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New Steel Will Scilla TOPS Knives an EDC Zip-up Hoodie and a Knife Auction The Knife Junkie Podcast

It’s episode number 109 and I’m John person and I’m Bob DeMarco, welcome to the show, welcome to the knife. Junky podcast the place for knife, newbies and knife junkies to learn all about knives and knife collecting our midweek show where we dive into the weeds and talk knife lifenews a little bit of stuff about Bob’s state of the collection which we’re doing this week.

Hearing a little bit about some of his new knives and we’re also going to be talking about the YouTube blog bob is back in the saddle again with some of the the article making bob the knife reviewing yeah I’ve gotten that you know I got last summer. I got into doing the collection selection articles on a you know. I do one every other day or so, and I busted out about maybe 60 summers about 70 of my collection and then I lost a little bit of steam with that and but I’m picking back up because in the interim you know I’ve gotten some new things That definitely need to be shown off before any sort of review happens and also you know.

I never finished what I already had at the time. So you know so I’m bringing them back and I like them because they’re the kind of article I like to read. You know if it’s, if I just want a quick take and to check out a knife and hear a little little chat about it and then be off. That’s the kind of article this is. I have plenty of people that I follow that when I see a nice new 20 minute article from them, I’m excited – and I tuck in.

But if you don’t have 20 minutes and you want to check out the new say, DLT exclusive XM, 18 warning no choil. Then you’ve got three and a half minutes to check it out. Yeah, seven minutes you could rewind it and read it read it again, but that’s what I’m saying and you could hear all the brilliance come out of my mouth evil. What there’s brilliance coming out of your mouth yet you’re not reading the articles clear, although okay? Well, I’m listening to the podcast, so we’ll give you a chance for some of that brewing.

It’s going up here on the knife: junkie, podcast again episode number 109! But talking about the knife, junkies YouTube blog. If you are not yet subscribed, you need to just go to the knife: junkie: calm, /yt subscribe, then I have chunky. Comm, /y, t subscribe and you’ll be able to subscribe, don’t forget to click that little Bell notification. So you’ll be notified any time Bob drops a new article or when he goes live for Thursday night knives every Thursday at 10 p.

M. So the knife, junkie, calms, YouTube blog and the knife junkie.Com slash YouTube. So a lot of great articles already in the in the in the blog and more to come, that’s right and every one of our podcast goes up on YouTube too, and sometimes it’s handy to listen to podcasts on YouTube. I do that at work. Sometimes, if I’m doing busy work that doesn’t require any writing and I can listen to people talking I’ll put it on YouTube and just kind of minimize the screen, because I can’t just wear headphones and listen to my my preferred podcast catcher on my phone at work.

Just not a good look right, but if I need to if I want to listen to something that I’m doing, busywork YouTube is great, so we put all of these podcasts there too yeah. I listen to a lot of podcast and a lot of motivational talks and those kind of things on YouTube. Just again, as you said, start it going minimize the screen, so I don’t have to read it and a little trick. I use I always like to play it at 1 and 1/4 or 1/2 speed kind of speed it up a little bit.

It doesn’t distort the voices too much, but I can listen to more content and quicker amount of time. So that’s my little trick. I do yeah I’ve gotten in the car with you before to go to lunch and your podcast comes on automatically. You need something for those guys who’s copy at the end of the commercial. How do you listen to this? Don’t you want to savor their voice he’s like I’m listening for information man, you know it’s so funny.

I listen to. I forget who it was. Maybe even I think it was Gary Vaynerchuk. I listen to. I’ve got his daily Flash briefing and the other day it came on right after I had listened to a Cass sounds like who’s that, because I’m used to listening at one-and-a-half to even two times speed for some of them and I’d gotten used to the cadence of His voice of that faster speed, then we came on normals like has he got a guest today? Who am I listening to so his book sounds much deeper yeah.

I like I like listening to a lot of stuff on YouTube. As you said, and you mentioned, we put the podcast on there, so there’s a great opportunity to multiple times during the week to catch some knife junkie, contact content, because this midweek show comes out every Wednesday evening. The interview show comes out Sunday afternoon Sunday evening, and then we have Thursday night knives Thursday night at 10:00 p.

M. And so then the collection selection, knife review articles. All those kind of things we tried to. You know, publish on Mondays, Tuesdays Fridays Saturday. That kind of thing to kind of spread out the content, so you’re not overloaded every single day, a lot of great stuff on the knife, junkies, YouTube blog, alright Bob! What do you say we get into knife life news? No, let’s do it. You’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast and now here’s the knife junkie with the knife life news.

The first knife hard to talk about this week is named after a mythical monster in the Odyssey, probably my favorite, mythical monster in the Odyssey Scylla. Scylla is a six headed beast. She lives in the crags above in the Palisades between Sicily and the mainland. I believe it was, and you have a choice you can either steer toward Scylla. Who’s got six heads with with monstrous fangs in each one of those mouths and snatch people off your ships, or you can go the other way and and go down Carib this, which is a giant whirlpool.

So that’s that’s where the term rock and a hard place comes from. In any case, this new knife from Steel will is named after Scylla, the six headed beast and it has a really interesting opening way of opening. It’s just a thumb. Stud right, your standard, sorta thumb, stud opener, but the thumb stud is sort of well, it’s cantilevered out on the end of an extended tang. It almost looks like when it’s closed, like a friction folder, but it is not it’s a it’s a locking knife.

It just has this the thumb stud out front, and now you can use it like a normal, some stud and slow slowly, rotate it out the blade out or you can flick it, but you can also kind of front flip it too, if you can imagine a Protruding Tang at the front of a closed blade near the pivot. You can just put your thumb on there and pop it out that way. Also, if you ask me now they don’t advertise it this way, but it looks like you could probably wave the scylla out of your pocket using that Tang.

You know just applying some pressure as it as it passes over the hem of your pocket. That Tang part, you could you could pop that thing out and wave it out, and none of that would matter. If it wasn’t such a cool-looking knife, it’s got. What is it a three point? Four inch drop point blade and it comes to a very acute point. Apparently it’s quite thin and slicey and then that that really acute point which I would no doubt drop the knife on – comes to an extreme tip.

So I mean this. This looks like a and not only a a nice change or tweak to the traditional opening setup of a thumb-stud knife, but it’s also got this. You know beautiful profile and seems to be extremely useful, there’s no flat on the blade it’s all belly, but it’s very gradual. So you could basically use this in many different ways and it looks like a cool knife. So, do you like the looks of the knife as much as the story of the Scylla, or does this? Does the story just really make it that much better? I I have to say Jim.

When I saw I saw the knife first and I was like that’s cool – I really it resonated with me. You know how I feel about steel. Will I’m hot and cold with them. Some other designs are just gorgeous to me, and some of them are just like. Okay, well, alright. This is one of those ones that I looked at and was like wow. I can’t wait till that comes out that just looks great and then, when I found out it was called Scylla.

Thank God they didn’t name some normal kind of lame knife. Scylla, that’s what I thought all right or the J 275 right great. Exactly it’s a good thing. They didn’t name this very cool knife that they named Sylla. The J 275 could be a waste yeah, tragic, all right, real, real steel wheel, real steel! Will man that’s right? Hey, maybe we’ve got an idea in store for them there all right. Moving on knife life news, another company, that’s really one of your favorite stops and I love the headline to insane new knives from tops.

Well, I wrote it that way because they’re both they both have a little bit of insanity, I’m going to start with a short sword. The kuma cog, a kuma cog, a is designed by sea ho waste, see how is his CG? Oh, I’m not sure how you pronounce it. It’s the title way: son Johnny side, he’s a yeah he’s a knife designer way: son, Johnny, sighs a knife designer who’s done a lot of work with tops. He designed the kuma that came out a couple of years ago looks kind of like a cuckoo kur, curry a Gurkha kukri and was adopted into the GI Joe world waist on Johnny, sighs, a big GI, Joe fan and he’s also a master and some bladed martial Arts and you know as an outdoorsman as well, and so you put all these things together and comes up with some pretty great knives, so this this short sword that cool mechag, a is, has a 15 inch blade 15 and a half inch blade.

It’s a quarter. Inch thick, it’s got an almost two-handed handle and this thing is it’s ready for the wilderness. It’s ready for the battlefield, it’s ready for anything. This thing is insane. Oh, say sounds like a 15 inch, so I only give you ready for anything. Well, I mean you know, tops knives, has flirted with some pretty big knives, but this one crosses over. You have to call it a short sword at this point: waste on Johnny side, who does a lot of Filipino martial arts designed this thing to be as long as his favorite length of Kali stick, I always used seven.

Twenty seven inches College sticks. He uses 24 inch, and that means you can get even closer and you can do some well, that’s just his preference anyway, so you made this this thing that size and then, at the end of the it’s got a relatively straight blade until you get to the End and then it swells out into this bowl and then comes to an acute point. Now that bulb adds a lot of heft to the end of the 15 inch blade, making it even choppier, if you will and and that sort of extreme curve down.

At the end, it’s like a little belly on the end of a long straight blade just adds the the power of a recurve like you would get from a kukri weight at the very end, and that would work great in both bushcraft and battle. If you will, that sounds so corny, I’m sorry, but it’s true and and then at the end of the handle where the pommel is in Filipino martial arts. That’s called a pony, oh, and that is used a lot as an impact weapon as well.

Imagine you’re very very close to someone instead of swinging the stick you’re just going to take that butt end where you know where your pinkie is and do not go around the head, yeah exactly so waste on Jonny’s I added a nice little sharp piece of metal To the end, in case, you need to do that, so this thing is is kind of insane and it’s got the tops, build quality and apparently to keep it from being an absolute boat anchor Leo and Leo, and Craig from tops chimed in on the design and Put in some Fuller’s on the blade to reduce the weight and some some additional lightning holes and under the blade you know under the handle and everything, so it’s now a manageable blade.

But this thing is cool. You got to check it out and there you can see a couple of articles on the tops blog on YouTube of them going out into the bush and just like chopping down trees. With this thing. Well, I got to ask before we move on to the to the second insane knife from tops. You said it’s a 15 inch short sword, a short sword. So when do what’s what? What at what length does a knife become a short sword and then becomes a sword? I mean, is there a is there criteria or for length? You know? Actually I’m not sure.

If anyone else has that criteria, I will say so. You said 15 inch, that’s the blade, that’s 15 it and I would say that, for me, it’s like 13 inches in over your into the into short sword area at there might be plenty of people who disagree with but knives with blades over 13 inches. Really don’t have much more of a use than chopping in field craft stuff or you know, reach for battle. You know the longer the sword the longer reach you have, the the less in trouble you are or theoretically I guess so to me I would say a 24 inch.

Knife overall is a short sword. Well, yeah, 24 inches honey. Let me pull my knife out. 24 inches all right all right, well, speaking of other insane tops knives. You wanted to talk about a cleaver Karambit. Yes, that sounds insane right there. Those two words together. Thank you. It is. It is the second insane knife from tops. That’s just coming out now. It’s called the tidal force and, let me just say when I say insane, I’m not saying not totally cool, not totally useful.

It’s just it’s just something I never would have thought of this title, for certainly is is chief among that because it’s it’s a field. Cleaver. That’s got lots of nice organic curves to it, as is it. It looks kind of like kind of looks like a cartoon cleaver. In a way, it’s got a real, deep Swale in the back of the blade and and and that the cutting edge is is nice and curved. But the interesting part is attached to.

This is a curved handle with a ring on the end, like a Karambit and to me it’s just I it’s cool and it’s interesting, but I’m not exactly sure why? Why? Because you can well, because you can, why not it’s a it’s! It’s an almost five inch. Cleaver blade, so it’s not a huge, you know. The first thing I thought of is: if you have your pinky in there and you have a huge chopper, you can mess up your pinky if something goes wrong, but this is a you know: it’s a it’s! An almost five inch blade, it’s it’s their usual 1095 and you know I could see using that that ring at the end, for generating generating more inertia right now, generating more momentum in your chop and you’ve got a small, relatively small blade, as so.

If you choke down, if you will and put your fingers one of the one of your fingers through that ring, I could see using that ring to to sort of hinge this relatively small blade on to get as much chopping power out as possible. But I just think it’s a cool thing and maybe that’s what they were thinking hey, why not a cleaver with a ring on the end. You know a Karambit cleaver no-one’s done that before and it’s eleven and eleven point eight ounces.

It’s got a Kydex sheath got burlap micarta scales, which are absolutely gorgeous. I love burlap, micarta and – and I’m really looking forward to seeing this I’ve only seen still pictures, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this in hand in someone’s hand doing work. I want to see you know what it’s like scale wise, because I see it in the hand in someone’s hand, you don’t know if someone’s hand as small or large it.

So I don’t know just to see it in action is what I want, but interesting insane blade the title force. Well, it’s also interesting that coming up with new ideas, new things as long as knives have been around and swords have been around, there’s something new. All the time it seems like yeah, yeah, you’re right – and you know what else is kind of neat about this. I got to say they they give themselves a they put their own design flourish at the end of okay.

So you know how tops knives has the dot the long bar and the dot, and I believe, that’s Morse code for something I don’t know maybe tops, maybe SOS. I have no idea, but you see that on a lot of their knives, these the hole and then the slot and then the hole cut into the top of the blade. Well, they did that in this blade, but at the very end of it, so the hole acts as the hanging, the hole that you see on a traditional cleaver, the first hole, and then you get the slot and then the other hole.

So it’s kind of a clever clever nod to the traditional cleaver design, while, while being on this insane modern American Asian, this insane amalgamation. That Bob said that he desperately that he desperately wants. This thing is ridiculous: where do I buy it? Oh you bitch and tops knives. A couple of new ones want to remind you that on episode number 48 we had Craig Powell of tops knives on the knife junkie podcast.

You find that by going to the knife, junkie.Com slash for the knife, junkie.Com slash for 8, the knife junkie.Com slash 48, and I know that was one of the interviews that you were really looking forward to having. Since you were such a big tops fan yeah. It was great talking to him because Craig is so integral to the company that he knows everything that’s happening in there. He has the inside scoop and he also has a lot of influence in some of the designs in their knives.

So yeah great to talk to him all right next up in knife life news we’re not going to talk about a knife. What I know it’s crazy: this is an accessory. If you will, it is, and it’s a it’s it’s an accessory whose time is well. I’m glad it’s here we put the best waiter, it’s a hoodie by a California based clothing company called what are they called the spindle collective and they have a new hoodie out called the Sigma 50 and it is optimized for the EDC person dome a total or Seer, well, it’s a it’s a pretty stout hoodie, that’s got you know, top top materials and cuffs that won’t, you know, get out of shape and you know all of those things we’ll get those out of the way.

It’s a really nice, really, nice, hoodie and and all of that but being optimized for EDC use. It’s got a number of pockets on the inside, which you usually don’t get on a zip up Hoodie. I have a million of them and I have I have no EDC pockets in any of them, so there are three EDC pockets on the inside to lighten the load of your jeans, pockets. Presumably so you can get a knife, you can get your phone, you can get lighters and flashlights and those kind of things in these little pockets on the inside and then the cord that goes through the hood to you know to cinch down your hoodie.

If you want to do that, but it is yeah yeah exactly it’s: it’s 550 paracord! So and it’s a it’s a it’s a nice length of it too. So you can, you can draw that out and – and you know, 550 paracord – you can cut and you can use the seven or, however many strands that are inside you can tie those all together and get a quite a length of pretty strong string. Out of so it’s an IndieGoGo project, another crowd-sourced crowdfunded project and I think it looks it – looks really cool.

I looked at two of their other jackets that they’ve put out. One is called the half century coat and the other is a forever flannel woolen jacket and they both look awesome, I’m a jacket guy like I like clothes, just fine, but I love jackets and their stuff looks cool. So I highly recommended the jacket junkie, having never worn yeah. That’s my next podcast the jacket junkie. I follow, after my dad there’s like there’s a special jacket for every like five degrees, spread of weather, mmm, okay and every occasion has a special jacket as well, and now you have hoodies that you can keep your everyday carry items in, as you said, to lighten The load down below, I think, it’s cool.

I think it’s a great idea and absolutely and with with the proper construction. Now I have to say this: none of the hoodies I have were too dis, regular sweatshirt material. Would I want to like have a bunch of gear stowed inside them, because then it would be just like a swinging pendulum on the right, but this the build of this hoodie seems to be really stout and I think that will help carry the weight too.

It’s like that material is what’s going to carry the weight as well, how stiff how? How firm that material is so right, great idea, all right! Great idea and great thanks go to knife news for bringing us all these stories. That bob has a chance to talk about each week. Knife news always seems to be on the forefront of keeping us up to up-to-date about what’s going on in the knife world, that’s right, and and not only is it a great resource just to find out.

What’s going on, but I have to say: Ben Schwartz is a fantastic writer. He is a really good writer. So I mean you read three paragraphs about the new steelwill knife and you feel, like you, just read a short story. You know he’s a reason. Very good. Writer so check it out, follow the knife jockey on Instagram at the knife, junkie.Com slash Instagram, all right back on episode, 109 of the knife, junkie podcast and our section now that’s giving Bob a chance to talk about some of his new knives as what we call The state of the collection, and not only we’re going to talk, is new knives, but also promote the ultimate steel, give a chance to talk about that, but also talk about our knife auction that Bob is going to be doing so.

First of all, we’ve talked about the collection selection. Articles already just want to remind folks again that Bob’s YouTube blog is at the knife, junkie.Com slash YouTube and you can see articles about these new knives that are in his state of collection, including the new Hinderer XM. 18 warning and the try way pivot and that’s something he wanted to to talk a little bit about yeah yeah. Well, if you’ve been listening to the podcast at all in the last week do know, I can’t stop talking about the new DLT exclusive deal.

T trading one of my favorite online knife purveyors: they do a lot of exclusives, not just with Hinderer but with Medford, knives and and others, and their newest exclusive with Hinderer is the XM 18 three-and-a-half inch, no choil, that’s the real USP warned cliff, try way knife And so I couldn’t resist, I love the Hinderer warned cliff. I think it’s, the best-looking warn cliff out there and I can’t say it’s the best performing because I haven’t tried them all and but III absolutely love my XM 24 warranty.

So when this came out, I had to jump in because I’ve been wondering what a hindrance of a toy guy a finger. Choil guy, I like to have the blade the sharp edge come kind of all the way up to the handle. That’s just how I like it and that’s what that’s what you get with the with the notes: oils models that that DLT is coming out with this: isn’t the first one they have the slicer model. I believe in a note, oil and they might have another one.

Maybe the span toe, but anyway in having this for a week. You know it came loaded with the with the bearing pivot, but err with the bearing collars, but you know that on the try way pivot, they also send you the traditional Nayla tron, and then they also send you phosphor bronze washers, and I have yet to put The other two on, because which is what I thought I would do immediately when I got this, then try them all out, see what how they all feel can compare them, but having my first XM 18 on bearings, I don’t want to change it right now.

It’s amazing, the action is incredible and the detent is close to too strong, especially with the with the shape of the XM 18 flipper, which is kind of like a a little little blade. You have to put your finger on to open up your big blade and the detent was very, very stiff when I, when I first got it, but over a week of obsessive flipping sorry, I just did a gym. That’s perfectly fine, flip away a couple of times with the obsessive flipping it has broken in and and I can already feel that the knife itself is starting to to break into it – is getting used to itself.

If you will starting to understand its own power and it’s coming out Sandler and its Hamlet, I am yes at like breaking a horse. I am bringing this Hinderer into my you’ve broken it in I’ve, broken it in. Actually, I have a very good friend who actually does break horses or used to so that that’s no mean feat and I don’t mean to compare breaking in a knife to breaking a horse, but over a week this thing has now become so smooth that you know Not only in in how it rolls out, but in how it actually deploys that I I’m in love with it, and I don’t think I’m going to change the change, the change to phosphor, bronze or or Nile Ektron anytime soon.

I think I’m going to leave it like this and just kind of roll with it. I love it and I’m going to stop talking about it in three two one and I’m going to talk about my new. I got another new knife. I got the Kershaw bare knuckle. This is a knife that you know it’s been out for quite a while I’m late to this party as usual, but I saw it for a very, very reasonable price by a by béla blades, on blade forums, great guy, to do business with, and he got a Great price: for it, it’s it’s just a standard, 14c, 2840, z28 and blade that’s the standard that they have, but it’s got a black wash finish on the blade and it’s got a dark green anodization on the aluminum handle – and you know this thing was quite a Quite a splash when they came out a year and a half ago, its USA made $ 60 USA made Kershaw with excellent materials and without the speed, safe, assisted system, but indeed with roller bear with with ball bearings on the pivot.

So it is a really really smooth USA made under $ 100 Kershaw, not ZT, but Kershaw that that people have been clamoring for or people were clamoring for a year and a half ago before they came out with it again late to the party. But I’m glad I picked this thing up, because it is a really really excellent knife and it replaces in my heart and in my collection, the knockout that I gave away to a good friend.

So I’m going to keep this and keep us as this is going to be a permanent collection knife, because it’s USA made – and I think, that’s kind of, even though I’m buying other Chinese knives and checking them out this knife. This knockout I mean this bare-knuckle comes with the purchase, also of a severe E and a CJ RB, I’m trying to compare knives all in that same realm, and this is the American representative of it and I think it’s an excellent excellent choice and if, if there Are people out there who are interested in ZTS, but maybe don’t want to spend the money on a ZT? You must check out this bare-knuckle because it has all that all the beautiful design of a ZT.

You know it looks very much like the 777, but it’s also got incredible, build quality and great materials. So if you want a ZT, don’t feel like spending the ZT money check out the Kershaw bare-knuckle. I know I’m not the first person to say this, but now you’re hearing it from me: alright, no, it’s just more nagging from the internet to tell you to get this Kershaw paranoia. So what took you so long to get it? Were there other knives that you’re in pursuit of and that one was on your list and finally got to run to it? Well sort of it? I just saw it, it was a.

It was a you know, you’re waiting in line, and you see that bag of M & Ms and you just snatch it. It was one of those kind of purchases, but the reason I didn’t buy it when it first came out is because being realistic about it. I know it’s not going to be one of my main: it’s not going to be an EDC, I’m not going to carry it with me all the time, except for the fact that it is thinner than I expected.

So I I probably will draft it into an in the waistband sort of role, because it’s it’s thin like that, but I didn’t get it originally because I knew I would probably pick up a Z T out of my collection before I would carry this one. Unless you pick up one of the new EDC hoodies, then you can start carrying it everyday and your in your jacket, I, I think that’s a moral imperative and more knives, because that means more pockets.

That’s true, it goes around. It keeps coming more knives. I got two and then I know they weren’t thinking of this, but you could take your jacket off, zip it up and then swing it around. It could be a makeshift morning start if need be only from the mind of the knife. Well, speaking about your opportunity to get more new knives, we want to talk about two opportunities to do so. Knife rights ultimate steal a huge fundraising opportunity for knife rights, but also with donations, become entries into your opportunity to receive knives and other products.

So Bob definitely want to give some promotion to knife rights and their ultimate steel promotion ongoing now yeah yeah. You know last year I’ve known about knife rights since their inception. Anyone in the and the knife thing knows about them, but it was only last year. I’m ashamed to say it was only last year’s ultimate steel contest and that contest ultimate steel, fundraiser that I ever donated to them, and I just had we had just had Doug Ritter on the show a couple of times, and I first I felt like well.

It was a sense of guilt. I got to say that that urged me into it and then once I gave money to the ultimate steel into knife rights, it was like why hadn’t I done that before come on, if anyone’s going to get. You know if you’re going to donate money to a cause that has an immediate effect on your own personal. You know what I’m saying is: is you can give money to this and it will help you down the road because they are helping to get rid of these ridiculous knife laws? I’m not saying that that it’s like helping helping children eat in Africa, but it is helping people here in this country carried things that they need knives.

They need to do work that they need to defend themselves that they need because they like them. Whatever the reason. It’s no one’s business. What the reason we should be able to carry these knives and Doug Ritter is our main proponent out there, making sure that this happens. So there you go, please donate to the ultimate steal. Now, if you look, if you go to the website, you’ll see that at various tiers of pledges you know you can you can give 50 bucks, you give 100 bucks, give 10 bucks whatever it is at each level, you have a chance to win a knife and Of course, the more money you give, the more fancy the knife, a lot of knife makers and knife companies donate knives to to knife rights to auction.

You know to give away during the this fundraiser, so you do have a chance to win some pretty sweet knives and then people regular citizens out there can also donate a knife at a certain tier level. I saw that epic snuggle bunny donated a SOG terminus under his name, and so, if you give a certain amount of money, I can’t remember what it is. Maybe a hundred bucks you have a chance to win a SOG terminus.

So it’s a it’s a pretty cool contest, but really it is an an excellent cause. Knife rides org. You can find all the information there or just use your favorite search engine and enter in ultimate steal, 2020 and you’ll be taken to all that great information and speaking of your opportunity to get some new knives or win some new knives. The knife junkie has a auction as well coming up to also benefit knife rights.

Yeah, that’s right. It was during our Town Hall. We had two of our guests: make on-air donations to the blog and we sort of stipulated right there and then that we would auction these off and donate the proceeds to the ultimate steel in knife rights. And so we have two lots that we’re going to auction off and we’re going to do it next we’re going to do it. On Thursday May 14th, it’s going to run the Queen 10 a.

M. Eastern Standard Time and 10 p.M. Eastern Standard Time and then we’ll announce the winner. The winners of the two lots on Thursday night knives that night and so we have. Let’s see we have the Bob tirzu all a lot. Bob Scherzer wool was one of the guests on our town hall, and he gave us sent me a new copy of his of his classic book, the tactical folding knife. This is a book that actually John Gonzalez, who we interview we had on the sunday show this week mentioned he learned how to make folding knives by looking at that book.

So far, we have the Bob tears we’ll about the the new edition. We have a great beautifully milled out Tirzah wool cap lifter in the sort of Aztec dragon design, that is his logo, and then we have the third part of this teruel auction lot, the mass drop and tirzu allah designed where the truth of all it designed. We knife produced mass drop, distributed compact, tactical folder. Now they are called drop as you know, but this was when they were mass drop.

So that’s what you will see on the box. The compact tactical folder is a knife designed by Bob Corolla. That has a lot of shares, a lot of design cues with the ATF and also the the Fox knives Corolla folder. It’s a really really beautiful thing. I must admit: I’ve taken it out of its out of its a little pouch a few times, because I figured I’m going to have to make a article of it. You know to temporize expend money, yeah and man.

This is a hard one to let go. You can bid, I can bid that’s right, but that would how would that look if I won both auction Lots? That would look bad. We have well as long as we have the high price that you paid for him. I’m sure that’s true, that’s true yeah. Then we got another donation from Stu, our good friend at stone and steel up in New England, a knife distributor up there and he donated a an emerson, CQC supersuit, CQC, seven Emerson, super CQC.

Seven, that’s not easy to say just taking your breath away talking about it, that’s right! It’s all black! It’s got the black coated blade and the black handle it’s an immense knife. It’s got a a five and an eight-inch handle. It’s got a three and three-quarters inch. Chisel ground tanto blade it’s from 2013, it does not have a box, but it has not used you. It has not been used. You can tell from looking at the pocket clip – and it looks like it’s been around – probably to a number of gun and knife shows and opened up and put on a table, maybe pawed over a couple of times, but the g10 is pristine.

You can tell when people have handled g10 for a while, especially a new emerson, because you can see it’s kind of gross, but you can see dusty skin residue and that okay in the aggressive pockets of that g10, you see none of that here. None of that how’s that for a sales pitch, this thing is a beautiful, beautiful knife and if it doesn’t go for a decent price, I might have to jump in on it there you go so the two lots and this is going to be on Instagram and It’s going to be Thursday May 14th bidding starts at 10:00 a.

M. Ends at 10:00 p.M. How does this work on Instagram this auction Instagram? Only it works like this. We’re going to have $ 10 increments, the starting bid. I have not determined the starting bid for either a lot, but they’re going to be $ 10 increments, and each new bid is a new comment. You have to put your new bid in the new comment, because the new comment – timestamps it and so at 10. At 10 p.

M. Right when we’re starting – maybe I should do it at 9:59 p.M. Already set it now right at the start, you’ll have to get the guest co-host to talk a while on Thursday night now, so you can check your Instagram right exactly. I don’t know if I planned this right, but yeah at 10 p.M. Thursday night. It will be the last comments. The last time stamp stamped comments with bids that will be the one so anything after 10 p.

M. If you come in and bid you’re out. It’s got to be before 10 p.M. But the last one commenting with the bid before 10 p.M. Yeah yeah exactly Wow, so it should be fun and it’ll. Be exciting. It’ll be a fun afternoon kind of keeping my eye on Instagram, seeing seeing what’s what, but that’s a it’s a little over a week away, so I’m going to build up a head of steam on it before okay, well, look forward to seeing that on Bob’s Instagram! That’s Thursday May 14th 10 a.

M. To 10:00 p.M. Your chance to bid on a couple of knife: lots there if you will and if you are not yet on the knife: junkies Instagram, that’s the knife, junkie.Com slash, Instagram, the knife, junkie.Com slash, Instagram and we’ll take you Right to his feed and if you’re not following along with the knife junkie, you’ll definitely want to do that especially follow along on Thursday May 14th, starting at 10:00 a.

M. Get your bids in early and often to to win your chance to win some of these knives And again, all the proceeds going to knife rights all right Bob. We are running a little bit over our kind of traditional normal length of show, but a lot of stuff to talk about final thoughts to kind of close out episode. Number 109 of the knife junkie. Podcast, I don’t really have much to say Jim. I think I’ve seen all today yeah it’s true.

I could say something like sharpen your knives or don’t take golf for an answer, but I’m just going to say enjoy the week man enjoy the week. Yeah get your money saved up and get ready to bid before those knives on Thursday May 14th. That’s right, that’s right and be sure to join us tomorrow, night for another episode of Thursday night knives if you’re listening to the podcast when it comes out, of course, on Wednesday May 6th, I’m referring to the Thursday May 7th Thursday night episode of Thursday night knives At 10:00 p.

M. On the knife, junkies YouTube blog okay, so maybe I do have one last thing to say on last week, on last week’s Thursday night knot, we had our good friend and frequent contributor spirited whisky come on. You know article and audio and and do the knife fight with me, the debate at the end of the show, and it was great to meet him and got a chance to show off some of his his beautiful knives man.

His collection is insane. He showed some of that stuff off. I got a chance to meet him face to face after her. So many comments during the live show in past weeks and it was great to meet him. I really really encourage everyone to do the same. You know when you’re tuning in Thursday night knives and he wanted to say, hi or show something or whatever there’s no pressure on you, you dip in you dip out.

If you want to stay for longer, we talk longer. If you just have a knife, you want to show and then say, hi and go whatever. It was really really great to meet. Spirited was nice I’d love to do that with others? Well, two things he absolutely trounced. You in the knife debate did yeah, so he was. He was really great love to have him back on again but, as you said, anybody can join in on Thursday night knives if you’ve got a webcam for your camera or if you have a tablet that, as the you know, the camera or just your smartphone.

That’s all you need is your smartphone. We have a link for you, just click on that you can come on audio only or article and audio it’s it’s a article show so we’d love to be able to see you and see the knives you’re showing off. But it’s as easy as that tablet laptop computer with a webcam or even a smartphone, join us on Thursday, night 9. So that’s again, Thursdays 10:00 p.M. Eastern on the knife.

Junkies YouTube blog at the knife. Junkie.Com slash YouTube so for Bob, the knife junkie, DiMarco, I’m Jim the knife, newbie person, thanking you so much for listening to this midweek supplemental episode of the knife: junkie, podcast, thanks for listening to the 9th junky podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review with review, the podcast com4 show notes for today’s episode, additional resources and to listen to past episodes a visit our website, the knife, junkie, calm.

You can also read our latest articles on youtube at the knife: junkie, calm, /youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife, junkie, comm, slash, instagram and join our facebook group at the knife. Junkie.Com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming Episode of the knife – junkie, podcast

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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A look at some BADASS knives from TOPS knives

Let’s take a look at their new products. We have the surf back that one movie came out last year. We have a new model. I was told about the salt to sell it, but I did sorry about that. It’s a new model, 5-8 version a little narrower bushcrafter coupe. I mean this is brand new. I finished it. Two weeks model quarterings, Pakistan, it’s black linen micarta handle is 42.

People are going to come, beats papaya. No, I was just going to say I’ll buy that today is that the homo feel my popular blade. A meat ran this thing’s all to find details about details about all the and why he did this. You know this one. I really like this. We did for now Texas, hey wild pigs, all the way under I mean why somebody could use when they take out their people. We sent about 25 of us announce a couple couple weeks ago and hopefully, with some articles or pictures, given this real popular here at the show as well.

That’s another one I buy right now. They said they’re going to hold off dude right. This hair is a silent hero, hands on the police’s format. He works. He protects the rival, so he has a few. They go out there and find people that are poaching we sent some leaves to him as well. That’s kind of belly on a mannequin cops lives as tactical powerful, but I had to bring in Elena like a seeder style. My slimline bitch they’re animals, real nice sleek way, my wife Thank You Excel.

This is a nice, basically an old-school buoys. Now the black really read the circle: the circle to about for thousands, Blackwell spinner join us this year. Oh the Soviets so like themselve, isn’t without the design, hopefully in about three weeks, really one tiny, tiny axe. What is this intended for exactly nice, okay and then I started asking that at the end of the article, but the type of steel used on most of these 1095 high carbon steel.

Again all over 1095 farmers, hey thanks a lot. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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TOPS Knives Rapid Strike Knife Review EDC Fixed Blade Knife ~ The Knife Junkie

It’s a small everyday, carry sort of tactical fixed knife, a fixed blade knife that you could use for everyday cutting chores or for getting yourself out of that proverbial sticky situation with another human being. I was drawn to it immediately as I am to many many tops knives, but I like this one, because it has some of the characteristics of small, fixed blades that I like to carry on a sort of daily basis.

I kind of come in and out of carrying a fixed blade as a sort of tertiary blade I go through stages is what I mean and right now I am in that stage and in previous fixed blade carry stages. I have, I have gotten other knives. Some tops knives some cold steel knives, but I’ve also made a few of my own just just to sort of fit the kind of profile. That’s handy for me to carry on an EDC basis and I don’t like carrying fixed blades in my front pocket, which I think is a cool idea in a small little pocket sheet.

It’s just not for me, so this 2019 new tops knife rapid strike is well. Let’s just say it’s incredibly appealing to me: I have taken off the clip that came with. It came with this very nice and very stout metal, clip steel. I think – and I replaced it with this in the waistband loop. It’s just my preferred. Carry I usually carry it canted like this, my belt running through here and then it sort of, and then this in my pants and then this sort of sticking out under my shirt.

This knife comes in two configurations, two edge configurations and I chose the double edged. It’s rare that I find double edged knives or that there are double edged knives that are appealing to me. I do like daggers, but I just don’t really have any so when I saw this and that you could get it in double edged. I jumped all over it, it kind of has, as you see when I do size comparisons, it has some of the major qualities of a slender fixed blade knife that I I really like.

So let me get into it. Rapid strike 2019 tops usually tops, does their knives in 1095 high carbon steel, this one they made in 154cm, and now I suspect, that’s because this is a small tactical, fixed blade that you might carry close to your body and 1095. Isn’t always the best thing for that when you’re carrying a knife close to your body and you’re, sweating and and spending all day with it near you, I’ve had knives, especially with this sort of bead blast on them, start to rust on me, yeah pretty quickly.

You know by the end of the day, let’s say so. I think they went with the right steel here with the 154cm, which is quite easy to resharpen, but but holds its edge nicely and with a knife like this you’re not going to be out batoning wood with it or doing much heavy utility chores with it. Though you could, especially in the single blade at a single-edged configuration, this is more of a back-up knife and and as such, I got it with that double-edged 154cm, as I mentioned and g10, the other characteristic commonly found in tops knives is micarta.

This one has this black g10, the beautiful red liners – and this to me very appealing, jimping pattern which carries all the way around the blade, but does not sit proud of the g10. So it’s not going to it’s not going to a grove ate your hands, but if you’re really gripping hard and digging into it, you’ll get some functional gription from this at first I was a little bit concerned about schmutz getting in there a little mud and that Kind of thing, but then I realized you’re, not I’m not anyway, going out in the field and the field being my backyard and using this to do anything heavy.

So there’s not really going to get much stuff in there. Maybe some lint, but you just blow it out and it’s gone. This handle here is topped. The pommel is topped with this pyramid pyramidal shape here, that’s perfect for glass breaking and if you’re, in Reverse grip – and I like to cap the cap, the back of the handle in reverse grip, it’s a little pointy. But if you get the crook of your finger right on there, it kind of fits nicely.

So I very much like the handle. It is quite slender, and I gave it to a guy at work to hold on to and he’s got really big hands and he found it a little too slender for him. But for me, if it’s fits very nicely, these three or four jumps right here work. Great to capture your thumb there I don’t want to say aggressive, but let’s say assertive: they don’t know they’re not going to tear up your thumbs, but your thumb is not going to slip up onto that double edge.

I would imagine even on a thrust and chances. Are you going to be thrusting this into something soft anyway, but I have not tested that for sure. But what I can tell is especially with gloves these are really going to grip, because they really grip on my thumb. You’ll see this little nut here and you might wonder what that is. That’s that helps make the connection with the Kydex see that little that little inverse dimple it gives a very positive connection with the with the Kydex sheath, but over the week I’ve had this.

I’ve had this. For about a week, the Kydex has loosened or worn into a perfect perfect fit, or I can just give it a little nudge with my thumb on this little peak and it pops right out and then, when I’m returning it to the sheath, it doesn’t take a Lot of effort to get in and just into place, it’s perfect, it’s a perfect fit, no rattle, no nut in very nice sheet. So the ergonomics on this thing are quite nice.

For me, like I said, someone with big giant hands, might might find it a little slant to slender. It’s got this great problem for knocking heads or breaking glass. I’ve got the double edge for for it closed in CQB work, the kind of stuff I do on a daily basis. You know what I mean and it’s got these two really kind of ridiculously unfunctional lanyard holes, I’m not even sure what they’re for maybe they’re, not even lanyard holes but they’re, so small nothing’s really going to go through there, except maybe some some sewing thread yeah.

So I find this knife incredibly appealing at four-inch blade, eight and a half inches overall, it’s kind of in a sweet spot for me, so size comparisons. Let’s take a look at a couple of other knives that it might compare nicely to. We have first I’ll start with another great small EDC. Fixed blade, tops knife, the cut four, you can see it’s about the same size same shape, and if you have this knife, it’s got just about the same jimping, but look at how much more massive.

This thing is now: there is a benefit to having the round and the round end of the pommel and the curved handle in the way I carry it, which is on the back like this, because it kind of curves up and hides nicely, whereas this kind of Protrudes straight straight out, so they both have their their pluses and minuses, but these two compared nicely same size, same kind of purpose, at least for me, though, this one has much more of a utility and outdoors bent to it.

Another knife that this compares nicely to is the CRKT little knife here designed by Lucas Burton Lee. I can’t remember what it’s called so sorry, but you could look it up and find it same kind of deal. You got this small small, fixed blade knife without, with a pretty handy little handle and a very grippy handle actually and a nice little slender blade that you can hide away. This is not as light as this, so I would not be hanging this from my neck as a neck knife, but it’s kind of in the same ballpark and some of you might be thinking what I’m thinking, which is this tops rapid strike, compares very similarly or Favorably with the cold steel spike now granted it’s about five times.

The cost is the cold steel spike. You get every spike in the cold steel catalog for the price of the rapid strike, which is 119 bucks double-edged. I think it’s a hundred and ten without the double edge, but it’s if you have a tops spike, I mean I’m sorry if you have a cold steel, spike, you’ll kind of get a very good idea of how this carries. Even though this is much lighter. That’s jimping I added and then let me get out one other knife that is kind of a an oddball in this comparison, but would kind of be carried for the same purpose and that’s the cold steel, safe maker, the big one same kind of purpose.

It’s a knife you’re going to keep on you to pull out and stick into somebody. If you know if, if words fail, I guess – and I speak cavalierly about this. Of course, that would be a horrible thing and I would never want that to happen to me, but let’s just be real, that’s the purpose of this kind of knife. So this showing you this shows you the different kind of option you could have for a double edged, tuck away.

Hideaway knife: you have the benefit of about the same blade length with a much shorter package. Then again, it’s a much wider package and it’s got this grippy kraton handle which, which snap snags and grips on to clothing and such so everything everything you’re going to look at is going to have pluses and minuses. But this this rapid strike is is really a fit in the bill of these days. You can take off the handle scales using a small.

This is not. These are torques using a small, Torx, wrench and clean under there. If you get too much grime and grit slidin under there, so it’s sort of modular, if you will and you could you can make a fresh handle for it, which would be kind of cool, green micarta. I think, would look awesome. But then again I like green. My card on just about everything get these out of the way, bring this up. Yes, here it is the tops rapid strike.

It says y 2, 8 5. Here I’m assuming that’s the model number and there it is. I highly recommend it. I love tops knives and this one is no exception. They have a couple of really really cool, looking knives coming out this year and I’m thinking to check in some more of them out. If I do, I will show them off for sure, and I definitely want to do a article on my small but growing tops collection. I’ve been told I move and handle the knife too much, and it’s hard to look at so for that.

I apologize put this down all right. Thank you. Guys, thanks for reading, take care, you

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.