for this category is going to be brown rice again. Our beans and legumes are going to be red, lentils, chickpeas and green peas are veggies. We have cooked, yellow potatoes and some frozen cauliflower. You can obviously use fresh. We just wanted to save time on this one. Our healthy fat is actually going to be some coconut cream.

This stuff lasts a few days in the fridge we buy that canned in our spice. It’s curry powder for our asian stir-fry. We used both frozen edamame and a frozen vegetable medley. A lot of people are concerned. Should I use frozen or is fresh, better and a lot of times frozen is more nutritious because vegetables and fruits are picked when ripe, so the nutrients are really locked in so don’t be afraid of frozen, and the same goes for beans if cooking dry beans is Simply too much work for you to be honest, a lot of times we do opt for cans, because it’s a lot more convenient.

All we recommend is that you search for organic and beef recommend that you search for organic as well as bpa-free cans. So our last step is to mix all of our ingredients together and cook them down. Then you can either pop them in the refrigerator for the week you can eat them cold right out of the refrigerator a lot of times. We don’t even reheat our leftovers. You can cook them all pop them in the freezer, so you can have them on hand say when you get home from a vacation and you just don’t want to cook or like when I had max and I simply was in bed with him.

24 7.. I didn’t feel like cooking. It was nice to have those freezer meals on hand. Okay, can we vlog, in this professional style, shoot we’re going to vlog a little look at these bad boys done? All we have left to do is dish, and we don’t have to cook for the week, which is amazing, that’s the best part, no cooking for days. It’s all been done, and it’s only taken like I don’t know, maybe an hour and a half honestly.

All that we want to do is be outside in the evenings, and this has helped us to free up our evenings to be able to do that. Totally we’re going to dish it up and finish it up. Okay! So now we’re going to plate each of our dinners, i’m going to start with the stir fry because that’s kind of what i’ve been craving lately. So i’m going to put a whole bunch of rice in this dish, and the nice thing about having no oil in any of these recipes and adding in your healthy fats separately gives you all of the control in the world.

So, especially if you’re trying to lose weight on a plant-based diet, the fact that there is no oil means that these are higher volume meals with lower amounts of calories. They’re going to fill you up without weighing you down. Next, i’m going to dish up our indian curry dusty said: that’s the one he’s most excited for dish up a generous helping of this amazing looking curry and, of course, wouldn’t be the stanzas if we didn’t have a handful of taters on the plate.

In fact, i’ll probably add some to my stir fry too. Finally, i’m just going to add a dollop of our coconut cream. Last but not least burrito bowls. So again, we’ve got our brown rice going to add in some black beans, air fried sweet potatoes. These have been my jam. They are so so good red bell, peppers, add in a little bit of corn here, slice up some avocado or you can also make guacamole there. You have it you guys.

We’ve got an asian, an indian and a mexican dinner for the entire week cannot wait to dig in. If you want to bulk up any of these recipes, you can add tofu to your stir fry. You can add a gluten-free dairy-free naan bread with your curry. You can also add a corn or flour tortilla to your chipotle style bowl. Let us know in the comments below which dish you guys are most excited to try out which one looks the tastiest to you.

Leave us some love in the comments as well as always, if you like this article, give it a thumbs up that really helps our blog hit that subscribe button and click that bell to turn on notifications. You’ll get alerted next time. We make a nutritious and delicious article on this blog, as always follow us on all forms of social media, especially on instagram. Where we are active daily, you can follow our workouts.

You can see what we eat. You can even keep up with max who’s playing. So good, throughout this whole article until next time you guys even rest your best bye, we’re dusty, aaron max and bo and we’re the stanzix. We aspire to live a plant-centric, faith-forward healthy lifestyle and welcome all of the adventures that accompany it. Join us every week, as we blend chop juice, run, lift ride and master our minds in between on the ultimate quest to find better balance, deeper connection and true happiness within

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Flashback Friday: Hibiscus Tea vs. Plant-Based Diet for Hypertension & How Much Is Too Much?

нямаше достатъчно Висококачествени изследвания които да подкрепят, употребата, на, хибискус За лечение на високо кръвно, но, сега, има, рандомизирани, двойно, Тайни проучвания с плацебо контрола при, които, чаят, от, хибискус, се, сравнява, с, Изкуствено оцветена и овкусена вода която, изглежда, и, има, вкус, на, чай, от, хибискус, И чаят се представил значително по-добре Все, още, не, сме, сигурни, защо, действа, но, чаят, от, хибискус, изглежда, ускорява, Производството на азотен оксид което, може, да, помогне, на, артериите, ни, Да се отпуснат и да се, разширят, по-добре, Независимо, от, това, един, Актуализиран преглед признава че, ежедневната консумация На чай от хибискус може, наистина, значително, да, понижи Кръвното налягане при хора с хипертония, но, с, колко, Как, този, спад, на, кръвното, налягане, Се сравнява с други интервенции, Ами, главното, клинично, изследване, когато, става, Въпрос за обширна промяна на начина, на, живот, за, контрол, на, кръвното, налягане, е, Клиничното проучване Премиер Осъзнавайки че, 9 от 10 американци Ще развият хипертония учените, рандомизирали 800 мъже и, жени с Високо кръвно налягане в една, от три, групи, Една, била, контролната, група, така, Наречената група само със съвети, при, която, пациентите, били, съветвани, да, Отслабнат да намалят приема на сол, да, увеличат, движението, и, да, се, хранят, По-Здравословно… ето брошура В двете, групи, с, интервенция, на, начина, На живот нещата станали, сериозни 18 сесии лице в лице, групови Срещи дневници за храненето измерване, на, физическа, активност Калории и прием на сол, Сега, едната, група, се, концентрирала, Само върху спортуването а другата включила, спортуване, и, диета, Вкарали, диетата, ДАШ, с, високо, Съдържание на плодове и зеленчуци, и, с, ниско, съдържание, на, високомазнинни, Млечни продукти и месо И след, шест, месеца, постигнали, спад, от, 4,3.

Единици на систоличното кръвно налягане в сравнение, с контролната, група, която, била, малко, по-добре, от, тази, с, промяна, На начина на живот без, диетата, Сега, няколко, единици Може да не звучи много – това е, примерно, спад, на, кръвното, Налягане от 150 на 90 към 146 на 90 – но по скалата, на, населението, спад, От 5 единици в общия, брой може да доведе до, 14 % по-малко смъртни случаи От инсулт 9 % по-малко фатални сърдечни удари и, 7 % по-малко смъртни случаи Като цяло на година Но, една, чаша, чай, от, хибискус, С всяко ядене не просто, намалила, кръвното, налягане С: 3 4 или 5 единици а със 7 от 129 на 122 И всъщност при, сравнение, едно, към, едно, с, водещото, лекарство, за, кръвно, Налягане наречено Каптоприл две чаши, силен, чай, от Хибискус всяка сутрин с, общо, 5 пакетчета Чай за тези две чаши, са, били, толкова, ефективни в Понижаването на кръвното налягане колкото, и, началната доза, от, 25 мг Каптоприл приемана два пъти на ден, И, така, толкова, добър, колкото, лекарството, Без страничните ефекти на лекарството и, по-добър, от, диетата, и, спорта, Ами, интервенциите в начина, на, Живот били доста облекчени Както, отбелязват, експертите, на, общественото Здравеопазване проучването Премиер изисквало, само, 30 минути Физическа активност на ден докато, Световната, здравна, организация, изисква По-Скоро около час на ден като, минимум, И, по, отношение, на, диетата, колкото, по-нисък, Е приемът на животински мазнини и, колкото, повече, растителни, източници, на, протеини, Се приемат от участниците в проучването, толкова, по-добре, изглежда, Действала диетата което може да, обясни, защо, вегетарианското Хранене изглежда действа дори още по-добре, и, колкото, по-растително, е, храненето, толкова, По-Ниско е разпространението на хипертонията, На, диетата, ДАШ, им, е, казано, Да намалят месото но, участниците продължили Да ядат месо всеки ден така, че, това, ги, квалифицира, като, невегетарианци, Тук в проучване 2 на адвентистите което, разглежда 89000 калифорнийци и, установява, че, тези, които, ядат, Месо по-скоро веднъж седмично имат с, 23 % по-ниска честота На високо кръвно налягане Ако се, спре, месото, като, цяло, с, изключение, На рибата честотата ще е с, 38 % по-ниска Ако се спре напълно месото – вегетарианците Имат наполовина по-малко високо кръвно, а, веганите, които, спират, всички, Животински протеини и мазнини изглежда, хвърлят, през Прозореца три четвърти от риска, си, да, развият, тази Главна причина за смърт Наблюдава, се, същото, постепенно Намаляване на случаите на диабет, при, увеличаване, на, растителното, хранене, И намаляване на излишното телесно тегло, до, такава, степен, че, хората, които, Се хранят напълно растително попадат в категорията, с идеалното, тегло, Но, дали, това, е, причината, хората, на, растително, Хранене да имат такова идеално кръвно, налягане, Може, би, е, защото, те, Средно са толкова слаби И, преди, съм, показвал, как, тези, Които се хранят растително имат, само, частица, от, риска, от, диабет, Дори с едно и също, тегло, дори, и, след, проверка, на, Индекса на телесната маса Ами, хипертонията, Средностатистическият, американец, има Така наречената предхипертония което означава, че, горната, граница, на Кръвното му налягане е между 120 и 139 Не е още хипертония, която започва, от 140 но означава че, е, близо, Сравнете, това, е, кръвното, налягане, на, тези, Които се хранят с растителна храна, Не 3 единици по-ниско, не, 4 единици по-ниско Или дори 7 по-ниско а цели 28 единици по-ниско Но, групата, със, стандартна, За Америка диета е средно, с, наднормено, тегло, и, индекс, На телесна маса над 26 все пак, е, по-добре, от Повечето американци но веганите, имали, 21 като индекс Това е с 16,3 кг по-малко Така, че, може, би, единствената, Причина поради която хората които, ядат, месо, яйца, млечни И преработени храни имат такова, високо, кръвно, налягане Е защото те са с наднормено тегло, може, би, диетата, няма, нищо, общо, За, да, разрешим, загадката, ще, Трябва да намерим група хора, които, имат, стандартната, за, Америка, диета, Но са толкова слаби колкото, веганите, За, да, намерят, група, която, Е във форма и са, слаби, трябвало, да, използват, атлети, Бягащи на дълги разстояния които, се, хранят, по, същия Начин в американски стил – но бягали, средно, по, 77, км на, седмица, В продължение на 21 години Те, избягвали, почти, два, маратона, на, Седмица в продължение, на 20 години И ако, правите, това, винаги, ще, сте, толкова, слаби, Колкото веганите – без значение, какво, ядете, И, така, къде, се, намират, те, на, тази, графика, Както, веганите, така, и, групата, със, стандартното, Хранене имали заседнал начин на живот – по-малко от, един, час, спортуване, на, седмица, Бегачите, на, дълги, разстояния, били, ето, тук, Така, че, изглежда, че, ако, тичате, По около 1609 км всяка година можете, да, започнете, да, се, състезавате, с, Някой веган който само си седи, на, дивана, Не, означава, че, не, можете, Да правите и двете но, може, би, е, по-лесно, просто, Да ядете растителна храна Антацидите, продавани, без, рецепта Вероятно са най-важният източник на, излагане, на, алуминий, при Човека по отношение на дозата Маалокс, например, ако, се, приема, както, е, описано, Може да превиши дневния безопасен лимит, над 100 пъти и никъде, на, етикета, не, се, Упоменава да не се приема, с, киселинни, напитки Като например плодов сок Приемът, на, антацид, със Сок от портокал например може, да, увеличи, усвояването На алуминий 8 пъти а лимонената киселина се оказва най-лоша – киселината която, се, съдържа, Естествено в лимона, и лайма, Също, както, киселите, плодове, могат, Да подобрят усвояването на желязо което, е, хубаво, нещо, чрез, същия, механизъм, те, могат, да, подобрят, Усвояването на алуминий което повдига, въпроса, какво, се, случва Когато се добави лимонов сок към, чай, Преди, съм, стигал, до, заключението, Че количеството алуминий в чая, не, е, проблем, за, повечето, хора, Защото той не е много усвоим ами, ако, добавите, лимон, Няма, разлика, между, чая, с, лимон, чая, без, лимон, и, без, чай, като, цяло, по, отношение, на, количеството, Алуминий в кръвта, което, предполага, че, пиенето, на, Чай не допринася значително към, усвояването, на, алуминия в тялото, Независимо дали с или без лимоновия, сок, Тук, говорят, за, черен, чай, Зелен чай бял чай чай оолонг, Ами, червения, билков, чай, хибискус, Причината, поради, която, Се нарича кисел чай е, защото, има, естествени, киселини в него; Като лимонената киселина – може ли, това, да, ускори, усвояването, На някаква част алуминий в него, Ами, по-голям, процент, алуминий, отива, От хибискуса във водата от чая, но, като, цяло, има, по-малко, алуминий, Въпросът, е, дали, после, алуминият, Отива от водата на чая в тялото, ни Нямаме, такива, данни, така, че, по-добре, да, сме, Сигурни отколкото да приемаме най-лошото – че алуминият, от, чая, от, хибискус, за, разлика, От алуминия от зеления и черния, чай, е, напълно, усвоим В този, случай въз, основа, на, тези, данни, и, лимита, на, безопасност, на, седмица, От Световната здравна организация не, е, добре, да, пием, повече, от, 15 чаши чай от хибискус на, ден, И, това, е, изчислено, за, човек, Който тежи около 68 кг Така че, ако, имаме, 10-годишно, Дете което тежи 34 кг половин литър, чай, на, ден, би, Бил на теория твърде много, По-подробните, изследвания Наскоро предполагат че нивата може би, са, два, пъти, по-високи, така, че, не, повече, от, 1,8, литра На ден за възрастни, или 800 мл на, ден за Деца и бременни жени А чаят, от, хибискус, трябва, да, се, избягва, Напълно за бебета под 6-месечна възраст – които така, или, иначе, и, трябвало, Да пият майчино мляко – както и, деца, с, бъбречна, недостатъчност, които, не, могат, ефективно, да, го, Изхвърлят от организма си Проучването, също, така Повдига въпроса за големите нива на, манган в чай, от хибискус, Манганът, е, основен, микроминерал, жизненоважен, компонент, на, някои, от, Най-Важните антиоксидантни ензими но вероятно, имаме, нужда, само От 2 до 5 милиграма на ден, а 4 чаши чай, от, хибискус, могат, Да имат до 17 и средно около 10 Това проблем ли, е, Ами, жените, които, получават, 15 мл на ден за 4 месеца имали подобрение само в противовъзпалителната, И антиоксидантната ензимна активност Това, проучване, което, използва 20 на ден по подобен начин, не, показва, никакви, странични Краткотрайни ефекти и по-важното показва, че, задържането На мангана от храната се регулира, Тялото, ни, не, е, глупаво, ако, Приемем прекалено много тялото ни, намалява, усвояването И увеличава изхвърлянето Така че, въпреки, че, хората, пиещи, чай, Може да изпиват 10 пъти повече манган, получават 10 пъти повече, на, ден, 10 или 20 милиграма на ден нивата в кръвта, им са, едни, и, същи, И, така, има, недостатъчни, доказателства, Че манганът от храната представлява риск, Това, обаче, е, с, обикновен, чай, не, знаем, За усвояването от хибискуса така, че, по-добре, да, се, внимателни, отколкото, Да поемаме риск вероятно трябва, да, не, превишаваме, като, цяло, Зададената доза от 10 мг на ден което е само, около 1 л за възрастни, половин, литър, за, 34-килограмово, дете, Това, всъщност, промени, Консумацията на моето семейство Имайки, предвид, ползите, от, това, нещо, Аз го използвах като заместител на водата, около 2 литра на, ден, и, блендирах, Листенцата хибискус вътре не ги, изхвърлях, което, ефективно Удвояваше съдържанието на алуминий и, увеличаваше, концентрацията На манган с 30 % Така че имайки предвид тези, данни, аз, намалих, консумацията, на, филтриран, Чай от хибискус до, около 1 литър на ден


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Find Your Purpose, Find Your People | Influencers and Entrepreneurs

This is my second live event ever and it was terrifying, but it was so amazing. So if you guys read my last article, you may have saw me break down a little bit roll the clip. I want it to be easy where I just know exactly what to say, and I’m like it’s easy for me to pick up this camera and like talk to you guys, and it hasn’t been greatly and there’s even been points where I’m just like done.

You want to take a break, and I don’t know what to say, and it’s just like my creativity has just been like suppressed number one. I just want to say thank you guys for all the love on that article. I still feel you guys and where you guys are at. I do want to say that, after this weekend that that confusion, it honestly just left my body after the whole entire event went down. My students flew in from all over the country from Alaska from New York from Oklahoma from all different places from Montreal, and it was absolutely incredible.

It was like 10 times better than the last one. The last one was amazing, but this one everyone said that was just so so much more. We went through with so much emotional stuff people cried people found their life purpose from one of the speakers. People realized what their next steps were. We workshop with each other and we just really got to know each other and the amount of love and clarity and peace and happiness and powerfulness and empowerment that we felt all weekend was the absolute best.

So let’s go ahead and get the article. So we started off the morning with a little bit of emotional work. We had a workshop piece going on where we were listening to each other and just like not responding to what people were saying. We were just opening up her hearts, opening up to how we felt at that moment, and everybody in the little groups were just listening and everyone got to rotate. It was super powerful.

We set our intentions for the day and then we got into speakers. Our first speaker was Brian Pataki. He is a life coach. His podcast is actually coming out super soon guys stay tuned. For that Brian is amazing. He has a huge personality, but he also knows how to like really bring you in and clarify what you’re trying to do in your life. So you guys can also utilize a sample session with Brian. He opened that up to the influencer Academy and if you guys are interested as well, his emails are down below you see someone at Starbucks.

You make a judgement about them. You decide this. How much money this bitch has it’s kind of cost reduction. This kind of kids like an array right normal, that’s a normal part of being human being because in the olden days like way olden days, you would assess somebody out check out they’re going to kill you because you were a cave person right. So it is normal that we have a quick way to make judgments about people.

There’s two parts of your brain that I want to talk about today. Your fast part of your brain and your slow part of your brain, the quiet, the slower part of your brain, is where you can get closer to hearing what the universe wants for you and you’re going to close your eyes, we’re due for short visualization. Okay is your future self? Your future self begins to speak to this large group of people.

Suddenly, you become aware of a shift that has happened to you and the entire audience aware of this impact on yourself and the others. You leave the room altered for the rest of your life. What was that impact your future self had on you and the others? Who was your future self being to have such an impact? You will have a chance to have any impact you want on this entire group. It will be only one chance, one impact, but all of these people will be changed in some way.

They will have a different life because of the impact you have had on them. Go back and look at your paper now just take a minute notice, if any words were repeated and if they were, would you just circle them? Knowing this kind of what I want to do is talk about the impact you can have some going towards a phrase where I’m heading is a phrase. It’s like your life purpose statement all right. This sounds a little hokey when I say it I think, but what it is is it’s a way to know.

Am I running my business in my life from the point of view of who I really want to be, let me offer one tune, we’re going to say. No, I hate better. Yes, I like it, let’s change it, so I am the fingernails, but I’m not that what great that’s the word, so people can feel compassion. If you love, does that compass, these words for you yeah great. So can you stand up and say that I am the person [ Laughter ], so our second speakers with Laurie and Chris harder, two of the most amazing humans that I know I admire them so so much just their stories are so incredible, but they both have Podcast II earn your happy podcast that I was on but Laurie, and I interviewed her for mine and a Chris Carter has the for the love of money podcast, which the motto of is.

When great people make great money, they can do a great thanks. We’re able to keep up on that ridiculous pace until all of a sudden. One day I took a $ 150,000 pay cut and we looked at each other said: what are we going to do and we thought that was bad. The next year I actually lost my job entirely and we had to start from scratch. So we had to sell the homes, the cars, the rental properties, we lost our rental properties like we didn’t start from the bottom.

We started from like below zero. Now here’s the cool part of the story, though it forced us to start getting into self-development. It forced us to start figuring out who we really wanted to be because while we were while I was successful in banking, I wasn’t happy with every promotion. I got further further away from what I really wanted to be doing. If you guys ever woke up one day and just said: how did I get here yeah? That was me.

I always had like these solvents. Do you know what I’m talking about when you know you’re just born for something, and you know you’re supposed to be doing something bigger than you’re doing, but I was just so damn comfortable that I wasn’t doing anything about it. So when we actually lost everything, I had this moment of you know, reading him kind of lose who he was because his identity was so attached to this business and making money.

It started training, people, sorry prior to the six years, realizing well. At least I want to help people’s transformation because Fitness had become such a huge part of my transformation, so I was really forced into starting to train women, because I had actually gotten certified twice before this and never used it, because I was too scared to do It I shared my dream with everyone. That was one thing that I will tell you once I started realizing what I wanted to do.

I started talking about it to everyone and, if you don’t do that things most likely will not happen in your life that you want to happen, because I really do believe it’s all about tribe. So, like just share your passion with every single person, you possibly can no matter what it looks like an Instagram or anywhere else. When you see other people’s businesses the only way they got there, if they’ve even really gotten there is they started in that really shitty place where everything was ugly.

Everything was broken and everything was just barely pieced together and they spent more time in that place. Then you probably think that they spent there and here’s why I share that with you, the majority of you said you are less than three years in to building your business you’re, probably still in that place where it looks like everybody else is growing faster than you, Where it looks like your stuff feels so half-ass and their stuff looks so polished.

Trust me, their stuff is not as polished when you look inside of it, as it looks on Instagram or anywhere else that you see them or it is as polished and they’ve spent. A lot more time in that rough zone, where you are right now and so you’re exactly right, we should be. The second thing is – and you left this part out your story, but it’s so important. Do you remember your first client who came down to this super crappy half-ass finished gym? Yes, so I remember she pulled up in this brand new Range Rover which, to me Range Rover, just meant success or something I don’t even know what it meant to me.

I was like, oh, my god, she’s going to come down to the base, and so I bring her down I’m like I’m remodeling great so for a year she was my client didn’t see any remodeling done over the question here. But that’s! The second point is your egos going to get in the way and a lot of people will stop right there or they’ll check out right there and you can’t, like it, doesn’t matter who’s going to judge you.

It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling inside about you know your own personal business. You’ve got to step through that ego anyways and we actually develop the saying, and that is your egos, your greatest overhead, think about it. Your egos, your greatest overhead, because your ego will stop you from speaking up when maybe you’re about to speak up to somebody who could change your life or change your business.

Your ego will stop you from inviting somebody into your business because, you’re afraid of judgment, your ego may cause you to buy too nice or too shiny of things. Well, you’re, not quite ready to have bought those things. And now you don’t have that revenue for your business, like your ego, truly is your greatest overhead and we had to learn that the hard way from when we had to sell everything that was shiny and start over from when we had to have people’s own clients Show up and Range Rovers in our horribly disgusting broken mirror gym.

Those are the parts that really shape who you are and last but not least, we got to go around the room at the end of the day and talk about everybody loved the most from the day saying that I can go to and talk and listen to You guys talk, your stories are so inspiring. It just motivates me to keep going, but just having that clarity of like where I’m at now and where I am going to be amazing everyone.

This group stretches me so much and I love all you guys for being here. I feel like after today, I’m like so in purpose, and you guys I just felt at the end of the day that it was just, I felt so clear, and I felt like what I was struggling with the other day. I felt like at the end of this day was what I was I felt like. I knew what I was meant to do in the world, even though like it might seem like, I know, and I put together and stuff.

Sometimes it can be confusing and you kind of know, but then the path gets a little blurry we’re all human, and we all had that happened to us. As I can tell by the comments section at the last article and then at the end of the day when everybody was going around the room saying exactly how they felt, I felt it’s so deeply in my heart that I was put on this earth to do This – and I remember specifically when I first moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t want to go, I was resistant.

I thought I had no money. I thought that I wasn’t going to make it. I thought I wasn’t going to get a job. I thought it was going to be too hard to have like a new city, new friends, all this stuff, and somebody had to convince me to go, and once I finally said yes, I like basically got dragged here. Obviously it was one of the most monumental times in my whole entire life. It changed everything for me, the trajectory of my life went in a completely different way, and that is possible for you.

It is possible for what you’re doing right now, where you feel cushy. You feel comfortable if you do feel like that. It is completely possible for you to change your own life, whether you’re, starting to read new in different books, whether you’re starting to listen to more self-help personal development stuff, whether you’re just like gaining new skills. For something that you want to do. Whether you’re just getting sign of your comfort zone and going to a karaoke bar alone and singing because it’s what you love, whether it’s moving to a different state.

Even if it’s just the next town over and you have to make new friends. And you have to go to a new job and like the outgoing and do something that feels kind of icky and weird to you at the time, not icky, just just like cringy. I guess it’s terrifying. It’s terrifying trust me, but you are the only person that can change the trajectory of your life. Nobody else can do it for you, people can guide you like I’ve guided them, but they all came here.

Did the work they’re still continuously doing the work throughout the rest of the time that they’re in the program and then they’re after forever after as well? Sometimes you just need a couple more tools to guide you, whether that’s podcast books, a program whatever it happens to be, but I just want to let you guys know that it is possible for you guess: Realtors! That’s around you! What the Shekhar opening jar have you ever, that’s great, but uh, let’s take a champ.

Have you ever read on that’s great at the end of the day? For me, I’m just so happy that each and every person felt like empowering at the end of the day they knew the structure and the blueprint of how exactly they were going to leave and pursue their dreams. And that’s what made me the most happy today. I just want to show you guys what’s possible for you. This makes me so happy and I hope you guys find that kind of happiness in your life as well.

Thank you guys so much for reading this article. I have a hot dinner date tonight with Celina I’ll catch. You guys in the next article

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