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Bestech Civivi Kunwu Benchmade April 18 Knife Hangout Knife Giveaway The Knife Junkie Podcast (101)

Demarco. Thanks for joining us welcome to the knife, junkie, podcast, it’s the place for knife newbies like myself, a knife junkies like you to learn all about knives and knife collecting.

It’s our midweek show where we get a chance to dive deep into some of the knife stories and other knife activities happening today. We’re going to kind of get an update on something going on with Big Daddy blade works, we’re going to talk about Thursday night knives. Talk about a past episode as well as look at ahead, some future episodes and in knife life news we’re going to talk best tech, savvy v, con whoo and benchmade.

So another full episode bob force this week. As you all know, we just had our 100th episode. What do you think yeah? Well, it was a turn of the tables on you. I should be asking you that question because you you weren’t asking the questions. Yeah yeah it was it was. It was fun to be interviewed by you. I’ve heard you interview so many people in the past. It was good to have your guns turned on me and it was.

It was fun to like. You know, to think about some of those. Some of those questions and to write and to you know talk about yourself. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, you know. Well, some people do but yeah. I thought you did it very well and if you didn’t listen to that episode, yet episode number 100, the knife junkie.Com slash one: zero, zero and Bob. You announced a couple of special things on episode, number, 100 and giveaway that folks still have time to get in.

On that’s right: it’s a cold steel, broken skull, I’m given away with a snaggletooth MF on it. As you know, the snaggletooth MF is the pocket deploying device much like an emerson wave. It’s an aftermarket device. We’ve had maker of that rob Penna on the show and, as you all know, I love the cold steel broken skull because it is so thin. It’s four inches of super steel. You have no excuse not to have on you at all times, because you can just put it right in your waistband and boom you’re ready to go so I’ve loved that knife and, as you know, I’ve carried a pink one for years.

I am not giving away a pink one. This will not be a pain. This one, a yeah I I may have, but they all seem to be gone because at a certain point you could buy them for half of what you could buy all the others. For because no one was buying them, I guess so they’re all gone, but I’m going to get to a an OD green one. Most people can agree. Oh d, green is a an appropriate knife color anyway. Okay, so all you got ta do is email me Bob at the knife junkie.

Com and in the subject line put episode 100. So I know, and then you can or don’t have to write me a little message, but your email is wrong as long as it says, episode 100 in the subject line will get fed into a bin and then fed from there into a random number generator. That’s how we’re going to select the winner because I’d like you all to have one, but I can’t afford to get you all one yeah that would be pretty expensive, so yeah and that’s the most most fair way to pick a winner.

Random number generator. Every a male will be assigned a number and I don’t think we set this on the last time. I guess there’s no it well, I don’t know, is there a? Is there a limit to the times folks can enter? I didn’t think of that yeah. Well, you know what, let’s, let’s just keep it to one: why not now, let’s be sporting about it, yeah, let’s, let’s make it fair, yeah yeah, put in a nice note, and if you don’t mind us, sharing your your email, your thoughts yeah put that in the Email to Bob too, and we can share your thoughts or feedback or whatever, on the podcast so yeah.

Let us know your plans for it. What you would do with it, how you would use it, how you would carry it so shoot Bob, an email at Bob at the knife, junkie com put episode 100 in the subject line we’ll announce the winner on this coming Sunday’s interview show that’ll, be on Sunday April 12th, but again you have until midnight this Saturday night April 11th to get that email in to be entered in that drawing for the I was getting race, a pink because I’m so used to saying your your knife, but the drawing for the cold steel broken Skull with snaggletooth MF attachment, alright Bob also something we announced Sunday on the episode.

100 show you’re going to be kind of doing a special live hangout upcoming in a couple of weeks, yep on April 18th, Saturday, at noon, we are going to have a just a gathering, a gathering of knife people, people that we’ve talked to on the show before We’re hoping to get a special guest coming in when I have that information I’ll. Let everyone know what time that would be, but yeah just a an online a live gathering with Jim behind the switcher.

If any of you have seen Thursday night knives, you know how Jim works, the switcher, bringing in screens images of knives and different people different article floating in and out, looks like CNBC. It looks like Fox News right here on the on YouTube, but all about knives. We’re going to be doing that, but we’re going to have a bunch of guests, so it will be a true gathering of knife, knife lovers, knife grates, knife makers, etc.

Right and regular viewers have the chance to join in two week. If you have a webcam and a microphone, you can actually join Bob and the other guests that we have the live hangout on April 18th and come on for a couple of minutes, maybe show off one of your special knives that you’ve got or show off a Knife of the guest that you have or maybe just come on to to pimp a knife you’re trying to sell. We would certainly welcome that as well no charge or whatever so make your plans for a Saturday April 18th at noon.

Mark it on your calendar. Go ahead plan to be with us on the live, YouTube hangout, as bob says, don’t know how long it’s going to go, but we’ll plan to make an afternoon of it. If you’ll plan to be there with us – and I got ta, say Jim liked – the the idea of actually seeing and meeting people who listen to the show is fascinating to me. I’d love to meet some of you people. I mean I’d love to meet you all, but I mean it’d be so cool to see you on screen and a couple minutes to chat with you see what you’re carrying and that kind of thing all right.

Well hope you can join us Saturday April 18th at noon again. Put it on your calendar and we’ll see you there all right Bob, a couple of other updates. Before we get into knife life news you’ve got an update from bone. Daddy blade works about what was it a crowdfunding project they had going on yeah, you remember the axis hand axe it’s it’s the knife that also acts as an axe. You can take it out in the field with you and use it for all of your knife.

Chores but then you can also attach it to a hafthor, some sort of piece of wood and use it as an axe. It’s a it’s a really cool design. Besides the fact that it that it’s a interesting tool that crosses over uses it’s a beautiful thing to look at anyway, they were doing a Kickstarter campaign and they made 137 percent of their goal, which is amazing and got fully supported. And then coronavirus came in.

So they had a number of people back out. You know sadly, and it you know it’s no, no, no one could predict that something like this would happen, but they have decided to to expand their window of opportunity for people who pledge to to get one of these so they’re moving their their campaign over to Indiegogo and in demand which allows them a wider funding window, so they can take advantage of people who are interested in this, but maybe right at this moment it’s not the greatest time, but you know in the future yeah so definitely check out bone.

Daddy blade works their axis hand, axe is just a cool, implement and useful implement, but also just beautiful to look at. We all know I like beautiful knife, beautiful things, yeah so check them out IndieGoGo in demand. This is Sean Holman and I believe his wife work bone. Daddy blade works, they have a small operation. I think it’s them, the two of them and a couple of people so help support them and – and this really innovative tool – and you know just a cool thing for knife people.

Well, as you said, a hundred and thirty seven percent funded. Definitely folks like agree with you, that is a cool and useful useful endeavor. Definitely I mean it’s a nice chunk of change to raise for this project. So, let’s, let’s help them get this thing to market blade, daddy bone works. You can just use your favorite search engine and find them there Thursday night knives want to kind of mention that and promote that a little bit before we get into knife life news a Thursday night knives Bob’s a live article show has been going on now since Late last year, I think it started in November or December of last year pretty much every week we may have missed one or two during the holiday period or whatever, but it’s a regular Thursday night at 10:00 p.

M. Eastern and this past week you had an interesting Guest, oh yeah, yeah. First of all, Thursday night knives has been such a blast. There have been nights where I’m you know we go live. At 10:00 p.M. Eastern there have been my nights where I’ve had a long day and I’m like oh man, Thursday night knives, and then we turn on the light. We turn on the camera boom boom and then we’re all just hanging out talking about knives.

It’s very fun. I love it. We oftentimes have co-hosts of the show. We have Zell Rick as Elric 42 Terrell Todd. He comes down a lot. We have Alex so of Alex’s knife box. He comes down a lot awesome, guy, great guys with great perspectives. One makes knives one collects high-end knives this week. This past week we had on sly seed. I see Brian love him. I’ve been a sucker for his articles for about a year and a half now and with the he’s up in New York and with the with the shelter it’s not a shelter in place or with the stay home order, he’s been making a lot more articles and I’ve been loving them all I reached out to him.

We want to come on the show Thursday night 9:00. She said hell, yes, let’s talk about that. He came on, he was great and I think we’re going to make him a regular co-host he’s into it. I think he’s into it and – and it was great and and we have people commenting – you know – people participating and I’ve gotten to know some people and and with each week I get to know them a little bit more because more of their comments come in and Now, I’m reading their articles on YouTube people – I didn’t know before it’s been a great experience.

I love it, but anyways Lacey, dicey, just came out with a marathon of his articles. It’s a three hour and three minute marathon of some of his knife, ravit well of his knife reviews with what he loves the best some of the knives. He loves the best, some of the reviews he loves the best and the three hours ends with kitties. He shows off his cats, so oh my yeah I’ve seen kitties would be better man.

That’s that’s what happens when you hear when you’re stuck indoors, yeah right all right, you’re going to focus on the things you love knives, kitties family. You know all right! Well, that’s going back! That’s part of the reason you’re doing the special April 18th kind of hangout get-together at noon. You know it’s just we realize everybody’s stuck at home. A lot of the knife shows going on this month have been canceled or postponed.

Folks, don’t have the opportunity to get out so let’s get together virtually on April 18th and the talk knife show off knives and you know: have a party yeah that’ll be awesome. Yeah bring your favorite beverage. For me, it’s going to be coffee, cuz lent will still be – oh, maybe not well, but you’ll be on the air. Yes, we’ll have coffee yeah, that’s going to be noon, I mean Who am I well if it yeah, you can’t start before name all right.

What do you say we get in the life knife life news that’ll be coming up next, you’re listening to the knife, junkie, podcast and now here’s the knife junkie with the ninth life news speaking of Thursday night knives, this one came up last week. I was talking with slicey dicey about this next coming knife from best tech, it’s called the eye of rah yeah, that’s right, the eye of rah and one look at this knife.

You know why it’s called the eye of Raw on the handle carved into the handle. Audaciously, so if I might say, is an eye shape, it’s two triangles on either side of a circle and it looks like an eye. It’s a stylized cutout in the handle and the g10 handle of this new best tech, but that is where it gets its name. The eye of raw this thing is beautiful, I got ta say now best tech has been doing a lot of collaborations recently, but for this knife, the eye of raw they’re going back to their own stable of extremely capable designers and we’re seeing this and I’ve come Out it’s a it’s got.

A classic drop point blade. It’s d2! It’s a it’s! A very, very nice-looking blade. I got to say it’s got a straight spine. So maybe it’s not a drop point. I don’t know what you would call it, but it’s a it’s a it’s, a lovely blade with a lovely, long, swedge and it sits in this handle. That is just looks extremely economically. It’s got just a slight bit of flair to it, but it’s mostly neutral – and the thing I like about this – is that the whole cutout in the handle actually looks to serve a purpose.

I mean to me: I mean to most it might look like it’s just a flow-through thing to lighten lighten it up and to add some style. But to me that’s a pivot point for your finger and your forefinger. So you yeah, you have this thing in standard grip and you want to change your grip. You slide down to that hole and you flip it around that way and then suddenly you have it in reverse grip. I I mill little notches like that in handles of some of my knives for that very purpose.

You also see it in outdoor knives as a socket for like a bow drill. Interesting, I didn’t yeah. I didn’t realize that I just thought it was. You know a nice design feature just it yeah and, and who knows it might be there just simply as that, but I look at that and I think it’s in the perfect spot – it’s not in the middle. It’s it’s down towards the the far a little bit more towards the far end, and it’s circular, it’s perfect for for a pivot point, just for manipulating the blade.

But all of that aside, it is quite beautiful and it’s going to be a pretty inexpensive knife. It’s in there, d2 g10. You know line so yeah. Look for that sly see, dicey, has one on the way to him, so I’m sure he’ll have a article of that coming out in short order when it comes out, especially if he’s doing two a day yeah. Exactly but again the cool thing about this all in-house design, but a beautiful design, no doubt right all right, three more stories to cover and we’re going to take a look at savvy, V’s new front flipper.

Yes, the X arc. Now I’m I’m going to mention savvy v later in in my state of the collection, because I just got my first two VB. So it’s all. It’s all coming together, making sense to me why people are doing nine over city, and that is because they’re awesome. Okay, they’re, inexpensive and they’re, pretty damn well made their new one. The X arc is a sort of take on the chronic something that just came out this this past year, the chronic or at the beginning of 2028.

The chronic is a as a small 3.2 inch. Flipper traditional flipper, with a clip point blade. It’s really cool-looking, though I’ve heard from from some people, it’s not the most comfortable thing, but that’s what I like about it. It looks not that it’s not comfortable but that it looks extremely neutral. It’s like a stick. Basically. So the next one in this line is called the XR and it’s got the same, handle you look at it.

It’s the same sort of faceted in cross-section hexagonal, handle, and but this one instead of a regular flipper, is a front flipper and instead of a clip point, it’s got a drop point and instead of 9 CR 18 MOV, it’s got d2, so they’ve upgraded, they’ve, upgraded. The steel, presumably actually, I have no experience with the 9 CR. Actually I hear it’s quite great, but the d2, I think, is an upgrade and the blade shape.

You know, that’s a matter of taste. I prefer the clip point personally, but the front flipper looks cool and that’s the USP of this thing. It’s got a front flipper, so the X arc. Now this line from Savi be the X arc. Slash cronic has something for everybody front. Flipper, regular flipper clip point drop point. You know you name it so having my hands on on my first of Evie, I would say it’s probably great.

If you like the design, I can’t imagine it not being awesome by the way in cross-section. It’s not hexagonal its octagonal. Sorry, that’s all right! I didn’t know the difference. Hexagon! Alright, let’s move on quickly con whoo. I knew Ronan yeah yeah, so uh several months back, I talked about the con whoo. What was there another knife that came out by con woo and and it was their first design and the name escapes me now, but it’s a crowdsourced knife – and I don’t know if you remember this Jim but I said: do we need another? You know titanium frame, lock ball bearing flipper that isn’t even sourced, yet that doesn’t even have it and you very sensibly said we’ll look Bob.

These are people trying to make it in the knife world, and this is how they’re doing it – and I said you know what you’re right and if you have a cool design it had some bike features. I remember some features that that were sort of bicycle related and you very wisely said if this is how they can get their knives made. This is how they can get their knives made and I took a total of 180 from that comment, and – and now I admire them so good.

So Kanu has a new knife, the Ronin, which is beautiful. It’s got this trailing Point knife, it’s it’s our blade. It looks kind of like a quakin style blade, it’s a continuous belly with a very acute point and slightly up swept and yeah it’s. It’s got the the usual s35vn titanium frame, lock package with the with the with the vault ceramic ball bearings, and it’s three point. Three eight inches, which I’m very happy about, because I love the way this thing looks and if it were any bigger, I’d have to buy it myself.

So anyway, cun whoo, the Ronin that’s coming out and you can get in on it. Early bird special 110 bucks check it out on their Kickstarter case. So, okay, as I was going to ask so it this is another one of their crowdsourcing campaigns. Yes, yes, yeah exactly alright, so con woo looks like it’s a new knife maker. That’s going to be following the the crowdsourcing route for a while, until I guess they kind of get the company built.

I reckon yeah, and you know the last design was very unique and this one for other. The last one was called the Orion by the way, and that was a very unique design. I didn’t care for the design myself, but this new one is really cool alright. So, if the keep this keep this design and make a four four-and-a-half inch blade, call it something different. Then Bob will be on that on the liner by one exactly, but there’s still time to get on that Kickstarter May 8 is when it ends so yeah.

Okay good point to know last story and knife life news this week. Something are regarding bench made and I don’t know how to pronounce the knife bomb I’ll. Let you I’ll leave that to you well, this is this is a new it’s the lake ooh I mean. That’s how I think you pronounce it like ooh and and it’s it’s a carry on to the the pouco and the pouco is a was their take on the traditional Scandinavian Bush crafting knife.

The pouco. This one is a has a 5-inch blade, a slightly over five inches, making it much bigger and carries a bit of the heft at the tip, so you can use it for light chopping and and this kind of work it’s a it’s. Basically, a five-inch version of the pouco, it’s got a, it does not have a scandinavian grind, but it does have a high height saber grind, and then it’s got a finishing edge. It’s three v and this three v from bench made is hardened 26262.

Now I know when they featured three v on the bailout. They received some criticism from the HRC police about the hardness of that that 3 V well they’re claiming the 3 V on the on the new bench made like, oh and, and I say claiming I don’t mean that to sound like we should doubt that, but they’re Saying that it’s coming out at 62 62 people who love 3 V and know what that means, I mean. Obviously it means it’s harder, but let me know, let me know is that is that acceptable though, but it’s a it’s a 5 ounce knife.

It looks like it’s a great outdoors night and the handle looks incredibly comfortable. It’s got one of those d-ring drop sheaths or drop leg sheaves, and it’s got a little slot in it to put a fire starter, so the leek ooh it looks cool. The 202 is the number so news there from bench made to wrap up our segment of knife life news and now that we’re caught up with knife life news. Let’s hear more of the knife junkie, podcast all right back on episode, number 101 of the knife junkie! Podcast and it’s time for our state of the collection segment, if you will Bob gets a chance to talk about a couple of new knives and his collection or knives at on the way in his collection or knives that have been in his collection that he’s updating Or doing something special with and today in the state of the collection, we’re going to talk about, as Bob mentioned earlier, his first savvy, but we’re also going to talk about the for Praetorian.

So you want to start with Praetorian or cv I’ll start with the Praetorian. There’s not much to say yet, but ever since Greg Medford came on the show, I’ve been interested in Medford knives and then Alex Alex so of Alex’s knife box dangled this Medford slim MIDI in front of me and I had to buy it and it’s amazing and I love it and then Stu our good friend, Stu from stone and steel up in Vermont, contacted me and said: hey I heard on your podcast that you’re interested in a Praetorian hey just in case we have one.

He sent me two drool-worthy pictures and I sat on those for a few months and then made a few things happen and now I’m getting one and I’m very I’m very much. Looking forward to this, the Praetorian, I have to say defied my my idea of knife design logic, the first time I saw it I snickered and over the years i’ve grown an appreciation for the design, and now I just got to get the damn thing in hand.

I got to say so I’m very much looking forward to that. I had to sell a knife and a half basically that I really like. So I hope it’s my hope. It’s worth it, but and and that’s that’s all I have to say about that. There will be plenty more, I’m sure, plenty more opportunities for us to talk about it on the podcast and articles to see on the knife, junkies YouTube blog, absolutely any idea when it’s going to come in, maybe in time for next week’s supplemental Stu sent it on.

So it should be here sometime this coming week: no okay, all right, we’ll see if we can, if we have a chance, if not we’ll hear about it on an upcoming Supplemental, I’m sure and again you can read articles about it on the knife. Junkies, youtube blog at the knife, junkie.Com slash youtube. So let’s talk about a knife. You actually do have in your hand, Bob and you’re you mentioned at the beginning.

Your first savvy, you know yeah this burns me up. You say that I have in my hand. I cannot find the damn thing all day yesterday afternoon and this morning, I’m like: where is it? Where is it? I don’t know it’s somewhere in the house: it’s not like. I’ve left the house, maybe your girl’s target, but I probably did but the severe threat er. Okay, so you heard me yammering for weeks and weeks and weeks about how I’m getting rid of my you know slowly but surely kind of weaning wending wending away at my at my ball bearing flipper knives.

But I had to check out a savvy B and – and I accidentally dropped one into the Amazon purchase for some responsible home goods accidentally, I hate it when that happens. That’s like when I go to the grocery store and I scream gets into the to the grocery bag. It’s like, I don’t know honey, it just showed up how did and it happens to be mint chocolate chip. Yes, the damnedest thing. The person in front of me was the same thing I do, but anyway go ahead now they have to love it from eight feet, but yes, so it came, and I see what the big deal is about severe ease.

Okay. Now let me give you my initial impressions and I pulled it out of the box and I was like okay. It feels like a $ 60 knife and I was like what does that mean. It feels like a $ 60 and I okay. It feels light alright. So I looked in in inside the steel liners are beautifully skeletonized, it’s like a triangle. You know it’s like a triangle: girder pattern in there, something that looks like something out of constructs like a bridge when you look at the liners, there’s so much material removed that that’s what’s lightening it up, and then you look at the blade the blade the stock Is so thin in the gym, it’s so thin and it’s got this beautiful clip-point shape with an with an incredible needlepoint and then it’s hollow ground.

So you have an already thin blade stock. That’s hollow ground, stuff, just kind of parts before you even touch it with the blade it sees the blade coming and it says yawns open. It’s it’s well! Okay! It’s not that sharp, but it is incredible how thin the blade is. So so my first impression was it kind of feels cheap because it felt light. Hmm silly silly, because when I looked in there so much work went into making this light.

It’s not late because it’s made of cheap materials or it’s it’s late, because a lot of effort went into making it light. It is a big knife for most people, it’s it’s got a 3.8 inch blade. So that’s a that’s almost four inches, it’s a decent size and when you get into a nearly 9 inch folding knife, it’s going to be heavy unless you put in a lot of effort. So the thing is beautiful: it’s got no writing on the blade except a microscopic d2 right at the I mean, like you really really have to search for it and put on your your old man glasses to find that it’s d2, but there’s! No writing anywhere else.

Doesn’t say Savi all it very tastefully has a C on the pivot. On the show side, the g10 is of the of the cheaper variety g10. You know, no doubt it’s not the it’s. It’s not kind of g10 you’ll find on a high-end Spyderco or anything like that, but man it’ll do the trick for sure, and the action is incredible on this thing and – and I I haven’t popped it open – tell me if I’m wrong about this, but when I Look in, I put it on the spine and look in it looks like this thing’s on phosphor bronze washers.

I cannot see the light between ball bearings like a can and all my other ball bearing flippers. So so my question, I have not taken it apart yet and now I cannot find it somewhere in my house with it, but people tell me right in whatever you got to do, but tell me is this: are these ball bearings that are in some sort of Milled out race in the titanium when he can’t see him because they’re buried or am I looking at phosphor, bronze, washers and just an extremely smooth, out-of-the-box washers knife.

I can’t tell, but this thing is a winner and now you know just for knowledge. So I know what I’m talking about. I need to buy some more savvy v’s. Oh absolutely, but you know what Jim I’m not going to hold on to them. I will sell them or give them away or something because I know in the long run I won’t carry them long term, but I’m fascinated by them. I mean that they’re, really it’s a really well-made and inexpensive knife, but it is twice the cost of the Kaiser.

What was it the Santa Fe by tangra, which is an incredibly smooth knife and a budget version of a high-end Chinese manufacturer? So so, when we get down into this budget realm, I’m wondering how you start dividing things up interesting thought for maybe future discussions, yeah yeah yeah. I have to formulate the thought first, but it made me think, like this is a very nice knife. That’s a Vivi! Shredder, but is it twice as nice as the tangrams Santa Fe mm-hmm? Don’t think so all right! Well, if you have a pinion about that or any other thoughts about the savvy V shredder that Bob now can’t find – or maybe mrs.

Knife junkie has in her pockets that, but maybe you can ask her about that, she did say she liked it. I gave it that you know I oftentimes, you know what do you think of this knife? She liked it a lot. Oh maybe there’s your culprit right. There yeah call the listener line. Seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven! Let us know your thoughts of the sivb shredder, seven, two, four, four, six, six, four, four, eight seven, all right Bob, that’s going to put the but the whatever they call it, but the the pommel on the handle or something like that, the nerdy, but they end On this one or put it in the books or whatever they say, that’s what I’m trying to say is this is about going to wrap up this podcast any final thoughts you have as we near the end of 101.

You don’t have junky podcast. No, I just don’t want anyone to think I’m a total hypocrite, because I’ve been on here looking to deep into your collection and rediscovered knives you already have – and here I am spending money on more knives. Please don’t think me a hypocrite. I’m doing this for everyone’s betterment and it was an accidental purchase. It was it it just did somehow it ended up in his cart, yeah yeah the unexplained trying to help you Bob.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate I’m just going to keep my mouth shut from now. You can let mrs. Knife junkie, listen to the last minute social she’ll know it was not your fault, I’m calling Doug Ritter, that’s it keep my mouth shut. Alright, folks, thanks for joining us on episode, number 101 of the knife, junkie podcast, be sure to listen. This Sunday, as we have Nick to print on for the interview, show and be sure to join us every Thursday night at 10 p.

M. For Thursday night knives. That’s on Bob’s YouTube blog that you can find at the knife. Junkie.Com slash YouTube so for Bob, the knife junkie, DeMarco, I’m Jim the knife, newbie person, saying thanks for joining us on the knife: junkie, podcast thanks for listening to the 9th junky podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review with review the podcast calm for show notes for today’s episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes and visit our website, the knife junkie, calm, you can also read our latest articles on YouTube at the knife: junkie, Calm /youtube check out some great knife photos on the knife: junkie, comm, slash, Instagram and join our Facebook group at the knife.

Junkie.Com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at the knife, junkie, calm or call our 24/7 listener line. At seven, two, four, four six, six, four four, eight seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the knife: junkie, podcast

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.