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Vegan Meal Prep How-To: 3 Easy Budget-Friendly Recipes

So dinnertime is usually the most difficult when it comes to coming up with delicious and nutritious meals, especially when you’re transitioning to plant-based, because, let’s face it at the end of the day, we’re all exhausted, and the last thing we want to do is figure out.

What to make it can be a lot more challenging than simply blending a smoothie for breakfast or chopping a salad for lunch. So we’re going to share our formula for success with you guys and dive into an indian inspired dish, mexican and an asian dish. So we’re going around the world today in minutes before we jump into the meal prep formula you’ll want to make sure that you’ve readed our recent plant-based pyramid, article it’ll kind of lay out the hierarchy of each different food group and give you ideas for how to Incorporate an abundance of variety into your meals, so it might be helpful to grab out a pen and paper or your phone and kind of write out everything to get it on paper to help you organize your recipes and your meal prep for the week to build A perfect plate or a perfect meal for your prep, you will want to include a grain, a legume, a veggie, a healthy fat source and a spice or maybe a handful of spices.

Next is the prep. This is the hard work, but in our case it was very, very easy and it took up virtually no time. I think we prepped all of this food that you see here in less than like 45 minutes. So it comes down to rinsing your grains and cooking them down. We put the rice in this big pot. We put our lentils in a small frying pan, we put our beans actually in our pressure cooker and we put our potatoes into our air fryer.

So our first recipe is going to be this delicious asian stir-fry. For this recipe, our grain is brown rice, our legume is edamame, our veggies are a mixed, stir-fry medley, our healthy fat is peanuts and sesame, and our spice or seasoning is just a little bit of liquid amino and, if you’re wondering why we made so much brown Rice, it’s actually going in all three recipes. So again, food prep hacks meal, prep number two for the week is a mexican inspired chipotle burrito bowl.

So again, like dusty said we are using our brown rice as a base for all three recipes. So our grain is brown rice from the beans and legumes category. We decided to go with black beans and veggies are going to be air, fried sweet, potato sauteed, red bell, pepper, frozen, sweet corn and then we’ve got avocado for our fat and our spice is cumin recipe. Number three, and possibly one of my favorite meals of all time, even when we go out to dinner, this is a indian curry.

Aloo gobi is probably what you’re going to see on the menu seriously my favorite meal, our grain for this category is going to be brown rice again. Our beans and legumes are going to be red, lentils, chickpeas and green peas are veggies. We have cooked, yellow potatoes and some frozen cauliflower. You can obviously use fresh. We just wanted to save time on this one. Our healthy fat is actually going to be some coconut cream.

This stuff lasts a few days in the fridge we buy that canned in our spice. It’s curry powder for our asian stir-fry. We used both frozen edamame and a frozen vegetable medley. A lot of people are concerned. Should I use frozen or is fresh, better and a lot of times frozen is more nutritious because vegetables and fruits are picked when ripe, so the nutrients are really locked in so don’t be afraid of frozen, and the same goes for beans if cooking dry beans is Simply too much work for you to be honest, a lot of times we do opt for cans, because it’s a lot more convenient.

All we recommend is that you search for organic and beef recommend that you search for organic as well as bpa-free cans. So our last step is to mix all of our ingredients together and cook them down. Then you can either pop them in the refrigerator for the week you can eat them cold right out of the refrigerator a lot of times. We don’t even reheat our leftovers. You can cook them all pop them in the freezer, so you can have them on hand say when you get home from a vacation and you just don’t want to cook or like when I had max and I simply was in bed with him.

24 7.. I didn’t feel like cooking. It was nice to have those freezer meals on hand. Okay, can we vlog, in this professional style, shoot we’re going to vlog a little look at these bad boys done? All we have left to do is dish, and we don’t have to cook for the week, which is amazing, that’s the best part, no cooking for days. It’s all been done, and it’s only taken like I don’t know, maybe an hour and a half honestly.

All that we want to do is be outside in the evenings, and this has helped us to free up our evenings to be able to do that. Totally we’re going to dish it up and finish it up. Okay! So now we’re going to plate each of our dinners, i’m going to start with the stir fry because that’s kind of what i’ve been craving lately. So i’m going to put a whole bunch of rice in this dish, and the nice thing about having no oil in any of these recipes and adding in your healthy fats separately gives you all of the control in the world.

So, especially if you’re trying to lose weight on a plant-based diet, the fact that there is no oil means that these are higher volume meals with lower amounts of calories. They’re going to fill you up without weighing you down. Next, i’m going to dish up our indian curry dusty said: that’s the one he’s most excited for dish up a generous helping of this amazing looking curry and, of course, wouldn’t be the stanzas if we didn’t have a handful of taters on the plate.

In fact, i’ll probably add some to my stir fry too. Finally, i’m just going to add a dollop of our coconut cream. Last but not least burrito bowls. So again, we’ve got our brown rice going to add in some black beans, air fried sweet potatoes. These have been my jam. They are so so good red bell, peppers, add in a little bit of corn here, slice up some avocado or you can also make guacamole there. You have it you guys.

We’ve got an asian, an indian and a mexican dinner for the entire week cannot wait to dig in. If you want to bulk up any of these recipes, you can add tofu to your stir fry. You can add a gluten-free dairy-free naan bread with your curry. You can also add a corn or flour tortilla to your chipotle style bowl. Let us know in the comments below which dish you guys are most excited to try out which one looks the tastiest to you.

Leave us some love in the comments as well as always, if you like this article, give it a thumbs up that really helps our blog hit that subscribe button and click that bell to turn on notifications. You’ll get alerted next time. We make a nutritious and delicious article on this blog, as always follow us on all forms of social media, especially on instagram. Where we are active daily, you can follow our workouts.

You can see what we eat. You can even keep up with max who’s playing. So good, throughout this whole article until next time you guys even rest your best bye, we’re dusty, aaron max and bo and we’re the stanzix. We aspire to live a plant-centric, faith-forward healthy lifestyle and welcome all of the adventures that accompany it. Join us every week, as we blend chop juice, run, lift ride and master our minds in between on the ultimate quest to find better balance, deeper connection and true happiness within

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So who am I showing you this? The reason I’ll show you this. If you know somebody or you have a friend or you’re running a business, you are welcome to put your listing for free, absolutely free. This is a professional website.

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I should have done I’m going to do that. So let’s go back to the main main pages. Again, alright, once you log in see what you can do here, you can to decide and you can search for any listing you like long as the listing exists within the site. For example, if you’re running for Indian restaurant Express Indian Indian cooking in the restaurant, all the rest will pop up. So if you’re looking for Indian restaurant search and the Westwind I’ve loaded, it will pop up on the right hand, side also we’ll have a map showing the location of the establishment.

Yeah and literally you can do. You can put up any type of business you’re running whether from a car wash to restaurant, to whatever. If you’re running an event, you can also do that. You can literally put up anything. You want within a reasonable context right so they’re. Just these are brilliant breakfast and hotel I’ve loaded up as you can see, let’s go back up there, so you can load food restaurants, any type of restaurants.

You can we take away fast food, you name it you can put under food, hotels or Bergen breakfast. If you run a hotel, if you run a bed-and-breakfast, if you’re running, I are being be, you know what a value letting cover your room for a holiday break and things like that you can put at their service. You can put any types of services you like. What are you running, whether your garage, I put some puts all this stuff up, the other travel barber shop, whatever you can literally put them up, and you can pull your shorts thing to do travels good thing about this.

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I will put on my on this site, so there’s so much more to this website. Then I can explain then such a lovely website I’m designing at the moment so decency. I put up 15 listing here, 85 listing here today, I’m here and sort of slowly Jenner populating this this website, okay, so there we are legend! Gentlemen, if you don’t hope you have a go at it and tell your friends or whoever. If you know somebody I was got a business of also expose his or her business.

Then there is your chance to promote it on my free off site yeah. This verse I just started about couple of weeks ago and believe it or not. It is extremely getting momentum extremely very well. It’s really really picking up, because I am promoting it big time on things like Google AdWords YouTube, I’m just promoting a big time. You know from my pocket. The object is, if I’m promoting this site and if you’re listing there or you put your blog or website reference or whatever you see, you are getting tons of tons of food, you’ll, get tons and tons of free publicity through this website.

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This is a chance for you. So, thank you so much