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Web Designers Roadmap for 2011

This is me in this article. I want to go over a subject that I just blogged about, and that is the web designers roadmap for 2011. So what this is is basically an outline of skill sets that a complete web professional – you know whether it be web designer web programmer should work towards, given what the demands are today on the web.

So let me just translate that into English. I’ve loaded up the outline right here and yeah. So let’s just look at the list, so we have HTML CSS, PHP basics, javascript, jquery, wordpress, OPP, HP, html5, css3, iphone ipad development. So this is a list of the technologies and i’m sure some of you are familiar with these things in the order in which you need to learn them. I’r not saying that you need to know all these things to be a web designer or to be a web programmer.

All saying is that, in the order of priority, you need to learn these things and the more you know the more chances you’re going to get work and the higher your fees you’ll be able to charge for your time. Of course you see if you know HTML and CSS very basics, of course, of any site – that’s good! You might be able to get some jobs with that if you’re a good designer. But you add a little bit of PHP on top of that and I can tell you that you’re almost guaranteed to get significantly more work and you’ll start entering into an area where you’ll be able to charge more for your time.

Then you spice that up a little JavaScript. You know all these things that we see the sliders and so on. So if I go to I go to killer sites like this slider here that we see this is all done with javascript jquery. So knowing that has certain advantages so back to my outline, so Oh skip HTML CSS PHP basics. Again, I’m looking at this from the point of view that you are a junior web designer or web designer with some years of experience, but you’ve never programmed before, and all I’m suggesting here is not that you become a PHP programmer.

Although there are certain advantages to that, all I’m suggesting was number three here is that you learn at least the basics of the PHP language, so you can get you so you can get around it, so you can work with it. As you probably know, you know, a lot of the common elements of a modern web site are built with PHP these days or some competing language, although PHP by far and away is the most popular.

So what are we talking about things? I’r talking about things like shopping carts, e-commerce systems, blog’s content management systems, blogs like wordpress content management systems like joomla, drupal, etc; many forms and contact systems and social networking systems. These things are all built with PHP and you’re, going to find more and more of your clients or people you work for, and I’m going to need to implement to put these type of things into websites and if you don’t know, PHP, it’s going to be real.

Real pain in the butt so to get I’m not saying you should have the PHP skills to be able to build these things from scratch, but having certain basic PHP skills will allow you to install and work with these things and modify these type of systems. Much much more easily working along with PHP many times is, of course javascript javascript is one of these must learn web programming language. The javascript works in the web browser where, as PHP works on the server, if you don’t understand that just go to killer sites, calm or a killer, article store, calm and learn about the differences.

Essentially, javascript is an essential language. You have to learn today because so many things in today’s modern web site requires the use of javascript. You see JavaScript pal, with the help of packages like jQuery, which I listing point number. Five are used all over the place these days to create all kinds of fancy. Page widgets, like the slider, showed you before in dynamic menus and all kinds of other things that you know countless things really in effect, in fact, jQuery is replacing many times flash where you would use flash before with jquery and similar packages like script oculus, although jQuery Is the most popular flash is being replaced? Just to summarize, and just in case you don’t know, jquery is age, you have a script library, that’s free that pre packages, if you will always type of all these types of widgets and sliders and so on.

So it’s really really something you should learn. WordPress number six wordpress wordpress is the most popular blogging and content management system out there. It may not necessarily be the best. I can’t comment on that in comparison to Drupal and Joomla. I’ve used Drupal a little bit all. I can say is that if you got a big big site to build build up, then drupal might be a better choice for you.

We use WordPress extensively hot killer sites and on the killer sites network because because we just were used to WordPress, it has a lot of built-in functionality and it has a huge community which provides you with a lot of support. The point to take away about WordPress is modern. Web design is that these days, I would suggest everybody pick a blogging edge in like wordpress or or full CMS a drupal or joomla and then base much, if not all, of your web design work on these platforms on these products.

Why? Because they’re free and because they provide a whole bunch of functionality for free the days of building static websites, are becoming less meaning HTML, only without dynamic components without being database driven and so on. Those days are quickly fading, so you might as well learn one of these packages, work, crew, pal or juma and start basing all your web design work on that, because you’ll be able to go in there and be much more competitive relative to people who don’t understand These things don’t work with these things every day, simply because you’re going to be able to provide much more bang for the buck.

If you will point number 700 PP HP now this is for people who are not necessarily web designers. This is for people who want to take it to the next step, want to learn how to actually build PHP based websites, application things that are a little bit more complex than your typical. You know, contact forms and so on. The reason I mention OPP HP is because object. O P is short for object-oriented programming and object-oriented programming programming is the modern style programming.

It’s used in many languages, including PHP, Ruby, Java JavaScript to certain extent, because javascript is more of a prototypical language, but that’s really getting to nerd details in terms of you know most functionality in terms of using javascript everyday, its object, oriented the whole point of this Is that object-oriented programming, once you learn in PHP, or once you learn in Ruby or Java? You know object-oriented programming and many of the systems I mentioned before: wordpress joomla drupal, to a certain extent, if not totally, depending on the package, our object, oriented based, meaning they use object-oriented structures.

So if you understand the principles of object-oriented programming, you understand how to work with it. It’s going to make your life much easier again. This is getting into a level here with Opie. It is not terribly important for web designers of what will be kind of helpful. This is more, for people want to get into the programming anything’s I yeah. So let me just recap: you very quickly in terms of the list from one through nine, I would suggest that one to six from HTML to WordPress.

These are things that I would say all web designer should learn and it looks pretty daunting. I would imagine, but actually it’s not as difficult as you’d think. As you know, HTML CSS, what are more challenging things to learn, is actually CSS even more challenging some respects because of browser quirks and inconsistencies. Php basics is actually pretty easy, especially go to killer PHP com. We make it stupid easy terms of you know.

Seven, eight. Nine we’ll get into that will seven that’s more in the realms being a pure programmer. Let’s get into a number eight here, html5 and css3 see this is the new version of these two languages. Html CSS and I separated them, because what html5 and css3 brings to the play is different from HTML and CSS. The current widely used versions of these technologies and what I mean is that they provide a lot of functionality like HTML, has article embed capabilities and animation capabilities and so on.

Although I haven’t looked at the animation, keep I was told that so you know I’m not confirming that css3 again all kinds of capabilities it just makes it really easy to do things. A reason I separated is because right now, html5 and css3 cannot be used on your typical standard web site of all. This is quickly changing and the reason you can’t use on your standard, your typical web sites, because there’s still quite a few people who are using web browsers that don’t understand html5 and css3.

But this is changing, quick, because Google, Microsoft Firefox apple and are all pushing everybody to adopt to use the latest and greatest browsers, which read all this. This is the future. This is something that have to learn and if you’re developing sites or little applications for ipads, iphones or android phones, html5 and css3, they read all these things and these are going to be very important.

These being you know the people using the pads and the phones smartphones. So it’s going to be it’s you. It’s a huge market, that’s growing, bigger and bigger every day, so you might as well get into it whether or not your programmer or just a web designer learn it it’s going to pay off dividends very quickly, if not right away. Finally, is a ipad and iphone development if you learn html5 and css3, that will take you a long way what you need to do as a web designers just explore what you can do, what iPads and iPhones and just get familiar with it, so that, if you Get approached in terms of developing a site, you make, you know for vez and they will add some extra functionality.

At least you’d be familiar with your options. There we’re going to get into this extensively at killer sites in the near future. So I’m like I get into here. I just want to make a quick comment about flash I’ve been a fan of flash since its inception, we’re actually back in the day. I think he was nineteen. Ninety something it was actually owned by another company was called future splash and it evolved into a very powerful platform for developing all kinds of things.

The problem is, is what flash is now dying and I think, in large part, because of Apple you see, Apple basically does not allow flash to run on iPhones or iPads, and since there are hundreds of millions of iphones and since ipad is going to be, it Still is it, is it’s going to be V dominant, pad being used out there? I believe by the end of 2012 they’re expecting somewhere in 100 million plus iPads being used, they won’t run flash.

So if you want to reach this very large segment of the web audience you cannot, you cannot. You can’t have pages that rely on flash and now to add, on top of that, with purple with packages like jQuery JavaScript, libraries like jQuery and html5 and css3 it really. These technologies, which are free and open, don’t require plugins and the browsers don’t require the people install special extra doodads into their web browsers these tools, jquery html5 sistership.

They replace much about all of the functionality of the capability that flash gave you so it’s. I would not be investing in flash now. That’s all I’m saying: we’ve actually stopped any future production of flash training articles because we see about writing on the wall. I don’t want to lead people down the wrong path. You know you’re much better off learning, jquery, html5, css3 pen, you would be flash as far as I can tell going forward.

Let me close off of a couple of final comments again, as I mentioned before, you don’t need to learn all these technologies to build a website or to be a successful web professional, whether your web designer or web programmer, but there are certain basic. So, for instance, three points number one: if you, if you just want to build the site small site for yourself or your own little bit this knowing one and two, basically, basically HTML and CSS, it’s probably more than enough for you to sort of get things going.

So you can create a simple site at pages and images that kind of stuff. Then you find, if, though, you want to become a web designer, you should know one through six HTML CSS PHP basic JavaScript, jQuery WordPress, and I explained why that was the case before well. If you want to be competitive, you know that’s what you should do. Finally, if your web programmer, you have to learn, of course, all these things one through eight, and if you really want to take advantage of what’s hot now, you want to get to iPhone iPad development, whether that means understanding, html5 and css3, and how that works with Eyeball iPad iPhone or if you want you to go real crazy, if your programmer get into objective-c, where you can really take full advantage of the ipad iphone hardware.

One thing I don’t mention is document, of course, is android. Android is as a global platform as an audience. It’s going to be it’s already bigger than I phone and iPad. Not a problem is, is that Android has several versions and they don’t play perfectly consistently across the versions and across the device at sea, whereas Apple controls, everything they sell. I they sold off the phone hardware and the software and a pad hardware has software.

Everything is consistent, whereas apparently with the Android, which is a great operating system, it’s not consistent, so Android 3.12 might be different on 3.13, etc. I’r just ponies these numbers out of my you know out of the air, but you get the idea, so you got ta really consider that aspect of it as well. I joyed development is going to be extremely important, going forward, of course, and again, html5 and css3 is a great cheap way to sort of get into that cheap, meaning easy to do so.

You want to consider as well in terms of developing applications for Android and android-based tablets and phones. I believe the base language is Java, so that’s a whole kettle of fish and so yeah anyway they’re you’re going to have to sort of make a choice personally right now you have to look at what I would suggest in terms of choosing android become an android Expert or ipad iphone expert you have to in terms of rented code and so on.

I would look at what type of sites or programs you’re going to want to build, because you find that certain groups of people may be more attracted to Android versus people. More attracted to iPad so yeah we’re concentrating on ipad iphone simply because education and apple go hand in hand and since we’re in the education market, that’s what we are going to work on. I hope you found this podcast useful and we shall talk very soon.

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lb: Blog System in Less Than 100 Lines of Shell Script!

So especially now that I’m starting my dissertation and I’m going to be like I’m basically going to be a neat like I don’t have to go to classes or anything at a daily basis, so it’d be nice to keep myself on task now.

I am NOT a big fan of a lot of blogging software out there. You know, I don’t want to use WordPress or anything. That’s too bloated. I want to have something that just generates HTML pages, really simply not even a static page generator, just something. That’s very. Like makes sense, I don’t have to you know, write anything and markdown and convert it to HTML and do all the silly stuff. So I ended up writing a little blog system that might be worth checking out if you’re interested, so it’s actually written in less than a hundred lines of shell script.

In fact, I think it’s. If I actually look at it, I think it’s considerably less yeah. It’s just 71 lines, that’s all you need, but it does everything that I need and it gives you some nice different interfaces that might be interesting. Let me show you how it looks on my website so right now. I just have it here so they’re different in are different ways of looking at it, so the pH I’ve linked here is a rolling blog page, and this is originally the only thing I wanted, but it has other stuff that, in addition to this – and that is When I put up in a blog entry, it appears here as a you know, a new entry, of course they’re in chronological order, auto generates the date, gives me a title.

One of the nice things at is it generates links so it generates. The first link is like a link to the header, so if I click on this link, it actually takes me directly to the header and of course you can copy this, I’m not even on my website, I’m on the offline one, but it doesn’t matter, but you Can just copy the HTML that it generates in the standalone link if you want to link directly to that entry, so you can just copy this share it with some Linnell and it goes directly to that entry.

As you know, you probably have seen in other sites, but it’s nice having this automatic um. Additionally, in addition to that, it generates a link to a standalone page. So if you just want to view one alone, you can do that just as well. Now I don’t have the kind of thing where, like it cuts off after a point, I might integrate that later. But really my goal like what I want to have like what I like in blogs is when they’re just everything is just on one page and if you only use plain text, it doesn’t really get that big.

So my idea is like write, my blog page here. This isn’t part of the system necessarily, but mine is 2008. The HTML and my idea is after 2008 I’ll start using 2009 or something like that. That way, the pages don’t get too big, but my idea is like on this page. Everything should be there, but you know if you don’t like it, you can probably change the the script around, but so it generates these links that generates standalone pages and stuff, like that it also when you finalize a link, it automatically R adds it to the RSS Feed, so you can check my RSS feed and you’ll see that all the syntax is actually here as well.

Actually, let me just open up my RSS feed manually, so you’ll see that it generates it. Of course it takes that AIT’s HTML takes all the metadata. It needs and puts it into some kind of you know, gives it a unique ID the date it’s stuff like that, then it needs to be read properly by RSS readers, so all of that is like totally automatic. Let me show you how you actually use oh and the other interface I should say, which is something I’ve been playing around.

I don’t know if you checked out my website recently, but I’ve been playing around with this for other stuff. Like you know, Apache has this. You know we’re all familiar with it. Probably, but people don’t use them much, often like where a putt Apache can just generate the directory contents for a folder. So you can see the content of the contents of my proto-indo-european folder here. But the same thing is true: if the blog posts, so you can go to slash blog and these are actually out of order because I’ve been playing around with them, but if you don’t mess around with them since you’re, not figure out the cyst like, I am It’ll automatically add them and you can list them in chronological order or something like that, if you don’t know how to do this, for you know, Apache just look up how to make an Apache.

What is it like indexes or something like that? But anyway, so how does this blog system actually work? What’s the actual interface, so I’m going to go to my website directory and you’ll, see here the script here lb. That’s the name of my blog system is symlink. T’, so if you just run it by default, it gives you some directions, but I’ll talk about those in a second to add a new entry. It really just has three commands new finalize and delete so new.

It asks for a title. Let’s say you know, this is a blog post title and you go into it opens up, I think, and it might be vim. I might want to change it to your default editor, but it opens up. You know a page where you can actually add the content. So this is the content and of course this is you know it’s just an HTML, so you can do whatever you want here, save that and now, when you’re done, modifying the file, it’s actually stored, as it says here, it’s stored in a slash blog, slash, dot Drafts now, if you want to get rid of that draft, all you have to do is just RM it.

That’s all you have to do, but if you want to finalize it, what you should do is run lb finalize and that will give you a list of all your drafts. Currently I just have one so I’m going to pick that one and it’s now finalized. Now what that means is, it adds it first off to the HTML like rolling blog page. So here it is here. This is the content artists that are generally a standalone page. This is the content average of that nice and simple.

As the author name below and stuff on the standalone page – and it also it’s not going to work on my URL link, but I can because I haven’t updated my website. But if I go to my RSS feed offline you’ll see that here it’s all been added to the RSS feed, read the RSS feed or whatever. So all of that is automatic. Now, let’s say this is just in an example. I don’t actually want to push this to my website, so what you can do is just run lb delete to delete an old post and that generates a list of all the posts that you have, and I want to get rid of.

I should probably have this ordered chronologically. That would be a little easier, but yeah I’ll do that in a second. So all you have to do is select the one you want to get rid of say yes and then it actually it deletes the file. The standalone file – and it also deletes all that information from the RSS feed and the rolling blog page. So if I go back to this this, that entry is now going to be gone.

Okay, so that’s pretty much all the system. Does it again? It’s really simple! You just create blog posts and it’ll, convert it to RSS syntax and whatever else you need, if you want to delete a post, it will do that automatically. So one thing the one thing it doesn’t do since it’s not like a database or it doesn’t generate pages on the fly is: if you want to modify a post, you would basically have to modify the standalone page and the you know the the rolling blog list And the RSS feeds separately – that’s not the intended interface just because, and it would probably be a little more difficult to add something like that.

Just because there can be there can be a lot that varies between files. So I mean I I’m the kind of person I don’t like revise things like, I don’t believe in correcting spelling checks, there’s spelling mistakes or whatever. So I don’t care, but you know whatever, so it might not be for you if you’re the kind of person who is like that. That’s what I’m trying to say um and the last thing is what is the last thing just two seconds ago in my head, I was like.

Oh, I got ta say this one more thing. What what is the the last thing? I have to say. I don’t know, maybe that is it I’m going to forget, I’m going to turn off the camera and come back in a second. When I remember okay, I remember the last thing is the the other things it’s sort of important to remember is like when it’s generating these entries in the web, like the rolling blog page. All of this is like I mean it actually creates.

If you look at the source of it, it is a div of the class entry or something like this, so all the user interface or not user interface. All the decoration. I have like the fact that this is a slightly darker gray and the the sidebar here. All of that is just CSS, so for a lot of this stuff, if you want like a your blog to look totally different from mine, you can change it all the stuff like how Andrew individual entries look or how you know if you want them all as Individual squares on a page or something something totally unreadable, all of that’s a possibility.

All the thing does and well I should say you can go into the actual script and change any number of variables of the things you know that are at stake. So, of course you know here you can set your individual website, which is obviously not the same as mine you’re, going to want to change that or the stuff up here. You can also change, I think, yeah things like the header or the footer to the the individual page, the date that is displayed on the website.

This stuff is lower down because it has to be called lower down, but yeah, so you can play around with it again. It is less than 75 lines, so it doesn’t have all the functionality and that again it can’t, like you know, like change the content. I’ve already published blogs unless you want to do it manually, but yeah I’ve really enjoyed like this is pretty much all I need for a blog, so it’s probably the kind of stuff I’m going to be using so anyway, but that’s about it and I’ll see you Guys next time hope you learn something

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