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Thank You Family… I Love You.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving for you guys that don’t know this is my grandpa Billy. That’s my grandma, Pat, it’s my mom patty. This is my dad big Steve, so I didn’t want him to make this article for a second. I think it’s going to be pretty good. So, as you guys know, you know the past five years, I’ve branded myself made this business.

It’s been very successful and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support and more enough, these guys are right here I mean my whole life. You know I’ve been raised like around them and they’ve supported me so much, and if I could describe these people, you know like one sentence for each of them. If I could, if I could describe my dad, definitely like straight up to the point in a hard-working my mom, just very you know, calm and kind, my grandma, like kind and sweets, like everyone and my grandpa, definitely like positive and hard-working 100 %, and I feel Like they did a great job raising me, and I’m very thankful for that, so that’s why I made this article and it’s hard and I’m very thankful for them for raising me so well when I was younger and I feel like pretty much all of them, like All combined makes me – and I just like to thank you guys and just say that I love you.

It means a lot good people proud of you son. Just so you know what you guys know. The greatest measurement that you can ever have in your life is having a son. That’s happy, healthy and fantastic as Noah is, and that that’s the best gift of Thanksgiving that anybody could give me funny. I don’t even know what to say about reading. You grow up and become successful and become the man you come because you’re you’re more than I ever was at your age and you’re more than I ever dreamed.

You would be at your age and I’m just blessed that I get to read. You would be there with you and I wouldn’t trade any minute, but we ever spent on the boat on the road. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. Every day they come to every every single event. With me, you know every single one there’s been a few and they’re just rare occasions where they had had to miss one, just emergencies and stuff, which is completely understandable rather than that, like every single event, they’ve been to the support me and everything I just like To say a big things I hate to bring like depressing stuff towards Thanksgiving guys.

President. I think this was a good article for everyone, and you know over the past years. You know I’ve got a lot of hate. You know saying I don’t work for anything and all that and I just like to say the best way like as in my family’s rich and all that and honestly, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Only if people knew – and I think the biggest thing I could gather upon that and put it into one thing is my family has helped me a lot.

You know many of things and the biggest thing possible is raising me and you know teaching me right because it’s like discipline and everything from all of them like combined into me. That just means so much to me since I really don’t let them talk, I’m going to let them say a few things, because they they seem to one want to say some stuff. I can’t cry, I want to say I’m so proud of you you’re. So hard-working.

I love you so much, I’m so proud to be your mom. You amaze me every day and how hard you work. The best grandson in this world, so much we’ve grown up together. Fish should finish them away. So I appreciate that so much I’ll leave. Well, that my whole life and trying to be, I sure you are the best Grand Admiral. I think his positive attitude comes a lot for me. You had a lot to eat the poisons better, quick.

I was married into this family by luck and I assure you that you feel the family bond and you know coach calls us the unit because we do everything together and I just think it’s important there’s only one thing I want to put forward dad just get Out there get off your butt and go spend some time with me kid. I don’t care dude if your son loves do what he wants to do and just just spend some time with your families.

That’s all that matters in the world. The rest of this, the the boats, the trucks, the cars you can take, all of it it don’t it don’t mean anything, just spend some time with the ones you love, because tomorrow may not be there. It’s a blessing happy. I want to talk too much more. I want to hold you guys too much longer and make this a depressing article, but thank you guys so much for the support you guys mean so much to me on my grandma, my grandma, my mom and my dad.

Thank you guys so much and of course you guys the fans, you guys are awesome, but thank you guys so much support. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving catch. You guys in the next article

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