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Business Development and Consulting with Pam Gockley on SynergyCafe with MagicBrad

It’s the internet. Lifestyle show about career finance, relationships, spirituality and wellness, we’re moving the online chatter over to real life activity, and now please welcome your host of synergy. Cafe magic Brad, hey enough friends, magic Brad! Here, synergy cafe in the synergy collaborative and I’ve got a new friend online and she’s from over in the east side of the world over by the ocean.

There and her name is Pamela. Are you doing Pamela, I’m telling fabulous? Thank you magic. So it’s one hour. One hour over there from central time right, I believe, said yeah. I lives in Asheville North Carolina, for I think it’s just one hour. No big deal easy, breezy. Ok, so the first thing we want to do is find out who you are and do you have kids, you married. You got pets who the heck are you.

My name is Pam cockley and I started a business 21 years ago and have been off to the races ever since that during that time I actually got married to my partner. So we have separate offices and it works. So he does one part of the business and I do another part of the business, so we worked out really well. I have two for babies to kitty cats, who I love dearly, and I decided early on that. I did not want children by Troy face and you know you have to feed those things every day, so you know I thought it would be better for me not to go that route.

You know some people like, oh and like no, I decided not to have children um and I love my furbabies and have a great husband yay. So you said you started a business so well, that’s the next question is: what do you do? What is it that you do on this business? We started 21 years ago as a marketing company. We help businesses grow their business through connecting with your customers. So when the economy crashed into Nate, we everything changed, and I help businesses who have not made that transition to customer centric and are still thinking they can put ads in traditional marketing.

And they can tell people how great they are, which is not going to work. And I help them transition into a more customer-centric, modern way of doing business. Just like you – and I are talking today, this was not going to happen. That’s kind of the way that the world works nowadays and it’s more evident now than ever because of this internet thing, and I think it’s also very important at a business that doesn’t quite get this to say.

You know what I just don’t get this and to work with someone like you. That does get it, because it’s very, very time-intensive should I be on facebook. Should I be on linkedin? Should I do articles? Should I do podcast yeah yeah? Absolutely absolutely. If it’s not me work with a professional who has the credibility and the experience to do it, I rail against people who claim they can fix issues but have no solutions.

So then it around a while. Well, there’s there’s too many things to read these days for an individual, a single business owner to deal with all these different things. So it’s best to outsource to someone that does get that it’s and the nice thing is, you don’t have to have them as an employee. You can using this contractor. So when do you, when do you do your work? Do you do your? I personally. Are you a name or a PM person? You must be an AM person because you’re here now I am an a in person.

Boo, boo boo. I love. I love getting up early in the morning. Absolutely so, when you work with your clients or do you work, you’re like like a helper on call kind of person, we’re kind of on an on call because of the the Internet itself is twenty-four seven, so we do have our own server. We do do hosting. So we’re kind of available twenty-four-seven to our clients, absolutely got it. And then, where do you do your work? You actually go to the clients offices, or do you do it all remotely, or do you have an office that you do like a studio or something like that? You guys were kind of and the really nice thing is.

I do all three of those you know. I do have my own office, I can work remotely and I do my favorite is face-to-face, not all possible. I get face to face whether it’s in the same room or a skype. I do a lot of Skype meetings because I like to see people’s faces, because you can tell a lot about a person by how their how their body language is. Sometimes I don’t even listen to what they say so much.

I hate to admit that, but I just I just look: how they’re looking you know, farm and being face to face like this is easy. Oh you’re, a social media expert, huh, yeah uh-huh roll roll eyes shaking of the head, so I at all costs. I try to get it in the face to face, but if not phone call or email or texting works as well, I like to get the the article thing. That’s why I’m doing these all articles, so people can know who you are and not think that you could be anybody from the Philippines or who knows where posing as you and it’s nice to actually see you without a fake green screen beach behind you and I, Like what you mean it’s not on the internet, it’s not real come on.

So again I don’t like take too much time, but can you kind of summarize your process of how you do your work? Sure I’ve actually written two books once called the reputation factor and the other ones called the art of running red lights and in those two books I lay out how I fixed our business, so we were so successful with the transition to a reputation, centric customer-centric process Using a reputation strategy, I actually wrote a book on it and I help people either work through it.

If they need a little bit of accountability, if they’re overwhelmed, nobody can do this all on their own, but the book is available that you can walk through until you get stuck. Some people call me I’m like not sure about this part, so I created for stats called the ford fees, its discover where you are define where you want to go, you develop it, you get there and then you defend it. Unfortunately, in this world, with the internet, anybody can say anything anywhere.

You have to have an insurance defendable plan, emergency action plan in place. Well because that’s basically the steps I like steps, i’m a metrics person, so don’t tell me to go, write a resume. Give me the outline right the resume then I can do that so this is this is an outline for business owners and for personal and professional to follow their own, because people are do it. Yourselfers excuse me, so I wrote the book based on what I did to turn our business around.

I would never tell you to do anything. I haven’t already tried okay. Well, before I get into my favorite question, then I’ve got one other final question for you. But could you tell us how to get a hold of you, your website domain names and all that kind of stuff sure, because people have really taken the word reputation and have created a definition for that I don’t agree with. I created my own word.

It’s called rep, EP tates, or so its repertoire descamps or pamela gothic amor mighty websites. So I do a lot of speaking a lot of training and a lot of consulting as well. So this it takes a lot to transition a business, but with somebody beside you, it’s not that bad to do it’s not that bad, so you can either get me through my website or yeah. That’s pretty much! The easiest way to get me. My put those links on these articles when I propagate them all in stuff too, so we just find it with a quick.

So, okay, here’s my first club just a general question: what does the word abundance mean to you? Just you know couple sentences, since I turned 50 abundance to me is time it’s just time and making time for myself and rejuvenating myself and working on me, and I know what s it sounds selfish, but it is i’m not going to do good for anybody. If i’m not taking her, I totally nice right. I finally realized that looks like it.

That’s kind of like the oxygen mask in the airplane. You put it on yourself before you putting other people, because the reality is is if you’re somebody’s calling in here there we go he’s right. Who is it now for you? It’s a some other sky /. You must be interesting getting to hold of me. That is good, so I got some time devices here because I meant at the time thing, because it is the one thing that we all have in common it’s time, even though it’s made up on our heads of what time actually is, but you know the routes Earth spins and things happen, and it’s the same for everybody, so here’s my favorite question then we’ll assign this bad boy off and propagate it up to the universe.

Question is the big. Why why are you doing this? Why aren’t you a school teacher? Why aren’t you like a Olympic skier or have your own yoga studio? Why did you pick this for a career? I’m not sure I picked it. I think it picked me um. I think I’m very passionate about people finding and fixing things when I was first interviewed about 20 years ago. They named me the fixer and in business. It just makes sense.

This just makes sense, I’m terrible at sports, I’m competitive, but not for me, I’m competitive for my clients, which you know may sound a little trite, but this is where I should be, and finally it only took me 50 years to figure out. This is my passion, and this is where I need to be. I need to be right now, got it well, it’s refreshing them on most of the people. When I asked that question, it boils down to they’re doing it for other people kind of thing.

That’s kind of the why working for your clients and that’s a that’s encouraging to that? Maybe humanity can come back together again, so I’m working on it too. Okay. Well, that’s part of the goal of this is to get the online chatter back in the real life activity. So I appreciate you taking your time this morning and I will get this out into the internet and i’ll send it to send some links to you and if you could, synergize and propagate them up also will rising tide lifts all boats so to speak.

So, Thank You, Pam for taking the time she’s someone happiness. This is a magic bread signing off. You will

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