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Bastinelli Neck Knife Cold Steel XL Luzon Controversial Listener Line Call The Knife Junkie Podcast

Podcast is the place for knife newbies like myself, a knife of junkies like you to learn all about knives and knife collecting the midweek show is where we get a chance to take a look at some of the knife stories in the news with our knife.

Life news segment: Bob will also have a chance to provide an update on his collection, including some news about the bass Anneli creations diagnostic neck knife. Can we get a longer title as well as the cold steel, XL luzon? I think, as I you how you pronounce it, we’ve got a listener line. Call we want to to hear and have a chance to discuss and if time permitting we’ll get to some of the the knife shows from our friends at knife magazine.

Com, so Bob a full show again. Midweek never seems to be a lack of stuff to talk about. In the knife, world, yeah yeah that’s right and actually something that didn’t quite make it onto your list. There’s there’s more to talk about. I know I was. I was saving that, oh snap, you know Jim I’ve been trying to sell three knives for a while and – and I arrived at the three I wanted to get rid of, and it’s three that I find relatively valuable because they’re cool knives and they’re great when I Have them in hand, but I never carried them so that was kind of a no-brainer, so I put them up on blade forums in one in one posting and someone came back one one.

Yes, exactly a one lot like like at an auction, and someone came back to me and said I’d like to buy them all for this price, and you know when I took into account that they’d all be going to the same place. So it was reduced shipping by about 20 bucks. It worked out. Great everyone got a deal and I was able to unload my kaiser compadre, this big beautiful two and a quarter inch recurve, bow II and the that we 609, this big kind of goofy-looking purple space Sachs.

If you will and then my old CRKT Liang ma eraser such a cool and beautiful knife, but just one – I never carry anymore so got rid of them. I’m moving some things around I want to get. I want to get a Spartan. I want to get a Spartan horsy folder, so they don’t come for free, I’m seeing so is that Spartan, horsy folder a before blade or during blade? Oh, Oh, an interesting question you raise actually because at when we were talking to Stassi 23 on the show we were talking about going to blade and and how he said right about now.

You start seeing people selling off their knives to save up for blade. This will be my first year, your first year, the knife junkie first year at blade, show – and you know I hadn’t really taken that into account. I’ve been thinking about, you, know, buying hotel buying food and and flight and and all of that and logistics, and what we’re going to do when we’re there. But I hadn’t thought about the actual knife buying part and you can’t go and not get one.

So hmm me raise an interesting point. Maybe maybe some more knife lots going up by the knife yeah. Maybe I need to take a more stern look at what I carry and what I want, and or or maybe I just slow down and remain satisfied with what I have well, you raised an interesting criteria. You, as your collection evolved. You know you’re buying stuff, because you liked it and now it’s kind of gotten to where it’s more about what you want to be able to carry as opposed to just having it and the knife drawer on the shelf or whatever to look at.

You want to be able to carry and use it. So that’s that’s your criteria. Now, yeah yeah, I mean they’re. All I can carry all of them, but but you’re right at the at the end of the day, there are certain things that I’m just going to keep going back for, so why not? Why not collect to that strength and and have my money until I open up the DeMarco, a knife museum and I have to get one of each. You know like Noah or I guess he had two of each.

That sounds even better I’ll, just kind of start calling and getting some some better stuff. Well. Well, we’ll give you four or five years before we open up the museum and an app that I do have to clarify by saying better stuff. I mean it’s better inherently, if I’m using it and carrying it, then, if I’m not I’m not talking about quality everything I sold to this gentleman is super high quality yeah.

Well, you know and what you were saying to about carrying it is it’s the same thing. It’s not that it’s not a great knife, not that you don’t love it, but tastes evolved, taste change! So just the things you naturally gravitate to is what you’re wanting to carry in your pocket. Your right front, pocket your left front, pocket, yourse, waistband your neck knife! So there you go, you’ve got enough choices right.

There are good ads. You know it will get carried at some point. So anyway, Bob sells off some knives, we’ll see what he replaces it with and how quickly you’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast, it’s time now for the latest knife life news, the latest two releases from Sevilla look quite interesting to me. The first one has an interesting name, Jim and I’m not exactly sure how they’re pronouncing it, but it looks like asticus to me asticus kind of an interesting name.

It sounds like it could either be from you know, Roman times or something else asticus anyway. It’s a new flipper from Sevilla and it is beautiful. I love the way it looks. It’s got it, it’s a drop point and it’s got a nice hollow ground blade with a sweat, long swedge on top and a nice finger toy. But that is a 3.8 inch blade. You know I like the longer blades – and this is the biggest thing Civ IV has done.

You know we has done a lot of large knives with this first thing from them. That’s large! It’s an in the house design. D2. Steel flipper only ball bearing you know that the usual I’ve got to say g10 insert and multiple colors. The cool thing about the insert is that it’s letterbox by the stainless steel frame behind it. So the frame sits slightly proud if you will and it it looks, really beautiful – and I know just from holding other knives that have that sort of that sort of letterbox effect with a handle scale.

It is very comfortable, it kind of rounds out the knife without thickening it and having to counter it. So you get a nice visual effect. You get a nice ergonomic effect, so got ta say just for where my tastes are going. I haven’t really gotten any severe ease, even though I find them very attractive, and I know that they’re awesome knives. This one is kind of looking like it’s up my alley, so this this might be something that go for it’s a $ 65 knife, which is another reason for me to go for it and they are going to do a sort of upscale version of it.

But it’s only kind of slightly upscale they’re going to have Damascus instead of d2 and they’re going to have carbon fiber, overlaid, g10 scales kind of a la Spyderco and that one will be 90 bucks. The other release from Sevilla is one that we saw here. A few months back Jim it in that stage it was still a prototype and it was unnamed, but it’s a small actually tiny is how they described it. Fixed blade, EDC meant for pocket, wear or neck carry by alessandra De Santis, and it’s it was this little Keira dashiki looking thing, you might remember: 9c r18 MOV with a bottle opener on the spine.

Well, they named it and it’s now called the kiri EDC like Kira II cuz. It scared ashish a blade, but instead it’s the Kira EDC cute doesn’t exactly roll off my tongue, but neither does asticus. So you know so VV great at making knives great at designing and making knives the names – maybe maybe that’s where they have to work on it. Yeah, maybe not so much they’re, alright and so V V is the the budget line of we? Yes, alright, alright and – and you know, as as we were speaking with Stassi recently – he just meant he so does Zell frequent contributor to Thursday night knives, Zell Rick 42 loves Sabae B, and I guess I just have to get my hands on one and this asticus Sure looks like the one I want to get my hands on all right.

That sounds funny. Yeah! Okay, I won’t touch that one. I just caught that yeah, the asticus, the a Snickers yeah. Okay, all right moving on quickly, yes, Hey moving from that will go to bone daddy blade works. Let’s talk about a an axe like product coming out, yeah from the knit from the new folks there. That is, that is how I’m describing it looking at it. It’s pretty cool, you know it’s grown on me just in looking at it.

I haven’t. I haven’t seen one of these. It’s a new outfit called bone. Daddy blade works, it’s a new design and knife making house doing small batch productions and they got this knife. Like axe head or axe head, like knife thing called the axis ax X is, and it is very interesting. It is a looks like a pretty large chunk of Steel large in width, but it has been skeletonized massively aggressively and the surfaces are also treated in such a way that either grooves are cut out very attractive, grooves or sort of dimpled patterns.

All these things to lighten up this, strangely shaped knife thing. So it’s a it’s a survival knife, but you can tie it to well. You can lash it to a limb and make an axe out of it. So it’s got a very sort of wedge, like geometry to it, and it’s got a blade on the bottom, where the traditional, where the beard of a traditional axe would be and then a blade facing forward. So it looks kind of almost like a tanto or a gram raised — all if you will a fixed giant slab of Graham raised’el anyway.

This is a pretty neat. Looking thing double edged. As I said, it’s d2 it’s five and five point: three inches of cutting edge, including both the beard, blade side and the forward blade side, and you can use it as a knife. You can use it as an axe and it’s got Kydex. It’s a little heavy. At fourteen point three ounces, but, like I said it’s, it’s an axe knife. So right you know it’s going to be heavy, it’s a knife with a capital capital in it’s on Kickstarter, right now and they’re they’re, seeking funding and they’re.

Looking it’s going to end by the 26th of March, they looking for 55 Greene looks like a cool project. I got to say bone daddy blade works, that’s wer X, so his Bob said March 26 kind of the end of the month, though we’ll keep an eye on that. Maybe maybe put a note in our books to revisit that around that time to see how they did and see how it’s going. One final story and knife life news who want to get to – and I always have trouble with this one se, SE se na ok e SE e okay, so they have a an interesting line.

Se is is known for their outdoor blades push crafts camping. You know pretty hardcore outdoor survival and and violent outdoor adventure blades, and they have a line called the expat series. An expat is actually the the handle of someone on the SE forums, who has been a contributor in a lot of different ways over the years and including designs. So as he started making a line of this, this gentleman expats designs, I’m assuming he’s a gentleman could be a woman, but in any case they have this new one coming out and it’s it’s half knife, half machete, it’s it’s sort of a short machete large knife.

At twelve point three eight inches and it’s it’s got a beautifully shaped. It looks like a spade blade, as they say on knife news, but really you look at this machete. It’s got. A drop point almost looks like a clip point and a long straight and a beautiful belly up towards that point, and it really does look like a large spade blade from from a stockman slip-joint knife anyway, it’s point, zero, nine, four thick so and you can use It for hefty jobs, but it’s also it’s also pretty agile.

Apparently it’s made by a partner company of SES in El Salvador, which is kind of like Condor, well, not kind of like Condor. That’s where Condor is located, so that made me think of Condor immediately 1075 with a comm convex grind, and I don’t know if you remember this about me Jim, but I love a convex grind. I can’t say that I remembered that, but I thank you for letting me know what has happened.

I got to get better on my grinds yeah yeah step by step Bob I’ll get there well. The convex grinds are very robust because you can get them super super sharp, but they’re rounded right towards the tip. So you have also you have sort of the performance of an axe or the stoutness of an axe, but you can get them incredibly keen to anyway canvas micarta handles canvas sheath, which I think is cool. That’s kind of a throwback to sort of World War.

2 era, machetes and yeah – I just think it’s cool there. Here’s a guy, here’s, a person, who’s, a total enthusiast for se knives and they took on his designs, took him seriously and he’s got a whole line of knives with them. Now this must be the chauffeur for big knives with the SE and the axe that you’re just talking – oh yeah, so well yeah, maybe maybe I need to get in with. I need to start haunting the Cold Steel forums and see if, though, they’ll make one of my crazy ideas that the pit fighting gauntlet, perhaps perhaps you never know to you, ask yeah what can they say? No Lynn, Thompson, I’m sure, would come up with a great way to justify it and now that we’re caught up with a knife life news, let’s hear more of the knife junkie, podcast back on the knife, junkie, podcast time for the collection update from Bob the knife Junkie, DeMarco, where you want to start Bosch, Denali or Cold Steel.

Well, let’s start with cold steel. I got that first. I guess! Oh yes, why not alphabetical or no and and not in the order. I gave it to you, but you know we’re whimsical here. The knife junkie pocket, so I recently had an Amazon order. You know as one does, and it was a bunch of very practical stuff, but I did notice that the cold steel extra-large lose on. We had for 38 bucks at that moment and a wave of justification hit me and I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it probably had to do with I.

I don’t even know how I justified it. I just threw it on there. 38 bucks. It’s a leap year, but it’s a leap year. That’s a great one! That’s a very going! Thank You, Man, I’m going to use that for the rest of the year cuz. I said where you can this thing this. This luzon is a pretty cool knife. I got ta say it’s it’s. It is one of the big ridiculous cold steel knives. So if that bores you, you know you’re going to have to suffer through this for just a moment, if you don’t mind but yeah, it is this very large river II handled beasts and yeah.

I tell you it’s very strange to have a cold steel. That is a liner lock, and this is a pretty robust liner, lock it it is taking in. It is taking a little bit of time to break in, but I got ta say this thing is amazing. Now, if anyone is on the fence, if anyone who is a reasonable individual like myself and collects these giant cold steel knives – and you think it’s got a tiara 13 MOV – maybe I’ll pass on this one well brother – I get you that’s where I was for a Couple of years now, but then it occurred to me really it doesn’t matter what steel this has, because you know chances are I’m not going to really use it.

I have a couple of other large cold Steel’s. I use for yard stuff. This won’t get used that way. So, if I ever need it, I’m quite sure that eight CR 13 MOV will will do me just fine, because this is a big folding fighting knife and I don’t use those so the cheaper steel. The softer steel is 100 % acceptable and it makes it a little bit more affordable. Well, it sounds like a great price and I’m glad we were able to help you justify it out there.

Thank you. It’s reasonably welcome! That’s right! There you go article. I am assuming coming up on the YouTube blog at some point: yeah yeah cuz. Since I put up my article of cold steel, folders, I’ve gotten two more, which was unexpected but gosh. I know now an updated collection article, no, an updated, updated update right alright. So we go from big knives, big ax, big cold steel down to a little neck knife, yeah, that’s new! In the collection.

I need tiny neck knife inspired by my wife who wanted to carry a Karambit when she was running something she could just kind of grip. In her fist and have looped over her finger so that you know it can’t be seen, and but it’s there and it’s handy and I owned her. My Fox 599 Karambit, which is a relatively small Karambit, and it wasn’t wasn’t doing it for her little too noticeable and big, and so I thought about bass dinelli.

They have all these cool little knife, sharp, claw type things tons of different, beautiful Karambit sand and fixed blade and folding knives that that he designs, and so I got. I got her this little. It’s called the diagnostic neck knife and what it is is a two finger Karambit and so far I have find. I have found it not as easy on the ring finger coming out the bottom of my fist, but it feels great in hand on my.

You know. Flip off on my bird finger, if you will and and encrypt that way, this is a really interesting little knife. It reminds me of some of the little ring claws that guru, Danny no Santa, has brought to different seminars. I’ve been to – or he shows all these really cool – have covert traditional, Filipino and and Indonesian weapons, and they look kind of like this they’re like little little animal claws that fit neatly into your hand, just in case you’re jogging through the park and someone menaces you.

You know so yeah I got one for my wife and I guess I had to get one for myself because I didn’t want to be hogging it from her, but I I wanted to be able to to to review it and discuss it. So I had to have one from my own so got one and it’s awesome I was going to say so: you’re not hogging it. I am NOT no actually got you guys really got to, but did you notice how I framed the conversation that was about my wife and had my wife’s knife for jogging, but it also helped me out to do.

I did notice that totally I did and I was going to ask you if it was your wife’s knife. Why do you still have an enhance I’m flat? I’m glad you clarified. She had forgot a second one, see there’s okay market. This might be the new one to ride behind the old. The old work idea we’ll see about that though. Okay and does she does she like it, or is it too early to tell how she had enough chance to use? She has not it just they just arrived so uh, but she’s half did it and likes the way it feels and she’s got small hands.

It feels good in there small hands very good collection update there from the knife junkie, we’ll we’ll see how many more weeks we have multiple knife to talk about if he can keep this pace going for a while. Well, we’ll wait till next week and see what’s going on with the collection. There have a question – or maybe you just have a comment – give us a call at seven, twenty, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven will answer your question on an upcoming episode of the knife: junkie podcast that number again, seven, twenty four, four, six, six, four.

Four, eight seven, all right knife junkies, don’t forget, we would love to hear from you get your feedback. Your comments, your questions, your thoughts give us a call on the listener line at seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven, seven, two, four. Four: six. Six four four, eight seven and that’s what the gentlemen that we’re going to play a message from: did he called the listener line? Left us a message.

Unfortunately, didn’t leave his name or anything. So we, you know, can’t give him credit, or you know, get back with him that way, but hopefully he’s listening to the podcast. We wanted to to play it and and give the knife junkie a chance to comment on it kind of set it up. Bob, the the the call is about Strider knives and stolen valor. Yes, a gentleman left a message complimenting the show his tone was was really you know very complimentary.

It was a nice letter, but he was responding to my recent bloviating. How about about my new Strider SN SMF and how excited I am about it, how much I love it and he stated that it’s very very hard for him or impossible for him to support the work of people who’s, who he has problems with and and well I’ll, let I’ll let him him talk about it and then I’ll give you my initial reaction, but I have to say I haven’t thought 100 % through how I feel about it.

But I’m really happy this. This gentleman called in – and I like, when there are actual things to talk about in this hobby in this in this realm of enthusiasm, and not just look at this cool new knife. Look at this cool new knife. This is an interesting thing to ponder. Well, let’s, let’s listen to that and then we’ll come back in here from the knife: junkie, hey, what’s up guys enjoying the podcast just ran over, ran, haven’t, found it and really good content that you guys have hey man just want to express my concerns with the Striker in general, with the history of the company, especially mixed rider with stolen valor and being arrested for carjacking, and all that nonsense.

I just can’t seem to support a company like that and so just hoping that you would actually support people who truly served. Who truly spoke honestly about what they did when they were serving there’s a lot of other knife companies out there that do that man so again great show enjoying it very much, but I’m just out no way would I support straight or knives in any way. Alright guys take care alright, so bomb we’ve, we’ve heard the message, your initial thoughts, your initial reaction.

Well, my my initial feeling is this is obviously coming from someone to whom this is important. Someone who served himself maybe or someone who has someone close who’s serving that the point is this obviously is coming from somewhere. Deep and you know, everyone needs a code of ethics, but that that code of ethics is oftentimes personalised by your own experiences and by how you were raised in and from my perspective.

This is my perspective. I came up as an artist and going to art school and pondering the behavior of of many different artists and and and then contrasting that, with their work Caravaggio one of my favorite painters of all time, you know, murdered someone and then got back in the good Graces of the church by making a painting – and I always kind of thought huh, but you know most beautiful paintings in the world character.

You know I’m not so sure about this guy’s character. How does that make me feel about the art it doesn’t make me? It? Doesn’t change my feeling about his paintings and I III flash-forward to my favorite movie, made by a man named Roman Polanski, who, by all accounts is you know, a bit of a scumbag and but he made a great movie and I love Chinatown does what Roman Polanski Did change how I feel about Chinatown, I I it doesn’t, it doesn’t and that’s sometimes I think if I were more principled, maybe it would, but in this case it does not.

Maybe it’s just not personal enough for me. So I hear I hear what this gentleman is saying about: Mick Strider and how men and Strider knives and why he can’t support them. And I admire that and I respect that. It is not where I stand at the moment and and frankly, and to be totally honest, I’m not sure if that’s due to an ethical stance or just because I absolutely love the knife and I’m willing to you know, justify how I feel about it.

Or I mean you, don’t I’m saying you know nothing yeah? Well I mean every you know, there’s a phrase one of my former bosses used to say where you sit depends on where you stand. So you know you have your own perspectives, your own history. You know whether you grew up in the military. Maybe you have military, family military friends. You went to art school, so you understand art the appreciation of art.

It’s all different. You have your own perspectives so to each his own. I, like you, I admire and respect this gentleman’s opinion. I admire his respect, your opinion. You know, I appreciate him sharing the message and getting this conversation started, and I would definitely like to invite listeners to give a call to the listener line and let us know their thoughts, kind of how it affects them or how they feel about yeah and and Actually this this raises up the the real the whole reason for being this podcast.

I set out to talk to all the people that I admire and respect and have something to say in the knife world. I would I’ve sent out a couple of invitations to Mick Strider I’d love to have him on the show, not only to you know, meet and talk to this very storied, an accomplished legacy knife maker, but also you know, I’d love to to at least allow people To talk freely about their side of things, who knows, you know just an opportunity to have conversation and find out where, where everyone’s coming from well – and I want to expand or clarify on something – you said this podcast is not not just to talk to the people.

You admire and respect and want to meet it’s to talk to anybody in the knife world any different opinions, any different kind of things like that, it’s like the show we did with what super steel Steve. You know, I’m the first to admit. I’m not my mind. Doesn’t think Steel’s and mathematics and chemistry, and all that, so you know – and I think you know we had a comment. You know that says you know after that shows like interesting the the host and the co-host.

You know don’t like Steel’s or yeah talk Steel’s, but yeah they’re, the host of this podcast, okay, fine! You know, I respect that. It’s just not one of my strengths, but it’s still. We want to be able to talk to people in the knife world, regardless of where they’re coming from yeah yeah, I mean that’s the whole point. I don’t you know what I know could fill a thimble. I just know what I like right right.

Well again, if you have a thought or an opinion, we would love to hear from you keep the conversation going. Seven, two four, four, six, six, four four eight seven and also join Bob on his Thursday night. Nine, a Thursday night knives live article show we have the opportunity for you to actually come on the show. If you have a webcam and a microphone you can come on and talk to them. Ask them a question: get some interchange going on there and want to plug this opportunity.

Bob mentioned selling a few knives on Thursday night knives we’re going to be able to you’re going to be have the opportunity to sell a knife. So if you have a knife, you want to sell to raise some funds for blade show coming up. Well, I just come on Thursday night knives, we’ll be more than happy to. Let you come on, show off your knife, talk about it and try to sell it. No Commission no charge just a service from the knife junkie to the knife community subscribe to the knife: junkies YouTube blog at the knife, junkie.

Com slash YouTube all right bomb back on the knife: junkie, podcast our midweek episode, number 91 kind of. As I thought, we had a lot to try to tackle so we’re not going to be able to run through all the list of knife shows, but March is the time where a lot of shows kind of start kicking back up into high gear. Some hammer ends going on. You know, we’ve got shows in North Carolina, Arkansas Massachusetts down in Georgia.

So if you want to find all those events go to see our friends at knife, magazine.Com slash events and you can find a list of all the shows going on Bob buzz as we wrap up any final thought something I hadn’t asked you something you want to Talk about or just no no, I was just going to plug Thursday night knives tomorrow. Night definitely come check it out. I should have Zell Rick 42 tomorrow night on Thursday night night and come enjoy and be a part of the conversation all right for Bob.

The knife junkie DeMarco, I’m Jim the knife and newbie person thanks so much for joining us on the knife, junkie, podcast thanks for listening to the knife, junky podcast, if you enjoyed the show please rate and review with review the podcast calm for show notes for today’s Episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes a visit our website, the knife, junkie, calm. You can also read our latest articles on YouTube at the knife.

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