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TOPS Knives Rapid Strike Knife Review EDC Fixed Blade Knife ~ The Knife Junkie

It’s a small everyday, carry sort of tactical fixed knife, a fixed blade knife that you could use for everyday cutting chores or for getting yourself out of that proverbial sticky situation with another human being. I was drawn to it immediately as I am to many many tops knives, but I like this one, because it has some of the characteristics of small, fixed blades that I like to carry on a sort of daily basis.

I kind of come in and out of carrying a fixed blade as a sort of tertiary blade I go through stages is what I mean and right now I am in that stage and in previous fixed blade carry stages. I have, I have gotten other knives. Some tops knives some cold steel knives, but I’ve also made a few of my own just just to sort of fit the kind of profile. That’s handy for me to carry on an EDC basis and I don’t like carrying fixed blades in my front pocket, which I think is a cool idea in a small little pocket sheet.

It’s just not for me, so this 2019 new tops knife rapid strike is well. Let’s just say it’s incredibly appealing to me: I have taken off the clip that came with. It came with this very nice and very stout metal, clip steel. I think – and I replaced it with this in the waistband loop. It’s just my preferred. Carry I usually carry it canted like this, my belt running through here and then it sort of, and then this in my pants and then this sort of sticking out under my shirt.

This knife comes in two configurations, two edge configurations and I chose the double edged. It’s rare that I find double edged knives or that there are double edged knives that are appealing to me. I do like daggers, but I just don’t really have any so when I saw this and that you could get it in double edged. I jumped all over it, it kind of has, as you see when I do size comparisons, it has some of the major qualities of a slender fixed blade knife that I I really like.

So let me get into it. Rapid strike 2019 tops usually tops, does their knives in 1095 high carbon steel, this one they made in 154cm, and now I suspect, that’s because this is a small tactical, fixed blade that you might carry close to your body and 1095. Isn’t always the best thing for that when you’re carrying a knife close to your body and you’re, sweating and and spending all day with it near you, I’ve had knives, especially with this sort of bead blast on them, start to rust on me, yeah pretty quickly.

You know by the end of the day, let’s say so. I think they went with the right steel here with the 154cm, which is quite easy to resharpen, but but holds its edge nicely and with a knife like this you’re not going to be out batoning wood with it or doing much heavy utility chores with it. Though you could, especially in the single blade at a single-edged configuration, this is more of a back-up knife and and as such, I got it with that double-edged 154cm, as I mentioned and g10, the other characteristic commonly found in tops knives is micarta.

This one has this black g10, the beautiful red liners – and this to me very appealing, jimping pattern which carries all the way around the blade, but does not sit proud of the g10. So it’s not going to it’s not going to a grove ate your hands, but if you’re really gripping hard and digging into it, you’ll get some functional gription from this at first I was a little bit concerned about schmutz getting in there a little mud and that Kind of thing, but then I realized you’re, not I’m not anyway, going out in the field and the field being my backyard and using this to do anything heavy.

So there’s not really going to get much stuff in there. Maybe some lint, but you just blow it out and it’s gone. This handle here is topped. The pommel is topped with this pyramid pyramidal shape here, that’s perfect for glass breaking and if you’re, in Reverse grip – and I like to cap the cap, the back of the handle in reverse grip, it’s a little pointy. But if you get the crook of your finger right on there, it kind of fits nicely.

So I very much like the handle. It is quite slender, and I gave it to a guy at work to hold on to and he’s got really big hands and he found it a little too slender for him. But for me, if it’s fits very nicely, these three or four jumps right here work. Great to capture your thumb there I don’t want to say aggressive, but let’s say assertive: they don’t know they’re not going to tear up your thumbs, but your thumb is not going to slip up onto that double edge.

I would imagine even on a thrust and chances. Are you going to be thrusting this into something soft anyway, but I have not tested that for sure. But what I can tell is especially with gloves these are really going to grip, because they really grip on my thumb. You’ll see this little nut here and you might wonder what that is. That’s that helps make the connection with the Kydex see that little that little inverse dimple it gives a very positive connection with the with the Kydex sheath, but over the week I’ve had this.

I’ve had this. For about a week, the Kydex has loosened or worn into a perfect perfect fit, or I can just give it a little nudge with my thumb on this little peak and it pops right out and then, when I’m returning it to the sheath, it doesn’t take a Lot of effort to get in and just into place, it’s perfect, it’s a perfect fit, no rattle, no nut in very nice sheet. So the ergonomics on this thing are quite nice.

For me, like I said, someone with big giant hands, might might find it a little slant to slender. It’s got this great problem for knocking heads or breaking glass. I’ve got the double edge for for it closed in CQB work, the kind of stuff I do on a daily basis. You know what I mean and it’s got these two really kind of ridiculously unfunctional lanyard holes, I’m not even sure what they’re for maybe they’re, not even lanyard holes but they’re, so small nothing’s really going to go through there, except maybe some some sewing thread yeah.

So I find this knife incredibly appealing at four-inch blade, eight and a half inches overall, it’s kind of in a sweet spot for me, so size comparisons. Let’s take a look at a couple of other knives that it might compare nicely to. We have first I’ll start with another great small EDC. Fixed blade, tops knife, the cut four, you can see it’s about the same size same shape, and if you have this knife, it’s got just about the same jimping, but look at how much more massive.

This thing is now: there is a benefit to having the round and the round end of the pommel and the curved handle in the way I carry it, which is on the back like this, because it kind of curves up and hides nicely, whereas this kind of Protrudes straight straight out, so they both have their their pluses and minuses, but these two compared nicely same size, same kind of purpose, at least for me, though, this one has much more of a utility and outdoors bent to it.

Another knife that this compares nicely to is the CRKT little knife here designed by Lucas Burton Lee. I can’t remember what it’s called so sorry, but you could look it up and find it same kind of deal. You got this small small, fixed blade knife without, with a pretty handy little handle and a very grippy handle actually and a nice little slender blade that you can hide away. This is not as light as this, so I would not be hanging this from my neck as a neck knife, but it’s kind of in the same ballpark and some of you might be thinking what I’m thinking, which is this tops rapid strike, compares very similarly or Favorably with the cold steel spike now granted it’s about five times.

The cost is the cold steel spike. You get every spike in the cold steel catalog for the price of the rapid strike, which is 119 bucks double-edged. I think it’s a hundred and ten without the double edge, but it’s if you have a tops spike, I mean I’m sorry if you have a cold steel, spike, you’ll kind of get a very good idea of how this carries. Even though this is much lighter. That’s jimping I added and then let me get out one other knife that is kind of a an oddball in this comparison, but would kind of be carried for the same purpose and that’s the cold steel, safe maker, the big one same kind of purpose.

It’s a knife you’re going to keep on you to pull out and stick into somebody. If you know if, if words fail, I guess – and I speak cavalierly about this. Of course, that would be a horrible thing and I would never want that to happen to me, but let’s just be real, that’s the purpose of this kind of knife. So this showing you this shows you the different kind of option you could have for a double edged, tuck away.

Hideaway knife: you have the benefit of about the same blade length with a much shorter package. Then again, it’s a much wider package and it’s got this grippy kraton handle which, which snap snags and grips on to clothing and such so everything everything you’re going to look at is going to have pluses and minuses. But this this rapid strike is is really a fit in the bill of these days. You can take off the handle scales using a small.

This is not. These are torques using a small, Torx, wrench and clean under there. If you get too much grime and grit slidin under there, so it’s sort of modular, if you will and you could you can make a fresh handle for it, which would be kind of cool, green micarta. I think, would look awesome. But then again I like green. My card on just about everything get these out of the way, bring this up. Yes, here it is the tops rapid strike.

It says y 2, 8 5. Here I’m assuming that’s the model number and there it is. I highly recommend it. I love tops knives and this one is no exception. They have a couple of really really cool, looking knives coming out this year and I’m thinking to check in some more of them out. If I do, I will show them off for sure, and I definitely want to do a article on my small but growing tops collection. I’ve been told I move and handle the knife too much, and it’s hard to look at so for that.

I apologize put this down all right. Thank you. Guys, thanks for reading, take care, you

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.