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Factors in Knife Collecting – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 05)

The pasta makes me hungry. Well, it’s the same thing when I read a YouTube article and I see someone’s hand open and close a knife over and over, and I hear the sounds and I see them fondle it move it around in their hands. That is what has moved me to buy more knives than anything else in the last 10 years.

Welcome to the knife: junkie, podcast, your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting here’s your host Jim person involved the knife, junkie, DeMarco, hello, and welcome to the knife: junkie, podcast, I’m Jim person and I’m Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie.Com and We’ve got a good show for you today we’re a little fat and happy from the Thanksgiving holiday, but still hopefully we can trudge through this with all the turkey honest indeed James I in Jim, I’m sorry, I fell DJ.

Hey James was my middle names. I’m not your father. I ate myself into oblivion. I haven’t done that in a while I was uncomfortable and a real grouchy for half of thanks yeah. Well, I want to hear if you actually got to use any of your knives for Thanksgiving might be carving the turkey or something like that. You know I did yeah. I know you did coming up with Alexa. We’ve got a good show. We’ve got our normal couple of segments.

This one is going to be maintenance minute and we’ve got a ships in the night segment coming up, but this episode of the knife junkie podcast we’re kind of finished up with our knife 101. Although we may go back and talk about specifics, those kind of things I’m going back for a whole episode about the bowie or the kukri, or something like that, but today we’re going to kind of dive more into the knife.

Junkies collection come talk about some of the things that interest you about the knives why you started collecting the knives and why, specifically, some of these knives, so we’re going to have a good show coming up where we’ll dive into some of the knife junkie. Favorites to talk about right that Jim, but before we start, I got ta, ask you as always: what do you carry in today? What’s going to pop yeah, I’m a normal, a Swiss Army, Swiss Army knife nice? Did you use that over Thanksgiving a little bit with a knife or opening some boxes, and you know some packages of food and those kind of things all right, yeah right and I bet you found it was remark dull.

Yes, I’m just busted. No, you are your true, so today I got, I have a Victorinox. Actually I saw my I have this Victorinox camper that was gifted to me from my brother. He left it in that guitar case that he gave me well. I mentioned it in a previous. I finally got it sharpened up and lubed up, and I was going to give it back to my brother and he said no, that’s yours, so it’s it’s great to have him pocket a lot of tools, especially the corkscrew.

That’s right, yeah! Well, it sounds like my Swiss Army may have to go to you for the spa treatment out lysias, indeed the spa treatment. Everyone needs it now and again. I also have the spyderco patata on me today and when we talk about knife collecting grit and we get a little bit into how and why I knife collect this – is emblematic of this Spyderco patata beautiful knife. That looks very much like your typical Spyderco, except different in different angles, different handles and such.

But this really calls to me because it comes from the island of Sardinia in Italian island, and so I had to get it because I’m Italian extraction and I get sentimental about things and knife collecting – is one of them. So I’ll talk about that. Alright, alright and of course we have in your pocket – oh oh yeah, as always right in my hip, my waistband at 3 o’clock is the pink cold steel broken skull with the snaggletooth wave opener on it yeah just in case this right and maybe one day we’ll Talk about why you always carry them, because that’s a constant, like my Swiss Army knife is mine.

Yeah! That’s one of your three that you always carry exactly yeah, but you did get a new knife we’re going to talk about in the ships in the night segment. Coming up, we also have our maintenance minute, which is coming up momentarily slip-joint pivot care, which should be a good one. But I’m really interested in hearing about how the knife junkie got started in collecting knives and talk about some of your knives in our main show segment, which is coming up after our maintenance, minute you’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast and now it’s time.

For this week’s maintenance minute part of a knife, junkies calling is the maintenance and loving care of the knives he or she carries and uses ubiquitous to modern folding knife construction is the ability for the end user to take the thing apart, maintain it down to its Component parts, often we take our knives apart to get to know them better to clean out the works and improve the action you know make it ours, but that’s not so easy to do with most traditional knives, which are pinned together.

I mean when was the last time you took a part of slip-joint and then got it back together. So how do you improve the action on a slip, joint or otherwise, pinned together, pocket knife? Well, here’s what I do in the absence of purpose-built knife lubricants. I use gun oil on my pinned knife pivots. I figure gun oil is created for metal parts that move at higher rates of speed and in way more physically stressful situations, so it should be more than adequate for a grandpa knife.

I applied the gun oil liberally to the knife Tang in the closed position in the half opened and fully open positions, then holding the blade with a doubled over rag and then holding the handle. In my other hand, I open and close the blade quickly, never fully closing it, but working the oil around the pivot. With the repeated motion, then I stop and mop away the blackened oil as it uses from the back spring, then open and close again open and close open and close.

That’s it, starting with generous amounts of oil, and lots of motion really helps to clear out dirt and grit from the pivot, thus improving the action you can tell by how black the used oil gets. If you really want to get OCD about it, keep it this process until the oil comes back clear, then you know you’ve done all you can for the action of the pivot. On that traditional or pinned pocket knife. That’s this week’s maintenance minute and now more of the knife junkie, podcast all right, we’re back on the knife.

Junkie, podcast follow up on the maintenance minute there. Bob the slip-joint pivot care, the the the oil that you use is that commonplace yeah pretty much anywhere, can get it anywhere. I got mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s hops number! Nine is what I use mocha. It’s just you get any sort of gun, cleaning, kit or rifle kit and they’ll have a lubricant in there. It goes with a little spray, nozzle kind of like wd-40, okay, you can approximate accuracy with it all right and of course, you can get it online sure.

You Amazon and okay. Well, if you’d like to get some knife, oil or any of the other stuff, maybe some strapping materials that we talked about. I think on last last episode go to Amazon, the knife junkie, calm and you can get all your supplies there and help support the podcast. We do get a small Commission, but it does not increase the price you pay so just show some love to the show. Amazon, the knife junkie.

Com. So let’s talk about knives Bob all right! Well, your collection! Why did you get into it that gun when I think about my collecting the base theme that comes up is needs versus once, and I come every time to the depressing conclusion that my needs list is very short. My wants list is a very long right. Actually, knives are something that I really actually work into my life. I really I’m kind of depressed to say this Jim, but in a way I could probably get by with just that Swiss Army knife – hmm, I mean it has so many different more tours than that than Ives.

I prefer to collect Brian and the knives that have prestige, so to speak. So if we were just going by needs, I could probably just have a Victorinox classic like the tiny one I have on my keychain burn and get along fine right. But it’s not a matter of that! No wants come into it and I think what you have to do before you admit that you’re, a knife collector is admit us to a certain amount of materialism, these knives, that we collect that we’d love.

To have that we love to carry multiples on and fondle. These things are just things. There are things that we don’t really need, but there is an appeal to how much care goes into their design right, how much care goes into their manufacture and and then the thought of something that will outlive you, because you know you hear about heirloom quality knives Right everything you see here in front of you, even the cheapest plastic thing is heirloom quality.

It’s all going to outlast you, even the even the $ 20 cold steel right. It’s going to outlast you right, but we talked about in the interests, show double zero and kind of you know who we are getting to know you. That kind of thing. Your background has a lot to do with it kind of the art interest and and the art that you have and that you do as well as the martial art training that you do so. A lot of these factors also lead to some of the collectability for at least view of some of the knives that you collect right, actually you’re keying into something very important, and, and that is justification.

I I’ve always been aware of my highly advanced sense of justification. So if I thought something I can come up with great arguments to maybe I should have been a lawyer too. Then we wouldn’t be sitting here talking, but you’d have a huge like exactly about the meter when I’m suffering right now. I’m sure you have plenty plenty, but but it’s this it’s this idea that justifying your purchase as an artist.

I am justified in buying knives that that a lot of design care has gone into yeah. I I am justified as an artist to buy. You know a crazy looking knife like the ZT 0 0 5 5, which basically looks like a stealth jet. It’s got all these facets and angles and it’s uncomfortable in the hand and everything else, but I love it. But who cares so as an artist? It’s justified that purchase is justified now, as a martial artist.

All of the Emerson knives I buy are justified all the combative knives, all of the crazy cold steel knives that you know are all overkill, they’re all justified by the fact that Jim, I know what I’m doing with a knife right and their sorbet. The zombies may attack and you’ll need it. Well, you know you laugh, but it’s the truth, they’re right, so why why else collect knives? I mean we kind of touch on this and the intro section getting tuned up.

Your intro show getting to know you, but why again collect knives and – and I know you focused on a couple of categories because they’re you know the weapon functionality, maybe the uniqueness of design or their other particulars for you that then to your collection well to others. Okay, one of them is pure sentimentality. That is someone buys me a knife. Someone knows I’m a knife knife guy and they buy me something, and even if I don’t like it or isn’t a knife, I would pick out for myself.

I hold it dear. I love it, I’m not forget right. How many times do you just get an Amazon gift card which is also cool because you can purchase knives with it right I mean right. You know it’s nice to see someone thought the deeper and brought you that gift. So sentimentality is a big no-no. Unser Burt, you know, I told you, I’m Italian, so sentimentality kind of comes with the package and also my my well I’m a user to.

I mean as much as I as I downplay that, because I’m not working on an oil rig or you know, a cattle rancher, I still do use my knives in my sprawling backyard estate. You know, and so there are some knives, like my tops, knives. My texts creeks my Ontario machete, my cold steel Vacarro. These are knives that I use outside. I mentioned them in previous podcast. Those are my backyard knives and – and I actually do a lot of work with them.

So in essence, I could have a four knife collection and actually be happy and be able to get by right, well, you’d be able to get by. Yes, I’m going to be happy, so also do I’m going. Let me interrupt you one thing: I’m realizing now, as I get older, I’ve become more interested in history and a lot of the knives that I get are based on historic modernized versions, modernized interpretations of historical knives like Matata, I’m carrying in my in my pocket today.

This is a this is a modern take by Spyderco on a traditional Sardinian, folding pocket knife that people in sardinia have carried for generations, and it’s used for everything from cutting cheese to you know protecting yourself. I would assume right – and there is an appeal to that. Personally, do to my ethnic link, but also it is an interesting variation on a typical Spyderco design. You have this low whistle variation.

Well, you have this raised hump at the back of the spine, for you to put your thumb on this thumb around usually Spyderco chimps that puts uh puts encryption there so that your thumb doesn’t slip. They left that off there. This sort of leaf-shaped blade is very typical of a spider coat, but here you see this abrupt angle change here to that very, very pointy tip. That is a reference to the original.

The original patada knife this. So this is a very spider coat interpretation of the patata knife and, as you can see, there’s the the trademark round opening right now. What is that for this is for opening the blade. So you just put your thumb in that hole: okay and yours no out, but there are other ways you can flick it right with your thumb. You can flick it with your middle finger and then you can do what’s called a Spidey drop, which is just hold the blade and drop it.

Oh, my these are all these are all emblematic of that whole, but also you’ve got this beautifully. Sculpted g10 handle. If you can see how that is radiused, so the handle is contoured and rounded, and that takes a lot of machine time, so that goes into the cost of the knife, etc, so that the historical aspect of knives is and is an interesting Avenue more collecting. I think, on all the little different features that you talked about, I’m thinking just off the top of my head.

There could be tens of hundreds of variations on a knife by tens of dozens of manufacturers of knives. I mean you know yes, yes, yes, I mean, and and if you go into blade, HQ and just go down that rabbit hole, you will see them all yeah. It is a great big, wide world of knives, and the funny thing is, is you know before 10 years ago or 15 years ago, before YouTube and and the popularization of holding knives? Just through the reading? You know Jim, I read a movie like The Godfather too, and they eat pasta on that one scene where they decide they’re going to they’re, going to knock off Don Cheech and just reading them eat.

The pasta makes me hungry. Well, it’s the same thing when I read a YouTube article and I see someone’s hand open and close a knife over and over, and I hear the sounds and I see them fondle it moving it around in their hands. That is what has moved me to buy more knives than anything else in their last 10 years. I’m a sucker alright, so you want that knife, yeah and then reading. It makes me Jones for that night right.

You know, then you go buy that knife yeah. It’s well, there is a keeping up with the Joneses aspect. You know every new every new year right, all the manufacturers come out with cool new designs and you want, and you see, other people have it and in a way you want it to because it looks so good to hold into flip like they do in the Riviera’s gotcha, but really the question is: are you keeping up with the Joneses or are you just Jones it like like, like a knife junkie, you know so when we’re talking about collecting knives, am I better off as a knife newbie to start collecting brand-new knives? As you say, they’re coming out with new models every year, they’ve got new, handles or covers, or the Christmas edition those kind of thing, or am I better off as a a collector to look at older knives, maybe knives that have been used, I mean, is there – Is there you three different perspectives? Are they, through the word collective in in air quotes, and I’m just wondering demon collector as someone who who is collecting for the value and for the possible resale value? Or you know, my collection is totally personal.

It’s my taste Sandra and that kind of thing I never buy anything with the with the thought that I’m going to yeah well, seeing that’s where I’m coming at it differently, because I have not yet developed the knife Jones yeah yeah, the knife junkie. Yet so so it’s something! That’s that’s interesting point, though, that you bring up some some people do that they wait for the new drops. They buy it immediately and then turn it around on the secondary market and sell it for a much inflated price and in a way, they’re doing people who didn’t jump on that drop, a service and supplying it.

But it’s also kind of, I think it’s kind of seen as a little sleazy, just a little opportunistic and and and I don’t know if that supply and demand yeah. But I remember Jim, you showed me a article of a man who bought some hundred odd Randall made knives for twelve hundred bucks yeah, and that was a killing he made yeah, but some might think maybe you should have spent a little more. But then again, if that’s what the person was asking, I yeah it’s a hard line when you’re buying and reselling, because you want to try to be fair with people, but it’s not my job to price your items, everybody always says.

Well, what do you offer me for it and I say no, it’s your stuff, I don’t know what it’s worth. So you tell me a price and whatever their price is I’ll, be honest with you, it’s always too high. I will never pay what they say. Right is their initial offering you know, so I always come down from there that you want to see where they’re starting that’s their starting point and I always come down from there yeah and I’m sure that gentleman did quite a bit of negotiating before you walk up With a hundred Randall date knives, but no, but so collecting so for your purpose, yeah for buying and selling career purposes.

Jim, I would. I would take a look at what people really like what the most popular knives are: opponent stance, the Spyderco paramilitary. It’s probably the most popular knife out there I mean just everything is compared to that to a great degree and it has endless variations of color and steel material, and so you could, you could decide. Well, I’m going to start making money on buying and selling paramilitaries.

There’s a whole crowd of people out there who love that knife and collect that knife. So I don’t think it’s sleazy to inject yourself into into a community of buyers and sellers from one-thirty draw knife right. Well, you most people specialize in something and then you know they start with something and then they branch out from there. So right, you know it’s kind of what I did am I buying and selling.

You know we’ve kind of started with one thing to specialize in it before I moved on to another category. Of course, you don’t really turn down a good bargain or good buy if you come across it and something that you’re not familiar with, but which doesn’t tend to specialize in certain things right. So the Spyderco or military tactical kind of knives might be a a good place to start for someone looking for investment potential or buying and selling, and to to kind of increase their collection yeah.

Yes, I think, if you, you can always resell a paramilitary team. That’s the model, that’s a good point: you there there are certain knives, you can always sell and certain knives you’re not going to lose too much money on. In my experience, the zero tolerance and ives always resell for a nice price. Okay, but one thing I wanted to get to before we before we veer is part of my collecting compulsion.

Is I get enthusiastic about the designs of certain designers and makers and their designs just resonate with me? Okay, you know in us in a way that you cannot put your finger on. Okay, tell me tell me just just like any great part, for instance designer of this knife. This is a 0 for 6 to buy ZT designed by dimitri syncovich she’s, a belarusian designer and maker, who makes incredibly in, in my estimation, incredibly beautiful, knives, incredibly beautiful designs, but without Kershaw and their and their upscale ZT models.

I would never be able to afford anything of his. I wouldn’t be able to have I own three of his designs. I would never be able to have them in my pocket without that opportunity. Same goes for this. This is a bokor lateralis. It’s a beautiful knife by JB stout. These are custom, fully custom knives unless you buy this production version and they go for 1,500 bucks. I can’t do that Wow, but I can do $ 60 from bokor.

So all these not this, this knife – this is the an automatic knife. I’ve mentioned it before it’s the protec rocaille and this checks two boxes in my collecting categories. It’s unique in that it’s my only side, opening automatic and it’s designed by Les George, a knife maker and designer that I really admire whose knives are a little bit out of my reach. But this protec is not so. These designers have collaborations with production companies, and it’s a really good thing, and you can.

You can put together a really nice collection of really state-of-the-art top-end designs without breaking the bank run ompletely right, I mean yeah interesting point. Maybe at some point a future show be kind of interesting to talk about designers and designs, and you know how does one become a top knife designer I mean you know some of those things, but the interesting question that popped in my mind when you were talking About the designers and a couple of the knives like this one here, you pointed to which one was this one: that’s the ZT, 0.

4. 6. Okay, it doesn’t look like any of the other knives you brought with you. It’s got more of a kind of Lanka. It’s almost like a bent handle you, I mean it’s kind of a you know, kind of comes up to a point in the middle kind of it’s got a little slight angle. It’s it’s kind of, futuristic, modernistic. You know it’s got kind of a cool shape, cool design. At what point does the designer design come back to what the collector wants or the the end user needs and a knife? I mean: how does that mesh together, hi? That is a very good question.

So, even though this knife, the 0 for 6, as you mentioned it, has this upswept persian style blade, it’s got this sort of bent pistol grip, handle. It presents the blade at an interesting angle in your hands. It’s got all these chamfers and this beautiful material. To me, I look at this and I see a designer who was successful in expressing himself in a product. It’s a very graceful if there’s nothing on this knife to Nene.

That looks out of place to my eye, but then you take a look at this knife, which is also a zero tolerance, maybe a bit of a fanboy, but I love zero tolerance. This is designed by a Brazilian designer called Gustavo to Cheney or searching not sure, and this is the zero zero five five and this knife. It looks like a stealth fighter to me as a Star Wars, like look almost like a jet fighter. Yeah, it’s got angles and facets.

It’s got an unnecessarily but beautifully compound ground blade. It’s got this unique opening mechanism, it’s like a flipper, but it was inspired by the the trigger mechanism of a revolver, and so this is 100 % about the expression of the design. The designer was going for something unique, obviously, and they really came up with it. But when you open it when the end user opens it this very, very, very pointy, but which you definitely break glass with digs into your palms, the the jimping and the hard edge on the side of this little triggering mechanism that opens the blade is, is pretty Stout and and it kind of hurts your fingers and then you have to pull back hard enough, that it jams this into your hand and what I’m getting at is.

Is it’s not the most comfortable thing to deploy and then, when it’s open, it’s really only comfortable in this standard forward grip, you put it in reverse grip. You got this sharp thing on your thumb. You know it’s just you put it in. I guess you could use it in this grip to this reverse grip, but my point is: this: did not take much into account with the end users, comfort. This was way more about producing a really unique and cool-looking knife that functions and, and this checks all the boxes, so is that that one built more for just the collectability versus usability? Yes, this is pocket jewelry yeah.

You know. This is something that I, this is new to me Jim, so I I know that I’m going to carry it right, but it won’t be. It won’t be one that I carry after the after the honeymoon phase. I won’t carry it that much because it is more of a showpiece okay, and so you collect both functional and usable as well as design. Aesthetic, yes, yeah. Okay, all right a lot more we could get into. I guess need to kind of wrap it up here before we get into our ships on the night, where you’re going to talk about a new knife in your collection, the ZT double zero 55 and what we’re just talking about.

We are talking about how you want to kind of wrap up this. This section here on your collection and kind of talking about needs versus wants, and in user in user need versus this designer. Okay, apparently had some come some needs of himself. It doesn’t necessarily translate philia needs of his own all right. Well, this is going to sound a little self-serving, but once you get over the weirdness of being a collector because it is weird and I’ll give you a, for instance, a dear old friend of mine, may she rest in peace, had a beautiful office and around her Beautiful office she had a collection of little glass penguins that I always thought was odd, might include penguins because I like them, they make me happy okay, yeah, and I thought that was weird and then one day I looked at my pocket knife collection.

I realized wait! A sec I collect the pocket knives. That makes you happy, though, either they make me happy and most people probably think it’s weirder than collecting glass penguins. So once you admit that you’re a collector once you admit your knife junky once once you admit your knife junky, then then the world really opens up to you. You can start start looking for what do I need and buy that stuff? What do I really like? What do I really want, and you can start budgeting things out? It’s a it’s a huge knife world and you can these designs by these designers.

If you’re interested in them, they can mostly you can get most of them for a budget to mid-range to high-end production. All the way to to custom so that the world is really opened up to collect we’d like to hear from you about what you collect. What you look for in a knife is it I want it or I need it or are there certain designers? You look for give us a call on the listener line at seven, two, four or four six, six, four, four, eight seven at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven! Let us know kind of what you collect, why you collect them, and you may hear your cell phone upcoming issue or episode of the knife.

Junkie, podcast, that’s right and all opinions are welcome, buy, sell trade, keep the addiction healthy and justified ships in the night. My recent purchase of the zero tolerance, zero zero five five, a collaboration with innovative Brazilian knife maker Gustavo two Cheney – was born purely of FOMO or fear of missing out ZT announced it would be discontinuing the manufacturer of the zero zero five five and all the online Retailers started announcing a sale price on it, so its purchase became a moral imperative.

I collect knives for three basic purposes, one as weapons, two as users and three for their design. This third purpose design includes different and unique designs from makers whose custom knives. I cannot afford the ZT zero zero. Five five falls squarely in this category. It looks like no other knife in your collection unless you have a custom, airborne folder on which it was based. The very sculpted and angular titanium handle looks like a futurist painting and the compound ground blade looks like the wing of some future stealth fighter.

It also employs two cheney zone: s LT flipping mechanism, a spring-loaded triggering mechanism inspired by the internals of a Smith & Wesson revolver. Ok, let’s get this out of the way it’s a ZT, which means it’s centered blade is razor. Sharp lockup is rock-solid. There’s zero blade play and the fit and finish is outstanding. Deployment is interesting. Different I’ve heard reviewers indicate that once you ready the spring-loaded SLT flipper, it deploys like a regular flipper.

Well, I beg to differ the blade whips out for sure, but it feels like an extra mechanical element of the retractable trigger slows it down just slightly. Adding to this is the extra sound that comes from the trigger spring slapping it back into place, concurrent with lockup. I, like it, this knife sounds cool, but it’s different from a regular flipper. Together, all these unique elements make one super cool super uncomfortable pocket knife.

I would consider this a problem if I intended the ZT 0, 0, 5 5 to be a user rather than pocket. Jewelry, which is what it is when the blade is deployed – and you have the knife in a standard forward grip, it’s good to go, but the Devils in the deployment when pulling the SLT flipper, which requires a strong light switch motion. You may experience finger discomfort from the triggers small size, hard edges and jimping.

You also may find discomfort in the quite pointy handle, but digging deeply into your palm as you study it to flip, but hey it’s a knife and an art knife at that. So it’s all on me, I’m no mama Luke! I can take a look at a picture of a pointy and angular knife handle and know it’s not just going to melt in my hand and feel great. But the damn thing feels great to my eyes and to my need for endless variety and uniqueness, and that’s why I bought it and that’s why I’ll keep it.

Nonetheless, the secondary market prices go through the roof, and I find I’m sitting on a gold mine how’d. You like that upgrade on ships in the night. Now here’s more of the knife, junkie, podcast, all right Bob, the zt0 0:55 got a letter airtime in this show being the ships of the night. We talked about it a lot in the the main part of the show, but you know again pretty cool-looking my thing: yeah, I’m in the honeymoon phase.

Jenna, that’s what happens about okay, so wrapping up your collection, but really this is for all knife collectors that we’re talking about just kind of using yours as a point of reference needs wants in user needs. Designer needs a lot of factors, the aesthetics, how it looks, how it feels how it uses kind of kind of wrap it up for us when we’re talking about knife collecting in a broad sense. Okay, I feel, like I covered most of that stuff, pretty well what I, what I would like to say is that to people who are new to collecting, don’t forget, there’s a vibrant, secondary market, look at blade forums.

Look at the usual suspects network. There are plenty of places to buy knives used, look at eBay. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a previously loved knife and to really try out and you might not want to drop the full the whole cost on a branding knife. So don’t forget about the secondary market. Mark also, don’t forget that you can sell knives that you have that you don’t use that you don’t want anymore on that same market, just join blade forums and just be straightforward with people.

Let them know exactly what they’re buying when you describe it, make sure that when you buy a knife, you keep the box and all the internal paperwork, all the all the stuff that comes with another and then, if you think you might be selling it down the Road because you’re just buying it to try it out. Well, don’t use it too hard right. You know and be straight straight forward with Bieber or Telenor.

He got and call the knife chunky. If you don’t want to call the listener line. You have a question comment. Please seven two four, four: six, six, four four eight seven Bob mentioned eBay. If you’re looking for a knife on ebay, you can visit ebay, the knife, junkie.Com, that’s ebay, dot the knife junkie.Com and find your your used or collectible knives there, and I may find find a good bargain. Thanks for listening to episode, number five of the knife – junky podcast, i’m jim person and i’m bob DeMarco thanks for listening and please give us a visit at the knife junkie.

Com thanks for listening to the knife, junky podcast, if you enjoyed the show please rate and review With review the podcast calm for show notes for today’s episode, additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website the knife junkie, calm. You can also read our latest articles on YouTube at the knife. Junkie.Com, slash youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife: junkie, calm, slash, instagram and join our facebook group at the knife.

Junkie.Com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming Episode of the knife – junkie, podcast

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It’s episode number 109 and I’m John person and I’m Bob DeMarco, welcome to the show, welcome to the knife. Junky podcast the place for knife, newbies and knife junkies to learn all about knives and knife collecting our midweek show where we dive into the weeds and talk knife lifenews a little bit of stuff about Bob’s state of the collection which we’re doing this week.

Hearing a little bit about some of his new knives and we’re also going to be talking about the YouTube blog bob is back in the saddle again with some of the the article making bob the knife reviewing yeah I’ve gotten that you know I got last summer. I got into doing the collection selection articles on a you know. I do one every other day or so, and I busted out about maybe 60 summers about 70 of my collection and then I lost a little bit of steam with that and but I’m picking back up because in the interim you know I’ve gotten some new things That definitely need to be shown off before any sort of review happens and also you know.

I never finished what I already had at the time. So you know so I’m bringing them back and I like them because they’re the kind of article I like to read. You know if it’s, if I just want a quick take and to check out a knife and hear a little little chat about it and then be off. That’s the kind of article this is. I have plenty of people that I follow that when I see a nice new 20 minute article from them, I’m excited – and I tuck in.

But if you don’t have 20 minutes and you want to check out the new say, DLT exclusive XM, 18 warning no choil. Then you’ve got three and a half minutes to check it out. Yeah, seven minutes you could rewind it and read it read it again, but that’s what I’m saying and you could hear all the brilliance come out of my mouth evil. What there’s brilliance coming out of your mouth yet you’re not reading the articles clear, although okay? Well, I’m listening to the podcast, so we’ll give you a chance for some of that brewing.

It’s going up here on the knife: junkie, podcast again episode number 109! But talking about the knife, junkies YouTube blog. If you are not yet subscribed, you need to just go to the knife: junkie: calm, /yt subscribe, then I have chunky. Comm, /y, t subscribe and you’ll be able to subscribe, don’t forget to click that little Bell notification. So you’ll be notified any time Bob drops a new article or when he goes live for Thursday night knives every Thursday at 10 p.

M. So the knife, junkie, calms, YouTube blog and the knife junkie.Com slash YouTube. So a lot of great articles already in the in the in the blog and more to come, that’s right and every one of our podcast goes up on YouTube too, and sometimes it’s handy to listen to podcasts on YouTube. I do that at work. Sometimes, if I’m doing busy work that doesn’t require any writing and I can listen to people talking I’ll put it on YouTube and just kind of minimize the screen, because I can’t just wear headphones and listen to my my preferred podcast catcher on my phone at work.

Just not a good look right, but if I need to if I want to listen to something that I’m doing, busywork YouTube is great, so we put all of these podcasts there too yeah. I listen to a lot of podcast and a lot of motivational talks and those kind of things on YouTube. Just again, as you said, start it going minimize the screen, so I don’t have to read it and a little trick. I use I always like to play it at 1 and 1/4 or 1/2 speed kind of speed it up a little bit.

It doesn’t distort the voices too much, but I can listen to more content and quicker amount of time. So that’s my little trick. I do yeah I’ve gotten in the car with you before to go to lunch and your podcast comes on automatically. You need something for those guys who’s copy at the end of the commercial. How do you listen to this? Don’t you want to savor their voice he’s like I’m listening for information man, you know it’s so funny.

I listen to. I forget who it was. Maybe even I think it was Gary Vaynerchuk. I listen to. I’ve got his daily Flash briefing and the other day it came on right after I had listened to a Cass sounds like who’s that, because I’m used to listening at one-and-a-half to even two times speed for some of them and I’d gotten used to the cadence of His voice of that faster speed, then we came on normals like has he got a guest today? Who am I listening to so his book sounds much deeper yeah.

I like I like listening to a lot of stuff on YouTube. As you said, and you mentioned, we put the podcast on there, so there’s a great opportunity to multiple times during the week to catch some knife junkie, contact content, because this midweek show comes out every Wednesday evening. The interview show comes out Sunday afternoon Sunday evening, and then we have Thursday night knives Thursday night at 10:00 p.

M. And so then the collection selection, knife review articles. All those kind of things we tried to. You know, publish on Mondays, Tuesdays Fridays Saturday. That kind of thing to kind of spread out the content, so you’re not overloaded every single day, a lot of great stuff on the knife, junkies, YouTube blog, alright Bob! What do you say we get into knife life news? No, let’s do it. You’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast and now here’s the knife junkie with the knife life news.

The first knife hard to talk about this week is named after a mythical monster in the Odyssey, probably my favorite, mythical monster in the Odyssey Scylla. Scylla is a six headed beast. She lives in the crags above in the Palisades between Sicily and the mainland. I believe it was, and you have a choice you can either steer toward Scylla. Who’s got six heads with with monstrous fangs in each one of those mouths and snatch people off your ships, or you can go the other way and and go down Carib this, which is a giant whirlpool.

So that’s that’s where the term rock and a hard place comes from. In any case, this new knife from Steel will is named after Scylla, the six headed beast and it has a really interesting opening way of opening. It’s just a thumb. Stud right, your standard, sorta thumb, stud opener, but the thumb stud is sort of well, it’s cantilevered out on the end of an extended tang. It almost looks like when it’s closed, like a friction folder, but it is not it’s a it’s a locking knife.

It just has this the thumb stud out front, and now you can use it like a normal, some stud and slow slowly, rotate it out the blade out or you can flick it, but you can also kind of front flip it too, if you can imagine a Protruding Tang at the front of a closed blade near the pivot. You can just put your thumb on there and pop it out that way. Also, if you ask me now they don’t advertise it this way, but it looks like you could probably wave the scylla out of your pocket using that Tang.

You know just applying some pressure as it as it passes over the hem of your pocket. That Tang part, you could you could pop that thing out and wave it out, and none of that would matter. If it wasn’t such a cool-looking knife, it’s got. What is it a three point? Four inch drop point blade and it comes to a very acute point. Apparently it’s quite thin and slicey and then that that really acute point which I would no doubt drop the knife on – comes to an extreme tip.

So I mean this. This looks like a and not only a a nice change or tweak to the traditional opening setup of a thumb-stud knife, but it’s also got this. You know beautiful profile and seems to be extremely useful, there’s no flat on the blade it’s all belly, but it’s very gradual. So you could basically use this in many different ways and it looks like a cool knife. So, do you like the looks of the knife as much as the story of the Scylla, or does this? Does the story just really make it that much better? I I have to say Jim.

When I saw I saw the knife first and I was like that’s cool – I really it resonated with me. You know how I feel about steel. Will I’m hot and cold with them. Some other designs are just gorgeous to me, and some of them are just like. Okay, well, alright. This is one of those ones that I looked at and was like wow. I can’t wait till that comes out that just looks great and then, when I found out it was called Scylla.

Thank God they didn’t name some normal kind of lame knife. Scylla, that’s what I thought all right or the J 275 right great. Exactly it’s a good thing. They didn’t name this very cool knife that they named Sylla. The J 275 could be a waste yeah, tragic, all right, real, real steel wheel, real steel! Will man that’s right? Hey, maybe we’ve got an idea in store for them there all right. Moving on knife life news, another company, that’s really one of your favorite stops and I love the headline to insane new knives from tops.

Well, I wrote it that way because they’re both they both have a little bit of insanity, I’m going to start with a short sword. The kuma cog, a kuma cog, a is designed by sea ho waste, see how is his CG? Oh, I’m not sure how you pronounce it. It’s the title way: son Johnny side, he’s a yeah he’s a knife designer way: son, Johnny, sighs a knife designer who’s done a lot of work with tops. He designed the kuma that came out a couple of years ago looks kind of like a cuckoo kur, curry a Gurkha kukri and was adopted into the GI Joe world waist on Johnny, sighs, a big GI, Joe fan and he’s also a master and some bladed martial Arts and you know as an outdoorsman as well, and so you put all these things together and comes up with some pretty great knives, so this this short sword that cool mechag, a is, has a 15 inch blade 15 and a half inch blade.

It’s a quarter. Inch thick, it’s got an almost two-handed handle and this thing is it’s ready for the wilderness. It’s ready for the battlefield, it’s ready for anything. This thing is insane. Oh, say sounds like a 15 inch, so I only give you ready for anything. Well, I mean you know, tops knives, has flirted with some pretty big knives, but this one crosses over. You have to call it a short sword at this point: waste on Johnny side, who does a lot of Filipino martial arts designed this thing to be as long as his favorite length of Kali stick, I always used seven.

Twenty seven inches College sticks. He uses 24 inch, and that means you can get even closer and you can do some well, that’s just his preference anyway, so you made this this thing that size and then, at the end of the it’s got a relatively straight blade until you get to the End and then it swells out into this bowl and then comes to an acute point. Now that bulb adds a lot of heft to the end of the 15 inch blade, making it even choppier, if you will and and that sort of extreme curve down.

At the end, it’s like a little belly on the end of a long straight blade just adds the the power of a recurve like you would get from a kukri weight at the very end, and that would work great in both bushcraft and battle. If you will, that sounds so corny, I’m sorry, but it’s true and and then at the end of the handle where the pommel is in Filipino martial arts. That’s called a pony, oh, and that is used a lot as an impact weapon as well.

Imagine you’re very very close to someone instead of swinging the stick you’re just going to take that butt end where you know where your pinkie is and do not go around the head, yeah exactly so waste on Jonny’s I added a nice little sharp piece of metal To the end, in case, you need to do that, so this thing is is kind of insane and it’s got the tops, build quality and apparently to keep it from being an absolute boat anchor Leo and Leo, and Craig from tops chimed in on the design and Put in some Fuller’s on the blade to reduce the weight and some some additional lightning holes and under the blade you know under the handle and everything, so it’s now a manageable blade.

But this thing is cool. You got to check it out and there you can see a couple of articles on the tops blog on YouTube of them going out into the bush and just like chopping down trees. With this thing. Well, I got to ask before we move on to the to the second insane knife from tops. You said it’s a 15 inch short sword, a short sword. So when do what’s what? What at what length does a knife become a short sword and then becomes a sword? I mean, is there a is there criteria or for length? You know? Actually I’m not sure.

If anyone else has that criteria, I will say so. You said 15 inch, that’s the blade, that’s 15 it and I would say that, for me, it’s like 13 inches in over your into the into short sword area at there might be plenty of people who disagree with but knives with blades over 13 inches. Really don’t have much more of a use than chopping in field craft stuff or you know, reach for battle. You know the longer the sword the longer reach you have, the the less in trouble you are or theoretically I guess so to me I would say a 24 inch.

Knife overall is a short sword. Well, yeah, 24 inches honey. Let me pull my knife out. 24 inches all right all right, well, speaking of other insane tops knives. You wanted to talk about a cleaver Karambit. Yes, that sounds insane right there. Those two words together. Thank you. It is. It is the second insane knife from tops. That’s just coming out now. It’s called the tidal force and, let me just say when I say insane, I’m not saying not totally cool, not totally useful.

It’s just it’s just something I never would have thought of this title, for certainly is is chief among that because it’s it’s a field. Cleaver. That’s got lots of nice organic curves to it, as is it. It looks kind of like kind of looks like a cartoon cleaver. In a way, it’s got a real, deep Swale in the back of the blade and and and that the cutting edge is is nice and curved. But the interesting part is attached to.

This is a curved handle with a ring on the end, like a Karambit and to me it’s just I it’s cool and it’s interesting, but I’m not exactly sure why? Why? Because you can well, because you can, why not it’s a it’s! It’s an almost five inch. Cleaver blade, so it’s not a huge, you know. The first thing I thought of is: if you have your pinky in there and you have a huge chopper, you can mess up your pinky if something goes wrong, but this is a you know: it’s a it’s! An almost five inch blade, it’s it’s their usual 1095 and you know I could see using that that ring at the end, for generating generating more inertia right now, generating more momentum in your chop and you’ve got a small, relatively small blade, as so.

If you choke down, if you will and put your fingers one of the one of your fingers through that ring, I could see using that ring to to sort of hinge this relatively small blade on to get as much chopping power out as possible. But I just think it’s a cool thing and maybe that’s what they were thinking hey, why not a cleaver with a ring on the end. You know a Karambit cleaver no-one’s done that before and it’s eleven and eleven point eight ounces.

It’s got a Kydex sheath got burlap micarta scales, which are absolutely gorgeous. I love burlap, micarta and – and I’m really looking forward to seeing this I’ve only seen still pictures, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this in hand in someone’s hand doing work. I want to see you know what it’s like scale wise, because I see it in the hand in someone’s hand, you don’t know if someone’s hand as small or large it.

So I don’t know just to see it in action is what I want, but interesting insane blade the title force. Well, it’s also interesting that coming up with new ideas, new things as long as knives have been around and swords have been around, there’s something new. All the time it seems like yeah, yeah, you’re right – and you know what else is kind of neat about this. I got to say they they give themselves a they put their own design flourish at the end of okay.

So you know how tops knives has the dot the long bar and the dot, and I believe, that’s Morse code for something I don’t know maybe tops, maybe SOS. I have no idea, but you see that on a lot of their knives, these the hole and then the slot and then the hole cut into the top of the blade. Well, they did that in this blade, but at the very end of it, so the hole acts as the hanging, the hole that you see on a traditional cleaver, the first hole, and then you get the slot and then the other hole.

So it’s kind of a clever clever nod to the traditional cleaver design, while, while being on this insane modern American Asian, this insane amalgamation. That Bob said that he desperately that he desperately wants. This thing is ridiculous: where do I buy it? Oh you bitch and tops knives. A couple of new ones want to remind you that on episode number 48 we had Craig Powell of tops knives on the knife junkie podcast.

You find that by going to the knife, junkie.Com slash for the knife, junkie.Com slash for 8, the knife junkie.Com slash 48, and I know that was one of the interviews that you were really looking forward to having. Since you were such a big tops fan yeah. It was great talking to him because Craig is so integral to the company that he knows everything that’s happening in there. He has the inside scoop and he also has a lot of influence in some of the designs in their knives.

So yeah great to talk to him all right next up in knife life news we’re not going to talk about a knife. What I know it’s crazy: this is an accessory. If you will, it is, and it’s a it’s it’s an accessory whose time is well. I’m glad it’s here we put the best waiter, it’s a hoodie by a California based clothing company called what are they called the spindle collective and they have a new hoodie out called the Sigma 50 and it is optimized for the EDC person dome a total or Seer, well, it’s a it’s a pretty stout hoodie, that’s got you know, top top materials and cuffs that won’t, you know, get out of shape and you know all of those things we’ll get those out of the way.

It’s a really nice, really, nice, hoodie and and all of that but being optimized for EDC use. It’s got a number of pockets on the inside, which you usually don’t get on a zip up Hoodie. I have a million of them and I have I have no EDC pockets in any of them, so there are three EDC pockets on the inside to lighten the load of your jeans, pockets. Presumably so you can get a knife, you can get your phone, you can get lighters and flashlights and those kind of things in these little pockets on the inside and then the cord that goes through the hood to you know to cinch down your hoodie.

If you want to do that, but it is yeah yeah exactly it’s: it’s 550 paracord! So and it’s a it’s a it’s a nice length of it too. So you can, you can draw that out and – and you know, 550 paracord – you can cut and you can use the seven or, however many strands that are inside you can tie those all together and get a quite a length of pretty strong string. Out of so it’s an IndieGoGo project, another crowd-sourced crowdfunded project and I think it looks it – looks really cool.

I looked at two of their other jackets that they’ve put out. One is called the half century coat and the other is a forever flannel woolen jacket and they both look awesome, I’m a jacket guy like I like clothes, just fine, but I love jackets and their stuff looks cool. So I highly recommended the jacket junkie, having never worn yeah. That’s my next podcast the jacket junkie. I follow, after my dad there’s like there’s a special jacket for every like five degrees, spread of weather, mmm, okay and every occasion has a special jacket as well, and now you have hoodies that you can keep your everyday carry items in, as you said, to lighten The load down below, I think, it’s cool.

I think it’s a great idea and absolutely and with with the proper construction. Now I have to say this: none of the hoodies I have were too dis, regular sweatshirt material. Would I want to like have a bunch of gear stowed inside them, because then it would be just like a swinging pendulum on the right, but this the build of this hoodie seems to be really stout and I think that will help carry the weight too.

It’s like that material is what’s going to carry the weight as well, how stiff how? How firm that material is so right, great idea, all right! Great idea and great thanks go to knife news for bringing us all these stories. That bob has a chance to talk about each week. Knife news always seems to be on the forefront of keeping us up to up-to-date about what’s going on in the knife world, that’s right, and and not only is it a great resource just to find out.

What’s going on, but I have to say: Ben Schwartz is a fantastic writer. He is a really good writer. So I mean you read three paragraphs about the new steelwill knife and you feel, like you, just read a short story. You know he’s a reason. Very good. Writer so check it out, follow the knife jockey on Instagram at the knife, junkie.Com slash Instagram, all right back on episode, 109 of the knife, junkie podcast and our section now that’s giving Bob a chance to talk about some of his new knives as what we call The state of the collection, and not only we’re going to talk, is new knives, but also promote the ultimate steel, give a chance to talk about that, but also talk about our knife auction that Bob is going to be doing so.

First of all, we’ve talked about the collection selection. Articles already just want to remind folks again that Bob’s YouTube blog is at the knife, junkie.Com slash YouTube and you can see articles about these new knives that are in his state of collection, including the new Hinderer XM. 18 warning and the try way pivot and that’s something he wanted to to talk a little bit about yeah yeah. Well, if you’ve been listening to the podcast at all in the last week do know, I can’t stop talking about the new DLT exclusive deal.

T trading one of my favorite online knife purveyors: they do a lot of exclusives, not just with Hinderer but with Medford, knives and and others, and their newest exclusive with Hinderer is the XM 18 three-and-a-half inch, no choil, that’s the real USP warned cliff, try way knife And so I couldn’t resist, I love the Hinderer warned cliff. I think it’s, the best-looking warn cliff out there and I can’t say it’s the best performing because I haven’t tried them all and but III absolutely love my XM 24 warranty.

So when this came out, I had to jump in because I’ve been wondering what a hindrance of a toy guy a finger. Choil guy, I like to have the blade the sharp edge come kind of all the way up to the handle. That’s just how I like it and that’s what that’s what you get with the with the notes: oils models that that DLT is coming out with this: isn’t the first one they have the slicer model. I believe in a note, oil and they might have another one.

Maybe the span toe, but anyway in having this for a week. You know it came loaded with the with the bearing pivot, but err with the bearing collars, but you know that on the try way pivot, they also send you the traditional Nayla tron, and then they also send you phosphor bronze washers, and I have yet to put The other two on, because which is what I thought I would do immediately when I got this, then try them all out, see what how they all feel can compare them, but having my first XM 18 on bearings, I don’t want to change it right now.

It’s amazing, the action is incredible and the detent is close to too strong, especially with the with the shape of the XM 18 flipper, which is kind of like a a little little blade. You have to put your finger on to open up your big blade and the detent was very, very stiff when I, when I first got it, but over a week of obsessive flipping sorry, I just did a gym. That’s perfectly fine, flip away a couple of times with the obsessive flipping it has broken in and and I can already feel that the knife itself is starting to to break into it – is getting used to itself.

If you will starting to understand its own power and it’s coming out Sandler and its Hamlet, I am yes at like breaking a horse. I am bringing this Hinderer into my you’ve broken it in I’ve, broken it in. Actually, I have a very good friend who actually does break horses or used to so that that’s no mean feat and I don’t mean to compare breaking in a knife to breaking a horse, but over a week this thing has now become so smooth that you know Not only in in how it rolls out, but in how it actually deploys that I I’m in love with it, and I don’t think I’m going to change the change, the change to phosphor, bronze or or Nile Ektron anytime soon.

I think I’m going to leave it like this and just kind of roll with it. I love it and I’m going to stop talking about it in three two one and I’m going to talk about my new. I got another new knife. I got the Kershaw bare knuckle. This is a knife that you know it’s been out for quite a while I’m late to this party as usual, but I saw it for a very, very reasonable price by a by béla blades, on blade forums, great guy, to do business with, and he got a Great price: for it, it’s it’s just a standard, 14c, 2840, z28 and blade that’s the standard that they have, but it’s got a black wash finish on the blade and it’s got a dark green anodization on the aluminum handle – and you know this thing was quite a Quite a splash when they came out a year and a half ago, its USA made $ 60 USA made Kershaw with excellent materials and without the speed, safe, assisted system, but indeed with roller bear with with ball bearings on the pivot.

So it is a really really smooth USA made under $ 100 Kershaw, not ZT, but Kershaw that that people have been clamoring for or people were clamoring for a year and a half ago before they came out with it again late to the party. But I’m glad I picked this thing up, because it is a really really excellent knife and it replaces in my heart and in my collection, the knockout that I gave away to a good friend.

So I’m going to keep this and keep us as this is going to be a permanent collection knife, because it’s USA made – and I think, that’s kind of, even though I’m buying other Chinese knives and checking them out this knife. This knockout I mean this bare-knuckle comes with the purchase, also of a severe E and a CJ RB, I’m trying to compare knives all in that same realm, and this is the American representative of it and I think it’s an excellent excellent choice and if, if there Are people out there who are interested in ZTS, but maybe don’t want to spend the money on a ZT? You must check out this bare-knuckle because it has all that all the beautiful design of a ZT.

You know it looks very much like the 777, but it’s also got incredible, build quality and great materials. So if you want a ZT, don’t feel like spending the ZT money check out the Kershaw bare-knuckle. I know I’m not the first person to say this, but now you’re hearing it from me: alright, no, it’s just more nagging from the internet to tell you to get this Kershaw paranoia. So what took you so long to get it? Were there other knives that you’re in pursuit of and that one was on your list and finally got to run to it? Well sort of it? I just saw it, it was a.

It was a you know, you’re waiting in line, and you see that bag of M & Ms and you just snatch it. It was one of those kind of purchases, but the reason I didn’t buy it when it first came out is because being realistic about it. I know it’s not going to be one of my main: it’s not going to be an EDC, I’m not going to carry it with me all the time, except for the fact that it is thinner than I expected.

So I I probably will draft it into an in the waistband sort of role, because it’s it’s thin like that, but I didn’t get it originally because I knew I would probably pick up a Z T out of my collection before I would carry this one. Unless you pick up one of the new EDC hoodies, then you can start carrying it everyday and your in your jacket, I, I think that’s a moral imperative and more knives, because that means more pockets.

That’s true, it goes around. It keeps coming more knives. I got two and then I know they weren’t thinking of this, but you could take your jacket off, zip it up and then swing it around. It could be a makeshift morning start if need be only from the mind of the knife. Well, speaking about your opportunity to get more new knives, we want to talk about two opportunities to do so. Knife rights ultimate steal a huge fundraising opportunity for knife rights, but also with donations, become entries into your opportunity to receive knives and other products.

So Bob definitely want to give some promotion to knife rights and their ultimate steel promotion ongoing now yeah yeah. You know last year I’ve known about knife rights since their inception. Anyone in the and the knife thing knows about them, but it was only last year. I’m ashamed to say it was only last year’s ultimate steel contest and that contest ultimate steel, fundraiser that I ever donated to them, and I just had we had just had Doug Ritter on the show a couple of times, and I first I felt like well.

It was a sense of guilt. I got to say that that urged me into it and then once I gave money to the ultimate steel into knife rights, it was like why hadn’t I done that before come on, if anyone’s going to get. You know if you’re going to donate money to a cause that has an immediate effect on your own personal. You know what I’m saying is: is you can give money to this and it will help you down the road because they are helping to get rid of these ridiculous knife laws? I’m not saying that that it’s like helping helping children eat in Africa, but it is helping people here in this country carried things that they need knives.

They need to do work that they need to defend themselves that they need because they like them. Whatever the reason. It’s no one’s business. What the reason we should be able to carry these knives and Doug Ritter is our main proponent out there, making sure that this happens. So there you go, please donate to the ultimate steal. Now, if you look, if you go to the website, you’ll see that at various tiers of pledges you know you can you can give 50 bucks, you give 100 bucks, give 10 bucks whatever it is at each level, you have a chance to win a knife and Of course, the more money you give, the more fancy the knife, a lot of knife makers and knife companies donate knives to to knife rights to auction.

You know to give away during the this fundraiser, so you do have a chance to win some pretty sweet knives and then people regular citizens out there can also donate a knife at a certain tier level. I saw that epic snuggle bunny donated a SOG terminus under his name, and so, if you give a certain amount of money, I can’t remember what it is. Maybe a hundred bucks you have a chance to win a SOG terminus.

So it’s a it’s a pretty cool contest, but really it is an an excellent cause. Knife rides org. You can find all the information there or just use your favorite search engine and enter in ultimate steal, 2020 and you’ll be taken to all that great information and speaking of your opportunity to get some new knives or win some new knives. The knife junkie has a auction as well coming up to also benefit knife rights.

Yeah, that’s right. It was during our Town Hall. We had two of our guests: make on-air donations to the blog and we sort of stipulated right there and then that we would auction these off and donate the proceeds to the ultimate steel in knife rights. And so we have two lots that we’re going to auction off and we’re going to do it next we’re going to do it. On Thursday May 14th, it’s going to run the Queen 10 a.

M. Eastern Standard Time and 10 p.M. Eastern Standard Time and then we’ll announce the winner. The winners of the two lots on Thursday night knives that night and so we have. Let’s see we have the Bob tirzu all a lot. Bob Scherzer wool was one of the guests on our town hall, and he gave us sent me a new copy of his of his classic book, the tactical folding knife. This is a book that actually John Gonzalez, who we interview we had on the sunday show this week mentioned he learned how to make folding knives by looking at that book.

So far, we have the Bob tears we’ll about the the new edition. We have a great beautifully milled out Tirzah wool cap lifter in the sort of Aztec dragon design, that is his logo, and then we have the third part of this teruel auction lot, the mass drop and tirzu allah designed where the truth of all it designed. We knife produced mass drop, distributed compact, tactical folder. Now they are called drop as you know, but this was when they were mass drop.

So that’s what you will see on the box. The compact tactical folder is a knife designed by Bob Corolla. That has a lot of shares, a lot of design cues with the ATF and also the the Fox knives Corolla folder. It’s a really really beautiful thing. I must admit: I’ve taken it out of its out of its a little pouch a few times, because I figured I’m going to have to make a article of it. You know to temporize expend money, yeah and man.

This is a hard one to let go. You can bid, I can bid that’s right, but that would how would that look if I won both auction Lots? That would look bad. We have well as long as we have the high price that you paid for him. I’m sure that’s true, that’s true yeah. Then we got another donation from Stu, our good friend at stone and steel up in New England, a knife distributor up there and he donated a an emerson, CQC supersuit, CQC, seven Emerson, super CQC.

Seven, that’s not easy to say just taking your breath away talking about it, that’s right! It’s all black! It’s got the black coated blade and the black handle it’s an immense knife. It’s got a a five and an eight-inch handle. It’s got a three and three-quarters inch. Chisel ground tanto blade it’s from 2013, it does not have a box, but it has not used you. It has not been used. You can tell from looking at the pocket clip – and it looks like it’s been around – probably to a number of gun and knife shows and opened up and put on a table, maybe pawed over a couple of times, but the g10 is pristine.

You can tell when people have handled g10 for a while, especially a new emerson, because you can see it’s kind of gross, but you can see dusty skin residue and that okay in the aggressive pockets of that g10, you see none of that here. None of that how’s that for a sales pitch, this thing is a beautiful, beautiful knife and if it doesn’t go for a decent price, I might have to jump in on it there you go so the two lots and this is going to be on Instagram and It’s going to be Thursday May 14th bidding starts at 10:00 a.

M. Ends at 10:00 p.M. How does this work on Instagram this auction Instagram? Only it works like this. We’re going to have $ 10 increments, the starting bid. I have not determined the starting bid for either a lot, but they’re going to be $ 10 increments, and each new bid is a new comment. You have to put your new bid in the new comment, because the new comment – timestamps it and so at 10. At 10 p.

M. Right when we’re starting – maybe I should do it at 9:59 p.M. Already set it now right at the start, you’ll have to get the guest co-host to talk a while on Thursday night now, so you can check your Instagram right exactly. I don’t know if I planned this right, but yeah at 10 p.M. Thursday night. It will be the last comments. The last time stamp stamped comments with bids that will be the one so anything after 10 p.

M. If you come in and bid you’re out. It’s got to be before 10 p.M. But the last one commenting with the bid before 10 p.M. Yeah yeah exactly Wow, so it should be fun and it’ll. Be exciting. It’ll be a fun afternoon kind of keeping my eye on Instagram, seeing seeing what’s what, but that’s a it’s a little over a week away, so I’m going to build up a head of steam on it before okay, well, look forward to seeing that on Bob’s Instagram! That’s Thursday May 14th 10 a.

M. To 10:00 p.M. Your chance to bid on a couple of knife: lots there if you will and if you are not yet on the knife: junkies Instagram, that’s the knife, junkie.Com slash, Instagram, the knife, junkie.Com slash, Instagram and we’ll take you Right to his feed and if you’re not following along with the knife junkie, you’ll definitely want to do that especially follow along on Thursday May 14th, starting at 10:00 a.

M. Get your bids in early and often to to win your chance to win some of these knives And again, all the proceeds going to knife rights all right Bob. We are running a little bit over our kind of traditional normal length of show, but a lot of stuff to talk about final thoughts to kind of close out episode. Number 109 of the knife junkie. Podcast, I don’t really have much to say Jim. I think I’ve seen all today yeah it’s true.

I could say something like sharpen your knives or don’t take golf for an answer, but I’m just going to say enjoy the week man enjoy the week. Yeah get your money saved up and get ready to bid before those knives on Thursday May 14th. That’s right, that’s right and be sure to join us tomorrow, night for another episode of Thursday night knives if you’re listening to the podcast when it comes out, of course, on Wednesday May 6th, I’m referring to the Thursday May 7th Thursday night episode of Thursday night knives At 10:00 p.

M. On the knife, junkies YouTube blog okay, so maybe I do have one last thing to say on last week, on last week’s Thursday night knot, we had our good friend and frequent contributor spirited whisky come on. You know article and audio and and do the knife fight with me, the debate at the end of the show, and it was great to meet him and got a chance to show off some of his his beautiful knives man.

His collection is insane. He showed some of that stuff off. I got a chance to meet him face to face after her. So many comments during the live show in past weeks and it was great to meet him. I really really encourage everyone to do the same. You know when you’re tuning in Thursday night knives and he wanted to say, hi or show something or whatever there’s no pressure on you, you dip in you dip out.

If you want to stay for longer, we talk longer. If you just have a knife, you want to show and then say, hi and go whatever. It was really really great to meet. Spirited was nice I’d love to do that with others? Well, two things he absolutely trounced. You in the knife debate did yeah, so he was. He was really great love to have him back on again but, as you said, anybody can join in on Thursday night knives if you’ve got a webcam for your camera or if you have a tablet that, as the you know, the camera or just your smartphone.

That’s all you need is your smartphone. We have a link for you, just click on that you can come on audio only or article and audio it’s it’s a article show so we’d love to be able to see you and see the knives you’re showing off. But it’s as easy as that tablet laptop computer with a webcam or even a smartphone, join us on Thursday, night 9. So that’s again, Thursdays 10:00 p.M. Eastern on the knife.

Junkies YouTube blog at the knife. Junkie.Com slash YouTube so for Bob, the knife junkie, DiMarco, I’m Jim the knife, newbie person, thanking you so much for listening to this midweek supplemental episode of the knife: junkie, podcast, thanks for listening to the 9th junky podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review with review, the podcast com4 show notes for today’s episode, additional resources and to listen to past episodes a visit our website, the knife, junkie, calm.

You can also read our latest articles on youtube at the knife: junkie, calm, /youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife, junkie, comm, slash, instagram and join our facebook group at the knife. Junkie.Com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming Episode of the knife – junkie, podcast

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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The First Tool The Kris, Blade Show and COVID-19 Knife Life News The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 95

It’s the midweek supplemental episode of the knife, junkie, podcast! I’m Jim the knife, newbie person and I’m Bob the knife junkie DeMarco, welcome to the show, welcome to the knife: junkie, podcast the place for knife newbies like myself, a knife junkies like yourself to learn all about knives and knife collecting our midweek show where we get To dive deep into happenings in the knife world talk about knife news, other stuff, going on and Bob one thing we wanted to start the show with before we kind of get into the knife life news segment, as well as our first tool segment this week was About a what do you call it crowdsourcing thing with bone, daddy blade works that we had talked about away.

I think at least last week, yeah that’s right. A couple weeks back we talked about the bone. Daddy blade works axis, a hand, axe knife, multi-tool, it’s a an unusual multi-tool because it doesn’t fold, it is a fixed blade knife that has a number of different hand holds with it’s a very unique shape that also attaches very handily to some sort of a any Sort of improvised haft and you can turn it into an axe, it’s a really cool looking product and – and it seems you know just from looking at it like it – would be a great sort of piece of kit to have for survival.

You know in your car and your in your bug out bag or in your in your camping gear. Anyway, Sean Holman he’s the head of bone. Daddy blade blade works. He does this with his wife. It’s cool a small family company got back in touch with me to. Let me know that they are fully funded, actually they’re over fully funded and they’re. There’s still about a week left on there. I believe it’s a Kickstarter campaign to get this axis into production.

So that’s really good news: not not every crowdsourcing project gets funded, so it’s really great to hear when something does get funded, especially when it’s a small family business and it’s such a unique and interesting different sort of product to bring to the knife market right now. As you said, not only great because it’s a small business but obviously we’re biased, because it’s a it’s a knife world product, exactly it’s got to be funded, hey and I’m sure, just because they’re overly funded doesn’t mean that you can’t still hop on the the Kickstarter Campaign, for, like said Bob said just for the the next few days, and while it’s still open so definitely check that out, yeah definitely go from good to bad, maybe or seemingly getting worse or just real yeah coronavirus.

Kovat 19 got to talk about that. A little bit this past Thursday on Thursday night knives, one of the show topics was, should blade, show be canceled, and I would I would say, about half and half Bob. The the books that were reading at least live haven’t looked through the replay comments, but you know about half and half are like no, it should not be canceled and about 50 % we’re saying yes, it should be canceled.

You know, I think, maybe it might divide down the you know. We all we all make decisions first and foremost and on how they affect us. I myself am I’m in my late middle 40s, I’m edging towards uh. You know I’m edging my way through middle age and I have children and I have elderly well, I have robustly seen your parents and in-laws and I don’t want to you know I don’t want to bring anything to them right.

You know, even though I’m so excited about this. Being my first blade show, you know a discretion. Oh no! No! That’s not the right term. What is the writer well better safe than sorry yeah? That’s it take precautions. Do what you need to to. You know ensure the safety of you and more so your family and friends. You know you have to you know as I’ve been following morale along with this. It’s just amazing how this thing trickles and spreads.

You know and that’s that’s what’s causing it and while you may not be in that senior vulnerable population, I so you know that’s that’s interesting. You know interesting thing for me to think about going to blade, show even next weekend a family wedding in North Carolina man, and I know you recently cancelled a trip to to New York because yeah the outbreak yeah the past weekend. We were going to go to New York and yeah have a have a good old time.

It was going to be my youngest daughter’s first trip there, so we were excited for that. But in any case we stayed home and, and one good thing from that is well, we we all got to get all of our house chores out of the way. So now we’re just we’re just we have free time. So I got a chance to dig back into my knife making. Oh I thought you were going to say more time for more time for you guys to get on each other’s nerves.

Well, in order to stave that off, I got back into my knife making. So I had I had some heat-treated blades leftover. You know when we started this podcast I was in. I was doing that as a hobby, on weekends and and this sort of took over that, and so I’ve had a couple of heat-treated blades sitting fallow for about a year, and I have all the materials and tools I needed to handle them. So I started putting handles on them and and just spent the weekend doing that and it it.

It really did my my love for it. I die merrily, do stuff with my hands, that’s my artistic out, but lately it hasn’t been. So it was great to get back in the in the saddle. Well, it was interesting again referring to this past Thursday night knives. She actually had one of your friends who you had made a knife for that actually hopped in the comments when you were when you guys were talking about that.

So that was that’s pretty cool, at least for me to read. I know how it was for you on the receiving end of that I was, it was shocking, it was cool, he happens to be a an officer of the law and I don’t know why. Having an officer of the law pop into the show, I mean snoozy Oman made me feel like oh my gosh. What am I doing wrong, but of course I was doing nothing wrong. Yeah. I made him a little a little boot knife, a little boot horn cliff and when he was a motor cop, all right cool deal talking about coronavirus, Co, vid, we mention blade, show on Thursday night knives.

You know some for summit against canceling, but the virus is already affecting some shows worldwide. Bub yeah remember, we talked about the Iowa, show the outdoor classics, it’s the it’s. The huge European outdoor equipment show and a lot of knife makers, European and American – and you know worldwide – show there well, they had canceled it initially and then they just rescheduled it for September September.

Third, through six twenty twenty and their aim is now to just you know: it’s always been in March historically now that they’re moving it to September for this year, they’re going to keep it in September in in consequent years, just to sort of keep it regular, yeah And it’ll still be in nürnberg at their Exhibition Center in Germany. So it’s good to hear that it’s not just canceled! You know a lot of people rely on these shows to make contacts and to make sales and to keep afloat.

Livelihood yep it’s nice to hear that they haven’t just outright canceled it, but they’re optimistically, pushing it pushing it back at all and something about tops knives. Oh yeah, I was looking on Instagram and it seems that tops has canceled. Their participation in a number of upcoming shows – I don’t know if that includes blade, show or what but yeah they announced it on Instagram I don’t know, but with an announcement as it was just sort of an offhanded comment in one of the posts I saw since When, since we’ve canceled, all of our upcoming shows, we want to let you know that we’re still busting out nine and another thing I want to mention.

I heard an economist talking on the Joe Rogan podcast or another podcast about how buying goods from other countries and importing goods is not an issue. So if you’re concerned about mine and selling knives, or especially buying knives, apparently merchandize and receiving merchandise, is not much of an issue. However, if you’re buying from the secondary market you still may want to. I don’t know I do this anyway.

Whenever I get a new knife, I’ve always done this. I kind of wipe it down with alcohol. Before I even touch it, you never know who you’re getting it from and I’m you know, I’m probably all great guys, but you know never know what they touched right before. They put it in again, better safe than sorry yeah yeah. And if you have a, if you have a legacy of paranoia such as myself, you’ll, do things this alright, hey stay with us.

We’ve got some stories. Some knife life news, we’re going to get into and hang around Bob’s going to do a first tool segment. Talking about the Chris you’re listening to the knife, junkie podcast, it’s time now for the latest knife life news. So recently, there’s been a lot of talk of the knife called Elvia by Edie Calderon Edie Calderon, as is a prominent former counter. Narco agent who worked in in the Mexican cartel worked for ting the Mexican cartels.

If you will and he’s got a blog called Ed’s manifesto, it’s pretty famous and he talks about the different things that are happening in cartel controlled in Mexico, and he talks about some of his misadventures or whatever you want to call them and being law enforcement down. There and survival tactics and stuff like that anyway, he’s he’s had this knife that he’s carried as his ultimate backup for years.

It’s called. He calls it the Elvia, which is his mother’s name. This knife was his mother’s all-around utility kitchen, paring knife, and it was something that she carried with her, and it was something that she used for everything chores around the house – prepping food, this and that. But it also came in handy when they were attacked on the street and she saved her family with this little knife, and so ed Calderon has had a number of these made-up custom version.

Recently we talked about how emerson knives is making a folding version of this knife and now Copas designs. Someone I’ve reached out to I’d love to have on the show. John bullets is sorry. If I’m mispronouncing your name, he has come out with a midtech version of the egg Calderon Elvia. It is a fixed bladed version and it is an interesting take on the whole midtech concept. Usually, designers and makers use midtech knives to push out high-end reproductions of even higher-end customs.

Well, in this case, this midtech version is bringing this to the broader public, making this form factor more affordable to people. It’s a 154cm, it’s two and a half inches. The blade is sort of a hawk, build shaped blade, but the handle is gr and it’s molded grn and it fits in a in a super slim package. It’s like a Kydex sheath. So really the the most interesting thing to me is not only this. This very unique sort of pick call setup knife is, is going mainstream, but also that it’s coming out in a mid tech version brought out by John Ball.

Atz’s ball at this at a fraction of the price of what you might expect from a mid tech knife. John by the way is protege of Matt Martin of vehement knives. We’ve we talked to him on the show Matt Martin, who makes amazing amazing, fixed blade knives. As a matter of fact, we had Rob Bixby on the show recently and he said that he thinks Matt. Martin is the one of the finest he said: the finest fixed blade maker of his generation these days.

So that’s quite a compliment anyway. Yeah. So, look for this at Calderon Elvia on Ed’s manifesto, the first version of its sold the first batch sold really quickly, but they’re they’re putting a whole nother one into production sounds cool yeah. Moving on with knife life news. What is it Bob every week we’re talking about steelwill yeah and it’s true, and yet this is only the second knife. That’s coming out from them for 2020.

So far this is there. It’s called the AV or, and it’s let me see it’s the usual d2. G10, steel, liners four and a half ounces. You know it just looks like a steel. Well, it’s pretty cool-looking and I bet it’s. A workhorse got a nice forward finger choil and they really really on this. One worked hard on the action. Apparently, you can look at it, you can look at where the pivot and the flipper tab are when it’s open and they are thrust quite forward on the handle and, as a matter of fact, the handle even reaches forward to accommodate a more forward placement of the Pivot and and the flipper tab, which makes the action on this thing, apparently really really sweet.

It’s got ceramic ball bearing pivots, which is nice for a relatively inexpensive knife, and these things will be coming out March 16th. Now this is the second one. Like you said, we’ve talked about a lot of the knives. We’ve talked a lot about the knives they have in the offing, but this is only the second one to be released behind the screamer, which is a really cool. Looking knife. I love that screaming funny name and a little too short for my taste but cool knife, so that just came out a couple of days ago.

Yeah, that’s what you’re saying yeah March 16th: the arts 16th yeah. No, I suppose, the the past weekend it’s actually Monday. Yeah dates are not your strong suit. No no they’re not is my affect Monday, it’s just the last day of the weekend. Oh I like that way. Look at of that all right. Let’s talk about more new knives involving bokor, yes, blade yep just wanted to bring out the that poker has two new outdoor fixed blades coming out, and one of them is called the Commodore Commodore with a k and it’s the sequel to the cormoran which came out.

I believe last year it was a smaller outdoor, fixed blade, both designed by Hungarian knife maker Sandor Hagee’s, I’m I’m thinking. I almost speak Hungarian, I’m thinking that’s how you pronounce his name, who’s known for his rugged outdoor, fixed blades. Now this Commodore is a seven point. Six inch drop point blade with a it’s, a very plain-looking knife I got to say, but it looks like all business, its sk v, which is carbon steel, but it’s coated.

So it’s a slightly less thick than a quarter-inch. It’s going to it’s going to wall up as a chopper, so yeah g10 handle scales full tang check out this weight. Jim sixteen point: seven six ounces! So this sucker is a pound one pound and just over the limit to ship first class. The second one from them is by storied and much-loved Jesper boxing. As a guy I’d love to interview, he just keeps he’s an interesting guy anyway.

He’s got something coming out called the Ness me Pro and it’s a smaller his version of the nest muck and, if you don’t know the nest, muck is a is a famous door knife pattern. You know kind of famous with campers and outdoorsmen, so this Nessman Pro is a much smaller than usual nest muck. It’s got its got a contoured handle which is a little bit unusual and it’s got a d2 plated steel. It’s got, canvas micarta and it’ll only be about 65 bucks or so, which is way less than the previous version of his of his Nesmith, just 2.

6 inch blade and 2.75 ounces, so small light. And if it’s from vox Nez, it’s going to look cool as hell and feel great in your hands, so mmm sounds exciting and a 65 bucks pretty affordable, yeah well speaking of affordable, we’re going to talk about a new, affordable, titanium frame, lock folder from Ontario. That’s right, what’s their different, what’s their definition of affordable? Well, they are so famous at Ontario Knife Company in terms of folders for the rat one and rat two models, and – and I mean just for over ten years, those have been like highly recommended.

Budget-Conscious EDC’s they’re beautifully designed beautifully executed and inexpensive and come in a variety of Steel’s variety, meaning us 8 or d2. So now, they’ve come out with something new that I imagine they hope will sort of pick up. The mantle of the rat, the rat models and kind of push push things upward a little bit. It’s called the Shipra when I first saw it. I thought it was shakira the chakra and it is an interesting sort of combination of budget and Lux.

It’s a titanium frame, lock, micarta handled oz, 8 flipper, its 3.2 inches the blade. It’s it’s a drop point. It’s got a nice slender profile, the micarta handle looks beautiful and you know it just seems like a great thing for them to come out with my one reservation, of course, as you guessed from the pregnant pause before I mentioned, it is the AusAID steel. What’s up with AusAID steel, Ontario Knife Company you’re, an American company you’re, making your knives in America right? So why not just use an American steel and something that’s not such a dog people? Don’t like a hate.

I mean you know they like it as much as they’d like eight CR and it works, and it’s fine, but you can. You can now get better Steel’s or similar costs and and and they’re saying the Ontario knife and tool is saying what the hell do. You know about building knives, it cost you. You have no idea so shut up Bob and that’s a good point. However, I must say if you want to sell these things, how about you put eight you put like n690 or D, how about D? Just e people are doing D, it’s working, so I think it’s a great idea for Ontario Knife Company to come out with an inexpensive, titanium frame, lock folder with micarta love.

It mm-hmm just put on a steel. That’s not going to make people raise their eyebrows. I know ah sait is fine and I never push it to its limits, but I don’t know it’s a little tone deaf at this point. I think you did a you know fairly decent impersonation of Ontario Knife, but would go ahead and extend the invitation to Ontario Knife to come on the podcast talk about this as well as other great things.

Company has done the rat, the rat knives and those kind of things so open invitation there at Ontario or any other knife maker knife purveyor to come on. The show our Sunday interview show will give you a great platform to do that so to justify your faulty decisions. Dimarco I’m just kidding yo and you can email him at Bob at the knife and now that we’re caught up with a knife life news. Let’s hear more of the knife: junkie, podcast, all right, Bob kind of good-natured humor there little ribbing on you, but seriously do encourage folks to to email you at Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our listener line.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to get your feedback and then play those back on the podcast. Seven. Two, four, four: six, six, four, four: eight seven, seven, two, four, four: six, six, four, four, eight seven! That’s the number to call to give us your comments, your Keeks, your questions. We would definitely love to hear from you and get some conversation, conversation going and speaking of kind of conversation and engagement.

One of the neat things last Thursday night on Thursday night lives, which is BOMs, live YouTube. Article show you and your guest co-host traditionally always do a pocket check at the beginning of the show, but this past Thursday just kind of evolved into a pocket check with all the listeners, and I really found that pretty cool that you know everybody’s throwing up on The comments you know what they carried in their pocket and you and an Alex the guest co-host last thirst.

He had a chance to kind of riff on those a little bit, so I think we’re going to be doing the pocket check as a regular thing on Thursday night knives. Yes, yes, I realized on that evening that I hadn’t done that in a little while I don’t think so, it was so cool to hear people chiming in with what they carried. Half of them were probably lying, but I’m just kidding there were some pretty sweet knives named.

I think someone was carrying up Bryan. I froze he’s a new knife maker, a relatively new that making some cool stuff I saw. I saw you writing down. You know it’s like: oh we’ve got to add that one to my collection, yeah yeah. How many pages is your easier to buy list? Now it’s a short list. As a matter of fact, I try not to keep one. I try not to keep on, though, though, from time to time I’ll make a little list.

Okay, all right, it’s time for some knife history with the first tool here on the knife, junkie, podcast. I wanted to talk a little bit about the Chris Jim, because I’ve been talking a lot about the Chris recently, what the two releases – the two 20/20 Cold Steel releases, the Signature Series tie light Chris and the extra-large Voyager Chris. These models, really, you know I was looking forward to something from cold steel in a Chris form, and then they came out with something this year, and so I was very happy snatched them both up, but it made me it made me think about Chris’s a lot And you know, when you show the knife to people, they initially frequently will initially assume it’s just kind of a novelty there to look cool.

You know to be scary, but really the the Chris shape blade has well it’s been around for a long time and it’s had a mystical significance that people are aware of, but it’s also a very, very practical weapon, not not maybe so much utility knife, but it Is an incredible weapon so, anyway, the the Chris came out of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, that area and they think that it and Java, I guess, is where it where it initially sprung up, but they think that it was perhaps a an offshoot of a of A long wavy, bladed glaive like weapon that the Chinese used, you know how everything just kind of you know.

Human history is one big long movement, people moving around the planet and you can really track that. When you look at blades, you can see how weapons, especially in the Philippines, were evolved from European Chinese African. You know because there are a maritime culture, so they had all these influences. The Chris is a wavy bladed sword which sometimes you’ll see in a straight blade. They think that it comes from the stingray tail as if to emulate the tail of a stingray, and it frequently will have a handle.

That’s angled off of the blade in such a way that it facilitates sort of a pistol grip or an extension of the forearm. So so that, when you’re thrusting forward your hand can take, can stay in a natural posture? Okay. So this is the really interesting thing when I started looking at Chris’s a real Chris, an actual chris has to have a rough surface texture, because what they were doing was you had to you had to make a Chris from a number of different Steel’s.

A number of different metals and it would end up rough and grainy and sort of de masta seen you know with swirling patterns you’d, be able to especially with an acid etch you’d, be able to see the different Steel’s in the blade and the reason that they Are frequently rough and kind of grainy and texture fizzle, physical texture is that meteorite was seen as a critical ingredient in the steel. If you could get your hands on some meteorite, which obviously has magical qualities to it and blend it into the steel and fold it into the steel, you would have a better blade, but also it creates what the bladesmiths down there called Pam or MRP a mor, Which is that sort of patina that sort of rough grainy patina and it’s interesting in the book I was reading? I have a bunch of books on swords.

As you may imagine, one of the books I was reading was saying that many many a knife collector has destroyed a fine Chris by thinking they needed to polish it by thinking that got some old busted yet and and they polish away the the quality of the Pammer of the blade so an interesting one of the design qualities of the Chris is how it widens at the base. So you’ll have these sinuous curves and, as it gets towards the the hilt, it widens out into a bunch of symbolic notches and teeth that are kind of carved into the hilt.

It extends back over the wrists more than it does over the fingers, and these teeth can be used also in a battle like fashion, if you’re, if you’re up close those teeth act, as you know, as weapons in and of themselves. Now, due to how long and how difficult it is to forge in the waves of a chris blade, you will also see a lot of straight bladed Chris’s, because they were quicker easier to make and you know, take less skill.

Different Smith’s have different skill levels and if you need a Chris, pretty quick, because the battles come and you’re not going to worry too much about about the waves, but the waves themselves, symbolic of a stingray tail also, the number of curves has some symbolism. I know that thirteen is a big number with the curves in the Indonesian Chris’s, but I’m not exactly sure what that means. They also have a very practical application in a slash those waves.

If you’re slashing against someone’s flesh with those waves, they act as a serration. As serrations, so it’s like the galatians act as serrations like on a bread knife and cut cut and slash ever deeper, but also on a thrust. The waves have the practical application of widening the wound, blog as as pushed forward because, because of the waves become ever thicker and wider, it has that sort of a grisly sort of effect.

So a couple of interesting, mystical aspects about the chris and old chris and old, well used chris should be raised to the forehead in a salutation. That’s part of kind of the kali salutation it’s to show respect, because these things have magical forces in them. At least that’s that’s how it’s perceived you’re, never to point the chris at anyone, even if it’s in the sheath, because it will bring bad luck on that person.

Oh wow yeah it’ll project its magic. Hopefully you haven’t done that with yours. Well, we’ll get to that. In a second, I found out something interesting about my chris to match the chris with the user. So, if someone’s going to the chris store and buying a chris kinda like harry potter in the wand, store, yes exactly, you hold the chris in your hand, and you repeat this sort of poem it’s kind of like she loves me.

She loves me not. She loves me, she loves me, not. She loves me and if you end on she loves me not you put that chris down and you pick up a different chris, because that is not the chris for you. So that’s like. Obviously it’s not. She loves me. She loves me not it’s a it’s an ancient south east asian poem, but it kind of has the same effect now in peacetime. A real man walks around with his chris all the time, but he leaves it on the right side and that that shows that, with his right hand, it would make it much more difficult to draw and use it.

So so yes, I’m a man, I’m wearing my Chris, but it’s on my right side. That means I’m chill and it’s a peacetime but in confrontation on the street or in battle. You move that over to the left hand, side, and it means I mean business so you’re, shifting that Chris over to the left. Now it can be easily drawn with your right hand, and you can go to work and oftentimes in battle. They would bring to Chris’s or three Chris’s too meaning one in each hand, the Philippine, especially in the Philippines, they’re very good at that sort of two-handed fighting and then the family.

Chris. Also with you to bring you good luck and and magic. In Java, the Chris, which in Java is long and thin and very curvy, is used to exit was used for executions, kind of Roman style if you’ve ever seen the movie Gladiator towards in the beginning, some treacherous captains are trying to kill the main character Maximus and They put him on his knees and they’re about to thrust the sword, downward parallel to the spine between the clavicle and the shoulder blade, and it goes right into the heart and feels you pretty quick.

Well, they would do the same thing in in Java using the Chris, except they would put a wad of cloth there and thrust through the cloth and then, as they draw it out, wipe the blood off very efficient, pretty ingenious yeah anyway. This is obviously a brief bullet point. Look at the Chris because it’s a very long and interesting and convoluted history, because of all the many many thousands of different islands in Southeast Asia that it resided on in these different archipelagos.

So I have a Chris. That’s been hanging on my wall behind me if you’ve ever readed Thursday night knives, you’ve seen it and in doing this research I realized it’s not a Chris afterall. It’s called a Sun dang and a Sun dang is a polished, bladed sword. So the elements of making the sword are different. It’s a polished blade. The blade is broader thinner and has a long portion of straight after the waves.

It’s got an s-shaped hilt, a tubular handle, and all of these things make it not a Chris. I totally thought I had a Chris for years and years, but but I have a son dang and actually it’s a very robust sword, and maybe even I don’t know I don’t know, maybe better than more battle worthy who knows your son dying is better than a Chris, okay and and just in wrapping up, I want to reference how I brought this in the cold steel chrissa’s.

Now, if you look at them, the cold steel Voyager Chris actually resembles more of a sundae. It’s got a wider, broader blade and the tie light version. The one that looks like the Italian switchblade looks more like an Indonesian Chris, it’s more sinuous, it’s thinner and the and the and the waves are more dramatic. So I don’t know if he intended this, but in in putting out these two knives well Lin Thompson scratched.

Two itches, I didn’t know I had so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t intending on that. Well, you never know the the things you learned in your research, maybe were part of the design of those knives. Yeah learning those little little ancient bits of history. If you’re at all interested in the Chris, please take what I’ve just told you, as the cliff notes, go read a book or look at the the Wikipedia page.

That’s pretty in-depth. It is a fascinating history and that’s this week’s look at knife history with the first tool and now back to the knife: junkie, podcast, all right back on the knife, junkie, podcast bob again kudos! Compliments! You know. History was an okay subject for me in high school. In college, but it’s it’s, it’s really good, just just enough to kind of whet the whistle and whet the appetite, learn some stuff and maybe entice folks to go, learn more about the subject of the first tool.

Well, you know it’s kind of interesting Jim. Is that any area of it’ll tell me okay, I will tell you any area of interest you have if it reaches back in time is a great way to learn about history. You know just cracking a history book. Didn’t didn’t interest me ever but learning about history through art or learning through history learning about history through weapons did so maybe that’s a good way to do it? Hey, if you are enjoying the knife, junky podcast, the the midweek show where Bob gets a chance to dive deep into some of the knife topics or the Sunday interview show where bob chance with knife makers, youtube’s knife, reviewers other folks in the knife world.

We would appreciate your support and it doesn’t cost you anything if you’re going to be shopping online and buying stuff from Amazon and eBay anyway. Just use our affiliate link and we’ll earn a very small Commission, but it does not affect the price that you pay. So go to the knife: junkie.Com slash shop, amazon or the knife; junkie.Com slash shop, ebay, that’s the knife, junkie.Com slash shop, amazon or the knife; junkie.

Com slash shop, eBay and will receive a very small Commission on your purchase, but it does help us pay some of our Fees hosting web site, hosting media hosting and all those other kind of good things. So we appreciate your support Bob as we wrap up the midweek supplemental episode, final thoughts, anything to kind of wrap up the show here could be about knives could be of life in general or what’s going on in the world.

As you know, I give you the final word, so, what’s going on well, Jim I’m, if it’s just, we talked a little bit about the wider world today, I’m just glad I went through my paranoia phase a few years back and stocked up on all this stuff. When I thought the world was ending before so so you know everybody take this seriously and take good care of yourselves and you know we got knives to take care of so I mean I’m sorry.

We’ve got family and people to take care of so take care of yourself too. I think you probably spoke correctly there all right, everybody for Bob’s and I’m Chucky DeMarco, I’m Jim the knife, newbie person want to say thank you so much for listening to the knife. Junkie, podcast and be sure wash our hands frequently thanks for listening to the 9th junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review with review, the podcast com4 show notes for today’s episode, additional resources and to listen to past episodes a visit our website, the night junkie comm.

You can also read our latest articles on youtube at the night junkie, comm, slash youtube check out some great night photos on the night, junkie, comm, /, instagram and join our facebook group at the knife. Junkie, comm, slash facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, comm or call our 24/7 listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an Upcoming episode of the knife, junkie, podcast

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knives- response to theArmorychannel

You recently did a article of all the knives yeah a knife I’ve collected when you can see here I got. I have five knives. I’ve got a couple more at work. These are the ones I’ve at the house, since my wife won’t. Let me buy many guns, I figure i’ll start collecting knives, so I guess we’ll kind of go smallest to largest see that it works this little guy right here.

I believe it’s a crkt. This is what they call the Ichi guess it’s one of the guys they hired in saying is razor sharp, but the tip on it. It’s so fine that I’m afraid to use it for anything, I’m afraid it’s going to break. So this kind of just sits more drawer, clicked in a bit desk, but every once a while, when I’m pretty confident tips not going to break i’ll cut a package up or something because that tip I mean that sucker no effort at all cut through anything.

Alright, this guy right here this is another crkt. This is the first pocket knife that I ever bought. It cost more than probably about ten dollars. I think I got this off. The corn will tool guy that stops by the shop and a nice display this. This one isn’t an assisted opener, but it’s got that little flipper. You pull out your pocket hit the flipper it pops right open. This is got the Tonto edge, tanto tanto, where you want to call it this knife out of the box.

It’s pretty sharp, not really impressed not anywhere near as sharp as that Ichi right there, but this knife is a lot heavier duty for a good long time. This was the knife I carried everywhere. I went and I would have total confidence that this would do anything I needed to do so. These won’t open on the table. This one right here is my latest purchase. This is another crkt knife, oh by the way that this knife is a out of the m16 line from crkt, and this crkt knife, I believe, is called the igniter t.

This is a assisted opening and to open it doesn’t have a flipper and you can’t just push it open and see. If you guys can see this we’ve got, a new system was a frame lock. I guess it’s a liner lock down here, but then there’s a lock up high and when you push that button it unlocks the blade. You can even hear that click maybe. But I tried as hard as I could to get this thing open until you push that button and then just give it just a tiny bit of flip.

I sucker flips open in re. What sold me on this knife was those serrations. I tell ya those things are sharp. I was checking this knife out. I touched some. I thought I’d cut my finger open but just cut to lick the top layer of skin. I didn’t believe it all, but I was like wow that his way is open. I thought it was guess, that’s what you call a clip point. Okay, this knife is not ambidextrous because of that locking system at locks, it closed crkt night or tea, and this is now my everyday carry.

Imagine I’m not usually a famous variations, because that’s why that’s? Why I found this one? This was hard to find because all these m16 lines, all of them, had the serrations they’re, just the normal servations I don’t like, but when I saw these bad boys I was this. I was sold. Let’s see here this one has a Smith & Wesson, spec, ops, knife. This is an assistant opener. It’s got a safety, switch red ready to go, no red safe and see that little thumb stud right there.

That’s not a flipper, it’s actually a switch. You pull! That’s you push that switch down this way comes out. This is another tant, 0 edge for whatever reason eyes I seem to like that blade shape. It’s pretty neat. Looking knife, it’s got some wow well shipping up there. Isn’t that great, I guess on the frame. You’ve got that little flip. The switch stop your finger from Ryan over there’s some decent grip down here and actually this side of the frame.

Here, it’s like grip tape on a skateboard you’re, not slipping anywhere on that. On the other side, I was pleased to see that they didn’t put that grip tape on here, because when you put that in your pocket, man got where that grip tape would rip. That grip. Your pocket up in no time but um gets its molded into the grip, is decently grippy but, like I say, you’re right, hander we’re going to hold it like this on the grip tape, we’re going to hide her thumb when the stud.

This is a. I guess this was my favorite knife. I just got that igniter. This was my favorite one. It’s Kershaw, 10 million designed. I guess this is the cycle, and this is the large one. As you can see pretty big boy and this is assisted opener. It’s got the speed safe system. You can turn the assist on turn these just off. I like to leave it on hit the flipper, which comes out Knutson. It’s a wide blade, and this I was carrying this one for a while.

Let’s go up 30 got a couple of rust spots on the blade, but that’s just part of your normal maintenance keeping your knives clean, oiled. Well I’ll, just

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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Have you seen these? These are not my Michael Jackson, Thriller gloves these are level-5 cut proof gloves, but can they protect a cut from an axe? These gloves are really bizarre and I really felt I don’t know what makes him makes him to work so well. But when I received them, I thought that they were going to be some sort of a metal fiber in their. You know like maybe like medieval chainmail type of thing, but they’re, not that at all.

I got a magnet on here and there’s something else in there. I don’t know what it is these, according to the advert or level 5, which was according to them the highest level of protection, and they claim that they are entirely cut proof. I can’t help, but thinking that ona in the gang from the novel, Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, if you haven’t read it to must read, probably, would have really liked to have a pair of gloves like these back in their the Meatpacking days, but interesting, interesting things.

So I thought we’d do a little fun test today and we’ll start we’ll start escalating and see how tough these these things are. We’ll start with a knife we’ll try some big industrial shears. I wonder how they do on a small saw and then we’ll finish off with the axe test and see if we can chop them without my hands in them. Thank you very much all right. So, let’s, let’s take one off, I don’t have that much faith in them to be honest with you and see if we can, with all my strength, lop off a finger with this bench, made crazy stuff what man can devise.

I find this hard to believe that I can’t, with all my pressure, lop off a finger of these nice clothes. Well, there yeah that’s so lame. I was expecting so much more. I was expecting a challenge there, but that doesn’t work at all. So I’m assuming that you want there having some flexibility in them. You know with the human flesh, is going to be I’m not about to cut my hand with those things on there.

Okay, I have to say that that is not at all very cut proof. All right, so, let’s switch it so it don’t fit to this year’s all right. Let’s see, can we you know that is offering certainly a bit more of a challenge there IKEA’s okay, so I said well, no, I can’t I cannot cut this with the shears. I’ve got a little bit of a bration right there, but no, I can’t you know if, like maybe if I could pull them tight a little bit.

Let’s try that pull a little trip pressure on there. No I’d say: you’re safe. If you’re using your big upholstery shears, you can probably not lose any sleep at night, but if you’re using a bench made, beware certainly be aware of that. Okay, so let’s see, can you say it? Let’s stretch it over here, can you saw, will a saw Taron? I would imagine the saws going to I’m going to really tear this up. It’s going to snag, pulled some tension on there and see.

Can you see that see if it okay, sorry, I was out of frame there. Let’s take a look and see how how well it does with the saw so the saw will be using here is the it’s actually, the pretty nice bahco laplander, no silky, but it doesn’t reflect the silky price either. A pretty good saw, not everything they think is bad okay, so we are sawing and I have to say, that’s pretty durable stuff. That’s really amazing! Isn’t it whatever that weave is I’d like to know what’s in that to make it so tough man? I wouldn’t think I couldn’t think of a fabric alive that could withstand a sawtooth like that much pressure on it.

Well, you can eventually get it starting to break down. You could eventually get through it, but oh look at that. Another character mark on that. My favorite axe, that’s the new handle okay. Well, I I would say that it is not saw proof but you’re going to take some work to get through it. It’s certainly not bench made proof. I can’t they believe that is that wasn’t really that easy to cut through.

Let’s see, let’s do that again: hmm! Well we’re going to have a nice set of fishing gloves here before we’re done with that all right, let’s see it’s, it stands up to the axe. Blade, if I’m going to be completely honest, that I do not have a whole lot of faith in this right here. So what we have here is we’ve got the grand forest Brooks small forest axe, viciously sharp, very, very sharp and we’re going to do a test and we’re going to find out here.

If it is indeed cut proof, it is not no surprise there try one more time a little bit harder see what happens yeah. You know I mean it. Does it’s somewhat resistant, but it’s not cut proof. Can we cut through the handle all the way there with a few chops? Let’s see one two three yep, definitely not axe proof, but it’s tough whatever that stuff is. It is very tough. You can’t Holly tear it. I don’t know what that is it Kevlar.

I mean that is so tough, that’s stuff, very interesting. Okay, let’s, let’s go to our conclusion. So what’s my conclusion of the level five cut proof glove? Well, I think we we definitely pushed it outside of its design specification. However, I think what it’s intended for, of course, is just this type of cutting. You know I mean if I take the glove here and I go across it, and this knife is razor razor sharp.

It’s going to protect me. So if I’m, I don’t know cutting meat, maybe I’m processing you deer or an elk. You know something like this. It’s kind of definitely seems like it protects you from any sort of a cut, but when you get really start pushing and pressure down there and put it against a hard surface, you know there’s no such thing as a miracle, and I knew that I probably I Knew exactly what these things were going to be, but I thought it was kind of an interesting test.

Another thing that they do not test against this is any sort of a penetration or poking. The fibers do spread and they’ll go right through there, but when you the knife’s edge is held up is distributed over all of the fibers, then it seems to offer plenty of cut protection. It is very disconcerting I’ll tell you just those pictures are grabbing a knife. Like that are, are bad might be pretty good in a medieval.

Would it work in a sword fight, you know those guys at catching the sword. I don’t know I don’t know, I guess it’d be better than nothing, but that’s it. That’s my review of the level 5 cut proof gloves and we’ll see you guys on the next article.

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Bestech Civivi Kunwu Benchmade April 18 Knife Hangout Knife Giveaway The Knife Junkie Podcast (101)

Demarco. Thanks for joining us welcome to the knife, junkie, podcast, it’s the place for knife newbies like myself, a knife junkies like you to learn all about knives and knife collecting.

It’s our midweek show where we get a chance to dive deep into some of the knife stories and other knife activities happening today. We’re going to kind of get an update on something going on with Big Daddy blade works, we’re going to talk about Thursday night knives. Talk about a past episode as well as look at ahead, some future episodes and in knife life news we’re going to talk best tech, savvy v, con whoo and benchmade.

So another full episode bob force this week. As you all know, we just had our 100th episode. What do you think yeah? Well, it was a turn of the tables on you. I should be asking you that question because you you weren’t asking the questions. Yeah yeah it was it was. It was fun to be interviewed by you. I’ve heard you interview so many people in the past. It was good to have your guns turned on me and it was.

It was fun to like. You know, to think about some of those. Some of those questions and to write and to you know talk about yourself. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, you know. Well, some people do but yeah. I thought you did it very well and if you didn’t listen to that episode, yet episode number 100, the knife junkie.Com slash one: zero, zero and Bob. You announced a couple of special things on episode, number, 100 and giveaway that folks still have time to get in.

On that’s right: it’s a cold steel, broken skull, I’m given away with a snaggletooth MF on it. As you know, the snaggletooth MF is the pocket deploying device much like an emerson wave. It’s an aftermarket device. We’ve had maker of that rob Penna on the show and, as you all know, I love the cold steel broken skull because it is so thin. It’s four inches of super steel. You have no excuse not to have on you at all times, because you can just put it right in your waistband and boom you’re ready to go so I’ve loved that knife and, as you know, I’ve carried a pink one for years.

I am not giving away a pink one. This will not be a pain. This one, a yeah I I may have, but they all seem to be gone because at a certain point you could buy them for half of what you could buy all the others. For because no one was buying them, I guess so they’re all gone, but I’m going to get to a an OD green one. Most people can agree. Oh d, green is a an appropriate knife color anyway. Okay, so all you got ta do is email me Bob at the knife junkie.

Com and in the subject line put episode 100. So I know, and then you can or don’t have to write me a little message, but your email is wrong as long as it says, episode 100 in the subject line will get fed into a bin and then fed from there into a random number generator. That’s how we’re going to select the winner because I’d like you all to have one, but I can’t afford to get you all one yeah that would be pretty expensive, so yeah and that’s the most most fair way to pick a winner.

Random number generator. Every a male will be assigned a number and I don’t think we set this on the last time. I guess there’s no it well, I don’t know, is there a? Is there a limit to the times folks can enter? I didn’t think of that yeah. Well, you know what, let’s, let’s just keep it to one: why not now, let’s be sporting about it, yeah, let’s, let’s make it fair, yeah yeah, put in a nice note, and if you don’t mind us, sharing your your email, your thoughts yeah put that in the Email to Bob too, and we can share your thoughts or feedback or whatever, on the podcast so yeah.

Let us know your plans for it. What you would do with it, how you would use it, how you would carry it so shoot Bob, an email at Bob at the knife, junkie com put episode 100 in the subject line we’ll announce the winner on this coming Sunday’s interview show that’ll, be on Sunday April 12th, but again you have until midnight this Saturday night April 11th to get that email in to be entered in that drawing for the I was getting race, a pink because I’m so used to saying your your knife, but the drawing for the cold steel broken Skull with snaggletooth MF attachment, alright Bob also something we announced Sunday on the episode.

100 show you’re going to be kind of doing a special live hangout upcoming in a couple of weeks, yep on April 18th, Saturday, at noon, we are going to have a just a gathering, a gathering of knife people, people that we’ve talked to on the show before We’re hoping to get a special guest coming in when I have that information I’ll. Let everyone know what time that would be, but yeah just a an online a live gathering with Jim behind the switcher.

If any of you have seen Thursday night knives, you know how Jim works, the switcher, bringing in screens images of knives and different people different article floating in and out, looks like CNBC. It looks like Fox News right here on the on YouTube, but all about knives. We’re going to be doing that, but we’re going to have a bunch of guests, so it will be a true gathering of knife, knife lovers, knife grates, knife makers, etc.

Right and regular viewers have the chance to join in two week. If you have a webcam and a microphone, you can actually join Bob and the other guests that we have the live hangout on April 18th and come on for a couple of minutes, maybe show off one of your special knives that you’ve got or show off a Knife of the guest that you have or maybe just come on to to pimp a knife you’re trying to sell. We would certainly welcome that as well no charge or whatever so make your plans for a Saturday April 18th at noon.

Mark it on your calendar. Go ahead plan to be with us on the live, YouTube hangout, as bob says, don’t know how long it’s going to go, but we’ll plan to make an afternoon of it. If you’ll plan to be there with us – and I got ta, say Jim liked – the the idea of actually seeing and meeting people who listen to the show is fascinating to me. I’d love to meet some of you people. I mean I’d love to meet you all, but I mean it’d be so cool to see you on screen and a couple minutes to chat with you see what you’re carrying and that kind of thing all right.

Well hope you can join us Saturday April 18th at noon again. Put it on your calendar and we’ll see you there all right Bob, a couple of other updates. Before we get into knife life news you’ve got an update from bone. Daddy blade works about what was it a crowdfunding project they had going on yeah, you remember the axis hand axe it’s it’s the knife that also acts as an axe. You can take it out in the field with you and use it for all of your knife.

Chores but then you can also attach it to a hafthor, some sort of piece of wood and use it as an axe. It’s a it’s a really cool design. Besides the fact that it that it’s a interesting tool that crosses over uses it’s a beautiful thing to look at anyway, they were doing a Kickstarter campaign and they made 137 percent of their goal, which is amazing and got fully supported. And then coronavirus came in.

So they had a number of people back out. You know sadly, and it you know it’s no, no, no one could predict that something like this would happen, but they have decided to to expand their window of opportunity for people who pledge to to get one of these so they’re moving their their campaign over to Indiegogo and in demand which allows them a wider funding window, so they can take advantage of people who are interested in this, but maybe right at this moment it’s not the greatest time, but you know in the future yeah so definitely check out bone.

Daddy blade works their axis hand, axe is just a cool, implement and useful implement, but also just beautiful to look at. We all know I like beautiful knife, beautiful things, yeah so check them out IndieGoGo in demand. This is Sean Holman and I believe his wife work bone. Daddy blade works, they have a small operation. I think it’s them, the two of them and a couple of people so help support them and – and this really innovative tool – and you know just a cool thing for knife people.

Well, as you said, a hundred and thirty seven percent funded. Definitely folks like agree with you, that is a cool and useful useful endeavor. Definitely I mean it’s a nice chunk of change to raise for this project. So, let’s, let’s help them get this thing to market blade, daddy bone works. You can just use your favorite search engine and find them there Thursday night knives want to kind of mention that and promote that a little bit before we get into knife life news a Thursday night knives Bob’s a live article show has been going on now since Late last year, I think it started in November or December of last year pretty much every week we may have missed one or two during the holiday period or whatever, but it’s a regular Thursday night at 10:00 p.

M. Eastern and this past week you had an interesting Guest, oh yeah, yeah. First of all, Thursday night knives has been such a blast. There have been nights where I’m you know we go live. At 10:00 p.M. Eastern there have been my nights where I’ve had a long day and I’m like oh man, Thursday night knives, and then we turn on the light. We turn on the camera boom boom and then we’re all just hanging out talking about knives.

It’s very fun. I love it. We oftentimes have co-hosts of the show. We have Zell Rick as Elric 42 Terrell Todd. He comes down a lot. We have Alex so of Alex’s knife box. He comes down a lot awesome, guy, great guys with great perspectives. One makes knives one collects high-end knives this week. This past week we had on sly seed. I see Brian love him. I’ve been a sucker for his articles for about a year and a half now and with the he’s up in New York and with the with the shelter it’s not a shelter in place or with the stay home order, he’s been making a lot more articles and I’ve been loving them all I reached out to him.

We want to come on the show Thursday night 9:00. She said hell, yes, let’s talk about that. He came on, he was great and I think we’re going to make him a regular co-host he’s into it. I think he’s into it and – and it was great and and we have people commenting – you know – people participating and I’ve gotten to know some people and and with each week I get to know them a little bit more because more of their comments come in and Now, I’m reading their articles on YouTube people – I didn’t know before it’s been a great experience.

I love it, but anyways Lacey, dicey, just came out with a marathon of his articles. It’s a three hour and three minute marathon of some of his knife, ravit well of his knife reviews with what he loves the best some of the knives. He loves the best, some of the reviews he loves the best and the three hours ends with kitties. He shows off his cats, so oh my yeah I’ve seen kitties would be better man.

That’s that’s what happens when you hear when you’re stuck indoors, yeah right all right, you’re going to focus on the things you love knives, kitties family. You know all right! Well, that’s going back! That’s part of the reason you’re doing the special April 18th kind of hangout get-together at noon. You know it’s just we realize everybody’s stuck at home. A lot of the knife shows going on this month have been canceled or postponed.

Folks, don’t have the opportunity to get out so let’s get together virtually on April 18th and the talk knife show off knives and you know: have a party yeah that’ll be awesome. Yeah bring your favorite beverage. For me, it’s going to be coffee, cuz lent will still be – oh, maybe not well, but you’ll be on the air. Yes, we’ll have coffee yeah, that’s going to be noon, I mean Who am I well if it yeah, you can’t start before name all right.

What do you say we get in the life knife life news that’ll be coming up next, you’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast and now here’s the knife junkie with the ninth life news speaking of Thursday night knives, this one came up last week. I was talking with slicey dicey about this next coming knife from best tech, it’s called the eye of rah yeah, that’s right, the eye of rah and one look at this knife.

You know why it’s called the eye of Raw on the handle carved into the handle. Audaciously, so if I might say, is an eye shape, it’s two triangles on either side of a circle and it looks like an eye. It’s a stylized cutout in the handle and the g10 handle of this new best tech, but that is where it gets its name. The eye of raw this thing is beautiful, I got ta say now best tech has been doing a lot of collaborations recently, but for this knife, the eye of raw they’re going back to their own stable of extremely capable designers and we’re seeing this and I’ve come Out it’s a it’s got.

A classic drop point blade. It’s d2! It’s a it’s! A very, very nice-looking blade. I got to say it’s got a straight spine. So maybe it’s not a drop point. I don’t know what you would call it, but it’s a it’s a it’s, a lovely blade with a lovely, long, swedge and it sits in this handle. That is just looks extremely economically. It’s got just a slight bit of flair to it, but it’s mostly neutral – and the thing I like about this – is that the whole cutout in the handle actually looks to serve a purpose.

I mean to me: I mean to most it might look like it’s just a flow-through thing to lighten lighten it up and to add some style. But to me that’s a pivot point for your finger and your forefinger. So you yeah, you have this thing in standard grip and you want to change your grip. You slide down to that hole and you flip it around that way and then suddenly you have it in reverse grip. I I mill little notches like that in handles of some of my knives for that very purpose.

You also see it in outdoor knives as a socket for like a bow drill. Interesting, I didn’t yeah. I didn’t realize that I just thought it was. You know a nice design feature just it yeah and, and who knows it might be there just simply as that, but I look at that and I think it’s in the perfect spot – it’s not in the middle. It’s it’s down towards the the far a little bit more towards the far end, and it’s circular, it’s perfect for for a pivot point, just for manipulating the blade.

But all of that aside, it is quite beautiful and it’s going to be a pretty inexpensive knife. It’s in there, d2 g10. You know line so yeah. Look for that sly see, dicey, has one on the way to him, so I’m sure he’ll have a article of that coming out in short order when it comes out, especially if he’s doing two a day yeah. Exactly but again the cool thing about this all in-house design, but a beautiful design, no doubt right all right, three more stories to cover and we’re going to take a look at savvy, V’s new front flipper.

Yes, the X arc. Now I’m I’m going to mention savvy v later in in my state of the collection, because I just got my first two VB. So it’s all. It’s all coming together, making sense to me why people are doing nine over city, and that is because they’re awesome. Okay, they’re, inexpensive and they’re, pretty damn well made their new one. The X arc is a sort of take on the chronic something that just came out this this past year, the chronic or at the beginning of 2028.

The chronic is a as a small 3.2 inch. Flipper traditional flipper, with a clip point blade. It’s really cool-looking, though I’ve heard from from some people, it’s not the most comfortable thing, but that’s what I like about it. It looks not that it’s not comfortable but that it looks extremely neutral. It’s like a stick. Basically. So the next one in this line is called the XR and it’s got the same, handle you look at it.

It’s the same sort of faceted in cross-section hexagonal, handle, and but this one instead of a regular flipper, is a front flipper and instead of a clip point, it’s got a drop point and instead of 9 CR 18 MOV, it’s got d2, so they’ve upgraded, they’ve, upgraded. The steel, presumably actually, I have no experience with the 9 CR. Actually I hear it’s quite great, but the d2, I think, is an upgrade and the blade shape.

You know, that’s a matter of taste. I prefer the clip point personally, but the front flipper looks cool and that’s the USP of this thing. It’s got a front flipper, so the X arc. Now this line from Savi be the X arc. Slash cronic has something for everybody front. Flipper, regular flipper clip point drop point. You know you name it so having my hands on on my first of Evie, I would say it’s probably great.

If you like the design, I can’t imagine it not being awesome by the way in cross-section. It’s not hexagonal its octagonal. Sorry, that’s all right! I didn’t know the difference. Hexagon! Alright, let’s move on quickly con whoo. I knew Ronan yeah yeah, so uh several months back, I talked about the con whoo. What was there another knife that came out by con woo and and it was their first design and the name escapes me now, but it’s a crowdsourced knife – and I don’t know if you remember this Jim but I said: do we need another? You know titanium frame, lock ball bearing flipper that isn’t even sourced, yet that doesn’t even have it and you very sensibly said we’ll look Bob.

These are people trying to make it in the knife world, and this is how they’re doing it – and I said you know what you’re right and if you have a cool design it had some bike features. I remember some features that that were sort of bicycle related and you very wisely said if this is how they can get their knives made. This is how they can get their knives made and I took a total of 180 from that comment, and – and now I admire them so good.

So Kanu has a new knife, the Ronin, which is beautiful. It’s got this trailing Point knife, it’s it’s our blade. It looks kind of like a quakin style blade, it’s a continuous belly with a very acute point and slightly up swept and yeah it’s. It’s got the the usual s35vn titanium frame, lock package with the with the with the vault ceramic ball bearings, and it’s three point. Three eight inches, which I’m very happy about, because I love the way this thing looks and if it were any bigger, I’d have to buy it myself.

So anyway, cun whoo, the Ronin that’s coming out and you can get in on it. Early bird special 110 bucks check it out on their Kickstarter case. So, okay, as I was going to ask so it this is another one of their crowdsourcing campaigns. Yes, yes, yeah exactly alright, so con woo looks like it’s a new knife maker. That’s going to be following the the crowdsourcing route for a while, until I guess they kind of get the company built.

I reckon yeah, and you know the last design was very unique and this one for other. The last one was called the Orion by the way, and that was a very unique design. I didn’t care for the design myself, but this new one is really cool alright. So, if the keep this keep this design and make a four four-and-a-half inch blade, call it something different. Then Bob will be on that on the liner by one exactly, but there’s still time to get on that Kickstarter May 8 is when it ends so yeah.

Okay good point to know last story and knife life news this week. Something are regarding bench made and I don’t know how to pronounce the knife bomb I’ll. Let you I’ll leave that to you well, this is this is a new it’s the lake ooh I mean. That’s how I think you pronounce it like ooh and and it’s it’s a carry on to the the pouco and the pouco is a was their take on the traditional Scandinavian Bush crafting knife.

The pouco. This one is a has a 5-inch blade, a slightly over five inches, making it much bigger and carries a bit of the heft at the tip, so you can use it for light chopping and and this kind of work it’s a it’s. Basically, a five-inch version of the pouco, it’s got a, it does not have a scandinavian grind, but it does have a high height saber grind, and then it’s got a finishing edge. It’s three v and this three v from bench made is hardened 26262.

Now I know when they featured three v on the bailout. They received some criticism from the HRC police about the hardness of that that 3 V well they’re claiming the 3 V on the on the new bench made like, oh and, and I say claiming I don’t mean that to sound like we should doubt that, but they’re Saying that it’s coming out at 62 62 people who love 3 V and know what that means, I mean. Obviously it means it’s harder, but let me know, let me know is that is that acceptable though, but it’s a it’s a 5 ounce knife.

It looks like it’s a great outdoors night and the handle looks incredibly comfortable. It’s got one of those d-ring drop sheaths or drop leg sheaves, and it’s got a little slot in it to put a fire starter, so the leek ooh it looks cool. The 202 is the number so news there from bench made to wrap up our segment of knife life news and now that we’re caught up with knife life news. Let’s hear more of the knife junkie, podcast all right back on episode, number 101 of the knife junkie! Podcast and it’s time for our state of the collection segment, if you will Bob gets a chance to talk about a couple of new knives and his collection or knives at on the way in his collection or knives that have been in his collection that he’s updating Or doing something special with and today in the state of the collection, we’re going to talk about, as Bob mentioned earlier, his first savvy, but we’re also going to talk about the for Praetorian.

So you want to start with Praetorian or cv I’ll start with the Praetorian. There’s not much to say yet, but ever since Greg Medford came on the show, I’ve been interested in Medford knives and then Alex Alex so of Alex’s knife box dangled this Medford slim MIDI in front of me and I had to buy it and it’s amazing and I love it and then Stu our good friend, Stu from stone and steel up in Vermont, contacted me and said: hey I heard on your podcast that you’re interested in a Praetorian hey just in case we have one.

He sent me two drool-worthy pictures and I sat on those for a few months and then made a few things happen and now I’m getting one and I’m very I’m very much. Looking forward to this, the Praetorian, I have to say defied my my idea of knife design logic, the first time I saw it I snickered and over the years i’ve grown an appreciation for the design, and now I just got to get the damn thing in hand.

I got to say so I’m very much looking forward to that. I had to sell a knife and a half basically that I really like. So I hope it’s my hope. It’s worth it, but and and that’s that’s all I have to say about that. There will be plenty more, I’m sure, plenty more opportunities for us to talk about it on the podcast and articles to see on the knife, junkies YouTube blog, absolutely any idea when it’s going to come in, maybe in time for next week’s supplemental Stu sent it on.

So it should be here sometime this coming week: no okay, all right, we’ll see if we can, if we have a chance, if not we’ll hear about it on an upcoming Supplemental, I’m sure and again you can read articles about it on the knife. Junkies, youtube blog at the knife, junkie.Com slash youtube. So let’s talk about a knife. You actually do have in your hand, Bob and you’re you mentioned at the beginning.

Your first savvy, you know yeah this burns me up. You say that I have in my hand. I cannot find the damn thing all day yesterday afternoon and this morning, I’m like: where is it? Where is it? I don’t know it’s somewhere in the house: it’s not like. I’ve left the house, maybe your girl’s target, but I probably did but the severe threat er. Okay, so you heard me yammering for weeks and weeks and weeks about how I’m getting rid of my you know slowly but surely kind of weaning wending wending away at my at my ball bearing flipper knives.

But I had to check out a savvy B and – and I accidentally dropped one into the Amazon purchase for some responsible home goods accidentally, I hate it when that happens. That’s like when I go to the grocery store and I scream gets into the to the grocery bag. It’s like, I don’t know honey, it just showed up how did and it happens to be mint chocolate chip. Yes, the damnedest thing. The person in front of me was the same thing I do, but anyway go ahead now they have to love it from eight feet, but yes, so it came, and I see what the big deal is about severe ease.

Okay. Now let me give you my initial impressions and I pulled it out of the box and I was like okay. It feels like a $ 60 knife and I was like what does that mean. It feels like a $ 60 and I okay. It feels light alright. So I looked in in inside the steel liners are beautifully skeletonized, it’s like a triangle. You know it’s like a triangle: girder pattern in there, something that looks like something out of constructs like a bridge when you look at the liners, there’s so much material removed that that’s what’s lightening it up, and then you look at the blade the blade the stock Is so thin in the gym, it’s so thin and it’s got this beautiful clip-point shape with an with an incredible needlepoint and then it’s hollow ground.

So you have an already thin blade stock. That’s hollow ground, stuff, just kind of parts before you even touch it with the blade it sees the blade coming and it says yawns open. It’s it’s well! Okay! It’s not that sharp, but it is incredible how thin the blade is. So so my first impression was it kind of feels cheap because it felt light. Hmm silly silly, because when I looked in there so much work went into making this light.

It’s not late because it’s made of cheap materials or it’s it’s late, because a lot of effort went into making it light. It is a big knife for most people, it’s it’s got a 3.8 inch blade. So that’s a that’s almost four inches, it’s a decent size and when you get into a nearly 9 inch folding knife, it’s going to be heavy unless you put in a lot of effort. So the thing is beautiful: it’s got no writing on the blade except a microscopic d2 right at the I mean, like you really really have to search for it and put on your your old man glasses to find that it’s d2, but there’s! No writing anywhere else.

Doesn’t say Savi all it very tastefully has a C on the pivot. On the show side, the g10 is of the of the cheaper variety g10. You know, no doubt it’s not the it’s. It’s not kind of g10 you’ll find on a high-end Spyderco or anything like that, but man it’ll do the trick for sure, and the action is incredible on this thing and – and I I haven’t popped it open – tell me if I’m wrong about this, but when I Look in, I put it on the spine and look in it looks like this thing’s on phosphor bronze washers.

I cannot see the light between ball bearings like a can and all my other ball bearing flippers. So so my question, I have not taken it apart yet and now I cannot find it somewhere in my house with it, but people tell me right in whatever you got to do, but tell me is this: are these ball bearings that are in some sort of Milled out race in the titanium when he can’t see him because they’re buried or am I looking at phosphor, bronze, washers and just an extremely smooth, out-of-the-box washers knife.

I can’t tell, but this thing is a winner and now you know just for knowledge. So I know what I’m talking about. I need to buy some more savvy v’s. Oh absolutely, but you know what Jim I’m not going to hold on to them. I will sell them or give them away or something because I know in the long run I won’t carry them long term, but I’m fascinated by them. I mean that they’re, really it’s a really well-made and inexpensive knife, but it is twice the cost of the Kaiser.

What was it the Santa Fe by tangra, which is an incredibly smooth knife and a budget version of a high-end Chinese manufacturer? So so, when we get down into this budget realm, I’m wondering how you start dividing things up interesting thought for maybe future discussions, yeah yeah yeah. I have to formulate the thought first, but it made me think, like this is a very nice knife. That’s a Vivi! Shredder, but is it twice as nice as the tangrams Santa Fe mm-hmm? Don’t think so all right! Well, if you have a pinion about that or any other thoughts about the savvy V shredder that Bob now can’t find – or maybe mrs.

Knife junkie has in her pockets that, but maybe you can ask her about that, she did say she liked it. I gave it that you know I oftentimes, you know what do you think of this knife? She liked it a lot. Oh maybe there’s your culprit right. There yeah call the listener line. Seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven! Let us know your thoughts of the sivb shredder, seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven, all right Bob, that’s going to put the but the whatever they call it, but the the pommel on the handle or something like that, the nerdy, but they end On this one or put it in the books or whatever they say, that’s what I’m trying to say is this is about going to wrap up this podcast any final thoughts you have as we near the end of 101.

You don’t have junky podcast. No, I just don’t want anyone to think I’m a total hypocrite, because I’ve been on here looking to deep into your collection and rediscovered knives you already have – and here I am spending money on more knives. Please don’t think me a hypocrite. I’m doing this for everyone’s betterment and it was an accidental purchase. It was it it just did somehow it ended up in his cart, yeah yeah the unexplained trying to help you Bob.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate I’m just going to keep my mouth shut from now. You can let mrs. Knife junkie, listen to the last minute social she’ll know it was not your fault, I’m calling Doug Ritter, that’s it keep my mouth shut. Alright, folks, thanks for joining us on episode, number 101 of the knife, junkie podcast, be sure to listen. This Sunday, as we have Nick to print on for the interview, show and be sure to join us every Thursday night at 10 p.

M. For Thursday night knives. That’s on Bob’s YouTube blog that you can find at the knife. Junkie.Com slash YouTube so for Bob, the knife junkie, DeMarco, I’m Jim the knife, newbie person, saying thanks for joining us on the knife: junkie, podcast thanks for listening to the 9th junky podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review with review the podcast calm for show notes for today’s episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes and visit our website, the knife junkie, calm, you can also read our latest articles on YouTube at the knife: junkie, Calm /youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife: junkie, comm, slash, Instagram and join our Facebook group at the knife.

Junkie.Com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line. At seven, two, four, four six, six, four four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the knife: junkie, podcast

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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Survivor Kid TV Presents… DIY Throwing Axe / Hatchet / Tomohawk

What you see here is a so not enterprises multi-use hatchet with rubberized handle. I bought it at Fleet Farm for only $ 4 prices online for throwing hatchets range from seven dollars to hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, the inexpensive ones have really bad reviews. In addition, the inexpensive ones are really light which makes them really hard to throw by taking this one and cutting off the pry bar, I was able to make a nice throwing hatchet.

As you can see, this hatchet was over a pound. I made myself a target out of 4×4 posts, let’s go outside and see if I can stick one if you have it inexpensive, throwing hatchet please like share and subscribe, and I will see you in the next article

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Knives and Processing Wood

What I wanted to do today was continue in our article series. We talked about yesterday, my humble opinion on knives, and I want to talk a little bit more and expand on some of those things that we talked about. Yesterday and show you some techniques and also again talk about some nonno’s for knife use. One of the things that we talked about a lot yesterday was using a baton with your knife, and basically, a baton is just a piece of hardwood and again I, like mine, you know about arm length from my armpit out to you, where the crook of my Wrist is, and it needs to be made out of a piece of hard wood that you can make contact with the back of your knife to create a better cutting tool out of your knife and give it more force.

If you don’t have an axe and you need to cut something that you can’t just push your knife through. Obviously you don’t want to chop with that knife, and we talked about that. So this becomes the thing that you swing and the knife becomes a solid point of contact that becomes a blade for cutting. So this is an extension of your knife. If you don’t have an axe now, if you have a saw, you may still need to baton.

But if you have an axe, you have no need for either. The problem is you’re not always going to have an axe in every situation and that’s why you need to learn or understand the limitations and capabilities of baton in your knife. So we can use any sized knife from the TLC that we talked about yesterday. All the way up to and including, like the Pathfinder Scout, with a big six-inch blade to baton, we can use the mores if we have to.

But again I tend to stay away from baton knives that are not full tang for fear that they may break at the rat tail and you may go for years without ever breaking a rat tail tang knife, but the time you need it. The most is usually when your equipment fails and I’m not going to take that chance and that’s what we talked about full tang knives. So what we’re going to talk about today is a little bit of do’s and don’ts with your knife, how to use your knife properly with a baton, how to not use your knife properly.

Obviously we talked about you never use your knife to swing like in hacks, because it’s very uncontrolled, it’s very unsafe and it doesn’t take maximum advantage of that blade. I can take a lot more advantage of that blade as a cutting surface by using it with a baton, then I can ever take by sewing it with my hand. The other thing I would never do with my knife is tie it to the end of the stick and make a spear, and I had a couple questions about that.

I’ve had people ask me about that before. Why don’t the knives that I use have the ability to be bolted on to something else as a spear? Well, if your knife is your only tool, why would you want to attach it to a stick? It could possibly come off of and now you’ve lost. Your only tool goes back to my same mentality of throwing knives. Why would I ever want to throw a knife and throw away the only tool that I have? I would never do that.

So I’m not going to use it for a spear at the same time by swinging it as something like an axe. I take a chance on doing damage to that knife for damage to myself. That’s unnecessary. If I can better control the way that knife cuts by using a baton and that’s what we’re going to talk about a lot today, stay with me guys, okay, so what I have in front of me is: I have a hickory sapling and this sapling is about Three inches in diameter at the bottom.

It would be something that I may use for a ridgepole or a construction portion of my shelter. If I were having to build something primitive, it’s a pretty tall tree, it’s probably over 20 feet tall. It’s got a lot of limbs on it. It’s got like I said about a three inch base. So let’s talk about how we would use our knife to process this tree depending on what we’re trying to do. Okay, so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to bend this tree over and decide how much of this tree? I don’t need because I’m not going to need the top of this tree for my shelter, although I may use the branches and things like that.

That’s why we’re going to limit, but I’m not going to use the top most crooked portion of this for a construction element, my shelter, so I need to get rid of part of it. Okay, so, as I said, we’re going to have to limb this tree, someone there’s no reason for us to use our knife necessarily unless we have to. If I’ve got a baton already, I can probably beat on many of those limbs off of there by striking against them and down and just pull them off.

If they don’t come off. That way, then I’ll use my knife with the baton, but I want to save that knife as much as I can first remember that in a situation where you are truly stuck down to one tool and that tool is your cutting blade, it’s your most important asset. So the least you have to use it the better off. You are okay, so I’ve got the one here that doesn’t want to come off. What I’m going to do is I’m going to straddle this tree and I’m just going to cut it off with my knife.

The best way for me to effectively do that now that I’ve got it ripped down, is just to put my knife on top of it and hit down just like that and cut it off now. If I’ve got an area where I can’t get the limb off for some reason with my baton, then I will choose to baton my knife through that limb and we’ll talk about that next. Okay. So if I have a limb like this one and this one would come off just by smacking it with this baton, but for sake of this demonstration, we’re going to use our knife, what I’m going to do is I’m going to put my knife in the crotch Of that limb, just like this going down the tree, I’m going to use this area of my knife and again the majority of what you do is going to be used is going to be using this portion of your blade.

So I’m going to get that thing as close to the bottom, as I can and just cut it straight off, just like that with my knife. If I get to that point, I’m good it didn’t take, but a couple of small taps to get that done, and I wasn’t swinging and flailing my knife around like some kind of an axe and that’s the point. Okay, now we’re to the point where we’re going to take the top out of this tree. The best way for us to do that is to bend the top in toward us and push down what that does.

Is that put stress on the bend right here once we’ve got that Bend stressed, we can then safely cut it and as long as we’re standing on it, it’s going to flip out of our way. So we’re just going to take our knife and push down in toward the material just like this and we’re just beaver chewing in just like this, with our knife and sooner or later, even on a live hickory we’re going to get that off of there.

Now we have no top on this tree. All we have is this point. I want to get to add a little less dangerous and just round it off a little bit and then we’ll let the tree go back up. Okay. This is a very good example. This live hickory that were working on right now is a very good example of something that you would use for a spring poll you’re going to have to get rid of all the foliage on this tree, because it’s going to cause resistance when it tries to spring Upward, but a sapling like this – that’s nice and big nice and tall.

This thing’s still like 15 feet tall and has a lot of pressure on it. That’s what you’re going to have to have if you’re going to try to do primitive trapping, because something like this will lift an animal off the ground. Remember if you’re, using primitive methods to trap with you’ve got to get that animal off the ground. Something like this will do it, so that’s a very good technique to take the top out of a tree take a few, the branches off of the tree of the sapling, so that you can then use that for a spring Pole.

Okay, so again, this is our pole at present right here. This is a heavy-duty pole. I’m going to pull this thing down and let’s string up one more time on you about where it would be if it were a trap, spring device, and you can see how heavy due to that piece of hickory is. That makes a great spring pole you’re going to need something the size of that if you plan to do primitive trapping okay. So let’s look at this pole as if we’ve decided, we need to take the whole thing with us now.

Maybe we’re going to use this as a structural pole for a shelter or a travois or some type of a device for dragging someone out of the woods if we needed it like a like a mature of some kind that we can drag like a trip away Or we’re going to use this whole thing for a spring poll, but we didn’t happen to get lucky enough that this great spring poll was right by where we want to set our trap. So we got to take this with us to jam it somewhere else.

In a log jam or bury it partially in the ground or lever it somehow so that it will work the way we want it to work at any rate, when we cut this down, we don’t want to leave. You know a three-foot stump sticking up out here. That’s going to be a killing device if somebody trips on okay, all we’re going to do with this tree is we’re going to pull our knife out. So I figure out which side of the tree I need to get on for you guys to see this.

The best we’re going to come down at a low level of the tree and we’re going to cut ourselves a v-notch in this tree a little bit of an angle. And I want to cut that in there. With the belly of my knife, or just behind the belly, and then I want to come in cut that notch out just like that and if I’ve gotten myself half way through the tree. At that point, I should be able to bend this sapling over and it should break.

If that doesn’t happen, then I’m just going to move over a little bit and I’m going to cut a bigger chunk out off to one side, just like this again trying to go half way through the tree trying to control this. Let you guys see it at the same time a little bit sure, but that’s okay! Now it’s going to come straight over now. I can take my knife and shear it off just like this, and if I get some stubborn bark I’ll just run that over the top and go straight down on it and now that tree is ready to go.

I just beaver tune around it until I could push it over and then chopped it off, get it all with my baton, the first two-thirds of my knife and never had to swing anything except this, which is much more controllable and less sharp than swinging this. Okay. So, let’s take a smaller tree in this example, is something that we’re going to harvest. We’ve got a triple triples coming out of the ground right here.

All we’re going to do is bend this down and find our Bend and then we’re going to be virtual with our knife. If we don’t have a big enough knife that we can beat on it, oh we’re a little bit leery of batana our knife. We can always be virtue this thing down and I’m going to show you how to do that right now. Okay, so maybe the knife that we have is not optimal for batani, but it’s still plenty sharp.

Well, that’s just going to dictate to us what size trees. We can pick on a little bit, but we can still get the job done. We just need to figure out where this tree is flexing. You can see it flexing right there and that’s what we’re going to use our knife we’re going to take advantage of that Bend and we’re going to start to cut into that Bend. Just like this, you see how that just bent right over and busted with just a couple of cuts once I’ve done, that I can be virtu my way back around until I cut that completely out.

Just like that. Okay, again we’ll go back to our small knife for a minute and say that we want to process this down to a certain length, we’re going to use it for a tripod stand. Whatever the case may be, we can’t sit here and hack on this thing. For a half an hour with our knife trying to chop it, or we can just take our baton and make a V cut in here over halfway through on this side, turn it over and do exactly the same thing on the backside.

Having problems getting to lay the way I want to house it in top it first, that’s okay, another advantage to topping the tree beforehand is easier to control, and then you can see. I just cut that to length with two cuts very easily snap that off and that things cut to length I didn’t have to swing my knife. All I had to do is very controlled and use my baton very simple, okay, well we’re sitting here with this.

Stick in her hand, let’s talk about another reason or another way that we can use our knife. Now that we know we have a ninety degree spine on that knife again, we’ll go back in a smaller knife, the trap line, companion and if I want to process this thing, maybe this is a dead limb and I want to process this bark for use. As a tinder bundle, I can’t scrape the bark with my knife just like this on the back side, or I want to just remove the bark down to the inner bark or down to the sapwood.

I can do that very easy. With the back of this knife – and I don’t have to sacrifice my blade to try to do things like the bark removal – I can do that with the spine of my knife just like this, and you can see how good that 90 degree spine removes that bark. If I want fine shavings, I can get those as well, and this will work the same way for dead wood as it does for green wood. That 90 degree spine allows me to get very, very fine shavings if I need them, and that is exactly what happens with your ferrocerium rod when you scrape it you’re, taking those fine shavings of magnesium and other materials and removing them, and they spontaneously combust with oxygen And ignite, and one of the things I was talking about yesterday in my article, was about not worrying about carrying a downes bar because you wear out the mat, the mag board.

You wear out the Ferro rod long before you’re, going to wear out the magnesium and what a lot of people don’t understand is because these rods have so much magnesium in them. You can’t always just scrape the rod to get a pile of shavings and those shavings are going to be highly combustible. You just got to be careful about it, so that you’re not creating spark and then you’re going to get the same thing you get with magnesium.

So I wouldn’t carry the downes bar because it has magnesium on. I just care extra feral rod, okay, so real quick. Let’s talk about “’but awning wood as far as processing firewood goes now. This log is about four inches in diameter. If I have a saw, I can cut those logs, but I’m going to be here all day trying to do this. So it’s a lot easier for me to baton this. If I don’t have an axe, if I have an axe, I can forego all of that.

But I don’t have an axe because I’m down to you know I just carried a saw and a knife because that’s all I thought I was going to need or all I have is you know well I’ve got then I may have to beat on wood and That’s all there is to it, so there are ways that you can beat on logs like this properly and there’s ways to do it, I’m properly or unsafely, and one thing that I want you remember is like I said this is a four inch diameter long and That is one of the reasons for the length of this knife.

Okay, and this is about a five inch log. Actually, so there’s barely any stick out on the edge of this log. So when I get this knife down into here that this log hasn’t split for some reason, I still have something to hit with my baton. Besides the back of my knife or the back of my hand, that’s the reason for that blade length. If I have a four inch blade and I’ve got a vlog, this big once I get down to the center of it now I’m either banging on the back of my hand or I’m banging on the handle, and I don’t want to do that.

So that’s another reason for the five to six inch blade length, because a four inch log is good fuel size. It’s also good size for shelter, building material. You should never have to process anything bigger than four inches in diameter in a woodland emergency or a wilderness emergency scenario. You should never have to process anything bigger than that, so big choppers and things like that in eastern Willa’s aren’t necessary.

You really don’t need them. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to lay our knife on the log and I like to split the center first and you want to you: don’t ever want to do this, you don’t want the belly of your knife or the point of your knife. Going into this piece of wood remember that this area is going to be used for skinning tasks, find carving tasks and all of those types of things, and it’s also the hardest to resharpen that area in the field.

That’s important thing to remember that some people, don’t realize, is a straight long flat like this is much easier to resharpen than a curved edge right here, even in a controlled environment. That’s the part that most people have struggle with. So in the woods it’s really going to be a problem, so I need to conserve that area of my blade, the best I can so I’m going to push my knife, no matter how big my log is all the way to the edge of that blade.

Now this one just happens to be wide enough. Then it’s going to take up some of that area. I don’t want to use, but I have no choice in that with this long. If I had a choice I wouldn’t be doing it, then I’m going to get I’m going to hold back on the handle a little bit to make sure my hands completely out of the way and I’m going to take a seating tap. I’m going to make sure that knife is seated in there very well, then I’m going to take a harder smack if my knife gets cockeyed I’ll, move off to the side a little bit and continue now you can see I’ve went down through this log and it Did not split it completely out.

Part of that is blade, grind issue. If this was a Scandinavian, grinder or a wedge shape, it would split this much butter. This is a flat grind, which is a narrow. It’s a full flat grind, which is a narrow wedge, not near as good for splitting wood, much better for processing meat and game again trade off. If I had the Pathfinder knife in this thing, it would have split wide open. So now I’m at the mercy of smacking on this tip, but if this tip wasn’t here, what would I do? I need there to be swinging this down to try to bust it and flail around my knife, or I’d have to try to pry it out of there start over again, alright be smacking back here on my handles so by having that little blade length out there, I was able to effectively split that log open.

If I quarter this, that’s going to be more than enough for fuel, that’s going to be enough! Cutting down of that material to make fuel! This is long burning fuel. If it’s hard wood, that’s going to burn a lot faster. If I’m trying to make fire material for starting my fire like a kindling pile, then I’m going to have to split this down considerably more because kindling to me is something the size of a pencil or less.

So now I’m going to have to split that down again into eights. Then I’m going to have to drop down and split it into 16 crossways. Then I’m going to have to split that down into 30 seconds. I don’t have to get out of control with this. These pieces here are going to be good kindling. That’s an important thing to understand, especially if you’re in a wet weather situation you can’t find dry material oftentimes breaking inside a log is going to give you the driest material.

Now you could choose to go down. One step further with this: no problem, if you were really in wet conditions, you want to insure yourself a lot of surface area. You could split that down it’s a little bit more to stuff like this and that’s going to be more highly combustible. Now, if I were really really worried about my fire and I had really extremely wet conditions, then I might take a stick: the size of this one that was going to be kindling, and I might take that and use that to make a feather stick and again, I’m just using my thumb for a guide here.

This is hard wood, so it’s not going to shave down near as well as a piece of soft wood, wood, soft wood wood, but I can still get their surface area increased dramatically by putting some fine shavings around this piece of wood. Just like that, I knock them off. They don’t do me a whole lot of good. I really need to stay on their partner. That’s a function of this wood being dry, but these kernels are going to give me increased surface area for the flames and again you know this is a pretty good sized knife.

This is no Maura. This is a big butchering knife that we’re using, but it’ll get the job done, not as well as a Maura, but it’ll definitely get the job done and that’s what counts. Okay, folks! Well, I hope you enjoyed this article today a little bit more about knives. My thoughts on knives, what you can do with your knife, if you got the right skill level, how to use your knife to process different types of wood, and things like that, you may need to do in the woods and the safest way to do that.

I appreciate your time your support, your views, everything you for me for my school and for my family I’ll be back to another article. Soon, as I can, thanks guys, you

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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Bastinelli Neck Knife Cold Steel XL Luzon Controversial Listener Line Call The Knife Junkie Podcast

Podcast is the place for knife newbies like myself, a knife of junkies like you to learn all about knives and knife collecting the midweek show is where we get a chance to take a look at some of the knife stories in the news with our knife.

Life news segment: Bob will also have a chance to provide an update on his collection, including some news about the bass Anneli creations diagnostic neck knife. Can we get a longer title as well as the cold steel, XL luzon? I think, as I you how you pronounce it, we’ve got a listener line. Call we want to to hear and have a chance to discuss and if time permitting we’ll get to some of the the knife shows from our friends at knife magazine.

Com, so Bob a full show again. Midweek never seems to be a lack of stuff to talk about. In the knife, world, yeah yeah that’s right and actually something that didn’t quite make it onto your list. There’s there’s more to talk about. I know I was. I was saving that, oh snap, you know Jim I’ve been trying to sell three knives for a while and – and I arrived at the three I wanted to get rid of, and it’s three that I find relatively valuable because they’re cool knives and they’re great when I Have them in hand, but I never carried them so that was kind of a no-brainer, so I put them up on blade forums in one in one posting and someone came back one one.

Yes, exactly a one lot like like at an auction, and someone came back to me and said I’d like to buy them all for this price, and you know when I took into account that they’d all be going to the same place. So it was reduced shipping by about 20 bucks. It worked out. Great everyone got a deal and I was able to unload my kaiser compadre, this big beautiful two and a quarter inch recurve, bow II and the that we 609, this big kind of goofy-looking purple space Sachs.

If you will and then my old CRKT Liang ma eraser such a cool and beautiful knife, but just one – I never carry anymore so got rid of them. I’m moving some things around I want to get. I want to get a Spartan. I want to get a Spartan horsy folder, so they don’t come for free, I’m seeing so is that Spartan, horsy folder a before blade or during blade? Oh, Oh, an interesting question you raise actually because at when we were talking to Stassi 23 on the show we were talking about going to blade and and how he said right about now.

You start seeing people selling off their knives to save up for blade. This will be my first year, your first year, the knife junkie first year at blade, show – and you know I hadn’t really taken that into account. I’ve been thinking about, you, know, buying hotel buying food and and flight and and all of that and logistics, and what we’re going to do when we’re there. But I hadn’t thought about the actual knife buying part and you can’t go and not get one.

So hmm me raise an interesting point. Maybe maybe some more knife lots going up by the knife yeah. Maybe I need to take a more stern look at what I carry and what I want, and or or maybe I just slow down and remain satisfied with what I have well, you raised an interesting criteria. You, as your collection evolved. You know you’re buying stuff, because you liked it and now it’s kind of gotten to where it’s more about what you want to be able to carry as opposed to just having it and the knife drawer on the shelf or whatever to look at.

You want to be able to carry and use it. So that’s that’s your criteria. Now, yeah yeah, I mean they’re. All I can carry all of them, but but you’re right at the at the end of the day, there are certain things that I’m just going to keep going back for, so why not? Why not collect to that strength and and have my money until I open up the DeMarco, a knife museum and I have to get one of each. You know like Noah or I guess he had two of each.

That sounds even better I’ll, just kind of start calling and getting some some better stuff. Well. Well, we’ll give you four or five years before we open up the museum and an app that I do have to clarify by saying better stuff. I mean it’s better inherently, if I’m using it and carrying it, then, if I’m not I’m not talking about quality everything I sold to this gentleman is super high quality yeah.

Well, you know and what you were saying to about carrying it is it’s the same thing. It’s not that it’s not a great knife, not that you don’t love it, but tastes evolved, taste change! So just the things you naturally gravitate to is what you’re wanting to carry in your pocket. Your right front, pocket your left front, pocket, yourse, waistband your neck knife! So there you go, you’ve got enough choices right.

There are good ads. You know it will get carried at some point. So anyway, Bob sells off some knives, we’ll see what he replaces it with and how quickly you’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast, it’s time now for the latest knife life news, the latest two releases from Sevilla look quite interesting to me. The first one has an interesting name, Jim and I’m not exactly sure how they’re pronouncing it, but it looks like asticus to me asticus kind of an interesting name.

It sounds like it could either be from you know, Roman times or something else asticus anyway. It’s a new flipper from Sevilla and it is beautiful. I love the way it looks. It’s got it, it’s a drop point and it’s got a nice hollow ground blade with a sweat, long swedge on top and a nice finger toy. But that is a 3.8 inch blade. You know I like the longer blades – and this is the biggest thing Civ IV has done.

You know we has done a lot of large knives with this first thing from them. That’s large! It’s an in the house design. D2. Steel flipper only ball bearing you know that the usual I’ve got to say g10 insert and multiple colors. The cool thing about the insert is that it’s letterbox by the stainless steel frame behind it. So the frame sits slightly proud if you will and it it looks, really beautiful – and I know just from holding other knives that have that sort of that sort of letterbox effect with a handle scale.

It is very comfortable, it kind of rounds out the knife without thickening it and having to counter it. So you get a nice visual effect. You get a nice ergonomic effect, so got ta say just for where my tastes are going. I haven’t really gotten any severe ease, even though I find them very attractive, and I know that they’re awesome knives. This one is kind of looking like it’s up my alley, so this this might be something that go for it’s a $ 65 knife, which is another reason for me to go for it and they are going to do a sort of upscale version of it.

But it’s only kind of slightly upscale they’re going to have Damascus instead of d2 and they’re going to have carbon fiber, overlaid, g10 scales kind of a la Spyderco and that one will be 90 bucks. The other release from Sevilla is one that we saw here. A few months back Jim it in that stage it was still a prototype and it was unnamed, but it’s a small actually tiny is how they described it. Fixed blade, EDC meant for pocket, wear or neck carry by alessandra De Santis, and it’s it was this little Keira dashiki looking thing, you might remember: 9c r18 MOV with a bottle opener on the spine.

Well, they named it and it’s now called the kiri EDC like Kira II cuz. It scared ashish a blade, but instead it’s the Kira EDC cute doesn’t exactly roll off my tongue, but neither does asticus. So you know so VV great at making knives great at designing and making knives the names – maybe maybe that’s where they have to work on it. Yeah, maybe not so much they’re, alright and so V V is the the budget line of we? Yes, alright, alright and – and you know, as as we were speaking with Stassi recently – he just meant he so does Zell frequent contributor to Thursday night knives, Zell Rick 42 loves Sabae B, and I guess I just have to get my hands on one and this asticus Sure looks like the one I want to get my hands on all right.

That sounds funny. Yeah! Okay, I won’t touch that one. I just caught that yeah, the asticus, the a Snickers yeah. Okay, all right moving on quickly, yes, Hey moving from that will go to bone daddy blade works. Let’s talk about a an axe like product coming out, yeah from the knit from the new folks there. That is, that is how I’m describing it looking at it. It’s pretty cool, you know it’s grown on me just in looking at it.

I haven’t. I haven’t seen one of these. It’s a new outfit called bone. Daddy blade works, it’s a new design and knife making house doing small batch productions and they got this knife. Like axe head or axe head, like knife thing called the axis ax X is, and it is very interesting. It is a looks like a pretty large chunk of Steel large in width, but it has been skeletonized massively aggressively and the surfaces are also treated in such a way that either grooves are cut out very attractive, grooves or sort of dimpled patterns.

All these things to lighten up this, strangely shaped knife thing. So it’s a it’s a survival knife, but you can tie it to well. You can lash it to a limb and make an axe out of it. So it’s got a very sort of wedge, like geometry to it, and it’s got a blade on the bottom, where the traditional, where the beard of a traditional axe would be and then a blade facing forward. So it looks kind of almost like a tanto or a gram raised — all if you will a fixed giant slab of Graham raised’el anyway.

This is a pretty neat. Looking thing double edged. As I said, it’s d2 it’s five and five point: three inches of cutting edge, including both the beard, blade side and the forward blade side, and you can use it as a knife. You can use it as an axe and it’s got Kydex. It’s a little heavy. At fourteen point three ounces, but, like I said it’s, it’s an axe knife. So right you know it’s going to be heavy, it’s a knife with a capital capital in it’s on Kickstarter, right now and they’re they’re, seeking funding and they’re.

Looking it’s going to end by the 26th of March, they looking for 55 Greene looks like a cool project. I got to say bone daddy blade works, that’s wer X, so his Bob said March 26 kind of the end of the month, though we’ll keep an eye on that. Maybe maybe put a note in our books to revisit that around that time to see how they did and see how it’s going. One final story and knife life news who want to get to – and I always have trouble with this one se, SE se na ok e SE e okay, so they have a an interesting line.

Se is is known for their outdoor blades push crafts camping. You know pretty hardcore outdoor survival and and violent outdoor adventure blades, and they have a line called the expat series. An expat is actually the the handle of someone on the SE forums, who has been a contributor in a lot of different ways over the years and including designs. So as he started making a line of this, this gentleman expats designs, I’m assuming he’s a gentleman could be a woman, but in any case they have this new one coming out and it’s it’s half knife, half machete, it’s it’s sort of a short machete large knife.

At twelve point three eight inches and it’s it’s got a beautifully shaped. It looks like a spade blade, as they say on knife news, but really you look at this machete. It’s got. A drop point almost looks like a clip point and a long straight and a beautiful belly up towards that point, and it really does look like a large spade blade from from a stockman slip-joint knife anyway, it’s point, zero, nine, four thick so and you can use It for hefty jobs, but it’s also it’s also pretty agile.

Apparently it’s made by a partner company of SES in El Salvador, which is kind of like Condor, well, not kind of like Condor. That’s where Condor is located, so that made me think of Condor immediately 1075 with a comm convex grind, and I don’t know if you remember this about me Jim, but I love a convex grind. I can’t say that I remembered that, but I thank you for letting me know what has happened.

I got to get better on my grinds yeah yeah step by step Bob I’ll get there well. The convex grinds are very robust because you can get them super super sharp, but they’re rounded right towards the tip. So you have also you have sort of the performance of an axe or the stoutness of an axe, but you can get them incredibly keen to anyway canvas micarta handles canvas sheath, which I think is cool. That’s kind of a throwback to sort of World War.

2 era, machetes and yeah – I just think it’s cool there. Here’s a guy, here’s, a person, who’s, a total enthusiast for se knives and they took on his designs, took him seriously and he’s got a whole line of knives with them. Now this must be the chauffeur for big knives with the SE and the axe that you’re just talking – oh yeah, so well yeah, maybe maybe I need to get in with. I need to start haunting the Cold Steel forums and see if, though, they’ll make one of my crazy ideas that the pit fighting gauntlet, perhaps perhaps you never know to you, ask yeah what can they say? No Lynn, Thompson, I’m sure, would come up with a great way to justify it and now that we’re caught up with a knife life news, let’s hear more of the knife junkie, podcast back on the knife, junkie, podcast time for the collection update from Bob the knife Junkie, DeMarco, where you want to start Bosch, Denali or Cold Steel.

Well, let’s start with cold steel. I got that first. I guess! Oh yes, why not alphabetical or no and and not in the order. I gave it to you, but you know we’re whimsical here. The knife junkie pocket, so I recently had an Amazon order. You know as one does, and it was a bunch of very practical stuff, but I did notice that the cold steel extra-large lose on. We had for 38 bucks at that moment and a wave of justification hit me and I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it probably had to do with I.

I don’t even know how I justified it. I just threw it on there. 38 bucks. It’s a leap year, but it’s a leap year. That’s a great one! That’s a very going! Thank You, Man, I’m going to use that for the rest of the year cuz. I said where you can this thing this. This luzon is a pretty cool knife. I got ta say it’s it’s. It is one of the big ridiculous cold steel knives. So if that bores you, you know you’re going to have to suffer through this for just a moment, if you don’t mind but yeah, it is this very large river II handled beasts and yeah.

I tell you it’s very strange to have a cold steel. That is a liner lock, and this is a pretty robust liner, lock it it is taking in. It is taking a little bit of time to break in, but I got ta say this thing is amazing. Now, if anyone is on the fence, if anyone who is a reasonable individual like myself and collects these giant cold steel knives – and you think it’s got a tiara 13 MOV – maybe I’ll pass on this one well brother – I get you that’s where I was for a Couple of years now, but then it occurred to me really it doesn’t matter what steel this has, because you know chances are I’m not going to really use it.

I have a couple of other large cold Steel’s. I use for yard stuff. This won’t get used that way. So, if I ever need it, I’m quite sure that eight CR 13 MOV will will do me just fine, because this is a big folding fighting knife and I don’t use those so the cheaper steel. The softer steel is 100 % acceptable and it makes it a little bit more affordable. Well, it sounds like a great price and I’m glad we were able to help you justify it out there.

Thank you. It’s reasonably welcome! That’s right! There you go article. I am assuming coming up on the YouTube blog at some point: yeah yeah cuz. Since I put up my article of cold steel, folders, I’ve gotten two more, which was unexpected but gosh. I know now an updated collection article, no, an updated, updated update right alright. So we go from big knives, big ax, big cold steel down to a little neck knife, yeah, that’s new! In the collection.

I need tiny neck knife inspired by my wife who wanted to carry a Karambit when she was running something she could just kind of grip. In her fist and have looped over her finger so that you know it can’t be seen, and but it’s there and it’s handy and I owned her. My Fox 599 Karambit, which is a relatively small Karambit, and it wasn’t wasn’t doing it for her little too noticeable and big, and so I thought about bass dinelli.

They have all these cool little knife, sharp, claw type things tons of different, beautiful Karambit sand and fixed blade and folding knives that that he designs, and so I got. I got her this little. It’s called the diagnostic neck knife and what it is is a two finger Karambit and so far I have find. I have found it not as easy on the ring finger coming out the bottom of my fist, but it feels great in hand on my.

You know. Flip off on my bird finger, if you will and and encrypt that way, this is a really interesting little knife. It reminds me of some of the little ring claws that guru, Danny no Santa, has brought to different seminars. I’ve been to – or he shows all these really cool – have covert traditional, Filipino and and Indonesian weapons, and they look kind of like this they’re like little little animal claws that fit neatly into your hand, just in case you’re jogging through the park and someone menaces you.

You know so yeah I got one for my wife and I guess I had to get one for myself because I didn’t want to be hogging it from her, but I I wanted to be able to to to review it and discuss it. So I had to have one from my own so got one and it’s awesome I was going to say so: you’re not hogging it. I am NOT no actually got you guys really got to, but did you notice how I framed the conversation that was about my wife and had my wife’s knife for jogging, but it also helped me out to do.

I did notice that totally I did and I was going to ask you if it was your wife’s knife. Why do you still have an enhance I’m flat? I’m glad you clarified. She had forgot a second one, see there’s okay market. This might be the new one to ride behind the old. The old work idea we’ll see about that though. Okay and does she does she like it, or is it too early to tell how she had enough chance to use? She has not it just they just arrived so uh, but she’s half did it and likes the way it feels and she’s got small hands.

It feels good in there small hands very good collection update there from the knife junkie, we’ll we’ll see how many more weeks we have multiple knife to talk about if he can keep this pace going for a while. Well, we’ll wait till next week and see what’s going on with the collection. There have a question – or maybe you just have a comment – give us a call at seven, twenty, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven will answer your question on an upcoming episode of the knife: junkie podcast that number again, seven, twenty four, four, six, six, four.

Four, eight seven, all right knife junkies, don’t forget, we would love to hear from you get your feedback. Your comments, your questions, your thoughts give us a call on the listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven, seven, two, four. Four: six. Six four four, eight seven and that’s what the gentlemen that we’re going to play a message from: did he called the listener line? Left us a message.

Unfortunately, didn’t leave his name or anything. So we, you know, can’t give him credit, or you know, get back with him that way, but hopefully he’s listening to the podcast. We wanted to to play it and and give the knife junkie a chance to comment on it kind of set it up. Bob, the the the call is about Strider knives and stolen valor. Yes, a gentleman left a message complimenting the show his tone was was really you know very complimentary.

It was a nice letter, but he was responding to my recent bloviating. How about about my new Strider SN SMF and how excited I am about it, how much I love it and he stated that it’s very very hard for him or impossible for him to support the work of people who’s, who he has problems with and and well I’ll, let I’ll let him him talk about it and then I’ll give you my initial reaction, but I have to say I haven’t thought 100 % through how I feel about it.

But I’m really happy this. This gentleman called in – and I like, when there are actual things to talk about in this hobby in this in this realm of enthusiasm, and not just look at this cool new knife. Look at this cool new knife. This is an interesting thing to ponder. Well, let’s, let’s listen to that and then we’ll come back in here from the knife: junkie, hey, what’s up guys enjoying the podcast just ran over, ran, haven’t, found it and really good content that you guys have hey man just want to express my concerns with the Striker in general, with the history of the company, especially mixed rider with stolen valor and being arrested for carjacking, and all that nonsense.

I just can’t seem to support a company like that and so just hoping that you would actually support people who truly served. Who truly spoke honestly about what they did when they were serving there’s a lot of other knife companies out there that do that man so again great show enjoying it very much, but I’m just out no way would I support straight or knives in any way. Alright guys take care alright, so bomb we’ve, we’ve heard the message, your initial thoughts, your initial reaction.

Well, my my initial feeling is this is obviously coming from someone to whom this is important. Someone who served himself maybe or someone who has someone close who’s serving that the point is this obviously is coming from somewhere. Deep and you know, everyone needs a code of ethics, but that that code of ethics is oftentimes personalised by your own experiences and by how you were raised in and from my perspective.

This is my perspective. I came up as an artist and going to art school and pondering the behavior of of many different artists and and and then contrasting that, with their work Caravaggio one of my favorite painters of all time, you know, murdered someone and then got back in the good Graces of the church by making a painting – and I always kind of thought huh, but you know most beautiful paintings in the world character.

You know I’m not so sure about this guy’s character. How does that make me feel about the art it doesn’t make me? It? Doesn’t change my feeling about his paintings and I III flash-forward to my favorite movie, made by a man named Roman Polanski, who, by all accounts is you know, a bit of a scumbag and but he made a great movie and I love Chinatown does what Roman Polanski Did change how I feel about Chinatown, I I it doesn’t, it doesn’t and that’s sometimes I think if I were more principled, maybe it would, but in this case it does not.

Maybe it’s just not personal enough for me. So I hear I hear what this gentleman is saying about: Mick Strider and how men and Strider knives and why he can’t support them. And I admire that and I respect that. It is not where I stand at the moment and and frankly, and to be totally honest, I’m not sure if that’s due to an ethical stance or just because I absolutely love the knife and I’m willing to you know, justify how I feel about it.

Or I mean you, don’t I’m saying you know nothing yeah? Well I mean every you know, there’s a phrase one of my former bosses used to say where you sit depends on where you stand. So you know you have your own perspectives, your own history. You know whether you grew up in the military. Maybe you have military, family military friends. You went to art school, so you understand art the appreciation of art.

It’s all different. You have your own perspectives so to each his own. I, like you, I admire and respect this gentleman’s opinion. I admire his respect, your opinion. You know, I appreciate him sharing the message and getting this conversation started, and I would definitely like to invite listeners to give a call to the listener line and let us know their thoughts, kind of how it affects them or how they feel about yeah and and Actually this this raises up the the real the whole reason for being this podcast.

I set out to talk to all the people that I admire and respect and have something to say in the knife world. I would I’ve sent out a couple of invitations to Mick Strider I’d love to have him on the show, not only to you know, meet and talk to this very storied, an accomplished legacy knife maker, but also you know, I’d love to to at least allow people To talk freely about their side of things, who knows, you know just an opportunity to have conversation and find out where, where everyone’s coming from well – and I want to expand or clarify on something – you said this podcast is not not just to talk to the people.

You admire and respect and want to meet it’s to talk to anybody in the knife world any different opinions, any different kind of things like that, it’s like the show we did with what super steel Steve. You know, I’m the first to admit. I’m not my mind. Doesn’t think Steel’s and mathematics and chemistry, and all that, so you know – and I think you know we had a comment. You know that says you know after that shows like interesting the the host and the co-host.

You know don’t like Steel’s or yeah talk Steel’s, but yeah they’re, the host of this podcast, okay, fine! You know, I respect that. It’s just not one of my strengths, but it’s still. We want to be able to talk to people in the knife world, regardless of where they’re coming from yeah yeah, I mean that’s the whole point. I don’t you know what I know could fill a thimble. I just know what I like right right.

Well again, if you have a thought or an opinion, we would love to hear from you keep the conversation going. Seven, two four, four, six, six, four four eight seven and also join Bob on his Thursday night. Nine, a Thursday night knives live article show we have the opportunity for you to actually come on the show. If you have a webcam and a microphone you can come on and talk to them. Ask them a question: get some interchange going on there and want to plug this opportunity.

Bob mentioned selling a few knives on Thursday night knives we’re going to be able to you’re going to be have the opportunity to sell a knife. So if you have a knife, you want to sell to raise some funds for blade show coming up. Well, I just come on Thursday night knives, we’ll be more than happy to. Let you come on, show off your knife, talk about it and try to sell it. No Commission no charge just a service from the knife junkie to the knife community subscribe to the knife: junkies YouTube blog at the knife, junkie.

Com slash YouTube all right bomb back on the knife: junkie, podcast our midweek episode, number 91 kind of. As I thought, we had a lot to try to tackle so we’re not going to be able to run through all the list of knife shows, but March is the time where a lot of shows kind of start kicking back up into high gear. Some hammer ends going on. You know, we’ve got shows in North Carolina, Arkansas Massachusetts down in Georgia.

So if you want to find all those events go to see our friends at knife, magazine.Com slash events and you can find a list of all the shows going on Bob buzz as we wrap up any final thought something I hadn’t asked you something you want to Talk about or just no no, I was just going to plug Thursday night knives tomorrow. Night definitely come check it out. I should have Zell Rick 42 tomorrow night on Thursday night night and come enjoy and be a part of the conversation all right for Bob.

The knife junkie DeMarco, I’m Jim the knife and newbie person thanks so much for joining us on the knife, junkie, podcast thanks for listening to the knife, junky podcast, if you enjoyed the show please rate and review with review the podcast calm for show notes for today’s Episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes a visit our website, the knife, junkie, calm. You can also read our latest articles on YouTube at the knife.

Junkie.Com, slash youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife: chunky, calm, slash, instagram and join our facebook group at the knife. Junkie.Com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming Episode of the knife – junkie, podcast

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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My One Bushcraft Knife… CRK Pacific Review

So now I’m going to do my review and overall thoughts about this knife, so, let’s jump into it.

This is a pretty big claim to say I’m only using this knife, I will say the primary reason I am choosing to go that way or why I’m not running a whole bunch of different other knives from bush crafting or survival practice is because I truly want To get good with one knife – and my thing is: I’ve – just had it up to here off the screen with just having a whole bunch of different survival, knives that I’m never using and there’s a whole bunch of excellent once it certainly doesn’t have to be the One for you, but this is the one that I chose, and there are a few other reasons aside from me, just being fed up with the knife industry on why I chose this one.

So now, let’s get into those so starting off with this knife. One of the primary reasons why I was attracted to this knife and my original thoughts for getting this knife was that I wanted to work more on island survival being close to water and working with the water, more hand in hand and imma be rolling in pictures Showing you guys what I’m talking about, and so when I sat down and thought about what knife I need a for working so close to the water.

I wanted a knife that had a really good stainless steel. So it’s not only a good steel generally all around, but it’s also very rust resistant. This is a knife that I could get wet and not really fear the steel rusting, and so that is the primary reason. The s35vn is what led me to this knife next, to that, it’s also the world nests of this knife. When I did choose my one and only survival knife, I wanted to make sure, and it was a knife that was not going to break.

I wasn’t going to give me issues as far as the thinness of the blade, so that was my next consideration or thought really was that one of saying robust now this knife is close to 1/4 inch thick and definitely fits the criteria of being robust. So, lastly, I wanted a knife that also had great ergonomics, because the last thing I will say if your are choosing and one knife to be your bushcraft knife going forward, it does need to feel comfortable in the hand and it needs to feel natural and that It really is this knife, and I have to say as far as the ergonomics go, it not only feels natural, but the way this micarta was done.

It was not only left for broth, but it was also left textured. So there’s a whole bunch of essentially little protrusions in the scale that grip it to your skin, not in an uncomfortable way, but in a really positive way. So the night feels very comfortable in hand, but it also walks up into your hand very well and I’ve always enjoyed since day one I’ve enjoyed the hell out of these grips, and I really do love the grips on this thing, they’re absolute when for me, so Basically, those were my three qualifications: it had to be waterproof or very water resistant and a rust resistant and very keen was working in water environments.

It had to be robust and it still had to be very comfortable, and so that’s what landed me on the Chris Reeve knives specific and also I have had in the past emailing. Some of you guys know you know I’ve had Sebenza before so this isn’t my first Chris Reeves knife knife and I’ve always been very impressed with the quality and with the warranty on these knives. It’s just a really great brand. It came with a few issues of you know these different these different, these different guards kind of got in the way, but overall I was still able to find it a very easy time choking up on the knife, doing more fine tasks also due to the heavy Haft of this knife because, like I said it is a reasonably thick knife, it also did chopping very well, and I’ve always been impressed with the ability of this knife to just go right through material and just clean cleanly swipe right through material.

I think another thing that helps with that is the fact that this is a very finely ground edge and you guys can see it has a nice long grind to it and then a great battle. It’s very polished edge. It is extremely sharp, so it’s weight and it’s grind in bevel have helped it sail through materials like nobody’s business. It’s also not to mention a very good knife for beat awning, because it has been very great in the water.

Obviously, this this gun coat in my son. I do find interesting that this knife doesn’t have just some. You know like spray-paint coat. It does have a gun coat on it. I believe the gun coat is similar to a seracote. It has been extremely durable. There’s only a few places where the coating has minorly loved off, primarily on this, where the grind starts, and that is not too uncommon to see on. Basically, any knife you put Todd with because that’s where the most friction is put on when you put on with a knife, so it’s not to be unexpected, but the coating is very durable.

The rust resistance, as I seen it and listen. I have gotten this knife wet and I’ve actually crossed rivers with this knife and like in its sheath on my hip, and you know, leave like waters come up into the sheath. You know Gea here, and so the knife has definitely got wet in the sheath. Is the knife that I’ve unapologetically lat get very dirty, very wet and giving it a lot of opportunity to get all nasty and ugly and rusty, but the s35vn has performed very well.

The attention to is to be expected with CPM s35vn or really good. It’s definitely leaving really nothing because, like I was saying the performance of this knife in forced environments, which I certainly have taken it into the forest, a bushcraft is pretty much on par with something like a fall can even a one like. I said, though, the primary reason why I stress this as an island survival knife or as a water survival knife or you know, one that’s going to be in the water – is because the CPM s35vn, unlike vg-10 or the vg-10 laminate, that Faulkner even uses this definitely Output for so vastly before we finish up the review, I also will say the on the sheath I’ll give some notes on it.

I do really love this sheet. It is a very modular sheath. As that you guys have seen in the past. I easily connect my own condor, I pouch to this right up here, but this is a very modular pouch. It has Mali attachment running up the front. It has some webbing attachment areas in the back. The belt loop is really nice. I will say it has a double velcro, so essentially you set your belt in here, and this conforms to your belt.

So if you’re running an inch wide belt, this will walk around that belt. If you’re running an inch and a half to inch about whatever the this will conform to that, and actually we walk your belt in place, which is really nice because on other sheets that don’t have a similar system, I kind of get a sloppy sheath that when It’s on your side or attached to your belt. This sheath will kind of wobble like this, whereas with this and it closes around your belt, it locks your belt in so there’s no wobble, and then you get an extra secure meant like that, and it makes for a really tight securing belt.

So I do like that, and it does come with some extra cordage, of course, is a paracord, but I’ve just left it on here, because it came with it in whatever other than that. It does have a really nice and very secure button closure and just like on some other high-end knives. I have reviewed in the past, primarily, I think, actually just the pull force. Prepper one also have this, but the interior of the sheath or in here isn’t just plastic that rattles and bangs and makes all kinds of noise.

It does actually have a layer of felt in there to keep the knife quiet and keep it from just banging around. In there and being an obnoxious plastic piece of crap, so the sheath places the button fits very tightly. You can see that there is no play in this of a lot of Cheaper sheaths. You’ll see you know, the knife will come out and sometimes even expose a bit of the blade with this there’s. Absolutely none of that this is the most the knife gives and snap is really strong.

This doesn’t just pop on or off. It takes a really purposeful, pull and depend on it’s also very purposeful. So really do like this sheath, it’s actually one of the best stock, sheaths I’ve ever gone and just out of box it’s one of those sheaths that, aside from throwing on a thigh strap, I didn’t want to do absolutely anything to this sheath. I really suggested you guys take a look at this knife because it is definitely interesting and it’s one of the more uncommon choices out there, but I think, is really capable, especially for the money.

It’s a nice survival knife. I really have no complaints about it. Anyways guys, that’s all for now, god bless and come out.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.