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Vegan Meal Prep How-To: 3 Easy Budget-Friendly Recipes

So dinnertime is usually the most difficult when it comes to coming up with delicious and nutritious meals, especially when you’re transitioning to plant-based, because, let’s face it at the end of the day, we’re all exhausted, and the last thing we want to do is figure out.

What to make it can be a lot more challenging than simply blending a smoothie for breakfast or chopping a salad for lunch. So we’re going to share our formula for success with you guys and dive into an indian inspired dish, mexican and an asian dish. So we’re going around the world today in minutes before we jump into the meal prep formula you’ll want to make sure that you’ve readed our recent plant-based pyramid, article it’ll kind of lay out the hierarchy of each different food group and give you ideas for how to Incorporate an abundance of variety into your meals, so it might be helpful to grab out a pen and paper or your phone and kind of write out everything to get it on paper to help you organize your recipes and your meal prep for the week to build A perfect plate or a perfect meal for your prep, you will want to include a grain, a legume, a veggie, a healthy fat source and a spice or maybe a handful of spices.

Next is the prep. This is the hard work, but in our case it was very, very easy and it took up virtually no time. I think we prepped all of this food that you see here in less than like 45 minutes. So it comes down to rinsing your grains and cooking them down. We put the rice in this big pot. We put our lentils in a small frying pan, we put our beans actually in our pressure cooker and we put our potatoes into our air fryer.

So our first recipe is going to be this delicious asian stir-fry. For this recipe, our grain is brown rice, our legume is edamame, our veggies are a mixed, stir-fry medley, our healthy fat is peanuts and sesame, and our spice or seasoning is just a little bit of liquid amino and, if you’re wondering why we made so much brown Rice, it’s actually going in all three recipes. So again, food prep hacks meal, prep number two for the week is a mexican inspired chipotle burrito bowl.

So again, like dusty said we are using our brown rice as a base for all three recipes. So our grain is brown rice from the beans and legumes category. We decided to go with black beans and veggies are going to be air, fried sweet, potato sauteed, red bell, pepper, frozen, sweet corn and then we’ve got avocado for our fat and our spice is cumin recipe. Number three, and possibly one of my favorite meals of all time, even when we go out to dinner, this is a indian curry.

Aloo gobi is probably what you’re going to see on the menu seriously my favorite meal, our grain for this category is going to be brown rice again. Our beans and legumes are going to be red, lentils, chickpeas and green peas are veggies. We have cooked, yellow potatoes and some frozen cauliflower. You can obviously use fresh. We just wanted to save time on this one. Our healthy fat is actually going to be some coconut cream.

This stuff lasts a few days in the fridge we buy that canned in our spice. It’s curry powder for our asian stir-fry. We used both frozen edamame and a frozen vegetable medley. A lot of people are concerned. Should I use frozen or is fresh, better and a lot of times frozen is more nutritious because vegetables and fruits are picked when ripe, so the nutrients are really locked in so don’t be afraid of frozen, and the same goes for beans if cooking dry beans is Simply too much work for you to be honest, a lot of times we do opt for cans, because it’s a lot more convenient.

All we recommend is that you search for organic and beef recommend that you search for organic as well as bpa-free cans. So our last step is to mix all of our ingredients together and cook them down. Then you can either pop them in the refrigerator for the week you can eat them cold right out of the refrigerator a lot of times. We don’t even reheat our leftovers. You can cook them all pop them in the freezer, so you can have them on hand say when you get home from a vacation and you just don’t want to cook or like when I had max and I simply was in bed with him.

24 7.. I didn’t feel like cooking. It was nice to have those freezer meals on hand. Okay, can we vlog, in this professional style, shoot we’re going to vlog a little look at these bad boys done? All we have left to do is dish, and we don’t have to cook for the week, which is amazing, that’s the best part, no cooking for days. It’s all been done, and it’s only taken like I don’t know, maybe an hour and a half honestly.

All that we want to do is be outside in the evenings, and this has helped us to free up our evenings to be able to do that. Totally we’re going to dish it up and finish it up. Okay! So now we’re going to plate each of our dinners, i’m going to start with the stir fry because that’s kind of what i’ve been craving lately. So i’m going to put a whole bunch of rice in this dish, and the nice thing about having no oil in any of these recipes and adding in your healthy fats separately gives you all of the control in the world.

So, especially if you’re trying to lose weight on a plant-based diet, the fact that there is no oil means that these are higher volume meals with lower amounts of calories. They’re going to fill you up without weighing you down. Next, i’m going to dish up our indian curry dusty said: that’s the one he’s most excited for dish up a generous helping of this amazing looking curry and, of course, wouldn’t be the stanzas if we didn’t have a handful of taters on the plate.

In fact, i’ll probably add some to my stir fry too. Finally, i’m just going to add a dollop of our coconut cream. Last but not least burrito bowls. So again, we’ve got our brown rice going to add in some black beans, air fried sweet potatoes. These have been my jam. They are so so good red bell, peppers, add in a little bit of corn here, slice up some avocado or you can also make guacamole there. You have it you guys.

We’ve got an asian, an indian and a mexican dinner for the entire week cannot wait to dig in. If you want to bulk up any of these recipes, you can add tofu to your stir fry. You can add a gluten-free dairy-free naan bread with your curry. You can also add a corn or flour tortilla to your chipotle style bowl. Let us know in the comments below which dish you guys are most excited to try out which one looks the tastiest to you.

Leave us some love in the comments as well as always, if you like this article, give it a thumbs up that really helps our blog hit that subscribe button and click that bell to turn on notifications. You’ll get alerted next time. We make a nutritious and delicious article on this blog, as always follow us on all forms of social media, especially on instagram. Where we are active daily, you can follow our workouts.

You can see what we eat. You can even keep up with max who’s playing. So good, throughout this whole article until next time you guys even rest your best bye, we’re dusty, aaron max and bo and we’re the stanzix. We aspire to live a plant-centric, faith-forward healthy lifestyle and welcome all of the adventures that accompany it. Join us every week, as we blend chop juice, run, lift ride and master our minds in between on the ultimate quest to find better balance, deeper connection and true happiness within

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30+ social media marketing tools

We today we’re going to be discussing all the social media marketing tools which are essential and which most of the times V at did you perform keep on using when it comes to social media, marketing campaigns or any kind of content creation.

So what we thought is early in this to DA team, as we kick start for this new year and for our business, we thought of sharing all these tools. 33 social media marketing tools out there, I’ve got these are not the only ones. There are lot many others, but these are the couple of ones which you should start using, because there are thousands of social media marketing tools out of which we have curated these 33.

Just for you guys, so, let’s dive into that. So first one on the list is later-later is a tool designed to help you schedule and manage your Instagram posts, wherein you can upload posts from your computer, iPhone tablet or Android so that you can manage your account wherever you normally work. The ability to add team members is also a key note in this particular social gimmick into the free plan comes with 30 photo posts per one for Instagram, search and repost, and two Instagram profiles.

Now there are a couple of things are in later, like it also helps you socialize with Facebook, Twitter and other marketing tools, Israel. Next, one of the lists is off to post after post is a social media management tools specifically designed for b2b companies. It allows you to schedule your content measure, its effectiveness, curate content, to share and listen to the social conversations that are important for your business and it even helps you to manage large social media teams.

So if you are not using it for your b2b business, then you should be start using math next is tag board. It is a social listening tool. All you have to do is plug in a Tom topic or hashtag, and you will see how the topic has been discussed in the social sphere. It’s an advanced weight, monitor things like brand and product mentions, but it is also a useful tool to generate new ideas on what to post and how to engage your audience, especially as trends develop.

Next is follower walk it’s a tool exclusively for use with Twitter. Only it’s also one of the most in-depth and useful tools on this particular list. Followerwonk will help you analyze and optimize your Twitter audience suggesting people for you to follow and ultimately helping. You grow your audience. So if Twitter is part of your social media marketing campaign, this tool is a must-have. Next, one on the list is every post, which makes it easy to curate content all in one place.

By pulling together relevant quality media from YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, RSS feeds and much more, then you can reschedule or schedule your posts and customize them to suit the audience of each of your social platforms. That way you are able to maximize the effectiveness of each and every single post in your social media. Marketing can be 6. 1 is feedly. Feedly is best known as a Content discovery tool just like buzzsumo when it works a bit differently.

Feedly is a content aggregator and you can use it to collect content from any number of different areas. Combining your ideal reading material into a single feed that you can produce at your leisure. It won’t offer the same in-depth metrics. That buzzsumo does which we’ll be discussing on this list later on, but it will give you an ample reading material, so you never run out of things to post about on your social profiles between is the next one which allows you to shorten any URL so that It fits nicely across your social media blogs.

These shortened URLs work with any blog on any platform, and you can even track your results with individual link analytics and then you can optimize your marketing efforts based on the insights you collect with this short bit ly links. This is one of my favorites Co scheduled headline analyzer it capitalizes on the type of headlines that convert it, tells you to write the number of words and balances it for your target audience, and it also gives you optimal character, length and creates an easy to digest Headlines for your readers, so if you are not using then start using this number one headline analyze, this tailwind, it’s a tool that helps you to succeed on pinterest and instagram.

So if pinterest and instagram your visual marketing tools are the social media, marketing campaigns which you are running on your business, then on pinterest, you can pin to multiple boards at once, bulk upload and schedule posts with the drag and drop calendar. If you want to give it a spin, you can try it out for free with this particular social media, marketing, all-in-one social media marketing tool to help manage better control, their efforts.

It features multi-level access, allowing directorial control and access from lower-level team members to better coordinate and delegate tasks. It comes with full post scheduling, capabilities or detailed analytics platform and even a social listening platform to better understand. Half your demographics use your platforms of choice. Agora pulse is the next one, which is a simple and affordable solution to social media management.

It has all the basic scheduling and analytics features, and you can also run contests quizzes and promotions. It even allows you to see how your social media marketing campaign stacks up against your competitors next is add. Parallel ad parler helps you create free ad mock-ups for facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest 13th is vises. It’s a tool that helps companies to design social media, graphics that are perfectly optimized for each platform.

You can easily manage your brand’s style and approved graphic templates to ensure consistency across all of your designs and the editable designs. Allow you to collaborate with your team to update and remix graphics with the restrictions set by the room. Audience is a social intelligence tool that allows you to discover new target audiences and segment your own. Most importantly, it helps you to discover and understand your audience by telling you how they tick, then audience helps you to optimize your audience, engagement at scale with tracking and reports.

Next is this small little Twitter tool? Twiggy Twiggy is a tool specifically for Twitter, which helps you to get more followers. First, what it will do is it finds relevant users who are interested in your topic. Then it helps you to engage those users by mentioning them in tweets, adding them to a list or following them. This is a tool which says a word that works for you. Yes, IFP DT, it’s an acronym that stands for.

If this than that with it, you can combine different tools together to create individual recipes or sets of instructions. For example, you can set it up to send it to eat every time you make a new Instagram post. Now it’s a bit tricky to get used to at first, but you can use other recipes to simply plug and play best of all. It’s completely free to use social Baker’s socialbakers is a suit of tools that help you to make social media decisions based on analytics.

You can measure your performance versus your competitors, use those insights to improve your content and then monetize your campaigns by budgeting more effectively and boosting your customer acquisition retention and growth. Social flow allows you to schedule your posts based on actionable data about when your target audience is active and what they are engaging with in real time. All you have to do is upload your content to the queue, and this software also should be a marketing tool, which is a themed on this 33 social media marketing tools list we’ll use the real time data it collects, along with your old business rules, to determine Which posts to publish to which platforms and at what time it really takes all of the guesswork out of social media when it comes to social flow as a social media marketing tool.

Next one is a bit tricky in spelling out so Shido or Chuck. Do it automatically discovers the people on social media, 450 of buyer personas using real-time social behavior to prequalify those people? Once you have that audience, you can divide it up into multiple segments and promote multiple products. All in one place. Number 20 on the list is hub spots, blog ideas generator, which helps you generate more blog post ideas.

You will never fall short of article titles for your content simply putting nouns over here, and this tool will do magic for your social media marketing content every single day. 21St on the list is post creator, which enables you to upload images, insert messages and add a logo to make more engaging branded content, and you don’t need to be a design pro to use. It force your designs to one or more of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest accounts all at once from a single interface design from anywhere on any design with no apps to download using your tablet or smartphone, then you can take pictures right on the app.

Next. Is emotional marketing value headline analyzer, which also is termed as EMV headline analyzer? It’s a free tool which will analyze your headline to determine the emotional marketing value, also termed as EMV score as you loop, reaching your customers in and deep and emotionally is a key to successful copywriting, and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you Use to reach prospects, your headline will be analyzed and schooled based on the total number of EMV words.

It has in relation to the total number of words it contains. This will determine the EMV, which is emotional marketing value, scored of your headline next is this photo editor PicMonkey? If you are looking to get a photo editor other than canvas, then start using this tool, you can now do photo editing for latch making graphic design and much more who says you can’t polish, a perfor train while riding the bus or setting leave this dentist’s waiting Room you can with PicMonkey mobile app as well.

Oh my god, when we talk about photo editing tools. How can we forget this brilliant amazing free social media tool, which is known as canva? This can be categorized as the easiest designing tool for non graphic designers. Yes, canva is 100 % user friendly and on the go it enables anyone to become an awesome designer for the social media. Marketing campaigns 25th on the list is Givi. It’s the world’s best.

Animated is the world’s best animated images tools where you can download the latest. Gifs for your social media, marketing campaigns or simply upload social media content. Just for your profiles, next is banner snack. It’s a revolutionary new banner making tool where you can forget all the hassle of working with complicated design tools and take advantage of the most powerful online banner maker on the web.

You can download your work as jpg, PNG, html5 or chip share them on social media or embed them into your website. Next is a prank which is the world’s most intelligent digital marketing tool, which you can use for social media marketing with the best-in-class data and actionable insights on the most important metrics ASU also will no longer be rocket. Science of pranks advanced research tool, analyzes your website and builds a digital marketing strategy for your site in form of comprehensive tasks which will help you optimize campaigns for your social media.

Marketing 28 on the list is social rank. Social rank is the perfect tool to help you execute on location-based activation, influencer marketing, sealing product and surprise and delight campaigns. It is a social media, audience management tool and the easiest way to identify, organize and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. You can use filters to segment your followers organize them and then save lists or export.

The data twenty-ninth on the list is hood sued, it’s a simple but powerful tool for the average social media marketer with a free version and relatively inexpensive paid options. You can use food suit schedule posts in an advanced on a number of different social platforms and measure analytics to understand how your content is performing next. One on the list is buffer. It’s one of the most recognized tools in the industry with it you can schedule any types of posts across a platform you want even specifying patterns or posts such as every day or weekdays.

You can also use buffer to follow up on your posts, evaluating which ones were most effective and why they were effective. Next is buzzsumo, which is one of the best tools we have found for discovering new, fresh or popular content on the web. With it, you can plug in a topic or a selection of keywords and find a breakdown of some of the most popular trending posts in those categories, as well as a list of influencers who are sharing that content.

This is an excellent way to learn new ideas for your content, marketing and social media campaigns, as well as to identify influencers in your industry who can help you grow your following visibility and reputation. Meet edgar is a social media, scheduling tool that loves you to recycle old forst’s. All you have to do is organize your posts by category schedule, your content by category and then Edgar will automatically go through you and post your content from each and every single category.

Once it’s gone through all of your scheduled posts, it will start recycling the holder updates and last, but not the least, is portent title maker content idea generator. Helps you refresh your ideas simply by entering a subject over here and we’ll start. Give you start to give you plenty of ideas when it comes to your titles, for your blog content or your social media marketing campaigns. So those are the 33 social media marketing tools which will help you and your business grow and increase social marketing campaigns and have better results.

So I’ll see you in the next one till then take care guys and as honest guys, stay awesome. God bless and subscribe.

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Thank You Family… I Love You.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving for you guys that don’t know this is my grandpa Billy. That’s my grandma, Pat, it’s my mom patty. This is my dad big Steve, so I didn’t want him to make this article for a second. I think it’s going to be pretty good. So, as you guys know, you know the past five years, I’ve branded myself made this business.

It’s been very successful and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support and more enough, these guys are right here I mean my whole life. You know I’ve been raised like around them and they’ve supported me so much, and if I could describe these people, you know like one sentence for each of them. If I could, if I could describe my dad, definitely like straight up to the point in a hard-working my mom, just very you know, calm and kind, my grandma, like kind and sweets, like everyone and my grandpa, definitely like positive and hard-working 100 %, and I feel Like they did a great job raising me, and I’m very thankful for that, so that’s why I made this article and it’s hard and I’m very thankful for them for raising me so well when I was younger and I feel like pretty much all of them, like All combined makes me – and I just like to thank you guys and just say that I love you.

It means a lot good people proud of you son. Just so you know what you guys know. The greatest measurement that you can ever have in your life is having a son. That’s happy, healthy and fantastic as Noah is, and that that’s the best gift of Thanksgiving that anybody could give me funny. I don’t even know what to say about reading. You grow up and become successful and become the man you come because you’re you’re more than I ever was at your age and you’re more than I ever dreamed.

You would be at your age and I’m just blessed that I get to read. You would be there with you and I wouldn’t trade any minute, but we ever spent on the boat on the road. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. Every day they come to every every single event. With me, you know every single one there’s been a few and they’re just rare occasions where they had had to miss one, just emergencies and stuff, which is completely understandable rather than that, like every single event, they’ve been to the support me and everything I just like To say a big things I hate to bring like depressing stuff towards Thanksgiving guys.

President. I think this was a good article for everyone, and you know over the past years. You know I’ve got a lot of hate. You know saying I don’t work for anything and all that and I just like to say the best way like as in my family’s rich and all that and honestly, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Only if people knew – and I think the biggest thing I could gather upon that and put it into one thing is my family has helped me a lot.

You know many of things and the biggest thing possible is raising me and you know teaching me right because it’s like discipline and everything from all of them like combined into me. That just means so much to me since I really don’t let them talk, I’m going to let them say a few things, because they they seem to one want to say some stuff. I can’t cry, I want to say I’m so proud of you you’re. So hard-working.

I love you so much, I’m so proud to be your mom. You amaze me every day and how hard you work. The best grandson in this world, so much we’ve grown up together. Fish should finish them away. So I appreciate that so much I’ll leave. Well, that my whole life and trying to be, I sure you are the best Grand Admiral. I think his positive attitude comes a lot for me. You had a lot to eat the poisons better, quick.

I was married into this family by luck and I assure you that you feel the family bond and you know coach calls us the unit because we do everything together and I just think it’s important there’s only one thing I want to put forward dad just get Out there get off your butt and go spend some time with me kid. I don’t care dude if your son loves do what he wants to do and just just spend some time with your families.

That’s all that matters in the world. The rest of this, the the boats, the trucks, the cars you can take, all of it it don’t it don’t mean anything, just spend some time with the ones you love, because tomorrow may not be there. It’s a blessing happy. I want to talk too much more. I want to hold you guys too much longer and make this a depressing article, but thank you guys so much for the support you guys mean so much to me on my grandma, my grandma, my mom and my dad.

Thank you guys so much and of course you guys the fans, you guys are awesome, but thank you guys so much support. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving catch. You guys in the next article

What are you eating? Check out the video below to find out about a healthy snack.