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“How To Become An Online Influencer” Introduction for SVCC

And why is this important for developers? Because in many cases, developers have a essentially a limit or a window to how much they can earn and becoming an influencer will. Actually, if you do it right, raise your rates and make you definitely more visible, and therefore people will believe and want to pay.

You more, and so I’m going to sort of give you that out, tues about doing that, how to become an online influencer. Now it’s not easy, but there are definitely techniques to do it effectively and some of them have to do with finding influencers and interviewing influencers and getting interviewed yourself and, most importantly, creating content and, if you’re not creating content. Well, it’s critical to be coming online influencer, but i’ll show you how to do it efficiently.

The most common thing people say to me is: I have no time to blog. Well, I will show you how you can blog when you quote have no time to blog. So come to my session at code camp, it’s good the weekend of October, 8th and 9th at foothills college in California, and I hope to see you there.

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By Jimmy Dagger

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