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A look at some BADASS knives from TOPS knives

Let’s take a look at their new products. We have the surf back that one movie came out last year. We have a new model. I was told about the salt to sell it, but I did sorry about that. It’s a new model, 5-8 version a little narrower bushcrafter coupe. I mean this is brand new. I finished it. Two weeks model quarterings, Pakistan, it’s black linen micarta handle is 42.

People are going to come, beats papaya. No, I was just going to say I’ll buy that today is that the homo feel my popular blade. A meat ran this thing’s all to find details about details about all the and why he did this. You know this one. I really like this. We did for now Texas, hey wild pigs, all the way under I mean why somebody could use when they take out their people. We sent about 25 of us announce a couple couple weeks ago and hopefully, with some articles or pictures, given this real popular here at the show as well.

That’s another one I buy right now. They said they’re going to hold off dude right. This hair is a silent hero, hands on the police’s format. He works. He protects the rival, so he has a few. They go out there and find people that are poaching we sent some leaves to him as well. That’s kind of belly on a mannequin cops lives as tactical powerful, but I had to bring in Elena like a seeder style. My slimline bitch they’re animals, real nice sleek way, my wife Thank You Excel.

This is a nice, basically an old-school buoys. Now the black really read the circle: the circle to about for thousands, Blackwell spinner join us this year. Oh the Soviets so like themselve, isn’t without the design, hopefully in about three weeks, really one tiny, tiny axe. What is this intended for exactly nice, okay and then I started asking that at the end of the article, but the type of steel used on most of these 1095 high carbon steel.

Again all over 1095 farmers, hey thanks a lot. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


By Jimmy Dagger

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