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So who am I showing you this? The reason I’ll show you this. If you know somebody or you have a friend or you’re running a business, you are welcome to put your listing for free, absolutely free. This is a professional website.

I’m actually designing myself so so far, it’s getting so far, so good and basically what it’s all about. If you run any type of business, anything that you can come and put your listing there or actually, if you like blogging, you can come to our blogging site, come to this site and use these are my blogging space to add a blogging about whatever you like. You could write blog about gardening cooking, whatever an issue you like, whatever you like to blob, you can block on this.

Also, you can do that. It’s totally free. I’ve just put some offers in there at frozen time. I just also I put some health and fitness blog pages just to boost up the website, so I just put some health and few of few pages up for you, so you can have a look at the moment. I put some offers things like Amazon and also other stuff there. They can go, come and check it out. Okay, sometime, I lazier don’t bother to put of the photo.

I should have done I’m going to do that. So let’s go back to the main main pages. Again, alright, once you log in see what you can do here, you can to decide and you can search for any listing you like long as the listing exists within the site. For example, if you’re running for Indian restaurant Express Indian Indian cooking in the restaurant, all the rest will pop up. So if you’re looking for Indian restaurant search and the Westwind I’ve loaded, it will pop up on the right hand, side also we’ll have a map showing the location of the establishment.

Yeah and literally you can do. You can put up any type of business you’re running whether from a car wash to restaurant, to whatever. If you’re running an event, you can also do that. You can literally put up anything. You want within a reasonable context right so they’re. Just these are brilliant breakfast and hotel I’ve loaded up as you can see, let’s go back up there, so you can load food restaurants, any type of restaurants.

You can we take away fast food, you name it you can put under food, hotels or Bergen breakfast. If you run a hotel, if you run a bed-and-breakfast, if you’re running, I are being be, you know what a value letting cover your room for a holiday break and things like that you can put at their service. You can put any types of services you like. What are you running, whether your garage, I put some puts all this stuff up, the other travel barber shop, whatever you can literally put them up, and you can pull your shorts thing to do travels good thing about this.

You can literally do for every every sort of things up there right. It’s all for you completely free. Never a person well known well known them, hotels here, the dual zone, air and when a vehicle to Dylan of us does the most of the office, you would not find it anywhere. What I do I go my way and find these offers on eBay and Amazon and online tea for them on my site. Okay, so what you need to do is when you come here and join for you, email address for your password and it’s all secure.

I do not gather any of your emails, I would not use it or use it or do anything silly with it. So it’s all under privacy is all under control. I do not share or sell anybody’s information to anybody, so with that in mind, you can come with confidence and with all your details and load ups, there is so. This is the the front of the website now to show you the backend I need to log in and do all that kind of stuff, but I’m sure you get the picture so that’s it! So if you do love writing blogs about cooking anything, you like you, are most welcome to come and visit this site and put your block and I’ll make sure I’ll check it out on my shell.

I will put on my on this site, so there’s so much more to this website. Then I can explain then such a lovely website I’m designing at the moment so decency. I put up 15 listing here, 85 listing here today, I’m here and sort of slowly Jenner populating this this website, okay, so there we are legend! Gentlemen, if you don’t hope you have a go at it and tell your friends or whoever. If you know somebody I was got a business of also expose his or her business.

Then there is your chance to promote it on my free off site yeah. This verse I just started about couple of weeks ago and believe it or not. It is extremely getting momentum extremely very well. It’s really really picking up, because I am promoting it big time on things like Google AdWords YouTube, I’m just promoting a big time. You know from my pocket. The object is, if I’m promoting this site and if you’re listing there or you put your blog or website reference or whatever you see, you are getting tons of tons of food, you’ll, get tons and tons of free publicity through this website.

So I’ve already getting thousands and thousands of page views. So thank you so much for reading this article and all of my other articles make sure you click like and subscribe. But this is an opportunity for you, guys and girls out there, who was a small business person if you’re running your restaurant take away fish and chips shop, whatever chicken and cheese. Whatever you are running, anyone expose your business.

This is a chance for you. So, thank you so much


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